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By having remembrance of the Father, you will become very sweet.

22/12/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father asks you spiritual children: Sweetest children, are you able to see your future, most elevated faces and most elevated costumes? This is the most auspicious confluence age. You feel that you are to go into this one's dynasty in the golden-aged, new world which is called the land of happiness. You are now becoming most elevated human beings for that place. Whilst sitting here, you should have these thoughts. When students are studying, they are definitely aware in their intellects: tomorrow we will become this. In the same way, whilst you sit here, you should be aware that you will go into the dynasty of Vishnu. Your intellects have now become alokik. Other human beings do not turn these things around in their intellects. This is not a common satsang. Whilst sitting here, you know that you are sitting in the company of your true Father, the One called Shiva. Shiv Baba is the Creator, so only He knows the beginning, the middle and the end of this creation. Only He gives us this knowledge. He gives it as though He is telling us a story of yesterday. Whilst sitting here, you remember that you have come here to be rejuvenated, that is, to exchange your present bodies for divine bodies. This soul says: This is my old, totally impure (tamopradhan) body. I will exchange it for a body like that one. Our aim and objective is so easy! The Teacher who is teaching you would surely be cleverer than you students who are studying. He is teaching you and showing you how to perform good actions.
You understand that God, the Highest on High, is now teaching you and so He would definitely make you into deities. This study is for the new world. No one else knows about the new world at all. Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of the new world. The deities would also be numberwise. Not everyone can be the same, because this is a kingdom. You should continue to have such thoughts. We souls are now remembering the pure Father in order to change from impure to pure. You souls remember your sweet Father. The Father Himself says: By remembering Me, you will become completely new and pure (satopradhan). Everything depends on the pilgrimage of remembrance. The Father definitely asks you children for how long you remember Him. It is on this pilgrimage of remembrance that you battle with Maya. You understand what this battle is. This is not a pilgrimage, it is more like a battle. You have to remain very cautious in this. There is no question of storms of Maya in knowledge. You children say: I try to remember You but just one storm of Maya knocks me down. The number one storm is body consciousness. Then there are the storms of lust, anger, greed and attachment. You children say: Baba, I try very much to stay in remembrance so that no obstacles come, but, in spite of that, storms do come. Today, it would be anger and tomorrow, it would be a storm of greed. “Baba, today my stage was very good. I did not experience any storms throughout the whole day. I experienced great happiness. I remembered the Father with a lot of love and I even had tears of love.”
By having remembrance of the Father, you will become very sweet. You also understand where you have reached by being defeated by Maya. No one understands this. People speak of hundreds of thousands of years, or they say that it has continued from the beginning of time. You would say: We are once again changing from humans into deities. Only the Father comes and gives this knowledge. Only the unique Father, the One without an image, can give this unique knowledge. The incorporeal One is called the One without an image. How does the incorporeal One give this knowledge? The Father Himself explains how He enters this body. In spite of that, people become confused and ask: “Does He always come in that same body?” This body has been made the instrument within the drama; there cannot be the slightest change. Only you understand these things. You then explain them to others. It is souls that study. It is souls that study and teach. Souls are most valuable. Souls are eternal whereas bodies die. We souls are receiving the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of the 84 births of creation from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Who is receiving this knowledge? We souls. You souls have now understood the incorporeal world and the subtle region from the knowledge-full Father. Human beings do not know that they have to consider themselves to be souls. They consider themselves to be bodies and so they are dangling upside down. It is remembered that a soul is truth, a living being and an embodiment of bliss. Thegreatest praise is of the Supreme Soul. There is so much praise of the one Father. He alone is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. You would not praise a mosquito etc. as much, saying that it removes sorrow and bestows happiness and is an ocean of knowledge. No, this praise belongs to the Father. You children too are master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness. You children didn’t have this knowledge previously. It was as though you had baby intellects. Little children don’t have knowledge nor do they have any defects. Therefore, because they are pure, they are called great souls.
The smaller the child, the more the child is like a number one flower. It is as though he is in his completely karmateet stage. The child does not know about action, sinful action or neutral action and is therefore like a flower. He attracts everyone, just as the one Father attracts everyone. The Father has come to attract everyone and make them into fragrant flowers. Some still remain thorns. Those who are under the influence of the five vices are called thorns. The number one thorn is body consciousness. It is through this thorn that all other thorns take birth. A forest of thorns gives a lot of pain. There are many varieties of thorn in a forest. That is why this world is called the land of sorrow. There are no thorns in the new world, which is why that world is called the land of happiness. Shiv Baba creates the garden of flowers and Ravan changes it into the forest of thorns. This is why Ravan is burnt with branches of thorns, whereas flowers are offered to the Father. Only the Father and you children know about these things; no one else can know them. You children know that the same part cannot be played twice within the drama. It is in your intellects that all the parts that are performed by everyone in the world are new. Just think about it - how the days change from the golden age until now, how the whole of your activity changes. A record of your activities of 5000 years is recorded in each of you souls; it can never be changed. Each of you souls has your own part recorded within you. Even this little matter cannot enter the intellects of some. You now know the past, present and future of this drama.
This is a school, where the Father teaches you to become pure by remembering Him. Did you ever think that the Father would come and teach you a study to become pure from impure? Through this study, you become the masters of the world. The books of the path of devotion are separate; they can never be called a study. Without you having knowledge, how could there be salvation? Without the Father, how could you receive the knowledge with which you can attain salvation? Will you perform devotion when you are in salvation? No; there is an abundance of happiness there, so why should you perform devotion? It is only at this time that you receive this knowledge. The whole of this knowledge is imbibed by you souls. A soul doesn’t belong to any religion. When a soul adopts a body, he says what religion he belongs to. What is the religion of a soul? Firstly, each soul is like a point. Souls are embodiments of peace and reside in the land of peace. The Father now explains that all children have a right over the Father. Many children who have been converted to other religions will emerge again and return to their original religion. All the leaves that moved away from the deity religion and were converted to other religions will return to their own place. First of all, you have to give the introduction of the Father. Everyone is confused about these things. Do you children understand who is now teaching you? The unlimited Father! Krishna is a bodily being. Brahma Baba is called Dada (elder brother). All of you are brothers. Then, everything depends on your status. Whatever the body of a brother is like, whatever the body of a sister is like, each soul is just a tiny star. All of this knowledge is recorded within a tiny star. A star without a body cannot speak. Each of you stars receives many organs with which to perform your parts. The world of you stars is completely separate from this world. Souls come here and adopt bodies. The body can be big or small. You souls remember your Father, and that too is whilst you are in bodies. Will you souls remember the Father when you are in the home? No. There, you are not aware of where you are. It is when souls and the Supreme Soul are both in bodies that their meeting can take place. It is remembered that souls and the Supreme Soul remained separated for a long period of time. For how long were they separated? Do you remember for how long you were separated?
With every second passing, it has now been 5000 years. You are to begin again with year number one. This is an accurate account. If someone asks you when this one took birth, you can tell him accurately. Shri Krishna takes the number one birth. You cannot calculate the minute or second when Shiva takes birth. For Krishna, you can calculate the date, minute and second. Human clocks can make a difference in the calculation. You cannot tell when Shiv Baba comes but there cannot be the slightest difference in the moment He incarnates. You cannot say that He came when you had a vision of Him. No, you can just guess this, but you cannot calculate the minute or second. His incarnation is alokik (not physical). He comes at the time of the unlimited night. You can tell the moment when other incarnations take place; for instance, when a soul enters his body. The costume that a soul takes is at first small and then that costume gradually grows. The soul with his body comes out of the womb. You have to churn these things and then explain them to others. There are so many human beings and not one ofthem can be identical to another. Just as you have a large hall, so the stage on which you act out this unlimited play is so large. You children come here to change from human beings into Narayan and to claim a high status in the new world that the Father creates. However, this old world is going to be destroyed. The new world is being established through Baba and he then has to sustain it. It must definitely be when he sheds this body that he can then come again and sustain the new world. The old world has to be destroyed before then. This haystack has to be set on fire. At the end, only Bharat will remain. Everything else will be destroyed. Only a few will remain in Bharat. You are now making effort so that you don’t experience any punishment after destruction. If your sins are not absolved, there will be punishment experienced and you will not receive any status. When people ask you where you are going, tell them that you are going to meet Shiv Baba who has come in the body of Brahma. This Brahma is not Shiva. The more you know the Father, the more love you will have for Him.
Baba says: Children, do not love anyone else. Break off your love with everyone else and connect it to just the One. This is just like those lovers. 108 become true lovers, but, even out of them, only eight become really true lovers. There is the rosary of eight. The nine jewels have been remembered. These are the eight beads and the ninth is Baba. There are eight main deities, and then the family up to the end of the silver age is of 16,108 princes and princesses. Baba shows you heaven on the palm of His hand. You children have the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of the world. You have to make this deal with Baba. It is said: Scarcely any businessmen would make this deal. There aren’t any such businessmen. So you children have to maintain the enthusiasm of going to Baba, the One who resides up above. Because people don’t know Him, they just say that He will come at the end. It is now that same end of the iron age. It is the same time of the Gita and the Mahabharata. Those same Yadavas are now making those missiles. It is the same kingdom of those Kauravas and you are the same Pandavas standing here. You children are earning an income whilst sitting at home. God has come to you whilst you are sitting at home. This is why Baba tells you to earn your income. This life has been remembered as being as valuable as diamonds. You mustn’t now waste it by chasing after shells. You are now making the whole world into the kingdom of Rama (God). You are receiving power from Shiva. However, many people nowadays experience untimely death. Baba opens the locks on your intellects whereas Maya locks your intellects. You mothers have been given the urn of knowledge. He is the One who gives power to you innocent and weak ones. This is the nectar of knowledge. The knowledge written in the scriptures is not called nectar. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and overcome all adverse situations by being set on the seat of self-respect.   

Remain constantly stable on the seat of your self-respect, “I am a victorious jewel, a master almighty authority”, and you will develop qualifications according to your seat. No matter what adverse situations come in front of you, set yourself on this seat in a second. Orders of only those who are on a seat (of position) are obeyed. Remain on your seat and you will become victorious. The confluence age is the age for becoming constantly victorious: this age has this blessing and so be one who is blessed and become victorious.

Slogan:  Those who gain victory over all their temptations are the Shiv Shakti Pandav Army.      

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Your mind should constantly have the elevated awareness of the soul-conscious form, that is, of being brothers.

21/12/14      Avyakt BapDada    Madhuban  14/01/79

Essence: Purity is the main basis of Brahmin(spiritual) life

Today, at Amrit vela, BapDada was looking at the personality of purity on the forehead of each of you children. The sparkle of purity of each of you was number wise, according to your efforts. The main basis of this Brahmin life is purity.  The greatness of all of you elevated souls is your purity.  Purity is the greatness of this land of Bharat. The purity which you attain in this birth is the prosperity of you Brahmin souls for many births. Purity is the basis for world transformation. It is because of your purity that, even today, your non-living images are considered to be more elevated than living forms. Even famous people of today continue to bow down to purity. You children receive this purity from the Father as your birthright. People consider purity to be very difficult, whereas you experience it to be very easy. For you children, the definition of purity is very ordinary because you are now aware that the original form of the soul is always pure. The eternal form is of a pure soul and the original form is a pure deity. Now, this last birth too, is a pure Brahmin life. On the basis of this awareness, you experience it to be very easy to create a pure life. Impurity is an external religion (not your religion), whereas purity is your own original religion. It feels easy to adopt your own religion. The first order the Father gives you obedient children is: Become pure, for only then will you be able to become yogi. BapDada is pleased to see the obedient children who are obeying this order. Within that, BapDada specially sings the praise of His foreign children who have been following these elevated directions and created a pure life. On seeing such pure and obedient souls, He sings praise of the children. Do the children sing more praise of the Father or does the Father sing more praise of the children? What special decoration appears in front of the Father in the subtle region?

Just as you decorate some places with garlands, so BapDada also has the decoration of the garlands of the children’s virtues. This decoration would be so beautiful! You can each see it from a distance, can you not? Each of you can recognise your garland of virtues as to whether it is a long one or a short one and as to whether you are extremely close to BapDada, in front of BapDada or at a short distance away from Him. You can recognise the garlands of those who are close. Those who are close to the Father in His virtues and His task are constantly close. Such children reveal the Father through their every virtue. They are the jewels who are close because, in everything they do, they prove it to be the Father’s task.

Today, BapDada was giving marks on the subject of purity. What specialities did Baba look for in giving these marks? The first speciality was purity of the mind. From the moment you took birth, no sanskars of impurity should have emerged, even in your thoughts. When you renounce impurity, you receive the elevated fortune of purity. In Brahmin life, even your sanskars are changed. Your mind should constantly have the elevated awareness of the soul-conscious form, that is, of being brothers. It is on the basis of this awareness that you receive marks for purity of the mind. In your speech, there should constantly be honesty and sweetness. Especially on the basis of these two, you receive marks in the subject of speech. In your actions, constantly to have humility and contentment – the practical fruit of that is to be constantly cheerful. It is on the basis of this speciality that you receive marks in the subject of actions. Now, examine yourself regarding all three, and check yourself to see what number you would claim. What number would the foreign souls claim?

Today, Baba has especially come to meet all of you. Even the Father has to change from the Foreigner into a resident of this land in order to serve some souls. The Father is the Foreigner of the most distant land. The Father, the Foreigner, has come to meet the foreigners of this world. The people of Bharat are no less! For the people of Bharat to give a chance to the foreigners is the greatness of Bharat. The people of Bharat who have given a chance have all become chancellors. Do you know the speciality of the foreigners, on the basis of which they are claiming a number ahead? The main thing for many foreigners is that, as soon as they come, they experience themselves as belonging to this family and feel that they are very old souls of this religion.  This is known as experiencing yourselves to have all rights as soon as you come.  You do not take a lot of effort: the awareness of the previous cycle is easily awakened in you. This is why, the words, “Our Baba”, very quickly emerge from the lips and in the heart on the basis of your experience.  Secondly, the special subject of easy Raja Yoga in this Godly study: the majority of foreign souls very easily have very good experiences in this subject. Because you are especially attracted to this main subject, the foundation of your faith becomes strong. This is your second speciality. You are as strong as Angad, are you not? Maya does not shake you, does she? Today, it is especially the turn of those from abroad and this is why the people of Bharat are just observers.

The people of Bharat know their fortune very well. However, those of you from abroad are also going to rule here, are you not? Do you know your fortune? You have very good parts of becoming instruments for service in the future.

Baba speaking to Dada Ram and Dadi Savitri’s family: Everyone is happy to see the fortune you have attained. Because of some especially fortunate souls, the whole family becomes fortunate. When you put any thought into practice, you definitely experience happiness. Achcha.

To those who constantly swing in happiness, to those who go into the stage of ascent on seeing their sparkling star of fortune, to those who have the personality of purity, to those who transform the world on the basis of the greatness of purity, to the world-benefactor souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the London group:
Do all of you constantly experience yourselves to be the Father’s companions? Can you see your combined form? You are not alone; wherever there are the children, the Father will be with every child. You are constantly under the canopy of protection of remembrance of the Father. No type of obstacle of Maya can come under this canopy of protection. So, wherever you stay and whatever task you carry out, always experience yourselves to be in a place of safety. Do you experience this? BapDada has special love and gives special co-operation to the foreigners. Souls from abroad will play very good parts on the field of service later on. The future of service is very good. What new plans of service do you have to create? As well as having general programmes, you must also serve special souls. This will of course take greater effort, but success is your birthright. Therefore, don’t think that you have done a great deal but can’t see any results. The fruit of that is being prepared. No action can be fruitless because you are doing everything in remembrance of the Father. The fruit of whatever you do in a state of remembrance is always elevated. Therefore, you must never become disheartened.  Just as the Father has faith that your actions will definitely bear fruit, so you too should also have the same faith in your intellects. Some fruit emerges quickly, whereas other fruit takes a little time. However, you mustn’t worry about this, but carry on doing everything. The time is soon to come when people will themselves come to you to enquire where you received this message and information from. Just wait a little for the bang of destruction, and then see how long a queue will form! You will then say that you have no time. At this moment, those people say that they don’t have time. Later you will say, “Too late!”.

Whatever you find difficult to do, hand that over to the Father and just remain an easy yogi. To remain an easy yogi means constantly to do service. The subtle power of your yoga will automatically attract souls to you, and so this is easy service. All of you are doing this, are you not? The London Brahmins have expanded service very well. Have you prepared equals just as good yourselves? Is the rosary now ready? Have you prepared 108 jewels? London should prepare a group of all varieties; there should be scientists, religious souls and political leaders. There should also be special souls from the different associations. Until all types of variety souls sow the seeds for the establishment of the new world, how can destruction take place? People of all professions will be useful in the golden age. They will be servers to serve you. Now, serve them for a short time in this one birth and prepare them. They will then become your servers who will serve you for many births. Scientists too have parts there. Those who have specialities to provide the facilities for your comfort there will come to you here. So, this service now has to take place at a fast pace in the foreign lands. Prepare the kingdom! Prepare the subjects! Prepare the royal family and also prepare the servers! No profession should be left out that they would complain that they didn’t receive the message.

2.        The new and elevated method for Godly service.
To do Godly service through your thoughts is a new and elevated form of service.  Every morning, as soon as a jeweller opens his shop, he checks that all his jewels are clean and sparkling and placed in their correct sections.  In the same way, every day at Amrit vela, with your thoughts, cast your vision on the souls who are to come into contact with you. The more you remember them through your thoughts, the more your thoughts will reach them and they will say that they also remembered you many times. Continue to move forward by adopting these types of new forms of service. This month, have a special programme for the souls you have connections with. Have a warm and friendly gathering. (sneh-milan). Hold a programme of sharing experiences and some entertainment. Find a reason to call them and increase your connection with them. Don’t think that two or three have to emerge. It is good if even one emerges! The flame of one deepak (lamp) can prepare the flames of a whole garland of deepaks.

German group:
Those from Germany have adopted a good method to give the Father’s introduction in their country. Now, prepare hands in the neighbouring countries of Germany and increase the field of service. Each one that comes should then be able to look after a centre because very little time remains and a kingdom has to be prepared. The group from Germany is of those who follow the Father, is it not? Definitely carry on serving, but do it with the support of your contacts, not independently.  Just as every branch is connected to the trunk of a tree, so too, your connections with the instrument souls should also be very good. You will then become very successful. Therefore, make such plans! Achcha.

At the time of leaving:
These days of the confluence age are so invaluable. It is only at the confluence age that BapDada can see the gathering of the children in their corporeal forms. You enjoy the confluence age, do you not? Will you not transform the world?  Both the confluence age and the new world have their own specialities.  When you go to the new world, you will even forget the Father! Will you remember Him at that time? The Father is of course happy that His children claim such an elevated status. A father’s desire is always for his children to go ahead of him. The Father is very pleased to see the elevated fortune of His children. You create so much fortune in just a short time! The speciality that the confluence age has is that you can create your fortune at every moment and with every thought. You have a chance to create as much fortune as you want. Are you taking that full chance? There isn’t a lot of time for attainment now; therefore, do as much as you want to now. Otherwise, you will later remember this time of earning your attainment and realise that you should have done so much, but that you did not do it. Continue to make your pilgrimage of remembrance powerful. Continue to fill all your thoughts with the essence of all powers. Continue to fill every thought with power. You can serve a great deal with the power of thoughts. Achcha.

 Blessing:     May you be prosperous and experience constant contentment through being full.   

The prosperity of self-sovereignty is knowledge, virtues and powers. Those who are self- sovereigns and are full of all these types of prosperity are constantly content. They have no name or trace of any type of a lack of attainment. They are ignorant of the knowledge of limited desires: this is known as being prosperous. They are constant donors, not those who ask for anything. They have a right to a kingdom that has the sovereignty of unbroken happiness and peace. No type of adverse situation can break their unbroken peace.

 Slogan:   Those who know the three aspects of time and the three worlds with the eye of knowledge are master knowledge-full.  

Thursday, 18 December 2014

at the end of the war, each of you will claim a status according to how much your battery(soul)has been charged.

19/12/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and teaches you spiritual children. From the moment He becomes our Father, He also becomes our Teacher and He also gives us teachings in the form of the Satguru. You children know that, since He is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, He wouldn’t be a small child. He is the highest and greatest of all. The Father knows that all of you are His children. According to the drama plan, you called out to Him to come and take you to the pure world, but you did not understand anything. You now understand that the golden age is called the pure world and that the iron age is called the impure world. You also say: Come and liberate us from Ravan’s jail! Liberate us from all our sorrows and take us back to our land of peace and our land of happiness. Both names are very good: liberation and liberation-in- life or the land of peace and the land of happiness! The intellect of no one but you children knows where the land of peace is or where the land of happiness is; they are totally senseless. Your aim and objective is to become sensible. Those who are senseless have the aim and objective of becoming as sensible as they (Lakshmi and Narayan) are. You have to teach everyone what the aim and objective here is. It is to become deities from human beings. This is the world of human beings and that is the world of deities.
The golden age is the world of deities, and so the iron age would surely be the world of human beings. Since we now have to become deities from human beings, we must surely be at the most elevated confluence age. Those are deities and these are human beings. Deities are sensible. The Father made them sensible. He is the Master of the world. Even though He never becomes the Master of that world, there is this praise. The unlimited Father is the One who gives unlimited happiness. There is unlimited happiness in the new world and there is unlimited sorrow in the old world. The picture of those deities is in front of you. There is praise of them. Nowadays, even the five elements are worshipped. The Father explains that you are now at the most elevated confluence age. Each of you also understands, numberwise, according to your efforts, that you have one foot in heaven and the other foot in hell. Although you are living here, your intellect is in the new world. Therefore, you have to remember the One who sends you to the new world. Only by having remembrance of the Father will you become pure. Shiva Baba sits here and explains this. They certainly celebrate the birth of Shiva, but they don’t know when He came or what He did when He came. They celebrate the night of Shiva and they also celebrate the birth of Krishna. They don’t use the same words for Shiv Baba as they do for Krishna. Although they say, "Shiv Ratri", they don’t understand the meaning of that. The meaning has been explained to you children.
There is unlimited sorrow at the end of the iron age and there is unlimited happiness in the golden age. You children have now received this knowledge and you know the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle. Those who studied this a cycle ago will study now. Whatever effort they made then, they will start to do the same again and claim a status accordingly. The whole cycle is in your intellects. You are the ones who receive the highest status and who then come down accordingly. The Father has explained that the soul of every human being, everyone in the rosary, comes down, numberwise. Each actor receives his own part to play - whatever part each one has to play at each moment. The Father sits here and explains the drama which is eternally created. You now have to explain to your brothers what the Father explains to you. It is in your intellects that the Father comes and explains to us every 5000 years, and that we then have to explain this to our brothers. In terms of souls, you are all brothers. The Father says: You must now consider yourselves to be bodiless souls. Souls have to remember their Father in order to become pure. When souls become pure they receive pure bodies. When a soul is impure his jewellery (body) is also impure. Everyone is numberwise. The features and activity of one cannot be the same as another’s. Each one plays his own numberwise part. There cannot be the slightest change. In a drama, you will see the same scene tomorrow that you saw yesterday; the same things will be repeated. This is the unlimited drama of yesterday and today. It was explained to you yesterday how you claimed a kingdom and how you then lost that kingdom. Today, you now understand this knowledge in order to claim a kingdom.
Today, Bharat is the old hell, and tomorrow, it will be the new heaven. Your intellects know that you are now about to go to the new world. You are becoming elevated by following shrimat. Elevated ones would definitely be living in the elevated world. Lakshmi and Narayan were elevated, and so they lived in elevated heaven. Those who are corrupt live in hell. You now understand the significance of this. Only when you understand this unlimited drama very clearly will it then sit in your intellects. They celebrate the night of Shiva, but they know nothing about it. Therefore, you children have to be refreshed and you then have to refresh others. You are now given this knowledge and you then receive salvation. The Father says: I do not enter heaven. My part is to change this world from impure to pure. There, you have limitless treasures whereas here, you are bankrupt. This is why you call out to the Father to come and give you your unlimited inheritance. You receive the unlimited inheritance every cycle and you then also become poverty stricken every cycle. When you use the pictures to explain, they will be able to understand. Lakshmi and Narayan who were the foremost deities became ordinary human beings whilst taking 84 births. You children have now received this knowledge. You know that the original eternal deity religion existed 5000 years ago. That deity world was also called Vaikunth and Paradise. You would not call Bharat by that name now. It is now the devil world. It is now the confluence of the end of the devil world and the beginning of the deity world. You children now understand these things; you cannot hear these things from the mouth of anyone else. The Father comes and uses the mouth of this one. People do not understand whose mouth He uses. Whom would the Father come riding in? You souls ride in your own bodies. Shiv Baba doesn’t have a chariot of His own. He definitely does need a mouth. Otherwise, how could He teach you Raja Yoga? He wouldn’t teach you through inspiration. Therefore, note down all these points in your hearts.
All the knowledge that is sitting in God's intellect should also sit in your intellects. Your intellects have to imbibe this knowledge. There is a saying: Your intellect is all right, is it not? The intellect is in the soul. It is the soul that understands with the intellect. Who made your intellect stone? You now understand what Ravan turned your intellect into. Yesterday, you did not know about this drama; there were Godrej locks on your intellects. The word “God” is in that. The intellects that were given to you by the Father change into stone intellects. Then the Father comes again and opens the locks. In the golden age, everyone has a divine intellect. The Father comes and benefits everyone. Everyone’s intellect opens, numberwise. Souls continue to come down here, one after another. No one can remain above. No one impure can be there. The Father purifies you and takes you back to the pure world. All the souls are pure that reside there. That is the incorporeal world. You children now understand everything, and so your home seems to be very close to you. You have a lot of love for your home. No one else has as much love for that home as you do. However, you are also numberwise. Those who love the Father also love the home. There are also the specially loved children. You understand that those who make good effort and become specially loved children will claim a high status. It doesn't depend on whether you have an old body or a young one.
Those who are clever in knowledge and yoga are seniors. There are many young children who are clever in knowledge and yoga, and so they teach the older ones. Otherwise, it is normally the rule for older ones to teach younger ones. Nowadays, there are also midgets. In fact, all souls are midgets. A soul is just a dot; how could you weigh it? It is just a star. On hearing the word “star”, people look upwards. When you hear the word “star”, you look at yourself. You are the stars of the earth, and those are the stars of the sky. They are non-living and you are living. Those stars never change, whereas you stars take 84 births. You play such huge parts I Whilst playing your parts, your sparkle becomes dull. Your batteries become discharged. Then, when you souls have become completely dull, the Father comes and explains this knowledge to you in many different ways. The power that you souls had in you has been used up. You now have to fill yourselves with power from the Father. You are now recharging your batteries. Maya creates many obstacles in this. She tries to stop you from recharging your battery. You are living batteries; you know that you will become satopradhan by having yoga with the Father. You have now become tamopradhan. There is such a huge contrast between that limited study and this unlimited study! All souls go up, numberwise. Then they come down at their own time to play their own parts. Each one has received his own imperishable parts to play. How many times would you have played your parts of 84 births? How many times would your batteries have been charged and then become discharged? Since you know that your batteries have become discharged, why do you take so long to recharge them? It is because Maya doesn’t allow you to recharge your battery. Maya makes you forget to recharge your batteries. She discharges your batteries again and again. You try to remember the Father but are unable to do so. Maya will even discharge the batteries of those who have recharged their batteries and have come close to their satopradhan stage; she gets them to make mistakes and quickly discharges their batteries. This will continue to happen until the end. Then, at the end of the war, when everything is finished, each of you will claim a status according to how much your battery has been charged.
All souls are children of the Father. The Father comes and inspires all of them to charge their batteries. This play that has been created is so wonderful! Whilst you try to have yoga with the Father, you move away from Him again and again, and so you lose so much. You are inspired to make effort, not to move away. Every cycle, whilst you are making effort, when the drama comes to an end, your parts also come to an end, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The rosary of you souls continues to be made. You children know that there is a rosary of Rudraksh and also a rosary of Vishnu. His rosary would be placed in the first number. The Father creates the divine world. Just as there is a rosary of Rudra (all souls), there is also a rosary of Runda (Vishnu). A rosary of Brahmins cannot be made now because changes continue to take place. It will be finalized when the rosary of Rudra is created. There will be the rosary of Brahmins but that cannot be created yet. In fact, all are the children of Prajapita Brahma. There is a rosary of the children of Shiva Baba and also a rosary of Vishnu. You become Brahmins and so one rosary is needed for Shiva and one for Brahma. All of this knowledge remains in your intellects, numberwise. Everyone listens to this, but it goes out of the ears of some at that very moment; they simply do not hear. Some do not even study. They do not know that God has come to teach them. They do not study at all. You should study this study with so much happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say thanks, namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you be fully knowledgeable and finish the power of Maya with the power of love.   

To become merged in love is to have full knowledge. Love is the blessing of the Brahmin birth. At the confluence age, the Ocean of Love is giving you platefuls of diamonds and pearls of love, and so you become full of love. The mountains of adverse situations are transformed and they become as light as water through the power of love. No matter how fearsome or how royal the form of Maya that opposes you is, merge yourself in the Ocean of Love in a second and through that power of love, the power of Maya will finish.

Slogan:  Only those who are constantly co-operative in the Father’s task through their bodies, minds and wealth and with their thoughts, words and deeds are yogis.