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It is souls that do everything, but they do it through human forms.

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23/08/14  Morning Murli BapDada Madhuban

Sweetest spiritual children,

You children know whose children you are. He is called the true Lord and Master. This is why, nowadays, you children are also called the children of the Lord and Master. There is a saying about truth: Eat that which is real and wear that which is real. Although this saying has been created by human beings, the Father sits here and explains the meaning of it. You children know that the Father is the Highest on High, the One who is praised a great deal and who is also called the Creator. His first creation is you children. You are the children of that Father. All souls reside with the Father. That is called the Father’s home, the sweet home. This is not the home. You children know that He is our sweetest Father. The land of peace is our sweet home and then the golden age is also called our sweet home because there is peace in every home there. Here, there is peacelessness in the home of physical mothers and fathers and peacelessness in the world. There, there is peace in the home as well as throughout the world. The golden age is called a small new world. This old world is so huge. There is peace and happiness in the golden age. There is no question of chaos there because you will have received your inheritance of peace from the unlimited Father. Gurus give blessings: May you have sons! May you have a long life! Those blessings that they give are not new. You automatically receive those as your inheritance from the Father. The Father has now reminded you children of this. That parlokik Father is the One whom people of all religions remember on the path of devotion when it is the world of sorrow. This world is old and impure. In the new world, there is happiness; there is no trace of peacelessness.

You children now have to become pure and virtuous. Otherwise, you will have to experience a great deal of punishment. Dharamraj, the One who enables you to settle all karmic accounts, is also with the Father. There will be the Tribunal. There will definitely be punishment for sins. Those who make good effort will not experience punishment. You receive punishment for your sins and that is also called the suffering of karma. This is the foreign kingdom of Ravan and there is limitless sorrow within it. There is limitless happiness in the kingdom of Rama. You explain to many, but some are able to understand instantly whereas others take time to understand. If they understand less, you can understand that they started performing devotion later. Those who have done devotion from the beginning will understand knowledge quickly because they have to take a number ahead. You souls know that you come here from your sweet home. There is silence, "movie” and “talkie”. After children go into trance, they relate that everything there is “movie”. Trance has no connection with the path of knowledge. The main thing is to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father, that’s all; nothing else. The Father is incorporeal and His children, that is, souls in these bodies, are also incorporeal. No other question arises.

The love of souls is for the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Everyone’s body is impure, and so you cannot have love for impure bodies. Souls may become pure, but their bodies are impure. Bodies do not become pure in this impure world. Souls have to become pure here; only then will these old bodies be destroyed. Souls are imperishable. The duty of souls is to remember the unlimited Father and become pure. When souls are pure, they need pure bodies and those will be received in the new world. Let souls become pure! Souls have to have yoga with the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, that’s all. This impure body must not even be touched. The Father is speaking to you souls. These matters have to be understood. From the golden age to the iron age, you have been hanging on to your bodies. Both soul and body are pure there. You do not indulge in vice there through which neither the soul nor your body would become vicious. There are the Vallabhacharis (a sect) who do not allow their bodies to be touched. You know that their souls are not viceless nor are they pure. The Vallabhachari sect considers themselves to belong to a high clan; they do not allow their bodies to be touched. They do not understand that they are vicious and impure and that their bodies have been created through corruption. The Father comes and explains these aspects. As souls become pure, they have to change their bodies.

Your body can only become pure when the five elements become pure. In the golden age, the five elements are pure, and so the bodies are also pure. Deities cannot set foot in this impure world or have impure bodies. Both souls and their bodies are pure. This is why they only set foot in the golden age. This is an impure world. Souls remember the parlokik Father, the Supreme Soul. One is your physical father and the other is your bodiless Father. The bodiless Father is remembered because you definitely receive such an inheritance of happiness from Him. This is why you cannot stay without remembering Him. Although you have now become tamopradhan, you still definitely remember that Father. However, people receive wrong teachings that say God is omnipresent. They then become confused about human beings only becoming human beings. The Father comes and explains all of those mistakes. The Father only gives the one mantra of Manmanabhav! The meaning of this is: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Only have this concern, that’s all. It is through this that you will be able to become pure. Deities are pure. The Father now comes and makes you pure again like them. He keeps your aim and objective in front of you. A sculptor is straight away able to create a sculpture of a human being by looking at his face. Those are non-living statues, but it is as though that person is sitting in front of them in the living form. Here, the Father says to you: You have to become living Lakshmi and Narayans. How will you become those? You will become deities from human beings through this study and through purity. This is the school to change from humans into deities. Those sculptors create many sculptures; that is called art. They create an identical face. Here, there is no question of an identical face. Those are non-living images whereas you will become this naturally in the living form there. The bodies of the five elements will be alive. Those non-living images have been created by human beings. They cannot be identical to the deities because a photograph cannot be taken of deities. Although they have a vision of them in trance, they cannot take their photograph. They would say that they had a vision of them but they themselves are not able to create that image; nor can anyone else. You yourselves can only become like that when you finish taking knowledge from the Father. Only then will you become identical to what you were in the previous cycle.

This is such a wonderful, natural world drama! The Father sits here and explains to you the wonderful things of nature. Human beings don’t even think about these matters. They go in front of the deity idols and bow their heads. Although they understand that they used to rule that kingdom, they do not know when. They don’t know anything about when they will come again or what they will do when they come. You know that those who belonged to the sun and moon dynasties have been and gone. They will become exactly the same again by studying this knowledge. This is a wonder. Therefore, the Father now explains: By making such effort you will become the same deities again. You will carry on with the activity that you did previously in the golden and silver ages. This is such wonderful knowledge! This knowledge can only remain in your intellects when there is cleanliness in your hearts. These aspects cannot remain in anyone else’s intellect; you need effort for this. You cannot receive fruit without making effort. The Father continues to inspire you to make effort. Even though everything happens according to the drama, you still have to make effort. You must not just sit down and think: If it is in the drama I will be able to make effort. There are many who have such crazy thoughts as: There will surely be effort if it is in my fortune. Ah, but it is you who have to make effort! There is the effort and then the reward. Human beings ask: Which is greater, the effort or the reward? Reward is greater but effort is said to be greater because it is through that that your reward is created. It is only by making effort that every human being receives everything. There are some who have such stone intellects that they give this a wrong meaning. It is understood that this is not in their fortune; they fall apart.

Here, you children are inspired to make so much effort. You are given explanations day and night. You definitely have to reform your character. The number one character is to be pure. Deities are pure anyway. It is when they fall that their character is spoilt and they become completely impure. You now understand that your character was A one. Then you fell completely. Everything depends on purity. It is in this that there is great difficulty. People’s eyes deceive them a great deal because this is the kingdom of Ravan. There, your eyes do not deceive you. You receive the third eye of knowledge. This is why it is said: Religion is might. The Almighty Authority Father comes and establishes this deity religion. It is souls that do everything, but they do it through human forms. That Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. His praise is totally separate from the praise of the deities. So, why would you not remember such a Father? He is called the knowledge-full One, the Seed. Why is He called the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss? The seed of the tree is aware of the tree emerging it. However, that seed is non-living. It is as though the soul in that is nonliving, whereas the soul of a human being is conscious. A living soul can also be called an ocean of knowledge. The tree grows from small to large, so there definitely is a soul, but it is unable to speak. There is so much praise of the Supreme Soul; He is the Ocean of Knowledge. This praise does not belong to souls. This praise is only sung of the Supreme Soul. He is called Ishwar etc. His true name is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Param means Supreme. The praise people sing of Him is very powerful. Now, day by day, His praise is decreasing because their intellects were sato at first, then they became rajo and they have now become tamopradhan.

The Father comes and explains all of these things. I come every 5000 years to make the old world new. It is remembered that the golden age is the truth, and whatever happens there is the truth (written in the Granth Sahib - the holy book of the Sikhs). Some good versions are written because they are not so impure. Those who come later are not so impure. The people of Bharat were completely satopradhan and they are the ones who have become the most tamopradhan at the end of their many births. This cannot be said about the founders of religions. Neither do they become as satopradhan, nor do they become as tamopradhan. They neither experience as much happiness nor as much sorrow. Whose intellects have become the most tamopradhan? Out of all the religions, it is those who were at first deities who have fallen the most. People sing praise of Bharat because it is very ancient. If you think about it, at this time, Bharat has fallen a great deal. The rise and fall of Bharat is the rise and fall of the deities. You have to use your intellect to understand this. We experienced a great deal of happiness when we were satopradhan. Then we also experience so much sorrow because we are tamopradhan. There are four main religions: Deityism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity. Expansion has taken place through them. The people of Bharat do not know which religion they belong to. Because of not knowing their religion, they leave their religion. In fact, their religion is the main one but they have forgotten it. Those who are wise and sensible understand that those people have no honesty in their religion. Otherwise, what was Bharat before and what has it become now? The Father sits here and explains: Children, what were you? He sits here and explains the whole history. You were deities. You ruled for half a cycle and then, after half a cycle, your actions and your religion became corrupt in the kingdom of Ravan. You are now once again becoming those who will belong to the deity community. God speaks: Only to you children does the Father explain every cycle and enable you to belong to God’s community. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather!

Blessing:  May you be an embodiment of solutions and finish all waste thoughts by knowing their cause.   

There are two main reasons for waste thoughts. 1) Arrogance. 2) feeling insulted: Why did I get less? I should also have this status. I too should be put in the front. There is either the feeling of being insulted or arrogance in this. In name, respect, honour, in being put in the front, in service - to feel any type of arrogance or insult is the reason for waste thoughts. To know the reason for this and to find a solution to it is to become an embodiment of solutions.

Slogan:  It is very easy to go on the pilgrimage to the sweet home with the power of silence.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Let there be mercy and good wishes for everyone in your vision and there will then be no trace of arrogance or insult.

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22/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The Father has now reminded you sweetest children of your home. Although people on the path of devotion also remember the home, they don't know anything about how or when to go there. By saying that the duration of the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years, they have forgotten their home. They believe that they will still play their parts here for hundreds of thousands of years and so they have forgotten the home. The Father now reminds you: Children, your home is very close. You are now to go to your home. I have come because you children called out to Me. Will you come with Me? This is something so easy! On the path of devotion, they don't know when they will go to the land of liberation. Liberation is called the home. Because of saying it is hundreds of thousands of years, they have forgotten everything. They have forgotten the Father and also the home. A lot of difference is caused by saying it is hundreds of thousands of years. It is as though they have fallen asleep in the sleep of ignorance. No one understands anything. On the path of devotion, they show the home to be very far away. The Father says: Wonderful! You now have to go to the land of liberation. It isn't that you perform devotion for hundreds of thousands of years. You don't even know when devotion began. There is no need to make a calculation of hundreds of thousands of years.
People forget the Father and the home. This is also fixed in the drama but they have needlessly made it so distant! The Father now says: Children, your home is very close. I have now come to take you back. You have to go back home. However, you definitely do have to become pure. You have been bathing in the Ganges, but none of you became pure. If you had become pure, you would have gone home. However, you don’t know about the home and you don't know about purity. People have been performing devotion for half the cycle and so they can't stop it. The Father now says: Devotion is coming to an end. There continues to be limitless sorrow in devotion. It isn't that you children have seen sorrow for hundreds of thousands of years. There is no question of hundreds of thousands of years. You experienced real sorrow in the iron age when you became dirtied by many vices. Previously, when you were in the rajo stage, you had some understanding, but you have now become completely senseless! You children are now told: If you want to go to the land of happiness, become pure! Remove the burden of sins of many births that are on you heads with remembrance. You will become very happy through remembrance. Remember the Father who takes you to the land of happiness for half the cycle. The Father says: You have to become like Lakshmi and Narayan. Therefore, become pure and reform your character.
Vices are called evil spirits. The evil spirit of greed is no less. That evil spirit is very impure; it makes people completely dirty. Even greed makes you commit a lot of sin. The five vices are very strong evil spirits. You have to renounce all of them. It is just as difficult to renounce greed as it is to renounce lust. Even to renounce attachment becomes just as difficult as it is to renounce lust; they just can't renounce it. The Father has been explaining all your lives, but, even then, the strings of attachment remain connected. Even anger is renounced with great difficulty. People say: I feel angry with the children. They mention the word “anger”. No evil spirit should come. You have to become victorious over them. The Father says: Continue to make effort for as long as I am here. How many years will the Father remain here? The Father has been sitting here and explaining for so many years. He has given a good amount of time. It is very easy to know the world cycle. All the knowledge enters your intellects in seven days, but it takes time for the sins of many births to be cut away. This is the difficulty. Baba gives you time for this. There is a lot of opposition from Maya for she makes you completely forget. Whilst sitting here, you are not sitting in remembrance all the time.
Your intellects wander in many directions. This is why you have to give time to making effort and reach your karmateet stage. The study is very easy. A sensible child would understand in seven days all the knowledge of how this cycle of 84 turns. However, effort is required to become pure. There is so much upheaval because of this. People understand that this is right and that they used to cause defamation saying that the Brahma Kumaris made everyone into brothers and sisters. However, this is absolutely right. How can we remain pure unless we become the children of Adam-Prajapita Brahma? How can we change into those with civil eyes from being those with criminal eyes? This is a very good method: We are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and so we are brothers and sisters. You receive a lot of help through this in making your eyes civil. There is also the task of Brahma. The deity religion is established through Adam-Brahma, that is, human beings are changed into deities. The Father comes at the most auspicious confluence age. So you have to make so much effort in order to explain this. Centres are opened to give the Father's introduction. You have to claim the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. God is incorporeal whereas Krishna is a bodily being; he cannot be called God. People say that God will come and give the fruit of devotion, but they don't have the introduction of God. You explain so much and yet people don't understand.
Bodily beings definitely take rebirth. The inheritance cannot be received from them. Souls receive this inheritance from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Human beings cannot grant liberation-in-life to human beings. You children are making effort to claim this inheritance. You had been wandering around so much in order to meet that Father. Previously, you used to worship Shiva (Benefactor) alone and you didn’t go to anyone else at all; that was unadulterated devotion. There weren't as many temples etc. to anyone else. Now, there are so many images and people build so many temples etc. You have to make so much effort on the path of devotion. You know that there is no path to liberation or salvation in the scriptures. Only the one Father shows you that. They continue to build so many temples on the path of devotion. In fact, temples are only built to those deities who resided in the golden age. There aren't temples built to other human beings because they are impure. Impure human beings worship pure deities. Although they too are human beings, they have divine virtues. Those who don't have divine virtues worship them. You yourselves were worthy of worship and you then became worshippers.
To worship human beings means to worship the five elements. The body is made of the five elements. You children now have to go to the land of liberation. You performed so much devotion for that. I now take you back with Me and you will then go to the golden age. The Father has come to take you from the impure world to the pure world. There are two pure lands: liberation and liberation-in-life. The Father says: Sweetest children, I come at the confluence age of every cycle. You take on so much sorrow on the path of devotion. There is also the song: We went around in all four directions, and yet remained distant from You! From whom did we remain distant? From the Father. In order to find the Father, you went around birth after birth. Nevertheless, you remained distant from the Father. This is why people call out: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure! No one except the Father can make you this. So, this is a drama of 5000 years. You are all making effort, according to the drama, exactly as you did in the previous cycle. The kingdom is being established according to that. Not everyone will study to the same extent. This is a school. This is the study of Raja Yoga. Those who belong to the deity religion will emerge.
The population of the incorporeal world will also be accurate; it won't be any more or any less. There is an exact number of actors in a play, but people cannot understand this. However many there are, that number is accurate and they will come and play their parts. You will go to the new world and all the rest will go there (home). If any of you want to count them now, you can do so. The Father is now telling you very deep points. There is so much difference between the explanation given at the beginning and the explanation given now. Study takes time. No one can become an ICS straight away. Study takes place numberwise. The Father makes everything so easy and explains to you so that it can easily sit in people's intellects. Day by day, He continues to explain new points. The Father now says: You called out to Me, the Purifier Father, to come. I have come. Therefore, become pure! Consider yourselves to be souls and constantly remember Me alone and you will become satopradhan. You will then have to come down here to play your parts. The Father says: Souls have become impure and this is why in order to become pure, you remember the Purifier Father.
It is such a wonder that such a tiny soul plays such a big part! This is called a wonder. It cannot be seen. Some say that they want to have a vision of the Supreme Soul. The Father says: What vision would you have of such a tiny soul? I am someone you have to know, but it is difficult to see Me. The soul has received all of these physical organs in order to play a part. How great a part the soul plays is a wonder! A soul never wears out. This is the imperishable drama and it is predestined. You cannot ask when it was created; it is called eternal. Ask people: when did you start burning Ravan? When did you start studying the scriptures? Because they don’t know, they would say: Since eternity! They are confused. The Father sits here and explains in the same way that children are taught. You know that you were completely senseless and that you now have unlimited understanding. That is a limited study whereas this is unlimited. It is day for half the cycle and night for half the cycle. You cannot experience the slightest sorrow for 21 births. It is_said: May not even a hair of yours bend! No one can cause you sorrow. The very name is the land of happiness. There is no happiness here. The main thing is purity. A very good character is required. Everything is explained to you children very clearly.
There is damage and loss. The Father now says: There is no question of benefit at this time. Now there will be loss and further loss. The time for destruction is coming, and so just see what happens at that time! When there isn't any rain, grain becomes so expensive. No matter how much they say that there will be a lot of grain after three years, they still have to import grain from abroad. The time will come when you won't be able to get a single grain. So many calamities are to come. They call those, “Godly calamities.” When there isn't any rain, there will definitely be famine. All the elements etc. are going to get worse. In many places, rain causes so much damage. You children know that the Father is establishing the eternal deity religion. This is your aim and objective. You are being made into Narayan from an ordinary man once again. Only the unlimited Father teaches you this unlimited lesson. However much someone studies, he claims a status accordingly. The Father inspires you to make effort. If you make less effort, a low status will be received. A teacher would explain to students. When you make others similar to yourselves, it can be known that you study well and also teach others. The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. There are huge burdens of sin on your heads. Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. This is a spiritual pilgrimage. Also teach small children to remember Shiv Baba; they too have a right. They wouldn't understand that they have to consider themselves to be souls and remember the Father; no, they will only remember Shiv Baba. By making effort, they too can be benefitted. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be completely pure by making your thoughts pure, knowledge-full and powerful.   
In order to become equal to the Father, make the foundation of purity firm. To observe the vow of celibacy as the foundation is a common matter, and so do not be happy with just that. Underline the purity of vision and attitude even more. As well as this, make your thoughts pure, knowledge-full and powerful. There is still a lot of weakness in thoughts. Finish this weakness and you will then be said to be a completely pure soul.

Slogan:  Let there be mercy and good wishes for everyone in your vision and there will then be no trace of arrogance or insult.  

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

GodFather says: Offer all of the committed sins to the eternal Surgeon and you will become light.

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21/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father explains to you sweetest spiritual children. You remember that you belonged to the original eternal deity religion, that you used to rule the kingdom and that you truly were the masters of the world. At that time, there was no other religion. We took birth in the golden age and went around the cycle of 84 births. We now remember the whole tree. We were deities and then we came into the kingdom of Ravan and no longer remained worthy of being called deities. This is why they have considered it to be another religion. No one else’s religion changes. For instance, the religion of Christ is Christianity and the religion of Buddha is Buddhism. It is in everyone’s intellect that Buddha established his religion at such-and-such a time. Hindus don’t know their own religion, when their religion began or who established it. They simply speak of hundreds of thousands of years. Only you children have the knowledge of the whole world cycle. This is called gyan and vigyan. Although they have called their building Vigyan Bhavan, the Father explains its real meaning to you children: Knowledge and yoga; the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation. You now understand that even you did not know that you were atheists. This knowledge cannot exist in the golden age. The Teacher now teaches you this. You study this and receive your fortune of the kingdom because you need a new world to live in. Pure deities cannot set foot in this old world. The Father comes and establishes the new world for you and has the old world destroyed. Destruction definitely has to take place for us.
We play these roles for world cycle after cycle. Baba asks: “Did you ever meet Me before?” and you reply: Baba, we meet You every cycle to take our fortune of the kingdom from You. We received our fortune of the kingdom of unlimited happiness in the previous cycle too. You now remember all of these things, so you should churn them. Baba calls this the discus of self-realisation. Previously, we were satopradhan. You also remember that each soul has his own role to play. I am a tiny imperishable soul and the imperishable role of me, the soul, continues eternally. That which is predestined is taking place. Nothing new can be added or cut away. No one can attain eternal liberation. Some ask for liberation. Liberation is separate from eternal liberation. You have to keep this in your awareness. If you have it in your awareness, you will also remind others of it. This is your business. Remind others of what the Father has made you aware of and you will be able to claim a high status. You have to make a lot of effort to claim a high status. The main effort is in yoga. This is the pilgrimage of remembrance which no one except the Father can teach you. You are now studying the study to change from human beings into deities. You know that you will go to the new world once again.
The very name of that(golden age) is the land of immortality whereas this is the land of death. Here, there is sudden death while just sitting somewhere. There is no name or trace of death there because death, in fact, doesn’t come to the soul. Death is not a sweet. According to the drama, when it is time, the soul departs. Whenever it is time for a soul to leave, he departs. No one can catch hold of death. A soul sheds a body and takes another. Death is nothing really, but they have sat and made up tall stories. That is the land of immortality where the bodies are free from disease. In the golden age, the lifespans of the people of Bharat are long; they are yogis. It is now that you know the difference between yogis and bhogis (those who indulge in sensual pleasures). Your lifespans are now increasing. The more you stay in yoga, the more your sins will be burnt away; you will claim a high status and your lifespan will be long. Just as the king and queen complete their lifespans and then shed their bodies so it is the same for the subjects. However, there is a difference in the status.
The Father now says to you: Children who spin the discus of self-realization, these ornaments belong to you. You live at home with your family and you live like a lotus. No one but you can live like that. You also remember how many sins you have committed in this birth. This is why Baba says: Place all of those in front of the eternal Surgeon and you will become light. However, you have to stay in yoga because of the sins of your many births you have on your head. It is only through yoga that your sins will be cut away and you will remain happy. You will become satopradhan by having remembrance of the Father. You know that you will become this through remembrance. So, who wouldn’t stay in remembrance? However, this is also a battlefield. You have to make effort to attain such a high status. You children have the awareness that you claim the highest-on-high inheritance from the unlimited Father. You claim it cycle after cycle. Many people will come to you. They will come and take the great mantra of manmanabhav from you. The meaning of manmanabhav is: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This is the great mantra to become a great soul. Those people are not mahatmas (great souls). In fact, Shri Krishna is called a mahatma because he is pure. Deities are always pure. Deities belong to the family path whereas sannyasis belong to the path of isolation. Women cannot roam around. All of these bad things are happening now in the iron age. They even convert women into sannyasis and take them with them. Nevertheless, Bharat has been supported with their purity. Just as an old building is painted to make it look new again, so it is as though those sannyasis also paint it a little and save it a little.
However, the Father says: That is a separate religion; they remain pure. It is only in the land of Bharat that there are so many temples to the deities and so much devotion etc. That too is a play which you describe. All of that is needed for the path of devotion. The One Shiva has been given so many names and temples have continued to be built to Him according to those names. There are so many temples. So much expense is incurred, but, nevertheless, they only receive happiness for half the cycle. They spend a lot of money; the idols get broken. There is no need for temples etc. there. You now remember that devotion lasts for half the cycle and that there is then no mention of devotion for half the cycle. The Father reminds you of this variety tree. If the duration of just the iron age were 40,000 years, then the duration of Christianity etc. would also increase. The Father explains: There is this limit of the Christian religion. You know that it has been this long since Christ came and this long since such-and-such a religion was established, but when will they go? They don’t know. They have lengthened the duration of the cycle.
You now know that preparations are being made for destruction. Theirs is science whereas yours is silence. The more you go into silence, the more they will continue to invent very good things for destruction. They continue to make even more refined things day by day. You have the happiness inside you that Baba has come to create the new world for you. So, we are not going to stay in the old world. It is the wonder of Baba! Baba, it is the wonder of You creating heaven! You now remember everything. Those people don’t know the Creator or the beginning, middle or end of creation. You know it. You are so enlightened. People are in extreme darkness. There is a difference. When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. Those on the path of devotion do not know knowledge. You now know about devotion and you also know about knowledge. You have remembered everything of when devotion begins and when it ends. You are also aware of when the Father gives you knowledge and when that will end. It is numberwise: some are aware of it a lot and others only a little. Those who are aware of it a lot will claim a high status. Only when you remember this will you be able to explain to others. You have wonderful awareness. What was in your intellects previously? Your foreheads became worn out with devotion, chanting, tapasya, pilgrimages and bowing down. There is so much difference between the awareness of devotion and the awareness of knowledge. You now know about devotion because you have done it from the beginning. You know that you are the first ones to have worshipped Shiva and that you then worshipped the deities. No one else remembers this. You remember the beginning, middle and end of creation and devotion etc. While performing devotion for half the cycle, you have only continued to come down.
Mountains of sorrow are still to fall. Before they fall, you children have to make effort so that you have your sins absolved through the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is what you explain to everyone. Thousands will come to you. Make effort to show this path to your brothers and sisters. You now remember knowledge and devotion. This means that you now know the whole drama, numberwise, according to your efforts. The better someone knows it, the better he can explain it. It is you children who have to explain to others. It is remembered: Son shows Father. The Father would explain to you children and then you children would explain to others. You explain to souls. This knowledge is completely separate from devotion. It is remembered: The one God comes and gives the fruit to all the devotees. All are the children of the one Father. The Father says: I take all the children to the land of peace and the land of happiness. It is now that you have this knowledge of cycle after cycle. You will not have this knowledge there. You become impure and so the Father makes so much effort on you to make you pure. This is why it is remembered: I surrender Myself to You. I sacrifice Myself to You... To whom? To the Father. The Father then gives you the example of how this one surrendered himself. You have to follow this sample. They then become Lakshmi and Narayan. If you want to claim such a high status, you have to surrender yourselves like they did. Those who are wealthy can never surrender themselves. Here, you have to sacrifice everything. Wealthy ones will definitely remember their wealth. It is remembered: Those who remember their wife at the end... What will you do with all that money? No one will take anything because everything is to be destroyed. What would I do with it if I took it from you? Everything, including that body, is to be destroyed. When you die, the world is dead for you. None of that wealth etc. will remain. In the Garuda Purana, they have mentioned fearsome stories to scare people.
The Father says: All of those scriptures belong to the path of devotion. The path of devotion continues for half the cycle when it is the kingdom of Ravan. Ask any of them when they started to burn Ravan and they will say: From time immemorial! Oh! but Ravan doesn’t exist from time immemorial. Because they don’t know, they say: From time immemorial! You children now remember when the kingdom of Ravan begins. You also understand the secrets of the Creator and creation. The Father now says: Children, constantly remember Me alone and your sins can be cut away. Continue to caution one another in this way. When you go walking with one another, just talk about these things amongst yourselves. If your whole group were to go walking in this stage of remembrance, your silence would have a great impact. Even priests walk in total silence, in remembrance of Christ; they don’t even look at anyone else. You can stay in remembrance a great deal here because you don’t have any mundane business. The atmosphere is very good. Outside, the atmosphere is very dirty. This is why the ashrams of sannyasis are very far away. Yours is unlimited renunciation. The old world is now about to go. This is the graveyard and it is to become the land of angels. There will be palaces studded with jewels and diamonds there. Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the land of angels. They are not that now. The Father says: I come every cycle at the confluence age. This whole cycle continues to repeat. You now remember everything at this time because the Father is reminding you. Previously, you didn’t have any of this in your intellect. When you stay in the intoxication of this awareness, you will be able to explain to others with happiness. You have to look after your home and family while maintaining this awareness. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather!

Blessing:  May you be an enlightened soul and sacrifice your main weakness out of love for the Father.   
BapDada sees that even now, the majority of you have waste thoughts of all the five vices. Enlightened souls also sometimes have arrogance of their virtues and specialities. Each one of you definitely knows your main weakness or your main sanskar. Therefore, to sacrifice that weakness out of love for the Father is the proof of your love. Loving and knowledgeable souls surrender their waste thoughts out of love for the Father.

Slogan:  Remain stable on the seat of self-respect who gives regard to everyone and become a soul worthy of respect.  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When the body/mind is hurt,the soul feels the pain.Make effort that,at the end,you don't remember anything(pain) except the one Father.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

20/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

In remembrance of whom are you sitting? This relationship with the One who liberates everyone from sorrow is the loveliest relationship of all. When the Father looks at you children, all your sins continue to be cut away. The soul is moving towards the satopradhan stage. There is limitless sorrow. It is remembered: He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. The Father has now truly come to liberate you from all sorrow. In heaven, there is no name or trace of sorrow. It is most essential to remember such a Father. A father has love for his children. You know which children the Father loves. It has been explained to you children: Consider yourselves to be souls, not bodies. Those who are very good jewels remember the Father whilst walking and moving around. Why does He say this? Because your urn of sin of many births is full. So, only through this pilgrimage of remembrance will you become charitable souls from sinful souls. You children also know that this is an old body. It is the soul that receives sorrow. When the body is hurt, the soul feels the pain. The soul says: I am diseased and unhappy. This is the world of sorrow. No matter where you go, there is nothing but sorrow. There cannot be sorrow in the land of happiness. When you mention sorrow, it means that you are in the land of sorrow. There isn't even the slightest sorrow in the land of happiness. There is little time left and you have to make full effort to remember the Father during this time. The more remembrance you continue to have, the more satopradhan you will continue to become.
You have to make effort and create such a stage that, at the end, you don't remember anything except the one Father. There is a song: Those who remember their wife in the final moments... These are the final moments! It is the end of the old world, the land of sorrow. You are now making effort to go to the land of happiness. You have become Brahmins from shudras. You should remember this. Shudras have sorrow. We have moved away from sorrow and are now climbing to the peak. Therefore, we have to remember the one Father. He is the most beloved Father. What is sweeter than Him? The soul only remembers that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Father of all souls. There is nothing in this world sweeter than Him. There are so many children. In how much time would He remember them all? In a second. Achcha, how does the cycle of the whole world turn? The accurate meaning of this is in the intellects of you children. For instance, when people return from seeing a drama (play), and someone asks them whether they remember all the drama or not, as soon as they say, "Yes", the whole drama would enter their intellects from the beginning to the end. However, it would take time for them to speak about it. Baba is the unlimited Baba. By your remembering Him, the happiness of 21 births appears in front of you. You receive this inheritance from the Father. The Father's inheritance appears in front of you children in a second. As soon as a child is born, his father knows that an heir has taken birth. He would remember all his property. Each one of you is an individual child and you receive your individual inheritance. You have individual remembrance; each of you is an heir of the unlimited Father. In the golden age, there will just be one son. He is the heir of all the property. As soon as you children found the Father, you became the masters of the world in a second. It doesn't take long.
The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls. Do not consider yourself to be a female. A soul is a male. Baba says: I remember all the children. All souls are brothers. Those of other religions who come all say: Those of all religions are brothers. However, they do not understand this. You now understand that you are the most beloved children of Baba. You will definitely receive your full unlimited inheritance from the Father. How will you claim it? You children remember that in a second. We were satopradhan and then we became tamopradhan. We now have to become satopradhan once again. You know that you have to claim your inheritance of the happiness of heaven from Baba. The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls. The body is perishable. It is the soul that sheds his body and departs. He goes and enters a womb in a new body. When the fetus is ready, the soul enters it. However, that is under the influence of Ravan. The soul enters the jail(womb) under the influence of vices. There, there is no Ravan. There is no question of sorrow.
When you become old, you become aware that you will shed that body and enter another body. There is no question of fear there. Here, there is so much fear. There, you remain fearless. The Father takes you children into limitless happiness. There is limitless happiness in the golden age and limitless sorrow in the iron age. That is why this is called the land of sorrow. The Father doesn't cause you any difficulty. Although you may live at home with your family and look after your children, you simply have to remember the Father. Renounce all the gurus etc. I am greater than all the gurus. All of them are My creation. No one, apart from Me, can be called the Purifier. Would you call Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar Purifiers? No. Even deities cannot be called that. No one except Me can be called that. Would you children call the Ganges the Purifier? Those rivers of water flow constantly. The rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra etc. have always existed. People are always bathing in those. When there is rain, there are floods and that too is sorrow. There is limitless sorrow! Look how many people died in the floods. In the golden age, there is no question of sorrow. Even animals don't have sorrow there, nor do they have untimely death. This drama is created in this way. On the path of devotion, they sing: Baba, when You come I will belong to You alone. He does come. He comes between the end of the land of sorrow and the beginning of the land of happiness. However, no one knows this.
No one knows what the duration of the world is. The Father tells you everything easily. Did you know previously that the duration of the world is 5000 years? Those people say that it is hundreds of thousands of years, but the Father has now explained to you that every age is 1250 years. In the swastika, they show the four equal parts accurately. There isn't the slightest difference between them. Reasoning also says that there has to be an accurate account. At Jagannath Puri, when they cook rice in a particular pot, it automatically divides into four equal parts. They have created a method of doing that. People there eat a lot of rice. Whether you call it Jagannath or Shrinath, it is the same thing. They show both of them as ugly. In the Shrinath Temple, they have urns of ghee and you receive very good nourishing food fried in ghee. They have shops outside to sell all of that. They offer such a great quantity of bhog there. All the pilgrims go and buy that from the shops. At Jagannath, they only have rice. One is Jagannath and the other is Shrinath. They show the land of happiness and the land of sorrow. Shrinath belonged to the land of happiness and the other to the land of sorrow. It is at this time that people have become ugly by climbing onto the pyre of lust. They simply offer rice as bhog to Jagannath. They show that one to be poor and the other one to be wealthy. Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. Devotion is called ignorance and you don't receive anything from that. There, the gurus have a lot of income. If someone is clever and others learn something from him, those others would say: This one is my guru and he taught me this. All of those are physical, those who take birth.
Who is with you now? The Father without an image. He says: This is not My body. This is the body of your Dada who has taken the full 84 births. I enter Him at the end of the last of his many births in order to take you to the land of happiness. He is also called Gaumukh. People come from so far away to see a Gaumukh. There is a Gaumukh here too. The water definitely comes from the mountains. Water enters the well from the mountains every day. It never stops. The water continues to come. When streams come from anywhere, they call that the water of the Ganges. They go there to bathe, considering it to be water of the Ganges. However, no one can become pure from impure through that water. The Father says: I am the Purifier. O souls, constantly remember Me alone! Renounce your body and all your bodily relations, consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me and your sins of many births will be burnt away. The Father liberates you from the sins of many births. At this time, everyone in the world continues to commit sin. There is the suffering of karma. You have all committed sin in your previous births. There is the account of 63 births. Your degrees continue to decrease little by little, just as the degrees of the moon do. This is the unlimited day and night. Now the whole world, and Bharat in particular, has the omens of Rahu over it. There is the eclipse of Rahu. You children are now becoming beautiful from ugly. This is why even Krishna is called Shyam-Sundar. They have truly portrayed him as ugly. They have shown this symbol because he climbed onto the pyre of lust. However, people's intellects do not work at all! They sometimes show him as beautiful and sometimes ugly. You are now making effort to become beautiful. Only when you make effort to become satopradhan will you become that. There is no question of difficulty in this.
You are listening to this knowledge now, and it will then disappear. Although people study and relate the Gita, they cannot relate this knowledge. That is a religious book for the path of devotion. There is a lot of paraphernalia for the path of devotion and there are many scriptures; some read things and others do something else. People go to the temple of Rama and they have even shown Rama as ugly. Just think about why they show them as ugly. There is also Kali of Calcutta. They call out to her, "Ma, Ma," and experience distress. She is a most feared one and they show a very fearsome form of her. They call her “Mother”. You have this arrow and sword of knowledge, and so they have shown her with weapons. In fact, previously, they used to sacrifice people to Kali. The Government put a stop to that. Previously, in Sindh, they didn't have a temple to that goddess. When a bomb exploded, a brahmin priest said: Kali has said that there isn’t a temple to her here, and that one should be built quickly, otherwise, another bomb would explode. They then collected a lot of money and a temple was built. Look, there are now so many temples! People wander to so many places. The Father explains to you in order to liberate you from all of those things. He does not defame anyone. The Father explains the drama to you and how this world cycle is created. Whatever you have seen will exist again. The things that do not exist now will be created. You have now understood that there used to be your kingdom. You have now lost that.
Once again the Father now says: Children, if you want to change from an ordinary human into Narayan, then make effort! You have been listening to many religious stories on the path of devotion. You listened to the story of immortality, but did anyone become immortal? Did anyone receive the third eye of knowledge? The Father sits here and explains these things. Do not look at anything evil through those eyes. Look at everything with civil eyes, not with criminal eyes. Do not look at this old world; it is to be destroyed. The Father says: Sweetest children, I am going to leave after giving you the kingdom for 21 births. There isn't anyone else's kingdom there. There is no mention of sorrow there. You remain very happy and wealthy there. Here, people starve to death. There, you rule over the whole world. You need so little land. At first, it is a small garden and then it gradually grows and by the end of the iron age, it becomes so big, and because of the influence of the five vices, it becomes a forest of thorns. The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. You receive sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. You now understand knowledge and devotion. Destruction is just ahead of you. Therefore, now make effort quickly. Otherwise, your sins will not be burnt away. Your sins can only be cut away by having remembrance of the Father. Only the one Father is the Purifier. Those who made effort in the previous cycle will definitely do that again. Do not become slack! Do not remember anyone except the one Father! Everyone else causes you sorrow. Remember the One who gives you constant happiness. Do not be careless about this! If you don't remember Him, how would you become pure? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you turn (transform) yourself as a return of love and become equal to the Father, complete and perfect.   
The sign of loving someone is that you cannot bear to see any weaknesses in the one you love. You will consider the mistake of someone you love to be your own mistake. When the Father hears anything about the children, He considers it to apply to Him. The Father wishes to see the children complete and perfect, the same as He is. As a return of this love, turn yourself. Devotees are ready to cut off their head and offer it to that One. You don’t have to cut off your physical head, but cut off the heads of Ravan.

Slogan:  To do the service of creating a powerful atmosphere through your spiritual vibrations is most elevated service.  

Monday, 18 August 2014

GodFather says again and again: Make the one lesson firm: that you are not a body but a soul; that’s all.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

19/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits and explains to you spiritual children. The Father experiences pleasure in purifying you children. Therefore, He says: Remember the Purifier Father. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All; no one else can be this. It is at this time that you understand that you definitely now have to return home. In order to inspire you to make more effort, the Father says that it is essential to have the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is only by having remembrance that you become pure; then comes study. Firstly, remember Alpha, the Father, and then the kingdom. You are given directions for this. You know how you take 84 births and change from satopradhan to tamopradhan; you come down the ladder. You now have to become satopradhan again. The golden age is the pure world. There, not a single person is impure. These things do not exist in the golden age. The main aspect is to become pure. Now become pure, for only then will you go to the new world and become worthy of claiming a kingdom. Everyone has to become pure. There, no one is impure. Those who make effort to become satopradhan are the ones who will become the masters of the pure world. This is the one main aspect. You have to become satopradhan by having remembrance of the Father.
The Father does not make you make a lot of effort. He simply says: Consider yourself to be a soul. He says again and again: Make the one lesson firm: that you are not a body but a soul; that’s all. Important people do not read a lot; they are briefed in essence. Important people are not given any difficulty. You know how many births you have taken to change from satopradhan to tamopradhan. It would not be said to be 63 births; it takes 84 births. You have the faith that you were satopradhan, that you were residents of heaven, that is, the masters of the land of happiness. It was the land of happiness which was also called the original eternal deity religion. They too were human beings but they had divine virtues. At this time, human beings have devilish traits. It is written in the scriptures that the kingdom of deities was established after a war took place between the devils and the deities. The Father explains that you were previously devils. The Father came and made you into Brahmins. He shows you the way to change from a Brahmin into a deity. However, there was no question of a war between devils and deities. It has been said of the deities that their religion was the highest religion of non-violence. Deities never fight. There cannot be any question of violence. How could there be a war in the divine kingdom of the golden age? Would the deities of the golden age come here to fight with the devils, or would the devils go there to fight with the deities? Neither is possible. This is the old world; that is the new world. Therefore, how could a war take place? Whatever people listen to on the path of devotion, they continue to say: True, true! Their intellects do not function at all. Their intellects are absolutely like stone.
In the iron age, people have stone intellects whereas in the golden age they have divine intellects. That kingdom is of the Lord of Divinity. There is no kingdom here. The kings of the copper age were also impure. They had crowns embedded with jewels; they did not have a crown of light, that is, they were not pure. There, everyone was pure. This does not mean that they had a halo of light above them; no. The halo of light in the pictures is shown to indicate their purity. You too are becoming pure at this time. Where is your light? You know that you become pure by having yoga with the Father. There, there is no trace of vice. The vicious kingdom of Ravan will have been destroyed. Ravan is shown here to prove that it is still the kingdom of Ravan. They burn an effigy of Ravan every year, but he does not burn. You are now gaining victory over him and then this Ravan will not exist. You are non-violent. Your victory is through the power of yoga. All your sins of birth after birth are to be absolved through the pilgrimage of remembrance. When do your innumerable births start? When do your sinful actions start? It is you, who belong to the original eternal deity religion, who come first. It decreases by two degrees when those who belong to the sun dynasty become part of the moon dynasty. Then, your degrees gradually decrease. The main thing now is to remember the Father and become satopradhan. Those who became satopradhan in the previous cycle will become that again; they will continue to come. Everyone is numberwise. Then, according to the drama, when they come, they will come, numberwise, in the same way. They will come and take birth. This drama is made in a unique way. You also require sense to understand this. Just as you have descended, so you also have to ascend. You will pass numberwise and you will then come down here numberwise. Your aim and objective is to become satopradhan. Not everyone will pass fully. After 100 marks, they continue to decrease. This is why you have to make a great deal of effort. It is in this effort that you fail.
It is easy to do service. The way you explain at the museum indicates how much you study. If a head teacher sees that someone is not explaining accurately, he would go and explain; he would go and help him. One or two guards are also given the duty to see whether everyone is explaining accurately or not, or whether they get confused if anyone asks them anything. You understand that service at the exhibitions is better than the service at a centre and that service at the museum is better than at the exhibition. There is a good display at the museum, and those who see it will go and tell others about it. This will continue till the end. The words “Godfatherly World University ” are good. There is no mention of human beings in this. Who inaugurates this? The Father said that when you invite eminent people to come for an inauguration, many others would also come when they hear the names of eminent people. Many will come because of one. This is why the Father wrote to Delhi telling them to print the opinions of important people, so that, when people read them, they will say that all of those important people come to you and give very good opinions. It is good to have those printed. There is no question of magic etc. in this. This is why the Father continues to write that you have to create a book of all the opinions. You should also distribute them here. It is said that the body is false and Maya is also false. Everything is included in this. There are many who say that this is the kingdom of Ravan, the kingdom of the devil. Whoever the kingdom belongs to should be the first one to be concerned. They say: Purify us impure ones! Therefore, everything is included in this state of impurity. Everyone calls out: Oh Purifier! Therefore, they must surely be impure! You have created an accurate picture in which it shows whether the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Purifier or whether it is the rivers and lakes. There is a pool at Amritsar where all the water becomes dirty, but those people consider it to be a lake of nectar. The maharajas have it cleaned considering it to be a lake of nectar. This is why the name Amritsar has been given. Even the water of the Ganges is considered to be nectar! That water becomes so dirty; don’t even ask! Baba has bathed in those rivers etc. That water is very dirty. People pick up mud from it and rub it on themselves. Baba has experienced this.
Baba has adopted an old experienced body. There is no one who is as experienced as this one. He has also had the experience of meeting great kings and viceroys etc. He also used to sell millet and barley. In his childhood, he would become very happy earning four to six annas. Just look where he has now reached! Look what this village urchin has become! The Father also says: I enter an ordinary body. This one did not know of his own births. The Father sits here and explains how he finally became a village urchin after taking 84 births. The divine activities are not of Krishna or Kans (the devil). To smash a pitcher of butter etc. - all of those things that are said about Krishna are false.
Just look how simply the Father explains: Sweetest children, as you sit and stand, as you move, simply remember Me alone. I am the Highest on High, the Father of all souls. You know that all of you are brothers and that that One is the Father. All of us brothers remember the one Father. People say, “Oh God! Oh Ishwar! but they don’t know anything. The Father has now given His introduction. According to the drama plan, this is called the age of the Gita because the Father comes at this time and gives you the knowledge through which you become elevated. A soul adopts a body and speaks. The Father also has to perform His divine, alokik task and so He takes the support of a body. For half the cycle, human beings become unhappy and so they call out to Him. The Father only comes once in a cycle. You play your parts again and again. The deity religion is original and eternal but the foundation of it no longer exists. Only their images remain. Therefore, the Father says that you too have to become Lakshmi and Narayan. Your aim and objective is in front of you. This is the original eternal deity religion. There is no such religion as the Hindu religion. The name Hindu is taken from Hindusthan. Just as sannyasis refer to the place of residence, the brahm element, as God, in the same way, this land, where they reside, has been referred to as their religion. The Hindu religion is not the original and eternal religion. Hindus go in front of the idols of the deities and bow down to them. They sing praise of those who were once deities. Those same deities have become Hindus. Their religion and actions have become corrupt. All other religions stay in existence but the deity religion has disappeared. Those who were worthy of worship later become worshippers and worship those deities. So much has to be explained to them. So much is also explained about Krishna. He is the first prince of the golden age, and so the 84 births also begin with him.
The Father says: I enter this one at the end of his final birth of many births. Therefore, He would surely tell you about his account. This Lakshmi and Narayan became number one. Therefore, the one who was first then becomes last. There was not only one Krishna; there were also others who were part of the Vishnu dynasty. You know these things very well. You must not forget these things. Museums now continue to be opened and many more will be opened. Many will come. People go to the temples and bow their heads. You also see that when devotees come to you and see the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan, they place money in front of it. You say: Here, it is a question of understanding, not of placing money in front of them. If you were to go to the Shiva Temple now, would you leave money there? You would go with the aim of explaining, because you know the biographies of all of them. There are many temples; the main one is the Shiva Temple. Why do they keep other idols there? If they place money in front of each one of them, then that becomes an income for the priest. So, should that be called a temple to Shiva or a temple to Shiva’s family? Shiv Baba has created this family. The true family is you Brahmins. The saligrams represent Shiv Baba’s family. Afterwards, we become a family of brothers and sisters.
At first, you are brothers and then, when the Father comes, you become brothers and sisters. Then, when you go to the golden age, the family becomes even bigger. Marriages also take place there, and so the family expands even more. When we reside in our home, that is, in the abode of peace, we are just brothers and there is the one Father. Here, you are children of the Father of Humanity, brothers and sisters. There is no other relationship. Then, in the kingdom of Ravan, there is a great deal of expansion. The Father continues to explain all the secrets, yet He still says: Sweetest children, remember the Father and your sins of innumerable births will be removed. Your sins will not be cut away by studying. Remembrance of the Father is the main thing. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a powerful soul who experiences safety and gives others the same experience by surrounding them with pure thoughts.   

A powerful soul is one who finishes all waste in less than a second with the power of determination. Recognise the power of pure thoughts. One pure and powerful thought can perform many wonders. Simply have a determined thought and this determination will bring success. Surround everyone with pure thoughts and tie them with this in such a way that if any of them are even a little weak, their being surrounded in this way will become a canopy of protection, a means of safety and a fortress for them.

Slogan:  Those who receive sustenance, study and the shrimat for an elevated life directly from God have the most elevated fortune.  

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The God-Father is the One without an image.He is in front of you.You have an image(body) whereas I never adopt an image.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

18/08/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You sweetest, spiritual children understand that Baba is the Supreme Father as well as the Supreme Teacher. He explains to you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. He is also the Supreme Guru. Therefore, this is the court of the Satguru. There are courts, courts of gurus. Those are courts of just gurus, not the Satguru. They call themselves Shri, Shri 108, but “Satguru” is not written as part of their title. They are simply called gurus whereas that One is the Satguru. First, He is the Father, then the Teacher and then the Satguru. It is the Satguru who grants salvation. There are no gurus in the golden and silver ages because everyone there is in salvation. When the one Satguru is found, name and trace of all other gurus finishes. The Supreme Guru is the Guru of all gurus. Just as you call Him the Husband of all husbands, so He has been given this title because He is highest of all. You are sitting here with the Supreme Father. For what reason? To claim your unlimited inheritance. This is an unlimited inheritance. He is the Father as well as your Teacher and this inheritance is for the new world, the land of immortality, the viceless world. The new world is called the virtuous world whereas the old world is called the vicious world. The golden age is called the Temple of Shiva(Benefactor) because it is established by Shiv Baba. The vicious world is established by Ravan. You are now sitting in the court of the Satguru. Only you children know this.
The Father is the Ocean of Peace. It is only when the Father comes that He can give you your inheritance of peace and show you the path. How can peace be found in the jungles? This is why the example of the queen’s necklace is given. Peace is the garland around the neck of you souls. Then, when the kingdom of Ravan(body consciousness) begins, there is peacelessness. That is called the land of peace and happiness where there is no question of sorrow. It is the Satguru who is always praised. You would never have heard such praise of a guru. Only that one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. Have you ever heard such praise of a guru? No, those gurus cannot be the Purifier of the whole world. Only the incorporeal One, the great unlimited Baba, can be called that. You are now at the confluence age. On the one side, there is the impure, old world and on the other side, there is the pure, new world. There are many gurus in the impure world. Previously, you didn’t know about the confluence age. The Father has now explained that this is the most auspicious confluence age. After this, the golden age will come; the cycle continues to turn. You have to keep it in your intellects that you are all brothers. Therefore, you would surely receive your inheritance from the unlimited Father. No one knows about this. There are many people with important positions, but they don’t know anything.
The Father says: I grant salvation to all of you. You have now become sensible. Previously, you didn’t know anything. You used to go in front of the deity idols and say: We are senseless, we have no virtues, have mercy for us! Now, would those deity idols have mercy for anyone? They don’t know who is merciful. People even say: O God, the Father, have mercy for us! They definitely remember the Father when any sorrowful incident takes place. You no longer say this. The Father is the One without an image. He is sitting in front of you. That is why He says “Namaste” to you. All of you have an image whereas I am without an image. I never adopt an image. Tell Me the name of My image! You would say “Shiv Baba”, that’s all. I have taken this body on loan and it is the oldest of old shoes, I come and enter this one. This body is not praised. This is an old body. Is he praised because he is adopted? No. The Father says: This one used to be like that and he will become beautiful again through Me.
The Father now says: Judge whether whatever I tell you is right and, if so, remember that which is right. Only listen to that One. Do not listen to anything unrighteous. That is called evil. Speak no evil! See no evil! Forget everything you see through those eyes. You now have to return to your home and you will then go back to your land of happiness. All the rest are as though they are dead. They are here temporarily. Neither will this old body remain nor will this old world exist. We are making effort to go to the new world. Then this world history and geography will repeat. You are claiming your fortune of that kingdom. You know that the Father comes every cycle to give you your fortune of the kingdom. You also say that you met Baba a cycle ago, that you claimed your inheritance from Him and changed from an ordinary human into Narayan. However, it is not possible for everyone to claim the same status; all are numberwise. This is a spiritual university and it is the spiritual Father who is teaching you. Some children also teach. The son of the principal of a school would also become busy in that service. His wife would also start to teach. If their daughter studies well she too can teach. However, she then goes to another home. It is not a general rule here for a daughter to have a job. To claim a status in the new world depends entirely on this study. People of the world do not know these things.
It is written: God speaks: “O children, I am making you into kings of kings. I do not make you into models like those of the deities. You study and claim that status here. Those people make stone idols for worshipping. You souls study here and carry those sanskars with you. Then, you will go and take bodies in the new world. The world is never really destroyed, only the ages change: golden age, silver age, copper age, iron age. 16 degrees are reduced to 14 degrees. It is the same world that continues; from new, it becomes old. The Father is making you into kings of kings through this study. No one else has the power to teach in this way. He explains to you so clearly. Then, while you are studying, Maya makes you belong to her. Nevertheless, according to how much one studies, they will definitely go to heaven; their income will not disappear. This imperishable knowledge cannot be destroyed. They will come later; where else could they go? There is only the one shop. They will continue to come. When people go to a cremation ground, they have great distaste. They have such thoughts as: Will I have to leave this body in this way? Then, why should I commit sin? I will die just like this while continuing to sin. They have such thoughts. That is known as distaste while in a graveyard. Although they understand that they will have to take another body, they have no knowledge. Here, it is explained to you children that, at this time, you are especially preparing to die because you are only here temporarily. You have to shed your old bodies and go to the new world.
The Father says: Children, the more you remember Me, the more your sins will be cut away. It is the easiest of all, and yet also the most difficult. When you children begin to make effort, you understand that there is a huge battle with Maya. The Father says: It is easy, but Maya extinguishes your lamp. There is a story about Gul Bakawali. Maya, the cat, extinguishes your lamp. Here, all are slaves of Maya. You then make Maya your slave. The whole of nature comes under your control. There will be no storms, no famine. You have to make nature your slave. There, there will be no attack from Maya. She now harasses you a great deal. There is a song: I am your slave. Then Maya says: You are my slave. The Father says: I have now come to free you from that slavery. You will become the masters and Maya will become your slave. Then, there will not be the slightest disturbance. This is also fixed in the drama. You say: Baba, Maya causes great distress. Why should she not cause you distress? This is called a battlefield. You try to make Maya your slave and Maya hits you hard. She harasses you a great deal; she defeats so many of you. She eats up some completely; she swallows them whole. Although you are becoming the masters of heaven, Maya continues to eat you. It is as though some of you are still in her stomach and just your tails are sticking out. That is also called a bog, a quicksand. So many children are in that bog. They are not able to have the slightest remembrance. There are the examples of the tortoise and the buzzing moth. You can buzz the knowledge to such insects and make them into something else, into complete angels of heaven from what they are. Although sannyasis also give the example of the buzzing moth, they don’t buzz knowledge and transform anyone. This transformation takes place at the confluence age. This is now the confluence age in which you become Brahmins from shudras. Therefore, you bring vicious human beings here. Among those insects too, some change into buzzing moths, some decay and some remain incomplete. Baba has seen many like that. Here, too, when some study very well they develop wings of knowledge whereas Maya catches hold of others half way and so they remain weak. These examples relate to the present time. It is a wonder how a buzzing moth brings an insect and makes it similar to itself. That is the only insect that can make others similar to itself. The other example given is that of the snake.
 In the golden age you shed one skin and take another; you instantly have a vision that you will now leave that body. The soul leaves and goes and sits in the palace of another womb. There is also the example of a soul in the palace of a womb who did not want to come out. However, the baby definitely has to come out. You children are now at the confluence age. You are becoming elevated through this knowledge. You have been performing devotion for birth after birth. Those who have done the most devotion will come and claim a status, numberwise, according to their efforts. The entire knowledge is now in your intellects. The knowledge of the scriptures is not really knowledge. That is the path of devotion; you cannot receive salvation through that. To receive salvation means to return home. No one returns home through that. The Father Himself says: No one attains Me through that. Along with the One who teaches you, you also need the One who can take you back with Him. The Father has so much concern. The Father only comes once every 5000 years to teach you. You repeatedly forget that you are a soul. Make it very firm that the Father of all souls has come to teach you. This is called spiritual knowledge. The Supreme Spirit gives us spirits knowledge.
Sanskars also remain within the soul whereas the body is destroyed. Souls are imperishable. The forehead of Brahma is the court of the Satguru. This is the court of this soul. Then the Satguru also enters this one. This one is called the chariot as well as the court. You children are opening the gates of heaven on the basis of shrimat. The better you study, the higher the status you will claim in the golden age. Therefore, you should study. The children of a teacher would be very clever. However, it is said that those who have the Ganges flowing by their home do not have regard for it. Baba has seen how the rubbish of the whole city is dumped into the Ganges. So, then, would you call it the Purifier? Just look what the intellects of human beings have become! They decorate the deity idols. They worship them and then sink them. They also sink a Krishna idol and that too with great disrespect. In Bengal, they hold the idol down with their feet in order to sink it. There used to be a custom in Bengal that when someone was about to leave his body, he would quickly be taken to the Ganges. There, he would be placed in the water and told to say “Hari, Hari” (to chant the name of God), as they continued to pour the water of the Ganges down his throat. In that way they would force the life out of his body. It was a wonder! You children now have the full knowledge of ascending and descending in your intellects, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a special soul who comes away from the world of forgetfulness, remains an embodiment of remembrance and plays a hero part.   
This confluence age is the age of remembrance and the iron age is the age of forgetfulness. All of you have come away from the world of forgetfulness. Those who are embodiments of remembrance are special souls who play hero roles. At this time, you are double heroes: firstly, you have become as valuable as diamonds (hiro diamond) and secondly, you have hero roles. So, let this song of the heart constantly play: Wah my elevated fortune! Just as you remember the occupation of your body, similarly remember your imperishable occupation that you are an elevated soul and you will then be said to be a special soul.

Slogan:  Take the first step of courage and move forward and you will receive complete help from the Father.