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check yourself: Do I have divine virtues,tolerance? be very cautious in thoughts,words,deeds,interaction and with every physical organ.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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25/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

What are you sweetest spiritual children doing? You are standing on a battlefield. You are not standing; you are sitting. Your army is so good! This is called the spiritual army of the spiritual Father. He inspires you to make such easy effort to have yoga with the Father and to gain victory over Ravan. You are called incognito warriors, incognito mahavirs. You gain victory over the five vices, the first one of which is body consciousness. The Father is showing you such easy methods to gain victory over the world and to establish peace in the world. Apart from you children, no one else knows these. You are establishing the kingdom of peace in the world. There, there is no name or trace of peacelessness, sorrow or disease. This study makes you into the masters of the new world. The Father says: Sweetest children, by gaming victory over lust, you become conquerors of the world for 21 births. This is very easy. You are the spiritual army of Shiv Baba. This is not a question of Rama. It is not a question of Krishna either. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called Rama. The army etc. of Rama that people have shown is wrong. It is remembered that when the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. The iron age is extreme darkness. There is so much fighting and battling and violence. This does not happen in the golden age.
Look how you are establishing your own kingdom! You don't use your hands or feet in this. Here, you have to break body consciousness. When living at home, first of all, remember this: I am a soul, not a body. It is only you souls who take 84 births. This is now your final birth. The old world has to end. This is called the leap age, the most auspicious confluence age. The topknot is small. The topknot of Brahmins is very well known. The Father explains to you so easily. You come and study this with the Father every 5000 years in order to attain a kingdom. Your aim and objective is in front of you: We have to become this through Shiv Baba. Yes children, why not? Simply renounce body consciousness, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father and your sins will be cut away. You know that, by becoming pure in this birth, you souls become pure and charitable for 21 births and then your descent begins. You know that only you go around the world cycle of 84 births; the whole world does not go around the full cycle. Only those who go around the cycle of 84 and who belong to this clan will come. Only the Father establishes the golden and silver ages. He is doing that now, and then the copper and iron ages are the establishment of Ravan. There is the image of Ravan. It has the head of a donkey. They become vicious donkeys. You understand what you were. This is the world of sinful souls. There are millions of human beings in the world of sinful souls.
In the world of pure and charitable souls, there are only 900,000 in the beginning. You are now becoming the masters of the whole world. This Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the world. It would definitely only be the Father who gives you the sovereignty of heaven. The Father says: I have come here to give you the sovereignty of the world. You now definitely have to become pure, and, in that too, become pure in this final birth in the land of death. Destruction of the old world is ready in front of you. They are preparing the bombs etc. in such a way that, whilst sitting at home, they can finish everyone off. They even say: Whilst sitting at home, we will destroy the whole old world. Whilst sitting at home, they will release the bombs etc. in such a way that the whole world will be destroyed. Whilst sitting at home, you children become the masters of the world with the power of yoga. You are establishing peace with the power of yoga and they will destroy the whole world with the power of science. They are your servants. They are serving you; they finish the old world. All the natural calamities etc. become your slaves. All of nature becomes your slave. You simply have yoga with the Father. Therefore, you children should have a lot of happiness inside you. You should remember such a beloved Father so much. This whole of Bharat was Shivalaya. In the golden age, people were completely viceless whereas here, they are vicious.
You have now remembered that the Father did tell you: Hear no evil! Do not listen to dirty things. Don't even say such things. The Father explains: You have become so dirty. You had a lot of wealth. You were the masters of heaven. Instead of the masters of heaven you have now become the masters of hell. This drama is predestined. Every 5000 years, I remove you children from the depths of hell and take you to heaven. Spiritual children, will you not obey My directions? The Supreme Soul says: Become the masters of the pure world. So, will you not become that? Destruction will definitely take place. Your sins of many births will be cut away with this power of yoga. However, it does take time to cut away the sins of many births. The children who have been here from the beginning are unable to have even 10% yoga, and this is why their sins cannot be cut away. New children quickly become yogis so that their sins are cutaway and they begin to do service. You children understand that you now have to return home. The Father has come to take you back. Sinful souls cannot go to the land of peace or the land of happiness; they simply stay in the land of sorrow. This is why the Father now says: Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. O children, become beautiful flowers! Do not defame the divine clan. Because of being vicious, you have become so unhappy. This too is the predestined play of the drama. If you don't become pure, you can't go to the pure world of heaven. Bharat was heaven. It used to be the land of Krishna, whereas all are now residents of hell. So, you children should renounce the vices with great happiness. You instantly have to renounce drinking poison. You cannot go to Paradise whilst drinking poison. You now have to become pure in order to become that. You can explain how they claimed their kingdom by studying Raja Yoga. This is a study. It is the same as having yoga to become a barrister or a surgeon. By having yoga with a surgeon, you become a surgeon.
These then are the versions of God. How does He enter the chariot? He says: At the end of his many births, I sit in him and give you children knowledge. I know that he was the pure master of the world. He has now become impure and poverty-stricken and he will then claim number one. I enter him and give you children knowledge. The unlimited Father says: Children, become pure and you will become constantly happy. The golden age is the land of immortality and the copper and iron ages are the land of death. The Father explains to you children so clearly. You become soul conscious here but you then become body conscious and are defeated by Maya. You are hit by one of Maya’s bombs in such a way that you completely fall into the gutter. The Father says: This is a gutter. This is not happiness. Just imagine what heaven will be! Look at the deities’ way of living! The very name is heaven! You are being made into the masters of heaven and, in spite of that, you say that you will definitely drink poison! Then you won't be able to go to heaven; there will be a lot of punishment experienced. You children have to battle with Maya. Some become body conscious and perform very dirty actions. They think that no one is watching them. Anger and greed are not private. There is privacy in lust. They dirty their faces. By dirtying your faces, you became ugly from beautiful and the whole world then followed you. Such an impure world definitely has to change. The Father says: Aren't you ashamed that you are not becoming pure for just one birth? God speaks: Lust is the greatest enemy. In fact, when you were the residents of heaven, you were so wealthy, don't even ask! Children say: Baba, come to our city. Should I go and see monkeys in the jungle of thorns? You children definitely have to do service according to the drama. It is remembered, “Father shows son ”. It is you children who have to go and benefit everyone.
The Father explains to you children: Don't forget that you are on a battlefield. Your battle is with the five vices. This path of knowledge is completely separate. The Father says: I make you into the masters of heaven for 21 births, and then, who makes you into residents of hell? Ravan. You can see the difference. You adopted gurus for birth after birth on the path of devotion and you didn’t receive anything. That One is called the Satguru. Sikhs call the Satguru the Image of Immortality. Death doesn’t come to Him. That Satguru is the Death of all deaths. The Father says: I come to liberate all of you children from the clutches of death. Then, in the golden age, death doesn't come at all. That is called the land of immortality. You are now becoming the masters of the land of immortality, the golden age, by following shrimat. Look what your battle is like! The whole world is fighting and quarrelling with one another. Your battle is with Ravan, the five vices. You conquer those. This is your final birth.
The Father says: I am the Lord of the Poor. Only the poor come here. This is not in the fortune of the wealthy. They remain proud and intoxicated by their wealth. All of that is going to end. There is very little time left; there is the drama plan. All of those bombs etc. that have been manufactured are definitely going to be used. Previously, war used to take place with bows and arrows and swords and then guns etc. They have now invented such bombs that, whilst sitting at home, they can finish everyone off. Those things have not been manufactured just for keeping. For how long would they keep them? The Father has come and so destruction will definitely take place. The cycle of the drama continues to turn. Your kingdom is definitely going to be established. Lakshmi and Narayan never battle. In the scriptures it has been said that a battle took place between the devils and the deities, but how can those who are in the golden age meet those who are in the iron age that a battle could take place? You now understand that you are battling with the five vices. You will conquer them and become completely viceless and then become the masters of the viceless world. Whether walking around or sitting, you have to remember the Father. You have to imbibe divine virtues. This drama is predestined. Some don't have it in their fortune at all. Only when you have the power of yoga can your sins be absolved. Only when you become perfect can you go to the perfect world. The Father continues to blow the conch shell. Those people then sat and created the conch shell and also the flute on the path of devotion. The Father explains everything through this mouth. This is the study of Raja Yoga. The study is very easy: Remember the Father and remember your kingdom. Recognize the unlimited Father and claim the kingdom. Forget this world. You are unlimited sannyasis. You know that the whole of the old world is to be destroyed. There was just Bharat in the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you celebrate in an alokik way by being Manmanabhav and become equal to the Father. 
Nowadays, they make bombs with fireworks, but you can light the fireworks of the spiritual bomb with the matchstick of determined thought through which everything old will finish. Those people waste their money on fireworks whereas you would be earning. They use fireworks whereas yours is a deal of the flying stage. You become victorious through this. So, take double benefit. Burn and also earn. Adopt this method.

Slogan:  To become a helper in a special task is to take the lift of blessings.

24/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

Shiv(Benefactor, the God) Baba(Father) knows that you, His children, are souls. You children have to consider yourselves to be souls; you have to forget your bodies and remember Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba says: I teach you children. ShivBaba is incorporeal and you souls are also incorporeal. You come here to play your roles. The Father also comes to play His role. You know that, according to the drama plan, the Father comes and makes you beautiful. Therefore, you have to renounce all defects and become virtuous. Those who are virtuous never cause anyone sorrow. They never ignore what they have heard. They remove the sorrow of anyone who is experiencing sorrow. When the Father comes, the sorrow of the whole world is definitely removed. The Father gives you shrimat: Make as much effort as possible and continue to remove everyone's sorrow. Only by making effort will you receive a good status. By not making effort, your status will be reduced. That will then become a loss for cycle after cycle. The Father explains everything to you children. The Father doesn't want you children to incur any loss. People of the world don’t know about profit and loss and, therefore, you children have to have mercy for yourselves. You have to continue to follow shrimat. Although your intellects wander here and there, try and check why you are not remembering such an unlimited Father. It is only through this remembrance that you receive a high status. You will at least go to heaven, but you have to claim a high status in heaven. Children's parents say: Our children should study in school and claim a high status. Here, no one knows anything. Your relatives don't know what study you are studying. In that study, all your friends and relatives know everything. Here, some know and others don't know. Someone's father would know about this, but his brothers and sisters might not know. Someone's mother would know about this, but the father might not because this study and the One who is teaching you this study is unique. You understand, numberwise.
The Father explains that you have done a great deal of devotion and that too is numberwise. It is those who have done a lot of devotion who then take this knowledge. The systems and customs of devotion are now coming to an end. Previously, it used to be said of Meera that she renounced the opinions of society and the codes of conduct of the family. Here, you have to renounce all the codes of conduct of the vicious clan. You have to renounce everything from your intellects. You don't like anything of this vicious world. Those who perform sinful actions are not liked at all. They spoil their own fortune. There wouldn't be any father who would like his children to disturb others or not study. You children know that there are no such children there. Their very name is deities. It is such a pure name! You have to check yourself: Do I have divine virtues in me? You also have to be tolerant. It is a matter of the intellect’s yoga. This battle is very sweet. There is no question of a battle in remembering the Father, but yes, Maya does cause obstacles in this. You have to be very cautious about her. You have to gain victory over Maya. You know that whatever you have been doing every cycle, the very same accurate effort that you made every cycle is being made now. You know that we now become multimillion times fortunate and then, in the golden age, we will be very happy. The Father explains in this way every cycle. This is not something new, this is something very old. The Father wants the children to become absolutely beautiful. A physical father would also want his children to become beautiful. The parlokik Father comes to change thorns into flowers. Therefore, you have to become like that.
You have to be very cautious in respect to your thoughts, words and deeds about your interaction. You have to be very cautious with every physical organ. Maya is very deceitful. You have to be very careful of her. The destination is very high. For half the cycle, your vision has been criminal. In one birth it has to be made civil just like the vision Lakshmi and Narayan have. They are full of all virtues. There is no criminal vision there. Ravan himself doesn't exist there. This is not anything new. You have claimed that status many times before. The world doesn't know anything at all about what you are studying. The Father comes to fulfil all your desires. Impure desires are Ravan’s. Your desires are pure. You mustn't have any criminal desires. You children have to move along with waves of happiness. No one speaks about your abundance of happiness; they do speak about sorrow; they don't speak about happiness. You children only have one desire and that is to become pure. How will you become pure? You know that the Father alone is the Purifier. You will be purified by having remembrance of Him. The first number pure souls in the new world are these deities. Look how much power you gain by becoming pure. You become pure and attain the kingdom of the pure world. This is why it is said that there is a lot of power in that deity religion. From where do they receive this power? From the Almighty Authority Father. You can have two to four main pictures in your homes and do a lot of service with them.
The time will come when there will be curfews so that you won't be able to go anywhere. You are Brahmins who relate the true Gita. Knowledge is very easy. There is a lot of peace in the homes where the entire family is in knowledge. It is very easy for them. Let there be two to four main pictures placed in your homes. The pictures of the Trimurti, the cycle, the tree and the ladder are enough. Together with those, also have the poster that shows that the God of the Gita is not Krishna; that poster too is good. It is so easy! There is no question of spending money in this. You have the pictures. By looking at the pictures, knowledge enters your awareness. You can just have a smallroom in which you can also sleep. If you continue to follow shrimat, you can benefit many. You may be bringing benefit, but, nevertheless, the Father continues to remind you: You can do this and this. People keep an idol of Thakuiji. Here, there are also things to be explained. For birth after birth, you continue to wander around the temples on the path of devotion, but you don't know who they are. People worship the deity idols in the temples, and then they go and sink them (the idols) in the water. There is so much ignorance! They worship those who are worthy of worship and then take those idols and put them in the sea. They even sink Ganesh, the goddesses and Saraswati. The Father sits here and explains to you children. He explains these things every cycle. He makes you realize what you were doing. You children should have dislike especially since the Father continues to explain so much and says: Sweetest children, what are you doing? This is called the river of poison. It isn't that there is an ocean of milk there, but everything there is plentiful. Nothing costs money. In fact, there is no paper money there. You only see gold coins everywhere, and even the buildings are gold; the bricks are gold. So, this proves that gold and silver have no value there. Here, they have so much value. You know that there is wonder in everything.
Human beings are human beings; even those deities were human beings, but they are called deities. People go and confess their own dirty habits in front of them (Idols): We are degraded sinners; we have no virtues. You children have an aim and objective in your intellects: We are changing from human beings into deities. Deities have divine virtues. You know that people go to the temples, but they don't understand that they (deities) were also human beings. We too are human beings. However, they had divine virtues; we are those with devilish traits. It now enters your intellects how unworthy you were. You used to go in front of them (the idols) and sing: You are full of all virtues. The Father now explains: They existed in the past. They had divine virtues and an abundance of happiness. They have now become extremely unhappy. At this time, the five vices exist in everyone. You now wonder at how you have continued to fall from the top and have reached right to the ground. The people of Bharat were so wealthy. People now continue to accumulate so much debt. Only the Father sits here and explains all of these things. No one else can explain this to you. Rishis and munis also used to say, “Neither this nor that (neti neti)”. You now understand that they told the truth: they neither knew the Father nor the beginning, middle or end of creation. Even now, no one, apart from you children, knows this.
Even great sannyasis and great souls do not know. In fact, it is this Lakshmi and Narayan who are the great souls; they are ever pure. Even they didn’t know, so how could anyone else know? The Father explains such simple things, but some children forget. Those who imbibe divine virtues very well are found to be so sweet. The more sweet virtues are seen in you children, the happier the heart becomes. Some even defame the name. Here, they defame all three - the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. By defaming the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru, triple punishment is accumulated. However, some children don't have any understanding at all. The Father explains that there definitely will be some of those. Maya is no less either. She makes you into sinful souls for half the cycle. The Father then makes you into pure and charitable souls for half the cycle. You become that, numberwise. The ones who make you this are two: Rama and Ravan. Rama is called the Supreme Soul. People chant the name of Rama and then, at the end, they give salutations to Shiva. He alone is the Supreme Soul. They count the names of the Supreme Soul. You don't have to count anything. This Lakshmi and Narayan were pure. It used to be their world; that has now become the past. That was called heaven, the new world. When a building becomes old, it is only worth demolishing. This world is also like that. It is now the end of the iron age. These are such easy things to understand. You have to imbibe these things and make others imbibe them. The Father will not go to everyone to explain to them.
You children are on Godly service. You only have to do the service that the Father teaches you. Yours is only Godly service. Baba has given you mothers the urn of knowledge in orderto make your name elevated. It isn't that the men don't receive this; everyone receives it. You children now know how you were the happy residents of heaven. There was no one unhappy there. It is now the confluence age and we are becoming the masters of that new world. It is now the iron age, the old impure world. It is as though human beings have become those with completely bull intellects. All of those things now have to be forgotten. Forget your body and all bodily relations and consider yourself to be a soul. When there isn’t a soul in a body, the body cannot do anything. People have so much attachment to their bodies. The body has been burnt, the soul has gone and taken another body, but, in spite of that, they continue to cry out in distress for 12 months. Now, when you souls shed your bodies, you will definitely take birth in high families, numberwise. Those who only have a little knowledge will take birth in ordinary families. Those who have elevated knowledge will take birth in elevated families. There is a lot of happiness there. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you celebrate in an alokik way by being Manmanabhav and become equal to the Father. 
To celebrate a memorial at the confluence age means to become equal to the Father. This is the festivity of the confluence age. Celebrate a lot but celebrate while celebrating a meeting with the Father; not just in the form of entertainment, but celebrate and enjoy it while being manmanabhav. Spiritual entertainment in an alokik way becomes imperishable. The method of the confluence-aged Deepmala is to finish the old accounts and to let every thought and every moment be new, that is, let it be alokik (spiritual). Old thoughts, sanskars and nature, activity and behaviour are debts from Ravan; finish them with one determined thought.

Slogan:  Instead of looking at situations, look at yourself and the Father.   

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arrogance of the body has to be broken.Many have the evil spirit of arrogance.Every religion goes through the stages of sato,rajo and tamo.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

23/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father asks you spiritual children: What are you doing? You spiritual children say: Baba, we have become tamopradhan from satopradhan, and so, Baba, according to Your shrimat, we definitely have to become satopradhan again. Baba, You have now shown us the path. This is not anything new. It is the oldest thing of all. The oldest is the pilgrimage of remembrance, but there is no question of making a show of it. Each one of you can ask yourself: To what extent do I remember the God-Father? To what extent have I become satopradhan-completely pure? What effort am I making? You can only become satopradhan when the end finally comes. You will continue to have visions of that too. Whatever any of them do, they are only doing it for themselves. Baba also does not have any mercy for them. The mercy that the Father has is to give you children directions for your own benefit. The Father is benevolent. Some children understand knowledge wrongly. Baba feels that those who are body conscious are arrogant whereas those who are soul conscious remain very quiet; they never have wrong thoughts. The Father inspires you to make effort in every way. Maya is also very powerful. She even attacks very good children, and this is why a rosary of Brahmins cannot be created. Today, someone may be having very good remembrance, and tomorrow, he would have arrogance of the body like a bull. Bulls have a lot of arrogance. There is a saying: What do body-conscious bulls know of the celestial sounds of heaven? Body consciousness is very wrong. You have to make a lot of effort. Shiv(Benefactor) Baba says: I am the most obedient Servant. It isn't that He calls Himself the Servant and is then bossy.
The Father says: Sweetest children, you definitely have to become satopradhan. This is very easy; there is no fuss about this. You don't have to say anything through your mouth. Anywhere you go, have internal remembrance. It isn't that Baba helps you only when you are sitting here. The Father has come especially to help you. The Father has the concern that children should not be careless in any way. Maya punches you here. Body consciousness is very bad. By becoming body conscious, they have completely fallen to the floor. Baba says: When you come and sit here, you must still remember the most beloved Father. The Father says: I alone am the Purifier. By remembering Me, your sins of many births will be burnt away in this fire of yoga. Children have not yet reached the stage where they are able to explain to anyone very well. There also has to be the power of yoga in the sword of knowledge. Otherwise, the sword is of no use. The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance. Many children remain engaged in all sorts of wrong business. They don't stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance or study and this is why they don't have time for this.
The Father says: don’t make the kind of effort that by being engrossed in your business etc. you lose your status. You have to create your future. However, you also have to become satopradhan. It is this that requires a lot of effort. There are many who look after big museums etc., but they don't stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Baba has explained that the poor ones who are in bondage stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance to a greater extent. They continue to remember Shiv Baba repeatedly: Shiv Baba, finish this bondage of mine! It is also remembered that the innocent ones were assaulted. You children have to become very sweet. Become true students. Those who are good students go and study in the gardens in solitude. The Father also says to you: Wherever you go for a walk, consider yourself to be a soul and remember Baba. Be interested in staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance. In comparison to earning that wealth, this imperishable wealth is very, very high. That perishable wealth will be turned to ashes.
Baba knows that children don't do service fully and hardly stay in remembrance. They don't do the real service that they should. Instead, their attention goes to doing physical service. Although that too happens according to the drama, the Father still inspires you to make effort. The Father says: Whatever work you are doing, even if you are sewing clothes, remember the Father. It is only in remembrance that Maya causes obstacles. Baba has explained that Maya also becomes powerful with the powerful ones and fights them. Baba also shares his own experience: I am powerful, I know that I am going to change from a beggar to a prince, but, nevertheless, Maya opposes me. Maya doesn't leave anyone alone.She fights the strong, brave ones even more strongly. Some children have a lot of body consciousness. The Father remains so egoless. He says: I am the Servant who salutes even you children. Those people consider themselves to be very elevated. All of this arrogance of the body has to be broken. Many have the evil spirit of arrogance. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and continue to remember the Father. You have a very good chance here. There is very good touring and sightseeing here. You also have spare time. You may tour around and then ask one another: For how long did you stay in remembrance? Did your intellect go in any other direction? Hold a seminar on this amongst yourselves. You may have separate groups of males and females. The females should be in the front and the males at the back; the mothers have to be looked after and this is why they have to be at the front. There is very good solitude here. Even sannyasis go away into solitude. Those who were satopradhan sannyasis were very fearless; they weren't afraid of animals or anything. They used to stay in their own intoxication. They have now become tamopradhan.
Every religion that is established is at first satopradhan and it then goes through the stages of rajo and tamo. Those who were satopradhan sannyasis used to remain in total intoxication of the element of brahm. They would have a great attraction. They would receive food in the forests. By becoming more tamopradhan day by day, their strength continues to decrease. So, Baba advises: You children have a very good chance for your self progress here. You come here to earn an income. You cannot earn an income just by meeting Baba. Only if you remember the Father will you earn an income. Do not think that Baba will bless you. Not at all! Those sannyasis give blessings, but you had to descend. The Father now says: Become a genie and connect your intellect's yoga up above. There is the story of the genie who asked for something to do. The Father also says: I am giving you a direction: Stay in remembrance and your boat will go across. You definitely have to become satopradhan. No matter how much Maya beats our heads, we will definitely remember our elevated Father. Internally, continue to praise the Father in this way and continue to remember Him. Do not remember any human beings. The customs of the path of devotion cannot exist on the path of knowledge. The Father gives you teachings: You have to go fast on the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is the main thing. You have to become satopradhan. You receive the Father's directions'. Even when you go for walks and tour around, stay in remembrance. Then, you will also remember your home and the kingdom. It is not that you fall whilst sitting in remembrance. That would then become hatha yoga. This is something straightforward: you have to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Some children fall whilst sitting here and this is why Baba says: Whilst walking and moving, eating and drinking, stay in remembrance. It should not be that whilst sitting here, you become unconscious. Your sins will not be cut away by doing that. There are also many obstacles from Maya.
There is the custom and system of offering bhog etc., but that doesn't really have anything in it. There are many obstacles of Maya in that. That is neither knowledge nor yoga. There is no need for visions. Many people who had visions are no longer here today. Maya is very powerful. You should never have any desire for visions. Here, you have to remember the Father in order to become satopradhan. You also know the drama: this is the eternally predestined drama that continues to repeat. You have to understand this and also follow the directions that the Father gives. You children know that you have come here once again to study Raja Yoga. This applies to Bharat alone. It is this that has become tamopradhan and it is this that has to become satopradhan once again. The Father too comes in Bharat alone and grants salvation to everyone. This is a very wonderful play. The Father now says: Sweetest, spiritual children: Consider yourselves to be souls. It has taken the full 5000 years to go around the cycle of 84 births. You now have to return home. No one else can say these things. Amongst you children too, you are continuing to become those with faith in the intellect, numberwise, according to the effort you make.
This is an unlimited school. You children know that the unlimited Father is teaching you. That Master is the Teacher. He is the great Master. He explains with a lot of love. So many very good children remain sleeping very comfortably until 6.00 am. Maya completely catches hold of them by their noses. They continue to give orders. In the beginning, when you were in the bhatthi, Mama and Baba also used to do all types of service. Whatever actions I perform, others who see me will do the same. Baba knows that the elephant riders, the horse riders and the foot soldiers are all numberwise. Some children live very comfortably. They remain sleeping indoors, and then, when someone from outside asks where such-and-such a person is, they would say: He or she is not at home. However, they would be inside, sleeping. Baba explains to you all the things that continue to happen. No one has yet become perfect. So much disservice takes place. Otherwise, it is remembered regarding the Father: Whether you beat me or love me, I will not leave Your door. Here, children sulk over trivial matters. There is a great lack of yoga. Baba continues to explain to you children so much, but no one has the power to write to Baba. If you have yoga, your writing would then have power.
The Father says:Prove it very clearly that the God of the Gita is Shiva and not Shri Krishna. The Father comes and explains the meaning of everything to you children. Children become intoxicated here, but as soon as they go outside, everything finishes; they waste a lot of time. Don't waste your time, thinking that you will earn an income and contribute to the yagya. The Father says: I have come to benefit you children. You are causing yourselves a loss. Those who helped the yagya in the previous cycle will help and continue to do so. Why are you beating your heads thinking that you will do this and that? It is fixed in the drama: those who sowed those seeds will do that even now. Don't worry about the yagya. Benefit yourselves! Help yourselves! Are you helping God? Are you taking or giving to God? You mustn't even have such thoughts. Baba says: Beloved children, consider yourselves to be souls and stay in remembrance and your sins will be absolved. You are now at the confluence age. It is only at the confluence age that you can see both sides. There are so many human beings here. In the golden age, there will be very few human beings. You have to stand at the confluence age throughout the day. Look what Baba is making us from what we were! The Father's part is so wonderful! You may tour around, but stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Many children waste their time. It is only through the pilgrimage of remembrance that your boat will go across. This was explained to you children in the same way in the previous cycle too. The world drama continues to repeat. To study is to remember the whole kalpa tree with your intellect while walking and moving around. However, you may carry on with your business etc. You have to make time to study. Remember the sweet Father and heaven. The more you remember Him, the more your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Baba, I am now coming to You. In remembrance of the Father, even your breathing will be joyful. The breathing of the brahm gyanis too is filled with happiness. They stay in remembrance of the brahm element, but none of them goes to brahmlok. It is possible for them to leave their bodies by themselves (at their own time). Some fast and leave their bodies; they die whilst experiencing sorrow. The Father says: Eat, drink and remember the Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Everyone has to die.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children say Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you be a worthy to be worshipped soul who invokes your deity status accurately with the right method at Deepmala.  

In earlier days, on Deepmala, people would first ignite the deepaks systematically. They would pay attention that the lamps didn’t extinguish and would continue to pour oil into them. They would practise invocations systematically too. Now, instead of deepaks, they use bulbs. They don’t celebrate Deepmala, for it has become a form of entertainment. The method of invocation and spiritual endeavour has finished. Love has finished and just selfishness remains. This is why Lakshmi, the accurate form of the bestower, doesn’t go to them. However, all of you invoke your deity status accurately with the right method and this is why you yourselves become worthy to be worshipped deities.

Slogan: Let there constantly be an unlimited attitude, vision and stage and the task of world benefit will then be accomplished.  

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

All of you now have very heavy heads, and then all of you will become light, peaceful and happy.It is only through purity that one's behavior is reformed.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

22/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father explains to you sweetest long-lost and now-found children. He is the Father and also the Mother and Father. You used to sing: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Everyone continues to call out. Whom are they calling out to? To the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. However, they don't understand which immense happiness they received through His mercy or when they received it. They don't even understand what that immense happiness refers to. You are now sitting here in front of Him and you know how much immense sorrow there is. This is the land of sorrow whereas that is the land of happiness. It doesn't enter anyone's intellect that they were very happy for 21 births when they were in heaven. You did not experience this previously. You now understand that you are sitting in front of that Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Mother and Father. You know that you come here to claim the sovereignty of heaven for 21 births. You now know the Father and you have also come to understand the whole world cycle from the Father. Previously, we had immense happiness and then we had sorrow. This remains in the intellect of each one of you, numberwise. You students should always remember this, but Baba sees that you repeatedly forget this and that this is why you wilt. Your stage becomes like that of a “touch-me-not” plant. Maya attacks you. You no longer have the happiness that you should have. The status is numberwise.
You all go to heaven, but there, too, they are all from kings to paupers; there are poor people and wealthy people there too. It is like that in heaven and also in hell; there are the highest and the lowest. Now, you children know that you are making effort to claim immense happiness. Lakshmi and Narayan had immense happiness. The main aspect is purity. Without purity, you cannot receive peace or prosperity. Very good behavior is needed for this. The behavior of people is reformed through purity. When people are pure they are called deities. You have come here to become deities. Deities are always happy. Human beings cannot remain happy all the time. It is the deities who have happiness. You used to worship those deities because they were pure. Everything depends on purity. It is in this that there are obstacles. People want there to be peace in the world. Baba says: Without purity, there can never be peace. The first and main aspect is purity. It is only through purity that one's behavior is reformed. By becoming impure, one's behavior is spoilt. You have to understand that, if you want to become deities once again, purity is definitely needed. Deities are pure and this is why impure human beings bow down to them. The main thing is purity. People call out: O Purifier, come and purify us! The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. Conquer it. Only by conquering it will you become pure. When you were pure and satopradhan, there was peace and happiness. You children have now remembered that this is a matter of only yesterday. When you were pure, there was immense happiness and peace and you had everything. You now have to become Lakshmi and Narayan again.
The first and main thing in this is to become completely viceless. This is remembered. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. There will definitely be obstacles in this. People cause so much trouble because of purity. “The devilish community” and “the divine community” are remembered. It is in your intellects that, in the golden age, they were deities. Although their faces are of human beings, they are called deities. There, they are completely satopradhan. There are no defects there. Everything is perfect there. The Father is perfect and so He also makes you children perfect. You become so pure and beautiful with the power of yoga. That Traveler who comes and makes you beautiful from ugly is ever beautiful. There is natural beauty there; there is no need to make anyone beautiful. Those who are satopradhan and beautiful then become ugly when they become tamopradhan. The very name is Shyam- Sundar (the ugly and beautiful one). Why is Krishna called Shyam-Sundar? No one, except the Father, can tell you the meaning of this. No human being can tell you the things that God, the Father, tells you. In the pictures, they have shown deities with the discus of self-realization. The Father explains: Sweetest children, deities have no need for the discus of self-realization. What would they do with the conch shell etc? You Brahmin children are the spinners of the discus of self-realization. You are the ones who have to blow the conch shell. You know how peace is now being established in the world. Together with that, your activity also has to be good. On the path of devotion too, you used to go in front of the idols of the deities and speak about your own behavior. However, the deities do not reform your behavior. The One who reforms it is someone else. That Shiv Baba is incorporeal. You would not say to Him: You are full of all virtues. The praise of Shiva is separate. People sing praise of the deities, but how can we become like them?
It is the soul that becomes pure and impure. You souls are now becoming pure. When you souls become perfect, those impure bodies will not remain; you will then go and take pure bodies. There cannot be any pure bodies here. There can only be pure bodies when even the elements are satopradhan. In the new world, everything is satopradhan. At this time, the five elements are tamopradhan and this is why there continues to be so many calamities. Look how people continue to die! People go on pilgrimages etc, and if an accident takes place, they die. The water, earth etc. cause so much damage. All of these elements are helping you. When there are sudden floods and storms during destruction, those are natural calamities. The bombs that people manufacture are also fixed in the drama. They cannot be called Godly calamities; they are created by human beings. Earthquakes etc. are not caused by human beings. All of those calamities get together and create lightness for the earth. You know how Baba makes you completely light and takes you with Him to the new world. When your head becomes light, you become very alert. Baba makes you completely light. All your sorrow is removed. All of you now have very heavy heads, and then all of you will become light, peaceful and happy. Whatever religion anyone belongs to, everyone should be happy that Baba has come to grant everyone salvation.
When establishment is accomplished, all the religions will be destroyed. Previously, you did not have these thoughts in your intellects. You now understand it. It is remembered that establishment took place through Brahma and that all the innumerable religions were destroyed. Only the one Father carries out this task. No one, other than Shiv Baba, can do it. No one can have such an alokik birth and alokik task. The Father is the Highest on High and so His task is also very high. He is Karankaravanhar (the One who does and inspires others to do). You relate the knowledge that the Father has come to remove from this world the burden created by sinful souls. It is remembered that the Father comes to establish the one religion and to destroy the innumerable religions. You are now being made into such great souls. No one else, apart from the deities, can be great souls. Here, they call many people mahatmas (great souls). However, only elevated souls are called mahatmas. Heaven is called the kingdom of Rama. There is no kingdom of Ravan there, and so the question of vice cannot arise there. This is why that is called the completely viceless world.
The more full you become, the more happiness you receive for a long time. Those who are imperfect cannot receive as much happiness. In school too, some become full and some are imperfect; the difference is visible. A doctor means a doctor, but some have a very small income whereas others have a big income. In the same way, deities are deities, but there is so much difference in their status! The Father comes and teaches you this elevated study. Krishna can never be called God. Krishna is called Shyam-Sundar. They even show an ugly Krishna, but Krishna cannot be ugly. His name and form change. When the soul becomes ugly, he has a different name, form, place and time. Everything is explained to you and so you now understand how you entered parts from the beginning. At first, you were deities and then, from deities, you became devils. The Father has also explained to you the significance of the 84 births which no one else knows about. The Father Himself comes and explains all the secrets to you. The Father says: My beloved children, you used to reside with Me at home. You were brothers. All were souls; there were no bodies. There was the Father and you brothers. There was no other relationship.
The Father doesn't take rebirth. He remains in reserve according to the drama. Such is His part. The Father has also told you for how long you have been calling out. It isn't that you began calling out to Him from the copper age; no. You began to call out to Him a long time after that. The Father makes you happy, that is, the Father gives you the inheritance of happiness. You say: Baba, we have come to you every cycle, many times. This cycle continues to turn. Baba, we meet You every 5000 years and we receive this inheritance. All of you students are bodily beings whereas the One who is teaching you is bodiless. This body does not belong to Him. He Himself is bodiless; He comes here and adopts a body. How could He teach you children without a body? He is the Father of all spirits. On the path of devotion, everyone calls out to Him, and they truly rotate a rosary of Rudra. At the top is the flower (the tassel) and then there is the dual-bead. They are both similar. You now understand why people salute the flower first and also whose rosary you rotate. Do people rotate a rosary of the deities or of you? Is a rosary of the deities or of you? It cannot be said to be of the deities. It is of the Brahmins whom the Father sits and teaches. From Brahmins, you then become deities. You are now studying and you will attain the deity status when you go there. The rosary is of you Brahmins; it is of you, who study with the Father, who make effort and become deities.
The greatness is of the One who teaches you. The Father has served you children so much. There, no one even remembers the Father. On the path of devotion, you used to rotate a rosary. That flower has now come and is making you into flowers, that is, He is making you into the beads of His rosary. You are becoming beautiful. You now receive the knowledge of the soul. You have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the whole world in your intellects. There is praise of only you. You Brahmins sit here and make others into Brahmins, like yourselves, and then make them into deities, residents of heaven. Deities reside in heaven. When you become deities, you won't have the knowledge of the past, present and future there. You Brahmin children now receive the knowledge of the past, present and future. No one else receives this knowledge. You are very, very fortunate but Maya then makes you forget. This Baba is not teaching you; he is also a human being and is studying. This one was the last one. The number one impure one then becomes number one pure. He becomes so happy. Your aim and objective is in front of you. The Father is making you so elevated. May you have a long life! May you have a son! This too is fixed in the drama. The Father says: If I were to give these blessings, I would have to continue to give them to everyone. I come here to teach you children. You receive all blessings by studying. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be an elevated soul who celebrates the memorial of both the incorporeal and the corporeal accurately with the right method.  

Deepmala is the memorial of the many imperishable ignited deepaks (lamps). You sparkling souls are shown as the flames of the deepaks and this is why the memorial of the sparkling souls, the divine lights, has been shown as lights of physical deepaks. On the one side, it is a memorial of the form of the incorporeal soul, and on the other side, it is a memorial of your future divine corporeal form of Lakshmi. This Deepmala enables you to attain a deity status. So, you elevated souls are celebrating the memorial of your own selves.

Slogan: In order to change negative into positive, let your feelings be pure and unlimited. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

In spiritual conference,they are not truly spiritual;they are body conscious.Originally, Delhi was not called Delhi,it was called Paristhan.

Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

21/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

In English, you would call Him the “Spiritual Father”. When you go to the golden age, there won't be English or other languages. You know that there will be your kingdom in the golden age, and whatever our language is, only that will be used there. Later, that language will continue to change. Now there are innumerable languages. As are the kings, so the languages that are used. All you children now know that all the children at the centres are united under one direction. You have to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the one Father so that all the evil spirits go away. The Father is the Purifier. The five evil spirits exist in everyone. The evil spirits only exist in souls; these evil spirits, that is, the vices, are given the names, body consciousness, lust, anger, etc. It isn't that God is omnipresent. If anyone ever says that God is omnipresent, tell him: Souls and the five vices in those souls are omnipresent. It isn't that God is present in each one. How could the five evil spirits exist in God? By imbibing each and every point very well, you become multimillion times fortunate. Now judge what people of the world who belong to Ravan’s community say and what the Father says. There is a soul in every body, and the five vices exist in those souls. The five vices, that is, the evil spirits, are not in the body; they exist in the soul. These five evil spirits do not exist in the golden age. The very name is the deity world. This is the devilish world. Demons are called devils. There is the difference of day and night. You are now changing. There, you don't have any vices or defects; you are full of all virtues; you become sixteen celestial degrees full. You were that at the beginning and then you came down.
You now know how this world cycle of 84 births rotates. We souls now have a vision of ourself, that is, we now have the knowledge of this cycle. While walking, sitting and moving around, you have to keep this knowledge in your intellects. The Father is teaching you this knowledge. The Father only comes in Bharat and gives this spiritual knowledge. People speak of their Bharat. In fact, to call it Hindustan is wrong. You know that when Bharat was heaven, it was just our kingdom and that there were no other religions at that time. That was the new world. People speak of New Delhi. Originally, Delhi was not called Delhi, it was called Paristhan. Now they call it New Delhi and Old Delhi. Then, there won't be either Old Delhi or New Delhi; it will be called Paristhan. Delhi is called the capital. It will be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. There won't be anything except our kingdom there. There is no kingdom now, and this is why you say: Bharat is our land. There are no kings. All the knowledge continues to spin in the intellects of you children.
Truly, there used to be the kingdom of deities in this world; it was not the kingdom of anyone else. They lived by the banks of the River Jamuna and it was called Paristhan. The capital of the deities has always been Delhi and so everyone now is attracted by it. It is also the largest city and it is central. You sweetest children know that you definitely committed sins and that you have become sinful souls. In the golden age, the souls there are pure and charitable. The Father alone comes and makes you pure and you also celebrate His birthday (Shiv Jayanti). The word "jayanti" applies to everyone. This is why they call that Shiv Ratri (the Night of Shiva). No one, apart from you, can understand the meaning of “the night”. Even good scholars etc. do not know what Shiv Ratri is and so what would they celebrate? The Father has explained what “the night” means. There is the play of happiness and sorrow in the world cycle of 5000 years. Happiness is called the day and sorrow is called the night. So, there is a confluence between the night and the day. Half the cycle is light and the other half is darkness. On the path of devotion, everything takes a long time. Here, it is a matter of a second. This is completely easy yoga. You first have to go to the land of liberation. Although you children remember how long you have stayed in liberation-in-life and in bondage-in-life, you repeatedly forget it. The Father explains: The word “yoga” is right. However, theirs is physical yoga. This is the yoga of souls with the Supreme Soul. Sannyasis teach many types of hatha yoga etc. and so people become confused. He is the Father and also the Teacher of you children and so you have to have yoga with Him. You have to study with the Teacher. When a child takes birth, he first has yoga with his father, and when he is five years old he has yoga with his teacher, and then, in his age of retirement, he has to have yoga with his guru. Three main ones are remembered. All of those are separate. Here, the Father only comes once and becomes the Father and also the Teacher. He is wonderful. You should definitely remember such a Father.
For birth after birth you have been remembering the three separately. In the golden age too, you have yoga with your father and then with a teacher. They study there too but there is no need for a guru there because all are in salvation. What difficulty do you have in remembering all of these things? It is absolutely easy. This is called easy yoga. However, this is uncommon. The Father says: I take this body on loan temporarily, and even that is for such a short time. People go into the stage of retirement when they become sixty years old. It is said: When you reach the age of sixty, you have to take a stick. At this time, all have a stick. Everyone will go into the stage of retirement, to the land of nirvana. That is the sweet home, the sweetest home. It is for that that you have done so much devotion. You have now been around the cycle. People don't know anything but have just told lies in saying that the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. If it were a question of hundreds and thousands of years, you couldn’t receive rest. It would be very difficult to get rest. You receive rest. That is called the home of silence, the incorporeal world. This is the physical sweet home. That is the incorporeal sweet home.
A soul is an absolutely tiny rocket and nothing is faster than that; it is the fastest of all. A soul leaves his body in a second and flies. The next body is ready for him. According to the drama, he has to go at the right time. The drama is so accurate. You know that there is no inaccuracy in it. According to the drama, the Father too comes exactly at His own accurate time. There cannot be the difference of even a second. How can you tell when the Father, God, is in this one? It is when He gives you children knowledge and sits and explains to you. People celebrate the Night of Shiva. You do not know when or how I, Shiva, come here. People celebrate the night of Shiva and the night of Krishna, but they do not celebrate the night of Rama, because there is a difference. Together with the night of Shiva, they also celebrate the night of Krishna, but they do not know anything. Here, it is the devilish kingdom of Ravan. These matters have to be understood. This one is Baba. An old man would be called Baba. A young child would not be called Baba. Some children are lovingly called Baba. So, they have also called Krishna, Baba, with love. He would be called Baba when he grows older and has children. Krishna was a prince, so where did his children come from? The Father says: I enter the body of an old man. This is also mentioned in the scriptures, but not all of the things in the scriptures are accurate. Some things are fine. The lifespan of Adam-Brahma would be called the lifespan of Prajapita Brahma. That would definitely be at this time. The lifespan of Brahma would end in the land of death. This is not the land of immortality. This is called the most auspicious confluence age. This cannot be in the intellect of anyone except you children.
The Father sits here and explains: Sweetest children, you do not know your births. I tell you how you take 84 births, and so you now know about it. Each age is 1250 years and you take a certain number of births in each age. There is the account of 84 births. There cannot be an account of 8.4 million births. This is called the world cycle of 84 births. No one would remember anything of 8.4 million births. Here, there is such limitless sorrow. See how children continue to take birth and cause so much sorrow. This is called extreme hell. It is an absolutely dirty world. You children know that we are now making preparations to go the new world. If our sins are cut away, we will become pure and charitable souls. You mustn't commit any sin now. To use the sword of lust on one another is to cause sorrow from the beginning through the middle to the end. This kingdom of Ravan is now to end. It is now the end of the iron age. This is the great Mahabharat War, the final war. Then, there won't be any more wars etc. There, they won't create any sacrificial fires etc. When people create sacrificial fires, they have a fire into which offerings are put. You children sacrifice all your old materials. The Father has now explained: This is the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Shiva is called Rudra. They speak of the rosary of Rudra. Those on the path of isolation do not know any of the systems and customs of the family path. They simply renounce their homes and families and go away into the forests. The very name is renunciation. Renunciation of what? Of the home and family. They leave empty handed. First of all, their gurus test them a lot and make them do all the work. Earlier, they would simply accept flour as alms; they wouldn't accept cooked food. They had to live in the forests, and they would only have root vegetables and fruit there. It is remembered that sannyasis would eat that when they were satopradhan. Now, don't even ask what they continue to do! This is called the vicious world, whereas that is the viceless world. So, you should understand that you are vicious (those indulging in vice).
The Father says: The golden age is called Shivalaya, the viceless world. Here, all are impure human beings and this is why, instead of calling themselves deities, they call themselves Hindus. The Father continues to explain all of these things to you. Originally, you are children of the unlimited Father. He gives you the inheritance for 21 births. So, the Father explains to you sweetest children: You have the sins of birth after birth on your heads. You call out to Me in order to be liberated from those sins. Sages and holy men all call out: Oh Purifier! They don't understand the meaning of anything, but simply continue to sing that and clap their hands. If anyone were to ask them how to have yoga with God, or how to meet Him, they would say that He is omnipresent. Is this the path that they show others? They say that God can be found by studying the Vedas and scriptures. However, the Father says: I come every 5000 years according to the drama plan. No one, apart from the Father, knows the secrets of this drama. It cannot be a drama of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father now explains to you: This is a matter of 5000 years. Baba also told you in the previous cycle: Manmanabhav! This is the great mantra. This is the mantra with which you conquer Maya. Only the Father sits and explains the meaning of it to you. No one else can explain its meaning.
It is also remembered: The Bestower of Salvation for All is One. That cannot be a human being, nor can it be applied to the deities. There, there is nothing but happiness. No one performs devotion there. Devotion is performed to meet God. In the golden age, there is no devotion because they will have received their inheritance for 21 births. This is why it is remembered: Everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow. Here, there is limitless sorrow. They repeatedly say: God, have mercy! This iron-aged, sorrowful world does not remain all the time. The golden and silver ages have become the past and they will exist again. No one can remember anything of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father now gives you all the knowledge. He gives you His own introduction and also explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of creation. It is a matter of 5000 years. You children are now aware of this. You are now in a foreign kingdom. You used to have your own kingdom. Here, people claim their kingdom by battling with weapons and with violence. You children are establishing your kingdom with the power of yoga. You need a satopradhan world. The old world will end and become the new world. This is called the iron-aged old world. The golden age is the new world. No one knows this. Sannyasis say that all of this is your imagination. They say that it is the golden age here and also the iron age here. The Father now sits here and explains: There is not a single human being who knows the Father. If anyone were to know Him, they would give His introduction. No one understands what the golden and silver ages are. The Father continues to explain to you children very well. The Father Himself knows everything. He is Janijananhar, that is, He is knowledge-full. He is the Seed of the human world tree. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness. It is from Him that we are to receive the inheritance. The Father makes you equal to Himself in knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual God-Father.

Blessing:  May you be a flawless diamond and, as a diamond, see others as diamonds when coming into contact and relationship with them.   

BapDada’s shrimat is: Be a diamond and see others as diamonds. Even if some souls are ugly and completely tamoguni, their impurity is reduced when your drishti falls on them. However many you come into contact and relationship with from amrit vela till night time, simply be a diamond and continue to see others as diamonds. The diamond should not have any flaws due to any obstacle or anyone’s nature. Even if there are obstacles of many types of adverse situations, become so powerful that you are not influenced by those.

Slogan:  Someone who keeps his mind and intellect free from the dictates of the self is said to be obedient.     

20/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet Children,

When you children sit here, you know that Baba (God-Father) is your Baba, Teacher and Satguru. There is a need for all three. First is the Father, then the Teacher who teaches you and then, at the end, there is the Guru. Here, you have to have remembrance in this way, because this is something new. He is also the unlimited Father. Unlimited means He belongs to everyone. Anyone who comes here would be told: Keep this in your awareness. If any of you have doubts about this, raise your hand! This is something 'wonderful. For birth after birth, you never found anyone whom you would consider to be your father, teacher and satguru, let alone the Supreme. He is the unlimited Father, the unlimited Teacher and the unlimited Satguru. Did you ever find anyone like that? You cannot find anyone like that at any time other than at this most auspicious confluence age. If any of you have doubts about this, you can raise your hand. Everyone sitting here has faith in the intellect. These three are the main ones. The unlimited Father gives you unlimited knowledge. There is just this unlimited knowledge. You have been studying many types of limited knowledge. Some become lawyers, some become surgeons, because all are needed here: doctors, lawyers, judges; etc. There is no need for them there. There is no question of sorrow there. So, the Father now sits here and gives you children unlimited teachings. Only the unlimited Father gives you unlimited teachings, and then you will not need to study anything for half the cycle. You receive these teachings only once, that is, they are fruitful, that is, you receive the fruit of them for 21 births. Doctors, barristers, judges etc. do not exist there. You have this faith. It truly is like this.
There is no sorrow there. There is no suffering of karma there in golden age. The Father sits here and explains to you the philosophy of karma. Do those people who relate the Gita tell you this? The Father says: I teach you children Raja Yoga. They have written "God Krishna speaks" in that. However, he is a human being with divine virtues. No one uses the name "Shiva Baba." He doesn't have any other name. The Father says: I take this body on loan. This body, this building, does not belong to Me. It is this one's building. It has windows, etc. So, the Father explains: I am your unlimited Father, that is, I am the Father of all souls. I also teach you souls. He is called the spiritual Father. No one else can be called a spiritual father. Here, you children know that that One is the unlimited Father. A spiritual conference is now taking place. In fact, that is not a spiritual conference. They are not truly spiritual; they are body conscious. The Father says: Children, may you be soul conscious! Renounce the arrogance of the body. They would not be able to say that to anyone. The word ''spiritual'' is only used now. Previously, they just used to call them religious conferences. No one understands the meaning of spiritual. “The spiritual Father” means the incorporeal Father. You souls are spiritual children. The spiritual Father comes and teaches you. No one else can have this understanding. The Father Himself sits here and tells you who He is. This is not mentioned in the Gita. I am giving you unlimited teachings. There is no need there for lawyers, judges, surgeons, etc., because there is nothing but happiness there. There is no name or trace of sorrow there. Here, there is no name or trace of happiness. It is said to have disappeared. They believe that happiness is like the droppings of a crow. They only have a little happiness, and so how could they give the knowledge of unlimited happiness?
Previously, when it was the kingdom of deities, there was 100% truth, whereas now there is only falsehood. This is unlimited knowledge. You know that this is the human world tree and that I am its Seed. He has all the knowledge of the tree. People do not have this knowledge. I am the Living Seed. People call Me the Ocean of Knowledge. You receive liberation and salvation in a second through knowledge. I am the Father of all. By recognizing Me, you children receive the inheritance. However, there is the kingdom too. There are many different levels of status, numberwise, in heaven too. The Father teaches the same study, but those who are studying are numberwise. There is no need for any other study in this. There is no one ill there. They don't study for an income worth a few pennies. You take from here the unlimited inheritance with you. There, you won't know how someone gave you that status. Only at this time do you understand this. You have been studying limited knowledge, and you have now recognized and come to know the One who teaches you unlimited knowledge. You know that the Father is the Father, as well as the Teacher who comes and teaches us. He is the Supreme Teacher and He teaches us Raja Yoga. He is also the true Satguru. This is unlimited Raja Yoga. Those people would only teach you how to become a barrister or a doctor, because this is the world of sorrow. All of those studies are limited, whereas this is an unlimited study.
The Father is teaching you this unlimited study. You also know that that Father, Teacher and Satguru comes every cycle and that He teaches the same study for the golden and silver ages. Then He disappears. Your reward of happiness comes to an end according to the drama. This unlimited Father sits here and explains to you. Only He is called the Purifier. Would you say to Krishna, "You are the Mother and Father" or “the Purifier"? There is the difference of day and night between the status of this one (Krishna) and that One. The Father now says: By recognizing Me, you can attain liberation-in-life in a second. If Krishna were God, anyone would instantly be able to recognize him. The birth of Krishna is not remembered as a divine and alokik birth. He takes birth just through purity. The Father does not emerge from anyone's womb. He says: Sweetest, spiritual children! It is the spirit that studies. All good and bad sanskars remain in the soul. Souls perform actions and they receive bodies accordingly. Some experience a lot of sorrow, some are one-eyed, and some are deaf. It would be said that they must have performed such actions in the past and that that is the fruit of them. A soul receives a diseased body, etc. according to the actions that that soul performed.
You children now know that it is God, the Father who is teaching you. God is the Teacher. God is the Preceptor. He is called God, Param Atma, and that means God, the Supreme Soul. Brahma cannot be called "The Supreme”. "The Supreme” means the Highest on High, the purest of all. Everyone has a different status. No one else can receive the status of Krishna. No one else would be given the status of Prime Minister. The Father's status is also different from that of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are deities, whereas Shiva is the Supreme Soul. How can they put the two of them together and speak of Shiva-Shankar? Each is separate. Because of not understanding this, they say that Shiva and Shankar are one. They even give such names to people. The Father Himself comes and explains all of these things. You know that that One is Baba, the Teacher and the Satguru. Every human being has a father, a teacher and a guru. When they become old, they adopt gurus. Nowadays, children are made to adopt gurus, because they believe that if the child doesn't have a guru, there will be disobedience. Previously, people used to adopt gurus after the age of 60, the stage of retirement.
Nirvana means beyond sound, the sweet silence home, and you have been making effort for half the cycle to go there. However, if no one knows about it, then no one can go there. How can they show the path to anyone else? No one, apart from the One, can show you the path. Not everyone's intellect is the same. Some simply listen to religious stories, but there is no benefit in those; there is no benefit. You are now becoming flowers of the garden. You became thorns from flowers and the Father is now making you into flowers from thorns. You were worthy of worship and then became worshippers. From being satopradhan, you became tamopradhan and impure, while taking 84 births. The Father has explained the picture of the ladder to you. No one knows how you now become pure from impure. People sing: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure! In that case, why do they consider river water and the ocean to be the Purifier and go and bathe in that? They call the Ganges the Purifier, but where did rivers emerge from? They all emerged from the ocean.
All of them are the children of the ocean. So, everything has to be understood very clearly. Here, you children are sitting in the company of the Truth. When you go into bad company outside, they tell you wrong things and you then forget all of these things. By going into bad company, you begin to choke. It is then that you have doubts. However, these things should not be forgotten. Our Baba is the unlimited Baba, the Teacher and He also takes us across. You have come here with this faith. All the rest is worldly education and worldly languages. This is alokik. The Father says: My birth, too, is alokik. I take a body on loan. I take an old shoe. This is the oldest of the old; this is the oldest shoe. The body that the Father has taken is called a long boot. This is such an easy thing. This is not something to be forgotten. However, Maya even makes you forget such easy things. The Father is the Father. He also gives unlimited teachings, which no one else can give. Baba says: You may go outside and see if you receive them anywhere else. All are human beings. They cannot give this knowledge. God only takes the one chariot which is called "The Lucky Chariot". The Father enters this in order to make you multimillion times fortunate. He is the closest bead. Adam-Brahma then becomes Vishnu. Shiva(Benefactor) Baba(Father) makes this one that, and He also makes you into the masters of the world through this one. The land of Vishnu is being established.
This is called Raja Yoga to establish a kingdom. Everyone here is listening, but Baba knows that it flows away out of the ears of many, whereas some are able to imbibe it and then relate it to others. They are called maharathis. They listen to it and imbibe it and then also have an interest in explaining it to others. If the person explaining is a maharathi, others will understand quickly. They will understand less from a horse rider and even less from a foot soldier. The Father knows who the maharathis are and who the horse riders are. There is no question of becoming confused about this. However, Baba sees that children continue to become confused and then continue to nod off. They sit with their eyes closed. Would someone nod off while earning an income? If you continue to nod off, how would you be able to imbibe? If someone yawns, Baba understands that he is tired. There can never be tiredness in earning an income. Yawning is a sign of unhappiness. Those who continue to choke inside about something or other will yawn a lot. You are now sitting in the Father's home; this is also a family. He becomes the Teacher and also the Guru to show you the path. You are called master gurus. Therefore, you should now become a right hand of the Father, so that you can benefit many others. In all other businesses there is some loss, whereas, you change from an ordinary man into Narayan - without any loss. Everyone's earnings are finished. Only the Father teaches you the business of changing from an ordinary man into Narayan. So, then, which study should you pursue? Those who have a lot of wealth think that heaven is here. Did Bapu Gandhiji establish the kingdom of Rama? Ah! It is the same tamopradhan world, and sorrow continues to increase even more. How could this be called the kingdom of Rama? People have become so senseless!
Those who are senseless are said to be tamopradhan. Those who are sensible are satopradhan. This cycle continues to turn. There is nothing to ask the Father about in this. It is the Father's duty to give you the knowledge of the Creator and creation and He continues to do that. He continues to explain everything through the murlis. You receive a response to everything. So, what else would you ask? No one except the Father can explain, so how can you ask anything? You can also write on a board: Come inside and understand how to become ever healthy and ever wealthy for 21 births. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Spiritual Father says Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a special soul who reveals happiness on your face with a soul-conscious smile.   
The speciality of Brahmin life is happiness. Happiness means a soul conscious smile. Do not laugh loudly, but simply smile. Even if someone insults you, let there not be any waves of sorrow on your face; always remain happy. Do not think that the other person spoke for one hour and that you just said something for a second. Even to speak or think for a second means that unhappiness came on your face and you failed. You tolerated it for one hour and then the gas exploded from the gas balloon. Special souls who have the aim of an elevated life cannot become like a gas balloon.

Slogan:  Yogi souls with a cool bodies remain cool themselves and take others beyond with a glimpse of their cool drishti.