Monday, 24 November 2014

It is common for sound to emerge from your mouth and that is called “akaashvani” (sound from ether).The God-Father also has to speak through the ether.

25/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains every day to you sweetest spiritual children. It has been explained to you children that this world cycle of knowledge, devotion and disinterest has been created. This knowledge should remain in your intellects. You children have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. The Father is beyond the limited and the unlimited. You should understand the meaning of that too. The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you. This topic - knowledge, devotion and disinterest - also has to be explained. Knowledge is called the day when it is the new world. Devotion and ignorance do not exist there. That is a limited world because there are very few people there, and then growth gradually takes place. After half the cycle, devotion begins. The sannyas religion doesn’t exist there. There is no renunciation there. Then, later, the world population grows. Souls continue to come from up above and growth continues to take place here. It begins by being limited and goes on to become unlimited. The Father’s vision goes beyond the limited and the unlimited. He knows that there are very few children in the limited and that so much growth then takes place in the kingdom of Ravan. You now have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. The world is so small in the golden age. There is no renunciation or disinterest there. Later, in the copper age, the other religions begin. There is the sannyas religion where they renounce their homes and families. Everyone has to know about these things. That is called hatha yoga and limited renunciation. They simply renounce their homes and families and go to the forests. Devotion begins in the copper age; there is no knowledge.
Knowledge means the golden and silver ages and happiness, whereas devotion means ignorance and sorrow. This has to be explained very well. Then you have to go beyond happiness and sorrow, beyond the limited and the unlimited. People try to discover how high the sky is and how deep the ocean is. They try so hard, but are unable to reach the end. They fly an aeroplane, but it has to have enough fuel so that it can also return. They go very far, but they cannot go into the unlimited. They only go as far as the limited. You are going beyond the limited and the unlimited. You can now understand that, in the beginning, in the new world, there is the limited. There are very few people and that is called the golden age. You children should have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. No one else has this knowledge. The Father, who is beyond the limited and unlimited, is the One who explains to you. No one else can explain this to you. He explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of creation. He then says: You have to go beyond this. There is nothing there. No matter how far people go, there is just the sky everywhere. That is called going beyond the limited and the unlimited. No one can reach the end. They would say that it is infinite. To say that it is infinite is easy, but they should understand the meaning of infinite. The Father is now giving you understanding. The Father says: I know the limited and also the unlimited. Such-and-such a religion was established at such-and-such a time. Your vision goes towards the limit of the golden age and then to the unlimited iron age. Then, we will go beyond to where there is nothing. We are going even above the sun and moon to where our sweet home, the land of peace, is. In fact, the golden age too is our sweet home, where there is peace and also the fortune of the kingdom and happiness; they are both there.
When we go home, there will just be peace there. You wouldn’t mention happiness there. You are now establishing peace and also peace and happiness. There is peace and also the kingdom of happiness there. There is no question of happiness in the incorporeal world. Your kingdom continues for half the cycle, and then, after half the cycle, there is the kingdom of Ravan. There is peacelessness through the five vices. You rule for 2500 years. After 2500 years, there is the kingdom of Ravan. Those people have written about hundreds of thousands of years. They have made everyone into complete buddhus. To say that the cycle of 5000 years is hundreds of thousands of years is real foolishness. They do not have any manners at all. The deities had such divine manners. That has now become a lack of manners; they don’t know anything. They have developed devilish traits. Previously, you too didn’t know anything. They made others unhappy by using the sword of lust and causing one another sorrow from the beginning, through the middle to the end and that is why they are called Ravan’s community. They have portrayed Rama taking an army of monkeys. Ramachandra belonged to the silver age, so how could there have been monkeys there? Then, they also say that the Sita of Rama was abducted. Such things do not happen there. There won’t be as many of the 8.4 million species of living things and animals etc. that exist here, in the golden and silver ages. The Father sits here and explains the whole unlimited drama. You children have to become very far-sighted. Previously, you didn’t know anything at all. Although you are human beings, you didn’t know the play;
you now understand who the greatest of all is. The Highest on High is God. They also sing the verses: Your name is the highest.... This is not in the intellect of anyone except you. You are also numberwise. The Father tells you the secrets of both the limited and the unlimited. There is nothing beyond that place. That is your place of residence which is also called Brahmand. Similarly, you are sitting in the element of sky here, but can you see anything of it? They refer to the radio as the sound from the ether. This sky is infinite: you cannot reach its end. So, what would people understand by calling it the sound from the ether? The mouth is also hollow. Sound emerges from the mouth. It is common for sound to emerge from your mouth and that is called “akaashvani” (sound from ether). The Father also has to speak through the ether. He has told you children the whole significance of yourselves. You now have faith. It is very easy. Just as we are souls, so the Father is the Supreme Soul. He is the highest soul of all. Everyone has received his own part. The highest of all is God, and then there is the dual-bead of the family path. Then, look how small the numberwise rosary is! Then, as the world grows, it becomes so large. There is the rosary of so many millions of beads, that is, of souls. All of this is the study. Imbibe very well in your intellects whatever the Father explains.
You continue to hear the details of the tree. The Seed is up above. This is a variety tree. Its duration is so long. The tree continues to grow and so let just this remain in your intellects the whole day. The duration of the kalpa tree of this world is absolutely accurate. In 5000 years there cannot be the difference of even a second. You children who are very strong have so much knowledge in your intellects. Only when you are pure can you be strong. In order to imbibe this knowledge, a golden vessel is required. Then, it will become so easy - as easy as it is for Baba. Then, you will also be called master knowledge-full. The beads of the rosary will be created numberwise according to the effort you make. No one, except Baba, can explain these things to you. This soul is also explaining to you. The Father only explains through this body, not through the body of the deities. The Father only comes once and becomes your Guru, but, even then, it is the Father who has to play that part. He will come and play His part in 5000 years’ time. The Father explains: I am the Highest on High. Then, there is the dual-bead. Those who are the emperor and empress at the beginning then become Adi Dev and Adi Devi at the end. You have all of this knowledge in your intellects. If you explain this anywhere, they will be amazed: What you are saying is right. Only the Seed of the human world tree is knowledge-full. No one, apart from Him, can give knowledge. All of these things have to be imbibed, but children are unable to imbibe them. It is very simple; there is no difficulty.
First, the pilgrimage of remembrance is needed so that the jewels can stay in a pure vessel. These are the highest-on-high jewels. Baba was a jeweller. He used to receive very good diamonds and emeralds and he would keep them in silver boxes, beautifully laid on cotton wool. Anyone who saw them would say: This is something first class. It is the same here. Good things look nice in good containers. Your ears hear this and you imbibe it. If there is purity and your intellect’s yoga is connected to the Father, you will imbibe it well. Otherwise, everything will flow away. A soul is so tiny and is filled with so much knowledge. Such a good and pure vessel is required. No thoughts should arise. All wrong and bad thoughts should end. Remove your intellect’s yoga from everything else. By having yoga with Me, your vessel will be made golden so that the jewels can stay in it. Then you can continue to donate to others. Bharat is considered to be a great donor. People donate a lot of physical wealth. However, this is the donation of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Renounce everything including your body and let your intellect’s yoga remain connected to One. We belong to the Father, and it is in this that effort is needed. The Father gives you your aim and objective. It is the children’s duty to make effort. It is only now that you can claim such a high status. Let there be no wrong or impure thoughts. The Father alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is beyond the limited and the unlimited. He sits here and explains everything. You think that Baba is seeing you, but in fact, I go up above, beyond the limited and the unlimited. I am the Resident of that place. You too have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. Let there be no ordinary or impure thoughts. This requires effort.
Whilst living at home with your family, you have to live like a lotus. Let your hands do the work whilst your heart remembers Baba. There are many householders. The children who live here do not take as much knowledge as householders do. Even those who run centres and read the murli fail, whereas those who are just studying go higher. As you progress further, you will continue to know everything. Everything Baba tells you is absolutely right. Those who used to teach have been eaten by Maya. Maya completed swallowed some maharathis; they are no longer here. They become influenced by Maya and become traitors. Abroad too, some become traitors. They go to other places and seek refuge there. They go to the side that is powerful. At this time, death is just ahead, and so they go to the one who has a lot of power. You now understand that only the Father is powerful. The Father is the Almighty Authority. By teaching us, He makes us into the masters of the whole world. There, we receive everything. There is nothing lacking there which we would need to make effort to attain. There, there is nothing that you don’t have; and, in that too, you attain a status, numberwise according to the effort you made. No one, except the Father, knows these things. All are worshippers. There are the great Shankaracharyas and Baba tells you their praise too. They are the ones who become the instruments to support Bharat well at first with the power of purity, that is, when they too are satopradhan. They are now tamopradhan. What power do they have now? You, who were worshippers, are now making effort to become worthy of worship. You now have all the knowledge in your intellects. Let your intellects imbibe these things and continue to explain them to others. Also remember the Father.
The Father alone explains the secrets of the whole tree. You children have to become just as sweet. This is a battle, is it not? Many storms of Maya come. Everything has to be tolerated. When you stay in remembrance of the Father, all storms will go away. They show the play of Hatamtai - putting a bead in your mouth. When the bead is put in your mouth, Maya goes away. When the bead is removed, Maya comes. There is also the “touch-me-not” plant; as soon as you touch it, it wilts. Maya is very clever. Whilst you are studying such an elevated study and just sitting here, she makes you fall and this is why the Father continues to explain: Consider yourselves to be brothers and you will be able to go beyond the limited and unlimited. If the body doesn’t remain, where would your vision go? You have to make so much effort. You mustn’t become unconscious on just hearing about it. Your effort continues every cycle and you claim your fortune of the kingdom. The Father says: Forget everything you have studied, but listen to the things that you have never heard before and have remembrance. That is called the path of devotion. You are Raj Rishis. Conduct the murli with your hair loose. Everything that the sages and holy men relate is a murli of human beings. This is the murli of the unlimited Father. In the golden and silver ages, there is no need for the murli of knowledge. There, there is no need for knowledge or devotion. You receive this knowledge at the confluence age and it is only the Father who gives it to you. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Thanks, Namaste and Good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you become a destroyer of attachment by experiencing God’s company and being constantly detached in your lokik and alokik life.   

The sign of being constantly detached is to experience God’s love and, to the extent that there is love, you will accordingly remain together and not be separated. Love is that which enables you to stay together. Since the Father is with you, hand over all your burdens to the Father and become light. This is the way to become a destroyer of obstacles. However, underline the word “constant” in the subject of effort. Remain constantly detached in your lokik and alokik life and you will experience constant company.

Slogan:  Make the snake of the vices your bed and you will become an easy yogi.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

There is loss in all of those types of business where there are no imperishable jewels of knowledge.Spiritual Children say thanks, Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

24/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children. One is the elevated directions of the spiritual Father and the other is the devilish dictates of Ravan. The Father’s directions cannot be called devilish dictates. Ravan cannot be called the Father. Those are the devilish dictates of Ravan. You children are now receiving God’s directions. There is such a difference of day and night! It enters your intellects that you are imbibing divine virtues by following God’s directions. Only you children hear this from the Father. No one else knows about this. You meet the Father in order to receive wealth from Him. Through Ravan, your wealth continues to decrease. Only you know where God’s directions lead you and where devilish dictates lead you. From the time that you received devilish dictates, you have continued to fall. In the new world, you only fall a little. You children have now understood how it was that you fell and how you now have to climb. You children are now receiving shrimat to become elevated once again. You have come here to become elevated. You know how you receive elevated directions once again. You have claimed a high status many times by following elevated directions. Then, by taking rebirth, you have continued to come down. You then ascend just once. It is numberwise according to the effort you make. The Father explains that it takes time. The time of the most auspicious confluence age is also very accurate.
The drama moves in a very accurate way and it is very wonderful. You children are very easily able to understand that you have to remember the Father and claim your inheritance; that’s all! However, when you make effort, some of you find it difficult. To claim such a highest-on-high status cannot be that easy. It is very easy to remember the Father, and to claim your inheritance is also easy; it is a matter of a second. However, when you begin to make effort, there are also obstacles from Maya. You have to conquer Ravan. There is the kingdom of Ravan over the whole world. You now understand that you have been conquering Ravan with the power of yoga every cycle. Even now, you are gaining victory over him. It is the unlimited Father who is teaching you this. On the path of devotion too, you have been calling out: Baba, Baba! However, previously, you didn’t know the Father. You used to know the soul. It is said: A wonderful star shines in the centre of the forehead. Whilst knowing the soul, you didn’t know the Father. This is such a unique drama. You used to say: Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! You used to remember Him, but you didn’t know Him. You neither fully knew the occupation of God nor of the soul. The Father, Himself, comes and explains to you. No one, except the Father, can make you have realization. No one else has this part.
The Godly community, the devilish community and the divine community are all remembered. This is very easy but it is only in your remembering these things that Maya causes you obstacles; she makes you forget. The Father says: You remember the Father, numberwise, according to your efforts. Then, when it is the end of the drama, that is, when it is the end of the old world, that kingdom will definitely be established, numberwise, according to the effort you made. No one can understand these things from the scriptures. This one has studied the Gita etc. a great deal. The Father now says: That has no value. However, on the path of devotion, they receive a lot of pleasure through the ears and this is why they don’t renounce any of that. You know that everything depends on the effort you make. Some people’s business is royal whereas the business of others is dirty. To sell alcohol, cigarettes, etc. is a very bad business. Alcohol attracts all the vices. The business of making someone an alcoholic is not a good business. The Father advises you: Find a way to change that business. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim a high status. The Father explains: There is loss in all of those types of business where there are no imperishable jewels of knowledge. Although this one used to have a jewellery business, he didn’t benefit from that. At the most, he became a millionaire. What do you become through this business? Baba always writes in the letters too: Multimillion times fortunate one and you become that for 21 births! You can also understand that what Baba is saying is absolutely right.
We were those deities and then we came down as we went around the cycle. You now also know the beginning, middle and end of the world. You have received knowledge from the Father but you also have to imbibe divine virtues. You have to check yourself to see that you don’t have any devilish traits. This Baba knows that he has given his building, his body, on rent. This (body) is also a building in which the soul resides. I have a lot of intoxication that I have rented out my building to God. According to the drama plan, He is not going to take any other building. Every cycle, He has to take just this building. This one has great happiness about this, but there was also so much upheaval at that time. This Baba jokingly sometimes says to Shiv Baba: Baba, when I became Your chariot, I had to take so many insults. The Father says: I was the One who was insulted the most and it is now your turn. Brahma was never insulted previously, but it is now his turn. He has given his chariot, and so he understands that he will definitely also receive help from the Father. Nevertheless, Baba says that you children can go ahead faster than me in constantly remembering the Father. This is because this one has a lot of responsibility. Although he puts everything aside, saying that it is the drama, there is still some effect of that. That person used to do very good service. He became spoilt through bad company. So much disservice takes place.
When you perform such actions, there is the effect of that. At that time, you don’t understand that this is also the predestined drama. You think about that later. This is fixed in the drama. Maya spoils your stage and so there is a lot of disservice done. Innocent ones are assaulted so much! Here, one’s own children do so much disservice! They begin to say all sorts of wrong things. You children now know what the Father is telling you. He doesn’t relate any scriptures etc. We are now becoming so elevated by following shrimat. By following devilish dictates, we have become so corrupt. It takes time. The battle with Maya will continue. You will now definitely gain victory. You understand that you definitely gain victory over the lands of peace and happiness. We have been gaining victory every cycle. Establishment and destruction take place at this most auspicious confluence age. You children have all of these details in your intellects. The Father is truly carrying out establishment through us. Then, we shall rule the world. We don’t even give thanks to Baba. The Father says: This too is fixed in the drama. I too am an actor in this drama. Everyone’s part in the drama is fixed. Shiv Baba has a part and we also have parts. There is no question of giving thanks. Shiv Baba says: I give you shrimat and show you the path. No one else can show you this.
Tell anyone who comes that there was the new satopradhan world of heaven. This old world is said to be tamopradhan. Then, you have to imbibe divine virtues in order to become satopradhan. You have to remember the Father. This is the mantra: Manmanabhav! Madhyajibhav! That is all. He also says: I am the Supreme Guru. You children now enable the whole world to receive salvation through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Only Shiv Baba is the Guru of the World and He gives you shrimat. You know that we receive this shrimat every 5000 years. The cycle continues to turn. Today, this world is old, and tomorrow it will be new. It is very easy to understand this cycle, but you also have to remember it so that you can explain to others and yet you forget it! When someone falls, all knowledge finishes. Maya takes away all his talents and skills. She removes all the talents and makes them completely talentless. They become trapped in vices in such a way, don’t even ask! You now remember the whole cycle. You have been in the brothel for birth after birth and have been committing thousands of sins. You say in front of all the idols that you have been sinners for birth after birth. We were previously charitable souls and then we became sinful souls.
We are now becoming charitable souls once again. You children are receiving this knowledge. Then you give it to others and make them the same as yourselves. There is a difference in those who live at home with their families; they are unable to explain as much as you. However, not everyone can renounce everything. The Father Himself says: Whilst living at home, become like a lotus. If everyone were to renounce everything and come here, where would all of them sit? The Father is knowledge-full. He doesn’t study any of the scriptures etc. This one studied the scriptures etc. It is of Me that, they say: God, the Father, is knowledge- full. People don’t even know what knowledge the Father has. You now have the knowledge of the whole of the beginning, middle and end of the world. You know that those scriptures of the path of devotion are eternal. Those scriptures definitely emerge on the path of devotion. They ask: If a mountain has fallen, how will it be created again? However, this is the drama. All the scriptures etc. finish, and then they are created again at their own time. Previously, we used to worship Shiva. This would also be mentioned in the scriptures. How is Shiva worshipped? People sing so many verses etc. You simply remember that Shiv Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is now giving us knowledge. The Father has explained to you how this world cycle turns. They have written such tall stories in the scriptures that you would never even think of. So, you children should have so much happiness within: the unlimited Father is teaching us! It is remembered: Student life is the best.
God speaks: I make you into kings of kings. These things are not mentioned in any of the other scriptures. This is the highest attainment of all. In fact, there is just the one Guru who grants everyone salvation. Although those who carry out establishment of religions are called gurus, a guru is one who grants salvation. To play their parts, those gurus make everyone follow them. They cannot show anyone the path to go back home. “The procession of Shiva” is remembered, not of any other guru. People have then mixed up Shiva and Shankar. There is a difference between that one who is a resident of the subtle region and the other One who is the Resident of the incorporeal world. How could they both be one? They wrote that on the path of devotion. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are three children. You can also explain about Brahma. He has been adopted and so He is Shiv Baba’s child. The Father is the Highest on High and all of this is His creation. So much has to be understood. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual Children say thanks, Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you cross any storms (toofaan) easily by considering them to be gifts (tofah) and become perfect and complete.   
When everyone’s aim is to become complete and perfect, do not become afraid over trivial matters. You are becoming idols and so there would definitely be some hammering. Those who are ahead have to cross the storms the most, but they do not find those storms to be storms, but gifts. Those storms become gifts for you to become experienced. Therefore, welcome the obstacles and by becoming experienced, continue to move forward.

Slogan:  In order to finish carelessness, maintain your original thoughts of the self and check yourself.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Whatever work you do, first of all remember the God-Father (not physical companion). After all, the Father is your true Friend.

23/11/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     06/01/79

Essence: “Signs of practical dharna in the lives of sun and moon dynasty souls.”

Today, Bap and Dada were having a conversation in the subtle region about the efforts of the children in their ascending stage. BapDada saw two types of children. One type they saw was of those in the first division of effort-makers in their form of sun-dynasty deities; the other type was of those in the second division of effort-makers in their form of moon-dynasty warriors. They saw a difference between the two types of children in both their stage and their speed. Both had the thought of reaching the destination of perfection and they still have this thought. However, there wasn’t much difference visible between the thought and the practical form of the first division, the sun-dynasty souls. There was a greater difference visible between the thought and the form of the second division, the moon-dynasty souls. Their thought was 100% powerful but their practical form was sometimes 75% and sometimes 50%.

The sun-dynasty souls either constantly maintain the powerful stage of a master sun of knowledge, the seed stage, or they stabilise in the second stage of an avyakt angel for a longer time. The moon-dynasty souls are not able to stabilise in the seed stage of a master sun of knowledge for as long, for it is only after battling with many types of obstacles of Maya for a long time that they are able to stabilise in the stage of either an avyakt angel or a victorious soul. Sometimes, they battle against their wasteful thoughts and sometimes with some other problem. They spend a long time trying to defeat Maya. In one hour’s effort, they would experience half an hour or fifteen minutes of success. Therefore, because of their laborious efforts, they sometimes become tired or sometimes they just carry on. They sometimes run, and, at other times, when they see others running, although they want to run themselves, they are unable to do so. In experiencing each virtue of the Father, they only reach half-way in that experience; that stage is only accomplished by 50%. They would say that the Father is the Ocean of Happiness and that they themselves are embodiments of happiness, but they would not experience constant happiness. They experience perfect happiness sometimes, but not at other times. Just as the degrees of the moon increase and reduce, similarly, those of the moon dynasty only sometimes experience the perfect stage with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, whereas, at other times, they experience themselves to be very far from their perfect stage. Sometimes, in order to experience Baba’s company, instead of adopting the stage of remembrance, they adopt the stage of complaining.

1)       Those of the sun dynasty constantly experience the Father’s company and remain absorbed in experiencing love in all relationships with Him. 2) Sun-dynasty souls do not fluctuate in their stage by sometimes ascending and sometimes descending. They constantly experience the stage of ascent, just as the sun is always experienced as the form of light. It doesn’t go into a cycle of degrees; there isn’t a difference of sometimes being 14 degrees and at other times eight degrees. 3) Maya definitely comes in front of sun- dynasty souls like a cloud, but that cloud comes and then vanishes. 4) Sun-dynasty souls constantly have a stage of equanimity; their own brightness doesn’t lessen when they see clouds. They experience having the virtues of the Father in their practical lives and also reveal themselves to everyone through this form. 5) Sun-dynasty souls constantly experience themselves to be unlimited servers and light-and-might-houses. 6) Sun-dynasty souls constantly follow in the footsteps of Father Brahma in everything they do; they are equal to Father Brahma in their deeds and in the speed of their efforts. 7) The first step of sun-dynasty souls is in following the father - their minds, intellects are totally surrendered to the Father. You saw this speciality in Father Brahma: he claimed his great fortune through his great renunciation. He was the first number to claim the perfect angelic form and the first number to claim the title of world emperor. Similarly, sun- dynasty souls are great and complete renunciates. To be a complete renunciate means that you renounce even the progeny of vice in your sanskars. Such complete renunciates, who follow the father, become angels at this time and the first world emperors in the future. 8) Sun-dynasty souls constantly experience their intellects to have faith and thereby remain constantly carefree and experience themselves to be definitely victorious every cycle. 9) Sun-dynasty souls, whilst fulfilling the responsibility of world benefit, remain double light, even to the extent of their huge responsibility. 10) Sun-dynasty souls, through the rays of their attitude and their vibrations, stabilise other souls in the experience of their original form. 11) Sun-dynasty souls do not use any of the treasures they have selfishly for themselves, but are constantly great donors and bestow blessings on others. 12) There are two special indications of souls who belong to the sun dynasty. Firstly, they only come into sound after being in the stage beyond sound. Secondly, two signs of them are: they always maintain their stage of self-respect and they are humble and constructive in their words and deeds.

Similarly, these are the indications of moon-dynasty souls: they only sometimes fulfil a task to the full extent and at other times to a lesser extent; it would sometimes be 50%. Sometimes, they sparkle like the souls who reach 100%, and, at other times, they constantly turn the beads of their own rosary of weaknesses in front of the Father. Sometimes, they are powerful, and at other times they create waste. Sometimes, they are great and at other times, they are ordinary. Sometimes, they experience themselves to have authority and to be mahavirs, and at other times, they say that they can only move forward, if they are given support and co-operation; they experience themselves to be limping along. So, now, ask yourself: What stage have I reached? Am I a sun-dynasty soul? Have I gone beyond the stage of the moon dynasty and am I on the boundary of becoming a sun-dynasty soul? Or, am I still in the moon-dynasty stage? Those who have reached the boundary of the sun dynasty would sometimes take a jump into the sun-dynasty stage, but would otherwise remain in the moon dynasty. Now check where you are and cross the boundary to become part of the sun dynasty. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

To those who constantly enable themselves to have a right to the sun dynasty and who follow in the footsteps of the father, to those who constantly stay in the angelic stage like the father, to those who become master suns of knowledge and whose rays of attainment bring light to dispel the darkness of the world, to the children who are master suns of knowledge, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Those of Gujarat have received the blessing of being easy yogis. Because the land of Gujarat is satvic (pure), it is already prepared. When seeds are sown in prepared land, the harvest emerges very easily. According to the drama, you have received the blessing of being easy yogis. Keeping this blessing in your awareness, make yourself into easy yogis and inspire others to become the same. Constantly hold the flag of victory in your hand. Now serve the special people who are special, not in terms of knowledge, but in terms of the world and by doing so, the newspaper, TV and radio media will automatically spread the sound. BapDada constantly has this hope. You now have to put this hope into practice and fulfil it. Very little time remains and there is a great deal of service yet to be accomplished. The method of service should now be such that many are served just by visiting that place once. Such a speed is now needed. Although those who are to claim a kingdom will claim their fortune anyway, you must still continue to give everyone the message, so that there are no complaints afterwards. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups: 

1) Serving the whole world through the seed stage.

The seed stage is the most powerful stage. All other stages after that are numberwise. This stage works like a lighthouse. Through this stage, you become instruments to spread light over the whole world. The whole tree grows automatically, when the seed receives water. Similarly, when you stabilise in your seed stage, the world automatically receives the water of light. A lighthouse stays in one place and spreads its light in all directions. Similarly, in order to become such a lighthouse and a world benefactor and spread your light over the whole world, you need to have a powerful stage. When a physical light bulb is not powerful, it is unable to spread light everywhere. A bulb with almost zero power can only spread light over a limited area. Therefore, become a lighthouse, not just a small bulb. The children of the unlimited Father have to be unlimited servers. At present, unlimited service is needed, because the unlimited world has to be transformed. In order to bring about world transformation, you first have to transform yourself. Let there be the awareness of benefitting the world in every thought.

2) Signs of souls who are constantly full.

Those who are constantly full of all treasures are constantly content. The reason for any discontentment is a lack of attainment. Souls who are full are also able to give something to other souls. If you lack something in yourself, you are unable to give that to others. Contentment means to be full. The Father is always full and is therefore praised as the Ocean. This indicates that He is full. Therefore, become a master ocean like the Father. A river sometimes dries up, but souls who are full will constantly dance in happiness. Nothing but happiness would be experienced by those souls. Because contented souls are full, they never become distressed by anyone. They would have no conflict with anyone in their relationships. Even if they do have conflict, they do not become affected by it. They would experience any type of obstacle or confusion to be a game. Even problems would become a means of entertainment because they would see them with a knowledge-full vision. Because their intellects constantly have faith, they are constantly victorious and constantly cheerful.

3) Experiencing a constant stage by considering yourself to be a world servant.

BapDada constantly remembers His server children, because the Father’s duty is also that of the World Servant. Just as the Father is the World Servant, so are His children too. A servant always remembers his service and his master. So, such server children remember nothing but the Father and their service. Through this they experience a constant and stable stage. They find all relationships other than their relationship with the Father to be tasteless. Because they experience the sweetness of belonging to the one Father, they are not attracted by anyone else. This is their effort and their destination. BapDada sees each one with the vision of an intense effort-maker. If you simply remain an effort-maker, you won’t be able to reach your destination.

4) Only those who experience the sweetness of all relationships with the one Father can become destroyers of attachment.

Have you made the Father belong to you in all relationships? Not just in the relationship of the Father, but you now belong to Him in all relationships. To make Him belong to you means that you belong to Him. So, all your relationships are only with the one Father and none other. What special virtue should be seen in those who have all relationships with the one Father? They are constantly free from attachment. When you have no attachment and are not subservient to anyone, you cannot be defeated by Maya. To become a destroyer of attachment in this way means to be a constant embodiment of remembrance. Each day at amrit vela, remain aware that you will experience the happiness of all relationships with BapDada and donate that to all souls. Experience the happiness of having all relationships with the Father. Become one who has a right to the happiness of having all relationships with Baba and make others the same. Those who have a right to this relationship will always move along with the Father as their Companion. Whatever work you do, you should not remember your physical companion, but first of all remember the Father. After all, the Father is your true Friend. Therefore, stay in the company of this true Companion and you will easily become detached from everyone else and loved by all. When you love the one Father alone, you are able to become a destroyer of all attachment.

BapDada meeting teachers:

BapDada constantly gives the return of love to the loving souls who remain constantly absorbed in love. At what time does He do this? He does this especially at amrit vela. You receive blessings easily at amrit vela. In fact, you have a right to them throughout the whole day, but that is the special time. You sometimes have special times for certain bargains. Because it is the season, you know that you will pay less for something. So, amrit vela is also a special season; therefore there is easy attainment. All of you teachers are free from obstacles, are you not? Now, make the fortress of yoga very strong. When you have a particular obstacle somewhere, then just as you have the international meditation hour, in the same way, make a programme everywhere for everyone to have yoga all together at a fixed time once a month. The whole zone should donate yoga through which the fortress becomes strong. When a task is first begun, special disciplines are observed in terms of cleanliness. Therefore, all of you most elevated souls should also have just the one pure thought of victory. Because of your cleanliness, you are able to use the right method. Make all the walls of the fortress strong at the same time and you will become victorious. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings by putting a full stop to any situation and transforming yourself.   

In any situation you can only put a full stop, when you have the awareness of both the Father, the Point form, and the soul, the point, and you have controlling power. Those children who offer themselves to transform first and put a full stop become worthy of receiving blessings. They receive blessings from their own selves, that is, they receive happiness, and they receive blessings from the Father and the Brahmin family.

Slogan:  Put the stamp of determination on the thoughts that you have every now and then and you will become victorious.

If you remember God very well you can receive whatever you ask for. Nature will become your servant.

22/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,
The Father continues to tell the children that each of you has to ask yourself whether you have received anything from the Father. In what are you still lacking? Each one of you has to look within yourself. There is the example of Narad: He was told to look at his own face in the mirror to see whether he was worthy of marrying Lakshmi. Similarly, the Father also asks you children: What do you think? Have you become worthy of marrying Lakshmi? If not, then what defects do you children still have which you are still making effort to remove? Are you making effort to remove the weaknesses, or are you not making any effort at all? Some continue to make effort. It is explained to the new children: Check within yourself to see if you have any weaknesses because all of you have to become perfect. The Father comes to make you perfect. This is why the picture of your aim and objective is kept in front of you. Ask yourself internally: Have I become as perfect as them? All the teachers who teach a worldly study are at this time those who indulge in vices. This Lakshmi and Narayan are samples of those who are completely viceless. For half the cycle, you have been praising them. So, now, ask yourself: What weaknesses do I still have which I should remove to make progress? Then I can show that to the Father: Baba, I have these weaknesses, which I cannot remove. Please show me the way. Only a surgeon can help you become free from an illness. Some assistant surgeons are also clever. A compounder (pharmacist) learns from a doctor and becomes a clever doctor. So, check yourself honestly: What weaknesses do I have in me due to which I believe I will not be able to claim that status? The Father would say that you can become like them. Only when you tell Baba about your weaknesses would He advise you.
There are many illnesses. Many have weaknesses in them. Some have a lot of anger and greed; they are unable to imbibe knowledge for them to enable others to imbibe knowledge. The Father explains a lot every day. In fact, it doesn’t seem necessary to explain so much when the Father has explained the meaning of the mantra to you. There is just the one Father. You have to remember the unlimited Father and attain that inheritance from Him and become like them. There is no question of conquering the five vices in other schools. This only applies now when the Father comes and explains to you: You have these evil spirits which cause you a lot of sorrow. If you speak about them, the Father will show you the way to remove them. Baba, these particular evil spirits trouble me. You would describe them to the person who removes the ghosts. You don’t have those evil spirits (ghosts) inside you. You know that these five evil spirits have existed for birth after birth. You have to look inside you to see what evil spirits you have. You should then seek advice on how to remove them. The eyes are very deceptive, and this is why the Father also explains: Consider yourself to be a soul and also instil the practice of considering others to be souls. With this method, this illness of yours will be removed. All souls are brothers. There are no bodies. You also know that all of you souls are going to return home. Therefore, you have to look at yourself and see whether you have become full of all virtues. If not, what defects do you still have?
The Father also sits here and examines that soul: He sees that that child has a particular weakness and so He gives him a current. This obstacle of that child should be removed. What would you be able to do if you continued to hide it from the Surgeon? If you continue to speak about your weaknesses, the Father will give you advice. You souls remember the Father: Baba, You are so sweet! Look what you are making us from what we were! In the same way, if you continue to remember the Father, the evil spirits will continue to run away. There is definitely one evil spirit or another. Tell the Father, the Surgeon, about them: Baba, tell me a method for this. Otherwise, there will be a great loss incurred. When you tell the Father about it, He will feel mercy: This evil spirit of Maya is troubling that one. There is only the one Father who chases away the evil spirits. He chases them away wisely. You are told to chase away the five evil spirits. Nevertheless, not all the evil spirits run away. Some especially have those evil spirits and others less so but they definitely do exist. The Father sees when someone has an evil spirit. At the time of giving drishti, all of this is going on inside Him: This one is a very good child. He has many other very good virtues, but he doesn’t say anything and is unable to explain to anyone. It is as though Maya has blocked his throat. If his throat opens, he can begin to serve many others too.
In serving others, you also serve yourself. You are not doing Shiv Baba’s service. Shiv Baba, Himself, has come to serve. He says: The evil spirits of birth after birth have to be chased away. The Father sits here and explains: You know that a tree grows gradually. The leaves continue to fall. Maya causes obstacles so that, whilst just sitting there, your thoughts change. It is just as when sannyasis develop distaste, they completely disappear for no reason, without saying anything. Everyone’s connection is with the Father. You children are numberwise. If you tell the Father the truth, those weaknesses can be removed and you can claim a high status. The Father knows that, because you do not tell Baba about it, some of you incur a great loss for yourselves. No matter how much you explain to them, they still continue to do that work. Maya catches hold of them. Maya is the alligator who puts everyone in her stomach. They remain trapped up to their necks in the quicksand. The Father explains so much. There’s no need for anything else. Simply say: You have two fathers. You always have a physical father. You have them in the golden age and also in the iron age. It isn’t that you will find the parlokik Father in the golden age. The parlokik Father only comes once. The parlokik Father comes and changes hell into heaven. They worship Him so much on the path of devotion; they remember Him. There are many temples to Shiva. Children say that there isn’t any service to do. Oh really? There are temples to Shiva everywhere. You can go there and ask them: Why do you worship that One? He is not a bodily being. Who is that One? They would say: The Supreme Soul. They would not say this of anyone else. So, tell them: He is the Supreme Soul, the Father. He is called Khuda and also Allah. Generally, He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Do you know what you are going to receive from Him?
People in Bharat mention the name of Shiva a lot, and they also celebrate the festival of the birthday of Shiva. It is very easy to explain to anyone. The Father continues to explain a lot to you in different ways. You can go to anyone but you have to speak with great coolness and humility. Your name has spread around Bharat a great deal. If you speak just a little, they will instantly know that you are a BK. People in the villages are very innocent. It is very easy to go to the temples and do service there: Come and we will tell you the biography of Shiv Baba. You worship Shiva, but what do you ask Him for? We can tell you His full biography. The next day, go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple. You have happiness within you. Some children want to go and do service in the villages. Each one has his own understanding. The Father says: First of all, go to Shiv Baba’s temple. Then, go to the temple of Lakshmi and Narayan and ask the people there: Do you know how they received their inheritance? Come and we will tell you the story of the 84 births of the deities. You also have to wake the villagers up. You can go and explain to them with love: You are a soul. It is the soul that speaks. This body is going to finish. We souls now have to become pure and go to the Father.
The Father says: Remember Me! So, they will feel that pull as soon as they hear this. The more soul conscious you are, the more pull there will be. Now there isn’t that complete disinterest in the body and the old world. You know that you have to shed those old costumes. So, why should you be attached to them? Whilst having a body, there shouldn’t be any attachment to it. Internally, let there just be this one concern: We souls now have to become pure and go to our home. Then, there is also the desire: How can I leave such a Baba? I will never find such a Baba ever again. By having such thoughts, you will remember the Father and also your home. We are now going home. The 84 births have been completed. You may do your business etc. during the day; you have to live at home with your family. Whilst living there, let it remain in your intellects that all of this is going to end. We now have to return to our home. The Father has said: You definitely have to live at home with the family. Where else would you go? You may do your business, but keep this in your intellects: All of this is going to be destroyed. First, we will go home and then to the land of happiness. Talk to yourself whenever you have time. You have a lot of time. You may do your business for eight hours and rest for eight hours too. Then you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with this Father for eight hours and also do spiritual service. Whenever you have time, go to the temples of Shiv Baba and Lakshmi and Narayan and do service there. You will find many temples. Wherever you go, they will definitely have a temple to Shiva. The main thing for you children is the pilgrimage of remembrance.
If you stay in remembrance very well you can receive whatever you ask for. Nature will become your servant. Your face will also become so attractive that there will be no need to ask for anything. Some of the sannyasis too are very firm. They simply sit with such faith: I will merge into the brahm element. They remain very firm in that faith. They have the practice of leaving their bodies in that way. However, those people are on the wrong path. They make a lot of effort to merge into the brahm element. On the path of devotion, they make so much effort to receive visions; they even give up their lives. There cannot be suicide of the soul; there is suicide of the body. Souls exist all the time. They go and adopt new lives, that is, they take other bodies. You children should have a keen interest in doing service so that you can remember the Father. There are many temples here too. If you stay in yoga fully and explain anything to others, they won’t question it. The arrows of those who stay in yoga will strike the target. You can do a lot of service. Just try it and see, but you first have to look within yourself. Are there any evil spirits of Maya in you? Those who have the evil spirits of Maya cannot be successful. There is a lot of service to do. Baba cannot go anywhere because the Father is with him. Where would we take the Father in that rubbish? Whom should He speak to? The Father only wishes to speak to His children. So, you children have to do service. It is remembered: Son shows Father. The Father has made you children clever. There are very good children who have an interest in doing service. They say that they want to go and do service in the villages. Baba says: You may do that. Simply take the folding (rolled-up) pictures with you. It feels difficult to explain to others without pictures.
Day and night, you just have these thoughts: How can I help to create the lives of others? How can I remove the weaknesses that I have in me and make progress? You also have happiness: Baba, this child is eight or nine months old. Many such children emerge. They quickly become worthy of doing service. Everyone thinks about uplifting their own village and serving their brothers, their equals. Charity begins at home. A great interest is needed for service. You mustn’t just settle down in one place. Continue to tour around. Very little time remains. Those people have so many big places (such as ashrams). A soul comes and enters someone, they give some teachings and their names are glorified. Here, it is the unlimited Father who sits and gives you teachings just as He did in the previous cycle. This spiritual kalpa tree will grow. Souls come down, numberwise, from the incorporeal tree. A long rosary and a big tree of Shiv Baba is created. By remembering all of these things, you will only remember the Father and there will very quickly be progress. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a great soul who transforms attitudes with a vow of determination.   
The main basis of becoming great is purity. To imbibe purity as a pledge means to become a great soul. Any vow of determination thought transforms your attitude. To observe the vow of purity means to make your attitude elevated. To observe a vow means to observe precautions in a physical way and to have determination in your mind. So, you made a vow to become pure and you created an attitude of brotherhood: we souls are all brothers. By having this attitude, Brahmins became great souls.

Slogan:  In order to be saved from waste, sew a button of determined thoughts on your lips.  

Friday, 21 November 2014

You have to become pure(settle karmic accounts)either through power of yoga or by experiencing punishment.

21/11/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,
You sweetest children are lucky stars. You know that, as well as remembering the Father, you also remember the land of peace. By remembering the Father, we will become pure and go home. Whilst sitting here, you have these thoughts, do you not? The Father doesn’t give you any other difficulty. No one knows about liberation-in-life. All of them are making effort for liberation, but they don’t understand the meaning of liberation. Some say that they want to merge into the brahm element and not come back here at all. They don’t know that they definitely have to enter this cycle. You children now understand these things. You children know that you are spinners of the discus of self-realization and lucky stars. Those who are fortunate are said to be lucky. It is only the Father who now makes you fortunate. As is a father, so are his children. Some fathers are wealthy and other fathers are poor. You children know that you have found the unlimited Father. However lucky someone wants to become, he can become that. Each of you can become as wealthy as you want. The Father says: You can receive whatever you want by making effort. Everything depends on your efforts. You can claim as high a status as you want by making effort. The highest status of all is the status of Lakshmi and Narayan. You also definitely have to keep your chart of remembrance because you definitely have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. You mustn’t just sit here like a buddhu.
The Father has explained that the old world now has to become new. The Father comes to take you to the new satopradhan world. He is the unlimited Father who gives unlimited happiness. He explains: Only by becoming satopradhan will you be able to receive unlimited happiness. If you become sato, you will receive less happiness. If you become rajo, there will be even less happiness. The Father tells you the whole account. You receive an abundance of wealth and happiness. There is no method other than remembrance to claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father. The more you remember the Father, the more you will automatically develop divine virtues. If you want to become satopradhan, you would surely need divine virtues. You have to check yourself. You can claim as high a status as you want through your own efforts. The Teacher who is teaching you is sitting here. The Father says: I explain to you in this way every cycle. There are just the two terms: Manmanabhav and madhyajibhav. You recognize the unlimited Father. That unlimited Father is the One who gives you unlimited knowledge. Only that unlimited Father shows you the path to become pure from impure. So, what the Father is explaining is not anything new. What is written in the Gita is also like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour.
Consider yourself to be a soul. Forget all the religions of the body. In the beginning, you were bodiless whereas you are now in bondage to so many friends and relatives. Everyone is tamopradhan and they now have to become satopradhan. You know that, from being tamopradhan, you are once again becoming satopradhan. Then all your friends and relatives etc. will become pure. To whatever extent they became satopradhan in the previous cycle, so they will become the same. Their efforts will also be like that. So, whom should you now follow? It is remembered: Follow the Father. Just as this one remembers the Father and makes effort, so follow him in the same way. It is the Father who is inspiring you to make effort. He Himself doesn’t make any effort. He inspires you to make effort. Then He says: Sweetest children, follow the father. There are the incognito mother and Father. The mother is incognito; the father can be seen. This has to be understood very clearly. If you want to claim such a high status, then remember the Father very well, just as this father remembers Him. This father claims the highest status of all. He was very elevated and now, at the end of the last of his many births, I enter him. Remember this very well. Do not forget it. Maya makes many forget. You say that you are becoming Narayan from an ordinary man. Baba is showing you how you can become that. You also know that not everyone will follow him accurately.
The Father tells you the aim and objective: Follow the Father. This is remembered of this time. Only at this time does the Father give knowledge to you children. They are called followers of the sannyasis, but that is wrong', they don’t follow them. All of them are those who have knowledge of the brahm element or knowledge of the elements. God doesn’t give them knowledge. They are called tattwa-gyani or brahm-gyani (those who have knowledge of the brahm element or element of light). However, it is not the tattwa or the brahm that gives them knowledge. All of that is the knowledge of the scriptures. The Father is giving you knowledge here, and He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. Note this down very well. You forget that this is something to be imbibed in your hearts very well. The Father tells you every day: Sweetest children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father. You now have to return home. Those who are impure will not be able to go. You have to become pure either through the power of yoga or by experiencing punishment. Everyone’s karmic accounts definitely have to be settled. The Father has explained that you souls were originally residents of the supreme abode and that you then played your parts of happiness and sorrow here. The part of happiness is in the kingdom of Rama and the part of sorrow is in the kingdom of Ravan. Heaven is called the kingdom of Rama; there is complete happiness there. The residents of heaven and the residents of hell are remembered. This has to be imbibed very well. From tamopradhan, the more satopradhan you continue to become, the more happiness you will have inside.
When you were in the rajo stage in the copper age, you had happiness then too. You were not that unhappy or vicious then. Here, you are now so vicious and unhappy. Look at your elders: they are so vicious and alcoholic. Alcohol is very bad. In the golden age, there are only pure souls and then, as they gradually come down, they become completely dirty and this is why this is called the extreme depths of hell. Alcohol is such that they don’t take long to start a quarrel, a fight or incur a loss through it. At this time, it is as though people’s intellects have become corrupt. Maya is very powerful. The Father is the Almighty Authority, the One who gives happiness. Similarly, Maya is such that she causes a lot of sorrow. Look at the condition of people in the iron age: they reach a state of total decay. They don’t understand anything; it is as though they have stone intellects. This too is in the drama. If it is not in someone’s fortune, his intellect becomes like that. The Father gives you very easy knowledge. He continues to explain to you whilst calling you: Child, child. Mothers also say that they have five children of their own and that there is that one other Child, the parlokik Child, who has come to take us to the land of happiness. You consider Him to be the Father and also the Child. He is the Magician. The Father is the Magician and so you children too become magicians. You say: Our Baba is also our Child. So, you have to follow the father and become like that. It used to be his kingdom in heaven. These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. Those scriptures of the path of devotion are also fixed in the drama. They will exist again. The Father explains that you also need the Teacher to teach you. A book cannot become your teacher; if that were not the case, there would be no need for a teacher. These books etc. don’t exist in the golden age.
The Father explains: You understand what a soul is, do you not? There is definitely also the Father of all souls. When some people come here, they say that the Hindus and Muslims are brothers, but they don’t understand the meaning of that at all. One should understand the meaning of being brothers. They must also definitely have the Father. They don’t have even a pennyworth of understanding left. God speaks: This is the last of many births. The meaning is so clear! No one is causing defamation. The Father shows you the way. The first one becomes the last. The beautiful one becomes ugly. You understand that you were beautiful and that you will become that again. You will become that by having remembrance of the Father. This is the kingdom of Ravan. The kingdom of Rama is called Shivalaya. The Rama who belonged to Sita ruled his kingdom in the silver age. This too is a matter of understanding. It is said that he has two degrees less. The golden age is the highest and that is remembered. The silver and copper ages are not remembered as much. The golden age is the new world and the iron age is the old world: 100% happiness and 100% sorrow. The silver and copper ages are semi. This is why the main ones - the golden age and the iron age - are remembered. The Father is establishing heaven. It is your duty to make effort. Will you become residents of the golden age or residents of the silver age? In the copper age you come down, even though you still belong to the deity religion. However, because of being impure, you cannot call yourselves deities. So, the Father explains to you sweetest children every day: The main thing is manmanabhav. You are the ones who become number one.
You go around the cycle of 84 and go into your last birth. Then you go into number one again, and so you now have to remember the unlimited Father. He is the unlimited Father. The Father only comes at the most auspicious confluence age and gives you the happiness of heaven for 21 generations. When your lifespan comes to an end, you automatically shed your body. That is the power of yoga, is it not? Such a law has been created: that is called the power of yoga. There is no question of knowledge there. You grow old automatically. There are no illnesses there. There aren’t any lame or handicapped people there. They remain ever healthy. There is no name or trace of sorrow there. Then, the degrees gradually decrease. You children now have to make effort to claim your elevated inheritance from the unlimited Father. You have to pass with honours, do you not? Not everyone can claim a high status. What status will those who don’t do any service attain? Children do so much service in the museums. People come there readily without being asked. That is called service at a flying speed. We don’t know if there will perhaps be an even faster type of service than this that emerges. You should definitely have two to four main pictures with you. There should be big pictures of the Trimurti, the tree, the cycle and the ladder in every place. Only when children are clever will service take place. Service has to take place. Service has to be done in the villages too. Although mothers are not educated, it is very easy to give the Father’s introduction. Previously, females didn’t have an education. Under Muslim rule, they had to go covered, with only their eyes visible.
This Baba(Adam-Brahma) is very experienced. The Father says: I don’t know any of these things. I live up above. It is Adam-Brahma who explains all these things to you. He is experienced. I only relate the things of Manmanabhav and explain the secrets of the world cycle which this one doesn’t know. This one explains his own experience separately; I do not become involved in those things. My part is just to show you the path. I am the Father, Teacher and Guru. I become your Teacher and teach you, but there is no question of mercy etc. in this. I teach you and then I take you back with Me. It is through this study that salvation takes place. I have come to take you back. “The procession of Shiva” is remembered. It is not the procession of Shankar. It is the procession of Shiva; all the souls follow the Bridegroom. All of them are devotees and I alone am God. You called out to Me to come and purify you and take you back home with Me. So, I will definitely take you children back with Me. I have to enable you to settle your karmic accounts and take you back. The Father repeatedly says: Manmanabhav. Remember the Father and you will definitely also remember your inheritance. You receive the sovereignty of the world. For that, you have to make effort at that level. I do not give you children any difficulty. I know that you have seen a lot of sorrow. Now, I don’t give you any difficulty. On the path of devotion, their lifespan is short. They have untimely death; they weep and wail so much; they take on so much sorrow that their heads even become spoilt. The Father now says: Simply continue to remember Me alone. If you want to become the masters of heaven, you have to imbibe divine virtues. Effort is always made to become elevated. We will become Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father says: I establish both the sun dynasty and moon dynasty religions. They (silver age) fail and this is why they are called warriors. This is a battlefield. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a contented soul who remains constantly full by keeping all your attainments emerged in your awareness.   
Keep all the attainments you have received from BapDada at the confluence emerged in your awareness and the happiness of those attainments will never bring you down in upheaval but will remain constantly unshakeable. Fullness makes you unshakeable and frees you from upheaval. Those who are full with all attainments are always happy and content. Contentment is the biggest treasure. Those who have contentment have everything. They constantly sing the song: I have attained that which I wanted to attain.

Slogan:  Sit in the swings of love and then labouring will automatically finish.