Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Whatever you see at this time - this tape, clock etc. - will all exist again.World history and geography repeats identically.

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02/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You children sit here for half an hour or 15 minutes and Baba also makes you children sit here for 15 minutes so that you consider yourselves to be souls and you remember the Father. You receive these teachings only once and you then do not receive them ever again. In the golden age, you will not be told to sit in soul consciousness. Only the one Satguru says this and it is said of Him: The one Satguru takes you across and everyone else drowns you. The Father is making you soul conscious here. He Himself is soul conscious. In order to explain to you, He says: I am the Father of all of you souls. He doesn't need to become bodiless and remember the Father. Only those who are part of the original eternal deity religion will remember Him. There are many who belong, numberwise, according to their efforts. This is something to be understood very well and explained. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Father of all of you and then He is also knowledge-full. The knowledge remains in the soul. You souls carry the sanskars. The Father already has those sanskars. You all believe that He is the Father. The other speciality He has is that He has that original knowledge. He is the Seed. Just as the Father sits here and explains to you, so you then have to sit and explain to others. The Father is the Seed of the human world and He is also the Truth, the Sentient Being and knowledge-full. He has the knowledge of the whole tree. No one else has the knowledge of this tree. Its Seed is the Father who is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul; just as with a mango tree, its seed would be called its creator. It is as though the seed is the father, but that is non-living. If it were sentient, it would know how the whole tree emerges from it but it is non-living. Its seed is planted underground. That One is the Living Seed; He resides up above. You become master seeds. You receive knowledge from the Father. He is the Highest on High. You too claim a high status. You need a high status in heaven. People do not understand that there is the kingdom of deities in heaven. How would the king, the queen, all the poor, the wealthy, the subjects etc. have been created in the kingdom? You now know how the original eternal deity religion is being established and who is establishing it. God is establishing it.
The Father says: Children, whatever happens, it happens according to the drama plan. All are bound by the drama. The Father also says: I am bound by the drama. I too have received a part and I play that part. He is the Supreme Soul. He is called the Supreme Father. All others are called brothers. No one else can be called the Father, Teacher and Guru. He is the Supreme Father of all, the Teacher and also the Satguru. These things must not be forgotten. However, children forget because a kingdom is being established, numberwise, according to your efforts. It soon becomes apparent how each of you makes effort and whether you are remembering the Father or not, whether you have become soul conscious or not. It can be understood from someone's activity whether he is clever in knowledge. The Father doesn't say anything to anyone directly in case he becomes unconscious and regrets what Baba said and what others will say. The Father can tell how so-and-so is doing service. Everything depends on service. The Father also comes and does service. It is the children who have to remember the Father. The subject of remembrance is difficult. The Father teaches you yoga and knowledge. Knowledge is very easy; it is in remembrance that children fail; they become body conscious. Then, they have thoughts such as: I want this. I want this very good thing.
The Father says: Here, you are in a state of exile. You now have to go into the stage of retirement. So you cannot wear anything like that (expensive). You are now in exile. If you have any such worldly things, they will pull you. Even the body will pull you and repeatedly bring you into body consciousness. This requires effort. You cannot receive the sovereignty of the world without making effort. You have been making effort and will continue to make effort, numberwise, for cycle after cycle. The result will continue to be revealed. At school too, students are transferred numberwise. A teacher would understand: So-and-so has made good effort. He is interested in teaching others; he has that feeling. There, they are transferred from one class to the next and then go to the second, and then the third. Here, you only have to study once. As you make further progress, the closer you come, everything will be revealed. You have to make a lot of effort. You will then definitely claim a high status. You know that some become kings and queens and others become something else. Many subjects are also created. Everything can be known from their activity: How body conscious does this one remain? How much love does this one have for the Father? You have to love the Father only, not brothers. You don't receive anything from having love for brothers. You are all to receive your inheritance from the one Father.
The Father says: Children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me and your sins will be cut away. This is the main thing. You will receive strength by having remembrance. Day by day, your battery will continue to be charged because you continue to imbibe knowledge; the arrow continues to be shot. Day by day, you continue to make progress, numberwise, according to the effort you make. That One is the only Father, Teacher and Satguru who gives you teachings to become soul conscious. No one else can give these teachings; they are all body conscious. No one receives the knowledge to become soul conscious. No human being can be the Father, Teacher or Guru. Each one is playing his own part. You continue to observe this as detached observers. You have to see the whole play as detached observers. You also have to act. The Father is the Creator, Director and Actor. Shiv Baba comes and acts. He is the Father of all. He comes and gives the inheritance to all sons and daughters. He is the only Father and all the rest of the souls are brothers. This inheritance is only received from the one Father. You don't keep anything of this world in your intellect. The Father says: Whatever you see is all perishable. You now have to return home. Those people remember the brahm element, that is, they remember the home. They believe that they will merge into the brahm element. That is called ignorance. Whatever people say about liberation and liberation-in-life is wrong. Whatever methods they create are all wrong. Only the one Father shows you the right path. The Father says: I make you into kings of kings according to the drama plan. Some say: This doesn't sit in our intellects. Baba, enable us to open our mouths! Have this mercy! The Father says: There is no question of Baba doing anything in this. The main thing is that you have to follow directions.
Only from the Father do you receive right directions. All the directions of human beings are wrong because all have the five vices in them. As you continue to come down, you continue to become wrong. Just see how much occult power people continue to use. There is no happiness in that. You know that all of that is temporary happiness. That is called happiness like the droppings of a crow. You have to explain the pictures of the ladder and the tree very well. You can explain to anyone from any religion: The founder of your religion comes at such-and­ such a time. Christ will come at such-and-such time. Those who have been converted to other religions will like this religion and will instantly come here. The rest will not like this. So, how could they make effort? Human beings put human beings on the gallows, but you have to stay in remembrance of the one Father. These are very sweet gallows. The intellect of the soul is connected in yoga to the Father. The soul is told to remember the Father. These are the gallows of remembrance. The Father resides up above. You know that we are souls and that we have to remember the Father alone. This body has to be renounced here. You have all of this knowledge. What are you doing sitting here?
You are making effort to go beyond sound. The Father says: Everyone has to come to Me. So, He is the Death of all Deaths. That death only takes one, and that death is in fact not a person who comes and takes anyone. All of that is fixed in the drama. A soul departs by himself at his time. This Father takes all souls back with Him. So, the intellects' yoga of all of you is to return home. To shed your body is called dying. When the body dies, the soul departs. This is why you call out to the Father: Baba, come and take us away from this world. We don't want to live here any more. Now, according to the drama plan, we have to go back. People say: Baba, there is limitless sorrow here. We don't want to live here any more. This is a very dirty world. Everyone definitely has to die. It is everyone's stage of retirement. You now have to go beyond sound. Death will not come to you. You go in happiness. All the scriptures etc. belong to the path of devotion and they will exist again. These are very wonderful matters in the drama. Whatever you see at this time - this tape, clock etc. - will all exist again. There is no need to be confused about this. Repetition of the world history and geography means that it repeats identically. You know that you are once again becoming deities and that you will become those once again. There cannot be the slightest difference in this. You understand all these things. You know that He is the unlimited Father and also the Teacher and Satguru. There cannot be a human being like that. You call this one Baba; you call him Prajapita Brahma. This one also says: You will not receive an inheritance from me. Bapu Gandhiji was not the Father of the People. The Father says: Do not become confused about these things. Tell them: We do not call Brahma God or a deity.
The Father has told us that He enters this one (Adam-Brahma) at the end of his many births, in his stage of retirement, in order to purify the whole world. Look at the picture of the tree, and how he is standing at the very end. Everyone is now in their tamopradhan state of total decay. This one is also standing in the tamopradhan stage and has those same features. The Father enters him and names him Brahma. Otherwise, tell us where the name Brahma comes from. This one is impure and that one is pure. Those pure deities take 84 births and become impure human beings. This one is going to change from a human being into a deity. It is the duty of the Father to change human beings into deities. All of these are very wonderful matters that have to be understood. This one (Brahma) becomes that one (Vishnu) in a second and then he takes 84 births and becomes this one (Brahma). The Father enters this one and teaches him. You also study; there is also his dynasty. There are temples to Lakshmi and also to Narayan and Radhe and Krishna but no one knows that Radhe and Krishna are at first a princess and prince who then become Lakshmi and Narayan. From a beggar, this one will become a prince. The prince then becomes a beggar. These are such easy matters! The story of 84 births is in both these pictures. This one becomes that. Because it is a couple, they show him with four arms; it is the family path. Only the one Satguru takes you across. The Father explains to you so clearly, but then you also need divine virtues. If you were to ask a husband about his wife or ask the wife about her husband, each would instantly tell you what defects the other one has. They would either say: This one troubles me in this respect, or that they are both moving along fine. Or, they would say: Neither of us troubles the other, for both of us are moving along as companions and helping one another. Some try to make the other fall.
The Father says: You have to change your nature very well here. All of those have devilish natures. Deities have divine natures. You know all of these things. There wasn't a war between the devils and the deities. How could those of the old world meet those of the new world? The Father says: People have sat and written about things that happened in the past and they are called stories. All the festivals etc. refer to this time. They have been celebrating them from the copper age onwards. They are not celebrated in the golden age. All of these matters have to be understood with the intellect. Because of body consciousness, children forget many points. Knowledge is easy. All the knowledge can be imbibed in seven days. First of all, there has to be attention paid to the pilgrimage of remembrance. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual Children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a great soul who is innocent of waste and of Maya and who experiences divinity.   
Those who are innocent of waste and of Maya are said to be great souls, that is, saints. Just as the deities were innocent of this, similarly, let those sanskars of yours emerge. Be an embodiment that is ignorant of all waste because the force of waste sometimes finishes the consciousness of truth and reality. This is why you have to become innocent of any waste in your time, breath, words, deeds and everything. When you are ignorant of waste, you will then automatically experience divinity and give others the experience of divinity.

Slogan:  In order to come into the first division, place your footsteps in the steps of Father Adam-Brahma.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Only by your remembering the God-Father and spinning the discus of self-realization are your sins cut away.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

01/10/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You sweetest spiritual children are sitting in front of the spiritual Father. You are also sitting in front of the Teacher and you know that that Baba has also come here as the Guru to take you children back home. The Father also says: O spiritual children, I have come to take you away from here. This world has become old and you know that this world is dirty. You children too have become dirty. You used to say about yourselves: O Purifier Baba, come and take us impure ones from this land of sorrow to the land of peace. You are now sitting here and so this should enter your hearts. The Father also says: I have come at your call, at your invitation. The Father reminds you that you truly did call out to Him, "Come!", did you not? You now remember that you called out to Him. Baba has now come, according to the drama, exactly as He did in the previous cycle. Those people make plans, whereas this is Shiv Baba's plan. At this time, everyone has their own plans. They make a five year plan that they will do this and that... Look at the plans they all come up with. Previously, they never used to make plans, but now they make plans. You children know that this is our Baba's plan. According to the drama plan, I made this plan 5000 years ago. You sweetest children have become very unhappy here in the brothel, so I have now come to take you to the Temple of Shiva (Shivalaya). That land of peace is the incorporeal land of Shiva (Shivalaya), and the land of happiness is the corporeal land of Shiva (Shivalaya). So, the Father is refreshing you children at this time. You are sitting personally in front of the Father. Your intellects have faith that Baba has come. The word "Baba" is very sweet. You also know that you souls are children of that Father, and that you then belong to this Baba in order to play your parts. You have been having physical babas for so long.
From the golden age onwards, you have played your roles of happiness and sorrow. You now know that your roles of sorrow are coming to an end. You played your roles of happiness for the full 21 births. Then, you also played your roles of sorrow for half the cycle. Baba has now reminded you of this. So, Baba asks you: Was it truly like that? You now have to play your roles once again of happiness for half the cycle. You souls become filled with this knowledge and you then become empty. The Father then makes you full. You have the rosary of victory around your necks. You have the rosary of knowledge around your necks. We truly continue to go around the cycle. There are the golden, silver, copper and iron ages, and then we come to this sweet confluence age. This is called sweet. The land of peace is not sweet. The sweetest of all is the most auspicious, beneficial confluence age. You have the best roles of all in the drama. You are so lucky that you belong to the unlimited Father. He comes and teaches you children. This is such an elevated and easy study. You become so wealthy. You don't need to make any effort in this. Doctors and engineers make so much effort. You receive an inheritance. Children have a right to their father's income. You study this and earn a true income for 21 births. You won't incur any loss there that you would have to remember the Father. This is called the soundless chant. You know that Baba has come. The Father too says: I have come. So, both hands would be clapping.
The Father says: Remember Me and your sins of birth after birth can be burnt away. Ravan, the five vices, has made you into sinful souls. Then, you also have to become pure and charitable souls. It should enter your intellects: We will become pure by having remembrance of the Father and we will then go back home with Him. We receive might through this study. It is said of the deity religion: Religion is might. The Father is the Almighty Authority. Therefore, we receive power from Baba to establish peace in the world. No one can snatch that sovereignty away from us. You receive so much power. Look how the kings receive so much power in their hands. People have so much fear of them. One king has so many subjects and armies, but that is temporary power. This is power for 21 births. You know that we are now receiving power from the Almighty Authority Father to rule the world. There is that love for Him. Even though deities are not in a practical form, people have so much love for them. When their subjects are personally in front of them, they have so much love for them. You are receiving all of this power through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Do not forget these things. By remembering the Father, you become those with a lot of power. No one else can be called the Almighty Authority. Everyone receives power. At this time, no one has that power; all are tamopradhan. At that time, all souls will have received power from the One, and they will then come and play their own roles in their own kingdom. They will settle their own karmic accounts and become powerful, numberwise. The number one power is that of the deities. Lakshmi and Narayan were truly the masters of the whole world.
You have the whole world cycle in your intellects. Just as you souls have this knowledge in you, similarly, the soul of Baba also has all the knowledge. He is now giving you knowledge. The role is recorded in the drama and it continues to repeat. That role will repeat after 5000 years. You children know this. When you rule in the golden age, the Father lives a retired life. When does He come on to the stage again? When you become unhappy. You know that the whole record is recorded in Him. The soul is so tiny and has so much understanding. The Father comes and gives you so much understanding. Then, in the golden age, you will have forgotten all of this. You don't have this knowledge in the golden age. There, you continue to experience happiness. You understand at this time that you will be deities in the golden age and will experience happiness. We are now Brahmins. We are once again becoming deities. Your intellects have to imbibe this knowledge very well. There is happiness experienced in explaining to others. It is as though you are donating life to them. It is said: "Death comes and takes everyone." There is no such thing as death. This is the predestined drama. The soul says: I shed a body and depart and then take another. Death doesn't eat me. The soul has feeling. When a soul is in a womb, he has visions and experiences sorrow. Internally, the soul experiences punishment and that is why it is the called the jail of a womb. This is such a wonderful predestined drama! Souls experience punishment in the jail of a womb as they have visions. Why did he receive punishment? That soul would be given a vision: You did these wrong things and caused sorrow to so-and-so. You have all those visions inside the womb, and, in spite of that, when you come out, you become sinful souls. How can all the sins be burnt away? It has been explained to you children that that happens through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Your sins are also cut away by spinning the discuss of self-realization.
The Father says: Sweetest children, who are spinners of the discuss of self-realization, if you spin this discuss of 84 births, your sins of birth after birth will be cut away. You have to remember the cycle and also remember the One who gave you this knowledge. Baba is making us into spinners of the discus of self-realization. He makes us that, but when new ones come every day, they too have to be refreshed. You have received all the knowledge and you know that you have come here to play your roles. You have been around the cycle of 84 births and you now have to return home. Do you continue to spin the discuss in this way? The Father knows that children forget it a great deal. There isn't any difficulty in spinning the discus, and you also have a lot of time. At the end, you will have the stage of being a spinner of the discus of self-realization. You have to become like them. Sannyasis cannot give these teachings. Even gurus themselves do not know about the discuss of self-realization. They simply say: Let's go to the Ganges. So many people bathe there. Gurus earn a lot of income from the many people who bathe there. People go on pilgrimages repeatedly. Look how much difference there is between that pilgrimage and this pilgrimage! This pilgrimage makes you finish all of those pilgrimages. This pilgrimage is so easy! Also spin the discus. There is the song: We went around in all four directions and yet remained distant from You.
You remained distant from the unlimited Father. You feel that. Those people do not understand the meaning of that. You now know that you have been going around everywhere many times. You have now become liberated from all of that. You didn't come any closer by going around everywhere. Instead, you became even more distant. Now, according to the drama plan, the Father Himself has to come to take everyone back with Him. The Father says: You have to follow my directions and become pure. While seeing this world, you mustn't see it. While a new home is being built and being made ready, you still have to live in the old home. The Father comes at the confluence age to give you your inheritance. An unlimited inheritance is received from the unlimited Father. Children know that their father's inheritance is theirs. They maintain the happiness of that. They earn their income and also receive their father's inheritance; you just receive an inheritance. There, you won't know how you received your inheritance of heaven. There, your life remains very happy because you receive might by remembering the Father. Only the one Father is the Purifier who cuts your sins away. Only by your remembering the Father and spinning the discus of self-realization are your sins cut away. You have to note this down very well. It is enough to explain this.
As you progress further, you won't have to speak a lot. Just one signal will be enough: Remember the unlimited Father and your sins will be cut away. You come here to become Narayan from an ordinary man and Lakshmi from an ordinary woman. You remember that, do you not? These things do not enter the intellect of anyone else. While you are coming here your intellects are aware that you are going to BapDada to claim the inheritance of the new world of heaven. The Father says: By becoming a spinner of the discus of self-realization, your sins will be absolved. Now, look at the One who is making your life like a diamond. You understand this; there is no need to see anything. You understand this through divine vision. It is the soul that studies through this body. You receive this knowledge at this time. Whatever actions we perform, it is the soul that performs those actions after taking a body. Baba has to teach you. His name is always Shiva. The names of the bodies change. This body is not Me; it is this one's property. The body is the property of the soul through which he plays his role. This is something that can be understood easily. There is a soul in each one, and each one's body has a different name. That One is the Supreme Soul. He is the Highest on High. You now understand that God is One, the Creator, and all the rest are the creation who play their roles. You know how souls come. At first, there are very few souls of the original eternal deity religion. Then, at the end, they become worthy to come first. This is like a rosary of the world cycle that continues to turn. When you turn a rosary, all the beads are rotated in a circle. In the golden age, there isn't the slightest devotion.
The Father has explained: O souls, constantly remember Me alone. You definitely have to return home. Destruction is just ahead. Only by having remembrance will your sins be cut away and you will then be liberated from experiencing punishment. You will also claim a good status. Otherwise, a lot of punishment will have to be experienced. I am such a good Guest of you children. I change the whole world, I make the old world new. You also know that Baba comes every cycle and makes the old world new. This world becomes old from new and new from old. At this time, you continue to spin the discus. The Father speaks the knowledge that He has in His intellect. It is also in your intellects how the cycle turns. You know that Baba has come. We are becoming pure by following His shrimat. You will continue to become pure through having remembrance and you will then claim a high status. It is necessary to inspire you to make effort. So many pictures etc. are made to inspire you to make effort. You explain the cycle of 84 births to those who come here. By remembering the Father you will become pure from impure. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a loving image who experiences closeness through the flight of love.   

BapDada's love is merged in all the children and all are flying ahead with the power of love. The flight of love enables the body, mind and heart to come close to the Father. Although all are numberwise in knowledge, yoga and dharna according to their capacity, all are number one in love. This love is the main basis for expressing Brahmin life. Love means to remain close (paas), to pass and to pass easily through every situation.

Slogan:  Merge the Father in your eyes and you will be saved from Maya's vision.

Monday, 29 September 2014

You have to become pure charitable (soul conscious) souls from sinful (body conscious) souls.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

30/09/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You children know that you are souls, not bodies. This is called being soul conscious. All human beings are body conscious. This is the world of sinful souls, that is, it is the vicious world; it is the kingdom of Ravan. The golden age passed. All of those who lived there were viceless. You children know that you were pure deities and that you have become impure once again whilst taking 84 births. Not everyone takes 84 births. Only the people of Bharat who took 82, 83 or 84 births were deities. They have now become impure. Bharat alone is remembered as the imperishable land. When it used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in Bharat, it was called the new world, new Bharat. It is now the old world, old Bharat. Those people were completely viceless; they didn’t have any vices. Those deities took 84 births and have now become impure. There are the strong evil spirits of lust, anger, greed etc., out of those the main evil spirit is body consciousness. This is the kingdom of Ravan. This Ravan becomes the enemy of Bharat for half the cycle when the five vices enter human beings. These evil spirits do not exist in the deities. Whilst taking rebirth, those souls also became influenced by the vices. You know that when you were deities, you didn’t have the evil spirits of any of the vices. The golden and silver ages are called the kingdom of Rama. The copper and iron ages are called the kingdom of Ravan. Here, every man and woman have the five vices in them. The five vices continue from the copper age to the iron age. You are now sitting at the most auspicious confluence age.
You have come to the unlimited Father to become viceless from vicious. If anyone becomes viceless and then falls into vice, Baba writes: You have dirtied your face, and it is now difficult for your face to become beautiful again. It is like falling from the fifth floor. The bones get broken. It also says in the Gita: God speaks: Lust is the greatest enemy. The original religious scripture of Bharat is the Gita. Every religion has just one scripture. The people of Bharat have many scriptures. That is called devotion. The new world is satopradhan and golden aged. There is no fighting or battling there. Everyone has a long lifespan and they are ever healthy and wealthy. You have now remembered that you deities were very happy. There is no untimely death there. There is no fear of death. There, you have everything: health, wealth and happiness. In hell, there is no happiness. There is always one illness or another of the body. This is the world of limitless sorrow, whereas that is the world of limitless happiness. The unlimited Father would not create a world of sorrow. The Father creates a world of happiness. Then, the kingdom of Ravan comes and you receive sorrow and peacelessness in that. The golden age is the land of happiness and the iron age is the land of sorrow. To indulge in vice means to use the sword of lust on one another. People say: “This is God's creation”, but no! This is not God's creation, this is the creation of Ravan.
God creates heaven. There is no sword of lust there. It is not that God gives happiness and sorrow. God is the unlimited Father, so how could He give sorrow to the children? He says: I give you the inheritance of happiness. Then, after half the cycle, Ravan curses you. In the golden age, there was limitless happiness and you were very prosperous. There were so many diamonds and jewels in the one Somnath Temple. Bharat was so solvent; it is now insolvent. In the golden age you were 100% solvent whereas in the iron age you are 100% insolvent. This play is predestined. It is now the iron age. By having alloy mixed in them, souls have now become totally tamopradhan. There is so much sorrow. These aeroplanes etc. have also been invented in the last 100 years. This is called the pomp of Maya. So, people think that heaven was created through science. However, that is Ravan's heaven. Seeing the pomp of Maya in the iron age, scarcely anyone comes to you. They think that they have palaces, cars etc.
The Father says: The golden age, when it is the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, is called heaven. It is no longer the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan now. Their kingdom will now come again after the iron age. First of all, Bharat has a very small population. In the new world, there are only 900,000 deities. Then, there continues to be growth later. The whole world continues to expand. First of all, there are just the deities. So, the unlimited Father sits here and tells you the history and geography of the world. No one except the Father can tell you this. He is called knowledge-full, God, the Father, the Father of all souls. All souls are brothers and then they become brothers and sisters. All of you are the adopted children of the one Prajapita Brahma. All souls are God’s children. He is called the Supreme Father and His name is Shiva. That is all. The Father explains: I have just the one name Shiva. Then, on the path of devotion, people have built many temples, and so they have given Me many names. There is so much paraphernalia of devotion. That cannot be called a study. There is no aim or objective in that. That is for coming down. Whilst coming down, you become tamopradhan, and everyone now has to become satopradhan. You will become satopradhan and go to heaven and everyone else will become satopradhan and go to the land of peace. Remember this very well. Baba says: You called out to Me: Baba, come and make us impure ones pure. Therefore, I have now come to make the whole world pure. People think that they will become pure by bathing in the Ganges. They consider the Ganges to be the Purifier. They consider water in a well to be the water of the Ganges and they bathe in that. They consider it to be an incognito Ganges. When they go on pilgrimages or to the mountains and water emerges there, they call that the incognito Ganges. That is called falsehood.
God is said to be the Truth. However, everyone in the kingdom of Ravan speaks lies. God, the Father, alone establishes the land of truth. There is no falsehood there. Deities are offered pure food as bhog. This is now the devilish kingdom. In the golden and silver ages, there is God’s kingdom which is now being established. God Himself comes and purifies everyone. Deities do not have any vices. Like the king and queen, everyone is pure. Here, all are sinful, lustful and angry. The new world is called heaven and this world is called hell. No one except the Father can change hell into heaven. Here, all are impure residents of hell. In the golden age, they are pure. There, they would not say: We are going to bathe in the Ganges to become pure from impure. This is the variety human world tree and God is the Seed. He alone creates creation. He first of all creates deities. Then, as expansion takes place, there are so many religions. At first, there is one religion and one kingdom; there is nothing but happiness. People want there to be peace in the world. You are now establishing that. All the rest will be destroyed. Only a few will remain. This cycle continues to turn. It is now the most auspicious confluence age of the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. This is called the benevolent, most auspicious confluence age. The golden age is being established after the iron age. You are studying at the confluence age and will receive the fruit of that in the golden age. To the extent that you become pure and study here, accordingly, you will claim a high status. Such a study does not exist anywhere else. You will receive the happiness of this study in the new world. If any evil spirit exists, firstly, there will have to be punishment; secondly, you will receive a low status there.
Those who become complete and teach others will claim a high status. There are so many centres. There will be hundreds of thousands of centres. Centres will be opened throughout the whole world. You have to become pure charitable souls from sinful souls. You have an aim and objective. It is Shiv Baba alone who teaches you. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness. The Father alone comes and teaches you. This one is not teaching you, it is that One who is teaching you through this one. This one is remembered as God's chariot, the Lucky Chariot. He is making you multimillion times fortunate. You become very wealthy. You never fall ill. You receive health, wealth and happiness, everything. Although you might have wealth here, there are also illnesses. Therefore, there cannot be that happiness; there is one type of sorrow or another. That is called the land of happiness, heaven, Paradise. Who gave Lakshmi and Narayan that kingdom? No one knows that. They used to reside in Bharat. They were the masters of the world. There were no partitions etc. Now, there are so many partitions. This is the kingdom of Ravan. It is divided into so many pieces. They continue to fight and quarrel. There, there was the kingdom of those deities in the whole of Bharat. There were no advisers there. Here, look how many advisers there are, because people are senseless. Advisers are also tamopradhan and impure; impure ones attract impure ones. They continue to become poverty-stricken and incur debts. In the golden age, the food and fruit etc. are all very delicious. You go there, experience everything and come back; you go to the subtle region and also to heaven.
The Father tells you how the world cycle turns. At first, there is just the one deity religion in Bharat. There are no other religions. Then, the kingdom of Ravan begins in the copper age. It is now the vicious world. You are now becoming pure and will become viceless deities. This is a school. God speaks: I teach you children Raja Yoga. You will become those in the future. You cannot study for a kingdom anywhere else. The Father Himself teaches you and gives you the kingdom of the new world. Shiv Baba alone is the Supreme Father, Teacher and Satguru. “Baba” means you should surely receive an inheritance. God would surely only give you the inheritance of heaven. Ravan, who is burnt every year is the number one enemy of Bharat. Ravan made you into such devils! His kingdom continues for 2500 years. The Father says to you: I make you into the masters of the land of happiness. Ravan takes you to the land of sorrow. Your lifespan also becomes shorter. There is sudden untimely death and many illnesses continue to emerge. There is nothing like that there. The very name is heaven. People now call themselves Hindus because they are impure, and so they are not worthy of calling themselves deities. The Father sits here and explains to you through this chariot. He comes and sits next to this one in order to teach you. So, this one is also studying. All of us are students. Only the one Father is the Teacher.
The Father is now teaching us. He will then come and teach us again after 5000 years. This knowledge and this study will disappear. You studied and became deities. You received your inheritance of happiness for 2500 years. Then there was sorrow, the curse of Ravan. Bharat is now very unhappy; it is the land of sorrow. People call out: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure. You should now not have any vices in you. However, the illness of half the cycle is not removed that quickly. In those studies too, those who don't study fail. Those who pass with honours claim a scholarship. Amongst you, those who become pure very well and then make others pure claim this prize. The rosary is of the eight who pass with honours. Then there is also the rosary of 108. That rosary is also turned. People don't understand the significance of those. In a rosary, there is first the tassel, and there is then the dual-bead. Both husband and wife remain pure. They were pure and were called residents of heaven. Those souls have taken rebirth and become impure. They will now become pure here and go to the pure world.
The history and geography of the world repeat. The vicious kings build temples to the viceless kings and worship them. From being worthy of worship, they then become worshippers. By them becoming vicious, even the crown of light no longer remains. This play is predestined. This is an unlimited wonderful drama. First of all, there is just the one religion which is called the kingdom of Rama. Then, those of other religions come. Only the one Father can explain how this world cycle continues to turn. God is just One. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you become an embodiment of the blessings, you make fruitful by using them at the right time.   

Use the blessings at the right time that you receive from BapDada from time to time. Do not become happy on just hearing the blessings thinking that you received very good blessings today. By using the blessings, the blessings remain permanently. The blessings are from the eternal Father but you have to make them fruitful. For this, repeatedly give those blessings the water of awareness and the sunlight of remaining stable in the form of each blessing and you will become an embodiment of those blessings.

Slogan:  Maya cannot cast her vision on those who have the Father in their vision.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

without virtues, powers and the elevated wealth of knowledge,there cannot be constant contentment.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

29/09/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You sweetest, spiritual children understand that you are sitting with the unlimited Father. You also know that the unlimited Father comes in this chariot. When you say “BapDada”, you know that it is Shiv Baba sitting in this chariot and giving you His introduction. You children know that He is Baba. Baba gives you directions to remember the spiritual Father so that your sins can be burnt away. This is also called the fire of yoga. You have now recognized the Father. Therefore, how can you ask: How can I give the Father’s introduction to others? You have the introduction of the unlimited Father and so you can surely give it to others. The question of how to give His introduction cannot even arise. Just as you have come to know the Father, in the same way, you can tell them that there is only the one Father of all souls. There is no need to be confused about this. Some say: Baba, it is very difficult to give Your introduction. Oh! There is no question of any difficulty in giving the Father’s introduction. Even an animal understands with signals that it is the child of so-and-so. You also understand that He is the Father of us souls. I, the soul, am now inside this body. Baba has explained that His soul is the immortal image. It is not that He does not have a form. You children have recognized Him. This is a very simple matter.
There is only the one incorporeal Father of all souls. All souls are brothers, children of the Father. We receive an inheritance from the Father. You also know that there could never be a child in this world who does not know his father and his creation. He would also know what property his father has. This is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul. This is the benevolent gathering. The Father is the benevolent One; He brings a great deal of benefit. By recognizing the Father, you understand that you receive an unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. The followers of those sannyasis and gurus do not know about the inheritance of their guru. Hardly any of the followers know what property their guru has. It is now in your intellects: This is Shiv Baba, and He too has property. You children understand that the property of the unlimited Father is that of the kingdom of the world of heaven. This aspect is not in the intellect of anyone except you children. What property does a physical father have? His children would know that. You now say that you belong to the parlokik Father whilst alive. You also know what you receive from Him. Previously, you used to belong to the shudra clan and you have now come into the Brahmin clan. You have the knowledge that Baba comes in this body of Brahma. This one is called the Father of Humanity (Prajapita Brahma).
Shiva (Benefactor) is the Father of all souls. This one (Father of Humanity) is called the great, great grandfather. You have now become his children. They say of Shiv Baba that He is present everywhere and that He is the Knower of all Secrets. You have now come to know how He gives the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. He is the Father of all souls. It is wrong to say that He is beyond name and form. His name and form are remembered. The Night of Shiva (Shiv Ratri) is also celebrated. It is human beings who have birthdays whereas the night refers to Shiv Baba. You children understand what is called “night”. There is total darkness in the night; it is the darkness of ignorance. People still sing: When the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled, but they do not understand the meaning of that. They don’t understand what the Sun is or when He rises. The Father explains that the Sun of Knowledge is also called the Ocean of Knowledge. The unlimited Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. Sannyasis and gurus etc. consider themselves to be authorities of the scriptures; all of that is devotion. Many are called scholars because they study the Vedas and scriptures. Therefore, the Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. This is called the meeting of the souls with the Supreme Soul. You understand that the Father has entered this chariot. This meeting is called a gathering (mela). When we return home, that too is a gathering. The Father Himself sits here and teaches you. He is the Father as well as the Teacher. Imbibe this one point very well. Do not forget it!
Now, the Father is incorporeal; He does not have a body of His own. Therefore, He definitely has to adopt a body. He Himself says: I have to take the support of matter. Otherwise, how could I speak? It is not possible to speak without a body. Therefore, the Father enters this body. This one is given the name “Adam-Brahma”. When we change from shudras to Brahmins, our names should also change. You were given names but look, in spite of that, some are no longer here. This is why there is no rosary of Brahmins. The rosary of devotees and the rosary of Rudra are remembered but there is no rosary of Brahmins. The rosary of Vishnu has also been remembered. Who is the first bead of that rosary? You would say, “The dual-bead.” This is why a couple is also shown in the subtle region. Vishnu is shown with four arms - two arms of Lakshmi and two arms of Narayan. The Father explains: I am the Laundryman. I make you pure and clean through the power of yoga. Even then, you lose your decoration by indulging in vice. The Father comes to make everyone clean. He comes and teaches you souls. Therefore, the One who teaches definitely has to come here. People call out: Come and purify us! Clothes become dirty and they are cleaned by being washed. You also used to call out: O Purifier Baba, come and purify us. When souls become pure they can receive pure bodies. Therefore, the foremost aspect is to give the Father’s introduction. You cannot even ask the question: How can I give the Father’s introduction? You have come here because the Father has given you His introduction. You have come to the Father. Where is the Father? In this chariot; this is the immortal throne. You souls too are immortal images. All of these are your thrones on which you souls are present. That physical immortal throne (in Amritsar) is non-living.
You understand that I am an immortal image, that is, an incorporeal one, who has no corporeal form. I, the soul am immortal; I can never be destroyed. I shed one body and take another. My, the soul’s, part is eternally fixed. My part began in the same way 5000 years ago. We came from our home to play our parts from the period beginning with 1.1.1. This is the cycle of 5000 years. They speak of hundreds of thousands of years. This is why they are not able to think about it having fewer years. Therefore, you children should never ask how you can give the Father’s introduction to others. Baba is amazed when you ask such questions. Oh! you now belong to the Father, and so how is it that you are unable to give His introduction? We are all souls and He is our Baba, the One who grants salvation to all. You now know when He grants everyone salvation. He comes at the confluence of every cycle to grant salvation to all. Those people think that 40,000 years still remain and they straightaway say that He is beyond name and form. Now, can there be anything beyond name and form? Even pebbles and stones have names. Therefore, the Father says: Sweetest children, you have come to the unlimited Father. The Father also knows that there are many children. You children have to go beyond the limited and the unlimited. He sees all the children and knows that He has come to take them all back. There will be very few in the golden age. This knowledge is very clear, it is explained with pictures. Knowledge is absolutely easy. However, the pilgrimage of remembrance takes time. You must never forget such a Father.
The Father says: Remember Me alone and you will become pure. I come to purify the impure. You immortal souls are sitting on your individual thrones. Baba has also taken this throne on loan. The Father enters this lucky chariot. Some say that the Supreme Soul does not have a name or form. That is not possible. They call out to Him and also sing His praise, and so He must surely be something. Because of being tamopradhan they do not understand anything. The Father explains: Sweetest children, there cannot be 8.4 million species. The maximum number is 84 births. Everyone has to take rebirth. It is not that anyone can go and merge into the brahm element or attain eternal liberation. This world drama is predestined. There cannot be one soul more or one soul less. It is from this eternal and immortal drama that they create small dramas. Those are perishable. You children are now in the unlimited. You children have received the knowledge of how you have taken 84 births. The Father has now told you this, but previously, none of you knew it. Even the rishis and munis used to say: We do not know. The Father only comes at the confluence age to change this old world. He is once again carrying out the establishment of the new world through Adam-Brahma. Those people speak of hundreds of thousands of years but no one could remember anything that old. No great annihilation ever takes place. The Father teaches you Raja Yoga and you then claim your kingdom. There is no doubt about this. You children know that the first number, the most loved, is the Father and then the next most loved is Shri Krishna. You know that Shri Krishna is number one, the first prince of heaven. He then takes 84 births. I enter his body in his last birth. You now have to become pure from impure. It is the Father who is the Purifier.
How can river water purify you? Those rivers also exist in the golden age. The water there remains very clean. No rubbish etc. remains in them. Here, there is so much rubbish in them. Baba has seen all of that. He had no knowledge at that time. Baba is now amazed at how he thought that water could purify you! The Father explains: Sweetest children, never become confused about how you can remember the Father. Ah! can you not remember the Father? Those children are born through vice whereas you children are adopted. How can an adopted child forget the father from whom he receives an inheritance? You receive unlimited property from the unlimited Father. Therefore, you should not forget Him. Do children ever forget their physical father? However, here, there is opposition from Maya. Maya continues to wage war on you. This whole world is the field of action. A soul enters a body and performs actions here. The Father explains the secret of action, neutral action and sinful action. Here, in the kingdom of Ravan, actions become sinful. There, there is no kingdom of Ravan, and their actions are therefore neutral. There are no sinful actions there. These aspects are very easy. Here, in the kingdom of Ravan, actions become sinful. This is why you have to experience punishment for sins. It is not that Ravan is eternal. No, for half the cycle it is the kingdom of Ravan and for the other half it is the kingdom of Rama. When you were deities your actions were neutral. All of this is knowledge. Now that you have become Baba’s children, you also have to study this knowledge. That’s all! You should not have any other thoughts of business etc. However, those who live at home also have to do business etc. Therefore, the Father says: Remain like a lotus flower. You are to become like those deities. That symbol has been given to Vishnu because it would not suit you. It suits him. It is that dual-form of Vishnu that becomes Lakshmi and Narayan. That is the non-violent, most elevated deity religion.
There is no sword of lust there nor is there any fighting or quarrelling. You are becoming doubly non-violent. You were the masters of the golden age. It is called the golden-aged pure world. Both soul and body become pure. Who makes your bodies pure? The Father. It is now the iron age. You say that the golden age has passed. Yesterday, when you ruled, it was the golden age. You continue to become knowledge-full. Not everyone can become the same. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be complete with wealth by receiving the blessing of the most elevated wealth from the Bestower of Blessings.   
If someone has just physical wealth, he cannot remain constantly content. As well as physical wealth, if someone does not have the wealth of all virtues, all powers and the elevated wealth of knowledge, there cannot be constant contentment. All of you have of all of these types of elevated wealth. People of the world consider someone with physical wealth to be wealthy, but you children have received the most elevated wealth as a blessing from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings.

Slogan:  With true spiritual endeavour, transform the cries of distress (hai, hai) into words of wonder (wah, wah). 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

You never shake when you have the faith that the time is beneficial, and that there is benefit in every situation.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

28/09/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     21/12/78

Essence: “The form, the line of fortune and the time of the souls who remain very close throughout every cycle.”

Today, at amrit vela, whilst seeing and celebrating a sweet meeting with the children in all four directions, Bap and Dada were discussing one thing in particular. What were they discussing? They were looking at the form of the divine birth of every child and also the time, that is, the moment of their birth. The present confluence-aged life and the future life of each of the children are based on the time and the form of their birth. What did Baba see as their form? From the moment they were born, they had a sparkle of power, of Shakti, that is, having previously been separated (viyoga), they received the fortune of being connected (yoga) once again. They had the form of being thirsty and eager for knowledge, of serving and from the moment they came they also had the form of supersensuous joy. What lines of fortune came with that? That of being a bestower of blessings, of having courage and enthusiasm and of moving along on the basis of receiving co-operation from the moment of birth. In the same way, Baba was also looking at the time: whether your intellect had faith within a second, whether you developed faith after taking the seven days' course, or whether you took longer than that; whether your intellect had faith after battling between faith and doubt, or whether you are still battling as you move along. To have faith in a second means to be amongst those who are taken beyond with just a glance. The second number is of those who are taken beyond by elevated words. The third number is of those who die alive after finding out the value of the Businessman's bargain. The fourth number is of those who, on the basis of their little attainments, love, connections and transformation, have faith one moment and doubt in the next. Today, Bap and Dada were looking at and discussing all these aspects of you children as to whether your dying-alive life is one of being constantly free from obstacles, of being a constantly intense effort-maker, of being a constant embodiment of experience through your attainments, whether you are leading a life of making effort, or whether you are leading a life where you are constantly going up and down. The basis of all these three types of life is the form, the line of fortune and the time.
Do you know the form, line of fortune and time of the souls who remain extremely close and multimillion­ times fortunate every cycle? Such souls came and belonged to the Father within a second. On the basis of the touchings they received of their fortune in the previous cycle, they will experience from birth that they don't have to become Brahmins, but that they were Brahmins previously and are also that now. They would have a feeling of belonging within a second. The moment they saw Baba, they recognised Him. What would be the form and line of fortune of those who took that much time? What would be the form of those who are in the first number, as related just now? From the moment of their birth, they received a right to all the property. Similarly, they received the right to experience each and every form. Just as a whole tree is latent in the seed, so too, the foremost souls, the souls who are close to the Father, the souls who came during the number one period, would experience the treasure of all forms of attainment as soon as they came. They would experience that form to be their original form.  To experience happiness and not peace, or to experience peace and not happiness or power, is not the experience of those who come in the first period.  They claim a right to their inheritance within a second.  This is their time and their form.
What would be their line of fortune? They would not have the slightest thought as to whether their intellect already has faith or whether they still have to develop faith, but they would have the line of fortune of their intellect having natural faith from the moment of birth. They would not go into the details of "How?" or "In this way or that way", but would naturally have faith; they would have no questions as to how to develop faith. Other souls too would clearly be able to see the line of unbroken faith throughout their whole lives. The line of their fortune of faith would be constant and not broken every now and then. The tilak of victory would be constantly visible on the forehead, that is, in the consciousness of those who have such a line of fortune. Just as the future form of a Brahmin as portrayed in the picture of Shri Krishna is of one who has a crown from the moment of birth, so too, from the moment of birth, those who have this fortune would have the crown of responsibility of service and would be constantly playing with the jewels of knowledge. Such souls would be leading lives in which they are constantly swinging in the swings of remembrance and happiness. In every act they perform, they would constantly experience the hand of blessings over them. In every activity throughout the whole day, they would experience the Company and closeness in all relationships and also experience the company in the corporeal form. They would be easy and natural yogis. These are the signs of those who are number one in the form, the line of fortune and the time.  Now, check yourself. How many would there be in the first number form, line of fortune and time? Eight or 108? Which number does each of you have? You can still change it even now. Those of you who have come last can go fast. There is still room for transformation. The "Too late" board has not yet been put up. Incognito effort-makers, those effort-makers with single-minded determination, day and night, can take this high jump. Therefore, take a chance in the lottery of making effort to make your fortune the foremost fortune, and you might win it. Do you understand what you have to do? This is your last chance. Therefore, let the past be the past and make your future elevated. This is why BapDada is still giving everyone a chance. Don't complain afterwards and say that you could have done it, but didn't do it because you didn't have time or because the circumstances weren't right. Even now, the hand of mercy of the merciful Father is over everyone.  Therefore, have mercy on yourself.  Achcha.
To those who constantly experience the Father's hand of blessings over themselves, to those who constantly have mercy on themselves and others, to those constant yogis who have a constant and unbroken line of faith in their intellects, to those who constantly have a tilak of victory, to those who have had a crown from their moment of birth, to the children  who are constantly seated on the heart-throne, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. The stage of being beyond by remaining aware of your original land and original form.

Do you constantly remember your stage of your original form and your original land? When you remain aware of the incorporeal world and your incorporeal form, then, although you have to live in this old world, you are able to become full of love and completely detached. You do not belong to this world anyway. You are residents of the incorporeal world who have incarnated here for the sake of service. What do those who incarnate remember?  They always remember the task for which they incarnated.  An incarnation incarnates to establish a religion. So, since all of you are also incarnations who have incarnated to carry out a task, what do you always remember? This task of establishing a religion! You are righteous souls who are constantly engaged in the task of establishing a religion, and so you are incarnations of power (Shakti), are you not? All of you Shaktis are incarnations. Pandavas are also the form of Shakti. Just the One is the Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers and all the others are just Shaktis. So, all of you are incarnations of power. If you just remember this, you can experience such a sweet life. We do not belong to this mortal land, but we are incarnations. If you remember just this small thing, you can remain beyond. If you don't consider yourself to be an incarnation, but a householder, then the cart of your life would remain stuck in the mud. A householder means to have the stage of being burdened, whereas an incarnation is one who is completely light. One is trapped and the other is completely detached. If you become caught up in the spin of being sometimes a householder and sometimes an incarnation, you would only sometimes, and not all the time, experience this confluence-aged elevated life to be a life filled with wonderful happiness. You won't receive days of such happiness again. Each and every day of the confluence age is extremely lovely. So, how are you spending these lovely days of the confluence age? Do you spend them in an invaluable way or only in an ordinary way? Each second has value - do you know that value? The elevated reward of 5000 years is based on just these few moments, and so you should use these invaluable moments in an invaluable way. To use them in an ordinary way means to make the value of jewels the same as that of stones. If you are wasting your time, you are using the jewels as stones. To value time means to value yourself. You do, of course, recognize the time, but to behave as an embodiment of recognition is a matter you have to pay attention to. What can you not achieve in just one second of the confluence age? Within a second, you can leave here and tour everywhere in all four lands and then return. Have you experienced this? You are not wasting your time in trivial matters, are you? Now take a high jump! The time of moving along slowly has now finished. Childhood is the time of mischievous behaviour. The mischief of childhood can also be enjoyable, but would it seem right to be mischievous after you have grown up? Your childhood has passed by and you have now reached your stage of retirement. This mischief no longer seems right. During your stage of retirement, you have only one task left, and that is to remember the Father and do service. Even when you sleep, there is remembrance and service. This is known as the stage of retirement. If, even now, you still have any particular aspects or sanskars of childhood, then finish them now! To say that you have a certain bondage  or ask what you should do or how you should do it is all like childish mischief. Are those days now over? When you do not recognize yourself as one who is trikaldarshi, you ask: What can I do? Don't waste any more time in this. "It should happen like this, but...", "I want to do it, but I am unable to do it" etc. are all childish games that should now have ended. Now, celebrate this completion ceremony.  Achcha.

2. To consider yourself to be a trustee is to experience a powerful stage.

Do all of you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be trustees? A trustee is one who is constantly light, whereas a householder is one who is constantly carrying a burden. If you are a householder, you would be in the stage of descent, whereas if you are a trustee, you would be in the stage of ascent. Trustees are constantly carefree emperors, that is, they are beyond any type of worry. They have the spiritual intoxication of being master almighty authorities. No matter what the circumstances are, they would always remain light and detached and not even slightly influenced by the atmosphere. When you consider yourself to be a householder, the questions of "Why?" and "What?" etc. arise. When you consider yourself to be a trustee, you are able to apply a full stop. To put a full stop means to experience a powerful stage.

3. In order to make your stage like that of Angad (the unshakeable one) make the foundation of your faith strong.

Are all of you as unshakeable as Angad? Are you able to remain unshakeable in every type of Maya's upheaval? None of Maya's attacks should be able to shake your stage. What causes your stage to shake? Your stage shakes when your foundation of faith is not strong. When you have the faith that the time is beneficial, and that there is benefit in every situation, then, no matter how many storms come, they will not be able to shake you. Now, make the foundation of your faith strong by watering it with intense effort, and you will remain as constantly unshakeable as Angad. Then, you will not consider any of Maya's attacks to be an attack. The time of shaking has now passed. If you are still continuing to shake even now, then you would also shake at the time of the final paper and then fail for birth after birth. Therefore, strengthen the sanskars of awareness. Constantly remember that the memorial of Angad is your memorial and you will receive strength.

4. A constant stage in order to make your courage and enthusiasm constant.

Are your courage and enthusiasm constantly stable? When your stage is stable, your courage and enthusiasm will also always be stable; they will not fluctuate. What is the reason for sometimes having too much and sometimes too little courage and enthusiasm? It is because you don't constantly experience having all attainments in front of you or in your awareness. Nowadays, temporary attainment brings about courage and enthusiasm, whereas this attainment of everything is for all time, and so keep a list of all your attainments in front of you at all times. Since your attainment is unshakeable and stable, your courage and enthusiasm should also be likewise. Who would have mischievous sanskars of allowing the mind to become mischievous or allowing their stage to shake instead of keeping it stable? You are the oldest and most experienced souls in the whole world, so why should there be any mischief? By constantly keeping the Father and your attainments in front of you, you will become unshakeable and stable and all obstacles will end. You have had the tilak of victory on you from your moment of birth. Simply pay attention that it never rubs off. You should constantly have new courage, new enthusiasm and new plans. Create such instruments for service through which there will be greater success and less expense. There is still a margin for a lot of service to be done, and so fill that gap. Let there definitely be some speciality and newness in every programme.  Make plans to give everyone an experience.  Achcha.

Speaking to Teachers:
Teachers are equal to the Father, are they not? Just as the Father is the Teacher, similarly, you are also teachers and so that is equality, is it not? What would you call someone who is equal? Friend.  Teachers are also BapDada's friends. If you remember the relationship of friends, you will become easy yogis. The relationship of a friend is a very close one. Friends are clear with one another; they are not as clear with their parents. If you remember the relationship of a friend, then the practice of "I eat with You, I sit with You, I play with You", will become easy. So, congratulations to all friends. There are teachers from both Punjab and Delhi, so, both are brothers and sisters. Delhi are the brothers and Punjab are the sisters. Punjab has also emerged from Delhi, has it not?  Achcha.  Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be a contented  soul who remains stable in the stage of a detached observer while observing the games of adverse situations.   
No matter how many the situations that come as such that they make you shake, become stable in the stage of a detached observer and you will experience everything to be a puppet show; that it is not real. Observe the play while maintaining your honour. The elevated honour of the confluence age is to be a jewel of contentment and to remain content. Souls who maintain this honour (shaan) cannot be distressed (pareshaan). The special gift from BapDada at the confluence age is that of contentment.

Slogan: Become so cheerful and happy that the happiness in your mind is clearly visible on your face. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

Become free from the consciousness of the body and all other bondages will automatically finish.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

27/09/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. Whilst sitting here, you first remember the Father because He is the Purifier. Your aim is to become pure and satopradhan by remembering Him. Your aim is not just to reach the sato stage. You have to become satopradhan and this is why you also definitely have to remember the Father. Then, you also remember your sweet home because you have to go there. Then, you also need prosperity there, and this is why you also have to remember the land of heaven because you have that attainment. You children know that you have become the children of the Father. You take teachings from the Father and will go to heaven, numberwise, according to your efforts. All the rest of the living souls will go to the land of peace. Everyone definitely has to return home. You children also know that this is now the kingdom of Ravan. In comparison to this, the golden age is given the name, the kingdom of Rama. Then there is a decline of two degrees. One is called the sun dynasty and the other is called the moon dynasty. Just as there is just one dynasty of the Christians, so this too is just one dynasty. However, there are the sun dynasty and the moon dynasty in that. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures. The Father sits here and explains to you and this is called knowledge. Once heaven has been established, there is no need for knowledge. You children are taught this knowledge at only the most auspicious confluence age. It should definitely be written at your centres and the museums in big writing: Brothers and sisters, this is the most auspicious confluence age which only comes once. They don't understand the meaning of, "The most auspicious confluence age," and so you also have to write: This is the confluence age of the meeting of the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. So, the confluence age is the most beautiful and benevolent age. The Father says: I only come at the most auspicious confluence age. So, the meaning of the confluence age is also explained to you.
The end of the brothel and the beginning of the Temple of Shiva (Shivalaya) is called the most auspicious confluence age. Here, all are vicious, whereas there, all are viceless. So, surely, those who are viceless are said to be the highest. Both men and women become the highest. Therefore, the name is the most elevated human beings (purushottam). No one, except you children, and the Father knows that this is the confluence age. It doesn't enter anyone's intellect when the most auspicious confluence age is. The Father has now come. He is the Seed of the human world tree. He is praised so much. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Bliss and the Purifier. He grants everyone salvation with knowledge. You would never say that salvation is received through devotion. Salvation is only in the golden age and that takes place through knowledge. So, He would surely come at the confluence of the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. The Father explains and makes everything very clear. New ones come, just as they have also come every cycle and will continue to come. The kingdom has to be established in this way. You children know that you are the true helpers of God. He would not teach just one person. One studies, and you then study with that one and then you teach others and this is why this big university has to be opened here.
Throughout the whole world, neither is there another such university nor does anyone in the world know that there can be such a thing as a Godly university. You children now know that the God of the Gita, Shiva, comes and opens this university. He makes you into the masters of the new world, deities. The souls that have become tamopradhan have to become satopradhan again at this time. At this time, all are tamopradhan. Although some kumars, kumaris and sannyasis do remain pure, nowadays, there isn't that purity. Souls who come down at first remain pure. They then become impure. You know that everyone has to pass through the stages of satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo. At the end, everyone becomes tamopradhan. The Father now sits here and personally explains to you: This tree has reached its tamopradhan state of total decay. It has become old, and so it definitely has to be destroyed. This is the tree of the variety of religions and this is why it is called the unlimited variety play. The tree is so big and unlimited. Those are non-living trees that emerge when you sow seeds. This is the variety picture of the variety of religions. All are human beings, but there is a great deal of variety amongst them. This is why they speak of the unlimited variety play. Only you know how all the religions come down numberwise. Everyone has to go back and then come down.
This world drama is predestined. It is the wonderful drama. The wonder is that such a tiny soul, that is, the Supreme Soul, has such a big part recorded in Him. The Supreme plus Soul is called God (Param plus Atma). You call Him Baba because He is the Supreme Father of all souls. You children know that it is the soul that plays the whole part. Human beings don't know this. They say: The soul is immune to the effect of action. In fact, those words are wrong. You should also write in big writing: Souls are not immune to the effect of action. A soul receives the fruit of whatever good or bad actions he has performed. Souls become impure with impure sanskars and this is why they go in front of the deity idols and sing their praise. You now know about your 84 births. No other human beings know this. When you tell them and give proof of their 84 births, they ask: Are all the scriptures false? They have heard that human beings go into 8.4 million species. The Father now sits here and explains to you that, in fact, the Gita is the jewel of all the scriptures. The Father is now teaching us the Raja Yoga that He taught us 5000 years ago. You know that we were pure, and that we belonged to the pure household religion. That would not be called a religion now. People have become irreligious, that is, they have become vicious. You children now understand this play. This is the unlimited drama which continues to repeat every 5000 years. No one could understand anything that is hundreds of thousands of years. This is a matter of just yesterday. You were in the Temple of Shiva (Shivalaya), and, today, you are in the brothel and, tomorrow, you will be in the Temple of Shiva again.
The golden age is called Shivalaya or heaven and the silver age is said to be semi. You will stay there for so many years. You have to take rebirth. This is called the kingdom of Ravan. You became impure and have been for half the cycle. The Father now says: Whilst living at home, become as pure as a lotus. Kumars and kumaris are pure anyway. It is explained to them: You must not get involved in a household where you would then have to make effort to become pure again. God speaks: Become pure! You have to listen to the unlimited Father. You can live as purely as a lotus whilst living at home with your family. So, why do you instil in your children the habit of becoming impure, since the Father is saving you from becoming impure for 21 births? You also have to renounce the opinion of your family and society. This is an unlimited matter. There are many bachelors in all religions, but it is a little difficult to live with safety because they are still living in the kingdom of Ravan. Abroad, too, many people don't get married, and then they get married in their old age for companionship. They do not get married with criminal eyes. There are many such people in the world. He is looked after very well, and when he dies, he leaves something to that person (companion) and gives some of it to charity. They set up a trust before they go. They also have big trusts abroad which then help here. There are no trusts here (in India) that would help countries abroad. Here, people are poor and so how could they help? There, they have a lot of money. Bharat is poor. Look at the condition of the people of Bharat!
Bharat was crowned and that was a matter of only yesterday. They themselves say that 3000 years ago there was Paradise. Only the Father creates that. You know how the Father comes down here from up above in order to purify the impure. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, and the Bestower of Salvation for All, that is, He is the One who purifies everyone. You children know that everyone sings My praise. I come here, into this impure world, to purify you. You become pure and so you first of all go to the pure world. You experience a lot of happiness. Then, in the kingdom of Ravan, you fall. Although people sing that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Peace and the Purifier, no one knows when He comes to make you pure. The Father says: You praise Me. I have now come and am giving you My introduction. I come every 5000 years, at this most auspicious confluence age. I also explain to you how I come. There are the pictures too.
Adam-Brahma doesn't exist in the subtle region. Brahma is here and Brahmins are also here. He is called the great-great-grandfather and there is his genealogical tree. The genealogical tree of the human world would only start with Adam-Prajapita Brahma. He is Prajapita (Father of the People) and so there must definitely be his people too. They cannot be a physical creation, and so they must surely be adopted. He is the great-great­ grandfather and so he must surely have adopted everyone. All of you are adopted children. You have now become Brahmins and you then have to become deities. To change from shudras into Brahmins and Brahmins into deities is to perform a somersault. There is also the variety-form image. Everyone definitely has to come here from there. When everyone has come down, the Creator then also comes. He is the Creator and the Director and He also acts.
The Father says: O souls, you know Me. All of you souls are My children. You first adopted bodies in the golden age and played such good parts of happiness. Then, whilst taking 84 births, you came into so much sorrow. There are creators, directors and producers of dramas. This drama is unlimited; no one knows the unlimited drama. They show such things on the path of devotion and they have become fixed in the intellects of people. The Father now says: Sweetest children, all of those are the scriptures of the path of devotion. There is a lot of paraphernalia of the path of devotion. Just as the expansion of a seed is the tree - such a huge tree spreads from such a tiny seed -there is also so much expansion of devotion. Knowledge is the seed and there is no other paraphernalia needed for it. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. There are no other vows or disciplines etc. All of that comes to an end. Once you have received salvation, there is no need for anything else. You have done a lot of devotion and so I have come to give you the fruit of that. Deities used to reside in Shivalaya. This is why people go to the temples and sing their praise. The Father now explains: Sweetest children, I also explained to you 5000 years ago: Consider yourself to be a soul. Renounce all relationships of the body and remember Me, your Father, and your sins will be burnt away in this fire of yoga. Whatever the Father explains now, He has been explaining every cycle. There are some good words in the Gita too. Manmanabhav means: Remember Me alone. Shiv Baba says: have come here. I also tell you whose body I enter. I tell you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures through Brahma. People show these images, but they don't understand their meaning. You now understand how Shiv Baba tells you the essence of all the scriptures through the body of Brahma. He also explains to you the secrets of the drama of 84 births. I come at the end of this one's many births. This one then becomes the number one prince and then goes into 84 births. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be an easy yogi and remain constantly happy by having the awareness of your relationship and attainments.   
The basis of easy yoga is your relationship and attainments. Love develops on the basis of your relationship and where there are attainments, the mind and intellect easily go there. So, in the relationship, remember your right of the word "mine." Say from your heart, "My Baba," and let the treasures of powers, knowledge, virtues, happiness, peace, bliss and love that you have received from the Father emerge in your awareness and there will be limitless happiness. You will then become an easy yogi.

Slogan:  Become free from the consciousness of the body and all other bondages will automatically finish.