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International Journal of Healing practices from Spirituality, Healing and Inner Values Academy (SHIVA)

Sub: International Journal of Healing practices from Spirituality, Healing and Inner Values Academy (SHIVA)


This is an invitation to submit Healing reports, to publish in the International journal of healing.

It will be a monthly journal, circulated in a pdf format and later published in a book format.

The healers are requested to submit the healing report on healing various dis-eases and illnesses that they have performed  by themselves or in group or about any cases they have come across. 

Where you have seen or heard about healing, you help others write the report in the prescribed format.

It will be authentic if the healer can give testimonial of the patient/Client with the photograph. And healer will also submit the photograph.

The report should be submitted in a research format.

Those who are interested to submit reports, kindly send your photograph with CV to with subject: International Journal of Healing from SHIVA

The format is available in the net or please write to us for the research format.

Thanking You

Note: pls circulate this message amongst the healers around the world.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Counselling Coordinators required for Spirituality, Health and Inner Awareness Academy (SHIVA)

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Signs of Self-Realization (Self Awareness)

Signs of Self-Realization (Self Awareness)

1.      One who knows that they are self-realized / self-aware (may not be all the time)
2.      Content and willing to serve with self-awareness
3.      Strive to be an embodiment of peace, love, happiness, bliss, knowledge, purity and powers
4.      Know that the self is different from the mind and its thoughts
5.      Remain indifferent to good or bad, right or wrong, but remain neutral and balanced with justice.
6.      Never identify themselves with the body and never look at others in terms of body but look through awareness of self.
7.      Impartial to anyone - see everyone as brothers – feeling of universal love and brotherhood
8.      Accept themselves as they are and also accept others
9.      Love to be in solitude but not aversive to people
10.  At times, gets disheartened but quickly revive back.
11.  In relationship with family and relatives but remain detached
12.  Remain focused most of the time
13.  Give less importance to rituals and ceremonies but with respect
14.  Able to Completely renounce(detach) mind/thoughts atleast once or many times in a day.
15.  See things as universally applicable
16.  No partiality seen with respect to position, health, wealth, knowledge in interactions with people
17.  Act with self-respect and respect for others naturally, without any force or binding
18.  Judge universally, not with limited awareness
19.  Make effort to remain satvic in thoughts, words and actions
20.  Have unlimited and unconditional love for God naturally (may be from childhood)
21.  Experience God and His love through divine qualities of love, peace, happiness, powers and bliss
22.  Look to find ways to help others, free from any type of worldly limitations
23.  Happy in actions and happy when left alone
24.  Open to new ideas not losing the sight of self awareness

Please add more points if you agree with the above list and if you feel that you experience the above qualities or you want to become one who experiences above qualities, please email me to or whatsapp to : +91-8285984476

Your contact will be useful to create a list of Clear Minds (and future clear minds) which can receive the Divine Instructions through the Divine Channel for many greater plans and actions.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Soul Consciousness – Do I walk or fly in my spiritual path?

Soul Consciousness – Do I walk or fly in my spiritual path?

Theoretically it is explained that Soul is a point of energy located at the centre of forehead – hypothalamus. According to Psychology - Canon-Bard Theory of emotions - there is a point of consciousness at the hypothalamus from where all the emotions and signals of the whole body movements are controlled. In spiritual practice, it is said to consider yourself as a soul and remember the Supreme Soul, the God (the Father/Leader/Guide of all the human souls) to make our soul pure - free from karmic accounts. And karmic accounts are nothing but the thought that we think and later become actions. The more we become pure (free from thoughts), more virtues emerge within, making us virtuous (happy and divine) in nature.

It is by being in soul conscious or being aware of our true nature, we can naturally remember God. The more we remember God, we become God-like in nature. God-like means satchitanand, one who is free from false identities, conscious of self and always blissful in nature. Even though God has the greatest responsibility of sustaining and keeping all souls of the world happy, peaceful and loving all the time, still, if  all souls of the world suffer, God never cries or become sad but He has mercy for all and fulfill His responsibility without coming under stress or tension but always remaining blissful.

Ultimately, to remain peaceful, happy, blissful and to settle our karmic accounts, we have to remain soul conscious all the time. How it is possible in practical? Based on our learning or the information given to us, we feel we have to renounce the world and relatives to experience soul consciousness. But in reality, to experience our true nature, we have to just know how to remain detached from our mind when we want and remain attached to the mind when it is required. Renounce the world, then their thoughts, then experience awareness of soul is one way. The other way is to detach from your mind and naturally you remain your self. The people, world and things, you don’t put effort to move away from them individually. You-soul saves lot of energy by not focusing on people, person and things individually. What Gurus and Scriptures say is also true but it is like reaching the destination by different routes but the easiest and simplest path is always available to the ones who make effort to understand. It is like how we want to travel, by walk or bus or train or sea or flight. We all know travelling to a destination (walking a spiritual path) is a great effort but we also know if we take a flight (with understanding), there is no effort in travelling.

Many type of spiritual actions what we are involved, unconsciously detach the mind from our self to give a glimpse of our self. We can find, the experiences (qualities of self) make us detach from the thoughts/mind. By doing devotion, we surrender everything to God and keep our mind free from thoughts. By doing Kriyas, we focus on what we do, being remain in the present/by being aware of breath, we keep our mind free from the thoughts of past or future. By having love for God, we experience the blissful nature of God and keep our mind free from thoughts. By doing spiritual service, we accumulate blessings or good vibrations or good karma to combat with our own mind of negative thoughts/karmas. And those who cannot detach the mind by themselves happily can be made to experience the nature of self by great pain or sorrow, the very example is the patients who are psychotic (eg. Schizophrenia) in nature. The illness / mental disorder is nothing but a defence mechanism they use themselves to detach from the mind due to the sorrow/repeated thoughts that they cannot bear. People who smoke or drink use to detach their mind by intoxicants which ultimately ruin them both physically and mentally.
It is said you control your mind and you control the world but in reality you cannot control anything in this world, but you can only allow someone or something to remain as it is/they are, including the mind. The truth is, we never take control of our mind but we take control of our own self and all other (mind and its thoughts) loses their power on their own. Where you, the Soul focus on, there the energy flows and when you don’t focus on your mind, instead you focus on your own self, mind loses its power. It is said Soul experiences sorrow, pain, sadness but it is also instructed to experience everything being a detached observer. Really speaking Soul can do both. If it wants, it can experience the pain and sorrow as per the theory and laws of association. And if it wants, it can remain a detached observer like God, always experiencing bliss irrespective of whatever happens to His most Beloved Children. It is like sugar, which does not lose its sweetness even if it is thrown in mud or broken into pieces.
Victor Frankl’s (who has a record of 100% prevention of suicides in schools of Vienna and is also an expert in counseling to prevent suicides)  Existential therapy of Humanistic psychology gives importance to meaning in life (which sustained him in spite of the tortures of Nazi concentration camps) like love for wife or children or responsibility to carry-out some actions in life to overcome the difficulties of life. But those who are single and who does not have much responsibility to care for, even they can find a meaning in life by feeling lightness, love and being loved by their own nature and selfless love of God, by realizing the true nature of Self. So, What is natural nature, how we can experience our true self so that I, the soul never focus on something which takes away all my energy.
The True nature of Self can be realized by giving time for self. Nowadays that is the most demanding part of life. We have been taught from childhood days to live an active life, happy life, serviceable life, fruitful life, more income generating life, luxurious life, life of social respect and achievement but we were not taught that all this happiness, service, luxury, achievement are to be focused on realization of the self, our true nature. Because once we realize and maintain the awareness of true nature of self, then we become God-like, in the sense that, we can overcome all situations of life by experiencing a blissful detached, easy going, loving sweet nature. But this can be attained only by understanding and experiencing it by our own self not by someone else, that’s where the trouble stays. To understand and experience, we need to give time for our own self, in other words we need time to do/think nothing and keep quiet.
At least to understand and experience our true nature, initially, we have to give time for ourselves doing nothing. In fact doing nothing is only for the world, but for our inner self, we are going to be more alert, more active and do more churning, being in solitude. Without this we cannot understand our true nature of self. Once we understand and experience the sweetness, the lightness, the unlimited-ness, the true nature of self, then we don’t need more solitude, we can remain in solitude anywhere at any place with any noisy surrounding or with any number of crowds.

How to practice doing nothing, thinking nothing to become self-aware?
1.       Spend time (at least one hour) in solitude during early morning hours 4 am or 5 am or 2 am when we wake from the middle of deep sleep/rest or any time you wake up.
2.       When you don’t have to do anything, sit and stare the wall, or image or any non-moving object
3.       Staring is not focusing, but seeing with lot of relaxation(of body and mind), so that after looking at an object or wall for some time, your mind will not have anything more to think, it will become blank, becoming just an observer, not thinking anymore about anything.
4.       When you become an observer, you can understand that you have detached from your mind.
5.       You can feel the silence, blankness but you know you are observing. Many a times we experience this observer stage when we get tired of thinking. Although it is more powerful stage, sometimes, it seems to be boring.
6.       But the true nature is sat-chit-anand. Being an observer, we have experienced sat (true nature), chit (awareness) but anand (bliss) not yet.
7.       When we continue with the detached observer (free from attachment of mind), then we experience the lightness, sweetness, along with the stage of observer. Now it is complete sat-chit-anand.
8.       This true nature of self (satchitanand) once we experience it being a detached observer, then it becomes easy to stick to this awareness by doing all actions throughout the day. And you feel the lightness, happiness, time to time attach and detach of self from mind will keep the satchitanand flowing continuously, this will make us naturally remember the True God, the Father, enabling us to settle our karmic accounts (waves) of thoughts then and there, as and when it appears (and disappears) as waves in the ocean of mind.
9.       Although the clouds of thoughts/tension/sadness appear in front of the Sun (self) continuously, internally you will not lose the light (awareness) of Sun at any point of time.

Many a times, it is said to see others as soul, in fact looking others as souls is only a thought, of course a positive thought which will not take us into more expansion of thoughts. But as we stabilize more in our spiritual awareness (detaching ourselves from our mind whenever we don’t use our mind), we never see/imagine others as soul but we focus more on our inner self awareness and although we see others by mind, their image never imprinted on our self. I (mind) look but I (self) don’t look at others because I am aware of my own self not focusing on my mind. It also happens like this: I(mind) hear but I (self) don’t hear, because I (self) remain detached to the mind.

Hence, the real soul conscious is to become aware of our true nature even if our karmic accounts (thoughts) are not settled. We learn to live with our karma(mind) but not influenced by it. I use my mind whenever required and other times, I know it exists but I focus on my own awareness of sat-chit-anand making me live an independent life not depending upon external person or situation to influence me although my mind gets influenced by them.

And this is real Raja Yoga, I become the master of mind and all the senses that was controlled by the mind. And I remain indifferent to mind - all people, objects and situations that appear as waves in the ocean of mind. And if this is experienced by all of us, then we can also make others to experience the same, liberating everyone from the thoughts of suffering, pain and ultimately save them from depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Friday, 15 April 2016

One God, One World Family.

One God, One World Family:

Farmers commit suicide due to helplessness....being left alone...

People commit suicide in colonies....being left alone in difficulties...

People come under stress being left alone to handle situations....

Of course Counselling helps a lot but still everyone is left to face the reality alone....

I feel the solution for the suicidal thoughts or other depressive or anxiety thoughts is to create a feeling of being cared and supporting during difficulties not just by words but by actions....

Atleast provide basic needs by which the individuals or families dont lose hope...

The basic support has to be in all....physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social....

Mahatma Gandhiji and Vinobha bhave had shown to the world how it can be done through their unique ashrams......but now we have to create the same way of living, caring and sharing together....

Those who are interested to create such an ashram, please feel free to contact at whatsapp: 
+91-8285984476 or email to:

In Gandhiji's own words:
If everyone, whether rich or poor, has thus to take exercise in some shape or form, why should it not assume the form of productive, i.e, Bread labour ? No one asks the cultivator to take breathing exercise or to work his muscles. And more than nine tenths of humanity lives by tilling the soil. How much happier, healthier and more peaceful would the world become, if the remaining tenth followed the example of the overwhelming majority, at least to the extent of labouring enough for their food ! And many hardships, connected with agriculture, would be easily redressed, if such people took a hand in it. Again invidious distinctions of rank would be abolished, when everyone without exception acknowledged the obligation of Bread labour.

Sabarmati / Satyagraha Ashram Observance is explained in the following pdf:

Thursday, 24 March 2016

In the name of purity and lust for most elevated status…..during our spiritual journey

Losing the power of Love and Tolerance, in the name of purity and lust for most elevated status…..during our spiritual journey:

When a person gets newly introduced to a belief system, it gives new energy and enthusiasm to follow or practice them, and the new environment, new ideas sometimes create problem in our daily life and sometimes at the end, it ruins own life and others as well. We see all of a sudden, under the divine guidance and divine support which make us ignore the feelings and emotions of all others who have been our life support till date. The new enthusiasm makes us feel so light and happy, but we ignore to realize that the lightness and happiness I experience now is available to me even without any special effort from my end. We don’t realize that it has come natural and easy without any change in behavior from my side and others as well.

But as the journey continues, we listen to some additional ideas that lightness, happiness and enthusiasm depends upon some external factors but not internal although we understand that no external factors or actions that existed before had stopped me from experiencing the same lightness, happiness and enthusiasm. The qualities that we experience represent the state of mind of present awareness that exist now. It is not connected with any of our past experience that happened yesterday or five minutes before, either good or bad.

Then as the journey continues, we were told about the future status and attainments, and its connection with the current performance of actions. Actions that give peace, love, happiness, power, purity and wisdom attain us better status and the actions of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego degrade our future status. But many don’t realize that worries, sadness, irritation that create in us and others also degrade our status because they arise from the same lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. The only difference is the former arises due to body consciousness and the latter due to status consciousness. We don’t realize that peace, love, happiness, powers (tolerance), purity (mind that is free from worry, sadness and irritation) and wisdom are to be experienced in our own self and others at all the time, to have transformation.

As the journey continues, we hear repeatedly about, lust is the greatest enemy but we fail to realize that lust can be for status, achievement, praise from the people whom we identify as those who follow the same ideals. We focus on the physical aspects and try to overcome physically, although we hear many a time that purity has to be followed in thoughts, words and actions. We also don’t realize that our family members, husband, wife are our beloved ones who are not aware of what is happening within our heads. We don’t realize that others cannot read our thoughts which we program ourselves from the daily interactions. Because of the dominant lust for status, we try to sacrifice the lust for physical relations creating havoc in the family increasing the anger, greed, attachment and ego in self and others forsaking the love, the only power which can overcome all kinds of lust.

We fail to realize and use the power of love, tolerance in our life overcome by the selfish (ego) lust, greed, attachment for future status creating anger, worries, sadness, irritation etc in self and in others. We fail to use the power of tolerance to give time for the family members, husband, wife to come in terms with our new programs of our mind. We fail to show love with tolerance for others, by externally sacrificing our new ideals, for FEW MONTHS or ONE YEAR. We feel, rather than giving importance to thoughts and words, it is more important to focus on external actions. We don’t realize that if we can take care of our thoughts and words, we can overcome the spiritual effect of actions being a detached observer of all that is happening either to me or others. We don’t realize that lust for food, lust for action, lust for sweet, all types of lust leads to disease and we practice a balance in our action, in taking food , in taking sweet, being a detached observer not over indulging and many a times we put an end to the lust for non-veg (food) gradually by using the power of tolerance and power of love (for self). And we forget or don’t apply, what we use at all the time, the power of tolerance and power of love, in keeping our family, husband and wife together by sacrificing our new ideals for few months or for a year or more.

Have we forgotten that many a times we as well as others were ready to sacrifice even life for the sake of love...?

The above realization never happens in a day or two but it is a realization of so many years of listening to wisdom. And this cannot be expected to dawn on every person who is introduced new to some ideas or ideals. Hence it is advisable that the leader or In-Charge of any institution or place where they introduce new ideas on new practices of transforming nature and character especially that focuses on purity in thoughts, words and actions, should properly guide the new-comer and those who are married. So that it never affects their family life as well as those who belong to them.

It’s true that no one to be blamed for the past but the future can be taken care of.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

relax n wellness

Jan 18, the day of Father Brahma - Adam, the day when he moved to the subtle world for the unlimited service, we also launch the link:

for the world benefit....Those who are eligible to appear in the webpage on Jan18 for world Counselling services, pls send their details to whatsapp 8285984476