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Jan 18, the day of Father Brahma - Adam, the day when he moved to the subtle world for the unlimited service, we also launch the link:

for the world benefit....Those who are eligible to appear in the webpage on Jan18 for world Counselling services, pls send their details to whatsapp 8285984476

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A stress free world combining science and spirituality.

Welcome to the relax app, a start up idea which is intended to create a stress free world by combining science and spirituality.

Relax App: for Health and Well-Being

1.    It provides Emotional support for physically and mentally dis-eased.
2.    It prevents suicidal cases and helps in positive thinking.
3.    It prevents Life style diseases, provides information on nutrition, diet and healthy life-style.
4.    It helps overcome addictions.
5.    It helps de-stress (Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Modern Allopathy agree that 75 – 90% of all diseases are due to stress)

It is a Platform to Relax through Emotional Support and Mental clarity, by imparting knowledge of psychological, biological and social influences over Healthy life style.

Need the technical support – Designers, developers, legal, finance, Operations, sales and marketing...

Friends...for ur kind information...this relax app got shortlisted and won the first prize with a cash of rs.10,000...through tringapps - India startup igniter on jan 3rd 2016.

Those who like to see the format which i had submitted to tringapps, can send ur email adrs...

Question from a BK: Ok what should I do with relax app can you tell pls

Answer: 1. Hope u hv joined the p.g.dip in couns and can help u deal with clients and if u r a BK, u have the spiritual background reqd for counselling.

2. Since it is agreed by psychologists/physicians that stress is the major cause for mental and physical illness we can easily prevent diseases and support patients by giving them knowledge of what causes stress.

3. Now we should have access to patients as well as healthy people to control and prevent illness.

4. Making it as a business (instead of like any other spiritual organisation), we can easily approach all types of people and they can also approach us without any stigma.

5. There are many who want to do spiritual service or help humanity, for them this is going to be the gateway.

6. those who complete p.g. couns n hyp course or those with psychology background can get practical exposure through global hospital trauma care, mt. Abu.

7. To reach as many as people as possible, there can be two ways:

1. Through an application like whatsapp by which people can receive guidance for stress free living...and thus can be either free and at the same time at a cost.

2. Many dont have access to modern instruments and english language....they have to be approached in person. Either they can come to us or we can go to can be either free or at a depends.

8. Some can work from home and others can work through an office set up. But everyone should use one organisation name so that people can get to know about this service and they can reach out for relief of issues.

9. One name to be can be Relax app or something be decided based on expert discussions.

10. An application to be designed so that online service can begin.....where cou sellors/experts will be made available for
Counselling services.

11. Each area like residential areas or hospitals should have an office/Cabin to meet people in person for individual counselling or hypnotherapy....this can be rental place or owned space....but they should have the same organisation name to get easy publicity....publicity is to make people approach for de-stress.

What is required is:

1. Expert guidance to create an organization with all legal considerations, so that name can be finalized.

2. An IT technical team is required to design an application with world's best software.

3. Offices/Cabins to be created all over India and a counsellor is required in place

4. All the counsellors has to be connected in a single platform, may be through a website....So, a web platforn is required.

5. And finance is required to create the application and also to help the counsellors to rent a place for counselling, incase if they dont have one.

Pls remind me if i had left out anything...

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Free Kindle book: Converstation with God: Pls download within 4 days

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Conversation with God 1970; Free Kindle book: Please download within next four days:

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When a soul is detached from his body,he forgets all his relations.By remembrance of the Father,you become free from all disease.

25/03/15   Morning Murli  BapDada   Madhuban

Sweet children,

The spiritual Father is once again explaining to the sweetest, spiritual children. He gives this explanation every day. You children understand that you are truly studying the knowledge of the Gita as you did a cycle ago. However, it is not Krishna who is teaching you; it is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is teaching you. He is now, once again, teaching you Raja Yoga. You are now listening to God directly. Everything for the people of Bharat depends on the Gita. It is written in that Gita that the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra was created. This is a sacrificial fire as well as a pathshala (place of study). When the Father comes and tells us the true Gita, we attain salvation. People do not understand this. You have to remember the Father who is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Although you have been studying the Gita, due to not knowing the Creator or creation, you have been saying, "neti, neti" (He is neither this nor that). Only the true Father comes and speaks the true Gita. These are matters that have to be churned. The attention of those who are engaged in service will be drawn to this very well. Baba has said that the words, "The Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Bestower of the Knowledge of the Gita, the Supreme Beloved, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Teacher, the Supreme Satguru, God Shiva speaks", should definitely be written on each picture. You must definitely write these words so that people are able to understand that only Trimurti Shiva, the Supreme Soul, and not Shri Krishna, is the God of the Gita. You take people's opinions on this subject. The Gita is the main one for us. The Father continues to give new points every day. You should not think: Why did Baba not tell us this before? It was not in the drama. You should select new points from Baba's murlis.

People write of the "rise and fall". In Hindi, you say "The rise and fall of Bharat". Rise means the construction of the deity dynasty; there is establishment of one hundred per cent purity, peace and prosperity. Then, after half a cycle, there is the fall, the fall into the devil dynasty. There is the rise and construction of the deity dynasty. You have to write the word "destruction" with fall. Everything for you depends on the Gita. Only the Father comes and tells you the true Gita. The Father explains this every day. You children are souls anyway. The Father says: Forget the expansion of those bodies and consider yourselves to be souls. When a soul becomes detached from his body, he forgets all his relations. Therefore, the Father also says: Forget all your bodily relations, consider yourself to be a soul, and remember Me, the Father. You now have to return home. For half a cycle, you have been performing so much devotion etc. just in order to return home. In the golden age, no one makes effort to return home. There, there is nothing but happiness.

People say: Everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow but no one remembers Him at the time of happiness. However, they do not understand when there is happiness and when there is sorrow. All of our aspects are incognito. We are also the spiritual military. We are Shiv Baba's Shakti Army. No one can understand the meaning of this. They worship the deities so much, but none of them knows anyone's biography. They should at least know the biography of the one they worship. The highest worship of all is that of Shiva. There are temples to Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, then to Lakshmi and Narayan and then to Radhe and Krishna. There isn't anyone else. They have given so many different names to the one Shiv Baba and built so many temples. The entire cycle is now in your intellects. There are principal actors in a drama, but those are limited dramas, whereas this is the unlimited drama. You know who the principal ones are in this drama. People say: O Rama, the world was never even created. A scripture has been created about this too, but they don’t understand the meaning of it. The Father has taught you children how to make very easy effort.

The easiest effort is for you to remain in complete silence. Only by remaining in silence can you claim your inheritance from Baba. You have to remember the Father. You also have to remember the world cycle. Your sins will be absolved by having remembrance of the Father, and you will become free from all disease; your lifespan will increase. By knowing the cycle, you become rulers of the globe. At present, you are the masters of hell; then you will become the masters of heaven. Every one of you becomes a master of heaven, but within that, there is then a status. To the extent that you make others become like you, so you will claim a high status. If you do not donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge, what could you receive in return? When someone is wealthy, it is said that he gave good donations and performed charity in his past birth. You children now know that everyone commits sin in the kingdom of Ravan. The most charitable souls are Lakshmi and Narayan. Yes, even Brahmins are put on a high pedestal because they make everyone elevated. That is the fruition. You mouth-born creation of Brahma, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, are performing this elevated task on the basis of shrimat. Brahma's name is the main one. People speak of Trimurti Brahma. You now have to say, “Trimurti Shiva” in every case. People speak of establishment through Brahma, destruction through Shankar. They even create a variety-form image but they neither show Shiva nor the Brahmins in that. You children have to explain this too. It is with great difficulty that this sits accurately in the intellects of some of you children as well. There are many points which you also call topics. You receive so many topics.

You become deities from human beings, the masters of the world, by listening to the true Gita from God. The topics are very good, but you also need the wisdom to be able to explain them. You should write these things clearly so that people can understand them and ask about them. This is so easy! Each point of knowledge is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees, and you become so great through them. There are multimillions (padam) in your every step. This is why they show deities with a lotus (padam). They have lost the name of you Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Those brahmin priests keep a Gita under their arms. Whereas they have the scriptures under their arms, you are true Brahmins and you keep the truth in your intellects. Therefore, you should have the intoxication that you are creating heaven on the basis of shrimat and that the Father is teaching you Raja Yoga. You do not have any books, but this simple badge is your true Gita. There is also the picture of the Trimurti on it, and so the whole Gita is included in that; the whole Gita is explained in a second. You can explain to anyone in a second with this badge: This is your Father and your sins will be absolved by remembering Him. When travelling by train, or when walking, continue to explain this very well to whomever you meet: Everyone has the desire to go to the land of Krishna. You can achieve that through this study. The kingdom is established through this study. None of the other founders of religions establish a kingdom. You know that you study Raja Yoga now for your future 21 births. It is such a good study. You simply have to study it for one hour every day; that is all. Other studies are for four to five hours, but one hour is enough for this; and the morning time is such that everyone is free at that time. However, those who are in bondage and cannot come at that time may come at another time. You should always have a badge. Wherever you go, continue to give this message. You cannot put a badge in the newspapers. You can print one side of it in them.

People are such that they will not be able to understand without your explaining it to them. It is very easy. Anyone can do this business. Achcha, even if you do not remember Baba, to remind others of Him is also good. Some tell others to become soul conscious, whereas they themselves remain in body consciousness, and so there is one sinful action or another performed. First, there are storms in the mind, and then they are put into action. Many storms will come into the mind, and so you have to use the intellect for that. You must never perform any bad actions. You must only perform good actions. There are good thoughts and bad thoughts, and so you should stop bad thoughts. The Father has given you that intellect. No one else can understand this. They continue to perform wrong actions. By making good effort you perform right actions. The Father continues to explain everything very clearly. Achcha.

Questions and answers from avyakt murlis:

Question: What dharna do you especially need in order to be successful with your contacts and also in service?

Answer: You will be successful when you always have the qualification to be able to mould yourself. If you are unable to mould yourself, you will not be able to reach the golden-aged stage. In order to reveal your dharna according to the time and circumstances, you have to mould yourself. Only those who mould themselves are real gold. If you do not mould yourself, you are not real gold. You saw this speciality in sakar Baba: whatever the time and the person in front of him, so was his form. So, in order to be a constant embodiment of success, you especially need this qualification.

Question: When will the world with one religion, one kingdom and one language be established?

Answer: When the stage of all Brahmins becomes constant and stable. A constant and stable stage means that all of us are one, the children of the one Father, the most elevated souls. Although the physical countries are all different - those are countries of the body - the country of the soul is just the one. When everyone makes their stage constant and stable, the world of one kingdom and one language will very quickly be established. From the time that you have become Brahmins, you have had the one thought: We will only stop after we have established such a kingdom, where everyone will be united. In order to establish this, you need to have a stage that is constant and stable.

Question: What is the easy way to become a constant yogi?

Answer: By constantly being seated on the heart-throne, you automatically become a constant yogi. Constantly keep with you the crown and throne that you have received from the Father at the present time. The crown and throne of the present time enable you to attain a crown and throne for many births. To forget the responsibility of world benevolence means to take off your crown. Your crown doesn’t come off, does it? The throne is the Father’s heart-throne. Those who are constantly seated on the Father’s heart-throne are constant and natural yogis. For them, there is no question of making any effort because, firstly, they have a very close relationship and so why would they need to work hard? Secondly, their attainment is unending. Where there is attainment, there is natural remembrance. You are such natural and easy yogis that you do not have to make any effort. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be obedient and be constantly seated on the heart-throne and attain the tilak of success from the Father.  

Every day at amrit vela, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, gives His obedient children a tilak of success. Let alone speaking the words “hard work” and “difficult”, obedient Brahmin children cannot even have these words in their thoughts. Such souls become easy yogis; therefore, never be disheartened, but always be seated on the heart-throne and be merciful. Finish the consciousness of “I” and any feeling of doubt.

Slogan: Do not think about the date of world transformation, but fix the moment of your own transformation.  

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This Godly version is the Gateway to Purity,Peace and Prosperity.The best karma is to become a stick for the blind.

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24/03/15   Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban

Sweet children,

Have you heard of the Magician's lamp? Aladdin’s lamp has also been remembered. What does Aladdin’s lamp or the Magician’s lamp show you? It shows Vaikunth, heaven, the land of happiness. A lamp is called a light. At present, there is darkness. You children are now holding fairs and exhibitions to show everyone the light. You are spending so much money and beating your heads. You ask: Baba, what shall we call it? Bombay is called the "Gateway of India". Steamers first dock in Bombay. In Delhi, too, there is "The India Gate ". This here is our gate to liberation and liberation-in-life. There are two gates. There are always two gates, in and out. One is for entering and the other is for exiting. It is the same here. We come into the new world, then go out of the old world and then return to our home. However, we’re unable to return home by ourselves because we have forgotten our home. The Guide is needed. We have found Him and He is showing us the way. You children know that Baba is showing you the way to liberation and liberation-in-life, peace and happiness. Therefore, you should write: Gateway to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You have to churn this. They have many thoughts about what liberation is and what liberation-in-life is. No one knows what these are. Everyone wants peace and happiness. Let there be peace and also wealth and prosperity. These only exist in the golden age. Therefore, "Gateway to Shantidham and Sukhdham" should be written, otherwise, "Gate to Purity, Peace and Prosperity". These words are good. These three things do not exist here. Therefore, it should be explained that all of these existed in the new world. God, the Father, the Purifier, is the One who establishes the new world. Therefore, we definitely have to exit this old world and return home. So, this is the gate to purity, peace and prosperity. Baba likes this name. In fact, although it is Shiv Baba who carries out the opening, He does it through us Brahmins.

There are many opening ceremonies in the world. Some are for hospitals, some for universities but this inauguration only takes place once, and only at this time. This is why a lot of thought is given to this. Some children have written: Brahma Baba should come and inaugurate this. We should invite both Bap and Dada. The Father says: You’re not allowed to go anywhere outside. The conscience does not allow me to go to inaugurate it. Anyone can inaugurate it. It will be published in the papers: Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This name is good. Prajapita means the Father of everyone. He is no less. The Father Himself carries out the ceremony. He is Karankaravanhar. It should remain in your intellects that you are establishing heaven. Therefore, you should make so much effort and follow shrimat. At the present time, through your thoughts, words and deeds, there is only one best karma and that is to become a stick for the blind. People even say: O God, give a stick to the blind! All are blind. Therefore, the Father comes and becomes that stick. He gives the third eye of knowledge through which you go to heaven, numberwise, according to the effort you make. It is numberwise. This is a very big hospital-cum-university. It has been explained that the Father of all souls is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and the Purifier. Remember that Father and you will go to the land of happiness. This is hell; it cannot be called heaven.

There is only one religion in heaven. When Bharat was heaven, there were no other religions there. Simply to remember this means to be manmanabhav. In heaven, we were the masters of the whole world. You do not remember even this. It is in your intellects that you have found the Father. Therefore, you should have the happiness of that. However, Maya is no less. Even after belonging to such a Father, you are unable to have that much happiness. You continue to choke. Maya repeatedly makes you choke. She makes you forget to have remembrance of Shiv Baba. Then, you say: I’m unable to stay in remembrance. The Father makes you dive deep into the ocean of knowledge, whereas Maya makes you flounder in the ocean of poison. Some flounder about in a great deal of happiness. The Father says: Remember Shiv Baba. Nevertheless, Maya makes them forget. They don’t have remembrance of the Father. They don’t even know the Father. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. He is the One who finishes all our sorrow. People go to the Ganges to bathe, because they consider the Ganges to be the Purifier. In the golden age, you won’t say that the Ganges removes your sorrow or erases your sins. Sages and holy men etc. all go and sit on the banks of a river. Why do they not sit on the shore of an ocean? You children are now sitting on the shore of the Ocean. Many children come to the Ocean. It is understood that these small and large rivers have emerged from the Ocean. The names “Brahmaputra” and “Sindh Saraswati” are given to them.

The Father explains: Children, you have to pay a lot of attention to your thoughts, words and deeds. Never become angry. Anger first arises in the mind and then in words and deeds. These are three windows. This is why the Father explains: Sweet children, do not talk unnecessarily. Stay in silence. When something emerges in words, it will also happen in your deeds. Anger first arises in the mind and then comes out in words and deeds. It comes out of all three windows. It will first enter the mind. People of the world continue to cause sorrow for one another; they continue to fight. You must not cause sorrow for anyone. You shouldn't even have a thought of that. It is very good to remain in silence. The Father comes and opens the gate to heaven, that is, the gate to peace and happiness. He only tells you children this. He tells you children to tell others. Purity, peace and prosperity only exist in heaven. You have to understand how you can go there. The Mahabharat War also opens the gates. Baba continues to churn the ocean of knowledge about what name should be given. By churning this ocean of knowledge in the morning you’re able to extract the butter. Good suggestions emerge. This is why Baba says: Wake up in the morning, remember the Father and churn the ocean of knowledge about what name should be given. Think about this. Some of you are able to come up with good ideas. You now understand that to change an impure person to a pure one means to change him from a resident of hell into a resident of heaven. Deities are pure. This is why people bow down in front of them. Although it’s against the rules for you to bow down to anyone now, you have to continue to act tactfully. Sages consider themselves to be elevated and pure and everyone else to be impure and degraded. Even though you know that you are the most elevated, when someone greets you with palms together, you have to respond to him. When they greet you in that way, you have to respond the same way. If you do not interact with them tactfully, you will be unable to catch hold of them. You need plenty of tact.

When death is standing over peoples’ heads, they all remember God. Nowadays, many things will continue to happen accidentally. Gradually, the fire will spread. The fire will start abroad and then, gradually, the whole world will burn away. At the end, only you children will remain. You souls will be purified, and you will then receive the new world. You children take new notes for the world. You rule there. Aladdin’s lamp is also famous. By making such notes, you receive limitless treasures. This is accurate. You know that by giving a signal, Allah Aladdin instantly grants you visions. Simply remember Shiv Baba and you will all have visions. Devotees receive visions by doing intense devotion. Here, you receive visions of your aim and objective. Therefore, you can remember Baba and heaven a great deal. You will continue to see it again and again. Those who are clever and remain engaged in remembrance of Baba and this knowledge will be able to see the scenes and scenery at the end. The destination is very high. To consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father is not like going to your aunty's home! It requires a lot of effort. Remembrance is the main thing. Just as Baba is the Bestower of divine vision, in the same way, you will become bestowers of divine vision for yourself.

On the path of devotion, it is after they remember God with a lot of intensity that they have a vision. It is as though they become bestowers of divine vision through their own efforts. By remaining engaged in making effort to have remembrance, you will remain very happy and also have visions. You will be able to forget the whole of this world and become stable in the awareness of “Manmanabhav”. What else do you need? You will then leave your body with the power of yoga. There is effort in devotion. Effort is required in this too. Baba continues to show you a first-class method of making effort. By considering yourself to be a soul, you will lose the awareness of the body. It will be as though you become equal to the Father, and you will continue to have visions. There will also be a lot of happiness. The result of the final time has been remembered. You also have to remain detached from your own name and form. Therefore, what would your state become if you remembered the names and forms of others? Knowledge is very easy. The ancient yoga of Bharat has been remembered; there is magic in it. Baba has explained that those who have knowledge of the brahm element also leave their bodies like this. They say: I am a soul and I will merge into the Supreme Soul. However, no one can merge. They have knowledge of the brahm element. Baba has seen that they leave their bodies simply whilst they are sitting. The atmosphere is very peaceful and there is dead silence.

It is the ones who are on the path of knowledge, the ones who are able to remain peaceful, who experience that dead silence. However, some children are still babies; they continue to fall down again and again. A lot of incognito effort is required in this. The efforts of those on the path of devotion are visible; they turn the beads of a rosary. They sit in a little hut and do devotion, whereas here, you stay in remembrance whilst walking and moving around. No one is able to see that you are claiming a kingdom. You have to settle all your karmic accounts with yoga. They cannot be settled with knowledge. The accounts will be settled with remembrance. The suffering of karma will be settled with remembrance. This is incognito. Everything that Baba teaches you is incognito. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be ruler of the globe who has divorced the sleep of carelessness and become a conqueror of sleep.  

In order to be an image that grants visions to devotees and grant visions, become a ruler of the globe, become a conqueror of sleep. When you forget the time of destruction, you fall asleep in the sleep of carelessness. Listen to the calls of the devotees, listen to the cries of sorrow of unhappy souls, listen to the prayers of thirsty souls and you will never fall asleep in the sleep of carelessness. Now, be a constantly ignited light, divorce the sleep of carelessness and become an image that grants visions.

Slogan: Be co-operative in the Father’s task in any way - with your body, mind, wealth, thoughts, words and deeds - and you will become an easy yogi.

Monday, 23 March 2015

There are burdens of innumerable births.The more remembrance(of God,the Father)you have,the purer and happier you will become.

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23/03/15   Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: Having found You, we have found everything; the earth and the sky belong to us.

When you listen to this song, you understand its meaning. You also experience the happiness that God is teaching you and giving you the kingdom of the world. However, very few are able to maintain this happiness for long. Their remembrance does not remain stable. We belong to the Father and the Father is teaching us; there are many who don’t maintain such intoxication. People listen to spiritual stories in those spiritual gatherings and they experience happiness whilst listening. Here, the Father tells you such beautiful things. The Father is teaching you and is also making you into the masters of the world. Therefore, you students should experience so much happiness. Those who are studying here don't experience as much happiness as those who study a worldly education; it just does not remain in their intellects. The Father has explained: Listen to such songs four to five times. When you forget the Father you remember the old world and your old relationships. At such times, listen to these songs and you will remember the Father. When you say “Father” you remember your inheritance. You receive this inheritance by studying. You study with Shiv Baba in order to become the masters of the world. What else do you need? Such students should experience so much internal happiness day and night. Your sleep would be lost day and night. You should renounce sleep and especially continue to remember that Father and Teacher with intoxication, as though you are totally lost in that One. Oho! We are receiving the kingdom of the world from the Father. However, Maya doesn’t allow you to have remembrance.

You have remembrance of your friends and relatives etc. You continue to think about all of them. Many remember old and rotten rubbish. They have no intoxication about what the Father tells them; that they are becoming the masters of the world. The faces of those who study at a school always remain happy. Here, God is teaching you! Very few of you are able to maintain this happiness. Otherwise, your mercury of happiness would remain high. You forget that the unlimited Father is teaching you. If you remembered this you would remain happy. However, the suffering of past karma of some children is such that they don’t remember the Father. They turn their faces towards rubbish. Baba isn’t saying this about everyone; all are numberwise. The most fortunate ones are those who remember the Father and also remember that God, Baba, is teaching them. Just as students in that study remember that such-and-such a teacher is making them into barristers, so, here, God is teaching us in order to make us into gods and goddesses. Therefore, there should be so much intoxication! Whilst listening to this, the intoxication of some of you rises, but the rest of you do not understand anything. People adopt a guru believing that he will take them back with him or that he will enable them to meet God. Here, this One, Himself, is God. He enables you to meet Him in order to take you back with Him. People adopt a guru for him to take them back with him to the abode of peace. Here, the Father explains so much to you personally. You are students. At least remember the Teacher who is teaching you! However, there is absolutely no remembrance at all; don't even ask! Even good children don't have remembrance. Shiv Baba is teaching us.

He is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is granting us the inheritance. If you remembered this, your mercury of happiness would rise. The Father is telling you all of this personally, but your intoxication of this still does not rise. Your intellects wander in other directions. The Father says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. I guarantee this to you. Do not remember anyone except the one Father. What is the point of remembering things that are going to be destroyed? When someone dies here, people remember him for two to four years afterwards. They keep praising him. The Father now personally says: Children, remember Me! The more you remember Baba with love, the more your sins will be cut away. You will also earn a great deal of income. Wake up early in the morning and remember the Father. Devotees also do their devotion early in the morning. However, you are on the path of knowledge. You must not become trapped in the rubbish of the old world. Many children become trapped in such a way, don't even ask! They don't move away from rubbish. They keep talking about things of rubbish throughout the day. The things of knowledge just don't enter their intellects. However, there are some children who run around on service throughout the day. The Father, of course, remembers those who do service. At present, it is Manohar who stays doing the most service. Today, she goes to Karnal; tomorrow, somewhere else. She continues to run around for service. What service would those who quarrel amongst themselves do?

Who is loved by the Father the most? Those who do service very well. Those who are concerned about service day and night are the ones who win the Father's heart. By continuing to listen to these songs again and again, you will be able to stay in remembrance and your intoxication will rise a little. Baba has said: If any of you feel a little sad at any time, play these records and you will have happiness. Oho! We are becoming the masters of the world! The Father simply says: Remember Me! The study is very easy. Baba has selected ten to twelve good records which everyone should have, but you children still forget Him. Some even stop studying. Maya attacks them whilst they are moving along. The Father shows you a very easy way to make your intellects satopradhan from tamopradhan. Each of you has now received an intellect to discriminate between right and wrong. You people called out to the Father, “O Purifier, come!” Now that the Father has come, you should become pure.

There are burdens of innumerable births on your heads. Therefore, the more remembrance you have, the purer you will become and there will also be happiness. Although you continue to do service, each of you also has to keep an account for yourself as to how much you remember the Father. No one is able to keep an accurate chart of remembrance. You write down the points but you forget to have remembrance. The Father says: Stay in remembrance whilst you give lectures and you will receive a lot of power. Otherwise, the Father says: I also go and help many children. I enter some and do service. Service has to be done. When I see that someone's fortune is to open up, but that the one who is explaining doesn't have that much wisdom, I enter and do service. Then, some write and say: Baba is the One who did this service. I didn’t have enough strength; it was as though Baba spoke a murli. However, others develop arrogance, believing that they explained very well. The Father says: I enter some to bring benefit to souls and they then become even cleverer than the teacher. If I were to send a teacher who is a buddhu (someone not so clever), the student would think: I am able to explain better than this one. Or: This one has no virtue; my stage is better than this one's. Some live as heads and have a lot of arrogance; they live in great splendour. They even speak to important people with familiarity. Because those people call them a goddess, they become happy with that. There are many places like that where the students become cleverer than the teacher. It is only one Baba who has passed the examinations. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. You study with Him and then teach others. Some imbibe these things very well. Others forget.

The most important and main aspect is the pilgrimage of remembrance. Otherwise, how could your sins be absolved? The behaviour of some children is such that only this Baba and that Baba know. You children now have to make the main effort of becoming free from punishment. For this, the pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing. It is by having this remembrance that your sins can be absolved. Some co-operate with money. They think that they will become wealthy. However, in order to be freed from punishment you do have to make this effort. Otherwise, you will experience punishment in front of the Father. If the child of a judge performs a wrong act, the judge would be ashamed. The father would say: How can I punish someone I have been sustaining? At that time, you would look down and cry out in distress, “The Father explained and taught so much, but I didn't pay attention.” Dharamraj is also with the Father. He knows your horoscope. You can now see this happening in a practical way. Some souls follow the path of purity for ten years, then Maya suddenly punches them in such a way that they lose all the income they had earned and they become impure. There are many such examples. Many fall. Many are distressed throughout the whole day by storms of Maya and they even forget the Father. They don’t have the happiness of receiving the unlimited kingdom from the Father.

As well as lust, there is also attachment. You have to conquer attachment here. What is the point of allowing your heart to become attached to someone impure? Yes, there should be the thought of giving that one the Father's introduction and uplifting him. How can I make this one worthy to live in the Temple of Shiva? Internally, create methods for that. There is no question of attachment in that. No matter how loving your relatives may be, continue to explain to them. Do not be pulled by anyone out of deep love. Otherwise, they will not be reformed. You have to become merciful. You have to have mercy for yourself and then for others. The Father too feels mercy. You have to see how many you can make similar to yourself. You have to give Baba the proof of how many you have given the Father's introduction to. Those souls should also write and say: Baba, I have been given a very good introduction by this one. Only when Baba receives the proof can He understand that you are doing service. They should write to Baba and say that the teacher is very clever. She does service very well and she teaches very well. However, some children fail in the subject of yoga. They do not have the sense to remember Baba.

The Father explains: At the time of eating, eat whilst in remembrance of Shiv Baba. When you go for a walk, remember Shiv Baba. Don't gossip! Even if you have to think about business, remain engaged in remembrance of Baba. The Father says: By all means, do what you have to do, sleep, but, together with that, also do this. There should be remembrance for at least eight hours. However, that will happen at the end. Gradually increase your chart of remembrance. Some write: We stayed in remembrance for two hours. However, as they move along, their charts become weak. Maya also makes them disappear. Maya is very powerful. Those who remain busy doing this service throughout the day are the ones who are able to have remembrance. They continue to give the Father's introduction to everyone. Baba emphasizes remembrance a great deal. You yourselves feel that you’re unable to stay in remembrance. It is in this remembrance that Maya causes obstacles. The study is very easy. You are studying with the Father. The more wealth of knowledge you take from the Father, the wealthier you will become. The Father teaches everyone. The murli goes to everyone. It isn't just you (in Madhuban) who are studying, but everyone is studying. When the murlis don't arrive at a centre, they cry. However, there are also those who don't listen to the murli. They just keep moving along in whatever way they want. You should be interested in listening to the murli. The song "Baba, we have come to claim our inheritance” is first class. They also say: Baba, whatever I am, however I am, even if I am one eyed, I am Yours. That is fine, but, having become dirty, they should become better.

Everything depends on yoga and how you study. After belonging to the Father, every child should have the thought: Now that I belong to the Father, I will definitely go to heaven. However, you also have to think about what you want to become in heaven. Study very well and imbibe divine virtues. If you remain like monkeys, what status would you claim? Subjects and servants are also needed there. Those who don't study now will carry the burden there of those who have studied. The more effort you make, the greater the happiness you receive. If you become very wealthy you will get a great deal of respect. Those who study well are respected a great deal. The Father continues to give you advice. Remain peaceful in remembrance of the Father. However, Baba knows that some who live far away remain in remembrance more than those of you who are sitting in front of Baba. Therefore, they claim a higher status. The same thing happens on the path of devotion. Some devotees are very good and first class; they remain in remembrance more than their guru. Those who have performed devotion very well are the ones who come here. All of you are devotees. Sannyasis etc. will not come. All devotees, having finished their devotion, will come here. The Father explains so clearly. The fact that you are taking this knowledge indicates that you have done a great deal of devotion. Those who have done more devotion will study more than those who have done less devotion. The main effort lies in remembrance. Only by having this remembrance can your sins be absolved. You also have to become very sweet. Achcha.

To the sweetest, long-lost and now-found, serviceable, faithful, obedient children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of matter and make all powers co-operative with you according to your orders.  

The biggest of all servants is matter. All powers and matter work according to the orders of the children who have received the blessing of being a conqueror of matter, that is, matter co¬operates at a time of need. However, if, instead of becoming a conqueror of matter, you waste your time in the sleep of carelessness, in the intoxication of temporary attainments or dancing in the intoxication of waste thoughts, then the powers cannot work according to your orders. Therefore, first of all, check: Are your main powers of thinking, of making decisions and your sanskars in order?

Slogan: Continue to sing praise of BapDada’s virtues and you will become an embodiment of virtues yourself.  

22/03/15     Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   14/11/79

Essence: “The sign of Brahmin life is to have a constant sparkle of happiness.”

Today, BapDada is looking at each child's final stage, the stage that is free from sinful acts, the stage that is free from sinful and wasteful thoughts. You are all, of course, making effort to reach this final stage, but Baba saw two types of effort-makers. First were those who experience the reward whilst making that effort, that is, who were moving along while experiencing the reward as well as the attainment of the efforts. The other type was those who simply remain busy making effort. Although they put in a lot of hard work, they still experience less attainment. Therefore, whilst trying to progress, they become tired. An accurate effort- maker would never feel tired. Why? There is a difference in the understanding of each of the two types of effort-makers. This is the reason why one type labours whilst the other type stays intoxicated with love. Do you know which thought is different? It is only a small difference. One type is of those who consider themselves to be moving along by themselves, who believe that they have to move along and face things by themselves. Those of the other type have surrendered everything, even their thoughts, and they therefore experience BapDada to be making them move along. They don't feel that they are moving with the effort of their own legs, but are being moved whilst seated in the lap of love. Therefore, they are moving with the feet of love which doesn't cause any tiredness. Because they experience attaining everything in the lap or swing of love, they are not just walking, but are continuously flying. They are constantly flying in pleasure and inner happiness with all powers.

Now, ask yourself which type you are. Confluence-aged Brahmin children take every step whilst living in the lap of love. The sign of a Brahmin life is that the sparkle of happiness is always visible. If you don't have happiness, you don't have a Brahmin life.

Many children believe that the confluence age is for making effort and that happiness is experienced in the future birth as the reward. They believe that BapDada's promise of your giving one-fold and receiving one hundred thousand-fold applies to the future, but this is not so. This promise is for the confluence age. The most elevated time, the most elevated birth and the most elevated titles are of this time. Similarly, the experience of attaining everything and the fulfilment of all promises is also of this time. Of course, you will receive these in the future, but the present time is even more elevated than the future. It is only at this time, when you children take one step or have the one thought, "Baba, I belong to You." and you receive from the Father in return the experience in your every thought, word and deed that Baba belongs to you, that the Father belongs to you. In return for your one thought, the Father becomes yours for the whole of your confluence-aged life. You don't just receive one hundred thousand-fold return for one! Whenever, however and whatever you want, the Father takes the form of your Servant and becomes bound to fulfil that for you. So, you don't just receive one hundred thousand-fold in return for one; in fact what you receive in return is immeasurable. However, whilst you are moving along, you forget the importance of the present time. What is the blessing of the confluence age? That the Bestower of Fortune Himself belongs to you. What else do you need when the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to you? You have the Seed in your hand, and you can take whatever you want from this Seed within a second. It is just a matter of creating that thought. If you want power, happiness or bliss, everything is present for you because the Lord Himself belongs to you. Just as physical servants would become present when you call them, similarly, just by your thinking about any of these attainments, they will become present in front of you. However, it is only when the Lord belongs to you that all of these become present for you. If the Seed belongs to you, then all of this fruit is yours.

However, what do you children do whilst moving along? You try to have your cake and also eat it. You are ready to take everything that Baba gives you, but you also still take whatever you need to let go of. When you go into too much expansion, you are not able to hold onto the essence. Everything slips through your fingers and you don't even realise it! You then become empty and have to labour to make yourself full and overflowing. Because you let go of the Seed, you are unable to attain the practical fruit and you then become tired. You then force yourself to move along with the reassurance of the future. Instead of experiencing the present fruit, you continue to move along in anticipation of the future fruit. Therefore, you are not constantly able to see the sparkle of happiness. More lines of effort than lines of attainment are visible on your face. You have a greater feeling of renunciation than of receiving fortune.

So, what do you now have to do? Even now, when people come into contact with you from time to time, they say that your renunciation is great. However, they should now be saying that your fortune is great. They are able to see your renunciation, but, as yet, they have been unable to see your fortune. Your fortune is still not seen. They praise your renunciation a great deal. However, if they were to praise your fortune to the same extent, their own fortune would open in just a second. When they see your renunciation, they only begin to think about it. However, if they were to see your fortune, they would become fortunate themselves. Do you now understand what change you have to bring about?

Stop labouring and come into the lap of love. Don't think that you are moving along by yourself, but feel that Baba is making you move along. (The light went out.) Since the children live in darkness, even the Father has to experience how you children live in such a world! This is the practical experience.

Achcha, now do you understand what you have to do? Before you start thinking about taking the fruit of the future, eat the fruit of the present time. Constantly keep the Lord in your intellect and all attainments you need will be ever ready for you. When the Lord is present in front of you, all attainments will automatically be attracted to you as though by a magnet. Do you understand? BapDada cannot bear to see you children having to labour. You are the elevated souls; you are the trunk that has emerged directly from the Seed. All of you elevated children have to become experienced in having all attainments easily. Achcha.

To those who easily receive all attainments, to those who are as constantly and as completely full of everything as the Ocean, to those who constantly stay with the Seed, to those who remain stable in the seed stage, to those who achieve the aim of remaining free from sinful thoughts and actions, to all the children whose intellects constantly have faith and who remain carefree, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting different groups:

Nepal: All of you have been pulled here from far away because of your love. Just as children are pulled home by the string of love, similarly, the Father is giving you children the response of your love. What is the response of love? The response of your love is that you become a constantly tireless embodiment of success. Whenever Maya comes to you, remember this place, this day, this moment and this blessing from the Father, through which Maya will be made unconscious. Many people perform a lot of magic like this in your world. So, you too should use the magic mantra and make Maya unconscious. What blessing did the Father give you children as soon as you took birth? The first blessing that the Father, the Lord of Immortality, gave you was: Children, may you be immortal! All of you listen to the story of immortality, do you not? Do you have the happiness that there is that memorial of all of you even now? Even now, you can still see the memorial of the previous cycle. The memorial at Amarnath is of all of you. How much should Baba praise each child? The Father now sings songs of praise of you children as much as you children have been singing songs of His praise from the copper age onwards. He gives you a new title every day, and so this is praising you, is it not? You are all very lucky. The Father has made all of you mothers, who were rejected by everyone, into worthy of worship lords. So you mothers should be very happy. When you walk in happiness, you don't feel tired.

The picture of the Father's memorial (of a Gita pathshala) should definitely exist in every Brahmin's home. Just as people keep a picture of their king and queen in their homes, so, every Brahmin home should especially have this memorial. Continue to give the Father's introduction to whoever comes to you. Achcha.

Assam: The people from Assam would be those with a great personality (assami). Eminent people are said to have a great personality. So, you, the greatest people of all, are those with the greatest personality. The names of eminent people are printed in "Who's Who?" You are the ones who become worthy of worship for birth after birth. Today, those people may be in the list of "Who's Who?" However, tomorrow they would be in the list of ordinary people, whereas you will be eternally in the list of those who are worthy of worship always. For half a cycle, you are worthy of worship in the living form and for half a cycle, you are worshipped in the non-living form. So, you are those in this list of "Who's Who?" for the whole cycle. Do you have the intoxication of how great you are? No type of adverse situation makes you weak, does it? Are you mahavirs? BapDada becomes very pleased when He sees how you children claim your fortune of the previous cycle once again. You become fortunate for cycle after cycle. No one else could have such fortune! So, you should constantly have this intoxication and happiness.

Bihar: Those from Bihar are those are in constant Spring (bahaar). Do you constantly experience yourselves to have incarnated down here into the corporeal world in order to serve? What do incarnations always remember? They always remember the task for which they have incarnated. Incarnations descend to perform an elevated task. What have you incarnated for? For the task of world transformation. So, do you constantly remember this? No matter where you may be living, your main task is that of world transformation. No matter what work you are doing, even if it is housework, what should you remember - your family or transformation? With what aim are you living amongst your family? You have the aim of transforming your family too, do you not? You don't live as a householder, but as a server. Servers would constantly remember service and do everything else for the sake of it. Your main task is to bring about world transformation. Only those who first bring about their own transformation can carry out world transformation. First, you have to become an example. Then, when others see you, they will begin to do the same. So, have you brought about self-transformation? What is the short time that still remains for? For service! Whilst serving all others, you automatically serve yourself. When you constantly remember that you are an incarnation, then your deeds become equal to this awareness. So, those from Bihar are those who will bring the season. Look at the condition of the country today! In some places there is drought, whereas in other places there is a lot of water. However, what are you going to do? You are going to bring constant spring. When everyone sees this work of yours, they will all come and bow down to you and bless you. At present, some even insult you because you are incognito. When you are revealed, they will come to bow down to you by themselves. To the extent that people have been insulting you, they will accordingly shower you with flowers. For each time they have insulted you they will have to offer you so many garlands of flowers. The Father had to accept so many insults, and so he is also worshipped just as much. So, the more you are insulted, the more worthy of worship you become. Therefore, don't be afraid! The garlands are being prepared for you!

Bengal and Calcutta: What plans are you people of Calcutta making? You have already had many fairs, so what are you thinking of doing now? You should make a new plan every year. Calcutta is famous on the path of devotion for its speciality of offering a sacrifice. Just as a sacrifice is famous on the path of devotion, similarly, there will be many who will offer the great sacrifice on the path of knowledge too. On the one side there is the force of devotion and on the other side there is the force of knowledge. As well as having fairs, you must now adopt a different method. Since Calcutta is very large, the sound coming from Calcutta should be very loud. It used to be the centre of the previous Gaddi (Brahma Baba's shop). Therefore, let some other sound also emerge. Achcha. Do all of you check yourselves to see that you are progressing at a fast speed? It is only at the confluence age that you have the chance to go into the stage of ascent. Check yourself every day. Don't just think that you are progressing, but also consider at what speed you are progressing. Whilst earning an income of multimillions at every step, become a multimillion-times fortunate soul. Your checking now can't just be ordinary; it has to be very deep and subtle checking.

This birth in which you have died alive is for experiencing practical, instant fruit; as soon as you do something, you receive the reward of it. There's no longer any need to labour; it is now the time to eat fruit; it is the time to live a life of supersensuous joy. So, are you those who constantly swing in the swing of supersensuous joy? Those who constantly swing in this swing at this time will swing in the swing with Shri Krishna. Are you making such effort? This is what is known as intense effort.

Tamil Nadu: Are you very carefully accumulating all the treasures that you receive from the Father at the confluence age? Does Maya loot your treasures? You were told earlier to double lock your treasure. One lock is the remembrance of the Father and the other is service. When you keep this double lock on your treasure, Maya cannot loot any of it. You will remain constantly overflowing. At amrit vela, apply the tilak of a master almighty authority on yourselves. When you have this applied on you throughout the day, Maya cannot oppose you. This tilak becomes your sign of victory. Amrit vela is the time for blessings; the more importance you give to amrit vela, the greater you will become.

Blessing: May you truly bring benefit to yourself by finishing any mix up between shrimat and the dictates of your own mind.  

The Father has given you children all the treasures for your own benefit and for the benefit of the world. However, to use them wastefully or for a non-benevolent task, to mix up the dictates of yourself and of other people with shrimat is to be dishonest in looking after something valuable that has been entrusted to you. Now, finish this dishonesty and mix up and imbibe spirituality and mercy. Have mercy on yourself and others and benefit yourself. Look at yourself, look at the Father; do not look at others.

Slogan: Only those who are not attracted by anything can remain constantly cheerful.  

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Open a university-cum-hospital in every home through which you receive health and wealth.

21/03/15   Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban

Sweet children,

You children know that solitude is absolutely necessary for remembrance. You cannot stay in remembrance of God, the Father in a crowd as much as you can in silence and solitude. When children study in a school, they study in solitude. Here, too, you need solitude. Even when  you  go  touring  around,  the pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing. Study is very easy. For half a cycle, since the beginning of the kingdom of Maya, you have been body conscious. The first enemy is body consciousness. Instead of remembering the Father, you remember the body. That is called arrogance of the body. Here, you children are told to become soul conscious. Effort is required only for this. You have now been liberated from devotion. Devotion is performed through the body. You have to take your body to pilgrimage places etc. You go to have a glimpse, to do this and to do that. The body has to go. Here, your only thought is that you are a soul and that you have to remember the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. To the extent that you remember Baba, accordingly, your sins will be cut away. Your sins can never be cut away on the path of devotion. An elderly person would have the concern that if he didn't perform devotion, there would be a great loss and he would become an atheist. It is as though there is fire in devotion and coolness in knowledge. The fires of lust and anger are finished by this. On the path of devotion, people have such devotional feelings that they continue to make effort. For instance, they may go to Badrinath and have a vision; what happens then? They would have that pure feeling and not keep anyone but Badrinath (Lord who transforms) in their intellects. Previously, they would go on foot.  The Father says: I fulfil their desires for a temporary period. I grant them a vision, but I do not meet them through that. They cannot receive this inheritance without Me. Only from Me do you claim this inheritance. All of those are bodily beings. You only receive this inheritance from the Father, the Creator, whereas all the rest, whether living or non-living, are the creation. You cannot receive the inheritance from the creation.

Only the Father is the Purifier. Kumaris have to be very cautious about being influenced by bad company. The Father says: By becoming impure, you receive sorrow from the beginning, through the middle until the end. At present all are impure. You now have to become pure. The incorporeal Father comes and teaches you. Don't ever think that it is Brahma who is teaching you. Everyone's intellect should go towards Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is teaching us through this one. It is Shiv Baba who teaches even you Dadis. What hospitality will you offer Him? You bring grapes and mangoes for Shiv Baba, but Shiv Baba says: I am the One who is beyond experiencing. Everything is for you children.  Devotees offer bhog and then they distribute it amongst themselves and eat it. I do not eat it. The Father says: I come to teach you children and make you pure. After you have become pure, you claim such a high status. This is My business. They speak of the versions of God Shiva. They don't speak of the versions of God Brahma. They do not say: Brahma speaks. Even though this one may be conducting the murli, always consider it to be Shiv Baba who is conducting the murli. Baba understands when someone will be shot by an arrow very well, and so He enters the one who is speaking. The arrow of knowledge is said to be very sharp.

There is so much power in science. There are so many bomb blasts etc. You stay in so much silence. You attain victory over science through silence. You purify this world, but you first have to purify yourselves.  According to the drama, you have to become pure.  This is why destruction is fixed. You have to remain very cheerful by understanding the drama.  We now have to go to the land of peace. The Father says: That is your home; you should go to your home in great happiness. You have to make a lot of effort to become soul conscious in this. Baba emphasises this pilgrimage of remembrance. Only in this is there effort. The Father asks: Is it easy to remember whilst walking and moving around or whilst sitting in one place? People on the path of devotion sit and turn the beads of a rosary so much. They also continue to chant "Rama, Rama", but there is no benefit in that. The Father tells you children very easy methods. When you are preparing food or whatever else you are doing, stay in remembrance of the Father. On the path of devotion, when they prepare bhog at Shrinath, they put a bandage over their mouths so that there isn't the slightest noise. That is the path of devotion. You have to remember the Father. Those people prepare bhog but no one eats that; it's only the family of the guide who eat it.  Here, you know that it is Shiv Baba who is teaching you.  On the path of devotion, they don't consider it to be Shiv Baba who is teaching them. Although they have created the Shiv Purana (scripture), they have mixed Shiva and Parvati and Shiva and Shankar in that.  There is no benefit in studying that.  Each one has to study his own scripture. The people of Bharat have the Gita and the Christians have only the one Bible.

The scripture of the deities is the Gita. There is knowledge in that. It is only knowledge that is studied. You have to study knowledge. You do not have anything to do with the books that mention anything about battles. We are the ones with the power of yoga, and so why should we listen to the things of those who have physical power? In fact, you cannot even have a battle; you conquer the five vices with the power of yoga. Your battle is with the five vices.  There, it is human beings who fight human beings, whereas you fight your own vices. Sannyasis cannot explain these things. You are not taught to do drill etc. You only have the one drill. Yours is the power of yoga. You conquer the five vices with the power of yoga. Those five vices are your enemies, and, out of those, body consciousness is number one.  The Father says: You are a soul. You, the soul, come down here and enter a womb, whereas I become present in this body. I do not enter a womb. In the golden age, you stay in the palace of a womb and then, in the kingdom of Ravan, you go into the jail of a womb, whereas I simply incarnate. This is known as a divine birth. According to the drama, I have to enter this one and I name him Brahma. I name him Brahma because he belongs to Me. When children are adopted, they are given such beautiful names. You were also given very good names. There was a wonderful list of names that came through the trance messenger. Baba does not remember all the names. There is no connection with the names. Names are only given to the bodies. The Father now says: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father, that's all! You know that you are becoming worthy of worship deities and that you will then rule. Then, on the path of devotion, there will only be your images. Many images of the deities are created. Souls too are worshipped: they create saligrams out of clay and then break them up at night.  They decorate the images of the deities, worship them and then sink them in the ocean. The Father says: They even create My image and feed it, and then they say that I am in the pebbles and stones! They have degraded Me the most. You have become so poor. It's only poor ones who then claim a high status. Wealthy ones are scarcely able to take this knowledge. What would Baba do by taking so much from wealthy ones? Here, everything is created through every drop of the children. They say: "Baba, put one brick in my name", and they think that, in return, they will receive palaces of gold and silver. There is plenty of gold there; there will be bricks of gold. Therefore, buildings will be built of it.  So, the Father says with a lot of love: Sweet, sweet children, you must now remember Me; the play is now coming to an end.

The Father gives methods to the poor children to make them wealthy: Sweet children, whatever you have, transfer all of it. Nothing will remain here. Whatever you transfer from here, you will receive that one hundred-fold in the new world.  Baba doesn't ask you for anything.  He is the Bestower.  He is simply telling you a method. Everything here is to turn to dust. If you transfer something, you will receive it in the new world. It is now time for destruction of this old world. Nothing of this will be useful. This is why Baba says: Open a university-cum-hospital in every home through which you receive health and wealth.  This is the main thing.  Achcha.

Night class - 12/01/69

You poor and ordinary mothers make effort at this time and claim a high status. In the yagya, it is the mothers who help a lot whereas very few men become helpers. Mothers do not have the intoxication of becoming heirs.  They (women) continue to sow the seeds and continue to create their own lives.

Your knowledge is accurate and then there is devotion. The spiritual Father alone comes and gives you this knowledge. If you consider the Father to be your Father, you would definitely claim your inheritance from Him. The Father continues to inspire you to make effort and continues to explain to you. Do not waste your time.  The Father knows that some are good effort-makers, some are medium level and others are third level. If you were to ask Baba, Baba would instantly tell you whether you are first, second or third. If you don't give knowledge to anyone, you are third class. If you don't give the proof, Baba would definitely tell you. The knowledge that God comes and teaches you then disappears. No one knows this. According to the drama plan, that is the path of devotion and no one can reach Me through that or go to the golden age. You children are now making effort. According to the previous cycle, however much effort each of you made, you continue to do the same. The Father can understand which children are benefitting themselves. The Father says: Come and sit in front of the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan every day. Baba, by following Your shrimat, we will definitely claim this inheritance.   You definitely need to have the keen interest to make others the same as yourselves. I even write to those at the centres: You have been studying for this many years, and if you are unable to teach others, what have you studied? You children should make progress.  Throughout the day there should be thoughts of service in your intellects.

You are in the stage of retirement, are you not? There are ashrams of those who are in the stage of retirement. You should go to those who have retired.  Tell them the aim before they die.  How will your soul go beyond sound? Impure souls cannot go there. God speaks: Constantly remember Me alone and you will go into retirement, the land beyond sound. There is a lot of service that can be done in Benares too. So many sages live there in order to reside at Kashi. Throughout the day, they continue to say: Shiv Kashi Vishwanath Ganga (The Ganges came from Kashi through Shiva who is the Master of the World.) There should be constant applause of happiness in yourselves. You are students, are you not? You are doing service and also studying. You have to remember the Father and claim your inheritance. We are going to Shiv Baba. This is "Manmanabhav".  However, many are not able to remember: they continue to gossip. The main thing is remembrance.  It is remembrance that will make you happy. All of you have the desire for there to be peace in the world. Baba says: Explain to them that peace in the world is now being established. This is why Baba is giving greater importance to the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan. Tell them: That world where there was happiness, peace and purity is being established. Everyone says that there should be peace in the world. Many continue to receive prizes. It would be the Master who would establish peace in the world. In their kingdom, there was peace in the world; there was one language, one kingdom and one religion. All other souls were in the incorporeal world. Who established such a world? Who established peace? The foreigners, too, understand that that was Paradise and that it used to be their (Lakshmi and Narayan's) kingdom. Peace in the world is now being established. Baba had explained that you should use the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan when you go around everywhere in the mornings so that the sound enters everyone's ears that that kingdom is being established, that destruction of hell is just ahead. You know that, perhaps, according to the drama, there will still be a delay. It is not in the fortune of eminent people. Nevertheless, Baba continues to inspire you to make effort. Service is continuing to take place according to the drama.  Achcha.  Good night.

To the sweetest, beloved long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.  The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you have pure and positive thoughts for others and merge all the things of the past by being merciful.  
If anyone tells you anything about the weaknesses of the past of others, step away from that one with good wishes. Let there not be wasteful thinking or conversations of the weaknesses of others among yourselves. Merge the things of the past by being merciful. Merge them and, with good wishes, continue to serve that soul with your mind. Even if some say, do or listen to wrong things under the influence of their sanskars, transform them. Let a garland not be created of those wasteful things by spreading them from one to two, two to three etc. To pay such attention means to be one with pure and positive thoughts for others.

Slogan: Become a jewel of contentment and you will be loved by God, loved by people and loved by yourself.