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What can storms do to those whose Companion is God?

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GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, the happiness of this iron-aged world is like the droppings of a crow when compared with the happiness of golden aged world. This world is now about to go and you must therefore have no attachment to it. Remove your attachment to it.

Question: Which children cannot connect the love of their hearts to this old world?
Answer: Those who are obedient, faithful and have faith in the intellect cannot have love in their hearts for this old world because it is in their intellects that this world is about to be destroyed. This pomp of Maya is a game of magic. It now has to be destroyed. Dams will burst, there will be earthquakes, the ocean will swallow the land. All of this is to happen; it is nothing new. If you remember your sweet home and sweet kingdom, your heart cannot be attached to this world.

Song:   What can storms do to those whose Companion is God?

Essence for dharna:

1.         Consider yourself to be a guest in this world. Become soul conscious and remain beyond the old world and your old body.

2.         Cleanse the soul and the vessel, the body, with yoga. This body is of no value. Therefore, don't have attachment to the body of self and others (look at everyone as a soul).

Blessing: May you be an idol of contentment who attains the throne of the future kingdom with the certificate of contentment.

“I have to remain content and make everyone content”. This slogan should be constantly written on the board of  your forehead because those who have this certificate will claim the certificate of the future kingdom. Every morning at amrit vela, bring this slogan into your awareness. Just as you write a slogan on a board, in the same way, constantly keep this slogan on the board of your forehead and everyone will become an idol of contentment. Those who are content are constantly happy.

Slogan: Only those who interact with others with love and contentment become idols of contentment.


GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, clean the cloth of the soul with Lux (aim) soap. Let no dirt remain inside you.

Question: Which deep philosophy of karma do effort-making children know and therefore always remain engaged in their efforts?
Answer: There is a burden of sinful actions of many births on souls and also many strong sanskars. Those sanskars cannot be transformed without yoga. Souls have become completely dirty by performing sinful-vicious actions. This is why you have to make the effort to become clean. Souls cannot be cleansed except with remembrance. Storms will come in remembrance, but no matter how many storms come, such souls will always remain engaged in their efforts.

Song:   I am a small child, You are the Almighty Authority!....

Essence for dharna:

1.         Become a complete destroyer of attachment by following shrimat. Follow the precautions and interact with wisdom. Don't allow your register to be spoilt.

2.         Become a conqueror of sleep and especially stay in remembrance of the Father at amrit vela to cleanse the soul. Purify the soul with knowledge and yoga.

Blessing: May you be a volcanic form and give the experience of spirituality by becoming an embodiment of power.

Until now, there has been the attraction of the Father, the Flame. The Father’s task is being carried out and the children’s task has been incognito. However, when you are stable in your form of power, souls who come into connection with you will then experience spirituality. Those who say that this is good will be inspired to become good when all of you collectively become volcanic forms and lighthouses. When the stage of master almighty authorities is visible on the stage, everyone will then begin to circle around you like moths.

Slogan: Only those who warm up their physical senses in the fire of yoga become completely pure.


GOD SAYS............
Sweet children, you are on a wonderful spiritual pilgrimage while sitting at home. Your pilgrimage is one of the intellect. Continue to move forward on this pilgrimage while performing actions and you will become pure.

Question: What slippery and subtle things do you only hear about at this time on this path of knowledge?
Answer: You know that all of you males and females are souls, brides of the one Supreme Soul, Shiva (Benefactor). The Bridegroom is the one God. Then, in terms of the body, we are Shiv Baba's grandsons and granddaughters. We have a full right to His property. We claim our Grandfather's property of constant happiness for 21 births. This is a very slippery aspect.

Song:   Our pilgrimage is unique…

Essence for dharna:

1.         Become as cool as the Father, sprinkle drops of knowledge and also serve to make human souls cool.

2.         Remember the Grandfather’s property and stay in limitless happiness. Do spiritual business and claim the sovereignty of the world.

May you be a master teacher and give teachings to every soul through your every deed and word and while walking and moving around.

Just as there are mobile libraries nowadays, in the same way, you are mobile master teachers. Constantly see your students in front of you; you are not alone, your students are always in front of you. You are constantly studying and also teaching others. A worthy teacher would never be careless in front of his students and would pay attention. Whether you are asleep, awake, walking or eating, understand at every moment that you are in a higher college and that your students can see you.

Slogan: To make your sanskars completely pure with faith in the soul is elevated yoga.

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