Sunday, 24 April 2016

Signs of Self-Realization (Self Awareness)

Signs of Self-Realization (Self Awareness)

1.      One who knows that they are self-realized / self-aware (may not be all the time)
2.      Content and willing to serve with self-awareness
3.      Strive to be an embodiment of peace, love, happiness, bliss, knowledge, purity and powers
4.      Know that the self is different from the mind and its thoughts
5.      Remain indifferent to good or bad, right or wrong, but remain neutral and balanced with justice.
6.      Never identify themselves with the body and never look at others in terms of body but look through awareness of self.
7.      Impartial to anyone - see everyone as brothers – feeling of universal love and brotherhood
8.      Accept themselves as they are and also accept others
9.      Love to be in solitude but not aversive to people
10.  At times, gets disheartened but quickly revive back.
11.  In relationship with family and relatives but remain detached
12.  Remain focused most of the time
13.  Give less importance to rituals and ceremonies but with respect
14.  Able to Completely renounce(detach) mind/thoughts atleast once or many times in a day.
15.  See things as universally applicable
16.  No partiality seen with respect to position, health, wealth, knowledge in interactions with people
17.  Act with self-respect and respect for others naturally, without any force or binding
18.  Judge universally, not with limited awareness
19.  Make effort to remain satvic in thoughts, words and actions
20.  Have unlimited and unconditional love for God naturally (may be from childhood)
21.  Experience God and His love through divine qualities of love, peace, happiness, powers and bliss
22.  Look to find ways to help others, free from any type of worldly limitations
23.  Happy in actions and happy when left alone
24.  Open to new ideas not losing the sight of self awareness

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