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Essence of Gita - 17th and 18th Chapter based on 1985-86 Avyakt Murlis

Conversation with God – Essence of Gita – 18th Chapter (Avyakt Murli 1985-86) : pls download the pdf link from:

Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the essence of 17th and  18th chapter of Gita?
Sweet Children,
Become embodiments of Remembrance of One and experience Sweetness Constantly – 24hrs.
It has now been 17 years since becoming avyakt, that is 17 lessons are over. What more remains? Out of love for the children, Baba continues to take this temporary chariot and come into a corporeal form.  17years is not a short time.
On the 18th of January (1986) the eighteenth year will begin. What happened in the 18th chapter (of the Gita)? Everyone was ready. Now, like the Father, become avyakt.
The festival of the rosary of lights is a memorial of three specialities of yours. First, closeness - love is always merged with closeness. The rosary can only be created when the beads come close together, with love. Secondly, accomplishment - you are remembered as the deities who bestow. The third aspect is perfection - the lamp shines constantly and steadily.
Those who become the embodiments of remembrance (sweet) are the ones who create the memorials. Have you become the embodiment of remembrance or are you still becoming it? If the flame has been lit, the darkness disappears. Is your flame shining, or flickering? No one likes a lamp that does not burn steadily - they would rather blow it out.
When the mind experiences pleasure (constantly), then every task brings nothing but pleasure.
Have you served in the subtle form? Now become avyakt, destroy all attachment, and maintain the consciousness of One, that is, become the embodiment of remembrance (sweet).
Stabilise your consciousness in the subtle stage and experience all blessings through drishti. Otherwise in seeking to listen, you may miss the importance of drishti. The blessings that come through words, through the “magic of the murli”, are sometimes remembered, and sometimes forgotten. A blessing received through drishti, through “going beyond simply through one glance”, is a blessing of permanent transformation. So take on your avyakt form and claim all rights and blessings through drishti. More you stabilize your consciousness in the subtle stage, more you will be able to catch the language of Avyakt drishti.
Sing, dance but in a subtle way, avyakt and yet filled with love not with the detachment that the world understands but detachment that is filled with love. So, play, eat, laugh and dance in this way.
May you constantly be sweet. You are the ones who make others become sweet. With sweet words, and with sweet wishes in your heart, you sweeten the minds and lips of all others. So, blessings of constant sweetness.
Remain constantly stable in the consciousness that through One support, One power, there is benefit. While walking and acting, give visions of your angelic form.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the sign of a fortunate soul?
Sweet Children,
Ask yourself,”Do I have the experience of being the child of Bhagwan (God-the fortune maker) as I perform every action.
A fortunate soul will be always Incorporeal, Egoless and Viceless, Constantly powerful, always be like the cool, pure rivers and give blessings of purity and coolness.
The greater the hope and enthusiasm for service, the greater the success. 63 births have been spent in the limited, now move forward in unlimited service.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do we protect self and others?
Sweet Children,
There should be such an atmosphere of remembrance that no obstacle will come. If there is a fort, the enemy will not come.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are the signs of victorious jewel?
Sweet Children,
The eight and 16,108 are ones with faithful intellects. Today, people may say it is defeat and tomorrow they will offer flower in praise. A victorious soul will never doubt their actions. Together with faith in God (Baba) there should also be faith in the self. There will not be any confusion and they will always experience pleasure. Even if the circumstances are like fire for them, that fire, that test will give the experience of the happiness of victory.
An intellect that has faith will never experience loneliness. There will be the feeling: “Baba is with me”. And compared to Baba, others are nothing. Where there is Baba, there is the whole world. The whole tree is within the seed.
A victorious jewel will never withdraw from any task or individual, but will always experience victory within defeat, and victory within victory. You will face and co-operate, with unlimited distaste (vairag) which is eternal. You will never speak about your victory - that would be a sign of emptiness - something that is empty clatters a great deal. The fuller it is, the less the clatter.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I transform my sanskars and remain in happiness?
Sweet Children,
There are many forms of spiritual intoxication. There is the intoxication arising from the awareness of being a soul, and especially from the awareness of which soul you are. Then there is intoxication from the unique spiritual life of the confluence age. Thirdly there is the intoxication of the angelic stage. And fourthly, the intoxication of the future. Any one of these types of intoxication will make you dance with happiness.
The method for transformation of sanskars is to be the corporeal embodiment of these four types of intoxication.
Bringing knowledge in to corporeal life, you will experience being successful and blissful.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I become free from physical bondages?
Sweet Children,
It is with this power of spirituality that you transform yourself and all others. The main foundation is spiritual power. This power liberates you from numerous physical bonds.
So too, liberation from all bonds requires three aspects of spiritual power in each action: thoughts, words, and actions, all three have to be powerful simultaneously. If the soul is skillful and accurate in all three, then it is jeevanmukt (liberated in life).
The most bitter bondage is the bondage of the mind because then, the intellect is locked. This is why they will not understand even if you try explaining them, the power of realization finishes. Unless this subtle bondage is finished there cannot be the experience of supersensuous joy.
There may be the bondage to waste thoughts, to thoughts of jealousy and conflict, thoughts of carelessness or laziness. These are signs of bondage by thoughts.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are the different languages of a spiritual yogi life?
Sweet Children,
BapDada listens to the heart to heart conversation in three forms - in the language of the eyes, the language of feelings, and the language of thoughts. The language of lips is ordinary, but the language of spiritual yogi life takes three forms. The spiritual children and the spiritual father understand and experience this. The more you stabilise yourself in sweet silence, by turning inwards, the more you will be able to give other souls that experience through these three powerful divine languages.
The language of lips is limited and takes time, but through the language of the eyes you can simply give a signal. The language of the feelings is clearly revealed on the face - you can clearly see whether they have love, animosity, or selfishness. Their feelings speak through their features. The language of thoughts is the most elevated language, because the power of thought is the most elevated power, the foundation of all powers. The language of thought travels fastest of all, and distance is no barrier. Ultimately it is the language of thought that will be useful. When all instruments of science have failed, then you will use this instrument of silence.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I keep my line of the intellect light and clear?
Sweet Children,
The line has to be kept clear. Practice keeping yourself constantly busy thinking of the one Father, the knowledge from that one, and the service you do with that knowledge. The line will be kept clear with these elevated thoughts.
The spiritual languages require less labour and less time, and they produce more success. So practice using spiritual languages.
Let the intellect be very powerful and settle the old debt. Experience settlement, not punishment. If the intellect lacks power, then a burden will be felt, there will be misjudgement, and the soul starts to go down. Instead of the debt being settled, it continues and even increases. So, to settle old debts, keep the intellect constantly clear and light. The burden is waste thoughts of “why?”, “what?”, and “maybe”. Be double light, and not double burdened with both past accounts and waste thoughts. Finish the burden of the intellect forever. Keep your intellect light through the power of yoga.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I conquer the mind and remain egoless and incorporeal constantly?
Sweet Children,
To conquer the mind means to conquer waste thoughts and negative thoughts. The more you are able to keep your mind under control, the more you become worthy to claim the kingdom of the world.
Now you are the children of God. The children of God will become masters of the world. You have to renounce limited mastery and adopt the consciousness of being a child. Such a child becomes a master of the world. This consciousness of being “child to master” brings the experience of being always egoless and incorporeal.
Constant remembrance is constant safety.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is service and how can I grow by doing service?
Sweet Children,
People should have the experience of a wave of spiritual love coming from you.
There is no growth because specialities are not being used in service.
If they see you and not the Father that is not service, it is not an act of charity but sin.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How can I become a master of the matter?
Sweet Children,
First practice being master of the body and this will enable you to become master of the matter and the world. Detachment and yet love in relationships is the sign of being a master.
Everything is included in contentment. Don’t be disturbed and don’t disturb others. Protect yourself and move away from the heat of the fire. Do not look at others, but see yourself, “if I have good feelings and pure desires”
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are the sanskars of the right arm?
Sweet Children,
Right arm has meeting in thoughts, words and sanskars - their thoughts will be Baba’s thoughts. Baba has no waste thoughts, and so his thoughts are always powerful. Baba’s words are always sweet and constantly bestow happiness - they are always supreme words and never ordinary. And so let there be words of the subtle consciousness of the soul, and never of gross consciousness. This is the sign of love, that is, the meeting. In the same way, let the sankars meet: Baba’s sanskars are of generosity, of altruism, of giving benefit. These will be the sanskars of the right arm. To be equal in this way means to be loving. Your thoughts, vision, and attitude should be powerful. Powerful thoughts transform others and create an elevated world. With your vision you can give others the experience of the form of the bodiless soul.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I follow the Father?
Sweet Children,
In order to follow the Father, you must keep your intellect stable on two levels of consciousness.
First is, stabilize your consciousness as bodiless souls while in the body, and work through the body to perform actions. The state free from the body, the state which is incorporeal. Second is, constantly have the ethereal (akari) consciousness. It is these that you must do to follow the Father.
Everything further will be spoken of in the eighteenth year. Seventeen have now finished. Achcha.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are limited desires?
Sweet Children,
All forms of limited desires (of possessions, limited attainment from human beings, fulfillment of relationships and feelings of limited desires in service) are traces of the vice of lust. To be the conqueror of lust also means to be the conqueror of all desires.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, Remain constantly happy and constantly peaceful.
Sweet Children,
Let your vision,words and actions always be sweet. Constantly sweet.
Create hope for an elevated future in souls who are fearful.
1.1.86 (18th Chapter of Gita)
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the essence of 18th chaper?
Sweet Children,
Stay constantly in the awareness of the dot form and thus become victorious. Arjuna is the one who conquers attachment and is the embodiment of remembrance. Arjuna is the one who listens to the knowledge of the Gita and churns it. Such a soul is bodiless, and even whilst alive sees everything as though dead. Who will be such an Arjuna? One with unlimited disinterest.
Let the percentage of consciousness be higher than before. Let others experience Baba’s form in the form of each one of you.
There should not be the slightest alloy of old sanskars.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do we give lecture?
Sweet Children,
There will be lectures, but in the form of a vision. Let them speak just a little, not more than three minutes. The atmosphere should be of such silence that the ones who are listening will not have the courage to come into the upheaval of sound.
If you children speak softly then outsiders will also speak softly.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is consciousness of Self Realization?
Sweet Children,
If there is not happiness, there is definitely some kind of impurity, that is, thoughts or actions are not accurate.
For complete souls, for those who are to become deities, to have inaccurate, waste, or ordinary words or actions, is not complete purity. There should be checking and changing.
You are the ones who flow with the waves of happiness in every thought, at every second, constantly staying in internal happiness, spiritual pleasure, without limited support. No matter what happens, you must not let go happiness. Always keep this aim and destination in your consciousness.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, Why do we have fear?
Sweet Children,
Where there is the consciousness of “mine” (even in subtle form) there will definitely be fear.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I check and change?
Sweet Children,
If you did not give sorrow, did you give happiness? Was the service powerful and essential? True service is that service which is done when the consciousness of “my” and “mine” has been renounced. Did you speak such words that hope was created in someone without hope? Did you bring courage in someone without courage. Did you bring anyone into the hope and zeal of happiness? Give something to everyone whether it is mukti or jeevanmukti.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is our future task?
Sweet Children,
The task of transformation of the whole of matter, and of the atmosphere, is such that - no matter the method of destruction - the sudden and untimely death, in a collective form, of souls with tamoguni sanskars, will create very tamoguni vibrations. This has to be transformed. So, to keep the soul safe from the vibrations of an atmosphere in which blood is flowing, and to still give co-operation to those souls, is a huge task. Are you prepared for this?
The palaces of the womb must also be prepared. Only then can the new creation, through the power of yoga, begin. There is a great need for the power of the mind, that is the power of yoga. This power of the mind will become the method of safety for the self. It will also make the end a beautiful one for yourself. At that time it will not be possible to receive physical co-operation, and if the mind is not clearly linked with the One, your own weaknesses will come in front of you in the form of repentance as evil spirits. When weaknesses come into you consciousness you experience the evil spirit of fear. If now you set it aside, then at the end there will be fear. So accumulate the power of the mind, and the power of fearlessness now, so that your end is a beautiful one, and so you can be co-operative in the unlimited task, and claim the right to the unlimited kingdom of the world.
the basis for success is constant tolerance, the power to merge, faith and intoxication.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How can we become karmateet and how can I receive God’s help at final moment ?
Sweet Children,
Even though there are no longer relations of the body in lokik form, yet everyone still has alokik relation ships and sanskars connected with the body. So this was the method (to forget everyone and everything)  fixed by the drama to become conquerors of attachment, form the alokik relationships, from the body, and from sanskars. This is why, at the end, you are able to destroy attachment, and fulfil your duty. Vishwa Kishore knew slightly about this, so when the time came to go, everything was forgotten. Where a child has been co-operative over a long period of time, and has passed in the main subject of One Baba and no other, then Baba also gives co-operation in liberating them from the bonds of karma, at the moment of need. Some might be thinking - were all these souls karmateet? The children who have been cooperative from the very beginning receive extra co-operation, and this is why, even if sometimes their own efforts seemed to be less, with Baba’s help in the final moments, they received extra marks and so were able to pass with honour.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is Sanskar transformation of the self by service through mind?
Sweet Children,
Very quickly you will hear the bugle of revelation sound through the world. From all directions there should be this one bugle blowing: we have found, He has come. When there is this one sound from all directions, where there is this one tune, what will happen? A great deal of work will still remain. You can understand, is it complete? At the moment the task of transformation is still going on through words, but now let it be through your attitude that the attitude of others change. Let it be through your thoughts that the thoughts of others change. You haven’t even started this research yet - it is through this subtle service that you will automatically go beyond all weaknesses. Those who think “how is it possible?” should keep themselves busy in this service and automatically the atmosphere will reveal your weaknesses to you very clearly. Because of the atmosphere you will be so ashamed that you will transform your weaknesses. No one will have to say anything to you. You have seen what happens if somebody simply tells you, and so now make a plan for this. Don’t worry, more seekers will come, the numbers will increase, financial help will also increase, You don’t have to worry about that. You will be given houses, don’t worry about that either. Everything will be fulfilled. This one method is such that it will make you the embodiment of all results. Achcha.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How the world transformation takes place?
Sweet Children,
Through the philosophy of karma, through effort and its reward, through the consciousness of becoming an instrument and being humble, the task is being carried out. The destination is fixed. You are simply instruments to receive the fruit.
The task of God is always successful.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the speciality of 18th chapter?
Sweet Children,
It has been said that the 18th chapter has begun. The speciality of the 18th chapter is to become the embodiment of remembrance. Not remembrance one minute and forgetting the next, but remembrance over a long period of time, in an automatic easy way. Finish battling. Finish labour. Finish confusion.
In the 18th chapter you become free from all attachments, by becoming the embodiment of remembrance. As yet the list of attachments is still very long. Become detached and loving. First is the household of the self, then the household of the divine family, then the household of service, then the household of limited attainments.
The consciousness of “mine” means there is attachment. Become free from attachment.
You know very well the secret of how to isolate yourself from each one of these households. You have points and so now become a point.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I transform my own sanskars?
Sweet Children,
Don’t spend time in transforming your sanskars. Emerge the sanskars of pure feelings, of pure thoughts for the benefit of the world. Completely surrender your mind, body and wealth in service. Everything has to be served: souls, the atmosphere, the elements, and the evil spirits. The souls who are stumbling have to be shown their destination.
Think about the unlimited task. Whether through drishti, attitude, words, company, or through vibrations, you must give. In bhakti they say if something is lacking, then give a donation, and giving will become receiving. Become the embodiment of solutions.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How can I transform others weakness?
Sweet Children,
No matter how unconscious they are you should teach them about the life-giving herb of an elevated consciousness, the consciousness of their speciality. The unconscious ones will come alive again. Does everyone have the life-giving herb? Every Brahmin soul is special - keep a mirror of their specialities in front of you. They are a few out of a million are they not? They have simply forgotten their specialities at this time - by reminding them, they will become special souls. The more you speak of their specialities, the more they will realise their weaknesses. If you tell them their weaknesses, they will try to hide them and hide from them. They will say; “ I am not like this”. If you speak about specialities, they will realise their weaknesses on their own. Until they realise their weaknesses, they cannot transform them, even if they made efforts for 50 years. And so with this life giving herb you should bring them back to life, back to the flying stage, and back to inspiriting others to fly.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How can I maintain a constant spiritual stage?
Sweet Children,
Where there is Only One, a constant stage becomes easy.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the practice – spiritual effort I have to do?
Sweet Children,
Can you become stable in the state of silence in a second? Your eternal form is of sweet silence. Your original form is of coming into sound, but your eternal, imperishable sanskars are of silence. So, knowing your eternal form and eternal personality, are you able to stabilise yourself in that whenever you wish?
To become peaceful in an atmosphere of peace is not a big thing. You need the practice of being peaceful in the midst of disturbances, including the disturbance of your own weaknesses, waste thoughts from your sanskars. If it takes time to make yourself stable, then you may be deceived. At the end you will not have a lot of time. The results of the paper will emerge within a matter of a few seconds, or minutes, but your number will be fixed by your ability to remain immovable when there is an atmosphere of disturbance everywhere. So practice doing spiritual exercises. You should be able to stabilise your mind anywhere, at any time, in any state, for any length of time you wish.
The stage should be so powerful that although the body, bodily relations, bodily sanskars, individuals, or wealth, vibrations and atmosphere may all be present, nothing can attract you. This is what is called, “Nashtmoha,smriti swaroop” (One who has destroyed all attachment and become the embodiment of consciousness).  Do you have this practice?
While people scream you remain immovable. At the end, the elements and Maya will come to stake their claim. No matter how much they pull towards themselves, you should remain absorbed in love, in the stage of being detached and beloved of the Father. This is what is called seeing and not seeing, hearing and not hearing. Let there be such practice. This is the stage which is called “being the sweet form of silence”.
The question of whether you pass with honour or just pass depends upon this practice. Do you practice this?
There should not be the slightest fluctuation. Simply say ‘dot’ and at that instant become fixed in that stage. The dot should not waver - you should not be thinking “I am a soul”. The war will be taking place in every direction. Everyone and everything will have a final trial as you reach your final stage of having settled all karmic bonds. The scene will be of a very powerful battle on both sides - externally and internally. Maya and the elements will apply full force and your effort to complete will also be given full force. The victory within a second will be the victory that beats the drums of victory. Now do you understand what your last paper will be?
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I know that I am a pure soul?
Sweet Children,
Wherever there is purity, peace and happiness follow automatically.
Where there is purity and power and peace and happiness, there can be no wave of sorrow or peacelessness even in dreams. Sorrow and peacelessness (anxiety)  do not maintain courage in the face of a powerful soul. Pure souls will always be cheerful souls.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I check my spiritual stage?
Sweet Children,
All the children are loving, but what is the difference between them? Some are constantly loving, some are loving, and some have love according to the time.
Those  who are constantly loving are above effort and difficulties - they neither have to make effort, nor do they experience difficulties. Why? Because of their constant love, Maya and the elements are subservient to them. They have become masters. Every thought and moment is applied solely to remembering Baba and service. The Father is their world - one Father and none other. Such are the constantly loving souls.
The second number are the loving souls - their love does not remain constant - sometimes their love and their thoughts get directed elsewhere. Sometimes they experience effort in transforming themselves, and sometimes slight difficulties. Whenever there is even a subtle war with Maya or the elements, because of their love they remember Baba very quickly, and with their power of remembrance are able to transform themselves quickly. But a little time and thought is taken up in overcoming the difficulty, or in making the effort. Not a great deal, just a little, but it means that their love is not unbroken. Sometimes their love becomes ordinary, while at other times they are really lost in love. They take the second number.
The third number are those who have a relationship of love only according to the time. Such souls understand that one cannot experience true love from anyone other than the Father and that He alone makes spiritual love constantly elevated. Their knowledge and understanding is complete and they also like this life of love. But because of some sanskars of attraction to the body, or some particularly old sanskars, or some sanskars of waste thoughts, and a lack of controlling power, there is a burden of waste thoughts. Or because there is deficiency in the power of he gathering, or family, which makes them unsuccessful in the gathering, the state of the gathering finishes their love and pulls them towards itself. Some are poor at coping with the gathering and some lose hope quickly. At one moment they will be flying very well, and the next moment they have even lost hope in themselves. A sanskar of one sort or another attracts them towards matter or the situation at hand, and because they are now in a state of disturbance, then they remember the Father. Then they attempt to lose themselves in the Father’s love again. Because they fluctuate according to the time and situation, sometimes they remember Baba and sometimes they spend time battling. Their life of battle is greater than their life of love, and so they take the third number. In comparison to the souls of the world, even those who take the third number are extremely elevated. They recognise the Father, belong to the Father, belong to the Brahmin family, and are Brahmin souls,  Brahma kumars and kumaris. So, all are loving, but numberwise.
The number one constantly loving souls are always like the lotus flower, detached, yet with deep love for the Father. The loving souls are also detached and powerful but are not like the Father in being powerful and victorious. They are not lost in love, but are loving. The word “sometimes” still comes in - they are not constant, so some weakness remains.
Love for the Father means love for the One who plays the magic flute, which means love for the murli. If there is no love for the murli, there cannot be love for the One who plays the flute. No matter how many times someone may come to Baba and say that they have great love for Baba, if they do not have time to study, or if they give some other reason, Baba will not believe them.
Where there is enthusiasm and love, no obstacles can stand in the way. Those who have love for study and for the murli will overcome the obstacles easily. Being up above, in the flying stage, the obstacles are left down below. For those who can fly, a high mountain is merely a rock. Love makes difficulties easy. You have love for the murli, don’t you? You have love for the murli and love for the family, and this becomes a fortress - those who live in a fortress will be safe. If there is love for study and love for the family, then there is love for each other, and under its influence you become close. Love needs no language - it is the most elevated of all languages. Even if someone knew no language, they will know the language of love. This is the age of happiness. There are the treasures of happiness. There is nothing but happiness. Achcha.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are the signs of becoming God-like?
Sweet Children,
Today the master of all powers is seeing his master children - seeing to what extent the children have become the masters, equal to the Father and complete. A master will have the sanskar of being a world server.
Some are still in the stage of the child, and only sometimes able to stabilise the consciousness in the powerful stage of being like the Father. Some reach equality in thoughts, some also in speech, some even in actions, but when they come into relationship, either in service or with the family, there is a lower percentage of equality.
Become equal to the Father in all four, in thoughts, words, actions and relationships.
With the power of pure thoughts all waste thought can be finished easily, not just your own thought but there is transformation in others also.
Become one who always gives. Give without the feeling of taking. And develop the power to merge all things - you are children of the Ocean and the speciality of the Ocean is to merge. If you can merge you will be able to have pure thoughts and feelings of good wishes and benefit for all, constantly.
As the anxiety(peacelessness) and upheaval increase, the line of your intellect has to be very clear  because you need the powers of touching and catching.
You should be able to catch Baba’s directions, with nothing else mixed with them. If the line is not clear, dictates of the mind become mixed in and the soul suffers loss. And, with a clear intellect you will be more able to give all powers to all souls - the touching will come that at this moment, this is the specific easy method of serving this particular soul. In order to increase these:Remember the one Baba and none other.
To avoid attachment is one thing - attachment is wrong - but you must also avoid conflict, as when the intellect is influenced through conflict, Baba is not in the intellect at that time. Economise not just in wealth, but in thoughts and time - do not waste any of them. To economise is to increase the account of what you have stored.
Be content, with a broad and unlimited intellect, and no desire for the self. Increase the power of the gathering - be subtle and generous, and renounce your own thoughts - do not separate yourself from the gathering. If there is separation the soul cannot enter the royal family or rule the kingdom, but there also you will be separate. To be within the gathering now means to be in close relationship with the gathering for 21 births. So do what has to be done to create the power of the gathering.
Firstly, contentment, be the jewel of contentment. Secondly, have the broad, subtle intellect,have an unlimited intellect. Do not just pull the quilt towards yourself, but give it to others also, and they will then let you share it too. The more you give to another first, the more they will give to you. So let there be subtlety and generosity. The third aspect: The visible sign of contentment (santushtha) and generosity(vishalta) is that on the face of the soul and within the mind also, there will be the sign of  fullness and happiness (prashanta), with no questions arising in the consciousness.
This is then the end of the eighteen chapters. Understood? This is the result that BapDada wishes to see.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the attention we should have?
Sweet Children,
Each one has to pay attention to constantly applying the dot, the full stop. Apply the dot and finish the past, and let it be past. Become the ocean filled with all treasures, the bestower, for all others and allow all others to become full. So remember the dot (bindu) and the ocean (sindu).Be the dot and be the ocean and claim the elevated certificate.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What are the signs of different stars?
Sweet Children,
There is variety among the stars - some are stars of knowledge, some are easy yogis, some are bestowers of virtue, some are constant servers. Some are constantly complete and successful at every second - they are the most elevated of all. Others are still only stars of hope. The influence of each kind of star falls on the souls of the world, and on matter.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is service?
Sweet Children,
Just giving a speech, or explaining to groups, or giving the course to someone, or opening a centre, is not feelings of service. Service means to serve a soul in such a way that they experience some attainment. Tapasya is automatically included in such service.
True service inspires others to have an experience, to link with Baba, and make themselves powerful. The sign of a true server is renunciation, humility and tapasya, that is determination in faith and the intoxication of the one Father. This is what is meant by accurate service. BapDada is asking you to become constant true servers.
If in the name of service you are disturbed, and disturb others, then BapDada asks you to be free from that service. It is better not to serve in that case. The special virtue of service is contentment, either with the self or with those who are in contact, so first become a jewel of contentment, and then come into service. If there is any burden, it is better to remain in solitude, and pay attention to self transformation.
Feelings of service doesn’t mean opposing the weaknesses of others - it means merging those weaknesses, having tolerance and giving power to others. Hence the term “the power of tolerance”. To tolerate means to fill the self with power and to give power to others. Tolerance is the way to live in everyone’s heart with love. No matter how much opposition there may be - they may be stronger than Ravan - yet still the fruit of tolerance is eternal and sweet, and they will definitely change. Don’t desire anything in return - don’t wish for temporary fruit - have feelings of mercy. This is what meant by feelings of service.
Claim a number in the service of being jewels of contentment and giving contentment to others. Claim the prize of the title of destroyer of obstacles” and participate in that ceremony. Do you understand? This is the stage that is described as  “the destroyer of attachment and the embodiment of remembrance”. So, now show the special form of becoming complete, of reaching the conclusion in this 18th year by being the embodiment of this chapter. This is the stage described as “Be like the Father”. Achcha.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is a Portrait of elevated fortune?
Sweet Children,
The speciality of any portrait is revealed by the eyes and the smiling expression. The portrait is valued on the basis of these two specialities. If the eyes express spiritual drishti filled with world benefit, mercy and benevolence - if there is the spiritual smile that comes from constant contentment and cheerfulness - if the face sparkles with these two specialities - then the portrait of fortune is elevated.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, How do I deal with my physical body?
Sweet Children,
The one full of knowledge will be elevated and successful in each action. Both knowledge of the body and knowledge of the soul are required for every action. You also need knowledge for bodily health - to keep the body functioning properly. It should not be that the the soul is powerful but the body is neglected. If the body is not well then there cannot be yoga because the body will draw attention towards itself. This is why, in knowledge, all this knowledge is included. Achcha.
Dear Most Beloved Baba, What is the relationship between Spiritual love, bodiless stage and peace?
Sweet Children,
The foundation of a yogi life is faith, but the foundation of Brahmin life, and the Brahmin family is love. People have heard about knowledge and yoga, but the speciality and newness they are experiencing are elevated thoughts and love through drishti. And this is what the world needs especially today. No matter how body conscious a soul may be, love can bring them close to Baba. Those who are beggars of peace are also beggars of love. You can give them the experience of peace through the drishti of spiritual love. This love brings a natural experience of peace - they become lost in love. They become naturally bodiless for a short period of time, and because of becoming bodiless, they are able to experience peace naturally and easily.
There is a misunderstanding that you do not do social work. When the youth marches are seen, this misunderstanding will also be erased.

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