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Healthy, Wise and Well-Being (Soul) Consciousness – findings after thirty years of research

Healthy, Wise and Well-Being (Soul) Consciousness – findings after thirty years of research

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The real beauty of Healthy, Wise and Well-Being (soul) consciousness is experienced when there is no limited ego (ideas) of self like I am so and so or others are so and so, free from being impressed either by self or others.

To become free from limited ego, we need to renounce the ideas (thoughts) of “I” which we have been attached to since our childhood days like My name is xyz, My parents are A and B, I am a professional in certain discipline, I am brother, sister, I have to do this and that, I know this, I am expert in this, I can do it. Not just positive aspects even the thought of negative aspects like I can’t do this, I am like this, and more.

To become free from limited ego, we also need to renounce the ideas (thoughts) of “Others”. He / She is like that, beautiful or normal, innocent or cunning, good or bad, great or special, enlightened or intelligent.

When there is no ego of either self or others, constantly – at all times and in all actions - we remain wiser being healthy, happy, peaceful and balanced free from lust, anger, greed, attachment and other vices.

How to become free from ego?
The Best and simple way is to get lost in love of God (remain combined with God). But for this either there should be natural love and faith for God, Or else, we should know about God and develop the love and faith for God, and also His Knowledge.

If we lack on that constant natural love and faith on God, we have to identify the cause that stops me from having constant love for God.

Love for God means the sweetness, the happiness, the faith, the confidence, the contentment, the unconditional constant love and bliss that we experience in remembrance of God, in all actions.

What are the causes that stop me from experiencing the healthy state of consciousness that is free from ego?
The main cause is that we are not able to have control over the mind or the thoughts that is present in the conscious or sub conscious levels.

The doubts, disturbed emotions, anxiety, worries, fear, etc., never allow us to experience the healthy state of consciousness. These thoughts of conscious and subconscious has to be settled by my self or by taking help from others. Basically we have to undergo an analysis (understanding, accepting, sometimes even by experiencing it (good or bad) to understand that it is futile to continue and letting go) of our life history and practice healthy life style (exercise, nutritious pure food, good wishes and good feelings for self and others, social service, a set healthy routine, etc.) to settle these thoughts of conscious and subconscious mind.

Once the conscious and subconscious becomes calm, clear and clean, the natural conscious of lightness, sweetness, happiness, bliss, contentment will be experienced free from ego like what you experience in the pure unconditional love of God.

What are the benefits?
1.   Our questioning conscious mind will become quiet. In yoga, it says, the conscious becomes sub conscious and sub conscious would become conscious.
2.       There will be constant self awareness, it means there will not be forgetfulness.
3.     Constantly there will be happiness, bliss, confidence, contentment irrespective of whatever happens externally.
4.       Health will improve because there will not be stress which is the cause of major illness.
5.       We can live a constantly stress-free life which is a reality.
6.       You remain loving and detached all the time.
7.     In-fact when you remain beyond conscious or subconscious mind, it is known as super-conscious state of mind where every thought becomes a reality because you have the power of God within you in that state of mind.

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