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Am I enlightened or senseless on my spiritual effort?

 Am I enlightened or senseless on my spiritual effort?

From 1969 Avyakt Murlis – Points to practice for 16 days spiritual Bhatti

1.      Those who were stable in the avyakt stage knew and recognised the avyakt form.  Those who themselves were not stable in the avyakt stage did not fully recognise the invaluable jewel.

2.      In fact, in accordance with the stage, the questions of why and what etc. should not arise.

3.      You must not see, hear or keep within your heart the defects of others.  If your attention is drawn to something about any sister or brother, you can ask the ones who are the instruments to give them a signal.

4.      BapDada spoke, that of having too many visions and too much trance being a waste of time.  This is why that should not happen.  It shouldn’t be that you are not able to verify the parts being played by the trance messengers at the centres.  In the last murli, there was the direction that to go into heaven at the time of offering bhog is a waste of time. Because it isn’t the time to be wandering around.  Now, you have to give the proof of constantly staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance and to inculcate the teachings that you have received into your practical life.

5.      The more you are stable in the avyakt form, the more the actions performed by the senses will be according to the advice given by shrimat.  Children will have this experience. 

6.      At the end, your physical body will become completely stable.  At present, because of old karmic accounts, the body pulls you towards itself, but at the end, it will become completely stable and quiet.  There won’t be any upheaval in the mind or the body.  Baba calls this the stage of soul consciousness.  As the scene finished, Baba said: Tell all the children to now make efforts to become soul conscious.  Just as you pay attention to service, there should be the same attention paid to this main subject of becoming soul conscious.

7.      Whilst being stable in the avyakt stage, see the avyakt in the corporeal form.

8.      When the consciousness of the body is totally finished, then it can be said that your life is totally surrendered.  There is praise for the perfect stage of only those who have renounced everything and have a totally surrendered life. 

9.      Now the stage of surrender has become even higher.  Surrender means to have remembrance in every breath; you should not forget Baba even in one breath.  Each breath should be in remembrance, and so what would be the sign of one who does this?  What will be visible on his face?  What will be on his face?  Do you know?  (Cheerfulness.)  Will there be anything else apart from cheerfulness?  Whatever is the extent of someone’s tolerance, power increases accordingly.  Those who stay in remembrance in their every breath must definitely have the virtue of being tolerant.  And because of being tolerant, their cheerfulness and power will be visible, there won’t be any signs of weakness on their face.  Sometimes, the words emerge from your mouth: How can I do this?  What will happen?  These words of weakness should not emerge.  Only when they come into the mind do they emerge in words.  But they should not enter the mind.  Manmanabhav and madhyajibhav!  The meaning of manmanabhav is very deep.  Just as the drama continues to move second by second, in the same way, the stage of the mind should move in a straight line following the rails of the drama.  It should not fluctuate even a little bit.  Whether in thoughts or in words, your stage should be like that.  Sometimes whilst moving on the rails of the drama, you come to a halt.  Sometimes the mouth says something.  Sometimes the stage of the mind fluctuates and then you catch hold of the stage.  This also becomes like a stain.  Achcha.

10.  The time is close.  And so according to the time, the stage of being introverted, of going beyond sound, the stage of being avyakt whilst engaged in action, should be visible and that is still lacking.  Your business has to continue but this should also continue.  Both these should happen together equally. 

11.  You children will only be able to have the alokik experience of an avyakt meeting if you are stable in the avyakt stage. 

12.  To wake up at amrit vela.  The atmosphere of amrit vela will remain the same.  In the sakar form, at amrit vela, even though the children were far away, they used to experience a meeting with Baba. Tiredness is removed by this alokik experience of amrit vela.

13.  Baba said: The main teaching for the children is that they should come into the corporeal form whilst being stable in the avyakt stage.  When you sit in solitude you are able to remain stable in the avyakt stage, but you miss the stage of being stable in the avyakt form whilst in the corporeal form.  This is why there are very few jewels who have a constant karmateet stage.

14.  Children will have the experience of the subtle region, but on the basis of a divine intellect.  The alokik experience you have now will be all the more beneficial, alokik and unique when it is based on a divine intellect.  And so, all the children who have a desire to meet avyakt BapDada can do so.  How can you do that?  The method for this is simply to sit in remembrance at amrit vela and have the thought that you are now going to have a meeting with avyakt BapDada.  Just as when you knew the time for meeting sakar Baba beforehand you never used to feel sleepy, instead your intellect would stay in that experience before the meeting.  In the same way, if you want to have the experience of an avyakt meeting, a very easy method for this is to become stable in the avyakt stage and have a heart-to-heart conversation.  You will then have an experience in which it as though you are truly talking to the Father.  And in this heart-to-heart conversation, just as the trance messengers are shown some scenes, in the same way, you will have the experience of deep, entertaining, significant aspects through the yoga of the intellect.  But one thing is essential in order to have this experience.  What is that?  Do you know that?  Only those who are stable in the avyakt stage and introverted throughout the day will be able to remain stable in the avyakt stage at amrit vela.  Only they are able to have this experience at amrit vela.  If you have love and the desire to meet BapDada, this is a very easy method. Those who want to do it can do it, and can attain the experience of a unique meeting.

15.  There is a difference between BapDada and the children.  When children have pure attachment, they become the embodiment of it; they either become loving, or they become detached.  But BapDada becomes both loving and detached at the same time.  When this difference that remains is finished, what will you become?  Introverted, avyakt and alokik.  Now there is still some feeling of being lokik that is mixed.  But when you finish this difference, you will be seen as the alokik and angelic subtle angels.  You can become angels even whilst staying in this corporeal world. 

16.  Experience the subtle stage.  The desire for coming and going is temporary.  Instead of this temporary desire, why do you not constantly make yourself a resident of the subtle region?  You will have many wonderful experiences by being a resident of the subtle region.  And you yourself will say that there is such a lot of difference between this experience and the experiences of the trance messengers.  Theirs is not an income.  Yours is an income and also an experience.  So is it better to attain two things at once, or do you still have the desire for only one thing? 

17.  Some children even have the question in their mind whether Baba will take another birth.  Will he take another birth?  Will he take a birth like your Mama did?  What does the reasoning of your mind say?  Can you see the destiny of the drama?  Can you see it even slightly?  Since all of you say to everyone that you are the children of the Father who knows the three aspects of time, can you not see what is in the future?  What should happen according to the reasoning of your mind?  Become stable in the avyakt stage and say yes or no and you will get the answer. 

18.  Previously, Baba used to know of the external things only, now he knows of the things inside everyone also.  In the avyakt stage, there is no need to know anything.  Everyone’s chart is automatically visible within a second.  This is why it is said that one virtue has increased from before.  In the avyakt stage, the stomach is filled simply by having the fragrance.  Achcha.

19.  Nowadays, scientists are creating such bombs that as they sit at their own place, they are able to direct the bombs far away to wherever they want.  However, the power of silence is greater than that of science.  Just as they create bombs through science, in the same way, you shaktis now have to project bombs of silence.  In the beginning, the shaktis constantly challenged everyone.  Now, there isn’t so much challenge from you as there was in the beginning.  Now, you’ve become involved with expansion.  By your being engrossed in the expansion, the form of challenge has become incognito.  Now become stable in the seed stage once again and challenge people.  The seed can be planted in many through that challenge.  Only if you remain stable in the seed stage will the seed of the recognition of time and the Father’s introduction be planted in many souls.  And what will happen if you do not remain stable in the seed stage but simply go into a lot of expansion?  If there is too much expansion, there is no value.  It will be wasted.  This is why you must remain stable in the seed stage, in the remembrance of the Seed and then sow the seeds.  Then see how easily the fruits emerge and how good they are.  Until now you have made a lot of efforts, but there has been little instant fruits.  Now make less efforts and show greater visible fruit. 

20.  There is weakness in the pilgrimage of remembrance.  This is why there is not so much realization; there is not so much experience at amrit vela.  Therefore, just as in sakar days, when you used to go for walks in the fresh air, and you were given the aim and experiences of yoga, in the same way, the teachers who are the instruments for the kumaris should also take them out for half an hour, for a walk in solitude.  In the beginning, you used to go and sit separately.  Some would go to the shore of the ocean, some would go and sit in one place, and some in another place.  Let them practise this.  There are many big terraces here.  And from 7.00 - 7.30 in the evening is a specially good time.  Just as the hours of amrit vela are satoguni (pure), in the same way this time of the evening is also satoguni.  People also go out for a walk at this time.  At that time, have yoga within the gathering, and now and then someone should speak in a subtle, angelic tone so that if the yoga of the intellect of some is pulled in other directions, their attention will be drawn back again.  There is great weakness in the subject of yoga.  Nowadays, you can give training for one week to the kumaris in a school and even they can give lectures and explain at the exhibitions.  But this is a question of experiencing supersensuous joy within your life.  At that time, think that you are going to BapDada on His invitation.  Just as BapDada goes touring, in the same way, with the power of the yoga of the intellect, you can also go touring.  When you have the experience of the pilgrimage of remembrance, the influence of your subtle, angelic stage will be visible through your eyes and activity.

21.  Achcha, what do you have to imbibe?  You have to know your original form.  So you have to know your original form, your original religion, your original home, pure actions, your aim, the qualities for that aim, and you also have to spin the discus of self-realisation.  You have to imbibe these seven aspects.  What will you become if you imbibe these seven things?  The goddess of coolness.  You must not become Kali.  You now have to become Shitla, the goddess of coolness.  You have to become Kali over the vices.  Be Kali in front of the devils, but you have to become Shitla, the goddess of coolness, for your Brahmin clan.  Achcha.

22.  The reason for the lack of love for effort is that the majority of you become disturbed on seeing the circumstances.  You create your stage (stithi) with the support of the circumstances (parisththi).  You do not change the circumstances through your own stage.  You think that you will be able to create your stage when you change the circumstances.  You have to have the power of the original stage of the self through which the circumstances can be changed.  Those are external situations, whereas this is the original stage of the self (swa-stithi).  You become weak by being influenced by external circumstances.  And by stabilising yourself in the original stage of the self, you receive power.  And so, do not stop by being influenced by the external circumstances.  The original stage of the self has so much power that it can overcome any kind of external situation.  Because of your weakness in stabilising the self in the original stage, sometimes the external circumstances become powerful. 

23.  You householders are also helpers in service, and so you have to stay at the confluence in order to look after both.  Stabilize yourself in the stage in-between the two.  If you stay at the confluence, you will be able to do both accurately.  Your food, drink and clothes etc. are all moderate.  You have to make a judgement in this way by being stable in the stage of being in-between and then continue to move along.  In some aspects it is visible that you are either on one side or the other side to a greater extent, whereas you should be in-between.  The stage of being in-between is the seed stage; to be just a point.  Just as a seed is very subtle, the seed stage is also very subtle.  You need courage and the method to remain stable in that stage.

24.  Just as when you sit in yoga, when you stabilise yourself in the seed stage there is no need to churn the ocean of knowledge.  You can churn the ocean of knowledge even whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating.  The time for a heart-to-heart conversation is fixed for amrit vela.  In the same way, when you first sit, you should spend some time in stabilising yourself in the awareness of the point, and then have a heart-to-heart conversation.  When you find you are not able to stabilise yourself for a long time in the awareness of the point, then catch hold of the second stage (heart-to-heart conversation).  But what happens is that because it is easy to have a subtle heart-to-heart conversation and to churn the ocean of knowledge, you do that very quickly.  Because it is difficult to stabilise yourself in the awareness of the point, you pay less attention to it.  But it is essential to have that stage.  You saw the example of the corporeal form: at the time of talking and eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two.  Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul.  This was the effort being made in stabilising the self in the awareness of the point.  You are lacking in this effort and therefore, your sanskars do not change. How will you change your sanskars?  When the burden of sin reduces.  You have many classes of dharna to change your sanskars, and you even talk about it to one another, yet your sanskars do not change.  This is the method to change sanskars, and so at present, you have to pay special attention to this aspect. You must make special time throughout the day.  Make a special time for this practice according to your daily timetable.  Although you make effort to stay in the avyakt stage, you will only be able to make the avyakt stage permanent when there is the practice of being bodiless and staying in the awareness of the point.  Otherwise, you continually come into corporeal feeling.  You tell others that this body is a costume and so you are able to wear it or take it off whenever you choose.  There has to be such a practice that you should be able to forget the consciousness of the body and yet also be aware of it.  By having such a stage you will not experience punishment from Dharamraj at the end.  Otherwise, because of the strong sanskars you have had, there will be the experience of punishment.  The practice of the awareness of the point is lacking.  Whatever you are practising, that cannot be possible until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point. This is the method for not experiencing punishment.  The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars.  So this is the main method for changing sanskars. When you stabilize yourself in the awareness of the point, a sparkle will be visible on your forehead.  Your memorial of the third eye will be physically visible through the stage of the soul.

25.  Even if you are able to maintain it for two hours, it is a great deal.  By staying in this stage, you will automatically become introverted.  And solitude will pull you even when you are not especially practising it.  Even whilst you are performing actions, there will be the experience that solitude is pulling you.  You can experience this stage even whilst talking.  However, unless you have the practice of sitting in solitude, you will not be able to experience this stage whilst performing actions.  When you used to go in front of the corporeal form, there was the feeling of being drawn by solitude and introversion.  You even relate that sometimes it seemed as though there was nothing but light.  Even whilst talking, there was only light visible everywhere.  This is the impact of the awareness of the point.  When others have this experience through you, your life will be seen as unique, alokik.  Knowledge becomes merged internally when you remain stable in the awareness of the point, just as for the deities you say that they do not have knowledge in an emerged form, that is, there will not be any expansion.  Expansion is merged within the seed, and so the awareness of the point means the awareness of the seed stage.  Everything is merged in the seed, and when the seed is sown in the earth, it all emerges.  In the same way, all knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point.  It emerges when you come down.  When you have the awareness of the point, your stage remains full.  (This is like the ultimate stage (samadhi).)  No, there is no question of that ultimate state here.  They do not have any knowledge, so their stage is a blank.  This is not like being blank, this is being the embodiment of knowledge.  You churn knowledge to clarify some points.  That is the second stage.  Some simply entertain themselves with their experiences of sakar Baba, and that also can be called yoga.  There is the remembrance of just BapDada, but that is to a lesser percentage.  That is also called remembrance, but the awareness of the point is more powerful.  The other is just like being stable in the embodiment of love.  There is a difference between the awareness of the point and the embodiment of love.  There is special power in the other stage.  The nil stage of samadhi is different.  There is no aim in that, whereas here, you have attainment.  There is also the experience of happiness, coolness and being complete with all virtues.  This is the stage of being full.  Just as a seed is full, it is not empty, so this stage is the same.  If you practise this stage a little more, you will understand that experience clearly.  Even so, think about it and discuss it amongst yourselves.  Those who have special experiences of the awareness of the point should relate their experience to others and try and make them experienced in that.  However, each one will experience that stage through their own practice.  Achcha.

26.  Do all of you stay in supersensuous joy?  What is the meaning of supersensuous joy?  To stay in the avyakt stage and experience Godly happiness.  Is your effort new every day or is it the same old effort?  Even if you continue to become old, your effort should always be new.  Achcha.

27.  When anyone comes in front of you, you should be able to know about his three aspects of time in one second.  One is to know what his life was in the past, another what his vision and attitude are at present, and another, to what extent he can create his future reward.  You need the practic to know this.  This knowledge of recognising others is lacking.  You now have to remove this weakness.  If you do not have this virtue in the time that is yet to come, if it is lacking, you will be deceived.  Many such souls will come in front of you; they will internally be one thing and externally something else.  They will come to test you, because many think that this is just something that you learn off by heart.  So many will come to you in an artificial way in many different forms and colours in order to judge you.  Therefore, you must pay attention to what each one comes for and what his attitude is like.  You have to be very cautious with impure souls.  Day by day, there will be many such cases.  There are many sinful souls. Calamities, untimely death and sinful actions are increasing, and so because their desires are not fulfilled, they wander as impure souls, and therefore you have to be very cautious about this.  When an impure soul has entered someone else, a special incense stick is lit to chase it away, something is heated in a fire and that person is touched with it.  Or, that person is even fed red chilli powder.  So all of you have to work with the power of yoga.  You have to heat up each of your physical senses with the fire of yoga so that no-one can attack you.  If there is the slightest slackness, if any of your physical senses become slack, then it can enter you.  Those impure souls are also very powerful.  Maya’s power is no less.  You have to pay a lot of attention to this.  And even the elements of nature will carry on with their own work.  In order to confront it, you need to imbibe Godly power into yourself.  At that time, you must not have love for it.  At that time, you need to be the embodiment of power.  You have to think about when you need to be the embodiment of love and when you need to be the embodiment of power.  There is a need to be the embodiment of power in all these aspects.  If such a person comes and you show him extra love, then it can also cause damage.  You have to have love for BapDada and the divine family.  But with all the rest, you have to confront them with the form of power.  Many children make mistakes and they are attracted by their love.  That love increases and makes you weak, and therefore there is now the need to be the embodiment of power.  The praise of the final slogan is of the mother of Bharat who is the incarnation of power.  They do not say ‘Gopi Mata’, the loving mother.  It is now the part of being the embodiment of power.  The part of the gopikas was in the corporeal form.  Now, it is the part of the shaktis in the avyakt form.  When each one of you is stable in being the embodiment of power, the power of all of you put together will show wonders.  All of you must become stable in being the embodiment of power, and all your long-lost and wandering bhagats will be attracted to the magnet against their wish and come.  Achcha.

28.  What is the sign of someone who has total love?  What is that person’s main aim?  Whatever all of you spoke of is there anyway.  But even so, to clarify that, it is, that in whomsoever someone has love for, from that person’s face, the face of the one he has love for is visible.  That same light will be visible in his eyes.  And there will only be words of love for that person emerging from his mouth.  The image of love is visible from his every activity.  Only that person would be visible in his eyes, and the image of the one he has love for would be merged in him.  You should have such a stage.  At present, there is a great difference in the sanskars of the Father and the children.  When you become equal, your sanskars will not be visible.  Only He will be visible.  Others will see the Father in each one of you.  Everyone will have visions through all of you.  But that is still lacking now.  Ask yourself: Have I developed such love?  It is easy to develop love, but to become the embodiment of love is the final stage.  So you heard the result of your paper.  This aspect is still lacking.  And secondly, what all of you wrote about in your result: the power of tolerance is lacking in that.  The greater the power of tolerance, the greater the success will be in service.  The power of tolerance is also needed to stay within the gathering.  The power of tolerance is needed for the final paper of destruction also.  For the majority of you, the percentage result of the power of tolerance is very low.  Therefore, you must now increase that.  How will you develop the power of tolerance in yourself?  The more you become loving, the more love you have for someone, the greater the power is in that love.  Have you experienced how you are able to increase the power of tolerance through love?  For instance, the example of a mother and child: when an obstacle comes to a child, because the mother has love for the child, because of that love, she has the power to tolerate anything.  She is prepared to tolerate anything for the child.  At that time, she does not worry about her own body or the circumstances etc.  So, if you have constant love in the same way, then it is not difficult to tolerate anything for the one you love.  Because there is a lack of love, there is a lack of the power of tolerance.  This is the result of the paper of all of you.

29.  What is BapDada’s main title, the one in which you have to become like Him?  BapDada’s main title is the Almighty Authority.  If you simply have love, that love can sometimes be broken; but where there is the combination of both love and power, the meeting of the soul with the Supreme Soul remains eternal and constant.  In order to make your meeting eternal, what method must you adopt?  You have to have the combination of love and power within yourself.  Only then can you say that the soul and the Supreme Soul have met.

30.  What is the greatest sacrifice and what is the greatest renunciation?  To renounce seeing the defects of others is the greatest renunciation.  Which is the greatest service?  What is the main service that an elevated server would do?  What is the proof of the intense effort of an intense effort-maker?  To enable anyone who comes in front of him to experience a living death.  It is said: You must die a living death at one stroke, which is called to die at a stroke.  You must not leave them incomplete (half dead).  Elevated service is to make them instantly die a living death at one stroke.  At present, you shoot the arrow, but when they go outside, they become alive again.  But a time will come when you will enable them to go beyond in a second with drishti, and then there will be success in service and there will also be an impact from you.  At present, although you make them experience death whilst alive, you are not able to do that instantaneously.  Two things are lacking.  If you imbibe these two things, you will be able to colour others with your colour.  Are you those who have died instantly?  You have to make a promise that from today you have died instantly.  You will not become alive to the old world again.  Those who are courageous receive extra courage.  Because you have courage BapDada has love for you.  So you were being told about two things that are lacking.  One main weakness is that you lack the practice of staying in solitude.  And the second is that you do not stay in unity.  There is very little difference between the words unity (ekta) and solitude (ekant).  Solitude can be in a physical way as well as a subtle way; both are needed here.  If you experience the bliss of being in solitude, you will not enjoy being extroverted.  At present, everyone’s interest is drawn more towards extroversion.  These two things are lacking within the majority of you.  In order to increase the practice of the subtle stage, this is very essential.  You have to maintain a greater interest for being in solitude.

31.  Are all of you whilst being in the corporeal form, stable in the avyakt stage?  What do you call the avyakt stage?  Do you recognise it?  First is the recognition of the avyakt stage, then there is the discrimination of it.  Do you have knowledge of both these aspects?  What do you call the avyakt stage?  (The absence of the awareness of the corporeal form.)  How can there not be the awareness of the corporeal form whilst performing actions with the corporeal form?  How much experience do you have of the avyakt stage whilst being in the corporeal form?  Today, Baba wants to ask all of you this.  What is the longest time you should spend in this stage?  What should the longest time be, do you know that?  (Eight hours.)  According to the complete stage, even eight hours is insufficient.  According to your present effort, is eight hours too much?  (Not a single person raised his hand.)  Achcha.  Those who have reached six hours, raise your hands.  (Again, not a single person raised his hand.)  Achcha, those who have reached four hours of remembrance, raise your hands.  (Some raised their hand for four hours remembrance and some for two hours.)  According to this result, how much time do you need to make effort?  The course has finished.  You are now doing the revised course.  But even then, the result for the majority of you is ....(not so good).  What is the reason for this?  All of you are making effort, you have the enthusiasm, and you have the aim; then why are you not able to do it?  (Lack of attention.)  In which aspect is there a lack of attention?  Everyone has the attention to be worthy and come close, but which aspect of attention is still lacking?  What causes the lack of practice of the avyakt stage?  All sitting here are effort-makers.  Is there anyone sitting here who would say that he is not an effort-maker?  Since you are effort-makers, why is this lacking?  What do you have to do?  Why are you not able to remain introverted when you want to?  Why do you become extroverted?  All of you have become enlightened souls.  Whilst being clever, enlightened souls, why do you become senseless?  You have received understanding.  The course for understanding has also finished.  And since the course is finished, it means that you have become sensible.  Why are you still senseless?  It has been seen that the main reason is that some of you become careless, and this can also be called laziness.  The sweet form of laziness is lethargy.  There are many forms of laziness.  The majority of you have laziness or carelessness in one form or another. Much more difficult exams are yet to come, and so in order to face them, you have to make hard effort.  If the effort is ordinary and the exams are difficult, what will the result be?

32.  The incorporeal and the bodiless stages are a state of the intellect, but you should also be able to be detached whilst performing actions, and also remain unique so that seeing your every action, people feel that you are unique; that you are not mundane (lokik), but extra-ordinary (alokik).  So this is most essential in order to increase the power of making decisions.  The more you imbibe these aspects, the more you will be able to finish your obstacles and be saved from the obstacles that will come in the world.

33.  Now, the ornaments are ready.  But what happens to that which is ready?  It is then polished.  Now, it just remains to be polished.  The main thing that has to be polished is just this: Everyone has to create extra time for staying in the avyakt stage for a longer period.  Only the polish of the avyakt stage now remains.  Whilst talking to one another, see each other as souls.  Whilst being in the body, see the soul.  This is the first lesson which is now essential.  In order to put all the things of dharna that you have heard about into your life, you have to make this first lesson firm.  This practical stage of the vision of soul consciousness is still lacking.  For greater success in service, the main method is just this: To do service in soul consciousness.  The first lesson has to be polished.  This is essential.  Have you ever noted for how long you maintain the vision and awareness of soul consciousness throughout the day?  You can perceive the result of this stage through the result of your service.  This stage is like a flame.  Moths are drawn to a flame against their conscious wish.

34.  It isn’t that because you have heard a lot, it is difficult to stabilise yourself in the point-form.  The weakness of not being able to stabilise yourself in the point-form is that the first lesson is not firm.  You should experience yourself to be a bodiless soul whilst performing actions.  This practice throughout the day is very much needed.  You have to be detached from practical matters and then come into action.  The more experience you have of this, the more you will stabilise yourself in the point-form.  However, not so much attention is being paid to this.  You say that you don’t have the time, but you can make the time.  If you have the aim, then just as when someone has to go somewhere for a special task, he pays special attention to make the time for it.  This is the one special task for the short time of the confluence age that remains.  If you consider it to be a special task and make the time in-between, it can be possible.  But because you don’t have this practice, your time passes by in just thinking about it.  If you pay attention, then as are your circumstances, accordingly you can increase this practice.  All of you are weak in this practice.  In fact, it is not difficult to stabilise yourself in the form of a point.  Practise becoming detached; the point-form is of being detached anyway.  It is incorporeal and detached.  When you stabilise yourself in the stage of being incorporeal and detached, you will have the experience of the point-form.  Whilst walking and moving around, you will be able to experience the angelic stage.  Your practice will become such that you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage whenever you wish.  You will then be able to fill yourself with a lot of power in just one second’s experience.  And you will also experience the powers of applying a brake and steering.  To experience the point-form is not difficult.  It is just thoughts that bring you down.  If you have the power to apply a brake to your thoughts, you will be able to remain in the avyakt stage for a longer period.  You have to consider yourself a soul and remain stable in that stage.  When you stabilise yourself in your original stage, you will then experience your virtues.  You are able to experience the virtues of a place that you visit against your conscious wish.  When you visit a cool place, then even if you don’t want to, you experience the coolness of that place.  This is the same.  Soul consciousness means remembrance of the Father.  It is not possible for there not to be Baba’s remembrance in soul consciousness.  Just as Bap and Dada are not separate, in the same way, a soul conscious intellect that has faith is not separate from Baba’s remembrance.  Can you not stabilise yourself in the point-form in one second?  If you were all told to practise that drill now, would you be able to do it?  When you stabilise yourself in the point-form, firstly there is the experience of the point-form and you also experience the original virtues of the soul.  Practise this also because there is now very little time and you have a lot of work to do. 

35.  Do you not know how to sit as a point?  If you continue to increase your practice in this way, you will be able to stabilise yourself in that stage not for just a second, but for many hours and you can then experience the sweetness of that stage.  There will be no need to speak anything when you are stable in that stage.  To sit as a point is not a non-living stage.  Just as a whole tree is merged in the seed, in the same way, Baba’s remembrance is merged in me the soul.  When you sit in that stage, you will experience all sweetness.  And together with that, you will have the intoxication of the One in front of whom you are sitting.

36.  Even whilst coming into sound, you can stay in supersensuous happiness, so why are you trying to stay beyond sound?  If you stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage beyond sound and then come into the corporeal, you will be able to bring others into that stage also.  You must become incorporeal in one second and corporeal in one second.  You have to learn such a drill that you become incorporeal in one second and corporeal the next.  When your stage becomes like this, then whilst you are in the corporeal form, everyone will have a vision of your incorporeal form.

37.  Whom are you seeing?  Are you seeing the physical form or the avyakt?  If you do not see your own physical form or that of others and instead see the avyakt form, you will become the image that attracts.  When you see the physical form, you will not become an image that attracts.  If you want to become an image that attracts, do not see the physical form.  Only when you see the attractive form that is in the physical form will there be an attraction by yourself and by others.  So now only this subtle service remains.  Why do you come into the corporeal?  What is the reason for this?  Since you like becoming avyakt, why do you come into the corporeal?  There are useless thoughts and wasteful actions only when you come into the corporeal form, so why do you find it difficult to become avyakt from corporeal?  You quickly come into the corporeal form, but it is with great difficulty that you stabilise yourself in the avyakt form.  What is the reason for this?  You forget.  Why do you forget?  Why do you become body conscious?  ….due to lack of discipline. For this, pay attention to three things: 1) Remembrance of the self, 2) Discipline, and 3) Time.  Remember these three things, and what will you become?  Trinetri, Trikaldarshi and Trilokinath.  You will attain all the titles that you have been given at the confluence age.  When you know yourself the Almighty Authority comes in-between anyway.  So pay attention to these three aspects.  Whenever you see any image (chitra-body), do not see the image but see the living being (chetan) within the image.  See that and the activities (charitra) of that image.  When you see the living being (chetan) and the activities, because your attention is towards the activities, you will move away from the image, that is, from the consciousness of the body.  There is definitely one or another divine activity in each of you, because only the decorations of the Brahmin clan are full of divine activities.  There aren’t the divine activities of just the Father, but each activity of those who are Baba’s helpers is a divine activity.  So see the activity, and the living being, that is, the one without an image (vichitra). 

38.  Until you fulfill the promise that whatever happens you will not think, speak, hear and do anything against shrimat, you will not be able to take benefit from this bhatthi.  You have come here with such zeal and enthusiasm in yourself, have you not?  We will definitely become something here.  We will definitely change here.  You have come here with this thought, have you not?  You are not afraid, are you?  The more you go into the depths, the more the fear will disappear.  Until you go into the depths of something, there will be fear.  There is fear because of the waves at the top of the ocean, but when you go to the bottom of the ocean, what happens in the depths?  Together with the total stillness and silence, there is also attainment.  Therefore, whenever there is any fear, go into the depths, and that fear will disappear. 

39.  The avyakt stage, remembrance or the stage of soul consciousness is the same thing.  However, together with the stage of soul consciousness, only those who do not have a lot of waste thoughts are able to discriminate others accurately.  Those whose intellect is engaged in the remembrance of One, in the task of One and who are in a constant stage will be able to discriminate others very quickly.  Those whose intellect creates a lot of thoughts will have a mixture of their own waste thoughts in recognising others.  Therefore, they will not be able to recognise others as they are.  Those who have cleanliness of the intellect will be able to maintain a yogyukt stage.  Waste thoughts and sinful thoughts become an obstacle in creating an avyakt stage.  The main reason why you are attracted to the body again and again is that there isn’t cleanliness of the intellect.  Cleanliness of the intellect means that it remains lost in the great mantra that it has received.  Because of not having the remembrance of One and letting the intellect wander in many directions, it does not remain powerful.  Generally, you must have experienced that when the intellect is engaged in many tasks, there is the feeling of the intellect being weak and tired, and so you are not able to make an accurate decision about anything.  In the same way, waste thoughts and sinful thoughts make the intellect tired.  Any soul who is tired will not be able to discriminate or make a decision accurately.  No matter how clever someone may be, there is a great difference in his discrimination and decision making when he is tired.  Because the intellect is tired by these thoughts throughout the day, it lacks the power to make decisions.  Therefore, you are not able to become victorious.  The main reason for experiencing defeat is that there isn’t the cleanliness of the intellect.

40.  This is a garden.  BapDada comes into the living garden and He takes a little fragrance through your words, a little through your eyes and a little through the jewel in your forehead.  BapDada sees the sparkle of the jewel on the forehead of each of you.  In the same way, if all of you continue to see the jewel on the forehead of each one, then your drishti and attitude will become pure and satopradhan.  The main reason why your drishti becomes mischievous is that you do not see the jewel on the forehead but you see the physical form instead.  Do not see the physical form but see the jewel on the forehead.  When you see the physical form, just think that you are looking at a snake.  A snake has a jewel at the centre of its forehead.  So you have to see the jewel and not the snake.  If you look at anything with body consciousness, then understand that you are looking at a snake.  If you look at the snake, it will bite you.  A snake would carry out its task.  A snake is poisonous.  There are some special snakes that have jewels.  How must you brothers kill the snakes?  What will you do?  Whilst looking at a snake, do not see the snake.  Just see the jewel.  The poison of the snake will not be so poisonous if you look at the jewel.  If you see the snake which is the body, you will belong to the snake.  You will become like that.  But if you see the jewel, you will become a jewel in BapDada’s rosary.  You either become like a snake or you become a jewel of the rosary.  If you want to become a jewel, you must see the jewel.  Then your complaint will be transformed and you will become complete.

41.  You should be able to create whatever stage you want whenever you want.  You have to make the mind practise this drill.  You must definitely practise coming into sound in one second and going beyond sound in one second.  Practice coming into thoughts about service in one second, and going beyond thought and stabilising yourself in your original form in one second.  This drill is absolutely essential.  It shouldn’t be that you are not able to come away from the physical consciousness.  Come into physical consciousness for the sake of a task in one second and then become bodiless in one second.  Those who have made this drill firm will be able to face all situations.  Just as you are made to practise physical drill in the morning, in the same way, you must especially practise this avyakt drill at amrit vela.  You have to do it throughout the day, but the time for this special practice is amrit vela.  When you see that your intellect is very busy, at that time practise this.  Even whilst being in a situation, are you able to make your intellect detached?  You will be able to remain detached when you perform all your actions in a detached stage.  If you have attachment to that task, you will not be able to become detached in one second.  This is why you must practise this, no matter what the situation is.  The final paper will be of many fearsome situations, and you will be amidst situations which you would not wish to be in.  Compared with that, the situations of today are nothing.  The final paper will take place amidst the final situations.  You must prepare for that beforehand.  This is why when you see that you are very busy, that the intellect is very busy in a physical task, that the circumstances are such that they pull you in all directions, at that time, practise this.  Then you will know to what extent you are able to practise the drill.  This aspect is most essential also.  If you continue this drill, you will achieve success.  There is a number for each subject.  This is the main thing.  If you are good in that, you can claim a good number.  If you are lacking in this subject, you will not be able to claim a number ahead, in the final result.  This is why you were told that together with being an enlightened soul, you also have to be a loving soul.  Those who are loving receive love.  When you have a lot of love for someone, it is said: This one has totally forgetten consciousness of everything else.  The meaning of forgetting consciousness of everything else is that you forget the awareness of even your own form.  The love of the intellect should be only towards that One and none other.  Those who are like this are called loving.

42.  The extent to which someone practises this alokik drill, to that extent he remains healthy and free from the sickness of Maya, and he also remains the embodiment of power to the same extent.  According to how much you practise this alokik drill of the intellect, to that extent you will attain the aim of becoming what you want.  You have to use your hands and feet exactly as the drill-master tells you to, do you not?  Here also, if everyone is told to become incorporeal from corporeal in one second, will you be able to do that?  Just as you very quickly use your physical hands and feet according to the directions you receive in a drill, in the same way, do you have the practice of becoming incorporeal from corporeal in one second?  How long does it take to become incorporeal from corporeal?  Since it is your original stage, why are you not able to stabilise yourself in that stage in one second?  (We have karmic bondages.)  Are we still to continue to hear the sound of karmic bondages even now?  Will we continue to hear about karmic bondages until you leave these old bodies?  Who is the one who gives answers to the questions in this class?  You have given many names, now who is the one who is able to go beyond the questions and answers?  Have you imbibed the power of discrimination in this bhatthi?

43.  The practice of being bodiless and then coming into a body is being made firm.  Just as BapDada enters a body from being in the bodiless state, in the same way, all of you children have to be bodiless and then enter a body.  You have to stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage and then come into the corporeal world.  Are you increasing your practice of this day by day?

44.  Why have you come to this bhatthi?  In order to practise remaining bodiless whilst being in the body.  You should have this stage from the moment that you put your foot here.  You need to have practice and attention in order to fulfill the aim that you keep. 

45.  What is the vision like of those who have surrendered completely?  (Their vision and attitude are pure.)  But with what yukti did their vision and attitude become pure?  In just one word, it can be said that there is spirituality in their vision and attitude, that is, their vision and attitude become spiritual.  When you do not see the body, the vision becomes pure.  When you do not even look at the non-living things with your eyes, your attitude will not be drawn towards them.  If your vision does not go towards them, neither will your attitude.  Your attitude is drawn towards them when your vision is drawn towards them.  Spiritual vision means that you have to see yourself and others as spirits.  Even whilst looking at the body, you must not see it.  You should have such a practice.  For example, when someone is deep in thought, even while he is walking, eating, drinking or whatever he is doing, he does not realise how much he has already done that, or what he has eaten.  In the same way, you will not see the body even whilst looking at it, but you will be busy in seeing yourself as a soul.  And then, your stage will become such that when anyone asks you what was so-and-so like, you will not know.  Your stage will be like that.  But that will only happen when you transform the lokik things that you see into their spiritual form.

46.  You have to change everything from lokik into alokik.  Through this, people will realise that you are a special alokik soul.  Even whilst living amongst the lokiks, you are different from them.  With the awareness of the soul, you have to consider yourself to be detached.  It is easy to become detached from your duties and your work.  You will not be loved by the world through that.  You will be loved by the world when you perform your tasks whilst considering yourself to be a soul, detached from the body.  You must not be detached from just the things of the world, but you first have to be detached from your body.  You will be loved when you become detached from your body.  You will then be loved by your own mind, by God and by the world.  Why are you not loved by the world at present?  Because you have not become detached from your body.  You simply try to become detached from the bodily relations.  They then complain to you and say: How much have you changed yourself?  You will continue to receive complaints until you become detached from your body first.  Then, you will be loved by the world.  Some look at themselves and also look at the things of the world outside.  They first change those other things and then change themselves.  This is why there is no impact.  In order to create an impact, you first have to transform yourself.  You have to bring about transformation in your vision, attitude and consciousness, as well as in the way you use your wealth and your time.  Then you will be loved by the world. 

47.  You have come to the bhatthi to learn to mould yourself.  One is the power to mould and the other is the power to apply a brake.  How much time should you take to mould yourself?  Although you know how to mould, you sometimes take a long time.  You have to have such thoughts that you don’t take a long time.  The moment you have a thought, it should take a practical form.  You have to emerge from the bhatthi in such a stage that each of your thoughts and words takes a practical form.  Those people attain occult powers, whereas here you attain powers through yoga.  You have to learn what the powers of remembrance are.  The thoughts, words and actions of those who attain success are successful.  They will not have a single waste thought.  They will only have thoughts that are successful.  Those who are serviceable will not have any thoughts that are not successful, and they should not have any thoughts that are not going to be successful.  Each thought of yours has value.  But only when you give value to yourself will others recognise the value of you jewels.  The face of each of you when you emerge from this bhatthi should be like a living museum. 

48.  You have to think in depth about whatever you have heard and merge it into your every vein.  To the extent that you think about it in depth, to that extent, you will bring it about in action and into your activity in a practical form.  In order to reveal those sanskars, go into the depth of each aspect and merge each of those sanskars into your every vein.  What do you have to do in order to incorporate one thing into something else?  Firstly, you have to put it in very deep, and secondly, you have to press it down.  You have to grind it in.  To grind it means to make every aspect refined.  You have to emerge from this bhatthi with the promise of bringing about those sanskars in a practical form.

49.  There will also be such a stage in which whatever thought arises in someone else’s mind, it will reach you in advance.  There will be no need to speak or hear that.  But it will only happen like that, that you can read the thoughts of others, when you fully apply a brake to your own thoughts.  The brake should be powerful.  If you are not able to merge your thoughts, you will not be able to understand the thoughts of others.  This is why you were told to continue to finish the expansion of thoughts.  The greater your power to merge thoughts, the greater the power will be to understand the thoughts of others.  Because of going into the expansion of your own thoughts, you are not able to understand yourself.  So how will you be able to understand others?  This is why you will continue to reach this stage numberwise according to effort.  This is also the sign of the perfect stage.  You must check yourself in these aspects to see how close you have come to your perfect stage.

Spiritual Practice points from Shrimat Bhagawad Gita of God Shiva

Page19: The method of Three Lights
When all three lights are sparkling brightly and visibly, then you can understand that you are able to grant visions. The light of purity, the light of completely pure, divine drishti (soul conscious vision) and the light of the jewel on the forehead (self awareness): these three are the main things that make you complete. So ask yourself to what extent there is satopradhan, soul conscious vision and the sparkle of purity in your every thought, word and action. Have you become one who is constantly the embodiment of remembrance? If you lack even one aspect, you would not be able to grant visions of the trimurti lights.
When you sit in front of the screen, you are able to see many different scenes. In the same way, when people come in front of you, they should be able to see many types of divine vision.

Page 20: 10 headed Ravan: 5 vices and 5 elements
Actions performed under the influence of the five vices are said to be sinful actions or sin. They are a gross form of sin. In the same way, the five elements also attract the deep and subtle effort-makers, the maharathis, towards themselves and become instrumental in making them commit sin.
It is easy to understand and conquer the five vices, but to remain beyond the attraction of the five elements takes special effort for the maharathis.

Page 22: Extrovert and Introvert at the same time:like lotus flower:
At the time of becoming extroverted, also remain in the stage of being introverted. This does not happen. Either you become introverted, or you become extroverted. However, first of all, become introverted and then become extroverted. You need to pay individual attention to yourself in order to practise this.
Have you become like a lotus flower? Why are images created? An image is created of the life-style and activity. So you have such an activity, and this is why your image has been created. Keep this one image in your consciousness whenever you perform any action, and you will be able to remain detached from everything else. At present, you only remain in this stage temporarily. No matter what the atmosphere is like, simply remember this image, and you will be able to remain detached from that atmosphere.

Page 27: Ocean and Self:
"Nothing new", is the final stage. If anyone performing a task or playing a part creates upheaval, then just like in the ocean, upheaval may be visible on the surface, that is, there may be upheaval of the sense organs, but your internal stage should be of "nothing new". Are those who are stable, constant and in solitude, that is, those who know the depth of the Creator and the creation and have the trikaldarshi stage, stabilised in a comfortable stage peacefully? Or, does upheaval of the sense organs make your internal stage fluctuate? When the physical ocean is able to show both the forms, can the master oceans of knowledge not show both forms also? The elements have copied human beings. You are the most elevated of all human beings. If the elements are able to show their qualifications, are the most elevated human beings not able to show this also?

Final stage: no waste thoughts: The vision of those who are complete in everything is not drawn towards anything. They constantly stay in spiritual intoxication. They will be beyond having any wasteful thoughts; their intellect and vision will not be drawn in other directions and they will remain free from all types of worry. They will constantly be playing with the treasures received from the Father. They don't even have the time to have any other thoughts, because they constantly remain busy in imbibing and distributing to others the treasures they have received from the Father. The greatest business, the greatest donation and the greatest charity is this. Wasteful thoughts are the play of dolls. Do you still have such sanskars of childhood?

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