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Power of Spirituality-Perfection: Attainments and Result of RajaYoga Practice.

Concentration, Silence and Introspection
   - from 1977 Avyakt Murlis

1.      Children who are merged in His eyes:  BapDada and the Brahmins are merged in the vision of such children, for this is their entire world.  Whilst seeing, they do not see anything else because they constantly remain merged in the Father's love.  They are constantly merged in the ocean of the Father's virtues, that is, in the Ocean of Knowledge, Happiness and Bliss.  ….With the power of accommodation, you can accommodate those situations and become a master ocean and can also make others equal to the Father.  To accommodate means that there shouldn't be the slightest trace of any gross feelings of any situation still remaining even in your thoughts.  Words that have caused a loss should be transformed into benevolent feelings in such a way that words causing a loss are not even spoken.  Such a stage is called the stage of a world benefactor.  Whilst seeing anyone's defect, within one second, transform that defect into a virtue.  Transform the loss into benefit.  Transform defamation into praise.  Only someone who constantly has such a vision and attitude is called a world benefactor.  Not just a world benefactor, but such a soul also becomes a self-benefactor.  Such a stage is said to be like that of the Father's.

2.      Just as, nowadays, through science, you are able to experience things to be very close - a distant sound is heard to be very close by way of the telephone, a scene somewhere far away is very clearly visible with the T.V. - in the same way, are you able to make the message reach souls through silence?  No matter how far away they may be, they should experience it as though someone was physically coming to give them a message in the corporeal form.  Whilst sitting at a distance, they will experience a vision of you and see the divine activities of God as though it is happening personally in front of them.  You would be visible through thoughts, that is, you would be playing the part of attaining success through thoughts, that is, of being beyond sound.  However, the method to attain this success is to stabilise for the maximum time in your form of peace.  This is why it is said: Silence is golden.  This is said to be the golden-aged stage. By remaining stable in this stage, you will be able to bring about greater glorification through less expenditure.  You will be able to have greater results through less expenditure of the treasures of your time, energy and physical resources.  For this, simply remember one word.  What is that one word?  Balance.  Let there be balance in your every deed, thought and word, in your relationships and connections.  Then, rather than ordinary, your words, deeds, thoughts, relationships and connections will be seen as alokik, that is, they will seem miraculous.  From everyone's lips and mind, the sound would emerge that this one is miraculous.  According to the time, the speed of your effort and the speed of world service have to be very fast; only then would you be called a world benefactor…..

3.      Renunciation means to renounce even the thoughts in the mind.  You may have renunciation externally, out of compulsion, according to the circumstances or the code of conduct, but that would not be renunciation through your thoughts.  Renunciation is not out of compulsion but it means to be an embodiment of knowledge and to renounce even the thoughts. 

4.      An attitude is created through thoughts and an atmosphere is created through an attitude.  So there should be no such thoughts or attitude through which the atmosphere becomes impure.  You should not speak any such words that would cause upheaval in others.  …  First of all, think and consider everything and then do it.  It should not be that you do something first and then think about it.  Otherwise, time and energy are wasted…You teachers should have special happiness because you have a special lift of being with the Father and remaining engaged in His service.  You do not have to go into any other atmosphere.  So you should take full benefit of this lift.  Are you constantly happy?  Who can remain constantly happy?  Those who are not attracted anywhere else.  If you are attracted anywhere - towards nature, other souls or the virtues of others - you cannot remain happy.  Such souls, who are beyond all attractions and are only attracted to the one Father, can remain constantly happy.  Achcha.

5.      Together with the revised course, BapDada has also given the realisation course.  So what else remains now?  What is still remaining?.... So, why are you afraid that destruction has still not taken place?  If you yourself are satisfied with the answer to this question, you can also satisfy others.  If you yourself have a question about this, then definitely others will also question you about it.  Therefore, do not be afraid.  When others ask you why destruction has not yet taken place, just tell them: Because of you, destruction has not taken place.  Together with the Father, all of us are world benefactors.  In bringing benefit to the world, we still have to bring benefit to souls like yourselves.  Therefore, you still have a chance.  What happens generally is that when someone asks you this question, you yourself become confused in the questions, "Why? What?" etc.  You think, "Yes, this is what we have been told; this is what has been written and it should have happened".  This is why you are not able to satisfy others.  With that intoxication, tell them that there is benefit merged in these words spoken by the Benefactor Father.  We know about it and you will also know about it as you progress further.  Do not be afraid.  Do not move away from them and think, "What can we say?  How can we answer them?"  Out of fear, do not move away from the people whom you told this.  What will they do?  If they make any wrong type of publicity, then those wrong words will put many others right and it will become a means for revelation.  Since the children themselves keep on asking this question, what is the big deal if people also ask this question?  You think, "Should I do this or not?  How can I continue with my household?  How can I satisfy all my relations?  Should I get my children married or not?  Should I build a home or not?"  In fact, these questions have no connection with the date of destruction.  If you have land and you have the thought of building on it, it means you have the thought of using it for yourself.  If you want to use it for Godly service, then there is no question of whether you build a building or just use the land.  However, if there is a need and you build it according to the directions you receive, then that will not go to waste, but will be accumulated.  So there is no need to be afraid because of destruction, because to continue to move along according to shrimat means to have everything insured.  You would definitely receive the fruit of that.

6.      Now remains the question of getting married or getting someone married.  You have already been given a direction for this: As far as possible, save yourself and other souls to whatever extent you can.  What if destruction doesn't take place?  Is it that you were remaining pure because of destruction?  Purity is the original religion of Brahmins.  Purity is the aim and qualification of Brahmin life.  Those whose deep inculcation is purity have no connection with the date of destruction.  This is just an excuse to hide your own weakness.  Brahmins know how to make many excuses.  Achcha, now remains the question of getting someone else married.  For that, save others as much as you can.  Do not allow yourself to become weak and encourage the other person.  Do not even have the thought in your mind, that now they will have to do this.  What happened to those who were not able to be saved even ten years ago?  As a detached observer, through thoughts and words, Baba tried to save them.  In the same way, remain just as determined even now.  But what can you do if someone wants to fall anyway?  ……Because of destruction, do not allow yourself to come into upheaval.  Your upheaval will create upheaval for those who are not following the path of knowledge.  You should remain unshakeable.  Speak with that sparkle of intoxication without fear.  Then those people will themselves become quiet and will not be able to say anything.  With faith in the intellect, do not become one who has an intellect full of doubts even in the form of thoughts.  The royal form of doubt is, "It should have happened like this.  I don't know why Baba had said this.  BapDada would have told us in advance.  So how can we go in front of them?"  This royal form of doubt will become instrumental to create doubts in the minds of the people of the world.  "Yes, Baba did say it and will say it even now."  Maintain this faith and intoxication and those people will come and bow down to you, and say: It is a wonder of your faith!  Do you understand?  Do not be afraid.  Are you afraid to go to jail?  You are not afraid, but you become distressed.  You do not have the power to face.  Just say that there was benefit in whatever Baba said and there is benefit in it even now.  We are saying the same thing even now.  If you tell them with Godly intoxication and with that lightness, they will laugh with you.  However, first of all, you have to become strong.  Do you understand? Everyone's thoughts reached Baba today.  Everyone had the question of what Baba would say on the 18th.  Now, did you hear?  BapDada is with you; no one can do anything, no one can say anything.  The kittens were safe even in the burning furnace and so this is nothing.  No one can even harm a single hair.  You do not have ordinary company; you have the company of the Almighty Authority.  Therefore, an intellect that has faith is victorious. There is no need to tell them the date.  The date of the final destruction can never be fixed.  If the date were to be fixed, then all the seats would be fixed also.  When everyone becomes free from thinking of these things, that will be the date of destruction.  Achcha.

7.      Baba, whilst being incorporeal, comes into the corporeal and plays a part, but children forget the tool of this mantra which is that they are also incorporeal souls playing a part through the corporeal.  They do not have the awareness of being both incorporeal and corporeal at the same time; they either become incorporeal or they stay in the corporeal.  You should constantly remember this mantra: The incorporeal is playing a part in the corporeal.  This physical world and physical body are your stage.  The stage and the actor are separate from one another.  An actor would never consider himself to be the stage.  The stage is the support and the actor is the image of support; he is the master.  By considering your body to be a stage, you will automatically experience yourself to be an actor.  So, what was the reason?  You do not know how to make yourself detached. Always move along whilst considering yourself to be a foreigner.  Always think that you have come into the old world and entered an old body to play the part of bringing benefit to the world.  Because you have made the first lesson firm, you have become sensible, but you lack essence. 

8.      A group of such intense effort-makers should be created to take up the responsibility and initiative of putting into practice whatever they say, and thereby giving the proof of it.  …..  You have to listen to something or tolerate something in any situation, no matter how well you do something.  In fact, those who do something good have to listen to and tolerate a great deal.  There should be a group of those who have the power to tolerate.  In the beginning, there was a group of those who took the pledge of purity and establishment took place.  In the same way, if this group comes onto the field, completion can take place.  Can you see such a group?  Just as there is that parliament, this is the parliament for completion.  There should be the court of law-makers to create the laws for the new world and the new life. 

9.      As soon as you die in one place, you come alive in another place.  This is the case with everyone.  Here, you have to die to body consciousness and live in soul consciousness.  How much time do you need for this?  It has already been at least 6 months.  Pandavs are well known for attaining an elevated stage.  This is why the physical form of the Pandavs is shown to be very tall.  It isn't the body but the stage of the soul that is elevated.  So, you are those same Pandavs, are you not?  The easy method for intense effort is determined thought.  In order to be soul conscious, you have to have the determined thought that you are not a body but a soul.  If there isn't determination in your thoughts, there cannot be success in anything.  Only when you have a determined thought for anything can you attain success.  Only those who have a determined thought become the conquererors of Maya. 

10.  Just as, nowadays, in order to practise physical drill you need lightness, not grossness, because grossness is heaviness, in the same way, in this spiritual drill there were many with different types of heaviness, that is, many with a gross intellect.  Just as there are different kinds of heavy bodies, in the same way, there are various types of heaviness in souls.  …..  Nowadays, doctors ask people to reduce their physical grossness; that is, to lose weight; to become lighter.  In the same way, Brahmin souls have weight, that is, a gross intellect.  Remove this burden and become those with a subtle intellect.  This is the special transformation that is needed at the present time.  Only then will you become the angels of the court of Indra.

11.  What is the most elevated method to remove grossness?  Precaution in diet and exercise.  When taking precautions, the quantity is also fixed.  In the same way, let there be the exercise of the intellect becoming bodiless again and again.  Thoughts are the food for the intellect; let there be precaution in that.  Whichever food of thought is required, whenever it is required, only accept that at that time   Do not take extra food of waste thoughts.  So there should be the precaution of not taking the food of waste thoughts.  Self-control is needed for precaution.  Otherwise, you will not be able to have complete precaution.  Self-control means wherever and whenever you need to apply your intellect, you should be able to apply it.  Only then will you become those with a subtle intellect.  Subtlety is greatness.  Just as lightness of body adds to the personality of a person, in the same way, subtlety of the intellect and lightness of the soul is the personality of Brahmin life.  So, what do you have to do now?  Finish the many varieties of grossness.  Baba will speak about the detail of grossness at another time; about what the different varieties of grossness are.  There are many different varieties of burdens also and Baba will tell you about those at another time. 

12.  One minute up, the next minute down: do you practise this exercise?  Those who don't practise find it difficult.  Do you experience this spiritual excercise?  If you were to receive the direction to become stable in the seed stage right now - just as directions are given to do something and it is done in one second - in the same way, if you were given the direction to become stable in the highest stage, would you be able to do this or would it take time?  If the teacher asks you to put your hands up and you are not able to do this, then what would the teacher say?  He would say: Move out of the line and stand on one side.  He would take you out of the line, would he not?  Here also, you would have to come out of the line.  That is, you automatically come out of the line of intense effort-makers.  You become part of the line of those who are just simply effort-makers.  If an exercise has to be shown on a public stage, only the clever ones will appear on the stage.  For that, the group who would claim first prize would be needed.  So, to be first means to be a fast effort-maker.  If you are not fast effort-makers then you cannot be the first effort-makers.  You would then become the second group.  Someone who is heavy is not able to go fast.  There should be no type of heaviness or burden.  If you are not able to have constant yoga, it means that there is heaviness; there is a burden.  It is the burden that brings you down.  The fact that you come down means that there is a burden.  Body consciousness brings you down.  Just as the Father is the Highest on High, His place of residence is the highest on high, His task and His virtues are the highest on high, so too, your place of residence, your virtues and your task are also the highest on high, are they not?  You are like the Father, are you not?  How can the ones with the highest place of residence, highest virtues and task come down? 

13.  To fly does not mean to go into trance but to keep flying with the vehicle of the intellect.  The vehicle of the intellect is very big.  You can reach wherever you wish and whenever you choose with the intellect, but not a gross intellect, only with a subtle intellect…..Let there be no love other than love for the Father.  One Father and none other!  Your intellect should not go anywhere else even by mistake.  Break all other connections and forge a connection with One; this is the Father's direction.  The sound that should emerge in your mind is: One Father and none other.  This is called the soundless chant. 

14.  Have you experienced the practical results of silence; the most elevated power?  Just as you are able to transform souls by talking to them, so too, have you experienced transforming the attitude and vision of others with your power of silence, that is, through your thoughts?  Through words, you can only transform those who are in front of you.  However, through the mind, that is, through the power of silence, no matter how far away souls may be, you can make them experience being personally in front of you.  Just as through the instruments of science, you are able to see distant scenes in front of you, in the same way, with the power of silence, no distance will be felt; you as well as the others, will experience that scene to be in front of you.  This is known as the power of yoga.  Just as the instruments of science will only work when there is an accurate connection with the main station, in the same way, only when you constantly have a clear connection with BapDada can you experience the power of silence.  In science, it is a question of just the connection, whereas here, a connection means to experience all relationships clearly; only then will you be able to see the practical results of the power of the mind. As yet, very little subtle service of invoking souls and transforming them through the power of the mind is being done.  Through their spiritual practice, semi-pure souls are able to invoke souls, through their spiritual endeavour, they are able to show miracles to souls at a distance; through their temporary means, they attract them towards themselves.  Therefore, what can Godly power, that is, the most elevated power, not achieve?  For this, you especially need the power of concentration; concentration of thoughts and stability of stageThe basis of these is introspection.  By having introspection, you will internally have many wonderful divine experiences.  Through divine vision, you are able to see the divine activities of the subtle region, the subtle world.  In the same way, through the subtle power of introspection, you will experience wonderful activities.  Are you able to experience the divine activity of invoking souls, of having a heart-to-heart conversation with souls, of transforming the nature and sanskars of souls and of enabling souls to forge a connection with the Supreme FatherAre you able to give blessings of peace, power and health from a distance to souls who are unaccomplished, peaceless, unhappy and diseased?  The method of giving blessings in the non-living images of the Shaktis is portrayed by the particular way the hands are shown.  The pose of giving blessings is that of completely stable hands, vision and thoughts.  Now, in your living form, in order to be able to do spiritual service in the world of spirits, in this living world, itself, not in the incorporeal world, you must increase the power of stability.  Souls should be able to invoke other souls and serve them spiritually.  Now, experience the wonder of this spiritual activity.  When you do this spiritual service with a fast speed, the conflict that arises due to the consciousness of "mine" and "yours" in serving through words and deeds, the conflict of name, fame, prestige etc. and the conflict of sanskars and nature, the feeling of a lack of time and money - all obstacles of this type will end.  You will thereby develop the sanskar of spiritual service and will remain engaged in service with this sanskar.  Now, this year, start this type of powerful service.  Give all souls who come into contact with you through words or through the practical impact of your life, and those who you still hope will come into contact with you, the experience of spiritual power.  You have already given them the experience of your efforts and your elevated stage.  Now, together with both these experiences, also give them the experience of your spirituality.  Let them experience all these three.

15.  Create such a subtle and physical stage that souls who come into contact with you have an experience of their own soul and of spirituality; that whilst listening to the sound of your voice, they experience themselves in a stage beyond sound.  Organise a special programme for such contact souls.  Let it be your aim, not merely to lecture, but to give them an experience.  You may organise small groups, but your aim must be to bring them closer by giving them the experience of spirituality and a relationship with the spiritual Father.  Do something new!  Your own stage and the atmosphere of the gathering's venue should attract people from a distance.  The question of giving a general message is different.  You may do that, but this kind of programme is essential.  For this, the instrument souls, that is, the serviceable souls, must take a pledge of maintaining their stage of concentration and introspection.  Through this they will be able to transform the attitude of others.  You know that the devotees hold a fast of physical food.  You knowledge-full, serviceable souls should fast by staying beyond any upheaval of waste thoughts, wasteful words and wasteful deeds and maintain your stability, that is, your spirituality.  Only then will you be able to show other souls the miracles of the Sun of Knowledge.  Make an extraordinary plan.  In bhakti, the fragrance of incense sticks attracts others from a distance.  In the same way, the power of stability should attract from a distance.  Do you understand what you now have to do?  Develop a relationship with those who are in contact with you, and with such experiences, make those special souls your mikes to spread the knowledge.  Achcha.

16.  Just as when someone calls you by telephone the bell rings, in the same way, when children receive Baba's directions through a message or through thoughts, the waves of happiness rise inside within the soul so that they have goosepimples of happiness.  However, some ignore the telephone and let it ring, and so are not able to receive the message.  In the same way, although children definitely experience this, they move along with carelessness.  They are not able to understand the divine wonder of the power of stability, but, they definitely do experience it.  In the same way, some souls also have an experience of other souls.  However, just as when there is interference on the line or the telegraph poles, so that a message cannot be conveyed, due to that influence of the atmosphere or environment, in the same way, here, there is the influence of attitude.  Because of having a disturbed attitude, you are not able to catch the message.  This year, a group should be prepared of those who have the determination to maintain the power of stability, so that they are able to have these unique experiences.  One is like receiving diamonds and jewels by going to the bottom of the ocean, and the other to experience moving along with the waves of the ocean of knowledge.  You have had the experience of moving along with the waves; now you have to go to the bottom of the ocean.  Invaluable treasures are found at the bottom.  By making this aspect firm, you will easily be able to step away from everything else.  This is known as having thoughts of the original self, self-realisation and powerful service.  This is the stage of a light-and-might-house.  Then, you will have to donate through your drishti.  This is the stage of taking someone beyond with just a glance.  The power of stability can show you many wonders.  Those with occult power attain their power with the power of stability.  You can even cure yourself with the power of stability.  You can make many diseased souls completely free from disease.  You can have many unique experiences through this power.  To stop something moving is the result of the power of stability.  When something stops when you say, "Stop!", then the drums of victory of your being the bestowers of blessings will beat.  At present, they only beat the drums of "wah! wah!".  You have given very good lectures and worked very hard and your life has become very good.  Later, they will beat the drums of victory.  So now, do you understand what the aim and object is for this year?  You need to do double service.  You can do this special service at amrit vela.  At that time, you will also be able to hear the call of the devotees.  You will feel as though someone is personally calling you.  Therefore, you have to increase this power.  Whatever time you have, two minutes, five minutes, just experience the power of stability.  By accumulating a little at a time, you will accumulate a lot, and then the revelation of the Almighty Authority will take place through the Shaktis.  The perfection of the Shaktis will work like a mirror for the blind.  The year of perfection means to have this perfection.  Achcha.

17.  To be completely light; not even to have the burden of a body?  Mud is heavy.  Body consciousness is also mud (clay).  When you have the consciousness of the body, you remain heavy.  When you go beyond it, you will remain light, that is, an angel.  So, lighten yourself from even the awareness of the body.  When you go beyond the awareness of the body, you will be able to go beyond everything else.  To be an angel means to have all relationships with the Father; not to be in a relationship with even your own body.  …..  A beggar does not have any bank balance.  He doesn't have any accounts any relations; neither with any person nor any physical comforts - all accounts have finished.  There shouldn't be any bank balance in the account of past actions.  You have to have such checking.  There are some who have such complicated accounts they leave behind when they die that it distresses the people left behind.  So, do you check if all your accounts have finished?  If the account of everything, of your sanskars and nature etc. have finished, then you would be empty, would you not?  Only when you become light to this extent can you become a guide and take others high up.  ….  Once you have given the responsibility to the Father, you should not carry that responsibility.  It becomes difficult when you consider yourself to be responsible for whomsoever you become an instrument.  Baba, and not you, is responsible.  You do not take the burden upon yourself, do you?  Many have the habit of carrying a burden.  No matter how much you tell them, they still carry it.  "This should not happen; it should not happen like this - this is a burden of waste.  Leave everything to the Father.  Belong to the Father and leave everything to Him and there will be greater progress, greater success and everything will be easy.  …. A teacher means one who is stable in the stage of a full-stop.  Those who ask questions become subjects.  To apply a full-stop means to become a king.  Those who constantly ask questions can never experience supersensuous joy.  This is why the special dharna of teachers is to apply a full-stop.  A teacher means to be one with a surrendered intellect; not just those who do everything according to the programme, but those who invent things.  What new system should you invent so that the maximum number of people are able to get the message easily.  Each one has to create such an invention.  Achcha.

18.  Worldly brahmins (priests) are generally asked to organise the physical yagya.  But this great sacrificial fire attains its consummation only after the entire old world has been sacrificed in it.  Now, all the instrument Brahmins should ask themselves whether they have sacrificed their entire world of old, waste thoughts, nature and sanskaras in this yagya.  If not, how would the vast old world be consumed in this yagya?  Every instrument Brahmin is responsible for the consummation of the yagya.  Therefore, charity has to begin at home, so check in your own mind whether you have made the sacrifice.  What is the final sacrifice?  Do you know?  In the spiritual teachings of the world, they believe that a soul attains the state of perfection when it merges with the Supreme Soul; that final sacrifice indicates the end of the consciousness of “I”.  Here too,  only the words, “Baba, Baba”, should emerge from your lips and in your mind, indicating your merging with the Father.  This is known as merging, that is, becoming the same.  This is called the final sacrifice.  There shouldn’t be the slightest consciousness of “I” of body consciousness in your thoughts or dreams.  There should be the consciousness of your eternal form of the soul.  The words, “Baba, Baba”, should be constant and unlimited; beyond any limits.  In your original form of a Brahmin, there should be the dharna of dharma and karma: this is known as being a true Brahmin.

19.  Are all of you all right?  When someone says that he is fine, BapDada would say, “May you always be like that!”  Even by just saying it, you will become all right.  When you think of your weakness again and again, the weakness lingers on.  When you see any weakness, finish it at once.  Together with checking, also change it.  You have to show a wonder. …..The basis of the devotees attaining everything is their love and devotion, and the basis of your enabling the bhagats to attain everything is your stage of being even ignorant of desires.  Only when you become completely ignorant of desires will you be able to fulfil the desires of others.  To be ignorant of all desires means to have an extremely powerful seed stage.  Unless you become a master seed, the leaves cannot receive anything.  Many leaves, that is many bhagat souls, are completely dry and wilted.  You have to once again donate power to them through your seed stage.  ….So, now, become instruments for your subjects and your bhagats and donate peace and power to them.

20.  Go beyond all questions and remain content within your heart.  As long as you still have questions within yourself, such as, “How can I do this?  What can I do?”, you will not be able to satisfy others.  Do you understand?  Now, do not think about your own self, but think more of your bhagats.  Now, do not think of taking, but think of giving.  Now, do not have any desires for your own self, but think about fulfilling the desires of other souls and you will then automatically become complete.  Achcha.

21.  Nothing except service should attract you.  Day and night, remain busy in service.  If you remain free of service, then other things will emerge.  Scorpions and cockroaches come into an empty home; they come into an empty home or an old home.  It is the same here.  Either the intellect is empty or it is filled with old sanskars, and so the scorpions and cockroaches of waste thoughts come…..  A teacher means one who constantly has a tilak, one who constantly has the fortune of having the Bridegroom as Companion.  A tilak is the sign of being wed and having a companion.  So, to be constantly in this state means to be one who constantly keeps Baba as the Companion.  To be in this state means to be one who has a tilak…….A teacher’s world is very small.  A teacher’s world is just the one Father; Mother, Father, Friend, Brother.  What else is there in the world?  There are all relationships and all material things.  Here, you have the attainment of all relationships with the Father.  It is a small world, but it is complete and powerful.  There is nothing missing in this small world.  You have all relationships with the Father.  It is not that because you have the relationship of the Father, you do not have the relationship of the Mother, or if you have a relationship of the Mother, you do not have a relationship of the Friend.  If the attainment of even one relationship with the Father is missing, the intellect will definitely be pulled in other directions.  You should experience all relationships with the Father.  Otherwise, other relationships will pull you towards them.  Since your entire world is the one Father, then all relationships are included in that.  This is known as being a number one teacher, a flawless teacher, a worthy teacher and a famous teacher. 

22.  Baba always sees everyone with elevated vision.  If Baba were to look at weaknesses, then those weaknesses would be underlined for all time.  However, Baba is the Bestower of Fortune and so He always sees everyone with elevated vision.  In comparison to being elevated, weaknesses automatically bite your conscience.  When you listen to elevated things, weaknesses are clearly visible automatically.  If Baba were to look at your weaknesses, a huge mine of complicated Vedas and scriptures would be created. All teachers should especially pay attention to one thing.  You must never be dependent on anyone even in a royal way; you should not be dependent on any soul’s virtues, service, co-operation, intellect or planning.  When you make that soul your support, you become dependent.  When another soul becomes your support, the Father’s support is automatically removed.  And later, as you progress further, when the temporary support fluctuates, you begin to wander and stumble. Therefore, realise that it is a great mistake to be impressed by any particular soul.  It is not just a mistake, but a big mistake.  Do not become happy because service is expanding.  This is just temporary splendour.  If the foundation shakes, then service will also shake.  Therefore, never make any soul your support.  Do not think that because of a particular person, service will not increase or there will not be any progress.  This is not just a reason, but a black mark that dirties a clean soul.  This is the biggest flaw.  To make another soul your support is the biggest flaw; then you will not be able to become flawless.  However, Baba knows that you do work hard.  BapDada is congratulating you for the hard work you do.  You have already been told that there are many stories in the scriptures that have no foundation.  This is why you were told that a teacher is one who is always busy in service. In your thoughts also, remain busy with your Father and you will then not be busy with any other soul.  Those who are busy will never be dependent on anyone.  It is only when you remain free that you come to depend on a place of entertainment, on someone’s love or co-operation.  Those who are busy do not have time for those things.  BapDada is happy to see the teachers.  You have very good courage, zeal and enthusiasm.  You are moving forward, but do not make scripture-stories of your work.  With the line of action, you have to create your elevated fortune.  Do not make such stories whose beginning is false and whose story is wrong. To teach students means to teach oneself…….  The mirror is very clean at amrit vela for you to see how close you are. 

23.  Check yourself: when the light of awareness is extinguished, how do you feel?  Is that a constant light?  The sign of a (constant) light is to be constantly an embodiment of awareness and an embodiment of power.  Awareness is deeply connected with power.  When someone says that he has the awareness of being Baba’s child, but that he has no power, it is not possible, because the awareness is of being a master almighty authority.  To be a master almighty authority means to be a form of power.  To be powerful means to have strength (shakti).  So, why does it disappear?  What is the reason for this?  You make a mistake of one word.  Instead of being one with all ornaments (alankari), you become one who has arrogance of the body (deh ahankari).  You become one who has arrogance of your own intellect and arrogance of name and prestige.  Even whilst having the symbol of the form with all ornaments, you are not able to be inculcated with all these ornaments. 

24.  The main four subjects of your study are the main foundation of your Brahmin life and the praise of the Brahmin form is based on these.  1) One who has knowledge of God.  2) An easy Raja Yogi. 3) One who has divine virtues. 4) A world server.  This is the praise of the present Brahmin life.  ……  To have knowledge of God means to be knowledge-full.  To be knowledge-full means to have knowledge of God.  What is the special attainment of knowledge?  What is the fruit of knowledge?  The fruit of knowledge means to have knowledge of God and the main qualification for this is the stage of having mukti and jeevanmukti in your every thought, word, deed and connection.  This is also called the stage of being loving and detached.  This is the stage of being jeevanmukt: to be free from bondage whilst performing actions.  The special qualification of someone who has knowledge of God is to experience the stage of mukti and jeevanmukti in everything.  Knowledge means understanding.  Those who are sensible constantly experience the self to be free from bondage.  They understand how to keep themselves free from all attractions.  So, the special qualification of someone who has knowledge of God is to experience liberation and liberation in life. On the same basis, what are the qualifications of an easy Raja Yogi?  A yogi means one who is yogyukt, that is, one who is yuktiyukt.  They will be embodiments of success in having their deeds equal to their thinking.  Achcha. What are the main qualifications of those who have the divine virtues?  They remain content and make others content.  They attain blessings of contentment from everyone, that is, they receive the certificate of the Godly university. What are the main qualifications of a world server?  A world server means to be someone who is humble and tireless.  Such a soul would remain a constantly ignited light.  To be a constantly ignited light does not just mean to be a conqueror of sleep, but to be a conqueror of all obstacles.  Such a soul is called one whose light is constantly ignited.  To have awareness means to have been awakened (ignited).  Whilst keeping all these qualifications in front of you, check whether you have claimed the final degree from the Godly university.  The praise based on the four subjects that Baba spoke of is the degree of Brahmin life.  Have you claimed this degree?  This is the degree of the present time.  The degree of the angelic form is something different.  At present, all of you call yourselves gyani, yogi, serviceable souls, do you not?  You challenge others with what you call and consider yourselves to be, saying that you have knowledge of all the scriptures, that you have God’s knowledge; that others are hatha yogis whereas you are easy Raja Yogis, that you have all divine virtues, that is, you have a life like a lotus and that you are world benefactors, that is, that you are servers.  So, whatever you challenge yourselves as, those qualifications should be visible in you. 

25.  What would be the sign of souls who are complete with all treasures?  Those who are complete with all treasures would constantly be saturated with supersensuous joy.  They would not remember anything except the Father and service.  Whilst looking after their limited household, they would carry out all the household responsibilities whilst considering themselves to be trustees in God’s service.  Their every action would be according to shrimat.  They would not mix the dictates of the self or others with shrimat.  ………  As a result of following shrimat, you should be able to experience every success, that is, all attainments.  You must have experienced how, sometimes, you work so hard and yet receive very little success and do not have such a good experience, whereas at other times, you make very little effort and yet experience a lot of attainment.  The reason for this is that sometimes you follow shrimat accurately and sometimes you mix it.  You need to check yourself in a subtle way because following the dictates of the mind is very subtle.  Maya mixes manmat with shrimat in such a royal way that you think that it is shrimat, when, in fact, it is manmat.  You need to have the powers to recognise and to discriminate for this.  When both these powers are very sharp and powerful, you will not be deceived.

26.              The children who have the habit of crying, turn away from the Father automatically.  To experience waves of sorrow in the mind is also a form of crying.  Someone who cries cannot be said to have found the Father.  …..Do you consider yourself to be tireless and free from laziness?  Laziness is not just sleeping all the time.  To be tireless means to be one who doesn’t have any laziness.  To constantly remain carefree means to remain in front of the Father at all times and to remain constantly happy. Those who have a fast speed will never stop under any circumstances.  The circumstances may try to stop such souls.  However, they will not stop but will take a high jump and continue to move forward.  They will not waste time in thinking about the circumstances.  To have a fast speed means to do whatever the Father says.  From a distance, they would be experienced as alokik beings.

27.              The basis of attaining power and happiness is elevated action.  An action is elevated when the action and yoga both take place at the same time.  Constantly check that you are a yogi whilst performing every action.  You do not forget to have yoga whilst performing any action, do you?  The soul and body are combined; if they become separated, then the body becomes a corpse.  In the same way, if you do not have yoga whilst performing actions, then those actions would be useless.  Even a soul who is creating some bondage can co-operate with your efforts.  Bondages create even more desires, and so bondage is not bondage, but co-operation.  If you look at everything with the vision of receiving co-operation, you can enjoy yourself.  If you look at a bondage with the vision of it being a bondage, you become weak.

28.              After performing an action, the experience should be as though you have not done anything. The One who inspired you enabled you to do it.  By experiencing such a stage, you constantly remain light.  Whilst performing action, let there be lightness in your body and in the stage of your mind alsoThe heavier the task, the lighter you should become.  Actions should not pull you towards themselves.  To be a master and enable the physical organs to perform an action and to experience lightness in your thoughts is to be karmateet.

29.              You have completed the course, the revised course and the realisation course; what is the result of that?  Has each one of you realised yourself what stage you will attain according to your study?  Do you know which sanskars you have filled yourself with?  Are these the sanskars of a royal status or a subject status?  Which sanskars would be visible as the sanskars of a royal status, that is, an elevated status?  The sanskars of someone with a right and who is respectful, incorporeal and egoless.  ….. Have you become refined?  Do you still need to do another course?  What else remains after realisation?  The form of the final result after realisation is liberation, that is, to be liberated from everything…….  The majority are ordinary effort-makers.  What is the main reason for this?  Baba says: Become those who are loved by God and loved by the world.  But, what do you do instead?  You become those who love rest and comfort.  “It will happen; who has achieved it yet?; all are continuing in the same way; I am still better than others”.  You have many types of “dunlopillows” in the stage of descent and have become those who love rest and comfort.  Baba says: Forge a connection and give and take blessings of virtues and powers, but instead, many children do not realise the importance of this connection.  They do not know how to forge a connection; instead they know how to make many corrections.  Those who continually correct others cannot experience a connection.  Baba says: Constantly make the spiritual endeavour of remembrance, but instead of making this endeavour, children become engaged with temporary facilities.  Their spiritual endeavour is based on the facilities.  The facilities attract them a lot more.  Those who are making this kind of spiritual endeavour cannot become successful.  Instead of becoming souls who are liberated in life, they become tied in bondage.  Do you understand what Baba asks of you and what you do instead?  Did you hear the result?......... Apply a full-stop to the weaknesses of the past, for only then will you be able to grant a vision of your complete form.  Have determination to finish all the old sanskars and nature with the final sacrifice.  Do not copy the weaknesses of others.  Destroy the intellect that imbibes defects and develop the satopradhan intellect that imbibes divine virtues.  Become one who has a right and is respectful: maintain an accurate balance between the two.  Do not spread the weaknesses of others and do not hide your own weaknesses.  Do not put yourself first when it comes to success and others forward when there isn’t success.  To renounce the desire for prestige, regard and facilities is the greatest renunciation.  Become similar to sakar Baba, and become a renunciate of short-lived praise; only then will you able to become one who is greatly fortunate.  Shiv Baba wants you to be liberated from all these things.  You have been given time to do the course for the final force.

30.              You are putting the essence of everything you heard into your practical lives, are you not?  Teachers means those who understand the significance of everything and who are essence-full.  The specialities of the teachers are:
1.         To condense expansion into its essence in one second.  One drop of essence can achieve a lot; in the same way, teachers means those who are essence-full; those who change the expansion of waste into essence in one second and who enable others to do the same.
2.         Just as Baba is the Power-house, teachers are sub-stations.  Just as there is constant attention and checking in a power-house that no fuse has burnt out anywhere, so too, what should the teachers be checking?  That you do not become confused in any situation.  The slightest fluctuation in a power-house can make the current for the whole area fluctuate.  So too, the confusion of the teachers can create an impact on the atmosphere and this, in turn, affects those who come to the centres.  So teachers should consider themselves to be instruments who can make many others ascend or fluctuate.
3.         Teachers are tireless.  You are not those who get tired over little matters, are you?  Sometimes, you can get tired with yourself over your own effort.  To become disheartened in transforming any sanskar or nature, or to become careless, is also to become tired.  “This continues to happen all the time; this will happen anyway” - this is also carelessness.  “It is very difficult; how far can I continue in the same way?” - this is being disheartened.  To become careless or disheartened with your effort is to become tired.
4.         Those who have the power to face adverse situations will constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm; they will not be confused.
5.         Teachers are servers, the same as the Father.  So, you are equal to the Father, are you not?  One experiences happiness in being equal.  Teachers have the happiness that they are master teachers, equal to the Father; that they are instruments equal to the Father.  You have the responsibility of bringing benefit to many souls, and so are you equal to the Father?  This happiness can make you progress a lot.  BapDada is also happy to see the teachers.  Those who are equal are known as the friendship group, and so it is a group of friends.
6.         Teachers should constantly create new plans.  You have a very good planning intellect or you can also easily become those with a planning intellect.  How?  If you have a plain intellect at amrit vela, your intellect will be touched by BapDada with plans and you will continue to become those with a planning intellect.  When you take support of anything corporeal, you are not able to have a planning intellect.  Otherwise, because of having friendship, teachers should have a close relationship and then you can receive a lot of co-operation.  When Baba sees that you have taken limited supports, why should He help you?
7.         What is the speciality of teachers?  Teachers are inventors, creators and those who have a planning intellect.  They are those who inspire many souls to have zeal and enthusiasm.  Now let all these specialities emerge and all limited aspects will be merged.  Do you understand?
8.         The speciality of a teacher is to be an embodiment of experience.  Not just an embodiment of speaking, but an embodiment of experience.  Your speaking should be on the basis of your experience.  BapDada sees you as complete with all these specialities, and so you have become so great!  Continue to interact with all this greatness as your guest.  Do not consider the greatness to be your own property.  If you consider the greatness to be your own and not the Father’s, there’ll be deficit.  It is greatness that you have received from the Father, and so do not remove Him from in-between.  Achcha.

31.  A holy swan is one who lets go of the negative and imbibes the positive.  Do not see whilst seeing, do not hear whilst listening to anything wasteful.  Do not listen to negative things, that is, to wasteful words or wasteful matters.  Neither perform anything negative nor speak of anything negative.  Transform anything wasteful and make it powerful.  For this, you need to have good wishes for every soul.  With good wishes, anything wrong can be put right.  Therefore, no matter what someone is like, continue to give that soul good wishes.  Good wishes will turn stone to water and transform anything wasteful, making it powerful……In order to experience supersensuous joy, stabilise yourself in a peaceful stage.

32.  A portrait filled with spirituality shows any soul the path to the spiritual Father.  Just as a beautiful portrait painted by a lokik person reminds others of the creator, so too, who is the creator of this portrait?  In the same way, a spiritual portrait, that is, a portrait of elevated fortune automatically attracts others towards the Father who created it.  Your fortune (bhagya) automatically reminds others of God (Bhagwan) who created your fortune.  Have you created a portrait of such an elevated fortune?  A spiritual fortune means a walking-moving light-house.  The duty of a light-house is to show everyone the true path.  So what wonder will all these walking-moving light-houses perform?  Have you become this or are you still making plans to become this?  This time, BapDada has come to take the results.  The study is not taught at the time of the examination days, but an exam is taken of what you have already studied.  So BapDada has also taught you a lot through thoughts, words and actions, and now He will see the results.  …. You have celebrated the year of revelation, but have you made yourself into a practical example?  Is it easy or difficult?  To be a practical example means to constantly have the awareness of who you are and who you belong to.  …… To give the practical result means to stabilise yourself in the eternal form.  But even then, you still forget.  In fact, it should be difficult to forget. 

33.  An unlimited paper means a paper through the eternal elements; tests through the upheaval of the world; tests through the unlimited environment; test papers through the impure and tamopradhan vibrations and atmosphere of the unlimited world.  Are you ready to take such an unlimited paper?  First is the paper of the self from the self.  Is the paper which comes from the small world of Brahmins or through the sanskars of Brahmins a mock exam or the real exams?  They have the exams every six months or twelve months.  Have you given the limited test paper and passed?  Should the unlimited paper now begin?  In this way, check yourself as to whether you have become worthy to claim pass marks or to pass with honour in the test of any subject. 

34.              When the children have one thought of courage, Baba has a thousand elevated thoughts of co-operation.  He continues to give you that co-operation at the right time.  The children thought about it and it happened with Baba’s co-operation.  This is the immediate fruit of the special souls becoming instruments.  A soul who attains immediate fruit cannot experience anything to be difficult; they would feel everything to be so easy as though they are just repeating what they had just carried out.  The feeling is not that they had done it a kalpa ago, but they had just carried out the task, and they are simply repeating it once again.  Even if something had happened yesterday, you would have to think about it and draw it from yourself, but this is something you had done just now.  Through this, there wouldn’t be a burden on your intellect.  There wouldn’t even be the burden: I have to do this, how will it happen?  It is as though you just did something and you are immediately repeating it.  This is the immediate fruit you attain.  ….  Baba is making you move along whilst having you seated in His lap; so, nothing would be difficult.  When a child is playing in his mother’s lap, he doesn’t feel tired, but would enjoy himself.  If the child were to be walking by himself, he would get tired, and cry or cry out in distress.  But here, Baba, the One who is making everyone move, is also making you move along.  You are moving along whilst seated in Baba’s lap.  So you experience such supersensuous joy and bliss.  There isn’t the slightest experience of anything difficult or hard labour.  Is it an attainment or effort?  The souls who become constant companions, who are at the confluence age are totally ignorant of what effort is.  There are very few who are totally ignorant of what effort is.  This is a sign of the final stage.  You are now coming close to that.  Even making effort should become like natural action.  Just as other actions are natural - getting up, sitting down, walking, sleeping etc. are natural actions - in the same way, the effort to make yourself complete should also be experienced as a natural action, only then will you be able to transform this nature.  That service still remains now. 

35.              attitude, vision, words and behaviour will all be filled with truth. 

36.              The form of merging is to become equal to the Father.  So, are you now in the first stage, the second stage or the last stage?  The last stage is to listen and to become.  ….. when you listen to or relate the first lesson of the soul, the souls who are in the final stage will not just listen to or speak of these words, but at the same time, will be stable in that stage also.  This is known as being equal to the Father.  They will not just speak of their own or the Father’s form, virtues or task, but they will give the experience of every virtue and task through their form.  Just as Baba is an embodiment of experience and does not just relate everything, so too, you have to follow the Father.  You also saw sakar Baba: Together with speaking knowledge, Baba also practically demonstrated through his actions and his form.  To listen to knowledge, to speak of knowledge and to show that in the form of the self: he did all three at the same time.  In the same way, is your listening, speaking and practically demonstrating simultaneous?  …. check for how long did you have the support (sahara) of the Father and for how long you stepped away (kinara) from the Father throughout the whole day.  Those who constantly keep on stepping away from the Father cannot experience, the support of the Father, the companionship of the Father and the attainments of all treasures received from the Father, even if they want to.  ….  When Maya comes, it means you are under the influence of attachment.  When you are influenced by your old sanskars and your old nature, that is being influenced by attachment.  Those who are influenced by attachment cannot become the crown of the Father’s head.  They cannot become the ones who have crown of the kingdom of the world.  Those who become a crown of the Father’s head cannot be influenced by attachment even in their dreams.  Do you understand?  Realise this.  The self-realisation course is now taking place, is it not?  Achcha.

37.              Maharathis would not say that they are going, but they are moving along together.  Service that maharathis do is through their eyes; to enable many other souls to attain the blessings that they have attained through the Father, that is, to reveal the Father through the self.  Whilst seeing you, others should automatically be reminded of the Father and the sound should emerge from everyone’s heart: It is a wonder of the One who has made you like this.  And so, the Father will be revealed.  The Father will be revealed through you and you will become incognito.  At present, you are still visible and the Father is incognito.  Later, you will hear the praise of the Father’s revelation being sung from everyone’s heart.  You will not be visible, but wherever they look, they will only see the Father.  This is why wherever they look, they will only see the Father.  This sanskar becomes merged at the end and therefore, on the path of bhakti, they call out saying, “Wherever I look, I only see You.”  At the end, the faces of all of you will be like mirrors.  Nowadays, in the temples, they place such mirrors that you are able to see the same image in many forms (sides).  In the same way, the faces of all of you will be instruments to reveal the Father in all directions.  And bhagats will say, “Wherever I look, I only see You!”  Souls are filled with the sanskars for the whole kalpa here at this time. 

38.              What is the easiest method of teaching?  To give teachings through your form, and not through your lips.  Sakar Baba gave teachings through the easiest method of his form.  He didn’t teach just through words, but also through action.  It’s not that others would learn from what you tell them, but Baba’s mantra was: Whatever I do, others who see me will do the same.  So, the easiest method of teaching is through your form.  No matter how much you explain to others, “You are a soul, an embodiment of peace, an embodiment of knowledge”, that person will not understand unless you yourself are stable in that stage.  The study taught through experience becomes imperishable to that extent.  So how do you teach - through words or through your form?.....Just as there is the praise for Brahma’s thoughts that he created a new world through just one thought, so too, every thought of a worthy teacher would enable her to have all rights to the new world.  Do you understand?  This is the definition of a teacher.

39.              Where there is honesty in your head and your heart, you automatically receive love from the heart and the trust of BapDada and the family.  Because of having trust in you, they give you all rights.  Then, you are automatically loved by everyone.  Therefore, with courage of truth, become trustworthy.  Do not try to prove the truth, but become an embodiment that achieves powerful results and you will continue to move forward with a fast speed…..The wealthiest of all are those who have the treasures of peace and purity.

40.              If BapDada tells you to become a master ocean of power and give the great donation of power to the world, are you able to stabilise yourself in this stage in one second and carry out the task of a bestower?  …..  Who is able to be successful in this task or practice?  Those who are free in every aspect.  There shouldn’t be any type of dependency.  BapDada continually gives you teachings on how to become free.  According to the environment nowadays, freedom is connected with the relationships of the old body.  With this one type of freedom, all other types of freedom are achieved easily.  Even against your conscious wish, dependency on the body ties you in such a bondage that it makes the soul, a flying bird, become a caged bird.  So, ask yourself: Am I a free bird or a caged bird?  Check that you are not a soul who depends on any of the many types of attraction of the old body, old sanskars, nature or matter and also not a soul who is influenced by the vices.  Dependency always takes you down, that is, it takes you into the stage of descent.  It will never allow you to experience swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy.  Then, because of being tied in one or another type of bondage, you constantly experience yourself to be a distressed soul.  You will experience your stage to be completely dry and tasteless, without an aim.  You won’t see any shore or support clearly.  There will neither be happiness nor sorrow.  It will be as though you are in the middle of the ocean.  There will constantly be the feeling that you want to achieve something, that you want to experience something, and because of these desires, you will constantly experience yourself to be far from your destination.  This is the stage of a caged bird.  (The lights kept on going out.)  Even now, a soul that is free from the bondage of the elements is able to remain happy.

41.              Now, celebrate your day of freedom.  Just as the Father is constantly free, so too, become the same as the Father.  What would Baba think if, even now, He were to see you souls still being dependent?  That you are called master almighty authorities and yet your activity is that of a caged bird?  How can those who are not able to free themselves, who are constantly falling because of their own weaknesses, become world transformers?  So keep a list of your bondages in front of you.  Check very clearly all your gross and subtle bondages.  If, even now, you still have bondages, you will never be able to become free from bondage.  If not now, then never!  Constantly make this lesson firm.  Do you understand?  Freedom is the birthright of Brahmin life.  Attain your birthright now.  Achcha.

42.              Throughout the day, stay in such happiness that Maya won’t be able to bear it, and will run away from a distance.  Nowadays, electricity is so powerful that when a person has a shock, he is thrown far away.  In the same way, there should be such current of Godly power that it throws Maya far away.  However, who will have that current?  Those whose connection is good.  If there isn’t a good connection, there will be no current.  Connection does not mean that when you sit in remembrance, you are able to forge a connection, but whilst walking and moving around, there should be that connection at every second.  The connection should be so unbreakable that there is a current. 

43.              Those who have a broad, unlimited intellect will look at everything in terms of the unlimited; they will never become tired.  Out of the entire kalpa, you have three-quarters attainment, and only a little experience of descent at the end, and so it is nothing.  You have the unlimited Father and your inheritance is unlimited.  Therefore, keep your intellect in the unlimited and finish the limited things.  Do you understand?  When you are moving with someone’s support or someone else is taking you, there is no question of being tired.  Baba is carrying you in His lap of the companionship of remembrance; so why do you walk and become tired?  Why do you climb out of the lap of His constant Company so that you then have to cry out in distress, “What can I do?”.  You don’t have to do anything, and yet you become tired!  What is the reason for this?  Your own lack of understanding.  You become stubborn, just like a child becomes stubborn.  You have the stubbornness of a child and follow the dictates of your own mind, and you, therefore, cause yourself distress.  So, do not be stubborn like a child.  If you mix the dictates of your own mind with shrimat, you receive punishment.  Baba does not give you punishment, but you victimise yourself for punishment.  To lose your happiness and power is also punishment. You would definitely be coloured by the company of the person you are close to.  If you are close to the Father, you would definitely be coloured by the colour of His company.  If there is the company of just the One, you would be coloured by one colour.  If you constantly have the company of the Almighty Authority Father, then you can never wilt.  If there is the connection, you continue to receive the current.  If the connection is all right, you automatically receive the current of all powers.  And when you continue to receive all powers, you remain constantly happy; your sorrow finishes. 

44.              One can also bring benefit to someone through vibrations and the atmosphere.  This is why it is said that due to one’s stage of ascent, there is benefit for everyone.  They then become instruments to show the path to many.  They do not have the experience of stopping or of becoming tired.  They are constantly tireless and maintain their zeal and enthusiasm.  Those who never lose their enthusiasm are called mahavirs.  Those who stop are called the cavalry and those who become tired are the infantry.  Those who constantly continue to move along are mahavirs.  Their vision will never be drawn to any form of Maya.  They will not even see Maya.  Even whilst seeing any form of Maya, they will not see it.  To be a mahavir means to have full knowledge, and those who have full knowledge can never fail.  It is only when you have not made a particular aspect of the lesson firm that you fail.  You mustn’t just have knowledge, but you have to become knowledge-full.  Such souls will not speak words such as, “This is something new, I don’t know anything about this”.

45.              What is the final effort and the final service?  The effort and the service needed now is that of making the atmosphere powerful through your attitude, because the majority is powerless in being able to move ahead through their own effort.  So, it is very essential to give weak, powerless souls power through your own attitude.  This service is now needed because they have heard everything through words and have all now become full; they feel that all of this nothing new.  They do not wish to take any more through words.  One’s attitude has a direct connection with the atmosphere.  When the atmosphere is powerful, everyone will be safe.  This is the special service required nowadays.  A bestower of blessings (vardaani) means one who serves through his attitude.  A great donor (mahadaani) is one who serves through words.  Nowadays, it is the stage of a bestower of blessings that is required. 

46.              Because karma yogi children have the company of the Father in their actions, they receive extra help.  No matter how difficult certain tasks may be, the Father’s help gives power to have zeal, enthusiasm, courage and tirelessness.  Any task that has zeal and enthusiasm will definitely be successful.  Baba does not do the work through His own hands, but definitely performs the duty of helping you.  So, the combined stage of you and the Father is such a stage of a karma yogi that you would never feel any tiredness…..Attraction comes due to the consciousness of “mine”.  Therefore, transform “mine” into “Yours”.

47.              Every soul is a bride of the one Bridegroom, that is, they are constantly wed to Him.  Do you constantly see the tilak of your “suhaag”?  The sign of being constantly lost in the love of One, of having the tilak of awareness, is the tilak of “suhaag”.  If the tilak is rubbed off, it means you have finished your “suhaag”….. A bride is one who constantly hears the echo of the eternal great mantra, “manmanabhav”.  She would constantly experience Baba repeating these words again and again and bringing back this awareness.  Whilst walking and moving around, she would constantly be hearing these imperishable words personally from the Father, and would not hear the words of other souls whilst hearing them.  One who is constantly wed would always have the stage of, “I speak to You, I listen to You, I only speak that which You have related.”  Such a bride would not bring another soul into her awareness even through thought for even one second, that is, she would never be subservient to any bodily being.  Attachment is something greater, but she wouldn’t even be subservient to anyone.  ….. the sign of Godly fortune is the crown of light, and the basis of attaining this crown is to have purity and all attainments.  Complete purity means there shouldn’t be the slightest trace of any vice even in your mind, and all attainments means the attainment of knowledge, all virtues and all powers.  If any attainment is lacking, then the crown of light will not be clearly visible; it will be unseen and hidden behind the clouds of impurity and lack of attainment.  You will not be able to experience yourself as constantly light or soul conscious.  You won’t experience yourself to be light whilst performing action.  Only after making effort, again and again and after the practice of paying a lot of attention will you be able to experience yourself as being light.  As soon as you try to think that you are a soul, instead of experiencing yourself as light, you will experience yourself to be a body.  The basis of fortune is all attainments.  The sign of all attainments is imperishable happiness.  One who is constantly fortunate would be constantly happy.  If there is not much fortune there will be less happiness, and if there is less happiness it means you are not constantly fortunate.  So, do you now understand what the signs of being constantly wed and constantly fortunate are?  Now, keeping all these things in front of you, check: Who am I?  Achcha.

48.              constantly double-light, constantly complete with all attainments and completely pure

49.              here, it is all attainments through silence.  After rain, you are able to see a rainbow in which all the colours are visible.  Here also, after the shower of knowledge, the fruit of the rain is to become an embodiment of all attainments.  Because of being an embodiment of all attainments, an elevated diamond or jewel is able to attain any power it wants.  How many such jewels would there be?  Because of being completely free from obstacles, the nine jewels are especially worshipped.  When people have a particular obstacle, they especially worship the nine jewels.  So, have that many become completely free from obstacles?  Each jewel is complete, yet each one has its own main speciality.  This is why the nine jewels are worshipped collectively and also individually; each jewel is specially remembered for a particular obstacle.  For instance, if someone has a problem or obstacle regarding money, then in order to attain wealth, or in order to finish the lack of money, they have a special jewel.  If they have received a lot of marks through sickness, the memorial of that is that, even now, they wear a ring or a locket that they have specially made, which they wear all the time.  All of that is on accounts of the attainments of the present time.  So, how many such beads would there be? 

50.              “Wherever you may be living, always consider yourself to be a resident of Paramdham or Madhuban.  In terms of the incorporeal stage, consider yourself to be a resident of Paramdham, and in terms of your corporeal stage, consider yourself to be a resident of Madhuban.  As soon as you speak of Madhuban, both sweetness and the attitude of disinterest emerge.  In your stage, there should be an attitude of unlimited disinterest and when coming into contact with others, there has to be sweetness.  The stage is connected with the place…..  If the Father is your entire world, then when you see the world in the Father, you will experience nothing else remaining.  You would automatically have disinterest.  If the Father is your world, then you would remain in that world, you would not go into another world, and so you would have stepped away from it.  People and comforts are both included in the world. 

51.              When you have awareness, you receive power.  If you have power, then no situation would make you fluctuate.  You would move along whilst considering the tests to be a game.  When you are watching a game or a play and see any adverse situation, would you fluctuate?  No matter what happens, even if someone dies, you would not fluctuate because you understand that it is a play.  In the same way, consider adverse situations to be a role.  By seeing the role of an adverse situation as a detached observer, you will not wilt but will enjoy yourself.  Only when you forget the point of the drama do you wilt.

52.              The yogi souls who are the embodiment of knowledge are constantly victorious through experiencing all powers.  Those who are just loving or devotional simply say “Baba, Baba” in their mind and through their lips and so, from time to time, they receive co-operation.  However, it is the gyani-yogi souls who are close to becoming equal to the Father.  Therefore, become an embodiment of knowledge to the same extent as you have loving feelings.  The balance of feelings filled with knowledge and yoga filled with love enables you to experience the flying stage and makes you become equal to the Father.

53.              when you imbibe the knowledge of the ever-combined form, you will constantly experience yourself to be the highest authority……  The awareness of the combined form enables you to be powerful.  You will automatically experience yourself to be an authority through the awareness of the combined form whilst facing the various obstacles of Maya.  Even if you are a weak soul, you will experience yourself to be a master almighty authority, because of the companionship and awareness of the Almighty Authority being with you.  Therefore, when you stabilise in the combined form, you become victorious over Maya which means that you constantly experience yourself to be the highest authority.

54.              the alokik Companion will be constantly happy.  He will never be in a bad mood.  He will save you from all deception.  He is such a Bestower that He will always give you a thousand-fold return.  Nevertheless, there are many who do not recognise this Companion, and so, instead of being together with Him, they move away from him and become mischievious.  Sometimes, they turn their mind away and let the intellect wander.  Sometimes, they divorce Him through their thoughts.  When you become influenced by a person or material comfort, you divorce yourself from your Companion through your thoughts for that length of time.  To move away means to be divorced.  So, instead of being a true companion seated on the heart-throne, you become one who fulfils the responsibility of the company for a temporary period; you become one who is deceived by being offered the temptation of some limited attainment, that is, the artificial golden deer attracts you towards itself.  So, instead of being made a true companion seated on the throne, you are made into a deceitful companion.  To be attracted in your thoughts means to be divorced.  In fact, to be divorced in your thoughts again and again means to be divorced from the fortune of the kingdom for all time.

55.              You yourself let go of the finger of awareness and then you ask, “Baba, why are you not holding onto my finger?”  ….Together with the Companion, the company of Brahmins is the most elevated company which, according to the fortune of the drama, only a few souls receive.  However, within this company also, you have to discriminate whether the company will benefit you and give you attainment.  The company of Brahmins enables you to gain all attainments.  There are both full caste and half-caste Brahmins.  Half-caste means warriors.  You need the company of full caste Brahmins.  You need to keep the company that your Companion keeps.  If you keep the company of half-caste Brahmins, then, instead of being close to the true Companion, you automatically become distant from Him.  The company of Brahmins elevates your stage.  The company of warriors will make you stagnate.  When a person is elevated, his company is also elevated.  Therefore, an elevated Brahmin cannot have any company that is not accepted by his Companion.  A faithful companion will not mix in such company. 

56.              Each of you has to check yourself to see what type of companion you are.  How many times do you divorce the Father?  How many times do you make mischief?  How many times do you become bossy?  Look at your timetable for the whole day and see what you get up to!

57.              The method to have constant awareness is to forget the consciousness of “mine”.  Everything belongs to the Father.  Even that body is not yours; it belongs to the Father.  Baba has given it to you for service, and so all consciousness of “mine” is finished, is it not?  Once the consciousness of “mine” is finished, you automatically become soul conscious.  When you step away, even a little, from having the awareness of the Father, Maya comes.  If you constantly remain combined, then Maya does not have the courage to bring you into body consciousness.  You should not be able to think about anything other than the Father.  When you step away from the Father you become weak.  When you think, “What can I do?  How can I do this?  It is difficult to conquer Maya”, it means to step away.  When the Almighty Authority Father is with you, can you have this thought?  In order to separate you from the Father, Maya will come in many forms.  “I am not able to do this.  I am weak, how can I do this?” - these thoughts of weakness are the devils of the army of Maya, Ravan.  You mustn’t be afraid of them, but always think, “I am victorious.  I have been victorious and I am victorious even now.”

58.              When the mind is happy, then the illness of the body also changes from a crucifix to a thorn.  Do not think a lot; by thinking too much, you lose your power to decide.  For a paper to come means for you to become strong, not to be afraid.  The papers enable you to strengthen your foundation.  The foundation is hammered, but it is not hammering but strengthening the foundation. No matter how much external upheaval there may be, if you are told to stop in one second, you should be able to merge all expansion in one second.  You need to practise a great deal merging your nature, sanskars, thoughts and relationships in one second.  Your sanskars should not emerge under any circumstances, in hunger or thirst, winter or summer.  Even nature can deceive you at certain times.  Therefore, merge all your nature, thoughts and sanskars.  This is known as having the power to accommodate.  Constantly keep on practising this.  Only when you have this practice over a long period of time will you be able to pass.  Achcha.

59.              Truthful words and having activity filled with good manners: Always remember that the sign of truthfulness is good manners.  When you have the power of truth, you will never let go of your good manners.  Even if you try to prove the truth, let it be with good manners.  The sign of good manners is to be humble, and the sign of not having those good manners is to be stubborn.  When your words and activity are filled with good manners, you will receive success.  This is the means to move forward.  If there is truth but no good manners, you cannot receive success.

60.              According to the drama-plan, the automatic law that continues is: a hundred-thousand-fold attainment or repentance and suffering for one-fold.  Baba does not have to do or say anything like the worldly systems, such as that you have to accept this, or this is your punishment for this particular action.  For this Godly machinery is automatic, which none of the children can understand.  Therefore, it is said that the secrets of karma are very deep……Because of not being able to recognise the different forms of Maya, some see Maya as being powerful and become disheartened, thinking, “Will I be victorious?”, whereas others, whilst facing Maya, sometimes experience victory and sometimes defeat.  They become tired, and so they just come to a standstill wherever they have reached.  Although they think about moving forward, they do not have the courage to do so.  Some do not have courage within themselves and are not able to have the courage to directly seek the Father’s company and co-operation.  Therefore, they make their companions on the same path their guide, that is, they think that it is only through them that they can attain company and co-operation.  Instead of the Father, they consider another soul to be their support, and so they move away from the Father.  Because of considering a straw to be their support, they continue to waver and fall in the storms again and again; they constantly experience the shore to be very far away.  Together with moving along through the support of other beings, some souls try to move along with the support of one or another type of salvation (facility).  “If this happens or that happens, I will crutch of this salvation.  Not taking the support of the eternal Father, they hang onto many temporary supports.  Because of making something that is perishable and ever-changing their support, they only experience all the attainments for a limited time and even their stage does not remain constant; it keeps changing again and again.  One minute they would be very happy and blissful, and the next minute their face would have wilted; they would be unhappy and without enthusiasm.  The reason for this is that their support is like this.  Many souls are able to come close to their destination because of their zeal, enthusiasm and courage and the Father’s co-operation.  However, the accounts of sixty-three births have to be settled here; the past sanskars and nature are emerging and being finished for all time.  However, because of not knowing the deep secrets of karma, they become afraid and think, “Will this continue till the end?”  Why is there still this conflict?  Because of the confusion of these waste thoughts, they are not able to have love.  They waste their time in thinking about all of this.  A few out of multimillions consider the storms to be a gift of the drama; they consider the conflict caused by nature and sanskars to be a means of moving forward; they are able to recognise Maya and overcome her.  They constantly keep Baba as their Companion; they observe everything as a detached observer and constantly remain happy as they move along.  They always have the faith that they have now almost reached their destination.  So, Baba sees all these types of games of the children.

61.              Remember that you have given the true Father your lifeboat, and so the boat that has the company of the Truth may rock, but will not sink. Having given the responsibility to the Father, do not take it back.  “I will be able to move along.”  Where did this “I” come from?  To finish the consciousness of “I” means to belong to the Father.  You continually make this mistake, and then you yourself become confused and distressed by it.  Finish the consciousness of “I”.  Finish the body consciousness of, “I am doing this”, or, “I am not able to do this”.  Now change this language.  Now that you belong to the Father, who is responsible?  Simply consider your responsibility to be that of moving along as the Father makes you move along, and of doing exactly as He says.  Wherever Baba places you, you will stay there.  You will not mix the dictates of the self, of the consciousness of “I”, with shrimat.  Then you will go beyond repentance, you will become an embodiment of attainment and achieve an easy speed of effort, that is, you will constantly have an intellect that is good and wise.  Do not allow yourself to become afraid on seeing others.  “What will happen?  Will this also happen?”  Do not be afraid, but go into the depths because, at present, since the final moments are close, all the many remaining accounts of your own sanskars and nature or of connection and relationship with others will emerge, that is, they will come to take their final leave.  So, do not be afraid of the many tests of the mind which come as illnesses, but consider this extremity to be a sign of the end.  On the other hand, because the final moments are close, you will be able to see the secret machinery of karma working at a very fast speed.  Only here, before you go to the land of Dharamraj, will you have visions of the actions and the punishment.  After becoming a true child of the true Father, after becoming a resident of the land of truth, if you perform even a slight action of falsehood, then you will have many wonderful visions of instant punishment here.  You will not be able to step foot on the land of the Brahmins and the Brahmin family.  Every flaw will be very clearly visible; it will not be able to remain hidden.  Then, you will find that, because of your own mistake, your mind will not be able to stabilise itself.  You will make your own self a victim of punishment.  All of this is going to happen.  Be knowledge-full about it, but do not be afraid.  Do you understand?  Those who are master almighty authorities are not afraid.  Achcha.

62.              this is the practical paper.  No matter what type of new or surprising scene comes in front of you, they should make you a detached observer; they should not make you fluctuate.  ….  The study continues but the numbers are given on the basis of the test paper.  If there is no test paper, no numbers are given.  This is why elevated effort-makers consider any paper to be a game.  One would never feel afraid in a game; a game is just entertainment.  One would not feel afraid in entertainment.  Day by day, you will see many scenes to make you and others move forward.  However, a little mistake makes everything difficult.  What is that mistake?  You have already been told.  “How can I do this?  I cannot do this.  I can no longer continue.”  Who says you have to continue by yourself?  Baba has not said that you should continue to move by yourself.  Move along with the company of your Companion.  Why do you let go of the Company and continue to move whilst carrying the burden, that you then have to say, “I am not able to continue by myself, I am not able to do this?”  It is your mistake and you then blame the Father!  You yourself let go of Baba’s finger, you take the burden on yourself and then you say that you can no longer carry it!  Who says that you should carry it?  However, because you have the habit, you continue to do this.  When someone has the habit of carrying a burden, if you ask him to sit and do something easy, he would not be able to do it.  Here also, you become subservient to your past habits.  However, you are not even allowed to say that it is because of your past sanskars.  If you still have past sanskars, it means you have not died alive.  Once you have died alive, then you have a new life and so you should have new sanskars. 

63.              If you constantly use the treasure of time for the benefit of yourself and others, then you would automatically accumulate all other treasures.  With the treasure of thought based on benevolent feelings, you can earn multimillions in one second.  By continually using the treasure of all powers for a beneficial task, and on the basis of being a great donor, you can increase the treasure of all powers multimillion-fold.  It is then not, "Give one and receive ten-fold", but, "Give one and receive multimillion-fold".

64.              You become careless, that is, at the time of doing something wrong, you do it, but do not realise that you are doing it, and later, you repent.  Because of this, you waste double or triple the time over one situation.  First is the time to do something, second is the time to realise something, third is the time to repent, fourth is the time to check and fifth is the time to change.  So, you waste all this time over one little situation, and as a result of the fruit of karma, because you are constantly repenting, you create the sanskar of repenting.  In ordinary language, you refer to this as, "my habit", or, "my nature".  … first of all, protect yourself from self-deception and you will be saved from the deception of time and also the many forms of Maya's deception.  You will also be saved from even the slightest experience of sorrow.  However, the basis for all of this is not to waste the treasure of time.  Take benefit from every second.  Use the blessings of time for yourself and others.  Achcha.

65.              Every power of a master almighty authority, who is a master sun, can perform great wonders.  However, this is only when you know how to use these powers at the right time.  If, at a particular time, you need to use the power to tolerate, but instead of that, you use the power to decide, then what would be the result of a situation where you waste time by taking a decision?  You have to use the particular power that is needed at that particular moment.  A power that is used at the right time is considered to be elevated.  If you know the time, the method and the influence of any power, then that power can perform wonders.  Even if you know how to use two to four powers, you can achieve a great deal.  But, do not become happy with just two to four, because you have to become complete.  Nevertheless, even if you have just two powers, you can perform great wonders.  Each power has its own importance.  You must have seen how, on the path of bhakti  each power, the power of each element, has been portrayed as a deity: the sun deity, the wind deity, the earth deity.  All of these powers have been shown in the form of deities, that is, they have been shown with so much importance. Your every power is worshipped.  For instance, the power of fearlessness is portrayed by goddess Kali.  Durga has been shown as the power to face.  This is the praise and worship of all your powers through the various names.  If you have the power to remain content and to make others content, the praise is portrayed in the form of Mother Santoshi.  To remain content means to have the power to tolerate.  There is so much praise of you.  You have the power to become as light as the wind, that is, of being double light, and so you are worshipped in the form of the wind deity, or in the form of the son of the wind (Hanuman).  This is the worship of your being double light.  …..  It is not a big thing to race, but which number are you going to claim?  Of course, you are moving along, but there is a vast difference between the way an ant moves and the way a lion moves.  Everyone is moving along, but in what way are they moving?  To be a lion means to be a king.  A king is never subservient to anyone.  Are you like this?  You never become subservient to matter or Maya, do you?  Not to be dependent means to move along like a lion or lioness.  The way a goat moves is still better than the way an ant moves!

66.              does your stage also move, or do you maintain the angelic stage?  All of you are working very well.  Everyone is praising your work, but now, together with praising your work, everyone should also praise your stage.  Whatever you are doing, are you accumulating the fruit for the future, as well as for the present, of the elevated karma you perform?  Or, is it that you do something here and experience the fruit of it here also?  The fruit of accomplishing something at the confluence age is supersensuous joy.  If you accept the temporary fruit of name, fame, prestige or matter, then everything for the future is used up.  So check whether you are consuming here everything that you receive or whether you are also accumulating for the future.  Whatever Baba says and to the extent that He gives, you should be able to receive the instant fruit here, and also accumulate for the future.  If you accept any fruit other than the fruit that the Father gives, then a lot of damage is caused…… The impact of the atmosphere of Madhuban automatically spreads in all directions.  For instance, some describe the atmosphere of Madhuban as a model of heaven.  In the same way, the atmosphere of Madhuban, of being a yogi like the father, should spread within the Brahmin family.  It is not enough that the Madhuban niwasis are able to move along easily.  Your duty is to give co-operation to everyone with the vibrations and atmosphere of Madhuban.  Just as you have a double or triple chance, so your duty is also double.  Every thought and act of the Madhuban niwasis should be worthy of being a blessing, because Madhuban is the land of blessings.  Eventually, the day will come when the words that emerge from everyone's lips will be, "Everyone in Madhuban is a bestower of blessings in their every thought and act."  Baba is now seeing this date.  Achcha.

67.              Only when you are able to see benefit, even in something where there is no benefit, can you be  called one who has total faith in the intellect.  It is only in adverse situations that you are tested to see how firm your faith is.  To have faith means there shouldn't be the slightest name or trace of doubt.  No matter what happens, one who has total faith in the intellect cannot be made to fluctuate by any adverse situation.  To fluctuate means to become weak.

68.              Do you tour the world?  How long does it take you?  The more divine someone’s intellect is, the faster the intellect works, because its speed is based on its divinity.  The speed at which an aeroplane flies is based on how much power it has.  Here too, the more divinity someone has, the more cleanliness there is, that is, it is twice refined.  To the extent that someone’s intellect is divine, the faster its speed will be.  You will then be able to tour the world very clearly in one second because it is from here that you have to fill yourself with the sanskars of making everyone content, that is, of enabling everyone to have all attainments.  Only then will you become a world emperor with nothing lacking in your kingdom.  Everyone will be constantly content and an embodiment of all attainments.  Where and when do you fill yourself with these sanskars?  Here, at this time.  The time of the memorial of touring the world is also very important.  The time of dusk is known as the time when deities tour the world.  How was this memorial created?  It is because you put this into practice that, even now, your memorial is eternally continuing.  This is the time of dusk; it is the time of transformation since this is the age of transformation.  So, the memorial of the age of transformation is remembered at the time of transformation.  The more you tour around as a ruler of the globe, the more the sound will spread in all directions.  “We have seen the light, we have seen angels walking here”.  This sound will spread and people will go to search for the light and the angels and wonder where the light and the angels have come from.  Just as Baba became an instrument for the sake of granting visions, so too, at the end, the father as well as the children have to be instrumental.  It will be like seeing a dream whilst awake, just as you might see a scene suddenly in a dream.  Only when they experience this will the scientists come close to know and understand this wonderful divine game.  You will see and hear about such divine activity in just a short time.  However, only when you first tour around the world will you see them.  How could you see it otherwise?  Whilst just sitting somewhere, many people will experience rays coming from a distance; that the rays came, awakened something in them and went away again.  For this, wherever you may be, become an image of perfection and use your time and powers for service.  Whilst you are sitting at home, everyone will come running, searching for you.  Achcha.
69.              What is the easy method to remove weaknesses?  Surrender to the Father whatever enters your thoughts.  Whatever comes in front of you, put that in front of Baba and give the responsibility to the Father and you will become free.  Simply have the determined thought: I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me.  When you say, “Baba is mine”, you have a right over something that belongs to you, do you not?  If you stabilise yourself in the form of one with all rights, all dependency automatically finishes.  Check that you are constantly in the stage of one who has all rights.  Have you made it firm that you are a child of the Master of the World?  A child is a master.  I am a master almighty authority who, like the Father, has all rights over all powers.  Constantly revise and realise this awareness, and you will constantly experience yourself to be a master almighty authority.  Intense effort-makers will never get tired due to any reason.  They will find a solution for whatever situation comes in front of them and will continue to move forward.  You are very lucky that you have won the lottery to become a Brahmin within the Brahmin family.  Only a handful out of multimillions win this lottery.  No matter what happens or what comes in front of you, you must not come to a standstill or step back.  By having the one faith and the one support that you have to reach your destination, it is guaranteed that you will definitely reach your destination.  It is the children’s duty to have this determination and Baba’s duty to make sure you reach there.

70.              Do not look at anyone’s sanskars or nature.  Instead of that, look at your own original and eternal sanskars and nature and look at Baba’s nature and sanskars.  If you have the habit of listening but not listening, then you will not fluctuate, but will pass.  What is the easiest aspect to understand through which you will constantly experience this to be an easy path?  The easy aspect is to always give all your responsibilities to the Father.  It is easy to give the responsibility to the Father.  Make yourself light and you will never find the path to be difficult.  You only find it difficult when you become tired or confused.  When you give all the responsibility to the Father, you become an angel.  Do angels ever get tired?  It is only when you are not able to do this simple thing that you find everything difficult.  By mistake, you take the burden of little responsibilities upon yourself, and you therefore find everything to be difficult.  On the path of bhakti, you used to say: Give everything to Rama.  Now that the time to give everything has come, why do you still keep it with yourself?  “My nature, my sanskars”.  Where did this, “mine”, come from?  When, “mine”, finishes, you become a conqueror of attachment.  When all attachment is finished, you become an embodiment of awareness.  By giving everything to the Father, you become constantly happy and light.  Be generous-hearted in giving to the Father.  If you continue to hold onto old rubbish, you will become ill.

71.              The sign of having faith in the intellect is to remain constantly carefree.  Those who are carefree will be constant and stable, they will never fluctuate.  They will remain stable.  No matter what happens, do not think about anything.  Do not get caught up with “Why? What?” etc.  Be trikaldarshi and remain carefree.  There is benefit in every step.  Even something in which there is only loss visible, benefit is merged in that too; you simply have to look deeply by being introverted.  There can never be any loss or harm for Brahmins, because you are holding the hand of the Benefactor Father.  He will change loss or harm into benefit for you.  Therefore, constantly remain carefree.

72.              Are all of you constantly content?  Only those who are constantly content are able to remain close to the Father.  Contentment is the method of constantly remaining close to the Father.  If there isn’t contentment, you are constantly far away from the Father.  No matter what happens, let the past be the past and continue to move along with the power of discrimination and you will constantly remain content. Constantly continue to check the treasures you have received from the Father to see which treasures you have accumulated and which are still missing.  Time is the greatest treasure of all.  Knowledge is a treasure, powers and divine virtues are also treasures.  Only when you have accumulated all the treasures will you be said to be complete.  Do not be content that you have all treasures, but do you have enough that you, yourself, are able to use them and also make others complete with them?  Maya will come to you in the form of whatever weakness you have, because Maya is very clever.  Therefore, continue to accumulate all treasures.  Do not allow yourself to become empty.  Achcha.

73.              Remain beyond every type of tension; tension of the self or of time, and pay attention to having the Father’s company at every second whilst playing your part.  The basis of tension in souls who are master almighty authorities, the children of the Almighty Authority, the knowledge-full souls is just two words.  What are those two words?  Why? and what?.  Tension in any situation arises when you have these two questions in your intellect, “Why did this happen?” or “What happened?”  However, the elevated actors of the confluence age cannot have any type of tension, because you know everything.  With the specialities of being a detached observer and Baba’s companion, there can never be any tension whilst playing any role within the drama.  So, understand this special beneficial time, and fill the sanskars with the number one stage at every second.

74.              What are the special virtues of a swan?  The special virtues are:

i)                    Being knowledge-full; able to discriminate between right and wrong (real and false) is also to have knowledge.  So, the seat of someone who is knowledge-full is portrayed as being something knowledge-full.  So, the swan has the special knowledge to discriminate between right and wrong.
ii)                  Secondly, the memorial of your stage is also shown in the form of a seat.  Those who always accept he food of pure thoughts, whose intellect imbibes virtues from all souls and from nature are such souls who have been portrayed as those who pick up pearls.
iii)                Thirdly, cleanliness.  The sign of cleanliness is the colour white.  Cleanliness means purity.  Therefore, the holy swan is the symbol of constantly remaining seated on the seat of being knowledge-full.  Saraswati has been portrayed as a constant server by being given the sitar.  To constantly play this sitar of knowledge means to be a constant server.  Just as the seat is portrayed as a memorial, so too, to play your part, having imbibed all these specialities, is the special part.  Therefore, constantly play your part whilst considering yourself to be a special actor.

75.              What is the result when you forget the combined form of the soul and the body? When you forget the combined form of the soul and the body, the authority of being a master finishes.  When you begin to believe the soul and the body to be one, the awareness of being an authority finishes.  You forget yourself because of body consciousness and therefore, you lose everything; in the stage of being unconscious, you lose everything you had.

76.              What is the result of the forgetting the awareness of the combined form of the Father and the children at the confluence age? Instead of experiencing yourself to be the highest authority, you experience yourself to be weak, powerless, unhappy, confluence and in influenced soul.  With the awareness of the combined form, you receive power.  With the awareness of the combined form, you have the authority of facing the obstacles of Maya.  Even if you may be a weak soul, because of having the Father’s company, because of having the company and the awareness of the Almighty Authority, you experience yourself to be a master almighty authority.  Therefore, do not separate yourself from the combined form.

77.              All the children definitely have a meeting, but the number one children meet Him in an equal form.  To be close means to experience the Company, and the companionship is such that it doesn’t feel like two beings, but just one.  The second type of children meet the Father with the pure desire to become equal to the Father in His love, His blessings and in having a meeting with Him; not in the form of already being equal.  To have the experience of being face to face means that you are experiencing attainment from Baba.  So, the first number children meet in the form of being equal and the second number children meet with the thought of becoming equal.  Don’t even ask about the third type of children!  The divine games of the third type of children are completely unique.  One minute they will meet Baba as His children, and the next minute they will be begging for something.  They are those with many forms; sometimes they will have one form and sometimes another form.  So, even amongst the children, celebrating a meeting is numberwise.

78.              Whom does the Father love?  Those who are detached.  Why is Baba loved by all?  Because He is detached.  If He were not detached, but came into birth and rebirth like you do, He would not be loved by all.  So, all of you will also be loved by the Father when you constantly move along whilst considering yourself to be detached from the consciousness of the body.  Without becoming detached, you cannot be loved.  To the extent that you remain detached, that is, in the consciousness of the soul, accordingly, the Father loves you.  This is why love and remembrance are received numberwise.  The basis of your number is the extent to which you become detached.  Are you able to know your number on the basis of your stage of detachment? 

79.              Have you practised sufficiently so that no matter what happens, you are easily able to leave your body?  Have you practised to this extent?  There shouldn’t be a tug of war in any relationship or sanskar.  Everyone has to go but some will go easily whereas others will go after battling.  

80.              May you be knowledgeable of the deep secrets of karma and experience the alokik pleasures of Brahmin life. Brahmin life is a life of enjoyment, but to remain in enjoyment does not mean that you do whatever you want and become totally lost in that.  The stage of enjoying of temporary happiness and enjoying temporary connections and relationships is different from the stage of permanent satisfaction.  To speak whatever you want, to do whatever you want, is to also stay in enjoyment, but do not become one who is always doing everything to please the self temporarily.  Maintain eternal., spiritual, alokik enjoyment.  This is the real Brahmin life.  Together with experiencing enjoyment, also be knowledgeable of the deep secrets of karma….Become your own teacher and all weaknesses will automatically finish.

81.              By remaining stable in your stage of self-respect, you cannot experience any type of arrogance, whether it is arrogance of your body, intellect, name, service or special virtue.  All of that comes to an end, and you thereby become a constant destroyer of obstacles.  Those who maintain their self-respect are always humble.  They do not have any type of arrogance, but remain very humble.  Through this, you automatically receive constant regard from others.  Because of being beyond any desire of receiving respect, you become worthy of receiving the most elevated respect from everyone.  This is an eternal law.  You do not receive respect by asking for it from everyone, but it is by giving respect to others and remaining stable in your stage of self-respect that matter becomes your servant, and it is because of your self-respect that you receive respect from others by right.  By renouncing the desire for regard, you receive the fortune of being respected by everyone.  Those who maintain their self-respect do not receive respect from everyone for just this one birth, but for the entire kalpa.  ….  You have to maintain your self-respect and also give respect to others…..When you surrender to the Father, Maya will surrender to you. 

82.              Since science is advancing, the power of silence also has to be very far advanced.  In order to see Maya off from a distance, you need to be constantly stable in the trikaldarshi stage.  You have to see every aspect in the three aspects of time, in terms of, “What the situation is; what its present form is; and how you can finish it in the form that it came earlier and in the form that it has come now.”  When you see the three aspects, Maya will not defeat you in her war against you.  However, because you are not in the trikaldarshi stage when you look at everything, you only see the present, and this is why there is sometimes victory and sometimes defeat; there isn’t constant victory.  Maya can never be protected from those who remain stable in their trikaldarshi stage.  If Maya wages war again and again, then you will not be able to experience supersensuous joy even if you want to.  It is remembered that the supersensuous joy of the confluence age is such a blessing that it cannot be experienced in any other age.  This is the experience of the present time.  So, if you have not experienced supersensuous joy, then what have you accomplished as a Brahmin?  The speciality of being a Brahmin is to experience supersensuous joy, and if you haven’t experienced this, you haven’t done anything.  Therefore, constantly check that you are constantly experiencing supersensuous joy.

83.              In order to remain constantly unshakeable and immovable, which virtue should you specifically imbibe? Become a customer of virtues.  If you pick up virtues in every situation, you will not fluctuate.  To pick up virtues means to have benevolent feelings.  When you see defects, there are feelings of harm and there will be fluctuation.  To see virtues in defects is known as picking up virtues.  Even whilst seeing defects, you should pick up virtues.  Pick up virtues from those who have defects; just as they are firm in their defects, you have to remain firm in your virtues.  Become a customer of virtues, not defects.  Which food makes the soul constantly powerful?  That of happiness.  It is said: There is no nourishment like happiness.  Those who maintain their happiness would be powerful.  By using the shield of drama very well, you will constantly remain happy and never wilt.  If you constantly have the awareness of the drama, you will never wilt.  Even in your intellect, you should constantly have happiness, not just in the form of knowledge.  No matter what the scene is, you should seek benefit for yourself from it and you will constantly remain happy.

84.              As you are moving along, when you become a Mahavir, that is, when you become a warrior, and begin to challenge Maya, and consider it your right to be victorious, there are two things you lack and so are unable to oppose the different attacks of Maya.  What two things are lacking?  One is the power to face and the second is the power to discriminate and decide.  Because you lack these two powers, you are sometimes victorious and sometimes defeated by the different attacks of Maya. Therefore, you sometimes become aggressive and sometimes you have the right consciousness.  What is the reason for you lacking the power to face?  You do not know how to make Baba your constant Companion.  You do not know the method to seek His Company.  The easy method is the stage of being one with all rights.  This is why, when Maya sees that you are weak, she attacks you.

85.              What is the reason for not having the power to discern?  There isn’t stability in the intellect.  There is the upheaval of waste or impure thoughts.  There isn’t the constantly stable stage of taking the sweetness of all relationships with One.  By having a variety, the intellect and stage constantly fluctuate.  Because of this, the power to discern is reduced, and because you are unable to discern, Maya makes you her customer.  Then you are not even able to recognise that it is Maya.  You are not able to realise that something is wrong.  Instead, you become a firm customer or companion of Maya and you give your wisdom to Baba or the instruments and tell them: This happens all the time; all of this will continue to happen until we become complete.  In this way, you become Maya’s lawyer and put forward many different points of this nature to Baba and the instruments, because, when you become Maya’s companion, you become part of the opposition party.  You give up the position of being a conqueror of Maya.  What is the reason for this?  You lack the power to discern.

86.              The little mistake is that you mix the dictates of your own mind with shrimat.  What is the foundation of that?  Carelessness, laziness and being attracted by many types of Maya’s attraction.  You lack the total power needed to become a conqueror of Maya and this is why the first zeal and enthusiasm reduces as you move along.  ….  In order to reach a high destination, you first have to experience storms; in order for a steamer to cross an ocean, it has to go through the middle of it.  Therefore, do not become afraid very quickly; do not become tired; do not come to a standstill.  Keep your Companion with you and every difficulty will become easy.  Become courageous and you will definitely receive help.  See the Father and follow the father and you will constantly experience a life of zeal and enthusiasm. 

87.              By doing service through understanding, there will be success.  Sensible children would do all three types of service simultaneously.  If you do not remain picture-conscious (with your attention focused on the picture when explaining at exhibitions), but do everything with the consciousness of the Father (your attention focused on the Father), then all three types of service will take place at the same time.  If you do service considering it to be your duty, you will not have the spiritual awareness to be able to awaken souls.  They too will consider it their duty to listen to you, and having heard you, will go away.  If you become merciful and do service with benevolent feelings, the souls would be awakened.  They would also then feel mercy for themselves and feel that they should do something for themselves.  Baba constantly gives the children a signal to move forward.  Whatever you have done, according to the drama, you made very good effort.  Whatever time you gave, you accumulated for the present and also the future. 

88.              stay in solitude and remain introverted.  Make yourself complete in having the experience of every aspect.  The first lesson is of the Father and the children.  Whose child am I?  What have I attained?  Become an embodiment of experience of this first lesson and you will easily become a conqueror of Maya.  You stay in this experience for a short time and spend a longer time in listening and understanding.  An image of experience means to be one who constantly has the experience of everything.  Do you understand?  You have become the children of the Ocean, but you have not experienced being an ocean, that is, you have not experienced yourself to be complete.  Achcha.

89.              The foundation of the majority of you is to see the gathering, to be impressed by the pure life, to move along considering this to be one support, to move along with the zeal and enthusiasm of someone’s company, to continue to move along because someone has told you to, or to continue to move along with the support of knowledge because you like it.  Those who continue to move on the basis of any of these things, become confused as they move along, because they don’t have a strong foundation of experience.  However, you have to claim a number.  Even now, there are many who teach yoga but who themselves don’t have any experience of yoga.  They speak about what yoga is and what one can attain through yoga, but they only have a short-lived experience of a yogi life.  They speak of the drama, but very few of them understand the significance of the drama and experience life with the support of the drama.  This is what is visible, is it not?  Even so, Baba says: I have to give My company to even such souls and take them with Me. 

90.              The main thing is to make Baba your Companion.  If you make Baba your constant Companion, Maya will automatically leave you alone, because when she sees that you have put her aside and made someone else your Companion, she will move away.  Be Baba’s constant companion; do not step away for even one second.  When your Companion is ready to fulfil the responsibility of companionship, why do you step away?  There is also benefit.  Would you ever let go of something that is beneficial?  When you do not have the company of your Companion but do everything on your own, you find that it takes a lot of effort.  Therefore, become introspective and go deep into this experience and you will have powerful experiences.

91.              To constantly be a conqueror of Maya means to remain constantly cheerful.  If you have the balance of service of the self and service of others, then you will find that you don’t have to labour so hard, but will receive greater success.

92.              The desires of those who have limited desires are never fulfilled.  The desire of those who have the pure desire to become good is automatically fulfilled.  The children of the Bestower do not need to ask for anything.  You cannot receive anything by asking for it.  To ask for something means to have a desire.  If you have the thought of doing unlimited service without any limited desires, then it will definitely be fulfilled.  Therefore, instead of having limited desires, adopt the method of becoming good and you will become complete with all attainments.

93.              What would be the visible qualifications of a server?  A server would use his every second, thought, word, deed, relationship and connection for service.  A server does not fix a special time for doing service; he would not be a server for just four or six hours.  He does service constantly and tirelessly at every step.  Service is merged in everything he does; the way he looks at things, the way he conducts himself, the way he eats and drinks.  He would constantly be busy in doing service through the main methods of service, that is, through his awareness, attitude, vision and deeds.  i) Through his awareness, he would make other souls embodiments of power.  ii) Through his attitude, he would make the atmosphere pure and powerful.  iii) Through his drishti, he would grant souls visions of the self and the Father. iv) Through his deeds, he would make himself an instrument to perform elevated deeds and would thereby inspire others and give them courage.

94.              To Groups:
1.         Constantly remember the one mantra: If you make Baba your heart’s true Companion, then you will experience yourself to have a mine of happiness.  You will constantly be coloured with the spiritual colour of this company because the greatest company is that of the Almighty Authority.  The praise of satsang is to constantly have the company of the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Guru; this is true company.  By staying in this company of the Truth, you will constantly experience yourself to be light and cheerful.  You will not experience any type of burden.  It is good that you have faith in the intellect, but the return of having faith is to keep Baba as your constant Companion.  You should have Baba’s company at every moment.  By experiencing constant company, you will experience yourself to be full.  You will experience yourself to be overflowing.  When you make the Father belong to you, whatever belongs to the Father also belongs to you.

2.         Do you constantly maintain Godly intoxication and the intoxication of your future deity status?  What is the reward of the confluence age?  To attain God.  And the reward of the future is to attain the deity status.  So, do you have the awareness of both rewards?  Those who have found the Father would have so much intoxication, for there is no one higher than God.  Having found the Father, you have found everything.  By constantly staying in remembrance, you are able to experience all attainments.  If there is no remembrance, there is no experience of attainment.  Always stay in the intoxication of the attainment: “I am a master almighty authority.”  All the powers are the Father’s property and so the children have a right to them.  Children who have a right constantly sing the song: I have attained whatever I had to attain.

3.         Whilst you are walking along the path, and obstacles come, do you know the method to remain free from those obstacles?  Is it easy or difficult to remove obstacles?  When you let go of the Father’s hand, you find it difficult.  When the Father is constantly with you, nothing is difficult.  When you let go of the Father’s company, you become weak.  A weak person would find even a small thing to be very big, whereas a courageous person would find a big thing to be small.  The Father is ready to give you His company, but what can the Father do if you do not take accept this company?  If you do not step away from Him, you will find everything very easy.

4.         Pandavs are those who have the awareness of the Father’s company.  What speciality of the Pandav’s awareness has been remembered?  The Pandavs had the intoxication of the Father being with them.  Because of having the intoxication of the Father’s company, they became those who issued a challenge.  The challenge they issued was that they would definitely be victorious.  The basis of their challenge was the company of the Father.  Therefore, since this speciality of the Pandavs’ company is remembered, how much intoxication would there be in experiencing this in practice?  What was the result when Maya’s great mahavirs came in front of the Pandavs?  They were all destroyed.  So, do you experience yourselves to be those who overcome the obstacles of Maya, or are you afraid of Maya?  When any type of obstacle of Maya comes, you should become trikaldarshi, that is, you should know everything about why Maya comes and what the method to chase her away is.  You are not those who become afraid and say, “What could I do?  Maya came.”  The picture of the Pandavs is shown in the form of those who look after cows.  All the children used to be with those who looked after the cows.  It is a wonderful thing that, whilst in the living form, you are seeing your memorial in the form of the non-living images.

5.         The memorial of the Shaktis and Gopikas is to dance in happiness.  They are shown dancing wearing anklets.  For those who are constantly happy, it is said that they are constantly dancing in happiness.  When you dance, your feet are off the ground.  In the same way, the intellect of those who are dancing in happiness would always remain up above.  It would not be caught up with the physical world or bodily beings, but it would be in the soul world, in the soul- conscious stage.  So, continue to dance in happiness in this way.  Who would constantly have happiness?  Those who consider themselves to be gopikas.  A gopika means one who has constant love for the one Gopi Vallabh.  Do not consider yourself to be a householder mother, but consider yourself to be a gopika.  The word “householder” is not good.  When the name “gopika” is mentioned, everyone becomes happy.  When others become happy simply by using your name, how happy would you yourself be?  Achcha.

95.  Neither the jagadgurus nor the religious founders have the fortune that you elevated souls have of taking shrimat personally from the Father.  You don’t receive it through inspiration or touching, for you are the mouth-born progeny; you heard it straight from His mouth.  …Look at the religious founder souls of the entire drama and look at yourselves and you will see that there is a great difference.  Firstly, you were told that you are the direct children.  Because of being the direct children who experience all relationships as well as that of the Mother and Father, you easily claim the inheritance of the kingdom of the world.  Only you souls attain the complete attainment of the beginning period of the world, the golden age, which is the satopradhan stage.  All the rest of the souls only come down after the middle period begins.  They attain the rajopradhan form of happiness and kingdom that you elevated souls experienced in satyug.  You souls attain both the religion and the kingdom, whereas all the rest of the souls either have a religion and not a kingdom or they have a kingdom and not a religion because, from the copper age onwards, kingdom and religion become distinct from one another.  The sign of this is that, within the entire drama, only you are double-crowned.  Have you seen anyone else who is this?  There are even more specialities.  The complete attainment, that is, the elevated attainment of all the happiness you have received through the body, mind, wealth, relations and nature is not attained by any other souls.  Because of being the direct children, because of being the children of the highest on high Father, because of being the children of the supremely worshipped Father, you souls are worshipped in two ways.  One is in the saligram form and the other is in the deity form.  None of the religious founders or well-known souls are worshipped so accurately.  What is the reason for this?  You are the direct progeny.  Do you understand how fortunate you are that God Himself glorifies your fortune?  So constantly keep this fortune of yours in your awareness.  Do not sing songs of weakness.  Bhagats sing songs of their weaknesses whereas children sing songs of their fortune.  Therefore, ask yourself: Am I a bhagat or a child?  Do you now understand your elevated fortune?  Achcha.

96.  Everyone should have the same zeal and enthusiasm; it should not have to be inspired by others.  What is the deep significance of effort?  That is, what is elevated effort?  To have automatic remembrance of the Father in every thought and every breath.  This is known as being an embodiment of remembrance.  On the path of bhakti, people say, “The silent word should be heard and the soundless chant should continue at all times”.  When there is such effort constantly, it is called elevated effort.  You do not have to make effort to remember, but you naturally have constant remembrance.  This is the effort of the maharathis.  A maharathi means one who has natural remembrance.  Every thought of a maharathi would be great.  The further you progress, the more the ordinary things will finish and you will develop greatness.  This is the sign of moving forward.

97.  The easy method to be constantly victorious is  to have one faith and one Support.  When you have faith in One, you receive strength.  Faith always makes you carefree.  Those whose stage is carefree will be successful in every task, because when you remain carefree, the intellect is correctly able to judge.  And so, the basis of making accurate decisions is to have faith in the intellect and to remain carefree.  There is no need even to think about anything, because you have to follow the father; you have to place your footsteps in the steps of the father, and continue to move according to the shrimat you receive.  Simply continue to place your footsteps in the steps of shrimat and you will become a victorious jewel.

98.  Maya was creating obstacles to his maintaining a steady stage.  What were the reasons for this?

i.                    The lack of constant attention to the whole day’s timetable.
ii.                  Because of not having accumulated a treasure-store of positive thoughts, they spend a lot of time in waste thoughts.  Their power of churning is very low.
iii.                Because of the children’s weakness, they consider any type of minor situation, which in fact is nothing, to be something major and they waste a lot of time in finishing it.  What is the reason for this?  Because of being afraid, they are unable to remember the different methods that they have heard from time to time of how to overcome these adverse situations.
iv.                You understand that you shouldn’t have a certain type of nature or sanskars.  Nevertheless, though you have already experienced being influenced and deceived by them again and again, even though you call yourself a creator, you still become influenced by them.  Because of this, you do not bring your original and eternal sanskars into your awareness; you are unable to acquire the power to finish those sanskars and nature.

99.  At amrit vela every day, set the timetable for the body and the mind.  You set a timetable for your body, for whatever actions you have to perform throughout the day.  In the same way, as you make a timetable for the physical work you have to do, also set a timetable for your mind, just as the time for the pilgrimage of remembrance is set for the mind.  At such an auspicious time, when you have the co-operation of the time, and your intellect is in its satopradhan stage, then the mind should also be in its most powerful stage.  A powerful stage means the seed stage, equal to that of the Father.  Therefore, just as the time of amrit vela is so elevated, so your stage should be the same.  You can continue to perform actions in an ordinary stage, but this is a special time for blessings.  Because this time is not used in an accurate way, your stage of remembrance is influenced throughout the day.  So, first pay attention to setting a powerful stage at amrit vela.

100. Secondly, when you are listening to the deep aspects of knowledge, that is, when you are studying regularly, you are not listening as an embodiment of experience to the points that emerge.  A knowledgeable soul experiences the form of every aspect.  To listen means to become an embodiment of that form whilst listening.  However, you very much lack the knowledge of how to become an embodiment of experience.  You enjoy listening and you also find that the points very deep; you become happy and feel that you are receiving very good treasures.  However, to become an embodiment of them, you have to merge them within you.  You should practise this.  You constantly hear, “I am a soul”, but listen to it whilst experiencing the incorporeal stage.  As is the point, so should be your experience.  When you listen to anything of Paramdham, become a resident of Paramdham as you listen to it.  Become experienced in the stage of the golden-aged deities and then listen to the things of heaven.  This is known as listening, that is, merging it within you.  To merge it means to become an embodiment of it.  If you listen to the murli in this way, the treasure of pure thoughts will accumulate, and you will constantly remember the experiences of these treasures; the intellect will remain busy in this all the time.  Then, you will easily be able to step away from waste thoughts.  If you do not listen to the knowledge as an embodiment of experience, then you are not able to make the Father’s treasures your own and you, therefore, remain empty, that is, you create space for waste thoughts.  Baba will tell you another day of the weaknesses you have in maintaining the daily timetable.  First of all, put these two aspects right.  Baba is not giving you a strong dose.  Achcha.

101.           how to do service through your attitude and awareness?  According to the present time, together with words, very good service can take place through thoughts.  This happens through your awareness and attitude, which is that of having good wishes, because everyone considers whatever they have heard to be repetition.  Souls who are in contact with you a lot consider a point to be something common.  Now, teach them the method to do service in a new way.  Until you have become experienced, a new form of everything is needed.  Give them a new experience.  You can have a gathering and have such a service programme.  Make them sit with a special aim and then ask them their experience.  They will relate a great deal, just as you have had a lot of experience of serving through words, and that was the creation of all of you.  Now, the addition required in service is to serve through thoughts and attitude.  Make plans for that.  When you begin to enjoy yourself, you will feel that it is the stage of ascent of your newness.  Just as scientists remain busy in inventing something or another, in the same way, in order to invent something new from a point that you have already related, sit in meditation at amrit vela with this aim and you will be touched.  New inventions will emerge through which others will also experience newness.  Achcha.

102.          Only those who constantly use the method of keeping the intellect busy can be constantly strong and powerful.  The easy method to finish all waste and become powerful is to remain constantly busy.  Therefore, just as you make a daily timetable for physical matters, so too, make a timetable to keep your intellect busy, so that, at this time, you will finish all waste by having this powerful thought.  If you remain busy, Maya will leave from a distance…….In order to forget the world of sorrow, remain lost in God's love.

103.          The cause of having waste thoughts is a lack of pure thoughts, pure ideas and the treasures of knowledge.  Even when you receive them, you don’t know how to use them or accumulate them.  They don’t increase because you don’t know the right method of using them.  To have heard the knowledge means to have received it, but at that time, you use it all up by experiencing temporary happiness and power.  In a lokik way, you earn something and use it up; you use some of it and you throw some of it away.  In the same way, you constantly experience yourself to be empty of the treasures of knowledge and powers because you lack the power to imbibe and are unable to be constantly powerful by using them with the right method.  This is why you are not constantly able to remain cheerful.  Because of being weak, you become influenced by the obstacles of Maya and you become a slave to Maya.  As well as this, you become unhappy seeing other souls full.  The main method of accumulating the treasure of knowledge; the treasure of the elevated time and increasing the physical treasures a hundred thousand-fold, is to have a clean and pure intellect and an honest heart.  The basis of having a pure intellect is to know the Father with the intellect and to surrender your intellect to the Father.  To surrender means to finish the consciousness of “mine”.  Have you surrendered your intellect in this way?  To surrender a shudra intellect means to give it away.  Together with giving it away, you also receive a divine intellect.  To give is to receive.  When you make a bargain, first you give something and then you receive something in return; you give money and you receive the goods.  In the same way, here too, to give is to receive.  First, you have to give everything.  How?  By having pure thoughts.  Everything belongs to the Father, it is not mine.  To let go of your rights resulting from the consciousness of “mine” is known as surrender.  This is known as the stage of being free from attachment.  The reason for not being an embodiment of remembrance, for having waste thoughts and for becoming unhappy and a servant is that you are not free from being attached to the consciousness of “mine”.  There is a lot of expansion of the consciousness of “mine”.  BapDada also sees the clever games of the children, especially in giving to Baba.  You would give something to Baba one minute and take it back the next.  One minute, you would say through your lips that nothing belongs to you, and yet, in your mind, you would still be holding onto it as though you have a right.  To have this right means attachment.  Sometimes, you give something practically, but then take it back through words.  Your cleverness is that together with the new, you also want to hold onto the old.  You call yourself a trustee, but in practice, you are a householder.  The basis of finishing waste thoughts is to relinquish being a householder.  Whether you are a kumar or a kumari, to think in terms of “my nature”, “my sanskar”, “my intellect”, is the expansion of a householder.  When you have surrendered yourself, the Father’s nature is your nature; the Father’s sanskars are your sanskars.  Just as the Father’s intellect is divine, so your intellect should be the same.  It is impossible that there wouldn’t be remembrance when you have a divine intellect.  If you check your stage for just one hour, you will find that the basis of waste thoughts is one or another form of the consciousness of “mine”.  You were told that the indication of the consciousness of “mine” is attachment.

104.          There are stages of attachment.  One is subtle attachment which can only be recognised by being stable in the subtle soul-conscious stage.  The other is the gross form of attachment, which can be easily recognised.  There’s also a great deal of expansion of subtle attachment.  Without attachment, an intellect would not be attracted or subservient to anything.  So, the way to check for attachment is to see whether there is any subservience, whether it is in thoughts, words, deeds, relationships or connections.  Time will definitely be used in that even against your conscious wish.  This is why the main cause of waste thoughts is attachment.  Check this.  Things that you don’t wish for disturb you in the form of waste thoughts.  The cause of this is weakness in the form of the consciousness of “mine” in regard to your old sanskars and nature.  As long as you still have the consciousness of “my nature” or “my sanskars”, they will definitely pull you.  When you, the creator, have the consciousness of, “my creation”, you will be pulled.  The creation in the form of “my nature and sanskars”, pulls the soul, the creator, towards it.  These are not “my” sanskars, but the sanskars of a shudra.  To say that the “sanskars of a shudra are my sanskars” is a great sin; it is stealing and cheating.  If Brahmins steal the property of shudras, that is, if you say that it is yours, that is a great sin.  Even to say, “Baba, all of this is Yours” and then consider it to be your own, is also cheating.  By committing sin in this way and thereby increasing the account of sin, you cannot keep your intellect stable in an elevated stage.  This is why you have to come down to the stage of waste thoughts time and again.  Then you cry out, “What can I do?”

105.          The other reason for waste thoughts is that throughout the day, in your thoughts, words and deeds, you disobey shrimat in the form of maryadas that you have received from the Father.  From being obedient, you become disobedient.  If you step outside the line of the code of conduct even in your thoughts, then it is possible that Ravan, in the form of waste thoughts, can attack you.  You should also check that you are not disobeying Brahmin ethics and systems in your thoughts, words, deeds, relations and connections.  You definitely have waste thoughts in your intellect when some ethics or systems are missing.  Do you understand the second reason?  This is why you should check yourself very carefully, for only then will you become free from waste thoughts.  Throughout the day, let the intellect remain busy in the pure activities the Father has given you to do.  The activity of the intellect is to have pure thoughts.  The activity of words is to speak the knowledge you have heard from the Father.  The activity of deeds is to perform every deed as a karma yogi, to live as lovingly and detached as a lotus, to reveal the Father’s elevated task through your every deed and to perform every deed as a divine act.  Don’t be clever, but let it be a game, and that too, a wonderful, divine game.  The activity of coming into connection with others is just contact for namesake to enable them to make contact with the Father of All.  You will become free from waste thoughts by remaining busy in such pure activities.  People say that they want to be free from performing deeds, but Baba says: There will be freedom in performing pure activities.  This is not called being a householder; householders are separate.  To have pure activities is known as being a trustee, not a householder.  So, do you understand that the basis of freedom is pure activity?  Achcha.

106.           When you consider yourself to be a householder, there is the web of a householder.  To be a householder means to be caught up in a web.  To be a trustee means to be free.  Constantly have the awareness that you are worthy of being worshipped.No matter what type of situation comes in front of you, you remain happy by being victorious.  Do you ever become upset with your children, etc.?  They are children, and children are those who do not understand.  Children are those who are mischievous.  Since they have a mischievous nature and do not understand, why do you become upset with them?  You understand the secret that as they are children of the iron age, the impure creation, they will definitely be mischievous.  As is the clay, so would be the clay pot.  If the clay pot is hot, how could it be possible for the water it contains to remain cool?  So, if you become upset, it means you are not knowledge-full; it means you haven’t understood the significance.  If you are yogyukt when you give them teachings, they will be transformed.  You mustn’t become upset.

107.          Do you remain engaged in Baba’s remembrance and service throughout the day, through your thoughts, words and deeds?  Every thought should be of Baba’s remembrance or service.  Remind others of Baba through your every word and give others the treasures you have received.  You have to reveal the divine activity of the Father through your activity.  So, do you constantly remain engaged in such remembrance and service?  Can Maya come to you if you keep yourselves busy in remembrance and service at all times?  When you forget remembrance and service, you open the gates for Maya to enter.  So, do not open these gates.  To be forgetful means to open the gate to Maya and to have remembrance means to apply a Godrej lock.  The awareness of remembrance and service is a double lock.  If you apply a double-lock, Maya can never come to you.  If you only apply a lock of remembrance and not of service, then Maya can enter.  Brahmin life is remembrance and service.  Would you forget your task in life?  If you forget this, you are deceived by Maya.  By being deceived, you experience sorrow.  So constantly keep the double-lock locked.  Through this, you will constantly remain safe, happy and content.

108.          Do you constantly consider yourself to be an elevated soul who takes every step according to shrimat?  Is your every step according to shrimat, or, is it also according to the dictates of your own mind?  Are you able to recognise this?  What is the method to recognise this?  The method to recognise whether it is shrimat or manmat is that if it is shrimat, your mind will never become discontent; there will not be any type of upheaval in your mind.  By following shrimat, you will have natural happiness, just as you automatically experience internal happiness when you perform a good deed.  If you do something wrong, your conscience will definitely bite, even though you may not speak about it.  The mind of those who are following manmat will fluctuate.  Those who follow shrimat will be constantly light and happy.  From this, you can understand whether you are following shrimat or manmat.  This is your thermometer.  Whenever there is any fluctuation in your mind or the percentage of your happiness decreases, then check and you will find that there is definitely disobedience in following shrimat.  Constantly check and change.  To check means to change.  You need both the powers of checking and changing.  If even one of these is missing, you will not be able to remain content.  Neither will you be content nor will you be able to make others content.  You will have the power to change when you have the power to tolerate.  When the line of the intellect is clear, you will have the power to recognise.

109.          the easy method to bring about world benefit is by bringing stability to the wandering intellects of all souls through the stability of your own elevated thoughts.  All souls of the world especially want stability for their wandering intellect and mischievious mind.  How would you fulfil this desire of the world?  If you are not stable yourself, how would you be able to stabilise others?  Therefore, stability means to belong constantly to the one Father and none other.  Now, especially practise this constant, stable stage.  You have already been told that to achieve this: firstly, transform waste thoughts into pure thoughts; secondly, with deep love for God, easily put a stop to all the varieties of Maya’s obstacles that still come to you, and continue to move forward.  What is the main reason for being afraid of obstacles?  When an obstacle comes, you forget that BapDada has already given you knowledge of this in advance and told you that all these things will come to test your love for God.  Since you know in advance that obstacles will come, why should you be afraid?  Why do you think that it is something new?

110.          Why does Maya come to you?  Why do you have waste thoughts?  Why does your intellect wander?  Why does the atmosphere influence you?  Why don’t your relations co-operate with you?  Why do old sanskars emerge even now?  Instead of finishing all obstacles, these questions become instrumental to distance you from the love of the Father.  You forget Baba’s elevated versions, “The more you progress, the more the many forms of Maya will come to test you”.  However, these tests are the means to move you forward, not to make you fall.  Instead of looking for the cause and resolving it, you simply waste your time in thinking about it; you lose your power.  Instead of thinking about the cause, think about the solution and you will become free from obstacles.  Do not wonder why something came, but through having the awareness that such a thing will happen, you will become an embodiment of power. Secondly, when you question “why?” (kyu?) over even a small obstacle, a queue of waste thoughts is formed.  You then have to spend a lot of time in finishing that queue.  You are not able to overcome obstacles due to the main weakness of not being an embodiment of knowledge, that is, by not being stable in the stage of being knowledge-full.  You are gyani (knowledgeable), but you are not an embodiment of knowledge.

111.          Why does the atmosphere influence you?  You forget the awareness of being the one who transforms the atmosphere with your powerful attitude.  You call yourselves world transformers.  For world transformation, you also have to transform the atmosphere.  You are instruments to make the impure, pure.  So, why do you think that you became weak because of the atmosphere?  This is the iron-aged, tamopradhan, impure world, and so what else would the atmosphere be, if not impure?  Whilst living in the tamoguni world, the duty of you Brahmins is to transform the atmosphere.  By being aware of your duty, that is, by being stable in the stage of a creator, you will not be influenced by the atmosphere, the creation.  Instead of considering yourself a transformer and thinking how you could transform the atmosphere, you think that you became weak because of the atmosphere: Only if the atmosphere changes will I change myself.  My stage will be good if the atmosphere is good.  Who is the one who has to change the atmosphere?  You forget this.  This is why the atmosphere influences you.

112.          What else do you say?  “My relations do not listen to me.  I am not able to become powerful because I don’t have good company.”  BapDada has already told you that every soul has their own individual, separate part.  Some are satoguni, some rajoguni and others tamoguni.  There is a variety of souls within this varied drama, therefore, not all souls can have the same part.  If a particular soul has a tamoguni part without knowledge, then donate peace and power to that soul through your good wishes and pure feelings.  Instead of this, when you see the part of an ignorant soul, why do you forget to experience your elevated stage?  Why do you allow your stage to fluctuate?  See the part of other souls as a detached observer and donate power to them.  Do not be afraid.  Be stable in your satopradhan part.  The reason why you are coloured by the company of a tamoguni soul is that you do not constantly keep the company of the Father.  One who constantly stays in this elevated company cannot be coloured by any other company.  So, now, think about the solution.

113.          What else do you say?  Open the lock on the intellect of my relations.  Baba has already given all the children the key with which to open the lock on the intellect of all souls.  So, why do you not use the key?  You forget your own task, you remind Baba time and again, and say: Baba, You have to open the lock on this one’s intellect and change their intellect.  Baba is the World Benefactor for all souls, the children, anyway.  So, why do you remind Him time and again?  Do you think that Baba forgets His self-respect?  There is no need to tell Baba anything.  You are concerned about the relatives of your limited role.  However, Baba constantly keeps the relationship of your being His children, and so the Father cannot forget His children.  Baba knows that every soul has their own part at their own time: some play their part from the beginning, some from the middle and some at the end.  Some have a part of bhakti and some have a part of knowledge.  Therefore, do not think time and again about when the lock will open, but open the lock with the method of serving with your thoughts.  Serve by transforming the atmosphere with your attitude.  Continue to serve by fulfilling the responsibility of transforming other souls on the basis of transforming your own life.  Do not say, time and again, “Open the lock!”  Your lock has opened and so theirs will also open.  You constantly write of three main things.  Why am I not able to have yoga?  Why does the lock not open?  Why does Maya come to me?  You think a great deal and so Maya also enjoys herself.  If one of the opponents in a wrestling match shows even the slightest sign of weakening, the other one is pleased to overpower him and bring him down.  When you think Maya has come; “Why has Maya come?”; seeing you frightened, she attacks you.  Therefore, you were told that Maya will come to you anyway.  By coming to you, Maya becomes an instrument to make you victorious.  Maya is just a reason for you to experience the attainment of the powers.  If you had no enemy, how could you be called victorious?  These small forms of Maya are the instruments to make you into a victorious jewel.  Therefore, consider yourself to be a conqueror of Maya, a victorious jewel, and attain victory over her.  Do you understand?  Master almighty authorities, do not become weak!  Become those who challenge Maya.  Achcha.

114.          What is the greatest treasure of the confluence age?  The greatest treasure is the supersensuous joy which cannot be experienced in any other age.  You would not speak about supersensuous joy in the golden age.  This supersensuous joy is the treasure of this time.  Have you experienced this treasure?  You would never forget something that is the best of all or that you like very much.  Supersensuous joy is the greatest and best treasure of all, and so you should remember it constantly.  To remember it is to experience it.  This constant experience will replace the experience of pleasure through the physical senses.  Those who do not constantly experience supersensuous joy are attracted towards the pleasure of the senses.  You have already experienced pleasure through the senses.  That temporary happiness is filled with sorrow.  Nowadays, they put a sweet name to a bitter medicine.  Even though the pleasure of the senses appears to be pleasure, what is it really?  Now that you understand it as sorrow, why are you still attracted to it?

115.          Do the instrument souls who are ancestors always remember this great mantra: “Whatever thoughts, words or actions I perform at this time, they reach all souls”?  All the branches receive their strength from the trunk.  So too, all souls automatically attain the power of elevated thoughts and all powers through you souls.  Do you pay this much attention?  Everyone follows his or her ancestors.  Whatever thoughts you have or actions you perform, others will follow them in a physical or subtle way.  Do you create thoughts and perform actions whilst considering yourself to have such a huge responsibility?  The time and stage of the world depend upon you ancestor souls.  When you are satopradhan, the golden-aged matter and atmosphere of the whole world are satopradhan.  So, time, the stage and matter are all dependent upon you ancestors.  Do not think that you perform actions simply for the sake of the reward.  However, the reward of the actions performed by ancestor souls is not just connected with the self, but with all souls and the world cycle.  Are you such great souls?  With this awareness, you will constantly pay attention; there will not be any type of carelessness; there won’t be any ordinary or waste thoughts or actions.  Constantly maintain this elevated position, and then Maya will not create any opposition.  She will also bow down to your position.  The five vices and the five elements will become your servants.  When you order the five vices to bid you farewell for half a kalpa, they will take leave from you, and matter will become satopradhan and a giver of happiness.  When you are in your position of being an ancestor, it is not possible for the vices not to accept the orders you give them through your thoughts.  It is not possible that matter would not change or that the five vices would not bid you farewell.  Do you understand?  Baba is seeing this elevated self-respect of all the mahavir children everywhere.  Of course, each one is numberwise.  Achcha.

116.          By taking power from the Father, with all the treasures, she easily gives others the experience of light and might, through her own power, thoughts and vibrations; this is her blessing.  Just as one jewel has become an instrument, other jewels will also become this.  You should now especially tie a bracelet (make a pledge) for this type of service.  Only then will you see a different phase in service in a practical way.  At every moment, be stable in the position of being an ancestor, consider yourself to be the trunk and give the water of power to all the branches.  Refresh the branches that have dried up.  Achcha.

117.          Your bliss is constant and undisturbed, your happiness is constant and undisturbed.  Are you constant in every aspect?  It is easy for you Madhuban niwasis because you have the co-operation of the atmosphere, the vibrations and also the land.  Just make sure you don’t become influenced by bad company.  Secondly, have an attitude of “don’t care” when you see or hear of other people’s weaknesses.  You can become constant yogis with this speciality.  Your yoga is disturbed when you are influenced by someone’s company or you see someone’s weakness.  Those who are not constant yogis cannot become worthy of worship.  If your yoga breaks, then you would only sometimes be worthy of worship.  You wish to become those who are worthy of worship at all times. 

118.          Any festival is celebrated to bring about zeal and enthusiasm.  The life of you Brahmin children is filled with enthusiasm.  If there is breath in this body, there is life, so too, the breath of Brahmin life is zeal and enthusiasm.  Therefore, every moment of the confluence age is a festival.  Breathing should be very steady and pure.  Your life would not be said to be a healthy life if your breathing is too fast or too slow.  So check whether your speed of zeal and enthusiasm is pure, that is, whether it is steady.

119.          From amrit vela until night time, change whatever you see, hear, think or perform from lokik to alokik.  This practice is very easy but you need to pay special attention to it.  Just as you do all things for the body such as eating, drinking, walking etc. very naturally and easily, so too, whilst on the spiritual path, together with these physical activities, you also need to think about food for the soul, progress of the soul, leisure for the soul, seeing and thinking as a soul.  If you continue to do all of this, then you can easily experience a life transformed from lokik to alokik.  You will not be pulled or burdened by your lokik interactions and duties if you fulfil them in namesake only.  By performing lokik duties as alokik duties, you will experience earning a double income.  Your alokik form is of being a trustee.  When you do everything as a trustee, the burden of wondering, “What will happen? How will it happen?”, will finish.  The alokik form means to be like a lotus flower.  No matter how tamoguni (impure) the atmosphere or vibrations may be, you will constantly be like a lotus.  Whilst being trapped in that which is lokik, you will experience being detached, that is, beyond all attraction, and constantly loved by the Father.  You will not become influenced by being in contact with those who are influenced by Maya and the vices, because you constantly have the awareness of your alokik task.  That task is of liberating souls from their bondages and making souls who are full of vice into those who are viceless; that is, of changing the lokik into alokik.  This is the duty of your alokik life.  Souls who liberate others from influence cannot themselves be influenced.

120.          The seed of bodily or lokik vision that gives rise to the vices, is completely destroyed by the awareness that you are all spiritual brothers, the children of the one Father.  When the seed is completely destroyed, then the many different trees of the expansion of vices are also automatically destroyed.  Even now, many children complain that their vision is mischievous or gets spoilt.  Why does this happen?  Since Baba has ordered you to see the alokik soul within the physical body, why do you look at the body?  If you say that it is just a habit and that you are compelled by it, or that you are influenced by different types of temporary sweetness, it proves that the soul has not yet attained the taste of the experience of the soul and of attaining God.  It means that you haven’t experienced the vast difference between the taste of attaining God and the taste of the temporary attainment of the bodily senses.  Use this weapon of knowing this vast difference at the time of being attracted by some temporary sweetness for the ears, lips, eyes or any other physical organ.  You were told earlier as well that, just as a snake can finish you off completely, so this bodily attraction, bodily vision or taste for bodily attainments can do the same.  All of this is the snake’s poison rather than something sweet and attractive.  What would you say to someone who renounces nectar and is still attracted to poison?  Would such a soul be called knowledge-full or a master almighty authority?  A soul who is influenced would always be weak and discontent with the self.  This is why you have to change the lokik into alokik.

121.          Make the first lesson of soul consciousness strong.  Whom would a soul see through its body?  The soul would see the soul, not the body.  The soul performs actions using its physical organs.  Have such spiritual vision that whomsoever you look at, you see them as souls.  If you lack this practice, your vision becomes mischievous.  You haven’t made the first lesson strong for yourself and yet you have started to teach others!  Therefore, there is less attention paid to the self and greater attention paid to others.  You lack the practice of looking at the self, and, instead of seeing others with alokik vision, you are only able to see their lokik form.  You don’t see your own weaknesses as much as you see those of others.  To have an alokik attitude means to interact with everyone with good wishes and benevolent feelings.  This is known as having an alokik attitude in alokik life.  In your alokik life, if, instead of having an alokik attitude, you have a lokik attitude or an attitude of imbibing defects, jealousy and dislike, then you are not able to receive the power of alokik love and the happiness of alokik co-operation from the alokik family.  For this reason, change your lokik attitude into an alokik attitude.  So, what is the reason for being weak in your efforts?  You do not know how to change the lokik into alokik.  Have the awareness, even in your lokik relationships, of the alokik relationship of being spiritual brothers and sisters.  If any lokik relationship pulls you, that is, if there is the vision of attachment, then the intellect wanders towards the lokik relations instead of the alokik.  The reason for this is the lack of awareness or lack of the experience of having all eternal relationships with the Father.  Become an embodiment of experience of all relationships with the Father and there won’t be any pull towards lokik relationships.  Whilst doing anything, keep the contrast of lokik and alokik in your awareness and the lokik will also become alokik.  Then you will stop complaining.  What does it prove when the same complaint is made time and again?  That you do not have the experience of the alokik life.  So now, transform yourself and become world transformers.  Do you understand?  Are you not able to understand such a tiny matter?  You have entered into a very big contract.  You have issued a big challenge to the world.  You challenge them that you can give mukti and jeevanmukti in a second, do you not?  What do you write in your invitations?  Come and claim your inheritance from the Father in one second, and also claim your right to mukti and jeevanmukti.  So, can those who challenge the world not change their own attitude and vision?  Also challenge yourself that you will definitely change, that is, you will definitely be victorious.  Achcha.

122.          What special qualification do trustees have?  The special qualification of trustees is to experience being light in every aspect; of being double-light.  A trustee is one who does not have the burden of even the consciousness of the body.  If there is the burden of the consciousness of the body, then that (the awareness of being a trustee) is the method to remain beyond this and all other types of burden.  Check for how long you remain body conscious.  When you belong to the Father, you do so with your mind, body and wealth.  You gave everything to the Father, did you not?  Once you have given everything, how can it still be yours?  Since it doesn’t belong to you, how can you have the consciousness of it being yours?  If you still have this consciousness, it proves that you have taken back what you had given.  You continually play the game of giving something and then taking it back.  A trustee is one who does not have any consciousness of “mine”.  When the consciousness of “mine” finishes, all attachment also finishes.  A trustee does not have any bondage.  A trustee is a free soul.  If you are attracted to anything, it means that you are not a trustee.  A trustee means one who is free.

123.          What is the easy method to become free from attachment?  Constantly be aware of your home.  In terms of the soul, your home is Paramdham, and in terms of Brahmin life and the corporeal world, your home is Madhuban, because it is the home of father Brahma.  Remain aware of both these homes and you will become free from attachment.  If you consider something to be your family or your home, then you will develop attachment, but you won’t have attachment when you consider it to be your work. Do not think of those souls as your lokik family, but as souls for you to serve at a particular place of service.  All are alokik servers.  Some are instruments to serve and others to be served.  Lokik relations are also there for you to serve.  Do not think, “This is my son”, or “This is my daughter.”  You have these relationships for the sake of service.  When the relationship of being a husband, father, uncle etc. is over, you will become a trustee.  Awareness becomes forgetfulness when you have the consciousness of “mine”.  To be a conqueror of attachment is to be an embodiment of remembrance.

124.          The greatest test for mothers is of attachment.  If mothers become conquerors of attachment, they will claim a high number.  What effort do the Pandavs need to make in order to be number one?  If the Pandavs develop a constantly stable intellect with a constant stage, they will become number one.  The intellect of Pandavs quickly wanders everywhere.  However, if their intellect is stable, they are number one.  Generally, Pandavs would never stay at home at one place; they would never sit still; they like to move around all the time.  So their intellect also has the habit of wandering around.  Their intellect is also influenced by their activity.  Do you think that since you are to become the rulers of the globe, you should wander around here?  Do not wander around unnecessarily.  Become swadarshanchakradhari (one who sees the self), not pardarshanchakradhari (one who sees others). 

125.          Those who do not have knowledge ask, saying “Give me power!  Give me help!”  The way to receive help is to have courage.  Maintain courage and you will receive help a thousand-fold.  You know the calculation of receiving a thousand-fold, do you not?  You should never let go of courage.  When you let go of courage, you let go of your property.  To let go of your property means to let go of the Father.  You should not let go of your courage, no matter what happens or what situation arises.  When you let go of your courage, you let go of your breath.  Courage is the breath of this life in which you have died alive.  What would remain if you had no more breath?  With courage, you can regain consciousness from being unconscious.  The expansion of science is also based on courage.  On the basis of their courage, they are even able to go to the moon and make night into day and day into night.  Those who continue to maintain courage easily receive blessings.  Even their difficulties then become easy; the impossible becomes possible.

126.          Would any person or thing attract and tie in bondage a soul who is free from bondage?  As there is no one else, do you constantly experience yourself being a yogyukt soul, free from bondage?  Or, do you just say that there is none other, but, in reality, there is?  Is there someone else or is everything over?  If there is someone else, then why do you sing this song?  Do you sing it just to please BapDada?  Or, do you sing it hoping that it will create such a stage?  Do you know the speciality of Brahmin life?  A Brahmin is one whose thinking, speaking and doing all match.  There should be no difference between these.  When will you adopt this speciality of Brahmin life?  Now or at the end?  There are even some children who,instead of making effort, leave everything to time!  When souls are weak, they wait and leave everything to time.  What do people say when they come to see your exhibitions at the museums?  "We will come back when we have time; we don't have time at the moment."  These are words of souls who do not have knowledge; they are ignorant of the knowledge of time.  However, you have the knowledge of the present time.  What do you call the present time?  You call it the year or age of benevolence.  You call it the time for earning an income for the entire kalpa.  It is the time of benefit for the world, the time for world transformation.  What would you call those who have knowledge of the present time, yet waste their time and leave everything to the future?  Time is your creation.  What would you say about a creator whose effort depends upon time, the creation? 

127.          If strings are tying you down, then you cannot move ahead.  If you have not yet left the shores of the world of sorrow behind, then you are not part of the confluence age.  You are in between the iron and confluence ages.  You are neither here nor there; so what would be your state then?  Sometimes here and sometimes there.  You would not experience your intellect to be stabilised in one place.  Do you like wandering?  Since you do not like it, then stop it!  Constantly be stable in your form of happiness.  When you speak, speak words of happiness; think of matters of happiness and see the soul, the embodiment of happiness.  If you look at the body, consider it to comprise of vice-filled matter.  This is why you should see the soul, the embodiment of happiness.  You need to have such a practice.  The golden-aged deities are not aware of the word, "sorrow".  If you were to ask them something of this, they would say, "Is there such a thing as sorrow?"  You have to develop these sanskars at this time.  Create such sanskars that you no longer have any knowledge of the word, "sorrow".  As you have attainment, there is no effort required.  Making effort for a few years in one birth to create the sanskars of ruling is not a big deal.  It is just a little effort for a short time to create sanskars for a period of five thousand years.  The obstacles that come will not harm you because they are just coming to bid you farewell.  However, if they stay with you, there is a loss.  They should just come and go.  Do not let obstacles sit down with you as your guests.  You now need to make such effort that the obstacles simply come and go away.  If you allow obstacles to become your guests time and again, then that will become a habit.  Then, they will feel at home with you.  Therefore, let them come and let them go.  Do you feel mercy for Maya because she has been your guest for half a kalpa?  Now, do not feel mercy.  Even now, you can experience the pilgrimage of remembrance even more deeply.  Everyone speaks about this and stays in remembrance, but you now have to increase the attainment of remembrance.  By giving more time and paying more attention to this you will truly feel yourself to be submerged in the ocean of experience.  Just as where there is purity, you feel an atmosphere of peace, so too, elevated yogis are those who remain deeply absorbed in love.  You should have this experience.  Only when you experience this will there be an impact of knowledge and the success of yoga.  Just as you go to the depths of the physical ocean, so too, go deep into the ocean of experience.  Have a new experience every day. 

128.          Those who constantly observe every scene as a detached observer will not fluctuate on seeing the scenes of victory or defeat; they will be constantly stable.  If you remember the drama, you remain stable; if you forget the drama, you fluctuate.  If you only remember the drama sometimes, you will only rule the kingdom sometimes.  If it is only sometimes that you remain a detached observer, you will only sometimes be a companion in heaven.  You are full of knowledge, are you not?  You know everything.  However, although you know everything, the reason why you are not stable in the stage of a detached observer is that you are careless about paying attention.  Instead of having thoughts of the original self, you put those thoughts aside and become involved in wasteful matters.  Those who do not maintain thoughts of the original self cannot remain detached observers.  What is the basis of no longer thinking about others?  If you constantly have good wishes for every soul, you will never become busy in thinking of others.  By constantly having pure thoughts and good wishes for others, you will be able to remain a detached observer.  To be a detached observer means to be a companion at this time and also in the future.

129.          Do you constantly experience yourself to be a soul with faith in the intellect and one who is carefree?  Those who have faith in the intellect will be carefree; they will not have any type of unnecessary thoughts or worries.  They would not have questions such as, “What happened?  Why did it happen?”  These are wasteful thoughts.  Those who have faith in the intellect are carefree; they do not have any waste thoughts.  They constantly maintain thoughts of the original self.  By being stable in their original stage, they gain victory over adverse situations.  Why do you accept the adverse situations that have come from somewhere else?  Move away from the adverse situations and you will be able to maintain thoughts of the original self.  Those who are stable in thoughts of the original self are constantly merged in the Ocean of Happiness.  Are you merged in the Ocean of Happiness?  Since the Father is the Ocean of Happiness, the children are master oceans of happiness.  Do you experience waves of sorrow in your thoughts or are you constantly happy?  The masters of the Ocean of Happiness cannot experience any kind of sorrow.  If you experience sorrow, then you are master oceans of sorrow.  Ravan comes to such souls through the eyes, ears and mouth.  Ravan cannot come to those who are almighty authorities.  The Father’s remembrance is the greatest protection of all.  Those who are never defeated by Maya or by any obstacles are constantly seen to be completely loving, detached and unique in this world.  Do you constantly stay like a lotus or do you get affected by drops of mud?  When you take every step according to shrimat, you will constantly be like a lotus.  When dictates of the mind become mixed, you cannot constantly be like a lotus.  To be influenced by the waves of the world is to be affected by drops of mud. 

130.          Now, become introverted and use every power in the practise of your dharna.  Just as an inventor remains deeply engrossed in his or her invention day and night, so too, you should be totally absorbed in practising every power.  What is the power to tolerate and what is the power to face?  What do you attain from the power to tolerate?  At which time would you use the power to tolerate?  What type of obstacles are you influenced by without the power to tolerate?  How can you become victorious when Maya comes to you in the form of anger?  In which situations does Maya test your power to tolerate?  Prepare yourself by going into the detail of these test papers in your intellect in advance.  Before going into the real examination hall, become your own master and give yourself a test-paper and you will never fail the real exam.  Put each of the powers into practice.  All of you practise this very little.  You have become Vyas, but do not practise (abhyas) as much.  You don’t know how to keep busy in this way, and this is why Maya makes you busy.  If are you constantly busy in this practice, there will no longer be the complaint of having waste thoughts.  As well as this, the impact of your practice would be visible on your face.  What would be visible?  Someone introverted is constantly happy because the opposition from Maya will be over.  By increasing your experience in this way, you will be liberated from making the same complaint time and again.  Just as Baba has told you to practise using all the powers, so too, do you practice the points of knowledge about becoming yogi souls that you relate to others?

131.          The main specialities of yoga are that it is easy yoga, Raja Yoga, constant yoga and yoga with God.  Have you put into practice all the things that you speak about?  Why is it called easy yoga?  Do you know the answer to this very clearly?  Have you also put it into practice?  You are full of knowledge about this, now put it into practice.  You need to practise all the specialities, for only then can you become a complete yogi.  If you practise easy yoga but not Raja Yoga, you cannot pass with top marks.  Therefore, practise every speciality of yoga, every power and every main point of knowledge.  Due to weakness in this, most of you become weak.  Due to lacking this practise, you become weak souls.  No type of obstacle can come in front of a soul who practises this, and who is lost in love.  The obstacle is burnt away from a distance with the fire of love. 

132.          You should have such a practice that, at every second and in every thought, you are able to bring, not just the world, but the cycle of the three worlds in front of you and also tour around the three worlds.  If you need to stop, then you should be able to stabilise your intellect in the seed stage within a second.  You should be able to go to an extreme point and then also be able to stop.  Your brakes should be so powerful that it wouldn’t take you time to stop.  In the military, when someone running as fast as he can is given a martial order to stop, he has to stop that instant.  Anyone who takes longer than a second is shot.  That is a physical practice, and this is subtle practice.  The speed of effort of the maharathis should be intense and the brake should be powerful.  Only then will you be able to pass with honour.  Situations will be such that they can bring thoughts into your intellect, so at that time you need the practice of going beyond all those thoughts and stabilising yourself in one thought.  If your brake is not powerful at the time when adverse situations pull you, you will not pass.  Therefore, the maharathis should practise applying a full-stop when the intellect is scattered in many directions due to the expansion of thoughts.  When someone is learning to drive, he is deliberately taken on certain roads so that the examiner can see his ability to avoid accidents.  In the same way, you need to practice this in advance: to stop as soon as you say, “Stop”.  This is the gift for the eight jewels.  Not even one second should be wasted anywhere else.  This is why there are only eight who pass.  Do you have such a practice?  The practice of controlling the subtle power of your thoughts should be as easy as controlling your physical hands.  In fact, this is about controlling the expansion of thoughts, whereas people have taken it to mean control of the breath.  Here, instead of going into expansion, you have to stabilise yourself in one thought, whereas those people started the practice of controlling their breathing.  The maharathis have to be such results of the pilgrimage of remembrance.  Those who have one thought should be able to stabilise their intellect for as long as they want.
133.          what will you do to become an easy yogi?  You do wish to become an easy yogi, do you not?  The way to become an easy yogi is to consider yourself a server and constantly use everything - your every thought, word and deed - to serve all the souls of the world.  Use the treasure of all powers, virtues, knowledge and time to earn an elevated income in service, that is, be co-operative.  Co-operate by making the atmosphere elevated through your attitude.  With your awareness, remind others of their form of a powerful master almighty.  Through your words, co-operate in making souls the spinners of the discus of self-realisation and master trikaldarshi.  Through your every act, give the message of being a karma yogi and constantly living like a lotus flower.  Through experiencing all relationships with the elevated Father, co-operate with other souls by enabling them to experience all relationships with the Father.  Through your spiritual contact, bring others into spiritual connection.  Understanding the importance of elevated time, announce that one second of this elevated time is instrumental to give you an attainment for many births.  Each step has an income of multimillions within it.  Knowing the treasure of time in this way, show others the way of attaining everything at the right time. Co-operate in every way and you will become an easy yogi.

134.          Who will have all rights over matter?  Those who have all rights over themselves will have all rights over matter.  When you are not dependent on any thoughts, nature, person or material possessions, you can be called one who has all rights.  You shouldn’t even be subservient to your own nature.  “It is because my nature is like this, that I did it.”  This is being dependent.  Someone who has all rights is constantly powerful…..All of you can do whatever you want through your determined thoughts.  Those who have little knowledge of the soul are able to attain temporary success through their physical temporary tapasya.  What can their thoughts achieve compared to the thoughts of you spiritual tapaswi souls who have God’s knowledge?  When you constantly have the awareness of being a victorious jewel, the many obstacles of Maya will vanish as though nothing had happened.  It is said: Become victorious to such an extent that no name or trace of anything remains.  If you are constantly intoxicated in the awareness of being constantly victorious, there will no longer be any name or trace of Maya’s obstacles.  Maya’s obstacles are like dead ants; you are not afraid of that, are you?  A brave, fearless soul will not be afraid of obstacles.  You have now understood the obstacles, have you not?  You understand why they come and how to finish them.  Obstacles enable you to move forward.  Obstacles make you experienced and strong.  Sensible, enlightened souls know that they will benefit from obstacles; they won’t be afraid of them. When you remember that obstacles come to make you progress, you will become a mahavir.  Are you afraid of waste thoughts?  Those who gain victory over their thoughts are never afraid.  When you become afraid, Maya sees you are weak and attacks you.  When she sees you are courageous, she bids you farewell.

135.          Whilst performing every act, do you consider yourself to be a trustee of your body, wealth and household?  What is the speciality of a trustee?  A trustee is a conqueror of attachment.  Why does a trustee not have attachment to anyone?  There isn’t the consciousness of “mine”.  There is no attachment to anything of “mine”.  There is no consciousness of “mine” for the facilities you have received, for your household or for the relations you have for the sake of service.  If you serve everyone whilst using all the facilities considering them to be things entrusted to you by BapDada, then you can easily become a trustee.  To be a trustee means the consciousness of “mine” has ended and only the words “Baba, Baba” emerge from your lips.  Do you have such a stage?  Or, do you have the consciousness of “mine” for the facilities that you use for service?  Where there is the consciousness of “mine” there is body consciousness.  If you are the trustee of your body, you cannot be body conscious.  What was the first promise you made when you took birth?  “Whatever is mine also belongs to the Father”.  So, you died alive, did you not?  So how can there be the consciousness of “mine”?  You can never take back anything that you have given away.  So what is the easy method to constantly remain soul conscious, that is, of constantly being a conqueror of attachment?  “I am a trustee”.  In the memorial of the previous kalpa, when did Arjuna find something to be difficult?  When he had the consciousness of “mine”.  When the consciousness of “I” ends, you become a conqueror of attachment, that is, an embodiment of remembrance.  The consciousness of, “my husband, my wife, my home, my children, my shop, my office”, makes something easy into something difficult.  The way to an easy path is to be a conqueror of attachment, that is, to become a trustee.  Make yourself and everyone else an easy yogi with this awareness.  Do you understand?
136.          Do not be afraid when any test paper comes.  Do not have any question marks as to why something happened.  Do not waste time by thinking in this way.  Stop all questions and apply a full-stop. Then you will be able to transfer from one class to the next, that is, you will pass your test.  Those who put a full-stop will pass fully because a full-stop is the stage of a dot; to see but not see and to hear but not to hear.  Listen to whatever Baba says and see what Baba has given you.  By practising this, you will pass fully.  The sign of passing an exam paper is to move forward and experience the stage of ascent.  Then you will continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, and you will automatically experience receiving all attainments.  Achcha.

137.          BapDada was seeing two special aspects of every child.  He was seeing to what extent each soul has become honest and holy according to his or her yoga and capacity.  All effort-making souls are moving along with the aim of having an honest heart and being trustworthy in their relationship with the Father.  However, each one is numberwise in being honest.

1.      You are holy according to the extent that you are honest.  The main aspect in being holy is to be honest with the Father.  Simply to be celibate is not the highest stage of purity.  Purity means royalty, that is, reality, that is honesty.  Those with such an honest heart are seated on the heart-throne of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, and children who are seated on the heart-throne receive the throne of the kingdom.

2.      An honest and trustworthy soul is one who doesn’t use any of the treasures he has received from the Father for any task without taking the Father’s directions.  If, according to the dictates of your own mind or the dictates of others, or because of the influence of bad company, you waste your time, words, deeds, breath or thoughts, and you think of others instead of thinking of your original self, or you become arrogant instead of maintaining your self-respect, if you move along according to the dictates of your own mind instead of following shrimat, then in such a case, you would not be called honest or trustworthy.  BapDada gives all these treasures for the service of world benefit.  Therefore, if you use them for any task other than the task for which they have been given to you, it is as though you are dishonest in looking after the treasures entrusted to you.  This is why the greatest stage of purity is to be honest.  Each of you should ask yourself: To what extent am I honest?

3.      The third qualification of an honest soul is constantly to have good wishes and elevated feelings for every soul.

4.      To be honest means to be constantly an instrument and to have feelings of humility in your thoughts, words and deeds.

5.      To be honest means to experience a powerful stage at every step and to experience Baba’s companionship in every thought, as well as the hand of co-operation.

6.      To be honest means to experience the stage of ascent at every step.

7.      Just as Baba is revealed to the children as He is and what He is, so too, for you children to be honest means that you should reveal yourselves to the Father as you are and what you are.  You shouldn’t think that Baba knows everything anyway, for to reveal yourself to the Father is the easiest method to come into the stage of ascent.  It is an easy method to finish the many types of burden in the intellect.  To make yourself clear means to have the path of effort clear for you.  You have to make yourself elevated through your own clarity.  However, what do you do instead?  You tell Baba a few things and you hide other things.  The things that you do tell Baba are based on a selfish motive for attaining some kind of facility.  Having made plans according to the dictates of your own mind or those of others, you put your case to the Father or the instrument souls embellishing it very cleverly.  If, you cleverly present your case to prove yourself right by considering Baba to be the Innocent Lord and also the instrument souls to be innocent, what would the consequence of that be?  BapDada and the instrument souls would practise the lesson of, “Ha ji”, to you for a short time in order to make you happy, because they know to what extent souls have the power to tolerate and the power to face.  Knowing this secret, they would not become displeased, but would give those souls methods to enable them to move forward.  They would make those souls happy, but there is a difference in making them happy because of knowing their secrets and making them happy from one’s heart.  You try to become clever, but instead of that, you become very simple.  How?  You become happy with just a little.  You consider defeat to be victory.  It is defeat for many births, but you become happy with temporary attainment and consider yourself to be clever, sensible and victorious.  Baba feels mercy for such souls because they are making themselves instruments to experience loss for all the time by hiding behind the curtain of cleverness.  What would BapDada say then?  That they do not have the fortune of making elevated effort.

8.      To be honest means that your foundation shouldn’t be based on any situation.  Your foundation should be based on the experience of every aspect of gyan and attainment.  Otherwise, as soon as the situation changes, the foundation changes and faith turns to doubt, and you start asking the questions: “Why?” and “How?”.  That cannot be called a foundation that is based on experience and attainment.  Such a weak foundation would cause upheaval over any trivial matter.  What interesting and amusing aspect do you put forward to BapDada nowadays?  That you had to remain pure until 1977 and that it is now difficult to remain pure any longer.  This is why you put everything on Baba, make yourself blameless and blame God.  However, purity is the original sanskar of Brahmins.  It is not a limited sanskar.  Limited purity, that is, purity of one birth is renunciation in a limited way.  Unlimited renunciates renounce impurity for many births.  BapDada never gave a time limit for purity.  The slogan you write is: Take the inheritance of constant purity, peace and happiness from the Father.  What stage of purity would you call the purity based on time?  This proves that your foundation is not based on your own experience and attainment.  So, this is not a qualification of an honest child.  To be honest means to be constantly holy.  Do you understand what honesty is?  Achcha.

138. What is the main reason for experiencing defeat?  You do not check yourself again and again.  You do not use at the right time all the tactics you receive from the Father from time to time.  This is why you are defeated at certain times. You have all the tactics, but you become aware of them after the time has gone by, in the form of repentance, saying: “If it had been like this, I would have done this.”  Because of being weak in checking yourself, you are not able to change yourself.  The instrument with which to check oneself is the divine intellect.  Of course, the method of checking is to write a chart, but you can only maintain an accurate chart when you have a divine intellect.  If you do not have a divine intellect, you consider something wrong to be right.  If an instrument is not accurate, the result would not be correct.  By checking yourself with a divine intellect, you are able to check yourself accurately.  So use your divine intellect to check yourself and you will be able to change yourself.  Instead of experiencing defeat, you will be victorious.

139. You have to give the return of love to both fathers.  So, are you giving the return of love?  Do you move along as an angel or does the body (the earth) made of the five elements attract you?  When you become subtle, that body (earth) will not attract you.  To become equal to the Father means to become double light.  Do you have both types of light?  One is in the corporeal form and the other is in the incorporeal form.  You are equal in both, are you not?  If you become equal, you become powerful and victorious.  If you are not equal, you will fluctuate between sometimes being victorious and sometimes defeated.  The method to become unshakeable is to become equal.  Whilst moving around, constantly consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul, and when performing actions, consider yourself to be an avyakt angel.  Then, you will constantly remain above and fly in happiness.  Angels are shown flying.  Angels are shown on mountains.  An angel means one who has an elevated stage.  No matter what happens in this physical world, angels continue to observe each one’s part with detachment and give a current.  They have to give this current because they are instruments of benevolence.  Whilst watching as a detached observer, continue to give a current, that is, continue to give co-operation.  A current can never be given when you have come off your seat.  To give a current is to fulfil your responsibility.  To fulfil your responsibility means to give a current of benevolence, but you have to pay attention because you can only give it whilst being in an elevated stage.  To fulfil your responsibility means not to become mixed with anything, but to give a current of co-operation through your attitude and vision.  Then you will not feel the heat (effect) of any type of atmosphere.  If you are feeling the heat, it means that you do not have the stage of a detached observer.  You don’t have to be the task’s companion, but you do have to become Baba’s companion.  You feel the heat when you become a companion instead of being a detached observer.  If you learn to fulfil your responsibility in this way, you will be revealed to the world as a lighthouse. 

140. It isn’t that you didn’t have any weaknesses and that they have only developed just now, but that the opportunity to reveal them has now come.  At the time of finishing an illness, everything emerges, so too, because it is now the time of the end, all the various weaknesses of everyone will be revealed.  At present, you have just seen one wave, but you will see all the many other waves.  It is essential to go to the extreme.  Only when there is the extreme can there be the end.  Whatever weaknesses you have within, they will not be able to remain hidden; they will definitely be revealed in one form or another.  However, you should be feeling that everyone ought to experience benefit.  

141. you, the Pandav Army, who are the elevated souls with the power of silence, are able to give someone the introduction through an hour’s lecture.  So, are you also able to remind others or give them a vision through a second’s powerful drishti, a powerful stage, benevolent and soul conscious feelings?  You now need to practise this.  In order to become instruments to do this type of service you need two things.  To what two things is Baba especially drawing your attention?  Do you know what these two things are?  Firstly, Baba is asking you to pay attention all round and not to waste anything anywhere, and secondly, to lose weight.  Those people tell you to reduce the weight of your body, but BapDada is telling you to reduce the weight of the burden on the soul, due to which you are unable to experience an elevated stage.  Firstly, do not waste anything and secondly, lose weight!  Special attention has to be paid to both these aspects.  By wasting your power and time, you are unable to accumulate, and because of not accumulating, you are unable to experience happiness or the powerful stage that you want.  The task of you elevated souls is to become world benefactors.  Therefore, you should have accumulated a stock of time and power not just for yourself, but also to serve many other souls.  If you continue to waste, you will not experience being full.  Secondly, because you are heavy, your speed of effort cannot become fast.  Let alone taking a high jump, you are not even able to run.  You make plans to do this or that, but you do not succeed.  The third deep aspect is that souls who are so heavy, who become instruments to create obstacles or do disservice, are unable to achieve success, because they waste their body and mind that they have surrendered to Baba and the wealth they have received for Godly service.  They accumulate a burden from wasting these treasures because of obstacles.  Therefore, now understand clearly the deep secrets of sin!  What do you have to do now?  Do not waste anything and reduce your weight!  Before going to the court of Dharamraj, become your own Dharamraj.  Open your entire account book and check what still remains in your accounts of sin and charity and what you still have to accumulate.  Make a special plan for yourself to destroy the account of sin and increase the account of charity. 

142. Listening and relating continues all the time, but you now have to become experienced.  Experienced ones are able to have more influence.  When an experienced person relates something and then another person who has only heard something does the same, there would be a difference, would there not?  People also now want to have an experience.  Why do they have special experiences in the yoga bhatthis?  Because, as well as relating, the method to become experienced is to give them an experience.  The results of this are very good.  Since souls want to have an experience, you should have an experience and give an experience.  What method should you adopt to become experienced?  Just as an inventor stays in complete solitude in order to create an invention, so too, the solitude here is to be lost in the depth of One.  You also need to be isolated from external attractions.  Your solitude should not be just that of just sitting in your room; your mind should also be in solitude.  Solitude of the mind means to stay in the remembrance of One, and to become stable.  This is real solitude.  They go into solitude to invent something.  They go beyond the surrounding vibrations.  So here too, you have to go beyond all attractions.  There are also those who do not like solitude, but prefer to be in a gathering and to laugh and fool around.  However, that means becoming extroverted.  Now, make yourself one who stays in solitude, that is, become isolated from the vibrations all around.  Now, such a time is coming when this practice will be useful to you.  If you have the practice of being influenced by external attractions, then you will be deceived at some point.  Such circumstances will come that you will not be able to see any support other than this practice.  To be in solitude means to be an embodiment of experience. 

143. The teaching that BapDada always gives in order for you to be loving towards everyone and claim a high status is: Change the self.  However, instead of changing yourself, you think of changing the situations or changing other souls.  You think, “If this one changes, I will be OK.”  “I will be transformed if this situation changes.”  “I will change if I receive these facilities.” Or, “I will transform if I receive co-operation and support.”  What would be the result of this?  When any transformation takes place on the basis of a support, then the reward for many births is also based upon some support.  The account of your income is shared out according to how much support you take in every situation.  Because you are unable to accumulate anything in your account, you remain deprived of the happiness and power of having accumulated.  Therefore, always keep the aim of transforming yourself. 

Avyakt Murli: 26.1.77. (Point 16 on Power of Stability):

एकाग्रता शक्ति बहुत विचित्र रंग दिखा सकती है। वो सिद्धियां वाले भी एकाग्रता से ही सिद्धि प्राप्त करते हैं। स्वयं की औषधि भी एकाग्रता की शक्ति से कर सकते हैं। अनेक रोगियों को निरोगी भी बना सकते हैं। बहुत विचित्र अनुभव इससे कर सकती हो। कोई ने चलती हुई चीज़ को रोकायह एकाग्रता की सिद्धि है। स्टॉप कहो तो स्टॉप हो जाए तब वरदानी रूप में जय-जयकार के नारे बजेंगे। अभी वाह-वाह के नारे लगाते हैं। भाषण बहुत अच्छा कियामेहनत बहुत अच्छी की हैलाईफ बहुत अच्छी है। फिर जय-जयकार के नारे बजेंगे। तो इस वर्ष का एम आब्जेक्ट (AIM-Object;उद्देश्य) समझा ना। डबल सेवा चाहिए। अमृतवेले यह स्पेशल (Special;विशेष) सेवा कर सकती हो। 

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