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think about your subtle weaknesses, your small mistakes and then finish them or transform them.

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17/09/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You sweetest spiritual children definitely have to be cautioned every day. Which caution? Safety first. What is your safety? You remain very, very safe by having the pilgrimage of remembrance. This is the main thing for you children. The Father has explained: You will have happiness and there will be very good manners to the extent that you children remain engaged in the pilgrimage of remembrance, because you have to become pure. You also have to reform your character. Check yourself: Is my character such that it causes sorrow for others? Do I have any type of body consciousness? Check yourself in this very carefully. The Father sits here and teaches you children. You children study and then also teach others. The unlimited Father just teaches you; all the rest are bodily beings. The whole world is included in this. Only the one Father is bodiless. He says to you children that you also have to become bodiless. I have come to make you bodiless. Only after becoming pure will you go back there. He will not take back those who are dirty. That is why this is the mantra that He first gives to you. This is the mantra with which to control Maya. It is also the mantra with which you become pure. Many specialities are merged in this mantra. It is through this mantra that you will become pure. You have to change from human beings into deities. We definitely were deities. Therefore, the Father says: If you want to remain safe, if you want to become strong mahavirs, then make this effort. The Father continues to give you teachings, even though He continues to say that it is the drama. Everything is moving along absolutely accurately according to the drama, and He will continue to explain to you for the future too.
You mustn't become weak in the pilgrimage of remembrance. Gopikas in bondage who live outside remember the Father even more than those who live with the Father do because they are desperate to meet Shiv Baba. The stomachs of those who have already met Him become full (satisfied). Those who stay in remembrance a great deal can claim a high status. It has been seen that the main ones who look after very big centres are weak in the pilgrimage of remembrance. There has to be very good power of remembrance. Because there is no power of remembrance in the sword of knowledge, the arrow doesn't strike anyone; they don't die (to lose awareness of body to become soul consciousness) completely. Children try to shoot arrows of knowledge and make them die alive and belong to the Father. However, if they don't die, there must definitely be something wrong with the sword of knowledge. Although Baba knows that the drama is moving along absolutely accurately, He still continues to explain to you for the future. Each one of you can ask your heart: To what extent do I stay in remembrance? It is only by having remembrance that you will receive power. This is why it is said that there has to be power in the sword of knowledge. Knowledge can be explained very easily. The more you stay in remembrance, the sweeter you will continue to become. When you were satopradhan, you were very sweet. You now have to become satopradhan again. Your nature has to be very sweet. You must never get upset. Let the atmosphere not be such that someone becomes upset. Make effort for this, because this service of establishing a Godly college is very elevated. There are many world universities remembered in Bharat. In fact, they are not that. There is only the one world university.
The Father comes and gives everyone liberation and liberation-in-life. The Father knows that all the human beings of the whole world are to die. You have invited the Father to come and end the dirty world and establish the new world. You children also understand that the Father truly has come. There is so much pomp of Maya now. They show the play, "The Fall of Pompei". They build so many big buildings etc. That too is pomp. In the golden age, they won't build buildings with so many storeys. They build such buildings here because there is very little land where people can live. When destruction takes place, all the tall buildings will fall. Previously, they didn't make such tall buildings. When the bombs are released, the buildings will fall like a pack of cards. This doesn't mean that only those in the buildings will die and that others will still remain. No, wherever they are, whether they are at sea, on land, in the sky, on the mountains or flying, everyone will be destroyed. This is the old world. All the 8.4 million species will end. There, in the new world, none of this will remain. There won't be so many human beings or mosquitoes or germs and insects etc. Here, there are so many of them. You children are now becoming deities, and so everything there will be satopradhan. Here, too, when you go to a wealthy person's home, you find great cleanliness. You are becoming the greatest deities of all. You cannot be called important people now. You become very elevated deities but this is not something new. You also became this, numberwise, 5000 years ago. There won't be so much rubbish etc. there. You children should become very happy that you are becoming very elevated deities. Only the one Father is teaching us and making us very elevated. In a study, they always have a numberwise position. Some study less and others study more. Children are now making effort and opening big centres so that the eminent people find out about this.
"Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat" has also been remembered. People abroad especially are very keen to study Raja Yoga. It is the people of Bharat who have tamopradhan intellects. Those others have tamo intellects. This is why they are keen to study the ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat. Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat is very well known for it was through this that Bharat became heaven. Very few of those who come understand fully. Heaven has passed and it will definitely exist again. Heaven, that is, Paradise, is the greatest wonder of the world. Heaven is glorified so much. Heaven and hell, the Temple of Shiva and the brothel. You children now remember, numberwise, that you now have to go to Shivalaya. In order to go there, you have to remember Shiv Baba(Benefactor GodFather). He is the Guide who will take everyone back. Devotion is called the night and knowledge is called the day. This is an unlimited matter. There is a lot of difference between something new and something old. Children desire to teach such an elevated study in big buildings, so that eminent people will come. You have to sit and explain to each one individually. In fact, there are places of solitude for study. The ashrams of the brahm gyanis are always far away from the cities and they always live on the ground floor. They don't stay on the higher floors of such tall buildings. Now, because they are tamopradhan, they have pushed their way into the cities. That power has now finished. At this time, everyone's battery is empty. How can the battery now be charged?
No one, except the Father, can charge the battery. It is only by charging your battery that you children receive strength. For that, the main thing is remembrance. It is in this that there are obstacles of Maya. Some tell the Surgeon the truth whereas others hide something. You have to tell the Father about the weaknesses within you. You should tell the imperishable Surgeon the sins you have committed in this birth. Otherwise, your conscience will continue to bite. After telling Baba about them, your conscience will not bite. To keep them inside you is also harmful. Those who become true children tell the Father everything: These are the sins I have committed in this birth. Day by day, the Father continues to emphasize that this is your final birth. Those who are tamopradhan must surely be committing sin. The Father says: I enter the one who has become number one impure at the end of his many births, because he is the one who then has to claim number one. A lot of effort has to be made. You have committed sins in this birth too. Some don't even realise what they are doing; they don't tell the truth. Some do tell the truth. The Father has explained: Children, your physical organs will become quiet when you reach your karmateet stage, just as when people become old, their physical organs automatically quieten down. Here, all the physical organs should be quietened at a young age. If you keep the power of yoga with you very well, all of those things will end. There, there are no dirty illnesses or rubbish or anything like that. People remain very clean and tidy there. There, it is the kingdom of Rama, whereas here, it is the kingdom of Ravan. So, there are many types of bad illnesses here. In the golden age, none of them will exist. Don't even ask! The very name is so first class: heaven, the new world. There is a lot of cleanliness there. The Father explains: It is only at this most auspicious confluence age that you hear all of these things. Yesterday, you didn't hear any of this. Yesterday, you were the masters of the land of death and today, you are becoming the masters of the land of immortality.
You have the faith that you were in the land of death yesterday, and that, by coming into the confluence age, you are now making effort to go to the land of immortality. You have now found the One who can teach you. Those who study well also earn a good income. The greatness would be said to be of the study. It is the same here, too. You claim a very high status through this study. You are now in the light. No one else, apart from you children, knows this. You too repeatedly forget this. You go back to the old world. To forget means to go to the old world. You confluence-aged Brahmins now know that you are not in the iron age. Always remember that you are becoming the masters of the new world. The Father is teaching us so that we can go to the new world. This is pure pride whereas the other is impure pride. You children should never have impure thoughts. At the end after efforts have been made the result will be announced. The Father explains: Until that time, all are effort-makers. When the examination takes place, souls pass, numberwise, and are then transferred. Yours is an unlimited study which only you know. You explain so much. New ones continue to come to claim their inheritance from the unlimited Father. Although they live far away, they develop faith in their intellects by listening to this. You should also come personally in front of such a Baba. You should definitely personally meet the Father who educates you children. It is only when souls understand that, they come here. Some haven't understood anything, but then, when they come here, they are able to understand. The Father says: If you have anything in your heart and you are unable to understand, then you may ask.
The Father(God) is the Magnet. Those who have it in their fortune are able to grasp this very well. If it is not in their fortune, then everything is over. They simply ignore everything they have heard. Who sits here and teaches you? God. His name is Shiva. It is Shiv Baba alone who gives us the sovereignty of heaven. Then, which study would be better? You would say that Shiv Baba, from whom we receive sovereignty for 21 births, is teaching us. By explaining in this way, you can then bring them to Baba. Some are unable to do that much service because they don't understand fully. They are totally caught up in the chains of bondages. In the beginning, you simply freed yourselves from the chains and came here, just like those who are totally intoxicated. It was also a part of the drama that there was that pull. The furnace (bhatthi) had to be created in the drama. You died alive, and then some went back to Maya. The war continues. Maya sees that you have shown great courage, and so she also hits you to test whether you are strong or not. Children were looked after so well. Everything was taught to them. You children look at those albums, but you cannot understand anything simply by looking at photos. Who would sit and explain about what used to happen? Look how you were in the bhatthi, and then how some came out of it in different ways! Similarly, when rupees are printed, some of them would be faulty. This is also the Godly mission. God sits here and establishes religion. No one knows this. They call out to the Father, but they are like crazy people who don't understand anything. They ask: How is this possible? Maya, Ravan, makes them totally like that. People worship Shiv Baba and then they say that He is omnipresent! If you speak of Shiv Baba, how can He be omnipresent? People worship a lingam and call it Shiva. They do not say that Shiva is sitting in it. They say that God is in the pebbles and stones. Does that mean that all are God? God cannot be unlimited in that way. So, the Father explains to you children. He also explained in the same way in the previous cycle. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you have pure and positive thoughts for the self and transform yourself by thinking about your subtle weaknesses.   

Simply to repeat points of knowledge, to relate them and speak about them is not having pure and positive thoughts for the self. However, to have pure and positive thoughts for the self means to think about your subtle weaknesses, your small mistakes and then to finish them or transform them. This is what it means to be one who has pure and positive thoughts for the self. All the children churn knowledge very well, but to use the knowledge for yourself and transform yourself and become an embodiment of dharna will bring you marks for the final result.

Slogan:  Remember Karankaravanhar Baba at every step and there cannot be any arrogance of the self.    

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