Saturday, 17 February 2018

Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy

1. In hypnotism, there is no resistance for mind. It never asks questions. It just follows the instructions. Eg: a. children's obedience to parents. b. Boss instruction to subordinates, c.stage performances.

2. In many cases we are hypnotised by ourselves with our own beliefs and ideas. Doing things automatically without any reasoning. Eg: we follow the religion of parents, we cry and laugh in situations where we don't realize why i am crying or behaving in a particular way.

3. Hypnotherapy is to make us or others aware of what we/they are doing and why we/they are doing. It is to de-hypnotise ourselves from automatic thoughts and behaviour. It can also be called CBT.

4. In hypnotherapy, person relaxes to have good recall of memories. It may be known or unknown memory.

5. When you relax, you remember the emotional stress situations from your childhood to till date and by recalling and remembering with alertness, u release the blocked up emotions. And by understanding the psycho-bio-social causes of self and others, you get rid of past automatic behaviour of worry, fear, sadness and more.

6. The more you understand the present and past automatic behaviours and thoughts, day by day we become more self aware, self conscious.

7. The more we become self aware, we become happy, healthy and contented with more creativity and enthusiasm in life.

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