Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shrimat Bhagawad Gita - FREE Divine offer only for 5 days

FREE Divine offer only for 5 days:

The Treasures of Knowledge, the Elevated Versions spoken by Supreme God, the most Beloved Dad spoken through Brahma kumaris Godly Word Spiritual University are available online FREE of cost from 22.02.18 to 26.02.18.

The Education wing Courses: Diploma, P.G.Diploma and M.Sc in Counseling and Spiritual Health are prepared based on the following International U.S.A. published reference Books.

Those who are interested to read them online can download it FREE from kindle version before 26.02.18

1. Raja Yoga, the new book to be released today 21.2.18 : will be available online from 22.2.18

2. Shrimat Bhagawad Gita:

3. Conversation with God


Those who are interested to retain a hard print copy of the above books, to be delivered at their doorstep, may please write to or whatsapp: 0091-8285984476 

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  1. I think you might like this book – "Shrimat Bhagawad Gita" by God Shiva, Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy.

    Download it before 26th for free using kindle.

    Start reading it for free: