Monday, 17 June 2013

I am a judge,barrister,Christian-are bodily religions.Soul does not have body and so,no relationships or no religion.

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17th June 2013

GOD SAYS.........
Song, You are the ocean of love. We thirst for one drop…

Sweet children,

You children know that the GodFather has come now on earth. There is the praise that you receive liberation in life, that is sovereignty of heaven, from the Father in a second, because the Father is the Creator of heaven. Liberation in life, in a second,  is received only from the GodFather not from humanbeings.

There are two separate things: I and Mine. I am a soul and this is my body. It is the soul that speaks through the organs of the body. It is in terms of relationships of the body that someone is a mother, someone is a father etc. In terms of souls, we are brothers.

In the golden age, there is liberation in life and in the iron age, there is a life of bondage.

There is the memorial of GodFather. Therefore, He must also surely have come on earth. He is the One who makes the impure ones pure, old ones new. The world changes from new to old. God is the Creator, He makes this old world new.

I am a judge, I am a barrister, or, I belong to the Christian religion. All of those are bodily religions. Souls are bodiless and so they don’t have any relationships or religions. A soul by itself becomes karmateet (free from bondages of all religions and relationships). Then, once again souls have the relationships of mother and father etc. They change their costumes. They change their roles and have new parents. Souls continue to take rebirth.

I, the soul, am a resident of land of liberation, but, because of having body consciousness, you don’t know this. We souls reside in the incorporeal world. We have come from there to play our roles. All remember God in order to go to God.

The soul is imperishable. The body is perishable. The Father of all souls is that incorporeal Supreme GodFather, the Supreme Soul, the knowledge-full One. He alone is called the God of the Gita. All devotees have love for God, the Ocean of Love. He pulls the devotees so much. There can be only one God. There are so many devotees. All are impure-vicious. They all remember the Purifier.

The human world, too, is a creation. The highest on high Father is the Resident of the Supreme abode. Just as a soul is a star, so the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is a star. It has been explained to you children that there is only one world and world cycle and it has to repeat. All the religions have to go around the world cycle. All actors are playing their roles. No one’s role can be changed. The role has to be played.

All the effort required is in becoming bodiless and belonging to the Father. In fact, Maya is a great enemy. You claim the kingdom with the power of yoga. When there was the kingdom of deities in new Bharat, there was one religion. That is called heaven.

The GodFather teaches you children, I change you from an ordinary man into virtuous deity, into king of kings. This is Raja Yoga. Sri Krishna would not be called God. God teaches RajaYoga through which you become like Shri Krishna. The main thing is that you children first have to become soul conscious. Otherwise, you won’t be able to strike anyone with an arrow of knowledge.

Only by becoming soul conscious and remembering the Father will you receive power. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has now come as the Guide. He will take all souls back with Him. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Father of all.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort maker who uses the power of thoughts and words accurately and powerfully.
Intense effort making children, that is , those who are to come in the first division, use the power of thoughts and the power of words accurately and powerfully. They do not become slack about this. They always remember the slogan: Speak less, speak slowly, speak sweetly. Their every word is yogyukt and yuktiyukt. They use only necessary words and do not waste their energy on wasteful or exapansive words. They constantly have love for solitude.

Slogan: complete conquerors of attachment are those who even renounce the right to the consciousness of “mine”.

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