Wednesday, 5 June 2013

remove the vices and become incorporeal and egoless,the same as the GodFather.

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GOD SAYS.......

Sweet children, continue to invent new methods for service. Become the Father's complete helpers in making Bharat in to deity self-sovereignty.

Question: Which hope does the Father have in you by reminding you of one thing in particular?

Answer: Baba reminds you: Children, you have become conquerors of Maya-vices and conquerors of the world every cycle. You gained the throne of the mother and father and this is why you must now not be afraid of the storms of Maya. Never  be influenced by Maya and thereby defame the name of the clan. Beloved children, maintain the honour of this old father’s beard. Don't perform any such actions that would defame the name of the father. Chase away the vices with the power of yoga and become incorporeal and egoless, the same as the GodFather.

Song: Having taken an oath, I have come to Your door.

Blessing: May you be a constantly contented soul who renounces the consciousness of “mine” and does service as a trustee. While living with your lokik family and doing service, always remember that you are a trustee, a server. When there isn’t the slightest consciousness of “mine” while doing service, you will then remain content. When you have the consciousness of “’mine” you become distressed. You think, “My child is doing this”, and so where there is the consciousness of “mine”, you become distressed and where you say “Yours (GodFather’s)”, you begin to swim. To say “Yours” means to maintain your self-respect. To say “mine” means to have arrogance.

 Slogan: Let there be the awareness of shrimat in your intellect at every moment for only then would you be said to be a soul who has surrendered from your heart.

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