Sunday, 16 June 2013

May you be free from bondages and remain liberated by the awareness of natural and original nature.

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16/06/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada  16/01/1977

Only a contented soul can become a special deity for other souls.

To such world benefactors, great donors, to those who give an experience to others through their thoughts in a second, to those who donate the holy food of all powers to all desperate souls and make them happy, to such images who grants visions, who give visions through their divine form, to those who are complete and equal, to souls who fulfil all the elevated feelings of devotion and elevated wishes, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

16/06/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada 18/01/77
Special importance of 18th January.

There is no need to tell them the date. The date of the final destruction can never be fixed. If the date were to be fixed, all the seats would then also be fixed. Then there would be a long line of those who pass with honours. Therefore, be free from the thought of the date. When everyone becomes carefree, the date will automatically be known. When everyone becomes free from this thought, that will be the date of destruction. Achcha.

To such stable, unshakeable and immovable souls who remain unshakeable in their elevated stage in every situation, to the souls who are the pillars of all virtues and all powers, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be free from bondage and become liberated by finishing all bondages with the awareness of your original and eternal form.

The original and eternal form of the soul is liberation. You are the master. Dependence came later on and this is why you have to become free from bondage by keeping your original and eternal form in your awareness. There should be no bondage of the mind either. If there is a bondage in the mind, then that bondage will bring further bondages. To be free from bondage means to be a king, one who has a right to self-sovereignty. Only such independent souls who are free from bondage pass with honours, that is, they will come in the first division.

Slogan: To be a master remover of sorrow and transform sorrow into happiness is real service.

15th June 2013
GOD SAYS........
Sweet children, it is the stage of retirement of all of you at this time. You now have to go back home, beyond sound. Therefore, remember the Father.

Question: What is the basis of receiving happiness for 21 births?
Answer: The devotion of 63 births. Those who did satopradhan devotion at the beginning, that is, those who are the old devotees of many births are the ones who take knowledge at this time. They are the ones who receive happiness for 21 births. Your part of devotion has now ended. God has come to give you the fruit of devotion. Devotees cannot be God.

Song:     Mother, o mother, you are the bestower of fortune for all!

Essence for Dharna:
1.            Continue to move along with this predestined drama. Churn knowledge and become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Remain constantly happy.
2.            Give devotees the true introduction of God. Liberate them from wandering around. Become the arms who are Adam’s-Brahma’s helpers and become Godly helpers.

Blessing: May you have control over the self and be able to become rup and basant, that is, be a knowledgeable and yogi soul according to the time.

When you have control over the self you are able to become rup when you want and basant when you want. You can create both stages in a second. It should not be that you wish to become rup (embodiment of yoga) but that you instead keep remembering things of knowledge. A full stop should be applied in less than a second. The duty of a powerful brake is to function where you apply it. For this, you need to practise focusing your mind wherever you want, whenever you want. You should have such controlling and ruling powers.

Slogan: A messenger of peace is one who gives a peace prize to even those who create storms.

14th June 2013
GOD SAYS......

Sweet children, promise that you will definitely pass with honours, that you will never have doubts in your intellects about the Mother and Father and that you will always be obedient and follow shrimat.

Question: What aspect do you children have to be very careful about while boxing Maya-vices?
Answer: While boxing, be very careful that you don’t develop doubts about the Mother and Father. If there is impure arrogance or impure attachment or greed, your status will be destroyed. You should have pure greed to claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father and have full attachment to the one Father. You have to die alive. “I belong to the one Father and I will claim my inheritance from the Father alone, no matter what happens”- promise yourself this. Become real children and there will be unlimited attainment. When you have doubts you lose your status.

Song:     The heart desires to call out to You!

Essence for Dharna:
1.            Move along while understanding the drama very clearly. Make effort and create your reward. Don’t just sit down saying, “It’s the drama.”
2.            Never disregard the Father. Follow His shrimat at every step. Never have doubts about the Father.

Blessing: May you be sensible and, by knowing the importance of directions you receive from the instrument souls, become free from sins.

Sensible children would never think that the directions the instrument souls are giving are perhaps based on someone else telling them something. You should never have this waste thought about instrument souls. If, for instance, someone takes a decision which you do not agree with, you are not responsible for that. Therefore, you will not accumulate sin because it is the Father who has made that one an instrument and so He will change that sin. This is incognito and significant machinery.

Slogan: An honest soul is one who loves God and the world, not one who loves to rest.

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