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By constant deep love for God,the karmic accounts are burnt in the fire of soul (detached)consciousness.

It is only the Power of God that Heals:

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27/07/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     29/11/78

Essence: “The attainment of happiness and praise through contentment”

BapDada is seeing His jewels that sparkle in the world. The sparkle of each jewel is unique and individual. Each of you jewels is revealing the Father's virtues and task through yourself, numberwise. BapDada can be seen through each jewel. Devotees have referred to this wonderful scene as, "Wherever I look, I only see You". BapDada is visible in the maharathis too. The song heard emerging from each one's lips is of the one sound, "Baba, Baba". The one Father is merged in the eyes of all Brahmin(descendants of Adam-Brahma) souls like the light of the eyes. This is why there is the practical experience in Brahmin life of, "Wherever I look, I only see You". Devotees in their own words have referred to the experience of the children at present time as omnipresence. Is the Father resident in Paramdham or do you experience the Father as your constant Companion in your every thought and deed? What do you experience Him to be: the detached Observer or your Companion? Since He is everyone's Companion, is He not omnipresent? Devotees have copied these words, but, because of forgetting when and how they are used, instead of praise, it has become defamation.
On seeing the dharna in the present form of the children, BapDada sees one particular aspect. Which dharna? Out of all the children, how many are constantly jewels of contentment? The most special virtue sparkling on their faces is that of contentment. There have to be all three types of contentment. 1) To be content with the Father; 2) Always to be content with the self and 3) To be content with your connections and relationships. Living souls and matter are both included in that. The visible indication of contentment is happiness; to be constantly happy. On the basis of this happiness, such souls receive the practical fruit of being praised by everyone. Their specialty is contentment; the sign of it is happiness and its practical fruit is praise. Now examine yourself. Only through your happiness can you attain praise. Those who are constantly content and happy are definitely praised by everyone.
According to the drama, whilst you are progressing in this effort-making life, problems and adverse situations definitely have to come. To have the aim of progressing as soon as you take birth means to invoke test papers and problems. Do you forget the things that you have invoked? Would it be possible for there to be no scenes for you to go through along the path? When you stop on the path to look at the scenes, the destination is experienced to be far away. Whilst seeing the scenes, you must continue to overcome them as you move along. However, when you see the scenes, you stop and wonder, "Why is this like this? What is this? This should not be like this; it should be like this." You begin to correct every scene. Instead of moving past the scene, you become busy in correcting it and, because of this, the connection of the Father's remembrance becomes loose. Instead of your mind being entertained, you allow your mind to wilt. “Wah! scenes, wah!" Instead of the wonder of “Wah!”, you cry out a lot in distress “Hai”. To cry out in distress means to be amazed; you therefore stop progressing. Because of becoming tired, you complain to the Father very sweetly and become discontented with the Father in a royal way.
Many children ask why they were not told all of this earlier. They say: “You said it was an easy path! You didn't say it was a path where we have to tolerate everything!” Instead of experiencing this to be an easy path, children experience it to be path where they have to tolerate everything. However, to tolerate is to move forward. In fact, you don't really have to tolerate anything, but, because of your own weaknesses, you experience having to tolerate everything. The natural quality of fire is to burn, but, because of not knowing its quality, instead of benefiting from it, you allow it to damage you; instead of experiencing happiness, you have to endure it; instead of burning objects, you burn yourself. Because of not knowing its quality, instead of experiencing happiness, you have to tolerate it. Similarly, when you don't know what is causing the problems and adverse situations, you experience having to tolerate them instead of experiencing happiness. In this way, instead of experiencing this to be an easy path, you experience it as a path of having to tolerate everything. Such children remain discontented with the Father, that is, with His knowledge and the path of having this knowledge inculcated in them. Along with this, they remain discontented with themselves. When they are discontented with themselves, they also become discontented with all their relationships and connections. Because of this, they are not able to remain happy or experience constant happiness. One moment they are content and happy, and the next moment they become discontent. Therefore, they are not able to experience supersensuous joy, the special treasure of the confluence age.
So, from today, claim the special blessing of being constantly content and happy with yourself and bestow this blessing on others. In this way, you will be able to praise the Father and yourself. The elevated means of getting praise is the happiness of each and every Brahmin. The success of any task depends upon everyone’s happiness. The final offering to be made into this sacrificial fire will be the constant happiness of all Brahmins. Then there will be revelation, that is, the sound of praise will resonate; the flag of victory will be hoisted. Do you understand what you have to do now? Remain constantly happy and make others constantly happy. Achcha.

To those who are constantly obedient to the Father, to those who remain constantly content and happy, to the great donors and bestowers of blessings who bestow on others the blessing of being constantly happy, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada gives special love and remembrance to those from Bombay. The residents of Bombay have very good courage and enthusiasm. Seeing the residents of Bombay, along with the Father, even nature welcomed them (the weather became very cold.) Nature is giving you this experience to practise. Through your being made to experience in advance the paper that is to come at the end, you are being made strong. Therefore, do not be afraid. Those from Bombay have a lot of love for the Father. BapDada also has special love for the children. Bombay residents will now pass the paper of being constantly content and happy with number one. That is very good. Even if you let go of Baba, BapDada will not leave you. There are more special original jewels in Bombay and in Delhi. Delhi and Bombay are specially co-operative in the task of world service. There is great importance of those who are co-operative at a time of need. Therefore, the Father has a lot of love for such co-operative children. Achcha.

BapDada speaking to a group:

Are you images that bestow the blessing of, "May you be constantly victorious"? To put into practice the blessing given to each one by the Bestower of Blessings is the individual task of each one. To put this blessing into your practical life means to become an embodiment of a bestower of blessings. Have you become this? Mahavirs are called bestowers of blessings and Shaktis are also called bestowers of blessings. Now, many devotees attain blessings from your non-living images, and so you are the living forms of those who fill the aprons of others, are you not? You are mahavirs, are you not? A mahavir is one who is constantly victorious. Since the Father is imperishable, His blessings are also imperishable; they are not temporary. Do you know how to look after them or do they get stolen from you? Simply remember one thing: I am not a taker, but a bestower. The days of taking have now finished; it is now the time to bestow as a bestower. It is in childhood that you ask for things. Would it seem right for someone in retirement to ask for a little toy? You sometimes ask for little toys: “Give me a little power! Give me some help!” Now, become a fully satisfied soul. What would an observer say if he saw a child of the Bestower asking for things? The way to succeed is for yourself to become an embodiment of constant success. Your own attitude spreads vibrations', everyone experiences something on the basis of the vibrations. Therefore, before carrying out a task, have a bhatthi for paying special attention to your attitude. Through these vibrations, you will be able to transform the attitude of many. First of all, constantly pay attention to swinging in the swing of happiness. Those who are cheerful and happy attract others towards themselves.

BapDada speaking to the Kumaris:

Kumaris have a huge responsibility. One kumari can become an instrument to benefit many. Brahma Kumaris are those who become instruments to benefit the world. You are benefactors for the unlimited world, not the limited world. When deep love is lacking, obstacles will do what they have to do. When the fire is intense, the rubbish will be burned. When there is deep love, there can be no obstacles. Through your karma yoga, your suffering of karma will also be transformed. To transform this depends on your own courage. BapDada constantly has hope in the kumaris. Achcha.

Avyakt versions: Remain constantly absorbed in the love of God

God’s love is a blissful swing. Constantly remain absorbed in the love of the Supreme Soul and swing in the swing of happiness so that neither any situation nor any upheaval of Maya can come to you. God’s love is limitless and unshakeable; there is so much that everyone can attain it. However, the method to attain the Supreme Soul’s love is to become detached. To the extent that you are detached, accordingly you claim a right to the God’s love. Souls merged in the love of God can never be influenced by limited things. They are constantly lost in the unlimited attainment of this love. The fragrance of spirituality constantly emerges from them. The sign of loving someone is that you surrender everything you have to that one. The Father has so much love for you children that everyday He writes a long love letter to give you the response of your love. He gives you love and remembrance and constantly fulfils the responsibility of being your Companion. Therefore, sacrifice all your weaknesses out of this love. The Father has love for you children and this is why He constantly says: Children, whoever you are, whatever you are, you are Mine. Therefore, you should also remain absorbed in such love that you too say from your heart: Baba, You are everything for me.
Never be influenced by the kingdom of falsehood. You don’t have to make effort to remember the one you love; there is natural remembrance of that one. Let the love be from your heart - true and selfless. When you say, “My Baba, lovely Baba”, you can never forget the One you love; you cannot receive such selfless love from any soul except the Father. Therefore, don’t remember Him with any selfish motive, but remain absorbed in His selfless love. Experience God’s love, and with this experience you will become an easy yogi and will continue to fly. God’s love is the means to make you fly. Those who fly can never be attracted by the pull of the earth. No matter how attractive the form of Maya is, that attraction cannot reach those who are in the flying stage. The string of God’s love pulls you close from far away. This love is so blissful that when you become completely lost in it within a second, you are able to forget all types of sorrow and continue to swing constantly in the swing of happiness. The sign of love is that you are given whatever you need in life when you need it. The Father has so much love for you children that He fulfils your desire for peace and happiness in your life. Not only does the Father give you happiness, but He makes you into the masters of the treasure-store of happiness. Along with this, He also gives you the pen with which you can draw the line of your elevated fortune as long as you want: this is God’s love. The sparkle, intoxication and rays of experience of the children who remain merged and lost in love are so powerful that, far from any problem coming to such children, the problems cannot even raise their eyes to look at them. Such children do not have to labour in any way. The Father has so much love for you children that He sustains you from amrit vela. The beginning of the day is so elevated that God Himself calls you to celebrate a meeting with Him! He has a heart-to-heart conversation with you and fills you with power. The song of the Father’s love awakens you. God calls you with so much love, He awakens you and says with love: Sweet children, lovely children, come! The practical form of this loving sustenance is to have an easy yogi life. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be greatly fortunate and, remain constantly happy by knowing the horoscope of Brahmin life.  

Brahmin(descendants of Adam-Brahma) life is a new life. Brahmins were deities at the beginning and they are now Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. All three aspects of time in the horoscope of Brahmins are the best of all. Whatever happened is good, what is happening is even better and what is going to happen is the best of all. The horoscope of Brahmin life is constantly good and this is a guarantee. So, constantly maintain the happiness that God, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has Himself drawn an elevated line of fortune and made you belong to Him.

Slogan: In order to experience a constant and stable stage, take the sweetness of all relationships from the one Father.  

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