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Do all actions in awareness of God to receive power and become healthy.let there be no attachment to own self,persons or things.

We are sustained by God's energy not by food alone:
Jesus testified that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4.) This memorable passage signifies that man's body does not depend only on external sources of life force—distillations from; breath, oxygen, sunshine, solids, and liquids—but also on a direct inner source of cosmic life that enters the body through the medulla, flowing then to the subtle centers in the brain and spine.
Unlike the ordinary man, the yogi realizes that his life is not conditioned by exhalation and inhalation, but that the steady life force in the brain is continuously reinforced through the medulla from the omnipresent cosmic current.
The breathless yogi, however, realizes the state of conscious "death" as a far deeper and more blessed state than that bestowed by the deepest blissful semi-superconscious sleep. When breath ceases in the Kriya Yogi, he is suffused with an incomparable bliss. He realizes then that it is the storm of human breath that is responsible for the creation of the dream wave of the human body and its sensations; it is breath that causes body consciousness.
By experiencing the reality of the body as prana or lifetrons, controlled by the thought of God, the yogi becomes one with Him.
A man sees himself in a dream; the power of his mind creates the consciousness of a real physical body. Similarly, by materializing His thought, the Lord has made dream men walking about a dream creation in dream bodies of flesh. The body is nothing but a materialized dream of God.
The Lord surrounded man's soul first with an idea body. Then He encased the idea body with a very fine or subtle light (the astral body). The third or final encasement was the electroatomic dream body, the illusion of a fleshly form.
The reason, therefore, that the Gita advises devotees to practice the pranayama life-control technique is to enable them to realize that the body is made not of flesh, but of life force condensed from the thought of God.
.....the truth in the Bible— that man's body-battery can live by the Word or vibratory current coming from God. The life in the body is directly sustained by the cosmic prana flowing through the medulla. Through the operation of maya or delusion, however, man believes that he cannot live without food and other outward aids. He becomes erroneously dependent on the gross sources of energy reinforcement through oxygen, sunshine, solids, and liquids. Man has formed a bad mortal habit in feeling that he cannot exist without a supply of energy from these material substances. That is why, if oxygen, sunshine, solids, and liquids are denied to the body, man's frightened consciousness permits the life force to depart.

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12/07/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweetest Children,

Baba(GodFather) reminds you children every day: Be soul conscious because your intellects wander here and there. On the path of ignorance, while listening to religious stories etc., their intellects wander outside. Here, too, the intellects wander everywhere. This is why you are told every day to be soul conscious. Those people say: Pay attention to what we say and imbibe it. Pay attention to the versions that are written in the scriptures. Here, the Father explains to you souls: All of you students have to sit here in soul consciousness. Shiv (Benefactor) Baba comes here to teach you. There isn't any other college where they consider Shiv Baba to be teaching them. Such a school has to exist only at the most auspicious confluence age. You students are sitting here and you understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes here to teach you. Shiv Baba comes to teach us. The first thing He explains is: You have to become pure. Therefore, constantly remember Me alone. However, Maya makes you repeatedly forget. This is why the Father cautions you. If you are going to explain to someone, the first thing you have to explain is who God is and where God, who is the Purifier, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness is. Everyone does remember Him. When they have difficulty, they say: O God, have mercy! When people have to be saved, they say: Oh God! Oh God! Liberate us from sorrow! Everyone has sorrow. You know for sure that the golden age is called the land of happiness and that the iron age is called the land of sorrow. You children know this, but Maya still makes you forget.
This system of inspiring you to sit in remembrance is fixed in the world drama because there are many who don't have remembrance at all throughout the day. They don't have remembrance for even a minute, so they are made to sit here to inspire them to have remembrance. You are given methods for staying in remembrance so that it becomes firm. We have to become satopradhan by having remembrance of the Father. The Father has told you a first-class, real method for becoming satopradhan. Only the One is the Purifier. He comes and tells you the method. You children sit here in peace when you have yoga with the Father. If your intellect’s yoga wanders here and there, you are not in peace, which means that you are peaceless. All the time your intellect’s yoga is wandering here and there is wasted, because your sins are not cut away. The world doesn't know how sins are cut away. These are very subtle matters. The Father has told you: Stay in remembrance of Me. So, for the duration of the time that your thread of remembrance is connected, there is success. If your intellects wander here and there, even slightly, that time is wasted and fruitless. The Father's direction is: Children, remember Me! If you do not remember Me, that is fruitless. What will happen through that? You will not become satopradhan quickly. That habit will then be instilled and it will continue to happen.
A soul knows the sins he has committed in this birth. Although some people say that they don't remember them, Baba says: You remember everything from the age of three or four years. You don't commit as many sins in the beginning as you commit later. Day by day, your eye continues to become criminal. It becomes two degrees less in the silver age. How long does it take for the moon to decrease by two degrees? It continues to decrease gradually. At that time, the moon is also said to be 16 celestial degrees full. This is not said of the sun. For the moon, it is a matter of one month, whereas here, it is a matter of a cycle. Day by day, you continue to come down. Then you climb up through the pilgrimage of remembrance. Then, there is no need for you to have remembrance to climb up; after the golden age, you have to come down. If you were to have remembrance in the golden age, you would not even come down. However, according to the drama, you have to come down and this is why you don't remember at all. You definitely have to come down, and then the Father shows you the method of remembrance because you have to climb up.
The Father comes and teaches you at the confluence age that the stage of ascent is now beginning. We then have to go to our land of happiness. The Father says: You now have to go to the land of happiness, and so remember Me. You souls will become satopradhan by having remembrance. You are different from the world. Paradise is completely different from this world. Paradise existed before, but it doesn't exist now. Because of lengthening the duration of the cycle, they have forgotten this. You children now find Paradise to be very close; there is very little time left. When there is something lacking in the pilgrimage of remembrance you think that there is still time left. There isn't as much pilgrimage of remembrance as there should be. You enable the message to reach everyone according to the drama plan. If you are not giving others the message, it means you are not doing service. You have to make the message reach the whole world: The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! Those who study the Gita know that there is just the one Gita scripture in which this elevated version is mentioned. However, they have said that those are the versions of God Krishna, and so whom would they remember? Although they worship Shiva, they don't have accurate knowledge to be able to follow shrimat.
At this time, you are receiving God’s directions, whereas, previously, you had the directions of human beings. There is the difference of day and night between the two. Human directions say that God is omnipresent, whereas the directions of God say: No! The Father says: I have come to establish heaven and so this is definitely hell. The five vices exist in everyone here. This is the vicious world and I have therefore come to make it viceless. Those who become the children of God cannot have these vices. They show pictures of Ravan with ten heads. No one can ever say that the world of Ravan is viceless. You know that it is now the kingdom of Ravan and that there are the five vices in everyone. In the golden age, there is the kingdom of Rama and there are no vices. At this time, people are so unhappy. The body experiences so much suffering. This is the land of sorrow. In the land of happiness, the body doesn't experience any sorrow. Here, so many hospitals are full. To call this place heaven is a great mistake. So, you have to understand and then explain to others. That study is not for explaining to others. You pass your examination and start work.
Here, you have to give everyone the message. The one Father alone will not give this message. Those who are very clever are called teachers. Those who are less clever are called students. You have to give everyone the message. Ask them: Do you know God? He is everyone's Father. So, the main thing is to give the Father's introduction because no one knows it. The Father is the Highest on High. He is the One who makes the whole world pure. The whole world was pure and there was just Bharat in that. None of those of the other religions can say that they have come to the new world. They believe that someone existed before them. Christ will also definitely enter someone. There was definitely someone existing before him. The Father sits here and explains: I enter this body of Adam-Brahma. No one believes that He enters the body of Adam-Brahma. Ah! but Brahmins (descendants of Adam-Brahma) are definitely needed. Where would Brahmins come from? They would definitely come from Brahma. Achcha, have you ever heard of the father of Brahma? He is the great-great-grandfather, he doesn't have a physical father. Who is the physical father of Adam-Brahma? No one can tell you this. Brahma has been remembered. He is also the Father of the people. Similarly, you speak of incorporeal Shiv Baba. Who is His Father? Then, who is the father of the physical Prajapita Brahma? Shiv Baba has not been adopted. This one has been adopted. It would be said that Shiv Baba adopted this one. It would not be said that Shiv Baba adopted Vishnu. You know that Brahma becomes Vishnu. He is not adopted. Shankar is shown as having no part. Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma. This is the cycle of 84 births. Where did Shankar come from then? Where is his creation? There is the creation of the Father. He is the Father of all souls, whereas the creation of Brahma are all human beings. So, where is the creation of Shankar? The human world is not created through Shankar. The Father comes here and explains all of these things, but, in spite of that, you children repeatedly forget them.
The intellect of each one is numberwise. The more intellect (wisdom) you have, the more you are able to imbibe the Teacher's teachings. This is an unlimited study and you claim a status, numberwise, according to how you study. Although it is the same study to change from human beings into deities, a dynasty is created. It should also enter your intellects what status you will claim. It requires effort to become a king. Kings also need maids and servants. Who will become maids and servants? You can also understand this. Each one would have maids and servants, numberwise, according to their efforts, so you should not study in such a way that you become maids and servants for birth after birth. You have to make effort to become elevated. So, there is real peace in having remembrance of the Father. If your intellects wander here and there, even slightly, time is wasted and there is less income earned. You won't be able to become satopradhan. It has also been explained that, while you continue to work with your hands, remember the Father with your heart. In order to keep the body healthy, you may tour around, but let there be remembrance of the Father in your intellect. If you have someone with you, you mustn't gossip. Each one's heart is a witness for this. Baba explains that you should tour around in such a stage. Priests walk in total silence. You people don't speak of knowledge all the time. Therefore, keep yourself quiet and race in remembrance of Shiv Baba(Benefactor GodFather). For instance, Baba says: When eating, sit and eat in remembrance.
Look at your chart. Baba tells you his own chart and how he forgets to remember. I try to remember Baba and I say to Baba: Baba, I will stay in remembrance all the time. You just stop my cough and reduce my sugar. I tell you the effort that I make on myself, but I myself forget to remember. So, how would the cough be reduced? I tell you honestly the conversation I have with Baba. Baba tells you children, but you children don't tell the Father because you are ashamed. When you sweep the floor or prepare food, do that in remembrance of Shiv Baba and you will receive power. This method too is needed. You will also benefit from that. When you sit in remembrance, others will also be pulled; there is a pull for one another. The more you stay in remembrance, the better the dead silence will be. According to the drama, there is an influence on one another. The pilgrimage of remembrance is very beneficial. There is no need to tell lies about this. You are the children of the true Father and so you have to move along with honesty. You children receive everything; you receive the sovereignty of the world, so why should you have greed and accumulate 10 to 20 saris?
If you continue to accumulate many things, you will remember them at the time of dying. This is why the example is given: His wife told him to renounce even his stick because, otherwise, he would remember that at the end. Nothing should be remembered. Otherwise, you are creating a difficulty for yourself. By telling lies, you accumulate one hundred-fold sin. Shiv Baba's treasure-store is always full, so there is no need for you to keep a lot. If someone has everything stolen, he is given everything. You children receive the kingdom from the Father, so would you not receive clothes etc? Just don't have unnecessary expenditure because it is the innocent weak mothers who help in the establishment of heaven. Therefore, their money should not be wasted just like that. They look after you and so your duty is to look after them. Otherwise, one hundred-fold sin is accumulated on your head. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a true Raj Rishi with an attitude of unlimited disinterest who remains free from all attachment.   
A Raj Rishi means, on the one hand, to have a kingdom and, on the other hand, to be a rishi, that is, to be one who has unlimited disinterest. If there is any attachment to your own self, to any persons or things, you are not then a Raj Rishi. Those who have even the slightest thought of attachment have their feet in two boats so that they are then neither here nor there. Therefore, become a Raj Rishi, one who has unlimited disinterest, who belongs to the one Father and none other. Make this lesson firm.

Slogan:  Anger is a form of fire which burns yourself as well as others. Therefore, become free from anger.   

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