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Renounce the consciousness of “mine” and,considering to be a guest (mehmaan),use the body for a great task (mahaan).

At the University of London, Cattell worked with Charles Spearman who was developing factor analysis to aid in his quest to discover the basic factors of human ability. Cattell thought that could also be applied to the area of personality. He reasoned that human personality must have basic, underlying, universal dimensions just as the physical world had basic building blocks (like oxygen and hydrogen). He felt that if the basic building blocks of personality were discovered and measured, then human behavior (e.g., creativity, leadership, altruism, or aggression) could become increasingly understandable and predictable.

Please visit the link to download the Heal-thy Life Inventory in pdf based on Avyakt Murlis 1969 and 1970:

06/07/14     Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada      01/04/78

Essence: “A constant yogi is a constant companion.”

Today, it is a special gathering of the victorious jewels who are conquerors of Maya. Which children is BapDada seeing in today’s gathering? Those who have been constantly faithful to BapDada from the beginning to the end; those who have been constantly placing their steps in Baba’s footsteps and who are constant and co-operative companions; those who are constantly absorbed in the Father and service at every moment and are following the highest code of conduct, not stepping outside the line of the most elevated code of conduct even in their thoughts. Such children remain constantly with the father at every second and in every thought for birth after birth. The worthy children who fulfil their promise to the Father of sitting with Him and being with Him at every second and in every step receive the blessing from the Father at this time of being a companion for birth after birth. Such souls would be companions of the sakar father, in different names and forms, in being worthy of worship and also companions in being worshippers. They would be companions as knowledgeable souls as well as devotee souls. Such special souls receive the blessing of being a constant companion and of “Tatatwam” (whatever applies to Adam-Brahma, also applies to you) at this time.
Each of you maharathis has to check yourself as to what extent you are equal to the Father in His virtues, knowledge and service and to what extent you are His companion. Equality will bring about closeness. Your present stage, your future stage and the experience of being a companion at every second will become instrumental in making you a companion in name, form and relationship for birth after birth. You would be a companion in being a conqueror of sin and also a companion at the time of the era of King Vikram. In every part and in every clan, you will be together. The memorial of this is, “We will live together and die together, that is, we will ascend together and descend together. You will be a constant yogi and a constant companion, day and night, at the time of ascending, and at the time of descending. To the extent that you are complete in fulfilling your companionship at the confluence age, to that extent, you will be a close relative. The most elevated number one soul of the world has great importance in the drama. Therefore, those who constantly stay in relationship with such a number one soul also have great importance. Nowadays, when a soul attains the temporary status of a President or Prime Minister, his family also becomes important. So, how great would be the importance of souls who constantly stay in relationship with the soul who is constantly elevated? Just let there be a little upheaval, and then see how much importance souls who have been constantly fulfilling the relationship of a companion have. Just as old things have importance and are considered to be valuable, so too, whilst speaking of the value of you souls and praising you, people will consider themselves to have been graced by you.
Do you consider yourselves to be such elevated souls? To the extent that you sing the Father’s praise, to that extent, people will sing, in return, praise of such souls. Why are they not singing your praise at the moment? You are doing service at this time, but why is it that you receive all the fruit at the end? You do receive some at present, but it is less. Do you know the reason for this? At this time, you sometimes mix yourself up with the Father: whilst singing praise of the Father, you begin to sing your own praise. The language you speak is very sweet, but, your consciousness of “mine” finishes the feelings that souls have. This is the greatest and most subtle renunciation. On the basis of this renunciation, the number one soul created the number one fortune, and the basis for the eight jewels to attain a number is also this renunciation. “Baba, Baba” should be remembered at every second and at every thought and the consciousness of “mine” should be finished. When there is no consciousness of “I”, there is no consciousness of “mine”. “My nature, my sanskar, my nature, my duty, my name and fame”: the consciousness of “mine” in all these should finish.
To finish the consciousness of “I” and “mine” is to become equal and perfect. There should be no consciousness of “I”, even in your dreams. This is known as sacrificing the horse of the consciousness of “I” into the sacrificial fire. This is the final sacrificial offering through which the final drums of victory will sound. Spread the sound of this final sacrifice from your hearts in a collective form. Then, all five elements will garland you with every type of garland of success. At present, even the elements sometimes become an obstacle to service. However, when you make the final sacrifice, you will be worshipped and the drums of happiness will sound. All souls will have all their long time desires fulfilled and will dance wearing the ankle bells of praise. Only then will the final sanskars of devotion become merged. At that time, such devotee souls will receive the blessings of their devotion from you, their special beloved deities. Some will receive the blessing of being a devotee soul whereas others will receive the blessing of being a knowledgeable soul. You will become bestowers of blessings and bless all souls at that time. You will bless those who are to rule an ordinary kingdom with the status of rulers. Have you become such bestowers of blessings, the souls who are Kamdhenu, those who fulfil everyone’s desires, so that other souls receive in practice whatever they ask for? Such souls are said to be constantly close companions. Achcha.
To those who are constantly courageous, to those who are constantly seated on the throne and wearing a crown, to those who constantly create an elevated fortune through having the most elevated renunciation at every second and in every thought, to those who follow the father at every step, to those who are constantly overflowing with all treasures at every moment, to those who remain constantly overflowing with limitless treasures, to those who constantly have the complete aim and the qualifications for it, to such perfect and elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadiji and Didiji:

Have you brought together a gathering in order to make plans for the future? What plans will you make? Whatever you have done so far has been very good and what you are to do now will also be good. What is the basis of success for any programme or plan? In a general way too, what is the basis for success of any task? What do you think of when you wish any programme to be successful? The basis of success of the conference that you had recently was the presence of an important personality. The sound spreads louder according to the personality of the speakers. Whenever you hold a programme, you make a plan with the special aim of spreading the sound louder; you plan for a special personality to come so that the sound can spread automatically. So, a personality becomes the means. Those personalities from lokik backgrounds become instruments to spread the external sound. In the same way, you special instrument servers need to have a personality in service at present. Someone’s personality automatically draws people to him. So, what type of personality is needed at present? Purity is your personality. To the extent that you have purity, to that extent the personality of purity will make souls automatically bow their heads. In the drama, because of the sannyasis’ personality of purity, people bow their heads to them. The personality of purity causes even important people to bow their heads. So, at present, it is only on the basis of your personality of purity that people will bow their heads. Just as the fragrance of an incense stick draws others, in the same way, as soon as others come to you, they should experience the fragrance of purity. Wherever they look, they should only see purity. This is the experience that people want at present because they cannot see it in any direction.
No matter how great or famous a soul may be, he does not have the vibrations of purity because he accepts the name, fame and praise of success. This is why vibrations of purity are not experienced anywhere. There is an attraction of temporary attainment, but no attraction of purity. Now, the personality of purity is needed in your practical life, so that your personality automatically attracts others. When the Prime Minister visits somewhere, everyone hurries there because of his personality. So, this is the number one personality. You now have to make this plan. It is this personality that will attract religious souls. They should experience finding here whatever they lack. They believe that you mothers and daughters are doing very good work, but they should now come in front of you, considering you to be the greatest personalities in the world. They should experience the contrast of what they previously understood and what they now see. They should feel that whatever is not in their intellects is in the practical lives of all of you. This is what it means to make a maharathi fall, just as an ant is able to make an elephant fall. So, they should bow down to this personality. Your form has to become like a magnet of all attainments, so that everyone is automatically attracted. Wherever they look and whomsoever they see, they should only experience attainment. So, attainment is the magnet and the form of all attainments is also a magnet.
At present, you have to make effort and use money and energy but, later, the task of the two of you will be achieved by this personality of purity. At the moment, the vibrations have not yet changed. They see you in a different light at the moment. Now, spread your vibrations so that others see you as you are and what you are. Then, with the attitude of a bestower of blessings and a great donor, transform the vibrations and the atmosphere. Even now, people are still desperately searching and wondering where to go. Thirsty souls have not yet received the introduction of the true place of the Ocean with the rivers, and this is why they are still searching a great deal. So, now, show everyone the path to their destination through your form of a lighthouse. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Dadi Janki:

In London too, there is a chance to serve the religious souls. Whatever chance you have, there should definitely be a scene of the attraction of spirituality. Just as a pilgrimage place has a specially peaceful place or a place where one can experience liberation and salvation, so, they should now feel that this is the place where they can receive all attainments. They should experience uniqueness and simplicity but the experience should also be powerful; they should realise the truth of this.
By accepting invitations to speak on such a stage, you will later claim the kingdom of the world. At present, people simply invite you to their programmes, but later, just as people raise non-living images to their eyes or their head, so too, they will look at you with the vision of not knowing where to place you. They will not know what to say and what not to say as your praise. It is good to have a gathering; zeal and enthusiasm increase through a gathering. Achcha.

2nd Murli: Avyakt elevated versions: A renunciate, a great renunciate and a complete renunciate:

You Brahmins(descendants of Adam-Brahma) are unlimited sannyasis and renunciates. You images of renunciation have renounced your old homes, that is, your old bodies and the consciousness of the old body. You have had the thought that your intellect will never be attracted to that old home. This is why it is said: There has to be renunciation of the bodily relations as well as the body. The first step of renunciation is: Renunciation of the consciousness of the body, that is, to step away from it. So, there has to be renunciation of even the different physical organs of that home, that is, of that body. None of the physical organs should attract you to themselves. Consider that old body to be an entrusted to you by BapDada. “This body is not mine, but it has been entrusted for service”. It is as though you are living in that body as a guest. Renounce the consciousness of “mine” and, while considering yourself to be a guest (mehmaan), use the body for a great task (mahaan). When you have renounced the consciousness of the body, the second renunciation is of all the relations of the body.
When the consciousness of the body is removed, the soul becomes the master and remains constantly cheerful in mind and body. There cannot be any unhappiness in the mind or on the face. To be unhappy is a sign of being a servant. Together with renouncing the body, be a great renunciate, that is, a destroyer of attachment to lokik and alokik relationships. The sign of being a destroyer of attachment is that there would be no dislike for anyone nor any attachment or subservience. If there is any dislike for anyone, the defects of that soul or the actions performed by that soul which are not to your liking would repeatedly disturb your intellect. You would try to remember the Father but that soul instead would come in front of you. A soul who has attachment attracts the intellect with virtues and love whereas the intellect of a soul with dislike is disturbed by selfishness because of not having their selfish desires fulfilled. So, also renounce the bondage of this karma. To be a Brahmin means to renounce sinful thoughts and sinful deeds. Brahmins cannot even perform ordinary deeds, so there is no question of sinful deeds. The physical organs are connected with actions and, in terms of those actions, you must even renounce sinful actions. Without renouncing your sinful actions, you cannot become one who performs pure actions or one who is a conqueror of sinful actions. Therefore, also renounce the wasteful because even wasteful words do not allow you to become powerful. If you do not perform sinful actions, but do perform wasteful actions, you will not then accumulate in the present or for the future.
Renunciation means whatever you have renounced, whether a thing or a situation, you have stepped away from the consciousness of the self, and so any right to that finishes. Whoever you renounced something for, that thing then belongs to that person. So, you cannot even have a thought about that. You cannot take back something you have renounced and that which you have promised even in your thoughts. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of obstacles and with the awareness of the angelic form, experience the Father’s canopy of protection.  
As soon as you awaken at amrit vela, bring into your awareness: I am an angel. Give Father Brahma the gift that He loves and BapDada will merge you in His arms at amrit vela every day and you will experience swinging in supersensuous joy in Baba’s arms. When you maintain the awareness of the angelic form, even when adverse situations or obstacles come in front of you, the Father will then become a canopy of protection for you. By experiencing the Father’s canopy of protection and His love for you, you will become a conqueror of obstacles.

Slogan:  Souls who are embodiments of happiness easily gain victory over adverse situations through their own original stage. 

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