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The God-Father says to you sweetest children: Remember that I am your Father, your Supreme Teacher and Satguru.

15/01/15    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban  

Sweet children,

The Father comes at the most auspicious confluence age and speaks to you spiritual children. You children understand that you are Brahmins. Do you consider yourselves to be Brahmins or do you even forget this? Brahmins never forget their clan. So, you too should also remember that you are Brahmins. Even if you remember this one thing, your boat will be able to go across. You should think about the new things that you hear at the confluence age. This is called churning the ocean of knowledge. You are rup and basant (an embodiment of yoga who showers the rain of knowledge). You souls are filled with the whole of this knowledge, and so only those jewels should emerge. You must remember that you are confluence-aged Brahmins. Some of you don’t even understand this. When you remember that you are confluence-aged Brahmins, you will start to see the trees of the golden age and have limitless happiness. Repeat inside yourself everything that the Father explains to you. No one but you knows that we are now at the confluence age. The study of the confluence age does take time. This is the only study for changing from an ordinary human into Narayan, that is, from a resident of hell into a resident of heaven. By remembering that you are becoming deities, the residents of heaven, you will stay happy. Only those who consider themselves to be the residents of the confluence age can become the residents of heaven. Previously, when you were residents of hell and performing dirty acts, your stage was completely degraded. You now have to stop doing all of that.

You have to change from ordinary humans into deities, the residents of heaven. When someone’s wife dies and you ask the husband “Where is your wife?” he would say, “She has become a resident of heaven”, but he wouldn’t know what heaven is. If she had become a resident of heaven he should be happy! You children now know about these things. Think about this inside: We are now at the confluence age and becoming pure. We are claiming our inheritance of heaven from the Father. Continue to repeat this to yourself. Although you shouldn’t forget this, Maya makes you forget and makes you absolutely iron aged. When your behaviour becomes totally iron aged, your degree of happiness doesn’t remain stable. Your face becomes like that of a corpse. The Father says: By sitting on the pyre of lust, everyone became like a corpse burning away. You know that you are becoming deities from human beings, and so there should be that happiness. This is why it is said: If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis. Ask your own heart: Do I stay in that experience? You are on a Godly mission. What task do you do on this Godly mission? First of all, you change from shudras to Brahmins, and then from Brahmins into deities. Never forget that you are Brahmins! Other physical brahmins quickly say that they are brahmins. Those brahmins are born through a womb, whereas you are mouth-born children. You Brahmins should have a great deal of intoxication. Brahma bhojan has been remembered. When you give people Brahma bhojan to eat, they become so happy that they are eating food prepared by pure Brahmins.

You have to have pure thoughts, words and deeds. You must not do anything impure. This does take time. No one becomes this the moment they are born. There is the saying “Liberation in life in a second”. You receive your father’s inheritance as soon as you take birth. When you have that recognition and say that this is Prajapita Brahma, and that Brahma is the child of Shiva, and you have this faith, you then become an heir. However, if you then perform any kind of wrong act, you would have to be severely punished. You have been told how people sacrifice themselves at Kashi. When they experience punishment, their accounts are settled. They would dive into that well in order to attain liberation. There’s nothing like that here. Shiv Baba says to you children: Constantly remember Me alone. This is so easy! Nevertheless, children are caught by Maya and put in a spin. Your war lasts for the longest time. No war of physical forces would carry on for this long. Your war started the moment you came to Baba. The older ones have battled so much. This will also continue for new ones who come. When soldiers die in that war, others replace them. Here, too, some die but our number still continues to grow. The tree has to grow large.

The Father says to you sweetest children: Remember that I am your Father, your Supreme Teacher and Satguru. You would not call Krishna, “the Father, the Teacher or the Satguru”. You should be keen to benefit everyone. When maharathi children remain busy in service, they experience a lot of happiness; they run to wherever they are invited. Good children are chosen to serve at exhibitions and be on service committees. You children are directed to remain busy doing service so that people understand that you are good children on a Godly mission. The Father also becomes pleased with those who serve very well. Ask your heart: Am I doing service? They speak of being on Godfatherly service. What service does God, the Father, do? He gives everyone this message: Manmanabhav! The knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the cycle is in your intellects. You are called spinners of the discus of self-realization. Therefore you should think about all of this. The discus of self-realization never stops spinning. You are living lighthouses. There is a lot of praise for you. You know the praise of the unlimited Father. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. He is the Sermonizer of the Gita. He has His task performed with knowledge and the power of yoga.

The power of yoga has so much impact. The ancient yoga of Bharat that you are now studying is renowned. Sanyasis are hatha yogis; they cannot purify the impure. Only the one Father has this knowledge. You take birth through this knowledge. The Gita is said to be the mother and father. There are the Mother and Father. As well as being the children of Shiv Baba, you also need the Mother and Father. Although people sing this, they do not understand anything. The Father explains that the meaning of this is very deep. It is said, “God, the Father”, so why do you then say: Mother and Father? Baba has explained that although Saraswati is here, the real mother is in fact Brahmaputra. There is the Ocean and the Brahmaputra. The first confluence is of these two. Baba incarnates in this one. These are very subtle things. Not many of you keep these things in your intellects. Not many of you are able to think about them. The ones who will attain a low status have very small intellects. Even so, the Father still tells them: Consider yourselves to be souls. This is easy, is it not? The Father of us souls is the Supreme Soul. He tells you souls: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved. This is the main thing. Those who have dull intellects are not able to understand these deep things. This is why it says in the Gita: Manmanabhav! Everyone who writes to Baba says that it is very difficult to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance, and that they repeatedly forget. One thing or another defeats them. This is a boxing match between Maya and you children of God. No one else knows about this.

Baba says: You must conquer Maya in order to attain your karmateet stage. You first came into the relationship of karma. Then, after half the cycle, you gradually began to have karmic bondages. First of all, when you were pure souls, there was no bondage in your actions, neither of happiness nor of sorrow. You then came into relationships of happiness. You now understand that you were in happy relationships, and that you then had sorrowful ones. You are now definitely to go into the world of happiness. When the world was new and you were pure, you were the masters. You have now become impure in the old world. You are now becoming deities. Therefore, remember that! The Father says: Remember Me and all your sins will be absolved and you will come back home with Me. You are to go to your land of happiness via your land of silence. First of all, you have to return home. The Father says: Remember Me and you will become pure. I, the Purifier, am making you pure so that you can return home. Talk to yourself in this way: The cycle is now coming to an end. We have taken this many births. The Father has now come to make us pure from impure. It is only through the power of yoga that we can become pure. The power of yoga is very famous. Only the Father can teach you this. You don’t have to do anything with your body for this. Churn these things throughout the day.

Wherever you go, sit in solitude; just have these things in your intellect. You can find plenty of solitude on the roof. There should be no question of fear in this. Previously, after listening to the murli, you would go to the hills to churn what you had heard. Those who are interested in knowledge only talk about things of knowledge amongst themselves. If they have no knowledge, they start gossiping about others. You can show so many people this path at your exhibitions. You know that your religion gives a lot of happiness. You simply have to explain to those of other religions that they should remember the one Father. You must not think that that one is a Muslim or that you are this. No; each of you is a soul and you have to see the other one as a soul. You have to explain to that soul. You have to explain this at your exhibitions. Therefore, practice this: I, this soul, am explaining to my brother soul. We are now receiving our inheritance from the Father. We consider ourselves to be souls giving this knowledge to our brothers: You must now come to the Father. You left that land of peace a long time ago and became separated. There is so much sorrow and peacelessness here. The Father says: Now practice considering yourself to be a soul and you will then forget names, forms and bodies etc. Why should you think that so-and-so is a Muslim? You must explain to him whilst considering him to be a soul. You can understand whether that soul is good or bad. You souls are told to keep away from those who are a bad influence. You are now the children of the unlimited Father. Now that you have finished playing your parts here, you have to return home. You have to become pure.

You definitely do have to remember the Father. By becoming pure now, you will become the masters of the pure world. People have to take an oath in words. The Father says: You too have to take an oath. The Father gives you wise methods. You souls are originally brothers and when you enter bodies, you become brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters must not indulge in vice. By remembering the Father and becoming pure, you become the masters of the world. It is explained that if you are defeated by Maya, you have to get up again and remain alert. The more alert you remain, the more you will attain; there is profit and loss. For half a cycle, there is profit (credit) and for the other half, there is loss (debit) in Ravan’s kingdom. There is an account: victory is profit and defeat is loss. Therefore, check yourself. By remembering the Father you children will experience happiness. Others simply sing this song but they don’t understand a thing about it. They do everything without understanding. You no longer worship etc., but you do sing praise. The praise of that one Father is unadulterated. The Father Himself comes and teaches you children. There should be no need for you to ask any questions. Let the cycle be in your awareness and understand how you conquer Maya and how you are then defeated. The Father explains: If you are defeated now, you will experience one hundred-fold punishment. The Father says: Do not allow defamation of the Satguru to happen or else you will not be able to claim a status. This is the true story of becoming the true Narayan. No one else knows about this. They have separated the story of the Gita from that of the true Narayan. This Gita is for becoming Narayan from an ordinary human. The Father says: I tell you the story of becoming Narayan from an ordinary human. It is called the Gita as well as The Story of Immortality.

Only the Father gives you the third eye. You know that, since you are becoming deities, you also have to have those virtues. You know that there is nothing in this world that lasts forever. Only Shiv Baba is constant; everyone else has to come down. He only comes at this confluence age in order to take everyone back home. You would also need someone to take souls of this old world to the new world. These are all secrets of the drama. The Father comes and makes us pure. No bodily being can be called God. The Father explains: At present, the wings of all souls are broken, and so they cannot fly. The Father has come to give you the wings of knowledge and yoga. Your sins will be burnt away through the power of yoga and you will then become those charitable souls. However, you first of all do have to make effort. Therefore, the Father says: Constantly remember Me alone and keep a chart of your remembrance. Those whose chart is good will write their chart and will also experience great happiness. Even if you make every other effort but do not write a chart, you would not be able to fill yourself with the power of yoga. You profit so much by keeping a chart. Together with this chart, you also have to write down points of knowledge. You have to write a chart of both how much service you do and for how long you stay in remembrance. You must make so much effort that, at the end, nothing else is remembered. Make effort now to consider yourself to be a soul so that you become a charitable soul. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be Maya proof by remaining constantly merged in the Father’s imperishable and altruistic love.  

The children who remain constantly merged in the Father’s love cannot be attracted by Maya. Just as even one drop of water cannot penetrate water proof material, similarly, those who remain lost in love become Maya proof. No attack from Maya can touch them because the Father’s love is imperishable and altruistic. Those who have experienced this cannot become trapped in temporary love. They belong to the one Father and none other and no third person can come between them.

Slogan:  Only those who act while being loving and detached can put a full stop in a second.    

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

In order for all Brahmin children to experience especially the avyakt stage from 1st January to 31st January, make a note of these points and, while churning them throughout the day, become an embodiment of the experience of these points, remain introverted and continue to tour around the subtle region.

In order to experience the avyakt stage, constantly remember: “We have to chase problems far away and bring perfection close.” For this, we must not be careless about any Godly code of conduct, but be careless towards devilish codes of conduct and Maya. Confront the problems and the problems will finish.

14/01/15    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban  

Sweet children,

Song:     At last the day for which we had been waiting has come..

When any of these songs are played, you children should understand their meaning. You can extract the meaning in a second. There is the unlimited clock of the drama. On the path of devotion people call out. It is just as when there is to be a court case, people ask: When will the hearing take place? When will we be called so that our case can be settled? Therefore, you children also have a case. What case Ravan has brought you a great deal of sorrow. Your case is being taken to the High Court. People continue to call out: Baba, come and liberate us from sorrow. Your hearing will definitely take place one day. The Father does listen to you and He comes at precisely the accurate time according to the drama; there cannot be the difference of even a second. The unlimited clock functions accurately. The watches you have do not function as accurately. Each task of this yagya has to be performed very accurately. Even the clock has to be very accurate. The Father is very accurate. The hearing will also take place very accurately. He comes at the accurate time of the confluence of every cycle. So, you children have now been heard and Baba has therefore come. You now explain to everyone. Previously, you didn’t understand who made you unhappy. The Father has now explained that Ravan’s kingdom begins with the copper age. You children now know that Baba comes in the unlimited night at the confluence of every cycle. It is Shiv Baba who comes in the unlimited night. This is not a question of Krishna.

The Father, the Sun of Knowledge, comes when people are sleeping in the darkness of ignorance in order to take them into the day. He says: Remember Me because you have to change from impure to pure. Only the Father is the Purifier. Only when He comes can He hear you. Your hearing is now to take place. The Father says: I have come to purify the impure. I show you such an easy way to become pure. Nowadays, there is so much power of science. Atomic bombs make such a loud noise. You children gain victory over science with the power of silence. Silence is also called yoga. You souls used to remember your Father and would say: Baba, when You come, we can go and reside in our land of silence. Therefore, you children gain victory over science with your power of yoga, that is, with your power of silence. You are attaining the power of silence. Destruction will take place through science. You children gain victory through silence. Those with physical power cannot gain victory over the world. Write these points up at your exhibitions. Plenty of service can take place in Delhi because Delhi is the capital. Your capital will also be Delhi. Delhi is called Paristhan (the land of angels). There aren’t any Pandavas’ forts. People build a fort to protect them from enemy attacks. You have no need of forts etc.

You know that you are establishing your own kingdom with the power of silence. Those people have artificial silence whereas yours is real silence. It is said: The power of knowledge and the power of silence. Knowledge means a study. You receive power through this study. A police superintendent has so much power. All of those are physical things that cause you sorrow. All of your matters are spiritual. Whatever words emerge from your mouths have to be first class and so sweet that those who listen to you become happy. The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. You children have to give happiness to everyone in the same way. You should not cause your extended family to experience any sorrow either. You have to interact with everyone with discipline. Interact with your elders with a lot of love. Such sweet, first-class words should emerge from your mouth that anyone who hears them becomes happy. Tell them: Shiv Baba says: Manmanabhav! I am the Highest on High. By remembering Me, your sins will be absolved. You have to talk to them with a lot of love. If there is an elder brother around, tell him: Dadaji, Shiv Baba says: Remember Me. Shiv Baba, who is also called Rudra, has created this sacrificial fire of knowledge. You would never have heard that Krishna created the sacrificial fire of knowledge. People only speak of the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Rudra, Shiv Baba, has created this sacrificial fire of knowledge. He is teaching you knowledge and yoga to enable you to claim a kingdom.

The Father also says: God speaks: Constantly remember Me alone because it is now the final moments for everyone. It is everyone’s stage of retirement. Everyone has to return home. When someone is about to die, he is told to remember God. God Himself comes here and says: Death is standing ahead of you. No one can be saved from it. The Father comes at the end of the cycle and says: Children, remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. This is called the fire of remembrance. The Father guarantees that your sins will be burnt in this remembrance. There is no other way for your sins to be absolved and for you to become pure. Due to the burden of the sins on your heads and because alloy has been mixed into you, the gold is now only nine carat. When it is only nine carat gold, it is called artificial gold. How can it become 24 carat gold again? How can you souls become pure? A pure soul will also be given pure ornaments. You have to speak to your friends, relatives etc. very lovingly with a smile and a lot of humility. Explain to them that this is the same Mahabharat War. This is called the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. We are now being given the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world by the Father. You cannot receive this knowledge anywhere else. I am telling you the truth. You have been performing devotion for many births. It is now the time for this knowledge to begin. Devotion is the night and knowledge is the day. In the golden age, there is no devotion. You should speak to them in a tactful way whenever you have a chance. Before you shoot an arrow, you have to consider the time and the circumstances. You need great tact in order to give knowledge. The Father gives different methods to everyone. Purity is very good. Lakshmi and Narayan are worthy of worship. They were pure and worthy of being worshipped. Then, they became impure and worshippers. It doesn’t seem right for pure ones to worship the impure. Some even run away from impure ones. The Vallabhacharis (sect of Krishna devotees) never allow anyone to touch their feet. They believe that human beings are dirty. In temples, only the brahmin priests are allowed to touch the deity idols. Shudra human beings are forbidden to touch the idols. Only the brahmin priests are allowed to bathe them etc. No one else is allowed to go there. There is so much difference!

Those brahmins are born through a womb whereas you true Brahmins are mouth-born. You can explain very well to those brahmins that there are two types of Brahmin: One type is those who are the mouth-born progeny of Prajapita Brahma and the other type is the progeny born through a womb. The Brahmins who are the mouth-born progeny of Brahma are the topknot. When a sacrificial fire is created, brahmin priests are appointed to take care of it. This sacrificial fire is of knowledge. You Brahmins are given knowledge and you then become deities. The different castes have been explained to you. Serviceable children are always keen to do service. Whenever there is an exhibition somewhere, they will instantly run there. They feel that they have to go and explain these points of knowledge. Subjects are created very quickly at the exhibitions. Many come by themselves. Therefore, clever ones who can explain clearly are needed. If someone doesn’t explain fully, people would say, “Is this all the knowledge that the Brahma Kumaris have?” Therefore, disservice would be done. This is why you need an alert person to watch over the guides as they explain. If important people come, someone who can explain well should speak to them. There should be someone who is able to supervise very well. You also have to invite the mahatmas. Simply tell them that this is what Baba says: I am God, the Highest on High. I am the Father, the Creator. Everyone else is part of creation.

You receive an inheritance from the Father. What inheritance would a brother give to a brother? No one else is able to give you the inheritance of the land of happiness. Only the Father can give you that inheritance. Only the Father is the One who grants salvation to all. You have to remember Him. The Father Himself comes and creates the golden age. He creates heaven through the body of Brahma. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva (Shiv Jayanti), but what did He do? Everyone has forgotten all of that. Shiv Baba comes and teaches you Raja Yoga and gives you your inheritance. Bharat was made into heaven 5000 years ago. It cannot be a question of hundreds of thousands of years. The dates and times are in front of you. No one can prove them to be false. The new world and the old world have to be half-and-half. Those people say that the duration of the golden age is hundreds of thousands of years. If that were the case, nothing could be calculated accurately. There are in fact four equal parts of the swastika. Each age is 1250 years. A calculation can be made. Those people do not know any of these calculations. That is why they are said to be worth shells. The Father is now making you worth diamonds. Everyone is impure, which is why they remember God. God comes and makes you beautiful with knowledge. He decorates you children with the jewels of knowledge. Just look what you then become! What is your aim and objective? Have you forgotten how Bharat used to be crowned? The Muslims looted so many diamonds etc. from the Somnath Temple and used them all in their mosques. No one could put a value on them now. There used to be so many large jewels in the crowns worn by the kings. Some would have jewels worth one hundred thousand and others would have jewels worth five hundred thousand. Nowadays, there are so many artificial things.

The artificial happiness of this world is only worth a few pennies; everything else is sorrow. Therefore, sannyasis say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow. That is why they leave their homes and businesses. However, even they have now become totally tamopradhan. They have now pushed their way into the cities, but to whom would you go and complain? There are no kings or queens. No one would listen to you. They would say that each one has his own opinion, that they can do whatever they want, that this world is created through thoughts. The Father now enables you children to make effort in an incognito way. You experience so much happiness. All the other religions expand at the end. Then there is war and a great deal of conflict. You stay in happiness for three quarters of the cycle. This is why the Father says that your deity religion gives you so much happiness. I make you into the masters of the world. None of the other founders of a religion establish a kingdom. They do not grant salvation to anyone; they simply come to establish their own religion. When even they have become totally tamopradhan by the end, the Father has to come to make them totally satopradhan. Thousands of people come here, but they do not understand anything. Some children write to Baba saying that so-and-so has understood very well and that he is very good. Baba says: He hasn’t understood anything. If he had understood that Baba has come and is making us into the masters of the world, he would become intoxicated and instantly buy a ticket at that very moment and come running here. However, you must also have a letter of introduction from your teacher when you come to meet the Father. Once you recognise the Father, you cannot delay coming to meet Him. You would have a great deal of intoxication. Those who are intoxicated in this way would have a lot of happiness inside them. Their intellects wouldn’t wander to their friends and relatives. However, the intellects of many of you continue to wander around.

Whilst living at home with your family, remain as pure as a lotus flower and stay in remembrance of the Father. This is very easy. Stay in remembrance of the Father as much as possible. You are able to take leave from work. Therefore, take a couple of days leave from your work and sit in the pilgrimage of remembrance. In order to sit in remembrance, you should repeatedly think: I will keep a fast of remembrance of the Father. You would then accumulate so much. All your sins would also be absolved. You have to become totally pure by having remembrance of the Father. No one is able to remain in remembrance throughout the whole day. Maya definitely creates obstacles. Even so, it is by making this effort that you gain victory. Think: Today, I will sit in the garden the whole day and simply remember the Father. Even whilst taking meals, I will simply sit in remembrance. This does takes effort. We definitely do have to become pure. You have to make effort and show the path to others. The badges are very good. If you talk amongst yourselves in the street, many would gather and listen to you. The Father says: Remember Me! Once they have received this message, you are free from the responsibility. Achcha.

To the sweetest spiritual children who always stay in the intoxication of this awareness, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you constantly be an embodiment of success in the service of world benevolence with your practical example of benefitting the self.  

Just as nowadays, there is a lot of the physical illness of heart failure, similarly, there is the illness of being disheartened in spiritual progress. Such disheartened souls can only have courage or power when they see some practical transformation. People have heard a lot and they now wish to see something. They want to see transformation through a practical example. So, for world benevolence, first of all, be a sample by benefitting yourself. The method to become an embodiment of success in the service of world benevolence is a practical example. The Father’s revelation will then take place through this. People will accept what you say is visible in your form in a practical way.

Slogan:  To harmonise the ideas of others with your own ideas is to give regard.    

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

From the moment of waking up at amrit vela, become regular in your every action, thought and word. Let there not be a single word that is wasteful. Just as important people have their speeches fixed, similarly, your words should be fixed. Do not speak anything extra.  

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