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The systems and customs of being with God-Father have continued in the form of those limited systems of marriage.

11/01/15    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     23/01/79

Essence: “One who is constantly wedded (suhaagan) is always completely full (sampan).”

Today, BapDada is pleased to see the elevated fortune and the constantly wedded (suhaag-married state) state of all you children. Each of you children is fortunate and constantly wedded. Do you know very well the great fortune that all of you have received from the Bestower of Fortune? In the world, there is greatness in life through these two things: One is your “suhaag (husband) and the other is your fortune. If you don’t have your husband, you would constantly experience your whole life to be useless and tasteless. However, all of you have an imperishable “suhaag” (tilak), one that can never be erased, because the eternal Lord of Immortality is your Suhaag (Husband). Just as He is immortal, so too, your Suhaag (married state) is immortal. When a woman has her husband, she considers herself to be the most elevated in the world. Because of having that constant companion, she experiences herself to be constantly content. In the world, when an elevated task needs to be carried out, a woman with a husband would be chosen as the instrument to carry out that task. A woman who has her husband has a right to wear her ornaments. If she doesn’t have a companion husband, she cannot wear any ornaments. The sign of having your husband is a tilak and a bangle. (The indication of being a married woman is the tilak and the bangle.) Because of having her husband, she experiences all the treasures of her marriage to be her treasures. She experiences herself to be completely full. In the same way, all the memorials of the systems and customs of this imperishable state of being married have continued.

All of you who have the true Suhaag (husband) are remembered and worshipped as the most elevated souls in the world. Today, everyone in the world becomes happy when they see your non-living images of the constant and true Parvatis of the Lord of Immortality; the ones whose Lord is God Himself. You true companion souls always keep your tilak of this awareness and always wear your bangle of your commitment to following the code of conduct. You souls are constantly decorated with divine virtues. You souls who have your Companion are always completely full of all the treasures and are instruments for the pure and auspicious task of world transformation. The systems and customs of this elevated and imperishable unlimited companionship of the confluence age have continued even in the form of those limited systems of marriage. Ask yourself: Do I experience myself to have my Companion, which means, do I experience being completely full and constantly happy? Do you constantly experience yourself to be in the combined form of the soul and the Supreme Soul? Are you single or do you have a partner? If you consider yourself to be single, you will experience your life to be that of separation. If you consider yourself to be constantly one with your Companion, that is, constantly combined, you will then constantly experience yourself to be in a gathering celebrating a meeting.

Because you have been separated for a long time, you have forgotten your eternal Companion. You lost your Companion, your tilak was rubbed off, you lost your ornaments, and you were deprived of all your treasures. From being one with her Companion, what did you become? You became a beggar; you became separated (viyogi). Nevertheless, the Lord of Immortality came and once again gave you Parvatis, who had become separated, the tilak of awareness and made you into brides once again. After such a long time, you had this beautiful meeting that takes place, now you are not going to deprive yourself of this for even a second. You are those who fulfil the responsibility of having such a companionship, are you not? Today, BapDada was seeing the decoration of His Parvatis to see how well decorated all of you remain. Although all of you wear your ornaments, it is still numberwise. All of you wear a necklace, but there is a vast difference between a necklace worth 900,000 and a necklace of ordinary pearls. In the same way, even though all of you have necklaces of the Father’s virtues and necklaces of the Lord of Immortality’s praise around your necks, you are still all different. You understand what the difference is, do you not? Are you those who sing the praise or those who become this? The difference is because of this. In the same way, each of you is wearing the bangle of the code of conduct. All of you are adorned with bangles of the code of conduct, but when it comes to following the highest code of conduct constantly , some of you have become as valuable as a diamond, others have become as valuable as gold and the rest are as valuable as silver. There is a big difference between diamonds and silver. So, all of you are numberwise. This is why He said that He was seeing how all of you are decorated, numberwise.

Secondly, together with your married state, He was also looking at your fortune. In the physical world, when you have good health of the body, happiness of the mind, prosperity of wealth, constant contentment of relationships and are always successful in all your connections, you are considered to be fortunate. Your fortune is considered to be in all of these things. So, you are now experiencing your elevated fortune of the confluence age, are you not? You know what the specialities are of this confluence-aged, spiritual life, do you not? By being constantly healthy (swasth), that is, by constantly maintaining your original stage (swa stithi), the suffering of karma through your body is reduced from a crucifix to a thorn through karma yoga. Suffering of karma is considered to be a play within the unlimited drama. So, illness of the body is transformed into yoga, and this is why you remain constantly healthy. You don’t consider an illness to be an illness, but that the burden of many births is becoming light, that the accounts are being settled; by considering everything in this way, you consider yourself to be constantly healthy. Together with this, you constantly have happiness in the mind. To be Manmanabhav means to become completely full of all the treasures of happiness. The wealth of knowledge is the most elevated form of wealth. Nature automatically becomes the server of those who have the wealth of knowledge. When someone has the wealth of knowledge, there is no shortage of physical wealth. So, you also constantly have the fortune of wealth. The third is the fortune of relationships. You have made God, the One who fulfils all relationships, belong to you. By fulfilling all your relationships with just the One, you can experience the sweetness of any relationship you want when you want. These relationships are such that He constantly gives you everything; He never takes anything from you, nor does He ever deceive you. He constantly fulfils the responsibility of love. You experience such an immortal relationship, do you not?

And, another thing - connections: in your confluence-aged life, you have constant connection with holy swans. On the basis of your connection with the Father, you have a connection with the Brahmin family. It is not a connection of the swans and storks, for Brahmin souls have a connection with storks only for the sake of service. Because of having a connection for service, you have benevolent feelings for the world and pure wishes for world transformation. Because of this, there are no waves of sorrow in your connections with others for service. Whether they defame you or whether they sing your praise, they are your friends. You constantly have the vision of brotherhood and a merciful attitude, and so your connections are elevated. You have received such an elevated fortune from the Bestower of Fortune. So, you are constantly those with the most elevated fortune. Today, Baba was seeing the “suhaag” and fortune of all the children. Do you souls experience yourselves to be completely full, with nothing lacking in your Brahmin life? Are your tilak of companionship and your star of fortune constantly sparkling? What is the percentage of the sparkle? All of you have a sparkle, but it is numberwise according to the percentage. What number do those from abroad have? You have a number in the rosary of victory, do you not? Whether you are from this land or from abroad, there is only the one rosary of victory. Those who constantly claim a right to this companionship and fortune claim the right to become part of the rosary of victory.

BapDada is specially concerned for only you children, and He therefore constantly turns the beads of the rosary of you children. All souls turn the beads of the rosary of the Father, but God turns the beads of the rosary of you children. So, who is more fortunate? Achcha.

To those who always have their Husband (Companion), to those who constantly have a right to the most elevated fortune, to those who constantly fulfil the responsibility of their companionship, to those who constantly have the tilak of awareness, to the elevated souls who follow all the highest codes of conduct, to the world benefactor souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadis:

In what way are those who always have their Companion remembered in the scriptures? Those who always have their Companion are praised as queens of Krishna (patrani). However, the queens are numberwise. Some have the constant company of Krishna where others are only with him sometimes. They have made up a story of bodily beings, but, in fact, it is the story of souls and the Supreme Soul. No matter how many invoke Him, the one Supreme Soul is able to celebrate a meeting with everyone, and so, you have all become queens, but you are numberwise. There is a difference in your attainment and also in your form of worship. There is a difference between the attainment of Radhe and the attainment of the gopis; Radhe has her own attainment and the gopis have their own attainments. Radhe has some specialities in her own part and the queens and gopis have some specialities in their parts. This too is a very deep secret. Who are able to celebrate a meeting? The experience of total happiness is through this Godly part. This is the most special fortune. This is also connected with the special part of souls.

At the confluence age, you specially have to check whether you have attained everything. Put all your treasures, all your relationships, all your virtues and your task in front of you. Have you become experienced in everything? In terms of tasks, are you experienced through your thoughts, words and deeds, that is, in all relationships and connections? If you lack experience in any of these, you should make yourself complete in that experience because you will not be able to have the experience of this confluence age at any other time. Therefore, in the short time that now remains, you should make yourself full in all aspects. Such checking should definitely take place. If you lack the experience of even one relationship or virtue, you cannot reach the perfect stage or be called an image of perfection. How could you be called a complete embodiment if you haven’t experienced all of the Father’s virtues or virtues of your original form? Therefore, you have to become full in all aspects.

Father Brahma became complete, and so you children have to follow the father. You constantly have this aim, do you not? You have received the blessing of becoming equal to the Father, have you not? To become an instrument means to receive the blessing of becoming equal now and also in the different parts for many births. The blessing of becoming equal now continues throughout the cycle. It continues throughout the confluence age, at the time when you are worthy of being worshipped and also when you are worshippers. So, you special souls have the special blessing of becoming equal. Very few receive this blessing. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups:

1) To finish all the different dictates means to hoist the flag of revelation
Those who follow the different dictates of many others should accept one thing: that the Father of all of us is One and that He is carrying out this task. At least the sound that all of us are the children of the one Father and that He alone is the right One should reach everyone. Whether they imbibe this or not, they should at least accept it. To follow this is a matter that will come later. When souls come into contact with you, they believe that you are doing good work and if they accept even this much, the flag of victory will then be hoisted. If they go to the land of liberation with just this thought, that would also be good. If they go to the land of liberation with this belief and then come down to play their parts, the first sanskar that would emerge would be that the God is One. This is the awareness of the golden age. To be trapped in many is the iron age. Speak with authority and truth, not with hesitation. Truth is the basis of revelation. In order to bring about revelation, first of all, have the courage to reveal the self and become fearless.

Become unshakeable and immovable with one faith and one Support and this experience of yours will enable others to have faith in their intellects. No matter how much the boat of someone who has faith in the intellect is rocked, nothing will affect that soul.

2) Supersensuous joy is the alokik and imperishable swing.

Do you constantly swing in the elevated attainment of the confluence age which is supersensuous joy? This joy is the greatest alokik imperishable swing. Special, beloved children are constantly rocked in a swing just as Krishna is rocked in a swing because he is loved so much by everyone. The swing of confluence-aged Brahmins is the swing of supersensuous joy. Do you constantly swing in this swing? Any time you become body conscious, it means you get off the swing and put your feet on the ground. When your feet touch the ground, they become dirty. However, the feet of the children who belong to the highest-on-high Father should always be clean, never dirty. So, constantly swing in this supersensuous joy.

3) Do all of you constantly consider yourselves to be souls who are always close to the Father?

What are the signs of souls who are constantly close to the Father? The closer they are to the Father, accordingly they will be equal to the Father. What special dharna do you need in order to become equal and close souls?

Remain constantly engaged in remembrance and service. If you are constantly following the father in remembrance and service, you can then claim number one. Brahma Baba claimed the number one status by imbibing this. So, follow the father and enter into the number one division. The Brahma soul claimed number one, but all of you can also come with him in the first division, that is, you can be with him in the kingdom. The more you become a light-and-might-house, the further Maya will stay away from you. The darkness of Maya cannot come in front of a lighthouse. Achha.

Blessing:May you be a special actor who creates an elevated reward for the whole cycle on the basis of closeness through greatness.  
In this “dying-alive” life, there is greatness on the basis of two things. 1) To be constantly one who benefits others. 2) To remain celibate from childhood. Children who have remained very firm in both these aspects from the beginning till the end and have not broken their purity, that is, their cleanliness, in any way and have always been merciful to the world and the Brahmin family: such special actors remain constantly close to BapDada. Therefore, an elevated reward is created for them for the whole cycle.

Slogan:When your thoughts are wasteful, all your other treasures are also wasted.  

 Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

Check your ropes of attachment and see whether your intellect is trapped somewhere in the weak threads. Let there be no subtle bondages or any attachment to your own body. To have such freedom, that is, in order to become so clear, be one who has unlimited renunciation for only then will you be able to stay in the avyakt stage.

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