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The God-Father says: You do not attain Me through Scriptures. I come in order to uplift all those sages and holy men.

07/02/15      Morning Murli       BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

Song: Leave Your throne in the sky!

Devotees composed this song. The meaning of it is very beautiful. It says: Leave Your throne in the sky and come down. However, the sky is here in this place of residence. No one comes from the sky. They speak of the throne in the sky. You now reside under the element of sky whereas the Father resides in the great element of light. That is called the brahm element and the great element of light where souls reside. Therefore, that is surely where the Father would come from. Someone has to come. They sing: Come and ignite our lights. It is also remembered that there are the blind children of the blind and the enlightened children of the enlightened. The names ‘Dhritarashtra’ and ‘Yudhishthira’ are symbolic. They are Ravan’s children. Ravan is Maya. Everyone has a devilish intellect whereas you have Godly intellects. The Father is now opening the locks on your intellects whereas Ravan closes the locks. When someone doesn’t understand anything he is said have a stone intellect. The Father has to come here to ignite you lamps. He doesn’t work through inspiration. The strength of souls who were satopradhan has now completely reduced. They have become tamopradhan; they have become dim. When a person dies, they light a lamp. Why do they light a lamp? They light a lamp because they believe that when a lamp is lit, that soul won’t be in darkness. How could there be light there if they ignite a lamp here? They do not understand anything. You are now becoming those with sensible intellects.

The Father says: I am now making you into those with clean intellects. I pour the oil of knowledge into you. You also have to understand that knowledge and yoga are two separate things. Yoga cannot be knowledge like they say. Some of them think that God came and gave this knowledge, saying: Remember Me! However, that shouldn’t be called knowledge. Here, there are the Father and the children. You children know that He is your Baba. There is no question of knowledge in that. Knowledge is the detail whereas that is simply remembrance. The Father says: Remember Me, that’s all! This is a common matter; it shouldn’t be called knowledge. A child takes birth and would then definitely remember his father. Knowledge is the detail. The Father says: Remember Me, but that is not knowledge. Each of you can understand for yourself that you are a soul and that your Father is the Supreme Soul, God. Would this be called knowledge? They call out to the Father. Knowledge means knowledge, just as, for instance, someone who is studying for an M.A. or B.A. has so many books of that knowledge to study. The Father says: You are My children and I am your Father. Have yoga with Me alone, that is, only remember Me! This remembrance is not called knowledge.

You souls are My children anyway. You souls are never destroyed. When someone dies and they invoke that soul, his body would have been destroyed. How would that soul eat the food that’s offered to him? It is the Brahmin priest who eats the food. However, all of that is the system of the path of devotion. It is not just by our saying it, that the path of devotion will come to an end. That continues to be performed. A soul leaves a body and adopts another. The contrast between knowledge and yoga should be clear in the intellects of you children. When the Father says: Remember Me, that is not knowledge, it is the Father’s direction. That is called yoga. Knowledge means to know how the world cycle turns. This is called knowledge. Yoga means remembrance. It is the children’s duty to remember the Father. That is a physical father whereas this one is the parlokik Father. The Father says: Remember Me. Therefore, knowledge is distinct from remembrance. Do children have to be told to remember their father? As soon as a child takes birth, he remembers his physical father. Here, you have to be reminded of the Father. It is this remembrance that takes effort. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This work takes great effort. That is why Baba says: You aren’t able to stay in yoga constantly. Children write to Baba and say that they forget to remember Baba. They never say that they forget knowledge. Knowledge is very easy. Remembrance cannot be knowledge.

It is in this remembrance that many storms of Maya come. Although some may be very clever in this knowledge and give knowledge to others very well, Baba asks you all to write a chart of your remembrance. For how long do you stay in remembrance? Keep an accurate chart of the remembrance of Baba that you have and show it to Him. Remembrance is the main thing. It is the impure who call out: Come and purify us! The main thing is to become pure. It is in this that Maya creates obstacles. God Shiva says: Everyone is very weak in remembrance. Very good children who can speak knowledge very well are completely weak in remembrance. Only by having yoga can your sins be absolved. Only by having yoga can your sense organs become totally cool and peaceful. Then there will be no remembrance of anyone but one Baba. There will be no remembrance of anyone’s body. You souls know that this whole world is going to be destroyed. We are now about to return home and we will then go down there into our kingdom. This should constantly remain in your intellects. You souls must keep within you the knowledge you receive. The Father is the Lord of Yoga; He is the One who teaches remembrance. In fact, God cannot be Yogeshwar (Lord of Yoga) like they say. It is you who are yogeshwar. God, the Father, says: Remember Me. It is God, the Father, who teaches you remembrance. That incorporeal Father speaks through this body and you children listen to Him through your bodies. Some of you are very weak in yoga; you have absolutely no remembrance! Therefore, there will be punishment experienced for all the sins that have been committed through many births. Those who come here and then commit sin will experience one hundred-fold punishment. Although they speak plenty of knowledge, they have absolutely no yoga and this is why their sins are not absolved and why they remain weak. This is why the true rosary is created from only eight.

Nine jewels have been remembered. Have you ever heard of the 108 jewels? No one makes jewellery of 108 jewels. There are many who don’t understand these aspects. Remembrance cannot be called knowledge. It is the world cycle that is called knowledge. There is no knowledge in the scriptures. Those scriptures belong to the path of devotion. The Father Himself says: You do not attain Me through them. I come in order to uplift all those sages and holy men. They believe that they will merge into the brahm element and they give the example of bubbles merging into water. You souls no longer say this. You souls understand that you are the Father’s children. They also use the words, “Remember Me alone,” but they don’t understand what that means. They do say that they are souls, but they have absolutely no knowledge of what a soul is or what the Supreme Soul is. Only the Father comes and gives this knowledge. You now understand that that is the home of souls. The whole genealogical tree exists there. Each soul has received his own part. No one knows who it is that gives happiness and who it is that gives sorrow. Devotion is the night and knowledge is the day. You stumble around for 63 births and then I come and give you knowledge, but how long does it take? It takes a second. “Liberation-in-life is attained in a second! has been remembered. That is your Father and He is the Purifier. By remembering Him you become pure. There is the cycle of the golden, silver, copper and iron ages. They even know these names, but they have such stone intellects that none of them knows the time periods. They even understand that it is now the extreme darkness of the iron age. However, if the iron age were to last for as long as they say, there would be even more darkness. This is why it has been remembered that everyone was sleeping in the slumber of Kumbhakama when destruction took place. Even if they hear a little knowledge they can become part of the subjects. There is such a vast difference between Lakshmi and Narayan and the subjects!

There is only the One who teaches. Each one has his own fortune. Some claim a scholarship, some fail. Why has Rama been portrayed with the symbol of a bow and arrow? Because he failed. This is the study place of the Gita. Some are not worthy of claiming any marks at all. I, this soul, am a point. The Father too is a point. This is how you should remember Him. What status would those who don’t understand this aspect claim? When you don’t stay in remembrance there is a great deal of loss. The power of remembrance performs wonders. It makes your sense organs become totally peaceful and cool. They do not become peaceful through the power of knowledge; they become peaceful through the power of yoga. The people of Bharat call out: “Come and give us the knowledge of the Gita”, but who will come? The Krishna soul is here. No one is sitting up there on a throne that you would have to call him. Some say that they remember the soul of Christ, but that soul is here. They don’t know that soul of Christ is still here and cannot go back. The souls of Lakshmi and Narayan are the first number. They are the ones who take the full 84 births. They cannot return yet and so how could anyone else return? All of this can be calculated. Whatever human beings say it is all false. For the first half of the cycle, there is the land of truth and for the other half; there is the land of falsehood. You now have to explain to everyone: All are residents of hell and the residents of Bharat are once again to become the residents of heaven. They study so many scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads etc. Are they able to receive liberation by doing that? They have to continue to come down.

Everything definitely has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. No one has the knowledge of the place called the new world. The Father sits here and personally explains when and who established the deity religion. People of Bharat don’t know anything. The Father has explained to you children that no matter how good you may be in knowledge, some fail in yoga. If you have no yoga, your sins can’t be absolved and you cannot claim a high status. Those who are intoxicated in yoga are the ones who claim a high status. Their sense organs become totally cool. They forget everything including all consciousness of their own bodies. I am bodiless and I now have to return home. As you sit, as you move, have the consciousness that you now have to renounce your body. We have played our parts; we now have to return home. You are given the knowledge that the Father has. He doesn’t have to remember anyone. It is you children who have to remember Him. The Father is called the Ocean of Knowledge; He is not called the Ocean of Yoga. He introduces Himself and gives you the knowledge of the cycle. Remembrance is not called knowledge. Children automatically remember their father. You children have to have remembrance. Otherwise, how could you claim your inheritance? Since He is your Father, you definitely claim your inheritance from Him. The Father explains the knowledge of how you take 84 births and how you change from tamopradhan to satopradhan and satopradhan to tamopradhan. You now have to become satopradhan by having remembrance of the Father. You spiritual children have come here to the spiritual Father. He needs the support of a body. He says: I enter this one’s old body when he is in his stage of retirement. The Father comes now at this time when there is benefit for the whole world. This one is “The Lucky Chariot”. So much service takes place through him. In order to shed the consciousness of your body, you need remembrance. There is no question of knowledge in this. You must teach remembrance more. Knowledge is easy; even a little child can give it. It is remembrance that takes effort. Let there be the remembrance of One; this is called unadulterated remembrance. To remember someone’s body is adulterated remembrance. By having this remembrance, you forget everyone else and become bodiless. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a server who becomes a ruler of the globe and who remains constantly free from any web of questions such as “Why?” and “What?”  

When the discus of self-realisation spins in the wrong direction instead of the right direction, then, instead of becoming a conqueror of Maya, you get caught up in the spinning of the problem of looking at others. Through this a web of the questions of “why?” and “what?” is created that you create yourself and then you yourself become trapped in. Therefore, be knowledgeful and continue to spin the discus of self-realisation and you will become free from the web of the questions of “why?” and “what?” You will become yogyukt, liberated in life and become a ruler of the globe and continue to tour around with the Father on service for world benefit. Those who are world servers become the rulers of the globe.

Slogan: With a plain intellect, put your plans into practical form and success is merged in this.  

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