Friday, 6 February 2015

You become pure through yoga and you receive wealth through knowledge. This study is your source of income.

06/02/15      Morning Murli      BapDada      Madhuban

Sweet children,

When you say “Om shanti”, there should be great happiness. In fact, you souls are embodiments of peace; the original religion of you souls is peace. Sannyasis say about this that peace is the garland around your neck. Why do you search for peace outside? Souls themselves are embodiments of peace. They have to enter bodies in order to play their parts. If souls always remained in silence, how could they act? Actions have to be performed. Yes, in the land of silence, souls remain silent. There are no bodies there. None of the sannyasis understand that each of them is a soul, that they are residents of the land of silence. You children have been told that the land of silence is your home. Then you go to the land of happiness to play your parts and then it is Ravan’s kingdom in the land of sorrow. This is the story of 84 births. God speaks to Arjuna: You do not know your own births. Why does He only speak to one? Because there is the guarantee for one. There is the guarantee for Radhe and Krishna and so He speaks to them. The Father knows and you children also know that not all of the children will take 84 births. Some will come in the middle, some will come at the end, but for this one it is certain. Baba says to this one: O child! Therefore, this one is Arjuna. He is sitting in this chariot. You children can understand for yourselves how you will take birth. If you do not do any service, how could you come into the new, golden-aged world at the beginning? It would not be in your fortune. Those who take birth at the end will come when the house has become old. I am speaking for this one, for the one for whom it is certain. You can understand that Mama and Baba take 84 births. There are also Kumarka and Janak. Such maharathis take 84 births. Those who do not do service will definitely come a few births later. They themselves can understand that they will fail and come later. In a school they race to the finishing line and return. Not everyone can be the same. In a race, if there is the difference of even a quarter of an inch, that one claims a number ahead. This is also a horse race. This is the ashwa race. “Ashwa” means a horse. This chariot is also called a horse. None of those things that have been said about Daksh Prajapita creating a sacrificial fire and sacrificing a horse in that sacrificial fire happened. Neither was there Daksh Prajapita, nor was there any sacrificial fire created by him.

So many false books have been written on the path of devotion. They are just said to be stories. They listen to many stories, whereas you study. A study wouldn’t be called a story. You have an aim and objective in what you study at school. You find employment through that study; you receive something or other. You children now have to become very soul conscious. This does take effort. Only by remembering the Father can your sins be absolved. You especially do have to remember Him. You shouldn’t think that you are Shiv Baba’s child anyway, so why should you therefore remember Him; no. You have to remember Him whilst also considering yourselves to be His students. Shiv Baba is teaching us souls. You also forget this. Shiv Baba is the only Teacher who teaches you the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You do not even remember this. Each one of you children can ask your heart how long you stayed in remembrance of the Father. You spend most of your time in extroversion. This remembrance is the main thing. There is great praise of this yoga of Bharat but who can teach you this yoga of Bharat? No one knows this.

They have put Krishna’s name in the Gita. Not a single sin can be cut away by remembering Krishna because he is a bodily being, made of the five elements. To remember him means to remember clay. It means that you remember the five elements. Shiv Baba is bodiless and this is why He says: Become bodiless! Remember Me, your Father! You call out: Oh Purifier! Therefore, He is the only One. Ask them tactfully who the God of the Gita is. There is only one God who is the Creator. Even though people call themselves God, they never say that everyone is their child. They either say, “I am God and the same applies to you”, or they say that God is omnipresent. They say, “I am God and you are God and wherever I look I see only You. You are even in the stones.” They just say this. They wouldn’t say that you are their children. Only the Father says: O My beloved, spiritual children. No one else says this. If you said: “O my beloved child” to a Muslim, he would slap you. Only the one parlokik Father can say this. No one else can give you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. No one but the incorporeal Father can explain the secrets shown in the picture of the ladder of 84 births. Although He has been given many names, His real name is Shiva. There are many languages, and so they name Him in their own language, just as in Bombay they call Him Babulnath (Lord of Thorns). However, they don’t understand the meaning of that. You understand that He is the One who changes thorns into flowers. In Bharat, Shiv Baba has probably been given a thousand names, but no one understands the meanings of them. The Father only explains to you children, and, in this, Baba keeps the mothers in front. Since the Father came, there is greater regard for women. The Father has increased the praise of mothers. You are the Shiv Shakti Army. Only you know Shiv Baba.

There is only the One who is called the Truth. It is remembered that although the boat of truth may rock, it will never sink. Therefore, you are the true ones, the ones who are establishing the new world. All the things of falsehood are to be destroyed. You are not going to rule here. In your next birth you will come and rule here. These matters are very incognito and only you understand them. You now know that if you hadn’t met Baba, you wouldn’t have understood anything. You now understand this. This one is Yudhishthira, the one who alerts you children on the battlefield. This is a non-violent battle. People think that only fighting with one another is violence. The Father says: The first and main violence is using the sword of lust. This is why lust is said to be your greatest enemy. You have to conquer this. The main thing you have to conquer is the vice of lust. To be impure means to be vicious. Those who are impure are said to be vicious; they are those who indulge in vice. You wouldn’t call a person who gets angry vicious. A person who becomes angry is an angry person, and a person who becomes greedy is a greedy person. Deities are said to be completely viceless, free from greed, free from attachment and free from vice; they never indulge in vice. When people ask you how children can be created without vice, tell them: You consider the deities to be viceless and that is the viceless world. The copper and iron ages are the vicious world. You call yourselves vicious and the deities viceless. You know that you used to be vicious and that you are now becoming as viceless as them. Lakshmi and Narayan claimed their status with the power of yoga and are also claiming it once again. We were deities; we claimed our kingdom a cycle ago. We then lost it and are claiming it back once again. Even if your intellects churned this, you would have great happiness. However, Maya makes you forget to maintain this awareness. Baba knows that you can’t stay in remembrance constantly.

When you children remain unshakeable and stay in remembrance, you will quickly reach your karmateet stage and you souls will be able to return home; but no! This one is the one who has to go first. There will be the wedding procession of Shiv Baba. Mothers take earthenware lamps to a wedding. That lamp symbolizes Shiv Baba, the Bridegroom, who is the constantly ignited Light. He has now ignited us lights. They have taken the things of the present time on to the path of devotion. You light your flame with the power of yoga. You become pure through yoga and you receive wealth through knowledge. This study is your source of income. With the power of yoga, you purify Bharat in particular and the whole world in general. Kumaris can become very good helpers in this. You claim a very good status from doing this service. You have to make your life like a diamond, nothing less. It is said: Follow the mother and father. See the mother, father and the special brothers and sisters. You children can explain at the exhibitions that you have two fathers: your worldly father and the parlokik Father. Which one is greater? The unlimited Father would surely be greater. He is the One from whom you receive your inheritance. He is now giving you your inheritance. He is making you into the masters of the world. God speaks: I now teach you Raja Yoga and then, in your next birth, you become the masters of the world. The Father comes into Bharat every cycle and makes Bharat very wealthy. You become the masters of the world through this study. What do you receive from other studies? Here, you become like diamonds for 21 births. There is the difference of day and night between this study and other studies. Here, the Father, Teacher and Guru are one. Therefore, you are given an inheritance by the Father, an inheritance by the Teacher and an inheritance by the Guru.

The Father says: Now forget everything including your own bodies. When you die, the whole world is dead for you. You have become the Father’s adopted children, and so who else would you remember? Even whilst seeing others, it should be as though you don’t see them. You came to play your parts but your intellects understand that you now have to return home and then come down again to play your parts. If you kept even this in your intellects, you would experience great happiness. You children must let go of body consciousness. We have to leave these old things here because we now have to return home. Now that the play is coming to an end, the old world is to be set ablaze. Both the blind and the children of the blind are sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. This is not the usual sleep that people have, but it is a matter of the sleep of ignorance. You have to awaken them from this. Knowledge is the day, the golden age; ignorance is the night, the iron age. These things have to be understood. When a girl gets married, she remembers her parents and her in-laws. They now have to be forgotten. Some couples are such that they show the sannyasis how they are able to refrain from lust, even though they are a couple, that they keep the sword of knowledge between them. The Father’s order is: Remain pure! Just look at Ramesh and Usha: there has never been impurity between them because of the fear of losing their kingdom of 21 births; that they would go bankrupt. There are some who fail in this. There is also marriage in name only. You know that you can claim a very high status by remaining pure.

You only have to remain pure for this one birth. When you gain the power of yoga you can control your sense organs. You also purify the whole world with the power of yoga. There are very few of you children with the power of yoga to remove the whole mountain and establish the mountain of gold. People don’t understand any of this. They simply go around the Goverdhan mountain. Only the Father makes the whole world golden aged. It isn’t that the Himalayas will become gold. There, the mines of gold remain full. The five elements are satopradhan. They give very good fruit. Because matter becomes satopradhan, your bodies too are satopradhan. The fruits there are very big and delicious. The very name is heaven. Only when you consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father can you become free from vice. When you become body conscious, there is the desire for lust. Yogis never indulge in vice. Even though you might have some power of knowledge, if you are not a yogi, you fall. When you are asked whether the effort or the reward is greater, you say that the effort is greater. Similarly, you would say that, in this, yoga is greater. It is only by having yoga that you can become pure from impure. You children say that you are now studying with the unlimited Father. What would you receive by studying with human beings? What would your monthly salary be? Each jewel you imbibe here is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. There, money is never counted; there is countless wealth. Everyone has his own farm etc. The Father says: It is now that I teach you Raja Yoga. That is the aim and objective. You have to become elevated by making effort. Your kingdom is being established. How did Lakshmi and Narayan claim their reward? Once you have understood their reward, what else do you need? You now know that the Father comes every cycle, every 5000 years, and makes the people of Bharat into the residents of heaven. Therefore, you children should have such enthusiasm for service that you won’t eat until you have shown someone the path. Only when you have such zeal and enthusiasm can you claim a high status. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be constantly victorious and carefree like Vishnu and make the snake of vices into your bed.  

The snake bed of Vishnu that has been portrayed is a memorial of the co-operative lives of you victorious children. Even the snake of the vices is controlled with easy yoga. The children who conquer the snake of vices and make it into their bed of comfort remain constantly cheerful and carefree like Vishnu. So, constantly see this image in front of you, that you are one who has a right because you have controlled the vices. The soul is constantly carefree and in a stage of rest and comfort.

Slogan: With the balance of being a master and a child, put your plans into a practical form.  

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