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When you have to correct weak souls,first of all,give them strength,praise their specialities.

22/02/15    Avyakt BapDada      Madhuban      03/02/79

 Essence: " Have mercy for everyone and put an end to all doubts and the arrogance of 'I'."

BapDada is seeing all of you children in your complete, perfect and world-benefactor forms. At present, your final form and your final task is that of benefiting the world. Each of you Brahmins is making effort, according to your capacity, to remain stable in your final form. You all have the same aim of bringing benefit to the world, but some of you are still only engaged in bringing benefit to yourself and others are only engaged in bringing benefit to your country. Very few of you children are equal to the unlimited Father; very few of you remain stable in the unlimited, that is, in your world-benefactor form, busy serving the world. What are the signs of elevated world-benefactor souls?

1. World benefactors know that there is little time and that the task is big. Therefore, world benefactors will use their every second and every thought for world benefit.

2. They will always offer to use their bodies, minds and the wealth that they have received for world service.

3. They always have all the souls of the world on their foreheads and in their eyes, that is, in their awareness and in their vision: How can I make these souls who have not attained anything become fully satisfied? How can I make beggar souls full and complete? How can I bring souls who are deprived into connection and relationship? Day and night, they will claim a blessing of these powers from the Father and be bestowers for everyone.

4. They are tireless and constant servers. They don’t just serve according to a given programme, but they are constant all-rounders and ever ready.

5. Only such world benefactors, that is, such merciful souls can be benefactors, that is, lawful and love- full for souls no matter what defects they may have - souls with strong sanskars, souls who do not have that much wisdom, who have stone intellects and who constantly defame others.

All of you have the same aim, but what do you do? As you continue to move along, your mercy changes into two things. Firstly, instead of feeling mercy, some of you have doubts about others and think, “This one can never change! This one is always like this! Not everyone can become a king!” All these types of doubt finish all your feelings of mercy. Secondly, instead of having mercy, you have the arrogance of “I”. “I am everything, this one is nothing. This one is unable to do anything. I am able to do everything.” This kind of arrogance, the consciousness of “I”, does not allow you to be merciful and this is why you are able to benefit just yourself or your own country. Although you know the easy way to become world benefactors, you forget it at that time. No matter what defects souls have, no matter how impure souls are or even if they are not making any effort - whether it is an impure soul who doesn’t have knowledge or a soul from the Brahmin family who is not making any effort at all - for both types of souls, world-benefactor souls, that is, unlimited bestower souls, souls who have a right to bring about world transformation, because of being benefactors, such souls will always first of all forgive their defects or weaknesses. What does the unlimited Father forgive you children for? He doesn’t hold any of the children’s defects or weaknesses in His heart but forgives them. Even worthy-of-worship deities forgive their devotees. World benefactors are master creators with a right to the world. That is, in front of young ones, elders are like kings: they are equal to the Father; they are worthy-of-worship souls. On the basis of these three qualifications, they do not allow the defects or weaknesses of others to enter their hearts but they forgive those souls. After that, in order to benefit such souls, keeping the original form and virtues of such souls in front of you, you will praise them, that is, you will remind those souls of their own greatness, by reminding them whose children they are, what clan they belong to and what the speciality and blessing of the confluence age is. The Father’s task is to make the impossible possible. “You souls belong to the royal family from the beginning of the cycle, and you now belong to the Brahmin family; you are master almighty authorities”. You will praise them in this way through which, hearing about the virtues of the soul, they will become aware and have the power and the courage to finish their defects and weaknesses.

Nowadays, those of the Rajput clan (high class, warrior clan) remind others of the clan they belong to, so that weak ones can develop courage. In the same way, world-benefactor souls would make weak souls great by praising them. That is, because of their power of being merciful, they will not imbibe the defects of those souls themselves, but will make those souls forget their own weaknesses and also make them powerful.

After doing such powerful groundwork, they only need to make a little more effort on such souls. By their not having doubts about those souls or any arrogance of “I”, those souls will be transformed. You must never tell a weak soul of the Brahmin family, “You are weak! You are weak!” Otherwise, it would be like a patient hearing a doctor telling her that she is going to die and so she would have heart failure. You are all master authorities, you are elevated souls, you are world-transformer souls. Therefore, only words of good wishes for all souls should constantly emerge from your lips. You should not speak words that would dishearten them. To become disheartened is also like having heart failure. No matter how weak souls are, when you have to give them a signal or correct them, before you correct them, first of all, give them strength. First of all, praise their specialities. Then, for the future, draw their attention to their weakness in such a way that you enable them to become elevated souls. Before you sow the seeds, first of all plough the field with courage and enthusiasm and the seeds will then bear fruit easily. Otherwise, sowing seeds in souls who have no courage or who are influenced by weak sanskars would be like sowing seeds on hard ground. It would take a lot of hard labour and time, and you would have little success. You wouldn’t have time to think or do anything for world benefit; you would only remain engaged in bringing benefit to yourself and your country. You would also not be able to remain stable in the world-benefactor stage. In order to become a world benefactor, you should know what you have to do and what you should not do. Only then will the service of benefiting the world happen at a fast speed. At present, your speed is only mediocre. Therefore, this year, become a world benefactor and increase the speed of world service and become merciful. Until now, whatever has happened has happened according to the drama. In this, too, you must have benevolent feelings, feelings of going into the stage of ascent and continue to move forward. Bid farewell to all your weaknesses for all time with determination and also enable others to bid farewell to theirs. Then the work of world transformation will very soon be accomplished. Now increase your speed and your stage, that is, constantly and easily pass through every situation by being knowledge-full and pass for all time and you will pass with honours in the final stage. Do you understand? Make such preparations that, next season, BapDada sees all of you in the form of intense effort-makers. All of you souls belong to the first division. He should come to celebrate the meeting with such great souls. Every Brahmin child should always be wearing a crown and tilak and be seated on their throne. The Father should come into such a royal gathering. When a royal gathering of souls who have a right to the kingdom takes place here, the royal court will take place there. When you invite a special person, a special stage has to be prepared for that soul. So, since you are inviting BapDada to come again, all of you will have to make your practical stage complete and perfect, for only then will BapDada come. Therefore, each of you should make your stage more elevated and beautiful then the next one’s. Achcha. Now let’s see which zone claims number one and whether those from abroad go ahead or those from this land go ahead. Achcha.

To those who are constantly world benefactors and merciful for everyone, to those who are constantly engaged in thoughts of the original self and are full of good wishes for everyone, to the souls who give courage and enthusiasm to other souls, to those who have a right to the kingdom and who make all souls complete, to such powerful souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Overcoming all adverse situations by remaining seated on the seat of your original stage.

Do you become victorious over all adverse situations by remaining constantly stable in the stage of a master almighty authority? Unless your original stage is powerful, you will not be able to overcome adverse situations. These situations come to you through the elements and this is why the situations are the creation, whereas you, in your original stage, are the creators. So, there is always victory over your creation. Would someone be called a creator if he is constantly defeated by his creation? The adverse situations that come to you through the elements are your creation, and so it is impossible for master creators, almighty authorities, to be defeated by them. It is when you get off your seat that you are defeated. When you remain constantly seated on your seat, you have power. The moment you leave your seat, you become powerless. So, you have to remain seated on the seat of a master creator. On the basis of remaining seated on your seat, you automatically receive all powers. Do not come down. Below you is the mud of Maya in the form of body consciousness. If you come down, you will become muddy; the pure soul will become impure. When a young child falls down, he gets dirty. Attention is always paid to a child to see that he doesn’t get dirty. To become body conscious means to get dirty. You are pure souls. When there is even the slightest bit of dirt on something pure and clean, it can be very clearly seen. Even the slightest bit of the mud of body consciousness would be very clearly visible in a pure soul. To become body conscious again and again means to play with or eat mud! You are not like this, are you? You don’t allow your past sanskars to emerge again, do you? Since you have died alive, everything of the past is dead to you. To die alive means to have a Brahmin birth. Brahmins never play with mud. Those things are done by shudras. So remain constantly in the lap of remembrance of the Father. There should be nothing but remembrance. Specially loved children are always in the lap of their parents. Parents do not allow their children to go into the mud. So, all of you are also specially loved children. You must not play with dirt! Continue to play with jewels! Those who play with dirt are not the Father’s children. Children of a royal father would never play in the dirt. So, you are the most elevated souls; you are children of the greatest of all Fathers and you constantly play with the jewels of knowledge, do you not? Achcha.

No matter how big the situation that comes in front of you is, when you remain constantly aware of the Father’s company, you can conquer Maya. By making the Father your Companion, you can become a victorious jewel. Constantly remember the Father’s company and you can remain constantly happy and free from obstacle. From being just victorious, you will become doubly victorious and so you will constantly be a Mahavir and be fearless. By having the Father’s company, you will become a conqueror of Maya.

2) BapDada meeting a group from Orissa:

The more that service expands, the more you receive a prize for service. To the extent that souls become instruments to give the Father’s introduction, accordingly you receive happiness now and you claim a royal status in the future. Both times - your present and your future - become elevated. It is such an elevated task through which both your present and your future become elevated and so how much should you engage yourself in that? In the world, too, when any task gives a lot of benefit, they remain engaged in that day and night. This is the greatest business of all. You are making a deal for 21 births. You accumulate so much in this season that you can comfortably live on that. You receive such a big lottery; it is just a little effort in one birth and you will continue to eat from that for many births. That is a limited lottery in which you put in one and the lottery you win is one hundred thousand, whereas this is an unlimited and imperishable lottery. While sitting at home, you have such an elevated attainment. Constantly sing songs of your fortune and remain happy. If there is any attachment to anyone, there will be waves of sorrow. Do you experience sorrow? The Father stops you from crying for birth after birth. If you have sorrow you cry and if there is no sorrow, the crying finishes. All of you have become masters, the children of the Bestower of Happiness and so there cannot be any sorrow. The door of sorrow has now closed and the door to heaven, that is, to happiness, has opened. You have got your ticket for heaven, have you not? Constantly continue to dance in happiness. When you have happiness, others who see you will also become happy and come close to the Father. Your happiness will give the Father’s introduction. Never become separated; always remain a yogi. At the confluence age, the special attainment is celebrating a meeting with the Father. Those of you who constantly celebrate a meeting should maintain such happiness. Achcha.

3) Do you constantly experience yourselves to be mahavirs, that is, those who have the weapons of knowledge? Mahavirs are always shown with the weapons of knowledge. That is a sign of victory. Are you the mahavirs who are constantly decorated with the weapons of knowledge? Do you use the weapons at the right time or do they not work at a time of need? Generally what happens is that you have everything, but you can’t remember them when you need them. With the weapons of knowledge you become mahavirs and conquerors of Maya, according to the situation. How long does it take for you to be victorious? Are you victorious in a second or does it take you time? If it takes you time, you cannot be called a mahavir. If it takes you one hour to become victorious and your final moment comes at that time, what status would you claim? So, a Mahavir means one who pays attention at every moment. Those who pass in every situation will be able to pass with honours. So, you are those who will always pass, are you not?

4) Meeting the teachers:

Do you teachers have the gift of a special lift? Why? Because teachers do not have any burden except of Godly service. Remembrance of the One, service of the One. Since you have just one task to do, you can move forward very well in just the one task. Householders have to fulfil their responsibilities for two things; so teachers can easily remain constant and stable. If you have to talk, then give the Father’s introduction. If you have to do any physical service, let it be that for which the Father has made you instruments. So, the teachers have received a natural gift. Continue to take the benefit of this gift. “Teachers ” means “double light”. Continue to move along as instruments, that is, be double light. Constantly experience this stage: “Karankaravanhar is inspiring everything to happen and I am just an instrument.” Then there will be success. If there is the consciousness of “mine”, it means that the gate to Maya has opened. To consider yourself to be an instrument means to shut the gate to Maya. By considering yourself to be an instrument you become a conqueror of Maya, you become double light and also have success. So, the teachers have this lift. You can take as much benefit as you want. Teachers should check: What number am I?

Teachers have received the fortune of service. You are the souls who satisfy so many deprived souls by giving them the Father’s introduction. In service, do you specially remember the virtue of being merciful? When you children of the Merciful Father become merciful and do service, you have a lot of success. So, all of you are merciful, the same as the Father. Do you have mercy for souls whom you do not know? Always be a perfect image and a great donor who is a bestower of blessings. Give weak souls power and make them move forward. Do service as an image that is complete and perfect. Achcha. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you become an embodiment of remembrance and power by being a master ocean of knowledge and finish playing with dolls.  

On the path of devotion, they make idols and worship them and then drown them, and you call that playing with dolls. Similarly, when you face anything without life - senseless situations, jealousy, imagination, becoming forceful etc. come in front of you, and you experience the expansion of that or give others the experience of its expansion by saying: “This is the truth”, it is like giving life to that situation. Then, by having remembrance of the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, you let the past be the past and drown it in the waves of self-progress. However, time is wasted in that too. Therefore, become a master ocean of knowledge from the beginning and by using the blessing of remembrance and power, finish all of that playing with dolls.

Slogan: Those who are co-operative at the right time receive multimillion-fold fruit from one.  

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