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Godly Powers and its Application for Self and World Service

Godly Powers and its Application for Self and World Service

- based on 1973 Avyakt Murlis

1.      The more love you develop for BapDada, the more the lock on the intellect opens.  If there is less love, then the luck is also less. 

2.      Qualification: In order to constantly be an image of perfection, these four specialities are like pillars.  What are they?  1) The embodiment of knowledge 2) The embodiment of virtues, 3) The embodiment of being a great donor and 4) The embodiment of remembrance, that is, the embodiment of tapasya. 

3.      Powers: You need catching power.  Just as science is able to catch a sound from a distance and also make it reach a far distance, can you also not catch the pure vibrations, the pure thoughts and the pure atmosphere?  You should experience this catching power in a practical, visible way. 

4.      Now, in the very near future, you will see many new scenes and you will also hear of and see many new things.  This is why you especially must have for the avyakt stage and experience, the avyakt meeting, so that, at any time, through the meeting, with the power of your own intellect, you are able to become the embodiment of success in your own effort and in all the tasks for world service. 

5.      To be in the corporeal form one moment and to be in the angelic form in the next?  Just as you are able to easily change your physical costume, are you not able to use your intellect to adopt your subtle body? 

6.      whilst you come into connection with every soul, harmonising your sanskars with theirs should be experienced to be as easy as giving a lecture. 

7.      Your speciality is to put into practice as a virtue, all the powers you receive from the Father, that is, all the powers such as the power to tolerate, the power to accommodate, the power to face, the power to co-operate etc.  The virtue is to put all the powers into practical action.  And what is your occupation?  To make the difficult things easy; to bring about transformation

8.      In order to stay on the track of the drama and to perform every action and have every thought whilst holding the shield of the drama, you should have the stage of being detached whilst interacting and a detached observer.  You become a detached observer for a little while and then you become trapped in the consciousnes of "I".  The main reason for falling from this stage is due to the consciousness of "I", that is, body consciousness. 

9.      whilst giving regard to everyone, you should never use the words, "How could this happen?  This is not possible at all."  What would you lose, if instead you said: "Yes, it is very good.  We shall think about it."  Ultimately, he will of course do whatever he wants in a practical way.  However, you have to make the little ones co-operative with yourself by giving them love and regard. 

10.  As you continue to move forward, you have to pay attention to this aspect: to have knowledge in a practical way, that is, to be the embodiment of dharna, the embodiment of knowledge and the embodiment of virtues. 

11.  it is only with the powers you have accumulated that you will be able to give someone the power to accommodate and someone else the power to tolerate, that is, you will be able to give each one whatever he needs. 

12.  This effort will then have changed and you will feel that even one second or one thought should not be used for the self but for world benefit.  Such a stage would be called complete and perfect. 

13.  Are you busy in settling your own karmic accounts or are you busy in enabling the souls of the world to settle their karmic accounts and bondages?  What are you busy in?  Since you have kept the aim, constantly use your body, mind and wealth for world benefit. 

14.  The drums of victory will beat when all the thoughts of everyone are merged in one thought. 

15.  The responsibility of each Brahmin is not just to make the self constant, but to be co-operative in order to enable the entire gathering to be stabilised in a constant stage.  Do not become happy just because you are all right by yourself, no.

16.  The main sanskar of each one now, was the original sanskar.  All of you should be equal to the sanskars of BapDada.  If each one becomes similar to BapDada, then the sanskars of BapDada will be visible in each one.  So, who will be revealed?  BapDada.  It is said on the path of bhakti: Wherever I look, I only see you.  But here, wherever people look, whomsoever they see, they should only see the sanskars of BapDada. 

17.  You must not become a destroyer of obstacles just for your own self, but you have to be co-operative and destroy the obstacles that come to all the souls in your Brahmin clan.  So, now intensify your speed.  Experience the form of all the powers within yourself; not just of one or two powers, but of all the powers. 

18.  check yourself throughout the day as to whether your face is such that it can be used as an idol for worshipping and whether your actions are such that they can be praised as the form of some divine activity.  This is your aim, is it not?

19.   Now, whilst seeing everything and doing everything, you have to perform the task of giving love to everyone.  You have passed the stage of giving and receiving knowledge.  Now exchange love.  Whoever comes in front of you or in connection with you, just give and receive love.  This is known as being loved by love.    You should not have anything except love for anyone.  When you have love for everyone, then the response of love is co-operation and the result of co-operation is success. 

20.  Have you developed the practice of being able to stabilise yourself for as long as you want, at the time you want?  Or, do the situations created by matter still attract you towards themselves a little?  Do the remaining karmic accounts of the body, that is, do the situations in the form of the suffering of the karma which still remains, pull you?  When even this attraction is finished, it is called being a complete destroyer of attachment.  Anything for which you have love or attachment will pull you towards itself again and again.  No circumstances of the body or the bodily world can make your stage fluctuate: this stage has been remembered. 

21.  what does it mean to renounce?  To forget with the mind.  You have forgotten everything with the mind, have you not?  So, have you renounced it or will you renounce it now?  If, even now, you say that you still need to have renunciation, then, instead of being in the list of those who have had renunciation over a long period of time, you come into the list of those who have had renunciation just recently.

22.  The effort to stabilise yourself in any particular stage in one second is called intense effort.  There should not be the slightest fluctuation in your thoughts. 

23.  What is the stage of being an all-rounder to perfection?  You have to pay attention to three things especially.  Firstly, those who are all-rounders will remain engaged in service; secondly, they will have the special virtue of being able to harmonise with everyone's nature and sanskars, and thirdly, they will fit into any subject of karma yoga in such a way that it is as though they have been engaged in that particular task for a long period of time.  They will not feel it to be new.  They will seem to be those who are very experienced and knowledgeable in every task. 

24.  You must not be economical in performing an elevated task.  You were told what true economy is.  To belong to One and to remember One.  Let the name of only One constantly remain in your consciousness.  Those who belong to One in this way can be economical.  Those who do not belong to One cannot be truly economical, no matter how much they try. 

25.  just as Baba always gives the children that respect and makes them equal to Himself, in the same way, do all of you give respect to all souls and make them equal to the Father?  Does it constantly remain in your intellect that, at this time, you have to take only from the one Father and give to everyone else?  You souls must not take from souls, but give to them.  Simply take from the one Father.  You have to give to others what you have taken.  You are the bestowers, are you not?  Does this constantly remain in your awareness? 

26.  As much intoxication as you have in the intellect, there should be just as much humility in your actions.  On the one side, there should be a lot of intoxication but on the other side, there should be great humility.  You were told that even the highest-on-high Father comes as the Server of the children.  So, that is humility, is it not? 

27.  check to what extent you have given the treasure of purity to all souls.  You also have to check your treasure of supersensuous happiness: do you keep more for yourself or more for the service of the world?  You have attained it for yourself, but the present stage is for using it for world service.  If you use the treasures of knowledge and the powers for your own effort, then that too is not called the complete stage.  Now is the time to use all these for others.  Just as the father also gave the time of his own rest, which was essential for his own body, and used it for the sake of world benefit, in the same way, all the powers should be used for world benefit, not for your own self.  Only when you begin to give to others will you begin to experience yourselves to be complete in all aspects.  In teaching others, you automatically teach yourselves. 

28.  Wherever you go, whatever the situation is and whatever facilities are provided, you have to increase service with your own power of tolerance.  This is the stage of being a great donor.  The fortune of others is created through renunciation of the self.  Where there is no renunciation of the self, the fortune of others cannot be created.  The father renounced everything for himself, and this is how your fortune was created.  you must now constantly maintain that spiritual endeavour, that is, even whilst having all the facilities, maintain an attitude of renunciation through which you can create the fortune of many souls. 

29.  In claiming a right to the inheritance, simply two aspects can finish any difference and enable you to stabilise yourself in that stage constantly.  What are these two aspects?  You know them and you are doing them, but you are not doing them constantly.  One is to make your consciousness accurate and the other is to make your actions elevated.  What are these two words?  One is to maintain a constant connection to make your consciousness powerful; and, in order to perform elevated actions, you need to give yourself constant correction.  Because of not constantly correcting your actions, you are not constantly able to stabilise yourself in the stage of being a master with all the powers and a master almighty authority. 

30.  To what extent have you become an embodiment of remembrance and to what extent have you conquered attachment?  This is the last question.  keep the three forms of this one word in your awareness.  The past has passed; you have to remain close and you have to pass. 

31.  There are three stages.  For some, she (Maya) has become unconscious; for some, she has died, and for others, she has been burnt, that is, there is no name or trace left of her.  So, each one of you should check yourself to see what stage you have reached.  Instead of making her unconscious, you yourselves don't become unconscious, do you?  If the life-giving herb is constantly with you, then you can never become unconscious.  Those who make others unconscious can never become unconscious themselves.  This is the duty of Brahmin life. 

32.  the Father has four main specialities.  Do you know them?  According to the four subjects, the four specialities are: knowledge-full, powerful, serviceable and blissful. Do you experience these four specialities in yourself? 

33.  sit in solitude and create a plan to increase the pilgrimage of remembrance? 

34.  when there is the determination in your thinking that you have to do it, then according to that determination, you will bring perfection close to you.  At the present time, you have the plans, but what is lacking in them?  Determination!  You do not have determined thoughts.  You have the weakness of not paying special attention to show this. 

35.  Each of you has many good experiences in your effort.  By your listening to the exchange of experiences of each one, it will become a very good means of progress, and you will take power into yourself.  Do you ever have such classes? 

36.  power to tolerate; someone will need the power to pack up; someone will need the power to recognise the self; someone will need the power to make a decision; someone will need the destination of mukti.  Those souls will need different powers at that time.  At that time, the power to make peaceless souls peaceful with the power to recognise the Father will also be essential. 

37.  The maharathis' way of checking is completely different.  Because of having the power of yoga, their thoughts, words and actions are automatically yuktiyukt.  This has now become a natural form.  This is the maharathis' form of checking.  you also have the responsibility of accumulating all the powers.  Those who are all-rounders in this accumulate all types of stock according to the need.  At amrit vela, make yourself walk on the path of attention, and the train will move along the rails very well.  Every action of the maharathis should be more elevated.  More elevated than whose?  Than that of the cavalry and infantry. 

38.  You have to carry out the task of giving them the recognition of the Father, and, together with that, you also have to purify matter; only then will world transformation take place.  One is to practically and visibly be an image of the Father (sakshat Baap murat); and secondly, to be a detached observer (saakhi) and an image that grants visions (sakshatkar murat).  Unless you become these two images, you will not be able to transform the whole world in a short time.  Just as you prepare your speech and the physical stage, in the same way, in order to put these plans into a practical form, you also have to prepare your internal stage.

39.  Through your vision, you should be able to transform the vision, attitude, consciousness and actions of others.  Give everyone a clear vision of your own form and the form of themselves.  With a spiritual smile on your lips, give the experience of imperishable happiness.  Through your whole face, grant them a vision of the present elevated position and the future position.  With your elevated thoughts, draw away that flood of wasteful and sinful thoughts of other souls.  And, with your power, draw them away in a short time.  Transform the wasteful thoughts into powerful thoughts.  Through your one term, give desperate souls the experience of reaching their goal and the destination of their journey.  What is that one term?  Simply by saying, "Shiv Baba", they should be able to find their goal and destination.  you give such a practical, spiritual speech.

40.  You need to have light, that is, you have to be in the stage of being double-light.  You know this, do you not?  There has to be both forms of light.  If someone on the stage is not light, but is very heavy in sitting down and getting up, then instead of listening to the speech, people will be distracted into looking at that person.  So here, too, you need a double-light stage.  The mike should be so powerful that the sound reaches very far very clearly.  So, there should be might in the mike.  The moment you have one thought and give one glance, then that one thought and one glance should carry out the task of a lighthouse.  Even whilst you are in one place, many souls should be influenced by your one thought and one divine dristhi.  You have to create such a powerful mike.  So what is the mike?  Thought and drishti; divine and spiritual vision.  In the same way, there has to be whiteness, that is, a clean intellect that hasn't the slightest stain on it.  If there is a stain on the stage, if there isn't that whiteness, then against their conscious desire, everyone's attention would be drawn towards that stain.  Then, there also has to be the decoration of the slogans.  What slogans should be used as decorations for the internal stage?  The internal stage and then the speech of practical thoughts, words and actions: what slogans do you need for such a stage? Firstly, I, the soul, am a instrument of the Almighty Authority Father for the elevated task of world benefit.  The second slogan is: I, the soul am a great donor and a bestower of blessings.  Thirdly, I, the soul, through my divine activities, words and thoughts, have to grant all souls a vision of the image and character of BapDada.  Sit on the chair of your original status.  make sure that the stage is very strong, unshakeable and so stable that no storm nor any kind of atmosphere is able to shake it. 

41.  First of all, the power to discern is essential.  The power to discern is also known as the stage of being knowledge-full.

42.  Have you become those who give power to the weak souls who come in front of you, or are you still filling yourself with power?  when you give thirsty and desperate souls the donation of life through your own powers; when you become a bestower of blessings through the blessings you have received and bring those souls close to the Father and into a relationship with the Father, only then will the sanskars of being a bestower here enable you to claim the royal status, that is, only then will you fill yourself with the sanskars of being a bestower for the future twenty-one births. 

43.  pay attention to the atmosphere, their consciousness and their words.  If their consciousness is not stable, if they do not concentrate, then there isn't the sweetness in their words to attract others.  you become lazy (aalasya) or lose enthusiasm (oolaas), check yourselves daily as a detached observer, check the timetable of the soul that you fixed at amrit vela? 

44.  Then later, the love of the Father's form will change and He will take on the form of the Supreme Judge. No matter how loving and close a relationship someone has with a judge may be, the law is the law.  At present, it is the time of love, but it will then be the time of law.  Then, at that time, you will not be able to receive a lift.  Set your attitude, your atmosphere and your words in an accurate way.  Just as those people create an atmosphere, in the same way, you should also make your atmosphere elevated with the power of introspection.  Only when you make your consciousness elevated and you fill your words with significance and tact.

45.  those who are responsible for the self are able to take the responsibility for the whole world and so become the world emperors.  you have to become intense effort-makers from now on and have the determined thought that you have to do this and you have to become this.  Now create such a fast speed that you are able to accomplish all tasks within a second.  Only those with a fast speed will attain salvation. 

46.  At amrit vela, make yourself walk on the path of attention, and the train will then move along the rails very well.  It will then be impossible for there to be fluctuation.  

47.  The two specialities of the jewel of the forehead are that firstly, it is equal and secondly, it is close.  Equal to BapDada.  All the things of which all of you have spoken are included in this.  BapDada is the form of light and might.  So, to be equal to the Father means to be the form of light and might.  Baba is the Almighty Authority, and so you have become complete with all the powers, the same as the Father.  Baba is constantly the embodiment of all success, that is, He always has total success.  Such jewels of the forehead who are equal to the Father are also the embodiment of success.  You are worthy of all the praise that belongs to the Father, that is, you are the complete embodiment of all the praise of the Father.  Secondly, closeness.  You are close to BapDada, but together with that, you are also close in the sanskars and nature of all the souls of the world.  Because of being close to BapDada, because of having the power to discern, no matter what type of sanskars someone has, no matter how far away they may be, you, like a magnet, are those who bring souls close to the Father.  You are those who bring them close to the virtues and the task of the Father.  To be close means to be the form of a magnet.  Because of being like a magnet and close to the Magnet, on the basis of having all powers, you become the instruments to uplift the whole world. 

48.  To win the Father's heart means to become the world benefactors and bestow all powers to the whole world.  Whatever is the Father's thought, that should be your thought.  Since the heart belongs to Him, then the thought would be the same; there would not be a difference, constant lighthouses and might-houses,  a constant embodiment of remembrance, will never wander around in the alleys of the many types of wasteful thoughts.  There are also many types of alleys, and by going into these, you move away from your destination.  So, you are not still wandering in the alleys, are you?

49.  If you are only following the directions of the One, you would definitely have a constant stage.  If you mix in your old sanskars, then this is also not following the directions of One.  Those are the directions of the soul itself; they are the sanskars that the soul has created according to the actions it has performed; they are not the sanskars created by Godly knowledge.  So, when you mix in your old sanskars, you wander around in many alleys and do not have a constant stage.  You do not remain stable on the one destination.  So your wandering should now have stopped; have determined thought. 

50.  To be a maharathi means to consider oneself to be one who is riding one's chariot (rathi-body). 

51.  Have you detached your intellect from all relationships and all the facilities provided by matter?  Have you stepped aside from all this?  So, whilst being on the battlefield, are the strings of the intellect still engaged with the relationships and facilities of matter?  Do you consider yourselves to be completely free?  Or are you still dependent on others for some things?

52.  To be COMPLETELY FREE means to take the support of your body when you wish and to go beyond the consciousness of the body when you wish, so that the body does not pull you towards itself even in the slightest.  So, be free from the awareness of the body, that is, from attachment to the body.  You should even be free from your old nature.  You should not be in bondage to even your nature.  You have to be free from even your sanskars.  Be free from your lokik connections and also from the bondages of the connections of the alokik family.  Have you become free to this extent?  Such souls are called completely free.  Have you reached this stage or does even a small physical sense organ tie you in its bondage? To let the words emerge that you have wasteful thoughts or that the old sanskars and nature bring you under their influence or that you do not experience Baba's remembrance or that you do not have any attainment from the Father or you become afraid of even a little obstacle, or you do not have constant supersensuous joy, you do not have the experience of happiness, then, are these the words of someone who is a decoration of the Brahmin clan? 

53.  What is the first qualification of being a Brahmin?  To break away from everyone else and to connect with the One.  If you are still attached to your physical sense organs, then is that the first qualification of a Brahmin?  Since the first promise, that is, the first words, of the dying-alive birth are these: "I belong to one Baba and none other", since this is the first promise, the first qualification, then have you fulfilled this qualification, the first promise and the first words?  Or, is it that whilst saying that you belong to One, you still have a connection with many others?  Would such Brahmins only in namesake be called victorious? 

54.  When you have the consciousness of being brothers, the soul can become one of the eight jewels.  The speciality of a Brahmin of the confluence age is that he is constantly the embodiment of remembrance.  If, after becoming a Brahmin, you forget, then what is the difference between a Brahmin and a shudra?  What is the uniqueness in the life of dying alive?  Forgetfulness is worldly, that is, it is the custom of this world, whereas the custom of Brahmins is to constantly be the embodiment of remembrance. 

55.  Maturity, to be entertaining, cheerfulness, tolerance and contentment: these are the qualities of the nature of Brahmin life, and are the sanskars of being world servers.  renounce the consciousness of "I" in order to become a server, or to be a constant tapaswi or to be an embodiment of remembrance.

56.  If any person or any situation becomes instrumental in creating an obstacle, there should not be a vision of dislike or any waste thoughts created for that one, but there should be "wah, wah" emerging for that one.  If you have this vision, then your vision will become very elevated.  No matter what others are like, your vision and attitude should always be one that is filled with good wishes and benevolent feelings.  Benefit should be visible in every aspect.  You, the children of the Benefactor Father, are also benevolent, are you not?  After becoming a benefactor, there cannot be anything in which there is no benefit.  Have this faith and become the embodiment of remembrance, and you will never fluctuate. develop a constant and stable stage. 

57.  You are the masters of the treasure store of all powers, are you not?  Can those who are the masters of the treasure store ever have the thought that they do not have the power to tolerate?  Or, they do not have the power to recognise Maya?  Or, that they do not have the power to look after the treasures of knowledge?  Or, that they do not have the power to merge their thoughts?  Or, that they do not have the power to churn and remember the treasures?  No matter how much your intellect may expand in any task, do you not have the power to merge the expansion in one second

58.  you have to make intense effort, that is, you have to practise making your thoughts, words and actions the same.  This is known as being an intense effort-maker. To make a promise means you have a thought and you become the form of that. 

59.  No. 1: The ever-ready group.  No. 2: The ready group and No. 3: The lazy group. 

60.  you have to practise making your intellect work and then making it still.  It would be said to be a wonder if you are able to stop the intellect at any such moment.  A constantly victorious soul is one who has yuktiyukt thoughts, words and actions, and who does not allow even one thought to go to waste.  That will only happen when you practise it. 

61.  underline the last stage and make it ever-lasting.  As is the father, so are the children.  Do the children have the same nature, sanskars and thoughts as the father's?  Does the father have wasteful thoughts or can he create weak thoughts?  If the father does not have these thoughts, then why should the Brahmins?  The father is constantly stable in an unshakeable, immovable and constant stage, and so what is the duty of Brahmins, the children?  What is the duty of worthy children?  To follow the father. Just as the father constantly has Godly sanskars, a divine nature, a divine attitude and spiritual vision, in the same way, have your attitude, vision, nature and sanskars become the same?  Have you made your face one with such a Godly character?  A face through which the virtues and type of activities of the Father are revealed is said to be that of one who follows the father.  Just as you sing praise of the Father and speak of His activities, have you yourself also imbibed all of those virtues?  Have you made your every deed a divine activity?  Do you perform every deed while in remembranceActions which are performed whilst you are in remembrance become a memorial.  Have you become such an image that you create memorials, that is, have you become a karma yogi?  To be a karma yogi means that your every deed would be yogyukt, yuktiyukt and shaktiyukt.  Have you become a karma yogi to this extent?  karmateet, that is, you are not dependent on actions, you are free from the action.  become the king of your physical senses?  stabilise in pure thoughts or in the avyakt stage or the seed stage, eight or nine jewels are very well known in the court of the ancient kings, that is, they are remembered as his constantly co-operative souls, in the same way, do the eight powers constantly co-operate with you?

62.  Now, are you applying the tilak of constant remembrance on yourself and decorating yourselves with the ornaments of the divine virtues?    When you remember the word mela, it means harmony of sanskars, the meeting of the Father with the children, and the meeting of all attainments through having all relationships with the Father; all are included in this.  The main thing is that this world is a play.  However, the different tests and stages of Maya that come are also a game for you.  If you consider it to be a game, you would never be distressed by the game; you would constantly be laughing.  And so, even the tests are a game.  Thirdly, when you consider it to be a game, a part, then it is the play of the players that you see with their various sanskars and is fixed in this unlimited game.  When you have this awareness, your stage will never fluctuate.  be a detached observer and observe it with a constant stage?  Shrimat is the hand, and the yoga of the intellect is the company.  the time is not for wasting in trivial matters or in the obstacles of ordinary thoughts.  feel mercy for them, or will you be able to bear to see them distressed?  Whilst keeping every power in front of you, check your chart as to which power, out of all the powers, you accumulated today and to what percentage: Now, check your chart in the account of accumulation.  You have to apply a full stop to the expenditure.  create a savings scheme.  Apply a full stop to the expenditure.  At present, continue to give.  To create a budget means to fix a programme for every moment for your intellect, for your words and for your actions. 

63.  to create a budget means to awaken at amrit vela and to arrange a plan for your intellect and for what you have to do through words and for what you have to do through actions.  That is, you have to create a diary for all three for every day.  After making a diary for every day, you then have to check as to whether you performed your tasks according to whatever you arranged for the intellect.  Or, is it that the budget is one thing and the plan is something else?  So, the easy yukti to accumulate all your powers is to create a plan for your thoughts, words and actions for every day.  If, at amrit vela, you fix what the intellect has to remain busy in throughout the day, then all wastage would be finished.  If you finish the wastage, then it becomes something powerful.  In order to finish the wasteful, make your intellect a planning intellect.  Only by making your intellect a planning intellect will you be able to accumulate powers, because otherwise, all the powers that you use are spent wastefully Whatever you do not waste becomes the best.  Those who waste anything can never become the best.  feel the force of Maya beginning, what injection will you give then?  You have attention and checking anyway.  However, together with that, check the discipline of taking full power from the Power-house at amrit vela every day.  This is the strongest injection of all.  If you make the connection with the Father at amrit vela, then you would be saved from being made unconscious by Maya for the whole day.  This injection is missing.  There should be a good connection.  It should not be that you just wake up and sit there.  Of course, you observe the discipline of waking up and sitting there, but is your connection good, that is, do you experience having all attainments?  First of all, check if the beginning of amrit vela is good.  If the beginning is not good, then the middle and the end will not be good either. 

64.  amrit vela, that is, the beginning A lokik task is also only accomplished properly when you have a proper plan.  If you do not create a plan, you cannot be successful. By making your amrit vela all right, everything else will become good.  Just as you become immortal by drinking nectar, so too, by making amrit vela successful, you will receive the blessing of becoming immortal.  Then, throughout the day, you will not be confused by any obstacles.  You will be immortal in constantly remaining cheerful and constantly powerful.  If you do not take the blessing that you receive at amrit vela of becoming immortal, then you have to labour very hard.  You then have to labour hard and incur expenditure.  Otherwise, by taking the blessing of being immortal, you can be saved from labouring and also the expenditure.  Achcha.

65.  silent and being beyond sound, awareness in the intellect: to let go of the support of the body when you wish and to stabilise yourself in your bodiless stage?  are you able to use your third eye to take, not just the souls of Bharat, but the souls in all four directions of the entire world, beyond with your vision in one second?  take souls beyond with a glancecheck the power of your third eye? In order to make your third eye powerful, you only need pay attention to two main words.  And it is due to the same two things that there can be a weakness in the third eye.  What are they?  What is the reason for the physical eyes becoming weak?  Having to make the brain work extra hard; it is those things.  Check yourself to see if there is any type of attachment: whether it is attachment in the form of thoughts or attachment in relationships, attachment in your connections or attachment towards any of your specialities.  If there is any attachment to any of your specialities, then that attachment would also bring you into bondage; it would not allow you to become free from bondage.  Attachment does not allow you to become bodiless and neither does it allow you to become a world benefactor.  Those who have attachment will have to salute Dharamraj and they also cannot claim the fortune of the perfect kingdom of the first birth.  In the same way, those who are still living in the past cannot constantly and completely experience the new life and the new age.  Because of not having the awareness of brotherhood towards every soul, their nature becomes an obstacle.  how can there be the words: my idea, my understanding or my nature?  Is it still "mine", or has the "mine" become "Yours"?  Since you say, "Mine is Yours", then has "my mind" finished?  The mind and the body have been given in trust to Baba.  They are not yours, are they?  How can you say: My mind is mischievous?  Have you still not renounced the consciousness of "mine"?  What would have the consciousness of "mine"?  Monkeys.  They may themselves die, but their consciousness of "mine" will not die.  This is why the artists have shown the mahavirs with the symbol of a tail.  They are mahavirs, but they definitely have a tail.  So what is this tail?  That of attachment and "my nature".  Until you set this tail on fire, Lanka cannot be burnt.  So what is the sign of destruction?  To set fire to this tail.  When the fire of love of all mahavirs is ablaze, then will this old world still remain?  Therefore, now finish all types of attachment and nature to take souls beyond with a glance in one second; There should not even be the desire for your own name or honour.  Do you understand?

66.  only those whose pointer of the yoga of the intellect is still, and whose intellect does not have any upheaval, those who have a stage that is free from sinful thoughts, who have love and law in their words and actions and who have the balance of love and power, only such judges are able to give an accurate judgment.  Are you able to discern someone in one second?  If someone needs peace and you show him the path to happiness (due to lacking the power to discern), then that person would not be content.  Therefore, only those who are able to discern what attainment each one wants are able to judge completely and accurately.  What special qualification is needed to know the desires of each and every one through which the pointer of the intellect would become stable?  What is the special dharna through which there would be the balance of love and law?  (Everyone gave their ideas.)  You have spoken many good things.  The essence of this is that only those who are themselves stabilised in a stage of being beyond desires are able to fulfil the desires of others. If you yourself have any desires, you are not able to fulfil the desires of others.  You can only have the stage of being completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires, when you yourself are complete with all yuktis, knowledge-full and successful, that is, when you are the embodiment of success.  Those who themselves are not the embodiment of success are not able to make the thoughts of other souls successful.  Therefore, those who are not yet complete will definitely have desires, because only when you become complete are you able to have the stage of being completely ignorant of the knowledge of any desires.  When you are not lacking anything, such a stage is called the karmateet stage, that is, the angelic stage.  Only souls who have such a stage are able to discern souls accurately and enable them to attain something. 

67.  Only those who have made full preparations in advance will be able to wait for this.  If you haven't made your preparations, you cannot wait for this.  To make all the preparations in advance is the sign of a maharathi or a mahavir.  So, in order to become ever-ready, check yourself from now. There are four main subjects in this.  Keep all these four in front of you and see to what percentage you have passed in all four.  Just as there are the four subjects: gyan, yoga, dharna of divine virtues and Godly service, in the same way, there are also the four relationships.  Three relationships are very clear: The True Father, the True Teacher, and the Satguru; and the fourth relationship is that of the Bridegroom and the bride.  This is also a special relationship: it is a meeting, that is, the engagement of the soul with the Supreme Soul.  In relation to the Father, you have to be one who follows the orders of the Father.  In relation to the Teacher, you have to be honest; in relation to the Guru, you have to be obedient and in relation to the Bridegroom, you have to be faithful.  So, revise these four relationships and the four points of dharna and then check yourself.

68.  four slogans in your awareness.  What are they?  The slogan in relationship to the Father is: The son shows the Father, that is, become worthy and give the proof.  The slogan in relation to the Teacher is: You have to study for as long as you live, that is, you have to study till the last moment.  If this aim is strong, then you would automatically have all attainments.  And the slogan in terms of the Guru is: Wherever You seat me, however You seat me, whatever You tell me, however You tell me, however You conduct me and however You put me to sleep.  That is, I move along under Your orders.  This is the slogan of the Satguru.  What is the slogan for the Bridegroom?  I sit with You, I eat with You, I remain in Your company in every breath.  This is the slogan for the Bridegroom.  Keep all these things in front of you and check your effort.  Revise all these.

69.  The intoxication they have is that whatever they are doing is already guaranteed to be successful.  It is not that they will think: It will be successful or it has to be successful, but that it is already successful.  There will be the intoxication, even in their thoughts, that their every thought is guaranteed to be successful.  In their actions also, they will have the intoxication that success is merged in their every action like a shadow.  Success is guaranteed in their words.  Success is definitely going to follow me.  Success cannot be separated from me.  When there is such intoxication in your every thought, word and action, then understand that you are extremely close.  It should be like this, the law says this, the philosophy of karma says this and gyan also says this.  This is a sign of being close.  From this, judge for yourself whether you are extremely close, close or whether it is in front of you.  These are the three stages, are they not?  Achcha.

70.  If the part of the avyakt meeting through the vyakt (corporeal form) were to come to an end, you have to be given time through which you could still experience the avyakt meeting through the avyakt stage.  Until the final glorification of Baba takes place, the meeting of the Father and the children has to take place. 

71.  success through the right method?  Whatever effort anyone makes, the aim of his effort is to attain success.  People of the world today have a lot of occult power, and so, on that side, there are the occult powers, and here, it is attaining success through using the right method.  The correct way to attain success is through using the right method.  Because of taking this in another form, they have gone into using occult powers.  So, do you consider yourselves to be the embodiment of success?  Whatever thoughts you create, if they are accurate according to the right method, you definitely attain success.  If you do not have the right method, then understand that you would not have success either.  Therefore, on the path of bhakti also, whatever activity anyone carries out or has carried out by others, its value is placed on it being carried out with the right method.  by using elevated knowledge, are you not able to attain success through using the right method?  You need to check in which method you are lacking which is not allowing you to attain complete success.  By checking the method, you will automatically attain success.  The main reason for not attaining success in this is that you are not doing all three forms of service at the same time.  You have to do all three forms of service in all three ways simultaneously.  Knowledge-full, powerful and full of love: love and law are both included together.  You have to do service in these three forms, but you also have to do it in three ways, that is, you have to do it in these three ways: through your thoughts, words and actions simultaneously.  The reason for not attaining this is that you do not do three forms of service in all three ways.  When you use words, the mind that should be powerful is not; it is less powerful.  And, when you bring someone into your connection through your entertaining activity, then also, the mind that should be powerful does not remain so powerful.  If all three forms of service took place simultaneously, you would definitely attain success.  Now, you need to practise and pay attention to this, to doing service in this way.  You do not come into connection with others very deeply, but only superficially, and a superficial connection is only temporary.  You give them love, but together with being full of love, you also have to be powerful so that you fill those souls with power through which they would be able to face the problems, the environment and the vibrations and thereby be able to maintain a relationship for all time. 

72.  What would be the sign of a powerful stage?  In one second, to be able to finish any type of atmosphere or any problem of Maya; they would never be defeated. 

73.  check yourself in every subject and see what you are lacking and to what percentage.  You have to check yourself in both; the theory as well as the practice.  Whilst noting the weakness in each subject, make yourself complete.  However, you can only make yourself complete when you first revise and note your weakness.  in the subject of knowledge, there will be the experience of the attainment of light and might.  On the basis of the subject of knowledge, you will also receive just as much respect, whether from the divine family or from other souls.  Through yoga, that is, through the power of remembrance, you should be able to attain your objective.  Whatever thoughts you create, they would be powerful.  And if any problem is about to come, then with the power of yoga, you would have the experience that something is about to happen.  So, because of knowing this in advance, you would never be defeated.  In the same way, through the power of yoga, you are able to finish the burden of your past sanskars.  Then no sanskar of yours will be an obstacle to you.  Then, what you call nature will also not be an obstacle to your efforts.  Whatever is the objective of each subject, that should be experienced.  If you achieve your objective, then as a result, you would definitely receive respect.  Whatever words you repeat through your lips or whatever plans you create, because of your being powerful, everyone will give respect to them, that is, when you give advice to one another, they will give respect to that because you are powerful.  In this way, examine every subject. The attainment in the subjects of divine virtues and service is that you should come into close connection and relationship.  By coming into close connection and relationship, you will definitely receive respect automatically.  In the same way, check the objective of each subject; and the instrument to check your objective is respect. 

74.  If I am knowledge-full, then does whoever I give knowledge to give that much respect to the knowledge?  To give respect to knowledge means to give respect to the One who is knowledge-full.  If you have an objective in the subject of yoga, then you can make others powerful in transforming their thoughts.  So they will definitely give respect.  You have to check yourself in every subject in this way.  Those who experience both the attainment of this objective and respect for each subject and thought would be said to be perfect.  To be perfect means to be beyond any type of effect; only then are you perfect.  You will then be beyond being affected in any way by your body, your thoughts or by coming into connection with anyone, and so you will understand that you have passed in your subject, that is, you would be perfect.  So you are becoming like that, are you not?  This is your aim, is it not?

75.  If those who are the image of support do not have power in their thoughts, then they create weakness in bringing about transformation of the time.  Because of this, the more powerful you become, the closer you will be able to bring the time of transformation of the world.  Even though the time is fixed according to the drama, on what basis is the drama created?  There must be something on which the drama is ultimately based.  You are the basis (images of support) for this, are you not?  You are in everyone's vision.  You have issued a challenge for two years, have you not?  When you hear these things, you have a few thoughts of what would happen if it truly did not happen like that.  You do not have the thought: what if it does not happen in two years time, do you?  OK, you will face it when it happens; that is a different matter.  This means that there is something in your thoughts and that is why these thoughts arise.  Are you absolutely sure that it will happen in two years?  OK, what if someone asks you: What will happen if destruction does not take place?  What would you say then?  At the time you explain to them, you should explain it very clearly that destruction will not be completed in two years' time.  No, in two years' time, the scenes will be such through which people will understand that truly destruction has begun and is taking place.  If they find the one thing easy, they will find the other thing easy too.  Of course, destruction will take time, will it not?

76.  They will attain such powers that they will become the helpers in the task of establishment.  Nowadays, you can see that people have a lot more regard for those whom they consider the new blood.  The further you progress, the better the intellect of the young ones will work; the intellect of the older ones will not work in the same way.  In comparison to the elderly, the younger ones are said to be satopradhan.  Because of having a little power of purity, their intellect will be able to function in a way that the intellect of the older ones does not.  There will be this change.  Even the elderly will give regard to the advice of the younger ones. 

77.  when the effect of the practice is given through your lectures, then you will be seen to be totally unique in the lectures you give.  there should be such power in your lectures that each word gives them an experience.  You explain to people to consider themselves to be souls, and not bodies.  So, there should be such power in your speaking these words that the people listening to you experience power in your words.  If they have this experience for even one second, they would never let go of it.  They would be attracted and come to you. You try to take them into silence every now and again as you give a lecture, but you now have to increase this practice.  Continue to bring them into this experience.  If you wish to create unlimited disinterest in this old world for them, then as you give them points in your lectures, also create an experience of having an attitude of disinterest.  They should feel that truly, this world is about to finish, and to attach their hearts to it would be wasteful.  Then, they will definitely do it in a practical way.  give them the experience of being bodiless so that that wave spreads everywhere?  So that the waves of love for the Father spread through the entire gathering?  This is known as giving a practical experience.

78.  There should be someone who can give such a lecture that he would be able to give them the experience of the difference of day and night between the soul and the Supreme Soul. 

79.  in order to become the best, you have to finish the waste.  When the wastage is finished, you will experience that no matter what task the soul is performing, no matter what atmosphere or circumstances the soul is living in are like, even in the midst of an upheaval, it will remain in rest. Scientists nowadays, on the basis of their knowledge of science, are able to give others the experience of rest by giving them an injection at the time they experience sorrow, are they not?  In the same way, no matter how much uproar or how impure the atmosphere is, with the power of silence, because of having finished the wastage and having stabilised yourself in the stage of the best, you will constantly experience rest, that is, you will constantly experience yourself to be resting on the bed of peace and happiness.  There is a picture of the memorial of this: where there is the upheaval of ocean waves, and whilst being in the ocean, even whilst resting on a bed of snakes, that is, even whilst the atmosphere and the circumstances are of sorrow - a snake bites and gives sorrow - there is still the experience of rest.  This means that even when there are such situations and such an atmosphere which bite or shake you, and though the poison would make you unconscious, you must make such an atmosphere the bed of peace and happiness, that is, make that place a place of rest, that is, let the soul constantly maintain its stage of rest.  So, do you have the practical experience in your life of the image of the memorial? 

80.  whilst staying amidst the ocean of poison, to make the five vices a bed for your rest, peace and happiness, that is, to become the conquerors of the vices from now and for all time and remain engaged in the churning of knowledge and in celebrating a meeting with the Father: those who are stabilised in such a stage, that is, those who are constantly absorbed in the meeting with the Father are constantly free from obstacles.  If you are not absorbed in deep love, then there are definitely obstacles.  Are the obstacles now being defeated when attacking you or are you still defeated by the obstacles?  Are you practising "Charity begins at home", that is, have you made your companions this?  Who are your companions?  The companions of the Brahmin family.  After making your companions the same as yourself, you have to make them the same as the Father.  However, it is enough if you carry out the first stage of making them the same as you.

81.  there should be a balance between both light and might.  Simply having light will not do and simply having might will not do.  When there is the accurate balance of the two, then what blessing will all the children of the blind, with their light and might, give and what blessing will they receive?  (In the scriptures, it has been remembered that the Kaurav community, the children of the blind, were blind).  Give them the blessing of divine insight, the third eye. In fact, the donation of sight is said to be the most elevated donation.  If someone doesn't have sight, the world doesn't exist for him.  Call it the greatest donation of life (jeeya daan), a blessing (vardaan) or the greatest donation (mahadan), it is this.  So give the blind divine insight or the donation of the third eye

82.  check yourself: Have I become one who is only able to spread my light and might around myself, or am I one who can give light and might to the whole world?  To the extent that you are able to spread your light now, so you will claim a right to a kingdom accordingly small or large in the future.  If you become instrumental only to give a few souls light and might, then there also, you will only claim a right to rule over a few souls.  If you are a world server here, then you become a ruler of the world kingdom.

83.  only those who are not subservient now to their nature, sanskars or thoughts will claim a right.  Is someone who is, even now, subservient to his thoughts one who has claimed the right?  He is even subservient to his thoughts, is he not?  Therefore, you must now not be subservient to your thoughts, your nature or your sanskars. 

84.  Firstly, you have to renounce acceptance of praise and secondly, the external situations.  Some of you fluctuate because of the external situations and secondly, because of praise, you are not able to create that stage of yours.  Therefore, you have to imbibe the stage of the original self.  You have to renounce praise and the external situations.  You have to renounce them even from your thoughts.  Because of the external situations, you are not able to create your own stage.  Therefore, do not ever expect praise.  If you think about having your own praise here, then the praise that you would receive for half a kalpa would be reduced by 100%, because the temporary praise received now cuts out the permanent stage achieved.  Therefore, you must now not use the words "external situations", nor must you have any thoughts of receiving praise. The more humble you remain, the more successfully you will be able to carry out the task of renewal.  If there isn't humility, you would not be able to carry out the renewal.  In order to carry out the renewal, you first need to be humble.  Therefore, no matter what the task is or what the circumstances in front of you are, constantly remember one slogan.  There is the saying on the path of ignorance, "you first", which means that to make others move forward first is to make the self move forward.  For the self to bow down and teach the self, to make the self bow down, is to make the world bow down in front of oneself.  Therefore, let there always be this attitude, vision and words for one another: You first.  Do not ever forget this slogan.  Never through His thoughts, words or actions has BapDada ever taught you: "I first".  He always kept the children ahead.  He always placed this attitude and vision first.  If every soul who follows the father follows the father in this way, then they can become the rosary of 100% success around the neck of the Father.  If, instead of, "you first", you have the thought, "I first", even if one soul has this thought or even speaks or acts that it should be "I first", then understand that one bead from the rosary of success is broken.  Even if one bead of a rosary breaks, it affects the whole rosary.  Therefore, you have to make it firm for yourself in this aspect that together with the self, you also have to constantly try to make the gathering very successful in this lesson, so that not even one bead from the rosary of victory can become separated.  When you make such effort and carry out this task, then you will be able to hoist the flag of victory over your kingdom.

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