Sunday, 24 September 2017

Essence of Avyakt Murlis - step by step teachings of RajaYoga by Sri Sri God Shiva

Essence of Avyakt Murlis

1.The Elevated Spiritual Effort – To practice
Excerpts from the book: “Shrimat Bhagawad Gita”
Sri Sri Shiva Bhagawan Uvacha…….The Only Prevailing Truth about Raja Yoga:

2. The Titbits of Raja Yoga, Essential for Deep Healing...from the Bhagawad Gita of Sri Sri Shiv.

3. Am I enlightened or senseless on my spiritual effort?
- From 1969 Avyakt Murlis – Points to practice for 16 days spiritual Bhatti

4. Techniques, Powers and Benefits of Spiritual Practice (Consciousness – Attitude - Vision and Vision – Attitude - Consciousness)
-          from 1970 Avyakt Murli

5.  "The Unknown Purpose of Spirituality"
-from 1971 Avyakt Murlis

6. Self Transformation in a Spiritual Furnace Fueled by Yoga (Remembrance of God).
-          From 1971 Avyakt Murlis on 7 days Bhatti (yoga practice for self transformation)

7. Signs of Development in Spiritual Effort
-          From 1972 Avyakt Murlis

8. Godly Powers and its Application for Self and World Service
- based on 1973 Avyakt Murlis

9. Intense spiritual effort and God-like powers attained by checking and changing
….From Avyakt Murlis 1974

10. World transformation and signs of Maharathis, those who have constant attention and constant fire of love for God.
-          Based on 1975 Avyakt Murlis

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