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Intense spiritual effort and God-like powers attained by checking and changing

 Intense spiritual effort and God-like powers attained by checking and changing 
….From Avyakt Murlis 1974

  1. You have to stay in a bhatthi at every moment.  Achcha.

  1. Do you constantly and easily have your incorporeal form in your awareness?  Now, you should go into the depth of the practice of being the embodiment of this awareness…. you should go into the depth of your eternal virtues and the sanskars of your original form.  You speak of being the embodiment of bliss; so what is the stage of being that embodiment?  What is the experience of that?  What is the special attainment of being the embodiment of bliss?  What is known as bliss?  What is the visible effect of that stage on yourself and on other souls?  In this way, go into the depth of each virtue.  Just as those people go so deep to the bottom of the ocean and the deeper they go, the more things they find; so too, the more introverted and lost in yourself you remain, the more you will have many new experiences.  You will feel yourself to be lost in that.

  1. you should give the experience of the sweetness of your every virtue of your original form to all souls.  .. give the experience of every virtue.  You will only be able to do that when you yourself are lost in this ocean; so do you constantly remain lost in this?  Through this, you will easily become the embodiment of remembrance…  Now, there is a need to experience a lot more. 

  1. constantly experience yourselves to be subtle and incorporeal whilst being in the corporeal, the same as the Father?  By constantly having this experience, you will automatically go beyond the physical body and the old world.  You will experience yourself to be a detached observer up above and observing this old world to be like a game.  You should now have such a powerful stage for all time.  What would be visible when you see a soul who is stabilised in such a stage?  A lighthouse and a power-house.  Such souls are said to be world benefactors, the same as the Father. 

  1. Whoever comes in front of you should attain light and might as they move along; have you become such a treasure-store?  Have you become such a soul who is a great donor, a bestower of blessings, a donor of all virtues, a donor of all powers, one who colours others with the colour of spirituality, one who takes others beyond with just a glance, one who gives the third eye to the blind, one who shows the destination to those who are wandering, one who makes desperate souls cool, peaceful and the embodiment of bliss?  Do you maintain the intoxication of this target?  This is known as being the same as the Father.

  1. Unlimited attitude of being beyond should also be just as intense.  …  There is praise of the stage of being beyond doing karma even whilst enabling everything to happen; to be karmateet even whilst coming into connection and relationship with everyone: have you created such a stage?  There should be no attachment, and service should not be done out of attachment either, but as an instrument.  It is through this that you will become karmateet.  Now, begin winding up your task.  …  To wind up a task means to finish your attachments.  If you wind up everything in all directions and make yourself ever-ready, then because of your being ever-ready, destruction will also be ready. 

  1. the thought should emerge from the minds of you world-benefactor souls that there should be benefit for everyone very quickly, for only then will the completion take place.  Do you understand?  You have given sustenance; so now become the benefactors and liberate everyone.  Those who bring about destruction need the co-operation of the benefactor souls.  They need the signal of your thoughts.  Unless you become the form of fire, you cannot give the signal.  Therefore, now, together with preparations for the self, also make preparations for the transformation of the world.  This is your last task, because this is the task of those who are the embodiment of power. 

  1. Just as you bring the Father into the corporeal form from the subtle, in the same way, are you able to use every power for a task?  It is now the time to reveal all the powers.  Only when the powers are revealed will the sound of the drums of victory of the Shakti Army be heard.  ….What is the difference between your efforts through which you can recognise whether you are in the stage of being a maharathi or a horserider?  The main difference is that those who are maharathis will be able to recognise in advance any test papers or problems that come, before they come.  …..  A maharathi will not even allow an obstacle to come, that is, he will not even waste one second.  When you speak of constant yogis, what does constant mean?  There should not even be the difference of one second.  If Maya comes and you become busy in removing it, then there is a difference created between that and the stage of constantly remaining absorbed in deep love.  A maharathi means one who makes such elevated effort.  One who chases away from a distance anything that comes is the sign of being a maharathi. 

  1. Day by day, you will experience that when any obstacle is about to come, you will have a thought in the intellect that something is to happen.  Then to the extent that you are yogyukt and yuktiyukt, to that extent the obstacle that is to come will be clearly visible.  Such a mirror will be created. Who is called surrendered and a complete renunciate?  Those who have even renounced every trace of vice.  You are able to renounce the vices in a gross form, but the progeny of vice is extremely subtle; only those who renounce even the progeny of it are maharathis, that is, complete renunciates.  ….  The sign of a maharathi is that once he has surrendered everything, he has also surrendered body, mind, wealth, prosperity, time, relations and connections in that, has he not?  If even time is used for the self instead of in Baba's remembrance and His task, then the time that is used for the self is cut away…. 

  1. To use anything for the weakness of the self or for the effort of the self is like mixing something into that which has been entrusted to you.  Such deep and subtle effort is the sign of a maharathi.  Now, the maharathis have to use everything for world benefit.  Only then can they be called the great donors and the bestowers of blessings.  … Your wisdom will be experienced from your face.  And, from these signs, you will be able to see what number you will claim.  Achcha.  

  1. To be constantly co-operative means every thought and every breath should be used for Baba's task.  …  Your attitude and consciousness are co-operative in making you move forward in your efforts.  Your consciousness is created on the basis of your company, and your attitude is created on the basis of the atmosphere and environment.  Therefore, from amrit vela until night, you have this elevated company, the pure atmosphere and the peaceful environment.  When your company and atmosphere are both so elevated, your attitude and consciousness can become elevated.  Since you have this golden chance within the drama, are you taking that much advantage of it?

  1.  the reason for carelessness is lack of knowledge and lack of recognition.  Therefore, now, according to the closeness of time, become the embodiment of complete knowledge, for only then will you experience the fruit of knowledge.  Do you understand?…..  Become easy yogis to such an extent that on seeing you, others are able to have yoga.  The bossiness of one moment causes you to lose spirituality for the whole day, and so you should instantly move away from this.  Do brothers have bossiness as a birthright?  After all, all of you are souls!  Love can only be created with the understanding of being a soul. There, there will not be any bossiness in having the vision of brotherhood.  That is an iron-aged birthright, not a Godly birthright.  Do not see anyone as a sister or a brother, because accidents can take place even through this.  Therefore, constantly see everyone as a soul.  This is why you are made to practise this vision.  The Pandavs melted from the awareness of being male.  What is the meaning of melting with the body?  It means to melt the consciousness of the body.  The memorial of the Pandavs is that they all melted.  When you melt gold, gold will remain gold, but its form will have changed.  So, they melted, that is, their form changed.  And so, finish bossiness.  Achcha.

  1. what is the sign of the stage of ascent?  It is to be constantly absorbed in love and to be a destroyer of obstacles.  Are you experiencing both these signs in yourself?  Instead of becoming a destroyer of obstacles, you don't come down from your stage when you see any obstacles, do you?  Do all the different types of storms that come create upheaval in your intellect?  When you receive a gift from someone, it doesn't cause upheaval in the intellect, but it creates enthusiasm.  In the same way, do the storms that come increase your enthusiasm or do they increase your upheaval?  If you consider the storm to be a storm, there will be upheaval, whereas if you consider or experience it to be a gift, then your enthusiasm and courage will increase multifold.  This is the sign of the stage of ascent.  Instead of being afraid, by going into the depth you will attain many new jewels of experiences from the ocean of tests.  Do you have this experience?  Having the thoughts, "What is happening?  Why is this happening?  This will not do." is known as upheaval.  Jewels are merged in the upheaval.  When you look at them on the surface with the vision and intellect of extroversion, you will see and experience it as upheaval, but by looking at the same thing with the vision and intellect of introversion, you will attain many types of jewels of knowledge, points of knowledge……..If, even now, you have the questions of "why, what" etc, it means there is upheaval.  It is essential for obstacles to come, and if it also remains in the intellect to the same extent that it is essential for the obstacles to come, then a maharathi also remains cheerful to the same extent.  "Nothing new", is the final stage.  ….  Are those who are stable, constant and in solitude, that is, those who know the depth of the Creator and the creation and have the trikaldarshi stage, stabilised in a comfortable stage peacefully?  Or, does upheaval of the sense organs make your internal stage fluctuate?  When the physical ocean is able to show both the forms, can the master oceans of knowledge not show both forms also?  ….  Only when amazing things come to you in the form of questions in the final paper will you be able to pass or fail.  The paper is when you do not have any questions in your intellect.  And it is a paper of just one second.  When you have to question "why?", it will make you stand in the queue of being part of the moon dynasty.  …. there should be the practice of remaining stable in a constant stage at all times.  Don't begin to look after the seat of problems, but whilst seated on your seat, face the problems.  Now, the problems remind you of your seat.  When obstacles come, you have special yoga and bhatthis, do you not?  This proves that your enemy reminds you of your weapons; and that you do not have natural and constant remembrance.  Are you constant yogis or yogis who still experience the difference?  Your title is "constant yogi", is it not?  No enemy should come and neither should any problem oppose you.  To become a thorn from a crucifix is also not the final stage.  Change the crucifix into a thorn and then burn the thorn with the fire of yoga from a distance.  It is not the final stage when you have to remove a thorn that has pricked you.  Finish the thorns with your perfect and complete stage.  This is the final stage.  Whilst keeping such an aim, make your stage move forward in the stage of ascent.  Maharathis have reached the stage of experiencing a big thing to be something small numberwise, according to their capacity.  You now have to reach the destination where even the slightest trace and its progeny are finished……stage of Angad, the unshakeable one, do you?  If you come to a standstill in this way, then those who come last will go ahead fast.  Whenever snow settles on a mountain and the roads are blocked, you cannot go ahead, and so you have to make effort to melt or move the ice.  Here also, if you become set like ice, it proves that you lack the fire of yoga.  Intensify the fire of yoga and the path will become clear.  Keep in your intellect the points of courage and enthusiasm that you have received and the path will become clear. 

  1. When all three lights are sparkling brightly and visibly, then you can understand that you are able to grant visions.  The light of purity, the light of completely pure and divine drishti and the light of the jewel on the forehead: these three are the main things that make you complete.  So ask yourself to what extent there is satopradhan, soul conscious vision and the sparkle of purity in your every thought, word and action.  Have you become one who is constantly the embodiment of remembrance? 

  1. "If not now, then never."  Then, it should be from now, should it not?  This year, create a unique plan.  But first, are the images that grant visions ready…  First of all, create a practical plan to make yourself complete, and success will personally come in front of you easily.

  1. Together with the physical means, there has to be the subtle method.  And, together with the plans, let there be remembrance and a plain stage.  You have to move forward considering these things to be your responsibility, that is, you have to perform action with this awareness.  …..  Do the maryadas you have been given for your awareness, your attitude, vision and actions from amrit vela remain clearly and constantly in the intellects of all of you?  Do you put every thought into practice according to the maryadas?  This is the practical form of the last-and-so-fast means of service.

  1. What is the first challenge which no one else has yet been able to issue nor would be able to do so?  The first challenge is of purity.  Even whilst interacting with connections and relationships, there should be no weakness even in thought in this first challenge.  What is the first promise?  The promise is "I will break all connections with others and have all relationships with You alone" and "I will eat with You, I will sit with You", and "Mine is one God and none other".  It is the same thing.  The first promise and the first challenge have a connection with each other.  How much attention do you pay to both of these?  You do not have any tension in this first aspect, do you?  You are not maharathis in this battle, are you?  To be a maharathi does not mean to stay in tension, but to constantly pay attention.  The first influence is of this special aspect, because this is the one thing that will make the impossible possible.  Do you have strong points in creating the first impression?  Or are you even now compelled by your own sanskars?  It is not possible for those who are compelled by their own sanskars to free others from their compulsion for all time. 

  1. Since you have a right to the inheritance, what is the sign of one who has all rights?  One who has all rights would constantly be like the Father, a benefactor, merciful, a great donor, a donor of virtues, one who grants a vision of the Father through his every thought, word and practical action like the Father.  For such souls who have all rights, the praise is that nothing is lacking in their life.  The vision of those who are complete in everything is not drawn towards anything.  They constantly stay in spiritual intoxication.  They will be beyond having any wasteful thoughts; their intellect and vision will not be drawn in other directions and they will remain free from all types of worry.  They will constantly be playing with the treasures received from the Father.  They don't even have the time to have any other thoughts, because they constantly remain busy in imbibing and distributing to others the treasures they have received from the Father.  The greatest business, the greatest donation and the greatest charity is this. 

  1. Can those who do not have control over their essential, close and live powers; their thoughts, mind and intellect; can those who do not have all rights and who are not victorious, become the victorious jewels who have the right to world sovereignty?  Can a kingdom, in which the main one is not one who has all rights, remain constant, unshakeable and free from obstacles?  If the mind and intellect, the closest powers of the soul, the main ones who rule the kingdom, the workers, are not under your control, what would you call such workers?  …  Only those who glorify BapDada's name can become complete, the same as the Father.  Achcha.

  1.  At this time, does everyone have the desire to listen or to become the same?  After listening, by merging everything, you become the same.  And by merging everything, you automatically develop the power to face.  With the power to face, you automatically attain the power to attain liberation from all desires.  Do you experience yourselves to be liberated souls in this way?  No type of bondage is pulling you towards itself, is it?  Only those who are free from bondages can be yogyukt.  If the bondage of any sanskar, any person or any material comfort pulls you towards itself, then you cannot be constantly pulled by Baba's remembrance.  Whilst a soul is under an external influence, it is said that that soul is under another influence.  To be under another influence is a royal form of an evil spirit, the same as the five evil spirits. 

  1. Those why try to prove themselves, that is, those who are stubborn can never become well-known.  Those who are stubborn in wanting to prove themselves right can never be successful.  Those who are to attain success keep themselves humble, gentle and also pick up virtues from everyone.  You keep the aim of becoming well-known and yet your effort is of becoming distant; and so check yourself.  You need to have subtle checking.  For any maharathi to experience something to be difficult means he is not a maharathi.  With his own co-operation and co-operation from the Father, a maharathi will make the difficulties of others very easy.  Maharathis can never have questions in their thoughts: "Why is this like this?  Why is this like that?"  Instead of asking, "how?", they will always say, "like this", because they are master knowledge-full and trikaldarshi.  So check yourself in these aspects.  "How can I do this?  How will this be possible?"  You should not have these questions either for yourself or for others.  Only when your questions for both have finished can you constantly remain satisfied, content and cheerful.  Now, do you understand what the qualifications of a maharathi are?  They are no less in doing anything.  ….Do not become beggars who ask for something in any aspect; become the bestowers.  Do not have any desire of asking for name, regard, praise or seniority.  When you beg for something, then just as for the beggars of today, no one gives anything, but instead chases them away, in the same way, souls who beg for something in a royal way automatically distance themselves from all souls. 

22.  In life, the main attainments are elevated relationships, elevated connections, true love and all types of wealth and success.  Check all these five main aspects in yourself.  With whom have you forged a relationship?  Throughout the entire kalpa, can you attain a relationship more elevated that this one?  In relationships, the main thing is to have an eternal relationship.  All relationships with the eternal Father are eternal.  Did you ever find a relationship through which you were able to attain the attainment of all relationships?  So, are you complete with all relationships? Secondly, connection means company, that is, a companion.  Why do you have a companion?  Why do you have a connection and with whom do you have a connection?  You have a companion at a time of need, at a time of difficulty, for support and co-operation, for bringing happiness into your mind when going through an unhappy stage, and to share your unhappiness.  Did you find such a true companion or such elevated connections for which you had kept this aim?  Such a companion who is altruistic, who does not have any favouritism, who is eternal and who is powerful?  Did you ever find such a companion?  Or, can you find such relationships?  What company is remembered as the eternal, true and elevated company?  Have you found the true company and relationship with Parasnath, the Lord of Divinity, the One who changes iron into real gold, or are you still missing this? 

23.  What is the main method to attain true love and the love of all relationships with One?  What main things are essential in order to attain your rights?  "To belong to the one Father and none other".  …..  You take off the crown, and you carry instead a heavy basket of wasteful thoughts and wasteful words.  You become crownless! 

24.  Are you able to stabilise yourself in the stage of retirement and go beyond sound in one second?  In the same way as you easily come into sound, are you able to go beyond sound just as easily?  No matter what the situations are, what the circumstances are, or what the storms of the elements are like, whilst all these are taking place, whilst seeing them, hearing about them and experiencing them, are you able to remain unshakeable, constant and peaceful internally to the same extent as the external storms?  ….  Even though there may be various reasons, you should be an embodiment of solutions.  This is called the visible, practical form of effort. 

25.  In being equal to the Father, there are three stages numberwise.  One is to be equal, next is to be close and the third stage is to be in front of.  Where have you reached?  The sign of those who are equal is that, in one second, they are able to do whatever they want and how they want and are doing this.  The second stage is of being able to set themselves in a few seconds, rather than just one second.  The third stage is of being able to set themselves in a few hours or a few days.  Those who are equal to the Father, who are constantly equal to the Father, know and accept the importance of the self, the importance of all the powers of the self, the numberwise stage of all the effort-makers and the importance of the donation of virtues, the donation of the wealth of knowledge and of one's own time.  They are embodiments of knowledge who know their own actions, their sanskars and their nature.  Have you become such embodiments of knowledge?

26.  It is easy to understand and conquer the five vices, but to remain beyond the attraction of the five elements takes special effort for the maharathis.  Only when you know these ten things and attain victory over them will you be able to celebrate the true Dashera (burning of ten-headed Ravan). 

27.  When accurate and diplomatic words do not emerge from the mouth, do you know what experience others have or are you not aware of that?  …From this moment, wasteful words, words of expansion, words that waste your time, and words that blame others for your own weaknesses should be finished for all time.  … elevated versions are not of expansion, but they are essence-full.  Do you speak such words that are filled with essence, diplomacy, yoga, power, love, self-respect and awareness?  (saryukt, yuktiyukt, yogyukt, shaktiyukt, snehyukt, swamanyukt and smritiyukt)…… Let alone words of waste, you also have to check whether the words that emerge from your lips are beneficial for yourself and for everyone else.  However, according to the stage of the present time, no such words in which there is no benefit should emerge from your lips.  ….  Day by day, the words that emerge from those who are becoming maharathis and mahavirs numberwise, according to effort, will become the truth.  This does not happen at the moment because, at present, there is a lot of wastage and ordinary things emerging…… In the same way, from amrit vela until night, you also write an essay of your accounts through your practical thoughts, words and actions, that is, it is recorded in the drama through your actions.  Every night, check everything that was recorded or written as to how impressive and powerful it was and check how much was wasted.  Do you have such checking?.......Therefore, consider it to be your responsibility and give it that importance and pay attention to every word you speak.  You may speak in an ordinary way, but because the words of you elevated souls come true, you bring loss to many souls.  This is why, on the path of bhakti, together with the blessing, there is also the memorial of the curse.  You are not giving them a curse, but your ordinary activity and words automatically become instruments to bring a loss.  That is, because of your words and actions, ordinary souls who hear your words or see your activity go into the stage of descent, that is, they go into a stage whereby they stop making effort completely.  In this way, they are cursed by you……..That time has now gone by.  Now, your every breath, every thought, every second, every action, all the powers, all the Godly sanskars, your elevated nature and all the treasures you have attained so far should only be used for world service.  …..  So, in the future, the words, attitude, vision, atmosphere, environment and gathering of truth will be visible very clearly, that is, the Brahmin family will become like a palace of mirrors.  The final result will automatically be announced in this way.

28.  To realise something, to repent for something or to ask for forgiveness for something are the same thing.  This is why, in order to lighten yourself and bring about transformation, a method has been created to tell Baba everything.  With this method, the increase of sins is reduced.  …Therefore, on the basis of realisation, become very clear now, that is, lighten yourself of any burden, for only then will you be able to become the form of double light, the angelic form and the embodiment of soul consciousness.

29.   make your vision spiritual and divine, vision in which there isn't the slightest trace of arrogance of the body, not even in your thoughts, would you be able to make yourself like this?  Or, would you take time to become this?  If, instead of one second, you take two seconds, would you be called ever-ready?  If you receive the order that, on the basis of your elevated awareness, you have to transform the awareness of all souls, would you be ever-ready to do this?  If you receive the order to instantly transform the present atmosphere with your Godly awareness, would you be able to do this?  If you receive the order to transform the circumstances of souls who are under the influence of their circumstances with your present stage of an almighty authority, would you be able to do this?  If you receive the order to become a master creator and have good wishes and pure feelings for your creation, to satisfy the needs of the beggar souls according to their desires and to become a great donor and a bestower of blessings, would you be able to make everyone content?  Or would some be content and some deprived?  Do you experience yourself to be overflowing with the treasure-stock of all powers?  Do you constantly have all the weapons in your hands?  All the weapons means all the powers.  If even one weapon or power is missing, or if there is weakness in one power, would such a soul be called ever-ready?  Just as the Father is ever-ready, that is, He is complete with all powers, are you following the Father in the same way? …….First is the ever-ready group of those who are to be threaded in the rosary of victory.  They constantly have the rosary of victory around themselves with faith and intoxication.  To be constantly victorious is the first sign of the rosary.  In the same way, children who are ever-ready will constantly be decorated with this awareness.  The second sign is that they will always be detached observers, wearing the armour of constant companions.  All the powers of those who are ever-ready will be companions and officers who accept their orders.  As soon as they receive the order, all the powers will say: Yes my lord.  Their forehead will be constantly visibly sparkling with the awareness of the soul, that is, the jewel on the forehead will visibly be sparkling.  On the basis of having spiritual light and might, their eyes will become instruments to show all souls the path to mukti and jeevanmukti.  Their smiling face will enable others to forget their sorrow and make them cheerful in one second.  ……know the importance of every second and every thought and make yourself great.  Use the power to recognise for the self and for service, for only then will you be able to finish all your own weaknesses, and make others complete according to their desires, and become a great donor and a bestower of blessings.

30.  considering yourselves to be just light and might, but the lighthouses and might-houses, that is, the bestowers who give light and might.  However, you can only become this when you have accumulated such a stock within yourself.  If you, yourself, cannot constantly be an embodiment of light and cannot constantly be stabilised in the form of a lighthouse, then you cannot give light to others as a lighthouse.  How can those who are master almighty authorities and yet not able to use all the powers for themselves become the might-houses and donate all the powers to others?  Ask yourself: Have I become a lighthouse and a might-house?  If any souls come in front of you with the desire to attain a particular power, are you able to give them that power?  If someone comes to you with the desire to attain the power to tolerate or the power to make decisions, but instead you donate to them the power to accommodate or the power to discriminate, if you are not able to give that soul the power to tolerate which he needs at that time, would you be called a great donor, a bestower of blessings and a world benefactor?  …….  If a soul needs the power to merge and you give that soul the power to expand or you give that soul other powers, and are not able to give that soul the power he needs, would that soul be satisfied?  Would that soul consider you to be a world benefactor?  For example, if a soul is thirsty for water and you offer him thirty-six varieties of food, would someone who is thirsty for water be content with thirty-six varieties of food and would he give thanks to you?  If, instead of water, you even give someone a diamond, but, at that time, the value of one drop of water is even greater than many diamonds, would he be content?  In the same way, if you haven't accumulated a stock of all the powers, you would not be able to become the jewels of contentment who make everyone content, and other souls would not consider you to be the bestowers of life, the bestowers of all powers.  ….. 

31.  Which are the four titles of the four subjects?  Firstly, in the subject of knowledge, the title for a clever soul is, master sun of knowledge, knowledge-full or swadarshanchakradhari; they are all the same thing.  Secondly, the title for one who is accurately yuktiyukt and yogyukt on the pilgrimage of remembrance is powerful, because through remembrance, you attain the blessing of all powers.  The title of those who continue to move along accurately on the pilgrimage of remembrance is of being powerful.  The third subject is divine virtues.  Which title would you give to those who are the embodiment of all virtues?  Their title is, the essence-full ones (they keep the essence of everything) who spread the fragrance of divine virtues. 

32.  the extent that you are knowledge-full, are you also just as powerful?  Because of not having an accurate balance in this, even though you are aware of it, you are not able to do what you want.  Those who are not able to check themselves are not able to give blessings to themselves.  They are neither able to take blessings from the Father, nor are they able to give blessings to others.  This is why those souls miss out on the title of being those who maintain a balance and thereby remain blissful.  They are not able to create their sanskar of checking.  Therefore, neither checking nor change takes place.  Those who cannot become checkers cannot become makers; they neither become the makers of the self nor of other souls.  Nor do they become the makers of the world.  They cannot claim a right to the praise of being one who creates the new world and a new life.  Therefore, now become a checker.  ….At present, two main weaknesses are visible in the majority.  You will be able to finish these and become the embodiment of success over the two of them when you accomplish this task.  The weaknesses are laziness and carelessness.  The method of finishing these weaknesses is to become a checker….  Laziness and the royal form of carelessness are obstructions to becoming victorious in attaining the perfect stage. 

33.  Baba was seeing the speciality of all the special and fortunate souls. Some do not even know their own speciality accurately.  Some know their speciality, but they do not use it in action, whereas others know of their speciality, but they are not able to be stable in that speciality. They sometimes become special souls and sometimes ordinary souls. There are only a few, only a handful out of the many souls of the Brahmin family, who know their speciality, maintain their speciality and use that speciality, that is, who constantly remain co-operative with the yagya by using their speciality. Such co-operative souls are deeply loved by BapDada. Such souls are constantly simple yogis and easy-natured yogis, easy yogis and natural yogis.  From their form, you can very clearly see the intoxication and happiness of being a close child of the Almighty Authority, that is, from their forehead, their eyes and their every action, you constantly experience the signs of their being complete with all attainments. Their intellect is constantly engaged in their awareness of becoming the same as the Father. Every footstep of such souls is automatically in BapDada's footstep….Three main things were visible in such souls.  What are they?  The Trimurti-loving souls who fulfil the responsibility of all three relationships will be complete in three aspects.  What would be their speciality in relationship with the Father?  Always doing as the Father says (following the Father's guidance).  What would be their speciality in relationship with the Teacher?  Faithful and honest in following His teachings.  And in relationship with the Satguru, they would be those who obey every direction.  These three specialities would be clearly visible in such Trimurti-loving souls.  …..Since you are master almighty authorities, become an authority in finishing your wasteful thoughts.  …… 

34.  First of all, ask your own self:  Are my thoughts under my law and order?  Is my nature under law and order?  If these are lawless, can you claim a right to being a master almighty authority?  An almighty authority is never under the influence of anything outside.  Have you become like this?.....The more checking at a subtle level you carry out on yourself, the higher the status you are booking for yourself in the future.  ….. the main effort needed now is to check yourself at every moment, in every aspect, in every subject and in the speciality of every relationship. 

35.  easy yoga, constant yoga, karma yoga and buddhi yoga.  How do you praise these?  Just as in the field of medicine or in the military, they have various grades, in the same way, here amongst the yogis, there are the karma yogis and the buddhi yogis.  Here also, some have all the qualifications whereas others have one or two qualifications, but not all of them.  Some have yoga of the intellect but they do not have karma yoga, or some have karma yoga but are not easy yogis.  Those who are not constantly aware of gyan cannot be called a gyan yogi.  Here also, you receive the one title, and so you have to imbibe within yourself the praise of yoga that you relate to others.  For example, Raja Yoga means to conquer your physical organs and to rule them so that the soul receives an elevated status in the future.  Only when a Raja Yogi has powerful yoga can he be called a Raja Yogi, otherwise he would only be called a yogi, but not a Raja Yogi.  So check whether you are a yogi who has imbibed all the titles. 

36.  The time spent in sleeping by those who are maharathis, that is, those who are able to pass with honour, is also accounted in the yogyukt stage.  Their stage will be as though they have finished their part and they themselves are in Paramdham, and they will experience yoga whilst sleeping.  There is the memorial that Brahmins were created from the brahm element.  You become deities from Brahmins, but Brahmins being created from brahm means, that at the time of going to sleep, you have finished your part, become detached from the physical organs and returned home to the land beyond, the brahm element.  And when you wake up at amrit vela, you will feel that you have taken support of the body in order to play your part.  And so, that means you have come as a Brahmin from the brahm element.  From here, you will directly become a deity, but this is the praise of the eight jewels of this time.  You saw the father and mother Saraswati in the sakar form: on what basis did they claim the first and second number?  Income was accumulated by them at the time of sleep, was it not?  Even in the name of sleep, they used to experience that they were not sleeping, but awake.  Their tiredness would be removed also because when the soul was awake and earning an income it did not experience any tiredness. 

37.  You need the power to discriminate (discern).  When you know the time to make the right decision, and what form you need according to that, you will then be able to become victorious.  In order to develop the power to discriminate, what main effort is needed?  The main thing needed is cleanliness and honesty in the deep love of your intellect.  The cleaner something is, the more clearly visible everything is through that.  That is, you are easily able to discern.  However, here, it is not just general cleanliness, but cleanliness in terms of what?  Cleanliness in terms of truth.  The more cleanliness there is in the love of the intellect, that is, the more honesty and cleanliness you have imbibed, the more easily you will be able to discern. 

38.  Today, Baba, the Sun of Knowledge, is seeing the line of fortune on the forehead of each star.  In a lokik way, when the bhagats see someone's horoscope from the hand, they look at four main things.  Here also, four main things are seen from the forehead.  Firstly, it is seen how clear and how unlimited the line of the intellect is.  Secondly, it is seen, at every moment, to what extent you are imbibing the wealth of knowledge, to what extent you are free from the obstacles of the suffering of karma through the body, and to what extent, from the moment you died alive until now, you are free from obstacles in having a constant link of love through your mind.  Thirdly, it is seen whether the lifespan of the awareness of your elevated Brahmin birth is long or short.  If you continue to have remembrance, you are alive; if you keep forgetting, you reach the point of death.  On the basis of this, you can tell whether your life-span is long or short.  Fourthly, it is seen, in your life of dying alive, to what extent you have been fortunate in terms of love, relationships, connections and all powers.  To what percentage has your line of fortune been unbroken?  To what extent are you an embodiment of success, regular and punctual, in your study and earning?  For how many souls have you been a great donor, a bestower of blessings and a benefactor?  That is, is your line of donating and performing charity long or short?  From all these things, Baba is seeing the present and the future of each star.

39.  Generally, any ordinary soul who attains temporary success maintains so much authority.  Whether it is success in: constantly being free from illness, being able to control the elements, making a poor, unhappy and peaceless soul constantly happy and wealthy with imperishable wealth, making a weak soul very strong, being able to stabilise and control your thoughts as and how you wish, in one second, being able to control the five vices in the form of the great evil spirits, being able to make those who are without sight trinetri, making souls who have become unconscious through the distress of various circumstances, conscious, through your own stage; that is, giving them the donation of life, showing the destination, once and for all, to souls who are wandering, increasing the life-span of many births, saving someone from untimely death, attaining the fortune of the kingdom, crown and throne, how much intoxication should be experienced by a soul who has attained all the powers of success through using the right method!....  As long as you want or need to experience Baba's mercy, you will not be able to be merciful towards others.  Those who themselves take cannot be bestowers, just as a beggar cannot make another beggar full.  Yes, on the basis of some powers, they would be able to create a temporary influence, but they would not be able to make someone else complete in everything for all time.  They can give an experience to the point where a soul would say, "it is good, it is good", but they cannot bring them to the stage of becoming completely ignorant of desire.  ….  A soul who is dependent on the elements, situations, people or material comforts cannot make another soul claim all rights to everything.  Therefore, know all your powers of success and use them.  But just use them as an instrument.  Forget the consciousness of "I", and on the basis of shrimat, use all your powers of success.  If you use any of your powers of success with the consciousness of "I", then what is the saying for that?  "To use occult power is dangerous and causes a loss to the self".  That is, instead of claiming a high status, you experience punishment.  If you are not a detached observer, then there is punishment.  Therefore, constantly be an embodiment of awareness and an embodiment of the powers of success.  Do you understand?  Achcha.

40.  What is the reason for bringing the soul from the incorporeal or avyakt stage into the corporeal form?  First is the bondage of karma, second is the bondage of relations, third is the bondage of the part of the physical world and the bondage of the body.  As soon as the costume is ready, the soul is pulled from the old costume into the new costume.  So just think about all these bondages.  From the vyakt form to the avyakt form, the bondage of the part of establishment is being carried out with even greater speed.  Now, within this kalpa, there aren't the bondages of attraction to the body of others; as a bodily being, he has finished the bondages of all the karmic accounts.  Since the soul has become free from all karmic accounts, the physical body and the physical world cannot pull the soul.  Just as when scientists go beyond the pull of gravity into space the earth cannot pull them, in the same way, as long as the time for playing his part in the new kalpa, in a new life and in the new world, has not come, until then, this soul is completely free and is free from physical bondages.  Do you understand?... The main law for the spiritual army is never to look at their own body or at other bodily beings, but to take every step looking towards the Father.  This is the main law for the spiritual army.  If you look at any bodily being or at your own body even slightly, then you will not be able to reach your destination of reaching the Father and meeting the Father. 

41.  The first intoxication is of the karmateet stage, that is, to be beyond all karmic bondages, to be detached and have the elements working as instruments.  In this way, you will experience the karmateet stage.  ….The more you stabilise yourself in your original stage and your elevated stage, the more you become the embodiment of knowledge and have a stage that is complete with all virtues, unshakeable, stable, firm and constant, the more the fluctuation in your thoughts will finish.  …..  You will be free from the weak thought as to whether Maya will defeat you or whether you will be victorious or not, because you will be able to see it in front of you. 

42.  By wasting the treasures of your thoughts, words, time and powers, you accumulate the burden of waste, just as when you waste anything or any food of the yagya, you accumulate a burden.  Baba has given you this time of this life of having died alive for world service.  All powers have been given to you for the self and for the benefit of the world; the mind has been given to you to have pure thoughts, and that body has been given to you for doing the service of bringing benefit to the world.  Therefore, are the body, mind and wealth you have given to Baba yours?  Whatever you have given to the Father now belongs to the Father, does it not?  Baba has then given them to you for world service.  The mind has been given to you so that you can purify the atmosphere and the environment by using your elevated thoughts.  In the same way, if you use a Godly gift, that is, something given to you by God, in a wasteful way, would you not accumulate a burden?.....  That mind and body which is the supreme prasad offered to the Supreme Soul has been given to you by the Father, and so would you not accumulate a burden by wasting it?  Just as the speed of time is accelerating, in the same way, the speed of attaining or creating a burden through your effort is also accelerating.  This is known as the depth of the philosophy of karma.  Today, Baba has told you about the philosophy of karma through which you will be able to attain salvation.  Now do you understand what are the signs of coming close to your target?  And also, the method to come close to your target?BapDada also has mercy to make everyone complete and perfect now.  However, even the Creator is bound by the bondage of maryadas and Godly disciplines.  Even Baba cannot disobey the maryadas.  Baba has to observe the principle of: whoever does something receives the return of it.  Yes, there is scope for Him to a hundred-fold return of one.  By your maintaining courage, He can help, but He cannot do anything else.  Achcha.

43.  Those who become content with just a little are called bhagats.  Children have a right to all relationships and all attainments.  Souls who attain this right and are knowledgeable and yogi souls are loved by the Father.  Ask yourself: Do you have love for such a Father?  Have you become incorporeal, egoless, viceless, a conqueror of attachment and embodiment of remembrance like the Father?  What sign would be experienced in those who are to become the embodiment of remembrance?  They will constantly be the embodiment of total power……..  Stabilise yourself in the stage of being master knowledge-full and a master almighty authority and all types of queues will finish and there will then be queues of your subjects and bhagats in front of each of you.  How can that queue begin whilst you are still busy in these queues?  Therefore, now stabilise yourself in your stage, remove yourself from all these queues.  Constantly use your time in staying in the deep love of celebrating a meeting with the Father, and remain absorbed in love and then all these things will finish.  Now Baba will respond to all these requests and complaints another time, so that there will be no need to ask these questions time and again and thereby waste your time.  Achcha.

44.  Do you consider yourselves to be the great donors, those with all rights to all powers, and to be seated on all three thrones received from the Father?  What are the three thrones?  One is the throne of an emperor of the land free from sorrow, the throne of a detached observer, that is, the stage of stabilising yourself on the seat of a detached observer.  The second is the throne of a powerful master almighty authority who gives the proof of becoming equal to the Father, the throne of Baba's heart.  The third is the throne of the future world emperor.  Have you claimed a right to all these three thrones?  What would be the present stage of someone who has claimed all these three thrones?  Tell Baba three signs of the three thrones….

45.  What would be the main sign of the throne of one who is a detached observer?  At every step and in every thought, he would constantly experience BapDada to be a Companion.  To the extent that you experience companionship, accordingly, you will remain unshakeable, stable and in supersensuous joy.  Your every word will feel as though spoken with the Father.  Just as Bap and Dada are such constant companions that you cannot separate them even if you wanted to; sometimes you experience the companionship of both to be so close that it is as though they are one; in the same way, the company between two should be that of oneness; not that you are one, but that you are equal.  People have taken the word "equal" (saman) to mean "to merge" (samana).  So, do you experience yourself to be BapDada's companion in this way?  Do you follow the Father?  Since you are following the Father, you should be able to experience the stage of being an observer and of having companionship at every step and at every second.  Only those who experience being an observer can be seated on the throne.  Secondly, someone seated on Baba's heart-throne would be a worthy soul, that is, a soul who would give the proof of following BapDada in their thoughts, words and actions and with their body, mind and wealth.  The third is to be a world emperor and to be seated on the throne of the kingdom of the world.  Such a soul would not only be a conqueror of the physical organs, but would also be a conqueror of matter, the elements.  Such a soul who is a conqueror of sinful actions, a conqueror of the physical organs and a conqueror of matter, becomes a conqueror of the world.  Have you become one who is seated on all three thrones?  If you have claimed a right to all three thrones, then such a soul who has claimed all rights would never be standing in a queue in front of the Father.  Anyone who is in any type of queue would never have the attainment of any type of rights……Since Baba has given all the powers to the children, how can a child who is a master make a request?  Just as Baba is able to open the lock on anyone's intellect and able to change anyone's sanskar, aren't you able to do the same?  Has the lock on your intellect opened?  You would not say "no" to this.  ……What is the key to open the lock on the intellect?  All the powers are the key.  ……  If you stabilise yourself in the stage of being master knowledge-full and in the stage of being trikaldarshi, would you have any complaints?  Would you be able to experience meeting Baba in the sakar form by complaining?  Can a part that has finished for now be repeated?  It can only repeat after five thousand years.  One who is stable in the stage of being knowledge-full would never complain about anything.  Complaints mean a lack of knowledge and a lack of light and might.  Thirdly, the queue of other complaints you make is a long one.  You make various complaints.  You are not able to have yoga; you have many waste thoughts; you are not able to imbibe a particular power.  What is the reason for these complaints?  Waste thoughts.  This is the main complaint visible in the majority.  The second main complaint is that your attitude and vision cause mischief.  Both these complaints will remain unless you listen carefully to the directions you receive in the murli every day and imbibe them.  The main reason for having waste thoughts is that you lack the treasure of knowledge that you receive from the Father every day.  If you keep your intellect busy in playing with the jewels of knowledge, if you are looking at the treasures of knowledge and remembering the knowledge throughout the day, then could waste thoughts come?  First of all, ask yourself: Throughout the day, is my intellect busy in churning knowledge and making plans for world benefit?

46.  In a lokik way also, when the intellect is engaged in a particular task, then because the intellect is busy, other thoughts or matters don't emerge in the intellect.  ….You have been told of three tasks: 1) the task of churning knowledge, 2) the task of destroying your sins and 3) the task of world benefit.  All these three are special and unlimited tasks.  As long as the intellect has all this work, how can it remain free?  How can you spare any time?  Have you finished the task of world benefit?  Have you destroyed your sins?  …… Set your own timetable or be your own teacher and give yourself some homework, just like a teacher gives homework to a student. 

47.  The attitude and vision cause mischief in thoughts, dreams and deeds.  Why do the attitude and vision cause mischief?  What is the reason why anything causes mischief?  Why does anything fluctuate?  It fluctuates because there is room for fluctuation.  When something is full and complete, will it shake?  Therefore, the reason why your attitude and vision cause mischief is that you lack the awareness that Baba has reminded you of; there is a margin for forgetfullness and this is why there is upheaval and mischief.  If you are constantly the embodiment of remembrance and your awareness is complete, your vision and attitude cannot have any margin to cause mischief.  For this, you forget a very short slogan.  In the world also, it is said: "See no evil, think no evil and hear no evil."  If you constantly keep this slogan in your awareness and put it into your practical life, that is, to see the body is to see evil, to think of bodily beings or have thoughts about them is evil, to speak to others while considering them to be bodily beings is evil; if you put this ordinary slogan into your practical life, your vision and attitude cannot cause mischief.  Whenever your attitude and vision cause mischief, you should ask yourself: Have I not attained all the sweetness of all relationships from Baba?  Is there any sweetness missing due to which my vision and attitude are causing mischief?  If you experience from the Father the sweetness of the relationship which is causing mischief in your vision and attitude, would your vision be drawn anywhere else?  For instance, when the vision of a male is drawn towards a female or vice versa, can the Father not adopt all forms?  Can you, as the bride or bridegroom, not experience the sweetness of supersensuous joy from the Father, as the Bride or Bridegroom, who brings you into constant awareness and power?  Because of not having the experience of the sweetness and love of all relationships with the Father, your vision and attitude cause mischief towards bodily beings.  At such a time, you should bring the Dharamraj form of the Father in front of you and consider yourself to be a resident of extreme hell or a dirty insect.  If you look in front of you, there is a master almighty authority, but look at what you have become in that instant!  Imagine your form to be that of a dirty insect, that is, a resident of extreme hell, and compare that which you were yesterday with what you have become today.  What have I become after being seated on the throne?  What am I taking whilst letting go of the throne and the crown?  Dirt.  So what do you become at that moment?  What is someone who looks at dirt or imbibes dirt?  What do you call someone who does dirty work?  ….  If, after becoming so knowledge-full, your vision and attitude cause mischief, you would be considered to be more degraded than a bhagat soul.  Even bhagats are able to stabilise their vision with some yukti.  But master knowledge-full souls fall even lower than bhagat souls.  Would anyone become the subject of such a soul?  ……Keep your photo with yourself; that of someone picking up dirt and carrying basket upon basket of rubbish; keep such an image in your intellect.  When your vision and attitude cause mischief, look at this image.  Similarly, BapDada had all of you take a photo of your future reward so that on seeing this photo, you would be able to remember your activities.  When you see such a picture, would you not be ashamed or embarrassed?  On one side, keep a picture of a master almighty authority and on the other side, keep that other picture and you will automatically realise what you have become.  It doesn't suit the vision and attitude of one who is a master almighty authority to cause mischief even now. The first mistake you make is of looking at the body.  Why do you do this?  You have to look at the soul in the centre of the forehead.  There is a jewel on the forehead, isn't there?  So, instead of seeing the jewel on the forehead, why do you look at the snake through which you only receive poison?  The first mistake you make is to look at the body instead of the jewel.  ….  Whilst coming into contact with others, whilst talking to them, why do you look anywhere other than at the forehead?  ….  The incense stick is for changing the atmosphere.  So who created the incense?  A human soul.  Your creation has this speciality, and you, the creator, do not!  So, are you creators or weak souls?  With yukti, finish this complaint through your awareness.

48.  The sign of the stars of success is that they will have determination in their every thought; that they have had success many times and that success is guaranteed.  They won't have the consciousness of whether there will be success or not, or that there should be success even in their dreams, but they will have 100% faith that their success is guaranteed.  …..  Through their words, even those who have a doubtful intellect will develop faith in the intellect, because firstly, they have spiritual Godly intoxication and secondly, their every word is very powerful. 

49.  when you experience the colour of the Father's company in one second, that is, when you remain yogyukt, you experience Baba's company and you thereby experience yourself being coloured by that colour.  In the same way, other souls experience the colour of the company of those who are the stars of success.  This is the sign of those who are an embodiment of success and a star of success. The second are the lucky stars.  What would be their sign?  The lucky stars would especially have a lot of love for the Father and would remain absorbed in Baba's divine activities and experience the sweetness of all relationships with the Father.  Their thoughts would not be powerful, but loving.  In their awareness, they will constantly be speaking of their meeting with Baba and of Baba's divine activities.  They would not have the seed stage so much; they would experience an avyakt meeting and the avyakt stage and a heart-to-heart conversation much more.  …..  Those (the first number) are equal to the Father and the second number are loving to the Father.  But on what basis did they receive co-operation and on what basis did they become lucky?  The main basis for this is breaking off from everyone else and connecting with One; they are unshakeable and firm in this one relationship.  This is why they are called lucky.  The words of one who is an embodiment of success are: This is already guaranteed, whereas the words of the lucky stars would be "I understand this, it will definitely happen, Baba will help".  This is the second stage. The third are the stars of hope.  Because of not constantly attaining success, such souls have hope that they would definitely do something, that they would reach their destination or that they would definitely become something.

50.  The first and most important speciality seen in the image of fortune is whether the awareness is powerful, that is, whether you are constantly the embodiment of remembrance.  Secondly, does the attitude of being brothers remain constant at all times?  Thirdly, is your vision spiritual, that is, is it completely pure?  These three are the main things: awareness, attitude and vision.  It is only on the basis of these three specialities that you are able to see in the image the shine, the sparkle and the intoxication of divine virtues.  If these three aspects are there in an accurate and elevated form, the image of such fortune automatically attracts all other souls towards itself.  ….. when you make your spiritual image or portrait attractive, many body-conscious souls whilst moving along will become soul conscious.  Since physical images have that much attraction, do you living spiritual images not have this much attraction? 

51.  First of all, check if you constantly have the eye of the divine intellect with yourself?  Is the bad company of Maya or a very influential atmosphere sometimes making the eye of your divine intellect dirty?  Or, is it causing any defects?  In order to create such an elevated portrait of yourself, in order to fill yourself with these three specialities, remember three terms : 1) You have to stabilise yourself in the stage of nirvana, the stage of being beyond. 2) You have to be humble.  3) You have to bring about construction of the new world.  To be beyond, to bring about renewal and to be humble, that is, beyond any desire for regard or respect: keep these three terms in your awareness and the portrait of your fortune will become very attractive.  Whilst moving along, you lack these three things.  You stay very little in the stage of being beyond; you come into sound easily and with a lot of interest.  According to the deep desire of coming into sound, to the same extent, the desire which you should have for the sweetness of being stable in the stage of being beyond is lacking.  Instead of being humble, you easily accept all the different types of respect: respect for your position, your virtues, your service, your success etc., or else you have the desire to accept it.  You seek respect and you are therefore, even now, unable to complete the course of self-respect.  When you stop seeking this form of respect, you will easily and automatically be able to have the stage of self-respect.  Desire for respect makes you forget self-respect.  In the same way, instead of being constructive and bringing about renewal, you bring about different types of destruction.  That is, instead of bringing about renewal, you sometimes become instrumental in bringing someone's stage down.  In every thought and every action, constantly check whether that particular thought, word or action is instrumental in the task of renewal.  By having such a stage, you will automatically develop all virtues.  At the present time, this is the method to intensify your effort……  Madhuban niwasis should make a vow that is much more special than that made by other souls.  What is that?  You have to take this vow: We will all follow the one direction, have the same elevated attitude, the same spiritual vision; we will have a constant, stable stage, be co-operative with one another and have good wishes for one another.  Whilst having pure feelings and elevated wishes for all, even though each of us has different sanskars, we will make the fortress of satopradhan sanskars the same as the Father's and make the nature of the self, that which has self-respect, very strong.  This is the vow you have to make.  Just as you showed the practical fruit of courage, in the same way, by continuing to caution one another and co-operating with one another, you will be successful in putting this vow into practice.  …..  This avyakt part is especially for the new ones, whilst the older ones now have to become the same as the Father and increase the zeal and enthusiasm of new ones. 

52.  The special children constantly have a yogyukt and yuktiyukt stage.  A special child means a child who is an embodiment of all virtues, the same as the Father.  Someone who puts the Father's virtues into practice is called a special child.  …  The speciality of special service is to become an embodiment of all the virtues of the Father and to grant a vision of the Father through one's own practical form.  Listening to and relating knowledge to others has continued from the copper age.  But what is the speciality of you special souls?  To become the same as the Father and grant everyone a vision of the Father and to be the practical form yourself and grant visions.  Only special souls can do this; no other souls can do this; neither souls on the path of bhakti nor ordinary souls on the path of knowledge can do this.  This is the special duty of the specially loved children…… through the words and experience of special souls, all other souls will very easily be able to forge a direct connection with the Father in one second, …… the special souls, on the basis of their speciality and according to their power, will finish these questions of why and how etc.  They will not let other souls find this difficult or laborious.  As soon as the special souls come, these souls will feel that they have found the family they had lost and that they have found the Father they had forgotten.  In fact, when they realise that they had forgotten, they become amazed at how they could actually have forgotten: "How could I have forgotten such a Father?"  …… if you simply give knowledge, or give the course or make such weak souls sit in yoga, they would not be able to progress through just that.  You instrument souls now have to make the weak souls progress on the basis of giving them co-operation with the powers you have received.  For this, you now have to accumulate your stock of all powers.  Just as people have a continuous supply of food all day long, in the same way, such a scene of souls will very soon be coming in front of you to receive power from you.  That is, you will also have to have a continuous supply of all powers.  However, for this, you will have to accumulate your stock of all powers in advance, and the memorial of this is the urn of Draupadi which never becomes empty.  All of you are Draupadis, are you not?  The urn of Draupadi, that is, the urn of the mother of the yagya is very well known in both aspects.  Firstly, you don't lack anything physical and secondly, you don't lack any of the powers.  An urn that is full of all powers can never become empty, no matter how many come to take from it.  No matter for how long you continue to supply this, no one would go without.

53.  However, you also have to pay attention to the fact that if you are lacking any one power, you will definitely experience being deceived somewhere or another.  Therefore, you should now make effort on these refined aspects.  "Did I cause anyone sorrow?  Did I know how to handle this?"  These are all trivial things.  The efforts of the specially loved children should no longer be on this level.  The efforts of the special children at this time should be to fill the self with a stock of all powers.  The daily checking in the chart of the special children should not be whether they became angry with anyone or whether they made someone discontent.  To check on such a gross level is the work of the infantry and the cavalry.  The effort of the special children should not be on this level at this time.  The present effort should be to fill the self with all powers.  To have any one power missing means to come out of the list of specially loved children.  Don't think that because you have six powers, that out of the eight powers, you have two powers missing therefore you will at least have more than 50%.  Don't become happy with just that.  Eight powers are especially spoken of, but, in fact, you should have all powers.  There aren't just eight powers, there are many powers.  In order for it to be easy to speak about, you speak of eight powers.  However, you should now not have even one power lacking, because whatever power you lack, something or someone will come to test you in that particular power, that is, according to the drama, each one of you will have to face a test in that particular power.  Therefore, become complete with all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees complete and a master almighty authority, one with all powers.  If even one power is missing, you would not be called one with all powers, but one with some powers.  To be a specially loved child means to be a master almighty authority, one with all powers.  …..  You have become knowledge-full, but according to the present time, you need to be powerful.  …….You will be able to make this gathering a success when you understand the weaknesses of others to be your own weaknesses.  Whilst seeing the weakness, tiredness and defect of someone, do not allow yourself to become like that, thinking: "So-and-so is behaving like this, so let me do the same". 

54.  Whilst walking and moving around or whilst talking to someone, you had the intoxication that you were not a woman but that you were chaturbhuj; both these sanskars and both these powers became combined through which you are able to carry out both tasks.  In the same way, what ultimate objective should you keep in your awareness through which you will automatically develop those qualifications? What is the ultimate objective of making effort?  It is to become an avyakt angel.  What is the avyakt form?  To be angelic.  In this also, you should have your form of light in front of you as your objective.  By keeping that in front of you, the feeling will be that this is your form in an aura of light.  You see your avyakt form in the subtle region, so what difference do you see between the avyakt and the vyakt?  The vyakt form is in an aura of the five elements and the avyakt form is in an aura of light.  You do have the form of light, but all around you, there should also be nothing but light, as though this form is visible in an aura of light.  It should be just as when you look at the sun; all around you see light from the rays of the sun and in the middle, you see the form of the sun itself.  There is the light of the sun, but all around, the light of the sun is also spread everywhere and visible in the form of an aura.  It is as though you see a special light amidst the light.  In this way, although you have the aim as a soul of being the form of light, in the avyakt form, you are also in an aura of light.  You should be able to have the awareness of your form being surrounded with light and it should also be visible everywhere.  When you look in a mirror you are able to experience seeing your form clearly.  In the same way, this form of yours should be clearly seen and experienced in the mirror of knowledge.  Whilst you are walking and moving around and talking to others, others should experience you as a form of light, that you are an angel walking around, that you, an angel, are talking to someone.  Only then will you be able to influence others with your awareness and stage.

55.  Whilst performing any task, increase this awareness: I am an instrument angel, who has stepped onto this earth for this particular task, but am actually a resident of the avyakt region.  …..all of you should have an angelic stage, because it is only after being angelic that you will easily be able to become incorporeal.  The father became angelic from being corporeal; then from being angelic, he will become incorporeal and then he will once again have a corporeal form.

56.  Now, you speak very little as a chairperson and your companions give the course etc.  At present, the service to attract others, to put zeal and enthusiasm in them and give them courage, still remains to be done, and so there is a difference.  As you go further ahead, and it will be experienced as though someone is speaking from the ether.  They will say that you are an incarnation, that you are not an ordinary bodily being, but an incarnation that has emerged.  Just as when people have a vision of a goddess, it is as though she appears in front of them and speaks elevated versions and then disappears.  So too, this is the stage and objective of the effort that you should now be making.

57.  Now, you should be going beyond all physical activities.  Through signals, listen, give a direction and then return to the subtle region, just like you saw and experienced the sakar form: he came down, gave directions, heard everything and then went up above and beyond.  There should be a visible difference like that of day and night between the activities of the beginning and the end.  Now, your responsibilities will increase even more.  Don't think that when you become an angel, your responsibilities decrease; no.  Responsibilities and the expansion of service will increase even more.  …… Even if, in namesake, you are sitting in one place, it is not possible for someone who is a master of the unlimited world to be responsible for a limited area.  A lighthouse, which is positioned in one fixed place, doesn't serve just one place, but spreads its light in all four directions, in the same way, you may be in just one place, but benefit from your specialities and powers has to be spread all around.  Until now, your specialities have only been benefitting one place.  Does the sun give light to just one area?  So, your special rays of powers should also be spread in all four directions.  How else would you be proved to be master almighty authorities and the stars of knowledge?  To be a master sun of knowledge means to be like the Father; whilst being stars, it also means to have a stage similar to that of the Father.  …………………..  If a star spreads its light in just one area or sparkles, giving light to just its own area, that star would not be called a master sun or a sun of knowledge similar to the Father.  Unless you reach the stage equal to the Father's, you cannot claim the throne that belongs to the father.  Therefore, make your stage such that service increases.

58.  Your form of light and crown of light will become so common that everyone will be able to see you wearing a crown of light as you walk and move around.  Just as it was a common thing to experience light from the corporeal form, so everyone should be able to see you in that form, as though they are actually seeing it with their physical eyes.  You will experience that whilst seeing this, they themselves will begin to disappear.  "Where am I?  What am I seeing?"  You used to experience this through the corporeal form and sometimes you even used to be amazed with yourself: "Are my feet here or in the incorporeal world or in the subtle region?"  Just as you had this experience through the sakar form, so others will now experience this through you, and only then will you reach the stage of being equal.  That will only be possible when, in-between, you continually bring your form into your awareness.  Sakar Baba made this incognito effort.  In the same way, all of you also have to make this incognito effort or incognito work.  Do you pay this much attention?  Even whilst having tension, there should be attention.

59.  However, the more you stabilise yourself in the avyakt form and the more you practise remaining beyond the body, even if you become bodiless for two to four minutes, the more it will feel like you have had four hours rest.  A time will come when, instead of sleeping, you will simply be bodiless for four to five minutes, so that just as the body receives its rest (nourishment) through sleeping, in the same way, you will receive this nourishment.  The body will be the same old body.  Of course, your old karmic accounts will still exist, but there will simply be this addition.  By making the awareness of the form of light strong, you will become the form of light when it comes to settling accounts.  When an injection is given, you see a difference in five minutes, and even when a sleeping tablet is taken, all distress is finished.  In the same way, you should also think that you are taking the nourishment of sleep.  This practice is for bringing about such a stage.

60.  At amrit vela also, have the special practice of having incarnated.  Sometimes, consider yourself to be a bodiless resident of Paramdham or that you have incarnated in the avyakt form, and sometimes consider yourself to be incorporeal.  You should practise having these three stages in such a way that it feels like you are going from one room to another.  So, at amrit vela, there should be the special experience of claiming the blessing of being bodiless.  Achcha.  Due to the stage of ascent, there is benefit for everyone.  What is the practical form of the stage of ascent in which there is benefit for everyone, through which you would be able to see the effort you need to make for the stage of ascent?  Benefit for everyone proves that it is the stage of ascent for everyone.  In fact, that is the thermometer……. everyone all around should experience the rays of your stage of being a master almighty authority in the form of powers and specialities. 

61.  Avyakt means where there is no feeling of the corporeal.  Have you become like this?  Have you created a stage where there isn't the slightest attraction towards the physical country, the physical body or physical things….  To have corporeal feelings or to have feelings of devotion for any person or any object, whereby you feel that this is very much loved or very good; to have this feeling for any physical object or bodily person, is also like a desire.  And, as long as you have any desires, you are unable to oppose Maya completely.  As long as you cannot oppose her (samna), you cannot become equal (samaan), that is, you cannot fulfil your promise……. to go beyond this corporeal world and this old body, to go beyond corporeal feelings and physical objects means to be standing over them as a detached observer.  When the globe is shown under someone's feet or someone is shown sitting on the globe, that is a portrayal of the mastery or right over the world.  Therefore, create such an image of yourself where you only come into this old world, from the avyakt to the vyakt, according to your own desires or on the basis of thoughts created by your own self and not as a result of being subservient to the attraction of physical objects or people

62.  You have the thought to push the button for the third floor, but, because you haven't conquered time, you are only able to reach the second floor, the first floor or the ground floor.  This is because, throughout the day, you have the practice of wasting a lot of time.  By paying attention to the wasteful, you will become powerful and successful in attaining victory over time.  As long as you waste a lot of time, you will not be powerful and successful in attaining victory over time.  This is why you are not able to experience the meeting or fulfil the promise that you want to.  So now, create your image of fortune of constantly being victorious over all the elements and over time.  Only when you change every second from wasteful to powerful will you be victorious.  Achcha.

63.   In any situation, if someone understands an instruction and, without any thought, becomes co-operative at a time of need, BapDada is bound to give that soul co-operation till the end.  Taking a jump to be co-operative in one situation enables you to claim a right to receive co-operation till the end.  When one hundred-fold return of one is received, whether through the body, mind or wealth, there is less effort and great attainment.  When you give co-operation at a time of need, BapDada is bound to give co-operation till the end.  Bhagats refer to this as blind faith.  If any soul is co-operative with BapDada even once in his life, BapDada will be co-operative with that one till the end.  This is also an account.  Do you understand?  Achcha.

64.  That is, the blessings of: may you be yogi, may you be pure?  Have you become an embodiment of this special course?  …..  If you don't experience the force of constantly being yogi and pure, that is, of being an embodiment of power, then you wouldn't be called an embodiment of power, but someone who is still practising to become an embodiment of power.  The form of the self should constantly and naturally stay in your awareness.  Just as you are constantly and naturally able to remember your corporeal form - you don't even have to practise this, but have to make effort to forget it - in the same way, your original form and your being the embodiment of blessings should constantly be in your awareness.  There shouldn't be the slightest name or trace of impurity or forgetfulness.  This is known as having done the course of blessings.  Have you done such a course?

65.  Just as you don't allow someone who hasn't completed the seven days' course to come to class, in the same way, Brahmin children who don't finish this course in a practical way are not allowed to come into the first class either by BapDada or by the drama.  Which is the first class?  They cannot come at the beginning of satyug.  Since you don't allow them to come to class, even the drama cannot give them the right to go into the first class.  In order to go into the first class, you should have these two main blessings in a practical way.  There should be complete ignorance of forgetfulness and impurity.  …..  Just as the soul and body are two separate things, but due to ignorance, the two have been mixed, in the same way, "mine" has been considered as "I" and due to this mistake, you have received so much distress, sorrow and peacelessness.  In the same way, the sanskars of forgetfulness and impurity don't belong to you as a Brahmin, but they belonged to a shudra.  By considering them to be "mine", you become influenced by Maya and you become distressed, that is, you leave the honour of being a Brahmin behind.  So check this little mistake to see that it is not your sanskar or your form.  Do you understand?  So, only when you put the first lesson of being yogi and pure into practice can you claim a right to becoming the same as the Father and coming close to the Father.

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