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Human soul takes only human births and birth at this confluence age is very precious.

Murli 05.11.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, your behaviour should be very sweet and royal. There should be no evil spirit of anger at all.

Question: What should you children definitely pay attention to in order to receive a reward for 21 births?
Answer: While living in this world and doing everything, your intellect’s yoga should be connected to the true Beloved. Don’t have any bad habits due to which the Father’s honour would be lost. While living at home, live together with so much love for one another that others see that you have very good divine virtues.

Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Sweet sweet spiritual children listened to the song and children can understand the meaning. Father teaches you new knowledge for the New world at this time. In devotion, you do not listen anything about the golden age. Now, you make effort for the New world. It is said, knowledge is source of income. In physical world people become barrister, engineer and you children become king of kings by this study.

When you belong to the Father, you become rightful owner of the master of the kingdom. Father has come to make you the master of the kingdom, you children must have this faith. There are two fathers for everyone. One is physical father and the other is Spiritual God-Father who is praised as Supreme Soul Supreme Father who is known as the One who gives happiness to all.

In golden age souls (9 lakhs) remain in peace and happiness, other souls would exist in soul world. Saints make spiritual efforts but they concentrate on Brahm element, they cannot go and merge in Brahm element as they think. By remembering Brahm element, souls never become pure. People call Brahm Element as God. Souls reside in Brahm element which is known as Brahmand.

It is said souls sparkle at the middle of eyebrow. Soul is very subtle like a point which cannot be seen by the eyes. People make effort to look at soul which is not possible. You must become cooperative in creating heaven with God. And God also become co-operative with you. Christians celebrate Christmas, people worship Krishna but no one knows when God appears on Earth. Even people never know when Krishna appeared on Earth. Krishna never appears in Copper –Dwapar Age. God is an incorporeal being, Krishna is the Prince of Golden age, In golden age, mothers have vision of the child before the child takes birth.

You children explain the knowledge to the souls and make them pure, worthy of heaven. By doing actions, you must remember the God-Father, become free from everything else. You children know that now, it is your final birth, the world cycle has come to an end. This body has become very old. When you bcome pure, you attain the karmateet (free from the bondage of action) stage and you cannot remain in this body, you have to leave this body. Then there will be battle-war by which souls would leave the body like swarm of mosquitoes.

Father says, without becoming pure, no one can return home-soul world (Brahmand). The old world is of vicious sins, the New world is established by God where deities exist. Then in copper age, people create temples. Now, ShivBaba (Benefactor Father) sits on the throne (body) of Brahma-Adam, sits at the forehead of Brahma-Adam. God comes and explains the knowledge through Adam-Brahma.

Father says, you receive inheritance only from Me, so you must remember Me alone. You children know that God is the Ocean of knowledge and Ocean of love. You children also become ocean of love. You donate only vices to God. The lust is the greatest enemy, gives sorrow in the beginning, middle and the end. People want child and husband like Krishna. They remember Sri Krishna. God is establishing the land of Krishna. In golden age, you also appear like Sri Krishna. If you imbibe divine virtues and become pure, you become Prince and Princess of golden age. Now, Father has come to make you all beautiful.

You children understand that you become divine through the sweet sweet God-Father. Children, you must interact very sweetly amongst each other, otherwise you would defame the Father’s name. You have to remember the God-Father so that your sins of so many births will be removed. You chidren must have a very loving relationship with everyone at home. All bad habits have to be disowned. Now, the kingdom is being established and there is effort in this.

Religious founders come and establish various religions, they never establish kingdom. Then their followers come down on earth. You establish kingdom for 21births, you come across obstacles-vices, you have to imbibe divine virtues.

Father says, children, being here, by doing actions, you must have yoga with one Beloved so that sins will be removed. This is known as fire of yog-remembrance. Here it is not hatyog, it is known as pilgrimage of remembrance, You must take pure food, like only pure food is offered to the deities.

Father says, no sinful acts take place in golden age, that is known as the kingdom of God. In golden age every action remains neutral. Here every action becomes sinful action. People chant Hari’s name in Haridwar. Hari means one who removes sorrows. Haridwar refers to God who comes and establishes heaven. Father comes and gives the right introduction about Him. He comes and makes the old world in to New world.

People waste lot of time and money on creating deity images, decorate them, worship them, feed them and throw them in to sea. Father says what all people do. Now, you children must become very very sweet. You must not speak with anger at anytime. You must not leave this study at any time. You have come here to rule the world, to become the emperor and empress of the world. Sri is used for deities not for human beings. Sri Sri is meant for God-Father. Check yourself what you have become now, how much you have been degraded?

Now, you children understand that you were deities. After taking 84births, you have attained the degraded status. People believe that human soul takes birth in various beings but God-Father says, human soul takes only human births and the birth at this confluence age is very precious. You children are very royal because you belong to Royal God-Father now. So, you must have most royalty. Royal children never speak in a hurting way. You know the difference of deities and human beings. In iron age souls take birth by vicious means, in golden age souls take birth by pure means. Vice never exists in golden age and hence you must become very sweet.

You must not argue with people on scriptures. They also cannot be blamed for it, because non one has the actual knowledge. Here you receive the spiritual knowledge through the Spiritual Father. My name is Shiv (Benefactor). People say God is present everywhere, defame God too much. When God comes, He makes you understand that you have defamed God a lot by saying God is present in stones and dust. All scriptures are created in copper age when this true spiritual knowledge disappears.

Now, Father explains you the real knowledge, Only God comes and tells you the Truth. This world drama is fixed and eternal. Now, I have come to make you the master of the kingdom, hence children must remember the Father completely. Father gives the true knowledge and so, you children must imbibe divine nature very nicely. Golden age is very pure, even the animals remain very pure. Once again, the Father is transforming Bharat in to heaven, once again the Gita episode is repeated. Father comes in an incognito way in an ordinary way, history repeats.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. We are the children of the royal Father. Therefore, our behaviour has to be very royal. Do not speak loudly. Become very sweet.
2. Never sulk with the Father or with one another. Never sulk and stop studying. Renounce all your bad habits.

Blessing: May you be one with an elevated fortune and with the intoxication of your birthright make your qualifications equal to your aim.
In worldly life, physical wealth is your birthright. Similarly, in divine life (being a child of God), the wealth of divine virtues, Godly happiness and power are your birthright. If you have the intoxication of your birthright in a natural way, you don’t have to labour. By maintaining this intoxication, your aim and its qualifications become equal. By knowing and accepting the self as you are and what you are, by belonging to the elevated Father and the family, you become one with an elevated fortune.

Slogan: Perform every action by remaining stable in your original stage and you will easily become a star of success.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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