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Saying God is omnipresent,is the great mistake and defamation of God.

Murli 07.11.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, the influence of wrong company causes a lot of damage. Therefore, continue to be very careful of the company you keep. The influence of wrong company is very bad.

Question: What are the three types of childhood? Which childhood should you never forget?
Answer: One is the childhood you have when you take birth to your physical parents, the second childhood is when you become a disciple of a guru and the third childhood is when you belong to the spiritual Parent. Spiritual childhood means to be an adopted child of God. To become a child of God means to die alive. Never forget this spiritual childhood. If you forget it, you will have to cry a great deal. To cry means to be hurt by Maya-obstacles-vices.

Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Sweet sweet spiritual children listened to the song. The one childhood is of physical parents, next of gurus and third is of belonging to God, the spiritual Father and Mother. This is the birth of dying alive by which you don’t remember the old world. By this spiritual birth, you come to the lap of the Spiritual God-Father. If you die alive and belong to God, you must not forget this spiritual birth. You are involved in Remembrance and Godly service.

God is the father of all religious souls. Hence you must explain to all that the highest on high is God-Father, who is incorporeal, not any deities. He is known as the Creator and Purifier. Father creates the New world, He is known as Shiv (Benefactor). He is praised as the Purifier and Knoweldge-full. He is not omnipresent. He has been praised as the Liberator, the Merciful, the One who removes unhappiness and the Guide, hence He must have performed such elevated actions.

The mother of scriptures is Gita spoken by God (not Sri Krishna). If this is proved, then it will be proved all souls belong to Him, the One Father. God Shiv (Benefactor) says, I come in this body of Brahma-Adam to teach you knowledge of world cycle. I just come and teach you Rajayoga to make the souls pure, to rule the kingdom. Other souls go to the soul world attaining liberation. This has to be explained.

In the world, there are many religions. In golden age, very few people live. God comes and establishes one religion, all other souls go back to the soul world. In golden age and in soul world, no souls can remain impure. He is known as the One who gives liberation in life. The souls - ones who are worship-worthy become worshippers. First you have to give introduction of God, if you forget remembering God, you will be affected by maya-obstacles. Hence Father says, children become soul conscious (to remember Supreme Soul).

I have come now to take the souls back home. Hence, First you have to become soul conscious. In Bharat, if someone dies, people cry a lot. Now, You are being taught about the immortal world. You have disinterest for the whole world. You just have to rest your mind on God. Now, remember that you are returning home-soul world, the hell-iron age is coming to an end. When you know that you leave one body and take another, there is no need to cry. God is the Ocean of love and knowledge, you have to become like Him.

You children – soul make the souls like you. You have to become a stick for the blind. Every one of you have received the third eye of knowledge, this knowledge is the story to receive the third eye. People have become completely ignorant. In reality People of Bharat do not know who established the deity religion. God cannot be omnipresent. No one knows about the God and Creation. Saints have been saying we don’t know. The most big mistake is to say God is omnipresent, this is the great defamation of God.

You children must prove God is the Purifier, the Liberator, the Father of all souls, the One who takes you to the New world. In scriptures, lot of wrong things have been written. The golden age is a viceless world, this old world is a vicious world. In scriptures, it is written that vice exists  in golden age. If people do not know about the God that, God is not omnipresent, till then they do not understand the knowledge. You know that you are receiving inheritance from the God.

Sri Krishna and Radhe become Narayan and Lakshmi, they have been shown in Copper age, in scriptures, whereas they belong to golden age. You children know that you are the residents of the world beyond, the sweet silence home, for which people do devotion, they ask for peace. Souls had come here to play different roles, then how will they receive peace?

You children know that you learn from God now, you know that you will go into soul world and then come into heaven-golden age. Those who are happy here, still exist in iron age. The old world is known as hell. Different meditation are being done in devotion. You never attain liberation by devotion. The golden age and silver age is known as the day of Brahma-Adam. The copper and silver age is known as the night of Brahma-Adam.

You know it is God who gives the knowledge not Sri Krishna. God Shiv (God Benefactor) comes from the soul world, Sri Krishna takes 84births in this world cycle but not God. Sri Krishna receives inheritance of kingdom from bodiless-incorporeal God. When you understand this, you will be intoxicated. Father gives instruction that, you must not insult any one. Father makes you understand very easily. God is with you now and you understand very nicely. When you go out, you get affected by the company. You have to take care of the company. In golden age, nothing happens like this (of bad company).

In scriptures it is written that there are deities and also demons in golden age (demons never exist in heaven). Human beings do not know when golden age existed. In golden age, there was only one world, there was no partition on earth and sky, you rule the kingdom there. Now there are many partitions, and there are battle everywhere. When anyone comes, explain them about God and deities, God is only One. Sri Krishna cannot be called as the God.

Father says, lust is the greatest enemy. To win over lust, make a promise, tie a rakhi, which is praised in devotion. In golden age Lakshmi and Narayan remain together. Lakshmi is praised more than Narayan. Vishnu is the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan which people of the world do not know, you children understand in detail.

You listened to the song, not to forget the days of childhood. Souls say that, we had recevied the awareness of God and soul, it is good to remember the God during early morning hours. Even in evening, sit alone in remembrance. In gathering, speak about the knowledge spoken by God through Adam-Brahma. When you were in golden age, you never remember the God Father, but in devotion you remember God. For half the cycle, you lost everything by sitting over the pyre of lust. Now, you receive knowledge to go to heaven, you go to heaven and the old world is coming to an end. If you speak about this, you become strong and make others strong.

People of Bharat think, this is the heaven at this time. Father says, Heaven appears in golden age, where deities existed. You souls leave the study and the God, coming into the bad company. Hence take care of the company to pass with honour at the end. In trance, you children used to see divine visions and share who becomes what in golden age.

At the end, everything will be revealed, how much you did service, how many got benefitted, you will have visions, without visions, you never undergo punishment from Supreme Judge. Father says repeatedly, rest your mind on Me. God comes and plants the sapling of New world, you must not forget such a Father, you have to involve in Godly service, so that you never undergo sorrow at the end. Now, you have to make your effort so that every world cycle you attain elevated status. Now, you have to make effort with full force otherwise the time of judgement would be severe at the end.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be a gyani soul by merging yourself in the Ocean of Knowledge and in knowledge, and become an embodiment of all attainments.
Those who are gyani souls are constantly merged in the Ocean of Knowledge and in knowledge. Because of being embodiments of all attainments they naturally have the stage of being ignorant of all desires. Those who are even slightly dependent on their nature and sanskars are begging for name, respect and honour. Those who cry out with the questions of “why?” “what?” or call out are internally one thing and externally something else and cannot be called gyani souls.

Slogan: Those who experience supersensuous joy and bliss in this life are easy yogis.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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