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Those who are not subservient to nature and thoughts claim a right.

Avyakt Murli 20.11.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) dated 23.09.1973
Essence: Those who give light and might to the souls of the world have a right to the world.

Do you perform every action whilst considering yourselves to be the elevated souls of the highest-on-high most elevated God-Father, who are constantly stabilised in the most elevated stage? Do you pay attention that you do not create even one wasteful or ordinary thought? This is known as an elevated stage.When there is day, night cannot exist. Like that, where there is waste, you cannot become the best. 

So, in order to become the best, you have to finish the waste.  When the waste in finished, then by the power of silence, no matter what the task the soul is performing, no matter what atmosphere or circumstances the soul is living in are like, even in the midst of an upheaval, you will experience remaining in rest, like resting on a bed of peace and happiness.

To stay comfortable in a situation of restlessness is known as being multimillionfold times fortunate.  So, whilst staying amidst the ocean of poison, to make the five vices a bed of your rest, peace and happiness, that is to become victorious over the vices from now and for all time, remain engaged in churning knowledge and in celebrating a meeting with the Father. Those who are stabilized in such a stage, that is, those who are constantly absorbed in the love of the God-Father, constantly remain free from obstacles. Some are still becoming this whereas others have already become this.

Those who have become this, are you practicing ”Charity begins at home”, that is , have you made your companions this, so that you can make them the same as the God-Father? What should their form be at the present time? With which form will you overcome the obstacles so that you are able to serve the world easily? Being a double-light-and–might-house. Double means you have to perform two tasks. To some, you have to show the path to liberation, and to others you have to show the path to liberation-in-life. You have to make each soul reach his destination.

Those who have the form of double light and might, whilst being in one place, on the basis of your light and might, you are able to show wandering souls everywhere, their destination. So, are you busy in this task? Not just light or might, you must have the balance of light and might. So that you can give the blessing of divine insight, the third eye, which is known as the greatest donation of life, by which souls see their destinations to reach. This is the duty of elevated souls.

So, check yourself: Have I become one who is only able to spread my light and might around myself, or have I become one who can give light and might to the whole world? If you are a world server here, you become a ruler of the world kingdom. However, only those who are not subservient to their nature, sanskars or thoughts at this time will claim a right. From this result, you can have a vision of your future.

You can see your features for 21births if you have made your mirror of the power of self-recognition, that powerful. Someone who is trikaldarshi is able to know the future of others. So, can you not know your own future? Give the message whilst being a trikaldarshi and then the result will be triple, that is , it will be 75%. At present the result is only 25%.

With what aim, you are using your body, mind and wealth? Now, you have to hoist the flag of victory.  Now, we have to see who is the one who emerges out of multimillions or out of the hundreds of thousands? But how will this happen?  For this you have to renounce two aspects and imbibe one aspect. Firstly, you have to renounce acceptance of praise and secondly, the external situations. Some of you fluctuate because of external situations, and secondly, because of praise, you are not able to create the stage of yours. Therefore, you have to imbibe the stage of original self. You have to renounce praise and external situations. Even your thoughts have to renounce them. The temporary praise you receive now cuts out the permanent stage that would be achieved.

The more humble you remain, the more successfully you will be able to carry out the task of renewal. There is a saying;”You first”, which means that, to make others move forward first is to make the self move forward. For the self to bow down is to make the world bow down in front of one self. So, let there be this attitude, vision and words for one another: “You first”.

You have to accumulate stocks at this time. You have to supply whatever each one wants, whether they want happiness or peace or the status of a subject or of a wealthy person, or whether someone just wants to salute the world emperor. Whatever each one wants or whatever they desire, you should be able to fulfil their imperishable desires, not of this world of dust, but of the golden world. When such a stock is accumulated, you will quickly be able to give to those souls, from your stock. Have you made this account, or do you simply see how many bodies and wealth each zone gives, or how many banners and bed sheets each zone gives. However, you also have to put up banners on your forehead.

First of all, you have to set up a living exhibition of your own image, in which your eyes appear like lotus flowers and a spiritual smile is visible on your face, and the image of the soul is visible through the forehead. All of you should become the first number, then all of you will receive a prize. The greater the success of the great service you do, the greater the prize you will receive. This is not just temptation, but you will be given it practically.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma-Krishna), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

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