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Not just solitude but reach the depths of God and His attainments.

Avyakt Murli 13.11.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) dated 25.03.95

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Essence: Avyakt BapDada’s elevated versions of the year of the Diamond Jubilee

You are now making plans to celebrate the diamond jubilee. On the diamond jubilee, the real spiritual diamonds should be visibly sparkling everywhere so that everyone is able to experience which type of sparkle this is. Diamonds do sparkle. Even if you hide them in the mud, they do not lose their sparkle. So, wherever you may be living, whichever country you may be in, everyone should experience that you are a sparkling diamond. They should experience this vibration.

First, people should come to the stage of atleast saying, “There is something here”, and then, finally, they will say, “Everything is here”. The basis for that is to accumulate your account of thoughts. Do not become tired from making effort over little things. May be, you are not able to finish your jealousy, or you still get angry or certain words still emerge. Do not use your time in making effort for a single aspect. Put the seed right and the tree will automatically become all right. The seed of all of this is thought. If your thoughts are elevated, everything else is automatically elevated. There is no need to labour. Otherwise, you find it difficult, thinking that you still have this much to do.

Check your foundation, it should not take even four seconds. Then see how fast you are able to serve through the mind. At present, the power of your mind is being wasted. When you save it, it will be used in a worthwhile way. Whilst walking and moving around, you will experience yourself to be a light house and a might house. When all of you sparkling diamonds become light houses and might-houses, will darkness remain in the world? First the self and then the world.

When you do it practically and tell people, it create an impact and touches everyone’s hearts. All of you are diamonds, are you not? Or is it that some of you are silver, some of you are gold and others are diamonds? All of you are diamonds. However become such that you are able to spread the sparkle of vibrations. The sign of a  real diamond is that its sparkle will spread far, just as when a light is lit, it spreads everywhere (In fact, what you call real diamonds nowadays are not real diamonds. The diamonds of golden age are real, whereas these are nothing compared to those).The more powerful it is , the more it spreads. So, the sparkle of you real diamonds should spread through your vibrations, so that people will feel that there is something here. When your companions receive these vibrations first, the vibrations will then spread far.

You have the power of transformation, do you not? Or you lacking it? Those who wish to bring about transformation do not take time in thinking that they will do it or that they will see about it. They feel, “I have to do this, whether someone else does it or not, I have to do it.” Everyone knows very well how to make excuses. This one did this and that was why this happened. It is the duty of the one who is hurting you to hurt you. Therefore, is it your duty to protect yourself or to give the excuse that, that one hit you and that was why you fell? Is it your duty to protect yourself or the duty of others? So, do not make excuses, Claim a number in the flying stage.

You cannot say, “Because there is darkness all around, I am not able to give light.” You are the light for the darkness. Are you not? You say, “It was dark and that was why I stumbled.” Where were you, the light house? Are you not able to give light to yourself? Now, do not have ordinary thoughts, but make a promise. You may leave your body, but you must not break your promise. This is known as determined thought. Now, add the word “constantly” along with the determination. Always consider yourself to be an incarnation of economy (of thoughts).

All three should be together: economy, remembrance of One and being in solitude (economy, ek-naami, ekant-wasi). Do not come into sound too much. Remain in solitude. Not just external solitude but to be lost in the depths of One. Otherwise, if there is just external solitude, you become bored and you say, “ I do not know how I will spend my day”. However become lost in the depths of the One Father. As when you go to the bottom of the ocean, you find so many treasures, so go in to depths, that is, become lost in the attainments, you have received from the Father. Do not just move along with the waves on the surface, but go into the very depths, become lost in that and then see how much pleasure you experience! So, be economical with all treasures. To remember the One Father and none other, this is known as eknami. Those who stabilize themselves in this stage are able to accumulate all treasures, otherwise they are not able to accumulate them. You know how to economize, do you not? Achcha.

The sign of love is that, you make whomever you have love for, move forward ahead of yourself. So, BapDada (God-Father) also wishes that each child of His moves ahead of Him. This is the sign of love. There should not be any weaknesses in anyone. All of you should be complete and perfect. If you are complete, you will become perfect. Achcha.

To the souls everywhere who are the true, spiritual diamonds, to the special souls who are constantly the incarnations of economy, to the souls who constantly remember the One and who have love for solitude, to the sparkling souls who spread their sparkle into the whole world through the sparkle of their vibrations and attitude, BapDada’s love, remembrance and Namaste.

Blessing: May you be a self-transformer and a world transformer who finishes the difference between your thinking and your doing.
Now increase the speed of the machinery to transform the waste of any sanskar, nature, words or connections that are not accurate but wasteful. Think about it and it happens! Only then will the machinery of world transformation become fast. At present, a difference is visible in the thinking and the doing of souls who have become instruments for the task of establishment. Therefore, now finish this difference, for only then will you be able to become self-transformers who are world transformers.

Slogan: The luckiest of all are those who have attained the gift of experience in their lives.

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