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Do desperate souls become an embodiment of bliss in my presence?

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Avyakt Murli 18.12.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Murli 03.02.1974

Essence: Complete the task of transformation-destruction by having the determined thought to have an attitude of remaining beyond and of being the form of power-fire.

Just as you experience BapDada in the corporeal (physical), subtle (Angelic form) and incorporeal (point of light) forms, do you constantly experience yourselves to be subtle and incorporeal whilst in the corporeal, like the Father? By constantly having this experience, you will automatically go beyond the physical body and the old world. You will experience yourself to be a detached observer up above and observing this old world to be like a game.You should now have such a powerful stage all the time, to reveal yourself as a light house and power house, to be known as world benefactors, same as the Father.

Whoever comes infront of you should attain light and might as they move along. Have you become such a treasure-store? Have you become such a soul who is a great donor, a bestower of blessings, a donor of all virtues, a donor of all powers, one who colours others with the colour of spirituality, one who takes others beyond with just a glance, one who gives the third eye to the blind, one who shows the destination to those who are wandering, one who makes desperate souls cool, peaceful and embodiments of bliss? Do you maintain the intoxication of this aim? This is known as being the same as the Father.

Are you able to see the closeness and similarity of your stage? Since the sacrificial fire  was created for the task of establishment, the flames of destruction also emerged at the same time as the sacrificial fire was created. Those who start the fire, will have to finish it. Become the form of fire and finish the flames of destruction that you started. You have to intensify the flames with your thoughts.

According to the world drama, even though everything is fixed, the instrument souls have to make effort. The destruction is the method to fulfill all the desires of all souls, but this method will be accomplished when your spiritual endeavour is complete. Now, such a thought of there being benefit for all souls should emerge. All desperate souls, souls experiencing peacelessness and sorrow, should attain blessings from the Father and the children who are bestowers of blessings and become constantly peaceful and happy and return home.

Now, just as you are doing unlimited service at a fast speed, so your unlimited attitude of being beyond – attitude of disinterest, should also be just as intense. Your unlimited attitude of remaining beyond, that is, your attitude of disinterest will create this interest in souls of the world for a temporary period, and this will enable distaste to be created  for their happiness. Only after distaste will the completion then take place. Ask yourself whether you have an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

There is praise of the stage of being beyond actions-karma even whilst enabling everything to happen, to be karmateet (free form bondage of actions) even whilst coming into connection and relationship with everyone, have you created such a stage? There should be no attachment, and service should not be done out of attachment either, but as an instrument. It is through this that you will become karmateet.Now, begin winding up your task.

To wind up a task means to finish your attachments. If you wind everything up in all directions and make yourself ever-ready, then, because of your being ever-ready, destruction-transformation will also be ready. The thoughts should emerge in the minds of you world-benefactor souls that there should be benefit for everyone very quickly, for only then will the completion take place. Do you understand?

You have given sustenance; so now become the benefactors and liberate everyone. Those who bring about destruction need the co-operation of the benefactor souls. They need the signal of your thoughts.Instead of thinking about destruction-transformation, now, think that it has to happen through you. Knowing this, make yourselves the embodiments of power.Make yourselves light houses and power houses. Achcha.

Murli 02.08.1973

The more you progress, the better the intellects of the young ones will work. The intellect of the older ones will not work in the same way.In comparison to the elderly, the younger ones are said to be satopradhan (pure).This is also part of the world drama. The younger ones will perform wonders.

You give many lectures, but, together with the lectures, your features should also attract and there would then be an effect of the lecture. The main speciality is of practical life. When the effect of the practice is given through your lectures, you will then be seen to be totally unique in the lectures you give.

The words you speak should be visible in your eyes, so that what you speak of, is in a practical form.  Only when you are an embodiment of experience, will you be able to create an impression on them. There should be such power in your lectures that each word gives them an experience. You explain to people to consider themselves to be souls and not bodies. So, there should be such power in your speaking these words that, the people listening to you have an experience through the power in your words.If they have an experience for even one second, they would never let go of it. They would be attracted and come to you.

You try to take them into silence every now and then as you give a lecture, but you now have to increase this practice. Continue to bring them into this experience. If you wish to create unlimited disinterest in this old world for them, then, as you give them points in your lectures, also create an experience of having an attitude of disinterest. They should feel that this world truly is about to finish, and that to attach their hearts to it would be wasteful. Are you able to give them the experience of being bodiless so that that wave spreads everywhere? So that the waves of love for the Father spread throughout the entire gathering,this is known as giving a practical experience.

People should feel that your lectures are totally unique compared to those given by other people in the world. Although those people are able to make a gathering laugh or cry, they are not able to give the experience of being bodiless, nor are they able to make those people love the Father. They are able to forge love for Krishna, but not for the Father. They are not even aware of this.Therefore something unique should happen.

Achcha, for instance when you give points about the God of the Gita, until they know the Father, until they know the soul and the Supreme Soul, until they have this experience, how can you prove this aspect? There should be someone who can give such a lecture that he would be able to give them the experience of the difference of day and night between the soul and the Supreme Soul. Only when those people realize the difference will you then be able to prove who the God of the Gita is.

So, continue to give people an experience, for nothing can compete with a practical experience. Now bring about this change in your lectures.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma-Krishna), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor and with the practice of concentration fulfill the desires of many souls.
It is the desire of all souls to make their wandering minds and intellects become concentrated from fluctuating. In order to fulfill this desire of theirs, first of all increase the practice of making your own thoughts concentrated. Constantly remain stable in one stage or in the stage of belonging to the one Father and none other. Transform your waste thoughts into pure thoughts and you will receive the blessing of being a world benefactor.

Slogan: Only those who become equal to Father Brahma (Adam-Krishna) and become embodiments of virtues, embodiments of powers and embodiments of remembrance are true Children of God.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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