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Spirituality should be visible in your activity not just renouncing physical objects.

The True Gita: 29.12.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, you are now becoming masters of the world for 21 births. You now have the imperishable omens of Jupiter over you.

Question: What constantly remains in the intellects of the true, serviceable children?
Answer: Their wealth never diminishes by making donations. They constantly continue to donate. Their intellects are aware that they are benefiting themselves. The Father continues to observe as the detached Observer to see who makes their life elevated and who passes. Very good manners are required in knowledge. Don’t become disheartened over trivial matters.

Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father…

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

There is limited renunciation in the world, here you have to practice unlimited renunciation. You receive the fruit of devotion (knowledge) at this time. Everyone plays their individual roles. Now you have the omens of Jupiter over you, you become the master of the world for 21births.

The religion of deity gives a lot of happiness. In golden age all storehouse remain full. In this old world, there is no essence-strength. The Liberator, the One who gives salvation gives you a lot of power. One kingdom and one religion are established by the power of God through you. The more you make effort that much you attain elevated status.

Earlier, you children understand that you were without understanding, people were suffering in the name of God, people become even ready to sacrifice themselves for deities. People try to save cows ,why not they save goats also? They both give milk. You study here to become double crowned prince and princess.

There are many Gitapaatshalas – Gita study centres, but no one explains you how you become prince and princess. Here you give the exam to become Emperor and Empress. There is praise of 16,108 beads. People who cry to save cows ,they have done this even in the previous cycle. Now, the deity character is not been imbibed by the people.

You follow the rules, never wear gold, wear white dress but the spirituality should be visible in features. The whole world has to renounce. You know that you are at the retirement age. You leave this body to go to the pure world. The Supreme Guru comes and takes you into liberation. The body gets destroyed, not the soul. The Satguru, Akalmurat (The Eternal Being who never loses His original nature) is only one Supreme God-Father.

The Ocean of knowledge is only One, you are the rivers who appear from the Ocean. There are bondage of sins on your head, by remembering the God-Father the intellect becomes golden. You were pure, had highest status , have come down the ladder of 84births.

You make the Bharat –world pure by the power of remembrance. After destruction-world transformation, there will be only 9lakhs of people. People get confused by seeing the Brahma (Adam-Krishna), someone has to be present to receive God. God appears in the ordinary body of Brahma to give you knowledge.

This world is impure, and God comes in the impure body of Brahma. You must have good intellect to explain about the world cycle.If you just remember the God-Father,the sins will be removed.Some imbibe virtues and others just forget what they hear.You know that the kingdom is being established. The soul and Supreme Soul remain separated for a longtime.Those who study well,will attain elevated births-status.

Those who donate vices will attain elevated status.God-Father teaches you and also watches who is studying well, being detached. Many study and leave .In this knowledge,you must have very good manners, you should not sulk.There is a plant called “touch me not” which sulk just by a touch.You receive the sanjeevni herb now through the God-Father.You are all great warriors. If you insult - criticize others, it is also one type of pricking-thorn.

You are the Godly –spiritual army battle against vices.Shrimat is the Godly direction, not of any religious founders. You commit sins by coming into body conscious. There is no where else God teaches , God says, consider yourself as a soul and remember the God-Father. You take 84births,you children have to understand this knowledge,you have to study well.

Those who study well and teach others attain elevated status.God says, forget the body and bodily relations and consider yourselves as soul and remember the God-Father. The Highest on high is the God-Father. He is the Seed of the world human tree.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma-Krishna), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. At this time, consider yourself to have a life of simplicity. It is not just to renounce  interest in wearing good clothes and good jewellery but have to reveal virtues by your features. While living simply, let your activities be very royal.
2. Never become like a ‘touch-me-not’ plant. Never let your mouth speak bitter words. Become a conqueror of Maya with the life-giving herb.

Blessing: May you have unlimited disinterest and experience the whole world in the one Father.

Only those who consider the Father to be their world can have unlimited disinterest. Those whose world is the Father remain in their own world; they will not go into another world and so they automatically step away. In the world, both people and comforts are included. The Father’s property is your property – by staying in this awareness you become one with unlimited disinterest. You will not see anyone while looking at them; they will not be visible.

Slogan: In order to experience a powerful stage, have the balance of being in solitude and being light and entertaining.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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