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May you remain happy,content and free from obstacles from New Year 2012.

Avyakt Murli - The True Gita: 01.01.4976 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: In this New Year, with the blessing of ”May you be a fast effort-maker”  show the faristha-Angelic form by your attitude and features, finish the waste by the volcanic form of yoga, of being light and might, donate the powers for the suffering peace-less souls.

Now, the Creator of you children looking at His Creations who are present in all four directions.Although the Divine family is small, you are very loving because you are very few amongst the billions. You have identified the God-Father.You have become the rightful owner of the inheritance through the God-Father. Like the God-Father is very loving, this Divine family is also very loving. Father sings by looking at each child “wah child wah”.

In this NewYear eve, have you made plan of what you want to get rid of and what you have to become? Have you made plan to make yourself move forward and make fast-spiritual effort? God-Father has goodwishes for His every Child to become complete (in all qualities) and perfect (virtuous).Now, the time is also co-operating with you.

God-Father has seen that it becomes little difficult to transform the old sanskars-habits. So, in this New Year, God-Father wishes that every child should make their original sanskars as their natural sanskar.Can you create a determined thought to get rid of the old sanskars? The easy method to get rid of old sanskars is to have determination. You have the thought to transform but there should be power-effort-determination in it.

Like you have determination to eat only pure food for the body, you must have determination for the mind not to create waste thoughts towards anyone in any situation and always have good feelings and good wishes for every soul. Let there be love from heart and co-operation for every soul.

So, God-Father wishes every child to send off this old attitude and vision along with the old year. Can you have this determined thought? Give attention to time. At this time-in this birth, you have to create your fortune for 21births-for a very long time. So, you have to make effort for such a long time to remain equal like the Father. You experience God’s love only during this birth.When you have love for someone, you never disagree and God-Father knows that every child has love for the Father and everyone has received certificate in this.

But sometimes children become mischievous, that time Father smiles and keep giving special powers because Father feels every child is royal – one who rules the self – self independent, at this time and who is going to rule the world in future.

So, today the God-Father went around the world during amritwela (early morning hours). It is found that many sit in remembrance of the God-Father, sit with love, keep speaking to God-Father, remain in soul conscious, receive power from the God-Father, but now God-Father wants to have newness, because day by day, time will become very critical. So, at this time, there is a need for powerful volcanic yoga (remembrance).

The Volcanic yoga means being powerful in light and might form. Because, now according to time the sorrow, disturbance, peace-lessness are going to arise and you have to give peace and power to your suffering souls by the power of volcanic yoga – service through mind. Only by this volcanic yoga, whatever sanskar has left out will also finish. Keep special attention on this, during the New Year.

Now, the advance party souls want you bring the time of completion closer, now remember the return journey. “Now, have to return home – soul world”. They feel there is need for volcanic yoga to give powers to others, to make the souls of your divine family members become complete, to become loving and co-operative, give attention and support to each other to finish the weakness.

God-Father gives three greetings to every soul whether they are fast effort-maker or weak soul. One is Greeting for New birth-life. Second, Greeting for the New Year and third one is greeting to become a companion with the Father (Brahma-Adam-Krishna) in the New world.

GodFather also says this, to fix up the time to become equal like the Father. God-Father gives blessing to every child that “May every child become a fast effort-maker in the NewYear”.Keep this blessing – remember this blessing whenever you wake up during amritvela and when you wake up in the morning.

God-Father has asked you even earlier to give attention on time and thoughts, every second, because the confluence age of this time can come to an end all of a sudden. God-Father also have the wish that whoever looks at you, let them get the feeling of an Angel, not that you are so and so. Let them experience the Angel. For this there is the need of volcanic yoga, not any type of waste. By the yoga of light and might, burn the waste.Let the perfect (powerful-meaningful) angel become visible.Whilst moving about, feel the image of an Angel. Follow Father.

God-Father wishes every child to become an Angel, let all the bondages disappear.So, the home-work for this New year is to remain an Angel. This is known as fast effort-maker. By looking all the children happy, God-Father gives the special blessing of “May you remain content and make others content all times”

There will be many new children, even they will receive the blessing to remain fast effort maker and by doing service, they will create fortune for many souls and hence people would believe these souls-children are bestower of happiness, those who belong to the God-Father,the Bestower of Happiness. Father gives special blessing,”May you be the happy souls who has fortune of happiness”

To the jurist wing: Now, it is time to prove the real God of the Gita……

To double foreigners and sindi group: You retain the blessing of Amarbhava - “Remain immortal”. The volcanic yoga will bring everyone near because everyone will receive power.You will also become an image of light and might. When you remain light and might whilst doing all actions, people also would feel your vibrations.Then you will make little effort but get more result.

Let everyone keep this aim that we have to become obstacle free and make others obstacles free.When someone comes in front of you, let them be so happy by looking at you that they must feel who has come in front of me.Father looks for newness in this New year, not the same old sanskars, let every child look like the Father.Inspite of circumstances, situations, have the aim to become an Angel. Create a determined thought so that you will have attention for yourself. I have to become. That’s it. When you become for yourself, you will spread natural vibrations. So, make you faith firm that I have to become an Angel.

To everyone, God-Father gives love from heart and congratulations.

Greetings for the New Year 2012
Multimillion greetings for every one. In this New year you have to do the given home-work and show yourself as an Angel to the God-Father.Now, create this determined thought, who am I? I am an Angel, Angel and Angel.Only this be visible in front of God-Father and the world through your activity and features. Congrats for this. After doing meditation during early morning hours,remember constantly “I am an Angel”.With the form of an angel, you would become complete and perfect like the Father. Congratulations and Good Night.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma-Krishna), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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