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Being aware (of light, lightness and unlimitedness in thoughts) of the God, mind stops wandering.

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Essence: Sweet children, you will be able to imbibe knowledge when you become soul conscious. Only the children who become soul conscious will be able to remember the Father.

Question: Due to which one mistake have human beings said that souls are immune to the effect of actions?

Answer: Human beings have said that the soul is the Supreme Soul and this is why they have understood souls to be immune to the effect of action. However, only Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) is immune to the effect of action. He doesn't experience happiness or sorrow, sweetness or bitterness. The soul says: Such-and-such a thing is sour. The Father says: I am not affected by anything. I am beyond the effect of these things. I am the Ocean of Knowledge and I speak that same knowledge to you.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Essence for dharna:

1. Forget the image, become one without an image and remember the Father who is without an image. Remove your body and all bodily religions from your intellect. Practise remaining soul conscious.

2. The sapling of the deity religion is being planted. Therefore, you definitely have to become pure. You have to imbibe divine virtues.

Blessing: May you be seated on the immortal throne and so the heart-throne and by keeping your physical senses under your orders become the master of the self.

I, the soul, am seated on the immortal throne, that is, I am the king who is the master of the self. When a king sits on his throne, all his workers work according to his orders. By your being seated on the heart-throne in this way, your physical senses automatically work under your orders. Those who are seated on the immortal throne have the Father’s heart-throne because, by considering yourself to be a soul, you remember the Father and there is then no body, no bodily relations or possessions. The one Father is your world; therefore, those who are seated on the immortal throne are automatically seated on the Father’s heart-throne.

Slogan: The one who has the powers to decide, to discern and to imbibe is a holy swan.


Liberation through realisation.

Points to Churn from the Murli of August 04, 2013 (Revised 5-2-1977)

Praise of Baba:

The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:

1.   We, the elevated souls, are equal to the Father....we are filled with the special dharna of royal sanskars of someone with a right and who is respectful, incorporeal and egoless(adhikaari, satkaari, niraakaari, nirhankaari)...we keep a balance between all four aspects, have a special seat of royal status, and are enabled to claim the throne...we clear our accounts, become refined and go with the Father without paying a fine... after realisation we have the final result of liberation, that is, we are liberated from everything... we are respected by the world because of giving respect to others, and are worthy of being saluted because of our humility... we finish the past and become full of all virtues...we are always equal companions who are very fortunate, and who have a right to the world...

2.   We, the souls, who consider rest to be improper, are those who are loved by God and loved by the world (Baap pasand, vishv pasand)...instead of making corrections, we forge a connection with the Father and give and take blessings of virtues and powers...we constantly make the spiritual endeavour of remembrance (saadhna), without the support of temporary facilities (saadhan), and become those who are liberated in life, (jeewan mukt) instead of those who are tied in bondage (bandhan yukt)...

3.   We, the elevated souls with the lines of elevated fortune, who reveal our complete form and our worthy of worship form in a practical way, are sparkling stars in front of the world... we put a full-stop to the weaknesses of the past, and grant a vision of our complete form... we have the determination to finish all the old sanskars and nature in the final sacrifice...we destroy the intellect that imbibes defects and develop the satopradhan intellect that imbibes divine virtues... we maintain an accurate balance between one who has a right and is respectful  (adhikaari and satkaari)... by making the greatest renunciation of the desire for prestige, regard and facilities, we become ones who are greatly doing the course for the final force, we have liberation from everything...

Blessing: May you become full of all specialities by knowing all the specialities of spiritual life and using them.

According to the law of the drama, every soul has definitely received one speciality or another at the confluence age. Even if a soul is the last bead of the rosary, he still has one or another speciality. Recognise the speciality of the fortune of your spiritual birth and use it practically. By using one speciality, you will automatically develop other specialities. By continuing to put zeros with one, you will become full of all specialities.

Slogan: Constantly have the awareness of the mantra of manmanabhav and the wandering of the mind will then stop.

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