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Instead of speaking too much, become experienced in the sweetness of introversion.

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Song:Tumhi ho mata pita tumhi ho... You are the Mother and the Father… तुम्ही हो माता पिता तुम्हीं हो....


Essence: Sweet children, continue to give time to the pilgrimage of remembrance and your sins will continue to be absolved. Attachment to everyone will end and you will become the garland around the Father's neck.

Question: Which few words are you studying with God, the Father? What secrets are merged in those few words?

Answer: God, the Father, is just teaching you this much: O souls, renounce the consciousness of the body and remember Me. This is why this study of just few words is taught to you because you are not going to take an old skin (costume) in the old world now. You have to go to the new world. I have come to take you back with Me. Therefore, continue to forget everyone as well as your body.

Song: You are the Mother and the Father.

Essence for dharna:

 1. Become worthy and obedient and be threaded in the rosary of victory. Give everything worth straws that you have to the Father, surrender yourself and end your attachment to everyone.

 2. In order that you only have remembrance of the one Father at the end, break your intellect's yoga away from everyone else and make effort to stay constantly in remembrance of the Father.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower of happiness who gives everyone happiness and receives happiness by staying in imperishable supersensuous joy.

Supersensuous joy means imperishable happiness of the soul. The physical senses are perishable and so any happiness received through them would also be perishable. Therefore, stay in supersensuous joy and no name or trace of sorrow can come to you. If someone causes you sorrow, then don’t take it. Your slogan is: Give happiness and receive happiness. Neither cause sorrow nor take sorrow. If someone causes you sorrow, transform it and give that one happiness. Make that person happy and you will be said to be a master bestower of happiness.

Slogan: Instead of speaking too much and wasting your energy, become experienced in the sweetness of introversion.

Praise of Baba:

The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Lovely  Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...



7th July  2013

Essence: Sweet children, wake up in the early morning hours of nectar and sit in meditation. Think:  I am a soul and my Baba is the Master of the Garden. He is the Boatman and I am His child. Become a master and churn the jewels of knowledge.

Question: Which one aspect is given importance by the world outside and also by the Father?

Answer: That of donating. You children have to become merciful and have compassion for everyone. Give the donation of the imperishable jewels of knowledge to everyone. Donors are praised a great deal. Their names are mentioned in the newspapers. You also have to donate to others, that is, teach them meditation.

Song: My heart says thanks to the One who has given me support.

Essence for dharna:

1. Awaken in the early morning hours of nectar, churn the knowledge whilst sitting in remembrance. Remember the wealth of knowledge as well as the Bestower of Knowledge.

2. Stay in Godly intoxication and do service. Show everyone the easy way to do meditation. Remain in harmony whilst following one direction.

Blessing: May you be constantly tireless and free from bondage by performing every task considering it to be service according to the Father’s directions.

Look after matter (your body) considering it to be service and not a bondage. The Father has given you the direction to settle karmic accounts with yoga. You know that that is a bondage, but by repeatedly saying this and thinking about it, the bondage becomes stronger and if, in the final moments you only remember the bondages, you will then have to go into the jail of a womb. Therefore, never become fed-up with yourself. Neither become trapped nor be compelled. Continue to perform every task as though it is a game and you will remain tireless and will continue to become free from bondage.

Slogan: Sit in the cottage of the forehead and be an image of tapasya: this is introversion.


6th July  2013

God says....

Sweet children, in order to be saved from the deep suffering of Maya, take asylum with the Father.  By taking asylum with God, you will be liberated from the bondage of Maya for 21 births.

Question: By making which effort do you children become worthy of worship and worthy of being in a temple?

Answer: In order to become worthy of worship and seated in a temple, make effort to save yourselves from evil spirits. No evil spirit should ever enter you. When you see an evil spirit in anyone, when someone is getting angry  or influenced by attachment, step away from that person. Promise yourself that you will remain pure. Tie a true rakhi.

Song:The heart desires to call out to You.

Essence for dharna:

1.Follow shrimat and do the service of making impure human beings into pure deities. Become a full helper of the Father.

2.Swallow all the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge. Burn away your sins with remembrance of the Father and become a conqueror of sinful actions.

Blessing: May you be free from worry and perform every task skilfully and successfully as a karma yogi.

Some children have the worry of earning and looking after their families, but those who worry can never be successful in earning an income. Stop worrying and do everything as a karma yogi, for wherever there is yoga, any task will be skilfully and successfully accomplished. If you earn money with worry, it will only create more worry, whereas if you earn happily while being yogyukt, it will bring happiness because as the seed, so will be the fruit that emerges from it.

Slogan: Become a holy swan that constantly picks up pearls of virtues and not pebbles and stones.

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