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Maya comes,if you are under the influence of attachment (to person, old sanskars and nature).

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God says....
Sweet children, to apply knowledge like sandalwood (create the fragrance) according to shrimat and become pure is to claim the kingdom of self-sovereignty. Make a promise to remain pure and you will receive the tilak of the sun-dynasty kingdom.

Question: Who ties a rakhi on you children? Who puts this tilak on you? Why is there the custom of offering sweets to sweeten your mouth?
Answer: Your senior mummy (Adam-Mother Brahma), ties the rakhi on you to purify you. Then, when you make a vow to remain pure, the Father puts the tilak of self-sovereignty on you. “To sweeten your mouth” means to bestow all blessings. Along with the tilak of self-sovereignty, the Father has also given you all blessings. The memorial of this custom has continued.

Song:   There is love on this side and the world on the other side. Which way should I go?

Essence for dharna:

1.         Let the love of your heart be for the one Father and for no bodily being because all your relations are now with the one Father.

2.         At the time of studying this study, pay full attention. Don’t speak or even think of wasteful things. Do not allow your intellect to wander around.

Blessing: May you be a master trikaldarshi who becomes a conqueror of Maya by knowing the past, present and future.

Children who know all three aspects of time are never defeated by Maya because what the present is and what is going to happen in the future are both very clear in the intellects of trikaldarshi souls. What I am and what I am going to become: they have the intoxication of both the present and the future. They continue to fly in the happiness of that intoxication and this is why their feet are above the ground. They are not attracted by the body, bodily relations or the old possessions of the body.

Slogan: It is easy for those who have the virtue of easiness to move along within a gathering.

18th August 2013
18-08-2013 (AM REVISED 16-04-1977)
The divinity and uniqueness of Spiritual life.

Blessing: May you be a respected one who remains constantly stable in your self-respect by renouncing body consciousness.

Children who renounce body consciousness in this one birth and remain stable in their self-respect, receive in return from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, the fortune of being one who is respected throughout the whole cycle. For half the cycle you receive respect from your subjects and for half the cycle you receive respect from your devotees and, at this time, at the confluence age, God Himself gives respect to His respected children. Self-respect and being respected have a very deep connection.

Slogan: Continue to take blessings from the Father and the spiritual family at every step and you will continue to move constantly forward.


GOD SAYS......
These elevated versions were spoken by BapDada on 24th June 1965 evening when Mateshwari left her body. Please read this murli with that awareness)

Essence: Sweet children, the confluence age is beneficial for you children. Therefore, always have spiritual intoxication. Don't worry about anything.

Question: What are the signs of those whose stage is good?
Answer: They never cry about anything. They never wilt. They never feel sorrow or regret. They watch every scene as detached observers. They never ask "Why?" or "What?" They never remember the name or form of anyone. They remain cheerful in remembrance of one Baba.
Song: Mother, o Mother, you are the bestower of fortune for the world!

Essence for dharna:
1. Make your activities divine. Never fight or quarrel. Don't use bitter words. Don’t have any temptation or greed. Don't cause anyone sorrow. Show everyone the path to happiness.
2. Don't have doubts when obstacles come. Understand the guaranteed destiny of the drama and maintain your spiritual intoxication. Don't worry about anything.

Blessing: May you die alive and transform your attitude, awareness and vision with the awareness of your alokik life.

Spriitual life is said to be an alokik life. Alokik means not like that of this world. There should be transformation of vision, awareness and attitude. Souls should constantly have the attitude of brotherhood or brother and sister. Have the attitude that all of us belong to one family. With your vision, look at the soul and not at the body and you would then be said to have died alive. Now that you have received such an elevated life, you cannot remember your old life.

Slogan: When you constantly maintain pure feelings, the flu of impure feelings will not be able to come even close to you.

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