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Perform all actions, even take food, in remembrance of GodFather to become divine

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You never cry on seeing death because you know that the soul is eternal constantly.
According to the world drama, all souls will leave the body in the great battle. No one incurs sin in this.
Your battle is against the five vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
Soul is a point of light not a  star with sharp edges. It shines based on the knowledge it has.
God starts serving souls from copper age fulfilling devotion/wants of devotees, giving visions of deities.
The more you remember Me, that much your sins will be absolved.
I do serve even appearing in someone’s body to make others understand knowledge.
You attain karmateet – free from bondages of actions, at the end.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who is free from the bondage of karma and as the master make your physical senses perform actions.
Spiritual life is not a life of karmic bondage, but a karma yogi life. Be the master of your physical senses and continue to make your organs perform actions in whatever way you want for as long as you want and you will become an angel from a child of God. Karmic bondages will finish. You have received that body for the sake of service, and so the life of karmic accounts of karmic bondage has now finished. The relationships with the old body and the old world have finished. This is why this life is said to be the dying alive life.

Slogan: In order to experience the company of the Comforter of Hearts, stay in the stage of a detached observer.

Only by remembering GodFather, you attain the stage of karm-ateet.
Perform all actions, even take food, in remembrance of GodFather.
There are many demoniac- vicious directions but only One Godly directions.
Since all souls take birth by vicious means, even saints cannot be called as vice-less. Golden age is known as the vice-less world.
Souls cannot be called as divine but human beings.
Remember all three (Father, Teacher and SatGuru) in One God-Father.
Whole day, if you remain in remembrance of GodFather, you will become karmateet.
If you give knowledge in remembrance of GodFather, it will be of double service.
Remember the most beloved GodFather.
By the divine eye, you see the visions of golden age and destruction.

Blessing: May you be a child of God who becomes an angel and then a deity by transforming yourself with volcanic remembrance.
When something is put into a fire, its name, form and quality all change. In the same way, when you put yourself in the fire of love for remembrance, transformation then takes place. You change from a human being into a child of God, then into an angel and then a deity. Just as cement is put into a mould and baked in a furnace and it then becomes a brick in the same way, this transformation takes place and this is why remembrance is said to be of a volcanic form.

Slogan: A powerful soul is one who is able to adopt a cool form whenever he wants and a volcanic form whenever he wants.

Every one of you will be offered in this sacrificial fire of knowledge including your body, mind and wealth, to establish the golden age.
I had to come, to make you pure (virtuous) – divine.
Due to body conscious, you never experience love and respect for God-Father. I am not egoistic, then, how come you are so egoistic?
God gives visions of deities to the devotees. They receive the reward for devotion. I retain the key for divine vision.
Your intellect must be broad - sensible.

Blessing: May you have a right to self-sovereignty as a master of the self and, while living in the midst of the vibrations of the iron-aged atmosphere, remain safe from them.
A master of the self is one who is not attracted to anything through any of the physical senses but remains constantly attracted to the one Father. There should not be the slightest attraction to any person or possession. Only such masters of the self are tapaswi and swans who, while living in the midst of the iron-aged atmosphere of the storks, constantly remains safe from it. They are not even slightly attracted to the vibrations of the world. Then, all complaints finish.

Slogan: To be able to change something bad into something good is the elevated power of the highest children of God-Father.

The great reincarnation is of God Shiv (Benefactor God). Deities are not called reincarnations. I become your GodFather by reincarnation.
Sanyasis never see their students as family members. You souls belong to One family and One GodFather.
Where there is purity, heaven exists there.
Your stage should be like a deity. You should not commit any mistake.
Every home should become like a heaven.
Only One God liberates every soul.
Sanskars of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment keep slapping you. You fall for greed.

Blessing: May you be powerful and as Mahavir, make unconscious ones conscious with the life-giving herb.
The sun is powerful and so, with its power, spreads light everywhere. Become powerful in the same way and continue to make all of those who are unconscious conscious with the life-giving herb and you will then be said to be Mahavir. Constantly have the awareness that you have to remain victorious and make everyone victorious. The way to become victorious is to remain busy. Remain busy in the task of benefitting yourself and the world and the atmosphere will then continue to become one where all obstacles are destroyed.

Slogan: Constantly let your heart be connected to the one Comforter of Hearts. This is true tapasya.

You must share this knowledge with others. You become a king by sharing this divine knowledge.
Look at yourself as a soul.
People forget everything when they leave the body. You detach yourself from body to forget everything and remember GodFather.
Charity begins at home.
You have to remember GodFather constantly with lot of love like the lover remembers the beloved.
You must not commit sinful actions, have fear of God (as Supreme Judge).
Even very good souls are made to commit sins by the power of maya – vices.
God is a point of light. He never takes birth as a boy or a girl.
When you commit sins, the intellect gets locked up.
You have to become very sweet. Ask yourself: If I am disturbing others, do I become angry?

Blessing: May you be free from bodily relations by remaining combined with the one Father while living with your family.
If you want to play the part of a pure householder while living with your family, then remain free from your bodily relations. There shouldn’t be the awareness, even in your dreams: “I am a man, this one is a woman.” Since souls are brothers, how can there be man and woman? The combined form is of the self and the Father. The other relationship is just in name only, for the sake of service, but in the combined form there is the self and the Father. Continue to move along with this understanding and you will be said to be a courageous and victorious soul.

Slogan: Only those who remain constantly content and happy have the fortune of happiness and are intense effort-makers.

You must wear the crown of purity. There should not be any trace of impurity.
If there is less attainment, the light becomes hidden.
Soul is  a light, if there is weakness, you remain body conscious, you become heavy.
The sign of all attainments is happiness.
All powers are visible in the form of colours.
You must have unlimited disinterest, free from attachment always.
Situations (obtstacles) are the roles you play in this world drama, you never get disturbed by them.

Blessing: May you be the cleverest of all and, with your own desire and determined thought, attain multimillionfold in return for one.
Children who are the cleverest of all give a handful of unclean dry rice and create a multimillionfold fortune for one. They simply give rice and receive all powers, all treasures and more than 36 varieties in return. However, at the time of giving, some children still keep that hidden away under their arm, the same as Sudama did. The Father could take it by Himself if He wanted to, but if He did that you wouldn’t receive as much return for it. Therefore, give one with your own desire and determined thought and receive multimillion-fold; this is cleverness. Only in giving in this way is there benefit.

Slogan: Only those who observe every game while detached are detached observers.

You are a double social worker – physical and spiritual.
People find it difficult to become free from attachment, you have to remain free from the influence of sense organs, persons and things.
You receive many attainments like peace, love, happiness….by remembering Me.
Your throne is in Brahmand (the Supreme abode) and you also rule the golden age / universe.
Early morning hours are good to remember the GodFather.
Before taking food, you must feed (offer) the One who feeds you all.
There is also the gathering of deity souls in subtle world, this is also part of the world drama (game).

Blessing: May you be generous hearted and constantly filled with specialities by having spiritual give and take.
When you go to any fair (mela) you give some money and get something in return. Before you receive anything, you first have to give. Similarly, in this spiritual mela too, you first of all take something from the Father or from one another, that is, you inculcate that into yourself. When you instil a virtue or speciality, everything ordinary automatically finishes. By instilling a virtue, weakness automatically finishes. This becomes a form of giving. Be generous hearted in having such an exchange of give and take at every second and you will become filled with specialities.

Slogan: Use your specialities and you will experience progress at every step.

God-Father appears on earth and makes you worship-worthy.
You move from bondages of life to liberation in life.
The whole world becomes New from old and the New world-golden age is known as the Kingdom of the World Almighty Authority.

Blessing: May you be a constant server and by remaining free from all wasteful spinning, do service that is free from obstacles.
Everyone does service, but there is great importance of those who remain free from obstacles while doing service. No type of obstacle should come in the midst of service. If there is any obstacle of the atmosphere, the company or laziness, then service is harmed. A constant server can never be caught up in any type of obstacle. There should not be even the slightest thought of an obstacle. Remain free from all wasteful spinning and you will then be said to be a successful and constant server.

Slogan: Only those who are honest in their hearts and heads are worthy of the love of the Father and the family.

Blessing: May you transform your nature with natural attention and practice and become an embodiment of success.
The original sanskar of all of you is attention. Since you know how to have tension, it is not a big deal to have attention. So, there should now not be tension in having attention, but there should be natural attention. The soul has the natural practice of being detached; it was detached, it is detached and it will be detached. Just as the practice of coming into sound has become firm now, in the same way, the practice of going beyond sound and becoming detached should be natural. Then the powerful vibrations of being detached will easily enable you to attain success in service and this natural practice will also change your nature.

Slogan: Exercise being bodiless and observe the precautions of the diet of waste thoughts and you will remain ever healthy.

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