Sunday, 15 September 2013

the old (vicious) sanskars will emerge even in good souls to disappear once for ever.

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Essence: The deep secrets of karma

You perform actions as if you are possessed by some soul. You are not aware of what you are doing and why you are doing.
God sees your every actions and maintains a balance of Love and Law. Being a GodFather, He forgives 1st time, 2nd time and 3rd time. On the other hand for the benefit of children, He also explains about the effect of vicious-sinful actions. You get one lakh times in return either for the good or for the bad actions, at this confluence age through the automatic machinery.
You find difficulty when you say that “I do” , “ I don’t do” “How I do”,….When you have belonged to the GodFather and follow His directions, know that it is God who is doing it though you. (So, that you will not come into bondages of actions. ) Then, you will experience pure – divine intellect.
GodFather wanted to see all His children in complete form.
Any untoward incidence you see, be a detached observer and take decision. Never come under fear. Instead of why, what  and how it can happen…become double light and make the mountain like issue into cotton-like. You receive practical paper (obstacles) to make you pass with honour. Good effort maker sees the test paper as a game, they never become afraid.
Do you still retain the old sanskars of carrying the bondages? When you belong to God,remove the I consciousness, there is no need to feel burdened.
Don’t get disturbed by the vicious actions of even good souls because all the old sanskars have to emerge to disappear once for ever.

People fall in the gutter of lust. Lust is the greatest enemy.
Never become dirty, don’t be after anyone.
If you commit any mistake, say to GodFather “I am sorry”
You have to become 16 celestial degrees virtuous, by making spiritual effort, you will become virtuous- pure at the end.
Become merciful towards the ones who defame you.
The impure soul when appears, it makes you perform vicious actions. Similarly vicious sanskar makes you perform wrong actions,  to lose the elevated status and experience punishment.
You are settling your karmic accounts now, to become karmateet (free from sinful actions and bondages of actions) at the end.
The body and soul have become old, playing different roles. Now, belong to Me to become pure-virtuous. Body and soul will become pure by remembrance of GodFather.
You have to serve by body, mind and wealth. The more you do service, that much you will receive in return.
Remember Me – Rest your mind on Me
This is Raja yoga (to make you kings) not the Praja Yoga ( to make you subjects).
To receive the complete inheritance from GodFather, you have to do service.
Body consciousness is not good. Remember GodFather being in soul conscious.
In golden age, you remain healthy, wealthy and happy.

Not to be slack in your spiritual effort.
The more you remember GodFather whilst doing actions, that much sins will be removed.
Remember GodFather during early morning hours.
The more serviceable, that much beloved you become.
You settle your karmic accounts even in the prison of womb.
People don’t have that much love and regard for GodFather. The magnet (God) cannot attract the needle (soul) if there is rust (vices).
You should transform yourself into a flower.
You must remember that you have to return home (soul world).
Do not listen or perform anything evil. Make your feature divine.
Remain pure inside and outside.

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