Monday, 23 September 2013

You were like a monkey(influenced by 5vices of lust,anger,greed, attachment and ego)before,now you are becoming worship-worthy.

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The Father of the father of human kind and the father of all soul is the One GodFather.
Bharat – India was the most elevated, now has become poor.
Those who have lost the kingdom will rule the kingdom once again.
Everyone has to become pure from impure, virtuous from vicious in nature.
People of all religion worship the One GodFather in one or other form.
GodFather is the benefactor of souls of all religion.
You become worship-worthy when you do Godly service. The more service you do, that much you come near to God.Just you have to remember GodFather.
GodFather knows about all the vedas and scriptures. He is the knowledge-full, Blissful and merciful.
Even the five elements have to become pure at this time. When the soul becomes pure-virtuous, even the elements will become pure.
In golden age, body never becomes old.
God never rules the world but He makes you children worthy to rule the kingdom of the world.
Gita (spoken by GodFather) is the mother of all scriptures.
Every effort depends upon purity.
Become free from attachment towards bodily beings – husband, wife, children, in-laws.  Become free from body consciousness by doing all types of service. The most important is to become completely free from attachment.
You become dirty by forgetting the GodFather. The more you remember the GodFather, that much you become victorious.
If you commit sin, repent to GodFather. Otherwise, it will be difficult to overcome the bondages.
Initially, the test paper comes to you, so that you can explain to others about the experience.
Storms will come to you, when you are honest within and without, GodFather will be satisfied with you.
You were like a monkey (influenced by the five vices of lust, anger, greed,  attachment  and ego) before, now you are becoming worship-worthy.
You transform from a worshipper to worship-worthy.
You commit sins due to body consciousness. God is also the Supreme Judge. You must fear the Supreme Judge, repent to Him for the mistakes.
In golden age, you remain soul conscious. Here in iron age, there is body consciousness.
If you hide any mistake, you will also be lost-hidden in course of time.

Blessing: May you be an elevated magician who ties in bondage with the magic of love the One Who is free from bondage.

You children are even greater magicians than the God-Father. You have such magic of love that you tie in bondage the One Who is free from bondage. The Father too cannot think of anyone except you children. He constantly remembers you children. You call the Father to eat with you so many times. When you eat, walk around or sleep, you do that with the Father. Whenever you do any work, you say: It is Your work. You make us do it and we just use our hands as instruments. Then you give the burden of those actions to the Father and so you are elevated magicians, are you not?

Slogan:  Those who change adverse situations with the power of their own original stage can never be distressed.

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