Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hey souls, remember Me, so that you will attain liberation in life at the end, become master of heaven.

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Sweet Children,

The Ocean of knowledge, the Ocean of virtues, these praises belong only to One Highest GodFather. He is not any saint or sadhu.

The Incorporeal GodFather is the unlimited GodFather and Mother.

You children have been remembering GodFather in every world cycle. God is the highest and the sweetest, He is present with you children at this time, teaching you the most elevated knowledge free of cost.

Only God gives you the reward of devotion (in various form).

Poor ones study well and attain elevated status. Here, you have to understand about the world cycle which no human being understands.

The Seed of the world human tree is only One GodFather.

People follow the direction of maya (vices) and you follow the direction of One GodFather.

In reality, Supreme God of all souls is only One GodFather.

God is not omnipresent, He is the unlimited GodFather.

You receive unlimited inheritance at this confluence age, through the GodFather.

People call the Brahm element as God which is not true. Soul sparkles at the centre of eyebrow. The tiny point of soul has the record of all births.

This world drama is a predestined one. Soul leaves one body and takes another, the soul’s role is eternally recorded and it repeats in every world cycle. Soul takes maximum up to 84births.

You children must become a stick for the blind-ignorant ones.

The new world is being established at this time. God explains you the essence of Vedas and scriptures through the body of Adam-Brahma.

The father of human kind must be available on earth, He cannot be called as the Ocean of knowledge. Only God is the ocean of knowledge.

This knowledge depends upon how much you imbibe within.

God gives the inheritance of land of peace (soul world) and land of happiness (golden age) to you children. Now, you children make spiritual effort to receive the inheritance of happiness by this study and by teaching others.

When someone dies, they say that they have become a resident of heaven which is not true. People call souls and feed them. The ancient or father of all souls is only one Supreme Soul.

You have the power of yoga, the soul becomes pure-virtuous by the power of yoga.

The One who shares knowledge is the most beloved to Me. You must remember GodFather, there is nothing to speak about.

Now, souls have to go back home and hence you must rest your mind on Me to get rid of sinful actions. Become soul conscious. It is God who makes you perform through the soul.

Hey souls, remember Me, so that you will attain liberation in life at the end, become master of heaven.

You must become very very sweet in nature like the GodFather.

Souls have become vicious along with the body and hence soul remembers the GodFather.

Only one GodFather remains pure – stainless all the time unlike souls.

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