Monday, 28 October 2013

Soul consciousness, Seed stage and love in the gathering

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Avyakt Murlis


Finish the upheaval of the body and mind and become soul conscious.

At the end even this corporeal body of yours will become completely still and peaceful. There will be no further upheaval either in your mind or your body. Baba calls this the stage of soul consciousness.

Finish of all the leaves of the old sanskars and create the seed stage.

Make effort in the way so that all the leaves of the old sanskars and the bodily relations of the past can easily be shed, and you can stabilize yourself in the seed stage. Check yourself that when the time comes, none of the leaves of the old sanskars get stuck so that you have to struggle. Will the karmateet stage come easily or will some karmic bondages create any barriers? If there is any weakness, check yourself and try to fill in that gap.

Give regard to one another’s suggestions in order to maintain love within the gathering.

Even if someone gives an idea and you don’t like it, do not immediately reject their suggestion. First give regard to his ideas:”Yes, why not? It is very good.” By doing this, the force of their insistence is tempered a little. Then, when you explain, he or she will understand. If you instantly cut down their ideas, then there will be conflict between the forces of you both, and as a result, there will be no success. Therefore, it is essential to first give regard to each other’s suggestions. Only through this will the gathering continue with love.

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