Saturday, 19 October 2013

When you keep the company of GodFather constantly, there is nothing difficult.

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Children are in the intoxication that they have received the GodFather. You move in your spiritual life easily with sacrifice and interest, and also you receive from God in return.

There are lack of two powers to handle the war of maya. One is the lack of the power to face and other is the power to discriminate and decide. The reason is you don’t keep GodFather with you always. The easy method to have these powers is to remain in the stage of authority in the company of GodFather.

By not able to discriminate, there is no concentration and there are waste and vicious thoughts.

Instead of opposing maya, you become companion of maya, you leave the position of being victorious over maya.

The small mistake of mixing the direction of mind with Godly direction opens the door for entering maya due to carelessness and laziness.

You also have to pass through the thoughts like , it is the destiny, my role is like this, how long it is going to continue.To reach the higher stage, you have to pass through these stages and hence keep the Companion with you to pass over all the obstacles.

See Father, Follow Father, have courage to receive the help from GodFather.

Do not take the support of anyone other than the GodFather because the support being powerless cannot support you.

GodFather likes the stable stage of you children. You must remain stable, unshakeable, strong all the time.

Those who remain Master knowledge-full, constantly success-full, happy, those who remain free from all attractions of maya, those who have reached close to the aim object, to them Namaste.

You receive the unlimited reward of even for a simple act of service, for various births. Do you perform the service together through mind, words and actions? Along with words, you also have to serve together through the good thoughts and wishes. To become success , you have to do all three service together. You should not repeat like a pundit just by words. The one who is knowledge-full  does three types of service together, you have to become GodConscious not image conscious during the service.

If you have mercy with benefit for souls in mind, then the soul conscious will awake in others, never be mechanical in doing service.

If you keep the true company of GodFather, you will experience the treasure of happiness constantly, there will be effect of company of Truth. You will not feel any type of burden. Let every second, you have the company of God. When you belong to GodFather, whatever belongs to Him belongs to you.

Do you remain in the intoxication of God, attainments of present and future constantly? If you remember GodFather constantly, you will have the intoxication of being master almighty authority. The children of almighty authority will always remain complete.

Whenever there are obstacles, do you have the method to remain free from obstacles easily? When you keep the company of GodFather constantly, there is nothing difficult. If you leave the company of God, you become weak and for the weak, even the small obstacles seem to be difficult.

Pandav means, those who remain in the awareness of GodFather. Being in the company of GodFather, you challenge the obstacle to become victorious. Do you become afraid of maya or pass over the obstacles? Being a Trikaldarshi, you know how to pass over the obstacles.

The sign of you children of God is, to remain happy constantly, dance in happiness. When you remain happy , the feet of the intellect will remain above the conscious of body and bodily relations but remain in soul consciousness in the world of souls.

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