Wednesday, 30 October 2013

soul repents about its sinful actions knowing its future,when it leaves the body.

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Sweet Children,

Souls have bondages of so many births, have to settle the karmic accounts by taking birth. You settle them by remembrance of GodFather. You have to forget this world of karmic bondages. The attachment towards the body has to be removed.

The poor ones are able to get rid of attachment to the body and understand knowledge very easily than the rich ones.

GodFather is known as the Lord of the poor. He protects the devotees, He is known as the Benefactor.

Souls who are free from attachment remain unlimited in their intellect, attain elevated status by sharing the knowledge of Creator and creations.

The Supreme Beloved makes you the king and queen for 21births.

The intellect keeps wandering in the bondages of the world. You must have relationship with only One GodFather.

For 1250 years you have knowledge – sato in nature, then other 1250 years you have devotion which changes from sato, rajo to tamo in nature.

You must get attached to the only One GodFather, so that the sins of various actions are removed.

You benefit only by knowing about One GodFather, you receive liberation and liberation in life through GodFather. You must also know about the world cycle.

More devotees are there in Bharat and GodFather gives knowledge only in Bharat.

When soul has to leave the body, it comes to know about its actions and it understands about its future.

You share the knowledge of GodFather with others and attain elevated status.


Mamma’s Murli

The real aim object is to know that I am a soul free from bondages initially (during the first appearance on earth) and now becoming free from bondages in remembrance of God.

GodFather says, get rid of the consciousness of body and bodily relations to stabilize in the original consciousness of soul.

The darkness of ignorance – vices are removed by the light of knowledge.

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