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When you sow any seed in the ground of disinterest, it gives the fruit immediately.

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October 27, 2013 (Revised 03-04-1996)

Essence: Together with doing service, become free from your old and wasteful sanskars by having an attitude of unlimited disinterest.(behad ki vairaagy vritti)

The breath of this spiritual life is constant happiness. Those who pass with honour leave the body in just a second, never get stuck.

According to the time, children must check for the unlimited disinterest to create disinterest in souls and give introduction of GodFather. The unlimited disinterest remains constantly. If the unlimited disinterest is broken, the reason  is body consciousness.

Until there is disinterest from body, you never retain the unlimited disinterest forever.

Like body consciousness is natural, let the soul consciousness become natural. If there is body consciousness in any form (in relationship of body, bodily relations, things-luxuries, connection with old sanskars), unlimited disinterest cannot be constant.

If there is attraction towards anything, there cannot be disinterest. Check if you are free from the old sanskars. But sanskars keep attracting towards others in one or other form, there is trace of old sanskar which emerges at the right time.

There is weakness in disinterest due to the old sanskar. Where there is even a trace, it becomes huge and disturbs. When there is the war of sanskar, do you remain knowledge-full?

Those who are knowledge-full cannot be influenced by relations or sanskars.

Along with service, you must have attention for the unlimited disinterest.

By service, you receive happiness, and you also finish unlimited disinterest in service.

You receive regard from things and people but let the disinterest not finish. The things and luxuries are the reward of your spiritual effort but keep your spiritual effort of disinterest emerged like a lotus flower.

When you sow any seed in the ground of disinterest, it gives the fruit immediately.

Wherever you want, whenever you want, you must be able to stabilize yourself with the will power. If you want to apply full stop, it should not become a question mark. Do you have the will power or just power?

Many children remain in battle of thoughts while doing yoga. Will power is: you think something and it happens immediately in practical. The moment you want to stop waste thoughts or any action, it should happen immediately.

Blessing:  May you be a hero actor who constantly plays an elevated part by considering yourself to be on the unlimited stage.

All of you are the show-pieces who are placed in the showcase of the world. In the midst of the unlimited souls, you are on the biggest stage of all. Speak every word and perform every action in the awareness that the souls of the world are watching you. By doing so, your every role will be elevated and you will become a hero actor. Everyone has the feeling of receiving attainment from you instrument souls. So, children of the Bestower, constantly continue to give and continue to fulfill everyone's hopes.

Slogan:    When you have the power of Coolness (truth) within you, you will continue to receive happiness and power.

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