Friday, 18 October 2013

You have to use your body, mind and wealth for Godly service.

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Sweet Children,

The Innocent Lord speaks to you children, being Truth.  GodFather makes your treasure house, of purity, peace and prosperity, full. In Golden age, your treasure house was full but later maya had made you lose everything.

People never know about the period of golden age and world cycle. Bharat was the land of happiness, now had become the land of sorrow. Only GodFather, the Ocean of knowledge can explain about the world cycle.

People worship deities but the limited reward and happiness given to all only by Me. I am also the benefactor of unlimited happiness. I never give sorrow to any.

You have come to receive the inheritance of happiness through Me by this study. I prepare you, to take you to the world of happiness and there are others who will go to the land of peace – soul world.

People sacrifice the body in the Kashi culvert to get rid of limited sins temporarily. Here, you offer  self to GodFather being alive and follow the directions of GodFather. You children get rid of vices-sinful actions completely.

When the world has become old at this time, it should also become new at a later date.

People make deities, worship them and throw them into the sea, it is like they play the game of dolls, worship of dolls.

Now you transform from devilish clan to the deity – virtuous clan.

At this time, every soul is sinful. You are a soul, have not seen your soul. Soul,being a point of light, you have neither seen soul nor Supreme Soul. Supreme soul is the ocean of knowledge and peace.

You attain elevated status in golden age by making others worthy – virtuous.

Now, GodFather comes on earth and creates the golden age by making souls do the spiritual effort, according to the predestined world drama.

Those who do a good service of making souls virtuous attain elevated status like King of golden age. The vicious kings bow in front of virtuous kings.

World mother fulfils all the desires, people ask only wealth with Sri Lakshmi. Now, you children receive the eternal wealth of knowledge through GodFather. In golden age, vicious sins never exist.

GodFather establishes heavenly kingdom once again at this most beneficial confluence age of app. 100 years. In golden age, every one remains happy and wealthy.

God is only One. God transforms the old Bharat into New at this time. In new world, the soldiers never exist, partitions never happen there. Only one king rules the whole world. Now, you must receive the eternal happiness from Me.

You have to use your body, mind and wealth for Godly service. Everything will come to an end, once the battle begins.


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