Monday, 21 October 2013

Stabilize in natural soul consciousness,free from waste thoughts and words of "mine"

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Sweet Children,

You children understand the meaning of Om shanti – I am a peaceful soul. You were asked to remember GodFather and the inheritance, every second. Consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather.

Child always remembers the physical father along with his inheritance. Because child never knows about GodFather, God had to appear on earth at this time. Devotional activities are different from Knowledge.

Sanyasis renounce and practice hathyoga which cannot be followed by every soul. Here, God teaches you Rajayoga by which everyone can attain elevated status.

Only One GodFather gives liberation in life. After the old world, new world will arrive.

Always know that you are a soul, to remember the GodFather. Here, GodFather speaks to you souls.

The Father of souls is incorporeal Supreme Soul. The father of humankind is Adam-Brahma.

The intellect becomes pure by remembering the GodFather. Soul and body becomes pure only in golden age, not in iron age.

Everyone is making effort at this time and at the end every soul becomes pure number-wise.

The faithful intellect becomes victorious.

I teach you the essence of all Vedas and scriptures.

This is an eternal predestined drama, God gives the inheritance of kingdom of world, in every world cycle.

You children go to the world of peace and happiness (golden age) via the soul world of peace. You children take 84births to move from the world of happiness to the world of sorrows, in this 5000years world cycle. Then you listen to this knowledge to regain the happiness.

In devotion, people call everything as mother and father. The iron age is known as unrighteous. The golden age is known as righteous. Bharat is known as the golden sparrow. God comes and makes Bharat in to heaven.

God is known as Supreme Soul because I remain in the Supreme abode all the time where all the souls reside. Now, you children receive the eternal treasures of knowledge by which you attain the double crowns, of physical crown made of diamond and crown of purity of light.

When souls lose the purity, they come down the ladder of 84births through different ages.

God says, I am Supreme Soul, hence I am known as the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. You become deities – virtuous human beings by the power of knowledge.

Only God comes and gives the right introduction about Him and the secrets of world cycle. I come at the confluence of unlimited night and unlimited day of the world. I come and give you this knowledge in every world cycle.

This world cycle keeps repeating and only you children understand this.

You have to share this knowledge with others.


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