Tuesday, 29 October 2013

God is the Magician who shows visions of various deities to the devotees.

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Sweet Children,

Children knows that You must go to the world of flowers from the world of thorns, through this study. In this iron age of thorns, people keep pricking each other (by vices).

The most important is, it is God, the Father of all souls is teaching you children. You study this knowledge when you have faith in GodFather.

Sri Krishna is not God. God is the Magician who shows visions of various deities to the devotees. Even Meera had seen the visions of Golden age.

The more you receive this knowledge, that much you attain elevated status.

God-Father explains you the essence of all scriptures through Adam-Brahma.

Being children of the GodFather, you receive the inheritance of heaven (on earth) for 21births.

Initially, there was only one religion (in golden and silver ages), later other religions appear.

You must explain about the Unlimited GodFather and limted physical father certainly, to everyone.

Now, you are at the end of iron age (confluence age) along with the GodFather, to go to heaven.

You children are Sita’s of one GodFather (Ram).

Bharat was pure with health, wealth and prosperity, now had become vicious. You make spiritual effort to become virtuous and transform Bharat (world) into virtuous-heaven.

By this study, you establish a Heavenly world. Those who are uneducated bow in front of educated.

The doubtful intellect fall down and the faithful intellect  becomes victorious.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you the Divine knowledge.

GodFather is teaching you easy RajaYoga at this time through the body of Adam-Brahma.

By this study, you become king of all kings. Souls take maximum 84numbers of births in 5000years world cycle.

Religious founders have followers. Here, you are all children of one GodFather, you cooperate with Me to establish Heaven on earth.


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