Thursday, 31 October 2013

Do 7 days course and read this Murli everyday being at home healing diseases of mind and body.

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Sweet Children,

The soul has to remember the GodFather, the Creator of New World.

All souls belong to one GodFather and hence they are brothers amongst each other.

God plays the role of Father, Mother, Teacher and True Guide.

The Maya ghost – vices creates obstacles from remembering GodFather. It is the role of ghost to give pain to each other. Even in Bible, it is mentioned about ghost. In golden and silver ages, ghosts never exist.

Once again, the new world-heaven is being established at this time.

GodFather is one for all souls who takes maximum 84births.

This RajaYoga is taught by the GodFather Himself.

People keep their intellect wandering amongst relatives, become body conscious. In yoga-remembrance, even your body discomfort will come to an end, your disease will be over, pain disappears and you will experience happiness from GodFather.

The attachment is also a ghost, takes you away from GodFather. It is the role of ghost to turn you away from GodFather.

Sri Krishna and GodFather are praised differently.

In remembrance of GodFather, you remain happy, you get rid of body consciousness.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma at his final birth and give knowledge to you children.

You make effort to receive complete inheritance from GodFather in every world cycle.

It is so easy that you can do seven days course and can read this Murli everyday being at home.


Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who experiments with the power of silence with the instrument of pure thoughts.

The special instrument for the power of silence is pure thoughts. With this instrument of thoughts, you can see whatever you want as an embodiment of success. First of all, experiment with this on the self. Experiment with this on your physical illnesses and the form of karmic bondages will change into sweet relationships with the power of silence. With the power of silence, the suffering of karma, the severe bondages of karma, will be experienced as a line on water. Experiment with the power of silence on your body, mind and sanskars and become an embodiment of success.

Slogan: Become a lamp of the clan and glorify the name of the spiritual clan with the light of your awareness.

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