Friday, 1 November 2013

retain self aware-introversion constantly and then come into extroversion - action.

Wishing you and family a very very Happy and Sweet Diwali! May all of us retain the light of self awareness constantly and give light to the world.

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Sweet Children,

You children never forget the GodFather, it is like the wife cannot forget the husband. The devotees never forget the one most Beloved GodFather. But Maya makes you forget the GodFather.

Sri Lakshmi Narayan were the Queen and King of Golden age, they attain the elevated status by remembrance of One GodFather and co-operating with Him at this time.

No one knows when God played the role of GodFather and GodMother although devotees praise Him as the mother and father.

You children were beautiful, pure-virtuous in golden age have become vicious at this iron age.

Because of body consciousness, people remember the bodily relations. Here, you have to remember the One bodiless GodFather.

Only one GodFather liberates you from all types of sorrow, none other.

You become the virtuous deities of golden age, when you belong to the One GodFather.

Christ appeared in the body of jesus and established the religion of Christianism and similarly Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism are established. All souls are present here on earth at this time. Unless the soul becomes virtuous-pure, they cannot go back.

Souls call out for GodFather to make them pure-virtuous , so that souls could go back home towards the soul world.

In golden age, only Bharat would exist. GodFather transforms the Bharat into heaven at this time.

Other times religious founders come on earth, now, it is GodFather who is also a Mother present with you children.

By the power of remembrance of GodFather, the lock of the intellect opens up.

Your earnings of knowledge (spiritual income) increases when  you donate this Gita (knowledge of One GodFather)  with others.

Blessing: May you be a deity of peace and spread rays of peace into the world as an incarnation of peace.

A tiny firefly gives the experience of its light from a distance. In the same way, souls of the world and souls who are to come into connection and relationship with you should experience receiving rays of peace from you special souls. They should feel in their intellects that an incarnation of peace has come to give them peace. On the basis of the rays of peace, all the peaceless souls everywhere should be pulled towards this shanti-kund (sacrificial peace area). Now use this power of peace.

Slogan: Those who pay personal attention to the self become introverted first and then come into extroversion.

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