Thursday, 7 November 2013

People without awareness of souls are like non-living.

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Sweet Children,

The knowledge-full and yogi children understand that God has come to take all souls back home, like a swarm of mosquitoes.

People without awareness of souls are like non-living.

The most respected One in this unlimited predestined world drama is the important Actor, Creator and Director. Yours is the magic of knowledge and yoga.

You make spiritual effort to attain elevated status of King and Queen in golden age which you see in trance visions.

Whoever devotees worship, they are seen in trance visions.

Souls look alike in size and form, but image of physical body and sanskars remain different.

In golden age, every souls – brothers live with lot of love amongst each other. But in this iron age, people fight against each other due to body consciousness.

You have to renounce the body and bodily relations and physical objects. You have to go back to soul world to come in golden age.

It takes time to understand knowledge, you will have the power of knowledge and yoga at the end. You make the atmosphere pure.

God is very subtle and hence no one knows about Him. God appears in the body of five elements to share knowledge with you children.

The kingdom is being established at this time. Those who follow the direction of GodFather will rule the New world after destruction-transformation of iron age by great war.
Now, you realize GodFather through GodFather. You insure yourself for 21births at this time.


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