Friday, 29 November 2013

Soul is a point of light in which the roles of 84births are recorded and repeats in every world cycle.

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Sweet Children,

The Eve is known as the world mother, certainly world mother also has to be present during establishment of the golden age.

Golden age-heaven exists only in Bharat –India.

There are pure soul and charitable soul. The soul wears the crown of light through purity. Then there is charitable soul – philanthropist who does more charity.

Now, your intellect goes beyond (limited purity and charity).

I liberate all souls, I give visions even to the devotees. I transform all old things of world in to new.

Only God knows about the New world – golden age, none other.

The True Gita was spoken by GodFather not Sri Krishna.

GodFather does not have a body, GodFather appears in the body of Adam Brahma and also adopts the world mother (Eve).

You must explain about the deities of golden age and their occupation to everyone, in temples.

God comes from the world beyond (Soul world) to teach you children. The old, young, children all study this knowledge together.

Sanyasis renounce everything and you too renounce everything including body and keep purity by remembering only One GodFather. The spiritual effort is to remain stable in remembering one GodFather constantly, being a householder.

Since souls have to return home-soul world at this time, you have to remember the soul world to forget about this old physical world. By remembrance of God constantly, being soul conscious, you get rid of all sinful actions.

The Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather does not have a physical body, He is the Creator, the Ocean of knowledge. He gives the knowledge by appearing in the physical body of Adam-Brahma.

I teach you RajaYoga to establish the Sun Dynasty.  Those who are free from body conscious can do a very good unlimited service at temples, graveyards and places where people gather. There are varieties of spiritual unlimited service.

The most important is purity. Souls forget the bodiless GodFather, who gives spiritual birth, repeatedly. Souls keep wandering when they lose the power of purity.

God says, remember Me and remain pure to come back to Me.

You must be intoxicated to know that the soul-lucky star is a point of light in which the roles of 84births are recorded and repeats in every world cycle.


Blessing: May you be a complete renunciate, the same as the Father, and give everyone the experience of belonging through your generosity.

Every thought, nature and sanskar of one who is a complete renunciate would be like that of the Father: the Father’s nature is your nature. Always have the sanskars of love, mercy and generosity, the same as the Father, for this is known as having a big heart. To have a big heart means to feel everyone belonging to you. A big heart flourishes with success in body, mind, wealth and relationships. Those who have small hearts have to work hard and they experience less success. Those with big and generous hearts become equal to the Father and the Lord is pleased with them.

Slogan: In order to become strong and mature, consider tests to be a good sign and remain cheerful.

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