Monday, 11 November 2013

awake in the night and remember God to get rid of past bondage of actions and become virtuous.

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Sweet  Children,

This old mortal world becomes new eternal world of golden age.

You go to the immortal world by dying a living death (from old world of body consciousness).

God creates the New world through Adam-Brahma by establishing the Sun and Moon dynasty at the confluence age of every world cycle.

Sri Krishna has a body and hence he is not omnipresent. God is also not omnipresent.

God gives you the knowledge of Creator and Creations.

You receive power from the world almighty authority, the authority of knowing the knowledge of all scriptures. GodFather teaches you the secret of all Vedas and scriptures through Adam-Brahma.

There are mainly four religions and the foundation is the Adi Sanatan Devi Devta religion (of Sun and Moon dynasty).

People, animals and birds remain pure and beautiful in golden age, even the elements remain pure-satopradhan.

The most important is to receive the inheritance of heaven from GodFather.

God is the Father of knowledge, Seed of the world human tree. Only God explains about the secret of world cycle and hence God is known as Knowledge-full.

God teaches RajaYoga to you children through Adam-Brahma and you children become deities-virtuous human beings of golden age.

You children are not able to imbibe divine virtues due to body consciousness. There are varieties of body consciousness.

Become the one who is victorious over sleep, you have to remember GodFather being awake in the night, become soul conscious. the bondage-burden of sinful actions are not allowing to imbibe virtues. Because of the past actions, you find difficult to become soul conscious.

It is not easy to make spiritual effort, but you must not become tired on this. Some takes time to understand, but they would understand at a later period. Those who belong to Sun and Moon dynasty will understand this knowledge, even from different religions. You must explain to every soul, this knowledge of the Gita.

Every soul has the right to receive liberation and liberation in life through GodFather. The souls who come first time from soul world remain liberated in life on earth. Those who come later (after Sun and Moon dynasty),experience limited happiness and sorrow.

Every soul repeats the role in every world cycle.

God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to share knowledge with you children.

When soul becomes impure, the body also becomes impure. The soul becomes pure again by the fire of remembrance (of GodFather).

Now it is the question of dying (from body consciousness) and living (in soul consciousness.).

You remain safe in soul consciousness.

Souls take rebirths and Supreme Soul never takes birth. You win over the death (being soul conscious) and hence you never die an untimely death (in golden age).


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